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niGiiT on wno.vG.
The Citizens of Pennsylvania opposed
to the Principles and Measures of the present
National Administration, and to the Election
of men to oflice who sustain thoae Principles
and Measures, are requested to meet in their
respective counties, and to elect Delegates
ejual in number to their Representatives in
the General Assembly, to a PEOPLE'S STATE
Wednesdu), February 32d,lS60,
at 12 o'clock, M., to indicate their choice for
tho next Presidency, nominate a candidate
for Governor form, an Electoral Ticket, ap
point Senatorial,, and to designate the time
and mode of electing District Delegates to the
National Convention, and to transact such
other business as may be deemed necessary
to eusure success at the General Elt-ctiou.
CSjir.-n'tn Perle's Slate Executive Cwiwri'-tce.
The citizens of Cambria County oppo
sed to the Principles and Measures of the
present National Administration, and to the
election of men to oifi.ee who sustain those
Principles and Measures, are requested to
meet iu Mass Convention, at the Court House,
in Ebcnsburg, on
Tuesday, December 13tli, Inst.,
at 7 o'clock, P. M., and then and there select
a delegate to represent this County in a Peo
ple's State Convention, to be held at Harris
burg, on the 22d day of February, 1860, and
appoint Senatorial Conferees to meet like Con
ferees from the couutie3 of Blair and Clear
field in the selection of a delegate to represent
this Senatorial District in said State Conven
tion. A full attendance is earnestly solicited.
Chairman. People's Co. Committee..
Ebensburg, December 1, I3jL.
What Joliu llrown lias done for
The verdict of contemporaneous opin
ion in regard to passing events is rarely
affirmed Ly posterity. The world cannot
be brought to stand fctill J for, the flashing
of light from school and press and rostrum
continually shc-W3 to the popular mind
the pathway of progress. The tendency
t) advance can no more be resisted than
the tides of the ocean. The merest glance
bhows what a revolution has been wrought
in public sentiment in this country in the
last quarter of a century. Twenty years
ago, the public conscience in regard to
slavery was whelmed in complete apathy.
The people were too much blinded to rec
ognize the bold hypocrisy of our boast of
being the freest government on earth,
witikst the notorious denier of fundamental
rights to niillton. on our own soil. The
firat attempt to break this monstrous de
lusion stirred a storm of rage which burst
forth into sceucs of frightful mob violence
in the centers of conservatism, the cities
of the Northern Bcaboard. Boston, New
York, and Philadelphia contended in em
ulative strife to wreak condign punish
tuent upon the tinatical innovators who
preached the dangerous doctrine of the
crime of slavery. Even the quiet Quaker
City furnished forth with all alacrity its
"Committee of Public Safety," who, to
nave the metroplis of Pennsylvania from
the possibility of pollution, took upon
themselves the duty of seizing in the post
office a batch- of incendiary documents, in
the shape of newspapers, and conveyed
thciu into the- sacred kecpiog of the river
Delaware, near the classic vicinity of
bmith a Island. This move then was done
with all gravity, and was heartily indorsed
by the first men of standing in the citv.
And yet to look back new upon the broad
farco then enacted iu broad day in Phila
delphia, provokes a smile of absurdity, in
which none would join more heartily than
the prominent actors. "What a change
has como over public opinion since the
I'riod in which these brave deeds were
done !
Had the raid of John Brown taken
place twenty years ago, when the idea first
entered his brain, it would have passed
at once out of people's minds, and its
chiefleader would haTe received no breath
of sympathy. Now the whole country is
shaken from center to circumference, and
prayers are raised from many a pulpit in
Lis- bohalf, and entreaties have "been urged
by inert of high position, North and South,
to the Executive of Virginia, to spare his
life. Should tbe saute progress in popu
lar sentiment mark the next twenty years,
who can predict the verdict then to be
pronounced upon the rash and mistaken
attempt of Joh.v Buown ? Is it likely
that any Banc man will then be found in
any section of the country ready to justify
tho trying of a man, when suffering agony
from terrible wounds, and brought into
the court-room lying upon a pallet ? "Will
any one, then, commend the verdict of
"guilty" upon an indictment so radically
defective that in any place but a Virginia
court-house its mere presentation would
insure au acquittal ? Will any one, then,
be found in the North, ready to exult in
the final dcom of a man whose only crime
was the desire of realizing to the oppress
ed the initial truths of the immortal Dec
laration ?
