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THURSDAY, MAY 2, 1867.
JtV The "Republican State Convention"
will meet at the "Herdic House," in Williams
port, on Wednesday, 26A of June next, at 10
o'clock, a. m., to nominate -a candidate for
Judge of the Supreme Court, and to initiate
proper measures for the cnsuingState canvass.
As heretofore, the. Convention will be com
' posed of Representative and Senatorial Dele
gates, chosen in the usual way, and equal in
number to the -whole cf the Senators and
Representatives in the General Assembly.
By order of the State Central Committee.
F. JORDAN, Chairman.
Gso. W. Hamkrslt, )
A. W. Benedict, J- S
ecrr tarie?.
The "IVIgr&er."
Northern Democrats find it grievously
bard do longer to maintain their old cry
of "abolition," "Digger-worshiper," &c.
The stern logic of events seems bound to
make that same negro-hating Democrat
the eulogist and political compatriot, if
not the bosom companion, of Sambo and
Gumbo, Julius Caesar and Hannibal.
'Come into my parlor," said the historical
spider to the no less historical fly. Gome,
O, come, to our arms, ?ay the reconstructed
Democrats of the South. What will
Northern Democracy do? Othello, with
his occupation of killing cata clean gone
forever, was in a pimilar though not so
bad a fix as the Democrat of to-day, for
Othello was not tied to the carcass of one
of his victims. But Sambo, curly headed
as he may be, flat nosed, too, and with a
protuberant heel as of yore, has a vote
vote as potent as his late master's or his
still, later defamer's, and if modern De
mocracy has forgotteu how to revere jus
tice for mere justice' sake, it has not
forgotten how to worship a ballot even
though bound in wool and cased in ebony.
All on a sudden the Democracy of the
North cease to abuse the hitherto ill-fated
son of Africa. All on a sudden the
Democracy of the South begin to court
him. A single twenty-four hours trans
forms him from deformity to beauty, from
a thing to a man, from an object of detes
tation and abuse to a subject for flattery.
North of Mason and Dixon's line, he
ceases to be openly defamed ; eouth of
it, his praised float in the. air. Wade
Hampton sweats, writes, petitions, makes
orations, and Joes all that pen and tongue,
soul aud body can do to prevent his dear
colored brother, whom he so recently
thought to show men to advantage on
the auction block than elsewhere, from
picking his friends from those to whom he
owes his freedom and elevation. At
Nashville this same ex-rebel-Democratic-conservative
element gave pressing invi
tations to their '-'colored fellow-citizens"
to "come into their convention" and "take
part in their deliberations." Report,
apparently trustworthy, has it that thej
pressed certain blacks to take scata among
them, against their will. In Richmond,
the emancipated blacks hold a meeting,
called for themselves, but attended by
many whites, who consent to be presided
over by a colored president, who address
him just as they would a white, and carry
on one of the cleverest courtships of this
or any ether age, and all for the advantage
of the Democratic party. Hopeful party.
Yesterday, kicking the black; to-day,
kissing him. But the kicks are too recent
to be healed by the kisses. Meanwhile
the freedmen keep on advancing with
astonishing rapidity, confounding their
enemies, pleasing their friends, casting,
lustre upon universal liberty and equality,
and making manifest that the logic of
slavery was a cheat, a lie and a swiadle.
We ak attention to the following words
of a Richmond correspondent, himself a
Southerner and a secessionist :
"We of the South fully expected that ho
would be so negligent and improvident, when
free, that starvation would be the lot of bis
race in any part of the earth whose produc
tions are not spontaneous. -That, from habit,
inclination, and necessity, he would ignore
all the ties of family obligation ; but in this,
also, we have been equally mistaken. MobI
of us felt convinced, too, that he wculd be an
unresisting vicim of that fell destroyer of the
white and the red man intemperance; but
the contrary is happily the case. In fact, a
. A A . A. J
more orderly, unreveugeiui, proviaent, ana
temperate laboring class is not to be found
anywhere than we have in our midst. Mea
gre as their earnings are, yet most of them
strive to the utmost to lead quiet and peace
ful lives, to adhere to and shelter their fam
ilies and educate their children ; lew are
given to brawls and other species of dissipa
tion, cultivating habit3 of economy, cleanli
ness, industry, and good conduct in general,
to the surprise of those most disposed to
doubt their fitness for freedom or self-gov
ernment. No where, however, have thev
exhibited this general rapacity to better
advantage than in their participation in the
recent Republican state Convention liela in
this city. A vast majority of tbem had been
laves all their lives until recently, and a
more orderly, discreet, and conciliatory body
of men cannot be found among any peasantry
on esrth, as a whole. Decided UJent, too,
was by no means rare among them; in fact,
malice itself was silenced ; and the discretion
that eoverned their action will best be under
stood from the result of their labors. The
writer of this heard a gentleman of most
extensive obervation in deliberate assemblies
remark that a Convention conducted with
' more decorum he bad never attendedand
that, to bis great astonishment, many of the
neeehel of the more talented tore very
favorable comparison with the major part of
these delivered in our legislature now in
LbW. . Bo it would Mem that, henceforth.