We believe, sincerely, that the death of
Biiown will do more for the final over
throw of the system of Southern slavery
than any single fact of the century. It
has already doue far more than even BaowN
and his followers ever dared to hope. The
main purpose of the insane attempt at Har
per's Perry was, undoubtedly, to alarm the
slaveholders into a sense of the insecurity
of their human property. This end has
been seconded "with a will" by Gov. Wist,
Col. Davis, and their train of marching
and countermarching heroes. These mar
tial dignitaries have demolished the last
remnant of popular confidence, and the
whole State of Virginia has been frighten
ed into spasmodic convulsions by every day's
report of new tumults, which have no found
ation but imagination. The direct and
inevitable consequence is plainly discerni
ble. The valuo of slave property has re
ceived a sudden fall, from which it cau
never recover. As an institution, slavery
in the "Old Dominion" has virtually receiv
ed its death-bljw. Tho deportation of slaves
from her borders, which has latterly about
kept pace with the annual increase of slave
population, will go on now with accelerated
vigor, and may be expected soon to reach
in amount that now witnessed in Missouri.
Just in proportion to this diminution of
slave labor must be the increase of free la
bor introduced from the North. The change
is certain, and cannot be retarded, because
it is the effect of a natural and irreversible
law. However little the element of phi
lanthropy may enter into this movement,
the economical result to the prosperity of
the State must be the same, and the mor
al revolution must follow speedily upon
the physical regeneration of that present
decaying Commonwealth. As the advan
tages of free labor shall become more and
more apparent, the tone of public opin
ion must become more and more elevated
and liberalized, and the Old Dominion be
gradually brought into closer sympathy
with the free States. Thus out of the ill
advised deed of Brown may eventually
come tho final emancipation of Virginia
from the thraldom of a system which has
cursed T)0th her people and her soil.
When this hope is accomplished, it would
not be a matter of astonishment if Bkown
should have erected to his memory a mon
ument even in the confines of Virginia it
self. Sf'ite Journal.
From WasliSngton.
Congress met in the capitol, at Wash
ington, on Monday last at 12 o'clock, 31.
Caucuses have been held by tho several
parties in regard to the choice of a Speak
er, etc. Below we give some telegraphic
despatches and other items of interest from
that quarter :
Washington, Dec. 3. Over eighty
members were present at the Republican
Conference held this afternoon. Mr. Pet
tit, of Indiana, presided. Air. M'Phersou
of Pennsylvania, was chosen Secretary.
The discussion, which was a harmonious
one, lasted one or two hours. Some of
the most radical Republicans expressed
their willingness to vote for an American
or Anti-Lecompton Clerk, if a Republican
Speaker was elected. It was finally deci
ded not to call an opposition or straight
out Republican caucus, but that every
member should go into the house and vote
for his choice, as was done four years ago.
Dec. 3 Nearly all the South Americau
members of the house are now in confer
ence. The probability is they will not
vote for the plurality resolution, relative
to the election of a Speaker, but forward
their own candidate upon the suffrages of
other members of the house. The Demo
crats will also probably agree not to vote
for the plurality resolution, the design of
many bein to unite these two parties upon
an American candidate.
Dec. 3. A caucus of the Democratic
members of the House was held to-night
at the capitol. Hon. Thomas S. Bocock,
member from the 5th district cf Virginia,
was declared the Democratic nominee by
acclamation. About sixty members of the
house were present.
Dec. 5. The House met at 12 o'clock
to-day, and two hundred and tlijrty mem
bers answered to their names. For the
Speakership, Phelps of Missouri, Sher
man of Ohio, Davis of Indiana, Hickman
and Grow of Pennsylvania, and Bocock of
Virginia, were nominated, when the house
proceeded to ballot. On the first ballot,
Sherman had sixty-six votes, Bocock
eighty-six, Grow forty-three, Bolter four
teen scattering twenty-two Mr. Grow
then withdrew his name.
JKsy Reading matter on every page.. '
BtfiRcad new advertisements.
JCQr Large The attendance at Court.
fisJ Congress met on Monday last.
Bg,The reported death of Kit Carson is
Washington Irving, the historian and
sage, died at his residence on the 20th ult.
jD?" George Huntley has received another
instalment of Hardware, at his store.
tt Excellent Tho sleighing on Sabbath
morning last.
B?3iA vial containing water from the river
Jordan, is on exhibition at the Logan House,
ta. Chichester and Sanford, Advertising
Agents in Philadelphia, are denounced by the
Easton Sentinel as a pack of knaves.
t&3 "Never go where you wouldn't like to
be found dead," is a new maxim of morality
for the people.
The physician of the Utica Assylam has
faith in the ultimate restoration of Gcrrit
Smith to perfect health.
EST Judge Douglas and lady have decided
to make a visit to Florida, as advised bQUieir
physicians, tor the benefit of their health.
J6gy In totcn Smith of the Echo and Cow
man of the Tribune. They look well, and we
presume they feel well.
82 Wc had the pleasure of meeting the
editor of the Tyrone Star, in Holliduyaburg
last week. A Jolly good fellow is he.
Eu The latest advices from California state
that Terry, the murderer of Senator Broder
ick, has been arrested and placed under bonds
for $10,000.
IKS-Col. Colt, of "Colt's revolving piitol"
celebrity, has invented a revolving shot-gun.
It is a five-shooter, and is destined to create
a revolution among fowling pieces.
Kl5b Look out for bogus coin. Ex.
Yes. we will ; when somebody uttempts to
play off on us that almost forgotten trick of
paying his subscription we'll look sharp.
82, Sir Grantley Berkely, the English Nitn
rod, w ho has been out on the western prairies
tor some time past, has returned eastward' ou
his way home.
f3F' Why are young ladies at the breaking
up of a party like arrows? because they cau't
go off w ithout a beau, and are in a quiver till
they get one.
J62f Thank yon, Register, for that compli
ment. But you must understand that we are
a particular friend of the ladies, and there is
no doubt but that we would be excused.
E2,The Huntingdon Journal and Hun
tingdon American are to be consolidated into
one paper this week. John A. Nash and Sam
uel G. Whittaker will be the editors and pro
prietors of the new establishment.
E?3V The Pennsylvania Railroad Company
was recently mulcted in the sum of St 0.250,
in the Chester county court, in the case of
Dr. Ogier who was ruu over by the cars of the
company and killed.
JEST The young ladies and gents of Johns
town have organized a reading circle. A
good idea, and one that would be very ap
propriate to the young folk3 of this place.
That s so !
J-t takes three editors? to start a paper
in New Orleans one to pet killed in a duel,
one to die with the yellow fever, and one to
write an obituary of the defunct two. We
would perfer to be the latter.
Why should society visit with such
severity the departure of woman from the
paths of innocence, and refuse her all chance
for reformation I The most lovely type of pu
rity we ever saw, a water lily, grew from a
stagnant, muddy pool of green slimy water.
ijfMrs. Wc-inicr, wife of the man said to
have been murdered by Henry Pritts, in Som
erset county, has made a confession, in which
she states that he (Pritts) told herhe had kil
led her hnsband. His object seems to have
been that he might have a chance to marry
the widow.
Don't always look for mere beauty in a
woman. Those who think a girl is perfection
just because she has cherry lips, hael eyes,
and a shower of curls, know no more about
female calico, than a boild piiilosophcr does
of moral iihilosophy and the ten command
ments. 3" The forthcoming prize fight between
llcenan and Savers, the American and English
champions of the listic arena, is the topic of
chat in '-shoulder hitting"' circles. Heenan
is now undergoing a thorough course of train
ing, and will sail for England in January and
put on the finishing touches there.