Ore it jro the F9fc, Jf not.oa.ly. aa inH-.
tutienrbut an- element-which is destined at
no remote period to wield a not unimportant
influence in uprooting the prejudices of cen
turies. . "May hia career continue onward and up
ward, tor the good of himself, the land he
lives in, for the honor of the human race, and
the glory of the God that created us all." ; ;
Tlie Legislature.
From every section of the State, without
regard to party, come denunciations of
the late Legislature. These denunciations
are generally well deserved. Two acts of
that body, however, are worthy of honor,
and tend to some extent to redeem it from
the deep execration in which it is held.
The first of these is the law directing that
hereafter the people-shall elect two jury
commissioners, no person voting for more
than one, whose duty it shall be to frame
the list of jurors to serve at ea;h court.
As the law has heretofore stood, justice
was in many instances denied. . Whenever
political feeling entered into any contro
versy before a jury, it was as opt to be
decided according to the prevailing poli
tics of the county as to tho evidence.
By the change authorized by the Legis
lature, the political complexion of juries
will be equally divided between the two
great political partial of the State. The
other act for which we commend the
Legislature is that prohibiting the exclu
sion of colored persons from the street
cars of Philadelphia. It is an act alto
gether wise and good. Hereafter, Wade
Hampton will not have it in his power to
reproach the people of our State with
making distinctions that are uuknown
even to many cities of the South. For
these two acts, we thank the Legislature,
and willingly hold them up to the public
gaze as in contrast with many other acts
done or refused to be done by the same
body which are as-disgraceful as these are
Sunday Its) Observance.
The Blair County Wing publishes the
speech of Hon. Louis W. Hall in opposi
tion to the bill by which the people of
Philadelphia were to decide for themselves
whether or not the street cars should be
run in their city on Sunday. The argu
ment of the speech is that Sunday is part
of the Christian religion and the Christian
religion is part of the common law of the
State. It is a doctrine that to us seems
to be the offspring of a zealot, a bigot, or
a demagogue, well calculated to tickle the
ear and captivate the fancy of simple
religious people, who dosire to honor
and to promote the Christian faith, but
which, under an exterior so fair as to
appear almost angelic, bides the founda
tion of all the persecutions, the burnings,
and tho rackings of the past, for it is only
a cunning way of binding the Church to
the State, and of enabling the Legislature
to declare what is heresy and what is
gospel. Pursued to its logical results,
and it is as horrid as tho burning fagot
and the screaming victim. There are
other and better grounds on which to base
the observance of Sunday.
The Republican convention to meet at
Williamsport on June 26th will have but
one nomination to make, that of a candi
date for Judge of the Supreme Court, in
place of Chief Justice Woodward. Hon.
George Taylor, President Judge of .this
Judicial District, seems likely to be the
nominee, and . it is simple justice to say
of him that his eminent fitness for the
position should make him a strong candi
date. We hope bis nomination will not
be urged because his district or section
deserves it, but because he is competent
and worthy, and will be a candidate worthy
of the people's suffrages.
We call the attention of our readers to
the letter of Col. John P. Linton, to be
found on the outside of to-day's paper,
concerning the manner in which tho
change of venue from .this to Centre
county was effected in iho suits familiarly
known as the Railroad cases. , There is
said to be a point when affairs get to be
as bad as they well can bo, at which there
? invariftblv ft change for the better. We
seem to be rapidly nearing that point.
But before we get to it, we would be
gratified to see tested the validity of this
act so rotten with fraud. -
It is generally conceded among saga
cious politicians that the Democracy of
Pennsylvania will not nominate, a candi
date for Supreme Judge, because they do
not want a State defeat in .Pennsylvania
before the Presidential election of 1868
If they Dominate a Supreme Judge can
didate, he will, of course, be defeated,
which defeat would demoralize' the Dem
ocracy at the Presidential election of
1868; but the ruse to escape defeat in
1868 bv not nominating in 1867 will
avail the Democracy naught. - .