JCg The Holidays arc rapidly approaching
and those who cater to the tastes of the
public should be getting on their Christmas
and New Year's gift3. In the meantime, we
pledge ourselves ready at any time to lay be
fore an astonished world, any announcement
they may wish to make through our columns.
BSL. The wife of George Kennedy, (who is
in the Cincinnati jail charged with the mur
der of Mahon.) visited him the other day, and
concealing him in her clothes, let him pass
out, herself staying in his cell. Kennedy was
arrested shortly after on the street, down
which he was making his way as fast as his
petticoats would permit.
Bti,From present indications it would
seem that the good people of Altoona are
going to have a big old time on the occasion
of the introduction of gas and water into their
town. The interesting event is to come ofT
on the 15th of December, and excursion tick
ets have been issued on the Pennsylvania
Railroad from Harrisburg, Tittsburg and In
termediate stations, good from the 14th. to the
10th, inclusive.
Tom Cot-wiit out lie Duties of an
The following extract is from a report
of a lecture delivered by Mr Corwin, at
the Plymouth Church, (Rev. BeecherV,)
Brooklyn, on Tuesday evening : "The
obligation of men to obey the laws was
the first question he would take for con
sideration the obligation ot an American
Christian citizen. Their fathers had made
a constitution for them. The first duty
required from man is an acknowledged ac
countability to God. The Constitution of
the States was a bargain made by their
forefathers, by which they were bound.
This constitution they could not change
by violence, but they were at. liberty to
alter it according to the spirit in which it
was framed. Now, the ballot took the
place of the bullet, and it was by the for
mer not the latter they must, if ever
necessary, make a change in the Constitu
tion. The age of bullets was passed ; it
was now the age of ballots. If laws were
necessary, there was an obligation upon
man to yield obedience to those laws by
which the majority were ruled. The ma
jority, it must be yielded, zuust rule the
minority. It was not by pikes or bullets
that men in the minority could alter the
constitution adhered to by the majority.
This was the method which poor old John
Brown attempted to go upon, and failed.
Brown could not make men believe that
the slave negroes should be set free, and
to enforce his opinion he got together some
fifteen hundred pikes to demonstrate that
he was right. These pikes were intended
to punch holes in the heads of men, to de
monstrate that negroes should be free.
That was a very wicked and rabid kind
of logic. But no truth was ever yvt de
monstrated iu that kind of way. That
was not the way theGreat Apostlcof Chris
tianity taught obedience to the laws.
When lie was arrested, Peter one of his
follower.-:, drew a sword and smote off a
inau's ear a constable, he supposed.
What did his Master say ? lie. did not
sa-, Peter my f riend, where are our pikes
have the boxes of arms come from Con
necticut yet? No, lie told bin to put up
his sword, for that the man who appealed
to the sword Would die by the .-word.
Christ's principle of Abolitionism was, that
man only was free whom tbe truth maketh
free. There was an obligation resting on
the minds of men to obey tli-j hvws under
which they lived. Jt was only by obedi
ence to the laws they could. hope t ad
vance man's destiny. The lecturer con
cluded amid frequent demonstrations.
TSe Intension ol "-Old ili-oivn."
Ciiaulestox, Decembt r-r 2d. The re
porter of the Associated Press telegraph
ed yesterday to Gov. Wise for permission
to attend the execution. The reply was,
that the Gov. declined to accede to the
request. No facilities will be extended
to reporters. Yesterday was pasrod qui
etly, with the exception of Mrs. Brown.
M rs. B. was escorted over from Harper's
Ferry at o o'clock, in the afternoon train,
and the entile military force was brought
out to make a demonstration. She was
received with full military honors, but
her companions were not allowed to ac
company her from Harper's Ferry. Af
ter remaining four hours with her hus
band she was escorted back to Harper's
Ferry at nine o'clock last night, where she
will await the reception of her husband's
Brown was taken from the jail about
11 o'clock, in a furniture wagon. He
conversed freely with the soldiers around
him. The execution took place at a'quar
tcr past eleven o'clock. He died apparent
ly very easy, and his body w;ts taken down
after being suspended thirty-five minutes.
His body will be sent to Harper's Ferry
at four o'clock this afternoon, and from
thence will be conveyed north this even
ing. Baltimore, December 2d. The Bal
timore .Sutt has a special dispatch from
Charleston, stating that Brown was exe
cuted at a quarter past eleven o'clock,
without any unusual excitement. The
express with the dispatches for the associ
ated press has not yet arrived at Harper's
Ferry, the nearest telegraph station.
Grace Grekxwood lectured at Tre
mont Temple, in Boston, November loth,
to an immense audience. Her subject was,
''The Heroic iu Common Life." She spoke
of the "Dress-reform" movement very con
temptuously, remarking : lI have had my
hcroic moments, when I even dreamed
myself equal to the role of Joan of Arc
and Grace Darling, but never, in my ut
most exaltation, have I felt capable of
leading in this desperate effort to row
against the wind and tide, perhaps the
mountainous billows, of ridicule. 1 iniirht
be tortured by the pin-pricks of newspaper
wit, and "smile amid my pain I might
be cut by high fashion, and survive; but
I must confess, 'Young America' on the
ptrcet corners would appal me !"
It"" A singular auction sale is announ
ced to take place in Washington on Decem
ber 0th, boing the various articles that have
accumulated at the Dead Letter Office for
the last twelve years. These articles com
prise ear-rings, breast-pins, tingcr-rinsjs,
gold and silver watchos, studs, California'
gold, diamond-pins, spectacles, purses,
pocket-books, bead-work, embroidery, lacc
collars, handkerchiefs, cuffs, surgical in
struments, children's, elothiur, hats, boots
and shoes, gloves, books, kc.
Canal. Navigation on the Pennsyl
vania caual is to be kept open very late
this season.
J JK3 Virtue overcomes envy they say
A Noni.K LittlkGjrl. The Warren
town Fit'j contains an account of a death,
last Thursday week, of a little girl of eight
or nine years, daughter of Mr. Traverse
Gough, living a fsW miles from Ilaymarket.
In the absence of all older than herself,
her clothing took fire, bhe first tried to
suppress the flames herself ; then she asked
her little sister of four years to throw water
on her but the little one ran, instead, to call
the neighbors. When they came, they
found her lying out in the yard, and in re
ply to the question "what she was doing
there ?" she said, she thought if she staid
in the house that the house would catch
fire, and burn the baby up too. What a
noble, sensible remark for one so 3'oung !
She retained all her faculties to the last,
conversed freely, and bore her sufferings
with a fortitude truly remarkable for one
of her age. The interesting little creature
deserved a better fate.
A VERY extraordinary revelation was
made at an inquest recently, before the
Coroner for Sallbrd, Kngland. The body
of a man was i'ound in the sluice at Mode
Wheel, on the river Irwell, ar;d in the
evening an inquest was held. On inquiry,
it was found that the deceased, who went
by the name of Henry Stokes, was in fact
a woman ; that she had worked as a brick
setter for about a quarter of a century ;
that she had been twice married during
that period ; h id kept a beer shop iu Man
chester during the early part of her ca
reer, but in every way conducted herself
as a man. The jury, after an examina
tion, returned a verdict of "found drowu
ed." sadm:kv! sazsie.e:ey i
to order by the subscriber. Shop--on
Horner St., in the basement of hi.-f.'
dwelling-house. Country produce ta- t
ken in exchange lor work.
Ebensburg, Pec. R. 18.")::tf
PAY ! !
LL persons indebted to the tirm of E.
J; Glass & Co.. are hereby notified to make
payment on or before tbe first day of Jauuary
11 t. Times are Lard, find we must have
money. E. GLASS i CO.
Ebensburg, Doc. .9. Is.'O-St.