Late advices say that a general, con
ference of European powers to settle the
differences threatening tho peace of Pros
sia and Trance will he held in. London du
I the 15th instant-.,. - - . . i
-' Snow on Saturday last.
l,gyRain! rain t rain t 'ever since. '
XST Hasn't the sun crossed "the line" yet?
- Ileal estate is advancing in price in
Hollidaysburg. w--.
Leavenworth city experienced ths
shock of an earthquake on the 24th ult.
" JGST" Wade Hampton and other ex-rebeli
have got the "Black Crook." ! ,
JBg?" The soil of Camp Curtin, at Harris
burg, is being turned up by the plow.
; The engine house at Conemaugh has
a capacity of fifteen engines.
Col. John W. Forney has gone to . the
Paris Exposition. ,
Horace Greeley goes "On to Rich
mond" shortly, to make a'Bpeech."
Jggy Ex. -President Buchanan, is reputed to
be worth $200,000. Still he is a poor man.
JPST" President Johnson will visit Raleigh,
N. C, before long, to erect a monument over
the ashes of his father. -
Thirty-five hundred dollars, "con
science money," were received from one ad
dress at the U. S. Treasury on Monday.
J6QT" The United States gain four hours
and a half of sunshine by the acquisition of
Russian America.
The Dem. Co. Committee of Cambria
county will open the political campaign on
the 15th in st. Corkscrews I
JCS?" Senator Wilson is journeying through"
the South, making radical speeches to the
freedmen. . . .
Sj-The bankrupt law goes into operation
and bubbles will begin to burst on the first
of June.
JBy- It is suggested that Seward purchased
Russian America that the President might be
enabled to swing around the Arctic Circle.
S& Mr. Norris Bell was struck on the
head by a base ball in Philadelphia, during
the continuance of a match game, and died
from the effects of injuries received.
A supplement to the Common School
Law, passed by the last Legislature, has gone
into effect. For a summary of its provisions.
consult our first page.
, JC If the saying, that rain makeB corn,
and corn makes whisky, and whisky makes
Democrats, be true, then ire may look for
an increased Democratic vote aext fall. :
J66?Hon. A. W. Benedict, Clerk of the
House of. Representatives, and one of the
secretaries of the Union State Central Com
mittee, died at Huntingdon on Sunday. ' "
The post-office at Lock Haven was
robbed on the night of the 26th ult. This is
the sixth post-office in Pennsylvania which
has been robbed within a few weeks.
- -
Gen. -Hancock, with a command of
3,C00 me a, is on the war path after the In
dians. Skirmishing has already commenced.
The noble red man will in all probability be
wiped out. '' "
The election in New York for dele
gates to the State Constitutional Convention
took place on Tuesday of last week, and re
sulted in about 20,000 Republican majority
in the State. :
J6 Base Ball Clubs throughout the State"
are requested to send a list of. their officers
for 1867 to Mr. D. D. Domer, Secretary of the
Pennsylvania Base Ball Association, care of
lock-box 66, Harrisburg, Pa.
E3? "Spring has come, the delicate-footed
May, .with its slight fringes filled with buds
and flowers ; and with it comes a wish to be
away wasting in woodlands the voluptuous
hours" with an overcoat around us nd an
umbrella over us !
JS G. Dawson Coleman, of Lebanon
county, has given $1,030 10 toward the erec
tion of a soldiers' monument in that county.'
This money is the exact amount of Mr. C.'s
salary and mileage as State Senator for the
sessiou just closed. Notable example.
On Monday of last week, two young
men named Armstrong, residing three miles
apart, in Rostraver township, .Westmoreland
county, were struck by lightning and killed,
one at 8 o'clock, a. m , and the other at 12
o'clock, m. They were cousins.
JCg Miss Jennie Scott, of Shaver's Creek,
Huntingdon county, got on the cars at Pe
tersburg, and got off at Hollidaysburg. At
the latter place, .she. discovered that the
pocket of her dress had been cut out and a
portmonnaie containing $200 abstracted.
figy Many of our exchanges desire the ter
ritory recently treated for to be called Lin
coln. We would do .weli not to -name the
child until we are sure we have him. Then,
too, the name Lincoln is too good a name to
transport to the Arctic circle. Call it Seward,
and give Lincoln's name ' to a sunnier and
more hospitable clime. .
t? The Philadelphia Press gives the fol
lowing concise idea of the situation in Eu
rope : "The King of Holland, -who is also-
Grand Duke of Luxemburg,: has sold his lit
tie Luxemburg farm to Napoleon, but cannot
make a good title, being unable to con
vey the possession clear of Prussian, incum
brances." - ' -
jgy.J3anford Conover, who testified on the
trial of the assassination conspirators, and
also before the House Judiciary Committee,
that Jeff. Davis apd other ex-rebel leaders
were actively concerned in the assassination
plot, has been found guilty of perjury in so
testifying, and was on Friday" Sentenced to
ten years in the New York State Prison. .