JS51). T,NUA,;1::
Desire to c.-ill the attention of the public to
their new TIN SHOP now opened iu the larsfe
brick building on the corue-r of Main and
Franklin trt ei;, nppu: iu- the Mansion House
and next to the Banking House of Bell. Smith '
(., ,5-.ei:j o 11, where they J
purpose mauufaetuiinr kin. is of " j
Their rorli wii! )e made It the b--t work- !
liic-n and of the best mattiials. Thev are de
termined to sell all kinds of wnr-i at the
cheapest rates, wholesale and retail.
P. S. -All
orders for SPOUTING attended
to ou the short-jst notice and ou reasonable
Johnstown. Dee. 9. J ,-aO-tf.
T 1 1 o is y o u it l- it 1 1 : x 1 ?
t ? Thi j question can be satisfactorily
answered f t the
Good Samaritan Hi-US' Store,
Clinton Sfrrtt, .ofiHst'icn li
D. S. ROLSINGER, Proprietor,
Where wounds may be healed, diseases re
moved, sorrows banished, and peace, Uealth,
happiness and joy be restored, bv the appli
cation of the ftll-healki medicines thero to
be procured.
Anxious to prove myself a p'lilaiTthronist. I
have secured a large and wcli-st-lectt-d assort
ment of
Dm j, Ch cm icalr.Fa ten t Jle!c;nc, Dr Stn fc.rtc,
all of which can be had at very low rates.
And knowing that the inner man cannot lo'ns
remain healthy if the outer is not kept clean
and pure, I hold myself readv. in the spirit of
a benefactor, to supply the p'ul lie with
(for a small consideration) whieh'will be w
ranted to pive satisfaction. I would particu
larly call the attention of the LADIES to mv
stock of
Eancif Toilet Soaps, fine French and English Ex
triiCtfwthlbulktrchuf,Lihj White,XoujelialU,
: it of .'..icii will be sold at the lowest cash
prices. Also a larjre stock of Gum Puff Combs,
Hair Pins, Tooth, Hair and Clothes Brushes'
Pomades, &e. '
3P.CVlXl.1-J3 of "11 kinds, with tin end
less variety of DI E STUFFS, always on hand,
together with a pood assortment of WINES
and LKAUORS for medical purposes.
Johnstown, Dec. 8, 185!.-tf.
TfIIE subscriber respectfully calls the atten
X tion of the public to his new stock of
which he ofi'ers for sale at his new store room
nearly opposite the Union School House
Purchasing, as he does, enti-olv for Cash he
can aflord to sell at L( WERPRICES than
any other establishment in town. He desires
to call particular attention to his stock of
which is of superior brands, and whk h hecils
cheaper than inferior flour is sold at other es
tablishments. Give him a call.
r, , v E. J. MILLS.
Ebensburg, Nov. 21, 185?.-3t.
IAILU()A1 HOUSK, Wilmore, Cain-
bna county, Pa. (Near Penna. Railroad
Station.) Jas. D. Haviltox, Proprietor.
Au extensive Rowling saloon is connected
with the House. The Table will be fur
nished with the best the market afford and
the Bar supplied with the best oi liquors in
cluding Ales and Lager from approved brew
eries. Extensive and convenient Stabling i3
attached to the premises.
Wilmore, August 25, lS50:tf.
HOCERV jc CmiMKSssmv Mrr, . !. .
No. 40 N. Howard street
Oct. 20, 1S59. Kalti jioisE.
(J. W. TODD, with
C23 Market st., l'hik.
Importers and Dealers in
August 25, J859.tf " 'L-
J. S. SO It V CU,
T holesitle Dealer in
No. a N. Fifth street, above Marki-t " '
Also, Manufacturer and Importer of For;"
and Domestic CIGARS. seti. 1 .ls-.f
WT ivi LLOY D & CO.
Altoona, ia.
RAFTS on the Principal Cities, and
J ver and Gold for sale. Collection? mad
Moneys received on deposit, payable on
maud, -without interest, or upon lime. y,ya
interest at fair rates. nov3.'i;-f
ninuLC, hia, &. co.,
Importers and Wholesale Dealers in Fori.:s
and Dojne-itic
2D x- y O o o d s
No. 213 Market St., below Third, and a.