Bfiy A Bedford paper says that an enter
prising citizen has lately erected a new house
in that town, and adds that it is bo long since
the inhabitants have seen anything of the
kind, that should the owner charge a small
fee for. permission to view it, the fund accu.
mulating would pay all expenses incurred in
its erection. - '-'
The Richmond Examiner gravely an
nounces that every Southern man. who votes
with the ' Republican party "endorses the
murder of Mrs. Surratt." . An assertion that
every 'man who votes against the Republican
party. endorses the assassination, of Abraham
Lincoln would be equally well founded,, and
decidedly: more pertinent io, tn issues of
the day. ' . ;';; sv -.-- v
The Railroads or our -State. The
statistics of the railroads of Pennsylvania,
as presented in the report of the Auditor
General for the last year, are not only
interesting but wonderful. , Two hundred
and sixty-seven and a half millions of dol
lars have bean expended on the steam
roads, which in length extend ever four
thousand miles in main lines alone. The
receipts of the various companies amount
to almost seventy-one .millions of dollars.
No wonder they can build palaces of
depots, and span every rivulet with iron
bridges, which are in beauty and elegance
a worlrof art. - '
These statistics develop one item which
is so extremely comforting and? pleasant
that we like to dwell upon it. The rail
roads of the Commonwealth carried last
year 17,724,216 throvgh passengers all
the passengers killed during the year
amounting to but thirteen. This makes
one passenger killed out of every 1,364,
170 J carried. In other words, a person
traveling in Pennsylvania stands only one
and a third millionth of a chance of losing
his life. - This infinitesimal risk should
smoothe the nerves of all the timid and
fearful people for whom a journey is a
thing more venturesome and frightful
than a campaign or battle to a soldier.
Only to think of it ! A veteran would
be ashamed to enter an engagement when
the risk was so small. At this ratio the
killed in all the war, out of both armie3,
would not equal five men.
It is a painful tribute to their fidelity
and heroism to find that the employees of
the . road the heroes of the rail an
infinitely small class when compared with
the millions of passengers, outnumber
them in "killed" more than twelve to
one. This simple heroic fact tells its own
story, and what a story of devotion and
intrepidity it is ! No encomiums or pan
egyrics of ours could do them the honor
of their own grand deeds. '
The Latest Philadelphia Horror.
-On Friday last. Mrs. Dorcas Magilton,
aged sixty-two, was murdered at her
husband s residence. It seems the hus
band, Mr. Adam Magilton, aged seventy
five, left his dwelling about three o'clock
p. m.. for a store near by; to "make a
purchase. On returning he was admitted
lo iiis non.se , Dy a , young man namca
George W. Winemore, who informed him
that his wife was murdered. He aecom-
papied "Winemore to the kitchen, and
there a horrible sight met his vision.
Extended on the floor lay the wife, her
skull crushed in with blows from a ham
mer, and her throat cut from, ear to ear.
The hammer was close to he? head, but
no knife or other 6harp instrument could
be found in the room, with which the
throat bad been cut. A razor belonging
to Winemore was subsequently found in
the yard attached to tho premiees. Iho
murdered woman was the mother cf Gen.
Joseph Magilton, one of the brave brigade
commanders of the Pennsylvania Ileserve
Corps. ", TYmemore, who was recently
discharged from the regular army, was on
friendly terms with the family, and took
his meals at their house, lhe motive ot
the murderer is unknown. He was
promptly arrested, and committed to
m m ii
TnE Bepublican Congressional
Committee. The following is a list of
the Republican Congressional Committee,
selected from the general Congressional
Committee, which is now engaged in
Washington city in aiding the loyalists of
tm . -1 A ?
the &outnin carrying inrougn me coming
political reconstruction campaign :
Robert C bchencic, nepresentauve,
Ohio, Chairman.
John Conness, benator, California.
Zachariah ChandlerSenator, Michigan.
William D. Kelley, Representative,
- - . ... Til"
John A. Liogan, Itcpresentative,i:iiuois.
' John M. 13roomall, Representative,
Oakes Ames, Representative, Massachu
setts. Thomas L. Tullook, Secretary.
William S. Huntingdon, Cashier First
National Bank, Washington, D. C, Treas
urer. .