232 Church A'k-v, Piiiladeli hia.
Dec. 1. 185'.:tf
V. S. I!AVE.
Dlonk IJoolc Manufacturer, Hook Hindir.
and denier, in eTery description of
Ameri'-an and Foreign Paper. &c. i
Corner of Market nd Second sts.. mid Wc-.i
and Third streets, PITTSBURG, Pa.
JLiy Agent for L. Johnson k Co.. Tv ,
Founders A: Elect rotypcrs, Philadelphia.
August 25, lS5'J:t.f
C. C. STEWART, with "
C1ommi:slon Merchants and Dealers :r
I Foreign and Domestic
Nos. 23, 25 and 27 North Fifth street. n;
side, above Commerce, PHILADELPHIA.
Aujrtist 25. l.?5ruf
nothku insukrkction:
J. A. Blain wishes to inform the citizen?
this place and vicinity, and such sm-.riyi r- -may
occasionally tarry for a while here, t: .:.
lie has now opened out. in connection v.'
his Oyster Saloon, a RESTAURANT. v!.-r
he caa always supply the hunprv with :...:
delicacies as Pickled Tripe, Philadelpl.i: IV:
per Pots, Roll and Jelly Tripe, &c. Ho -prcpared
to strcut Fried Ovsu-rs whimu!:
i'or. ' A. ELAI.Y
Ebcnsbur.', Dec. 1. lf-."0.4t.
DISSOLUTION. The term for whi h
the undersigned entered into part::i r ':.
in the practice of the law having this day
pirid. said partnership is therefore d:.-:J: .
The notes and accounts due the firm ui i '
left st the oflice of R. L. Johnston. EsM.. vi.-:.
payment may be made to t ilhcr of the v.i."--si-n.
.!. PcTm-hs indebted to the fun 'aI!; -
well to settle up before the lit of March r.,1
as i-.fter that time collection will be cr.fvr -by
legal process.
A. C. MULI.1N.
Ebcnsburg, December 1. ltrWt.
i:Jir-:sburs and Cresson K. .
riIIE stockholders in tbeaVove c tv .iriv a
1 hereby notified that I have been iiistna:
eu by the Board of Directors te brirg sl::
against all parties in nrriar m their :
scriptions. Stockholders v ill undoubte.llv :
made pay one per cent, per month.
as required J.y the ftet of A?cmlilv. if ;s
uo not pay up promptly. The sixth ins:-..
mcnt will be due on the first of Dececd-:
'CXt. JOHN WILLI A MS. Tre.isr.r.
T-! ..- r,t
- ' " ' r :
ov. 24, l?.VJ.-2t.
BY R. S. BUNN, M. L a ccner-lSF
al assortment cf " L, J
is' j) tec, 07s, lu')tl I)y:-St,'jf,
IKraudioK, Wiiis, CJin-. riuJd.
Pocket Cutlery, Razors, Brushes, Comhs. S-i-tionery,
Blank Books, Perfumery, So;-;.
Tobacco, Segars. Snuffs, and other artk'..?
usually kept ia Drug Stores.
R. S. BUNN, M. P
Ebensburg. Aug. 25, 185;.-lv.
TETTERS of Administration on the r?:i-'
a of Thomas Jones, late of Julmcti
Cambria cat.nty. deceased, having been hj
jirnmeu ry me Kegister of said countv to
subscriber, notice is hereby given to all
sons iudebted to said estate to make iiLUioi -ate
payment, and those having claims up:"1
the same will present them oroi.erK- an: inv
ested for settlement.
Jackson tp., Nov. IT, IS.V.c.et,
T olinstown, JPn.
V7H0LESALE and RETAIL dealers i 1
f V kinds of Merchandise, keep i-or.:"'
ou nana tnc following articles
i ce.l of all kinds. Vegetables &c. CM"
nud Boots and Shoes made to order us
sonable terms.
Johnstown, Oct. 27, l?".p.-tf.
AYhc-lcsale lealers in
f2y("-eat inducements offered to CA?'
and short time buvers."lS
Aug. 25, lJ?5?.-l"v.
HLANKS of all kind rnut
at this cilice

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