Or Course Not. It is ostentatiously
announced that Paul Bagley, who claims
to have been formerly a missionary io
India and Japan thoueh. a missionary
for what is not 6aid went on a mission
last week to Fortress Monroe to try to
persuade Jefferson -Davis to condescend
to aBk for a pardon. Mr. Davis declined,
of course. Ovsters. mutton-chops, and
martyrdom are not to be had all together
more than once in a life-time. We sug
gest to this amateur missionary, since he
is desirous of testinc his cowers of per
suasion, that he go to Europe and persuade
Bismark not to sector France.
: m m m
A letter from Ireland says that anoth
er outbreak may . be expected soon.
organized from London, Pans and Dublin
The Fenians in America are much criti
cised and generally held in contempt.
The writer says : That, the attempt will
be everywhere successful I do not for a
moment believe ; but I know that it it is
unsuccessful, another and final effort will
bo made in June next in connection with
certain revolutionary movements on the
continent of Europe and in England.
.The subscriber begs leave to inform
the public that he has opened out a Boot and
Shoe Store in the rooms formerly occupied
bv Davis Ac Evans, on Center street, Ebens
burg, where he will carry on. the business on
an extensive scale.
For sale at City Priest !
BOOTS Aim SHOES made to order
On shortest nolies !
t.Tbe public are invited to-give me a
call. I will sell cheap as the cheapest, end
warrant my stock and make to give satisfae-
tiaa. -, .nal JOHN O. BVANS.
C. T. Roberts has constantly in his store a
well selected and varied assortment of arti
cles, which he offers cheap for cash ; viz :
A Silver American JVATCH for $30.00.
CLOCKS of every style and finish, at reduced
JEVVELRY of the very best material, war
ranted. Anchor and Lepine WATCHES, one-third
cheaper than in 1866.
Gold Finger RINGS, one-third cheaper than
last year.
Sorton's Gold' PENS, at the manufacturer's
Gold, Silver, Steel, and Plated SPECTA
CLES, cheaper than" ever. '
Plated FORKS, Tea aud Table SPOO.NS, as
good as Silver.
Plated CASTORS, Card and Cake BASKETS,
RIFLES and SHOT GUNS, ttiat win kill at
every pop.
TRIDGES to suit.
PIPES of Gutta Percha, Wood, and China.
Lockwood's COLLARS, the best you can
SCHOOL BOOKS, cheaper than elsewhere.
TOYS and TOY BOOKS, for a mere song.
Singer's SEWING MACHINES, with Cotton,
Silk, and Oil.
PHOTOGRAPH ALBUMS, to hold from 12 to
200 Pictures.
AUo : I
Drums, Whistles, Umbrellas, i
Horns, Jewsharps, Clothes Bcushes,
Harmonicas, Hair Brushes,
Trunks, Tooth Brushes,
Carpet Sacks, Combs,
Satchels, Dusting Brushes,
Work Boxes, Scrub Brushes,
Portfolios, Looking Glasses,
Gents' Shirts, Sewing Baskets,
Gloves, Cravats, Hand Baskets,
Neck ties, Canes, Rugs,
Suspenders, Arnold's best Writing
Handkerchiefs, Fluid,
Perfumery, Soaps, Red and Black Ink,
Pocket Books, Ink Stands, Pen Racks,
Checkers Boards, Miscellaneous a Blank
Dominoes, Paints, Books,
Table Knives, Pass Books, Diaries,
Pocket Knives, Almanacs, Deeds,
Razors and Strops, . Summons, Notes,
Gun Caps, Puzzles, Paper, Envelopes,
Dolls, Beads, Tobacco, .
Amber Beads, Cigars
And many other articles.
Clocks, Watches, and Jewelry re
paired in the best style of workmanship, and
Thankful for past fevers, the subscriber
hopes by strict aitantic-ft to business to merit
a continuance of public patronage.
jan24 C. T. ROBERTS
The subscriber begs leave to inform the
people of Ebensburg that he has jnst received
from the East and has now opened out, at
his store-room, the
ever brought to town. The stock was made
expressly to order by the
the subscriber having gone to the trouble
and expenee of visiting that city especially
to order it. The work is warrantea not to
rip if it rips, it will be
A visit to his establishment will satisfy any
one that he can not only sell a bettkb arti
cle than all competitors, but that he can
also sell
TT also rnntinnes io manufacture Boots
and Shoes to order, on short notice and in
the most workmanlike style.
Stand one door east of Crawford's
lotel. High street, and immediately oppo
site V. S. Barker's store.
The undersigned keeps constantly on
hand and is still manufacturing ail articles
in his line, such as
All which he will dispose of at low prices
for cash.
His work is all warranted, and being expe
rienced in the business, he uses only the best
of leather. Thankful for past favors, he
hopes by attention to business to merit a
continuance of the patronage heretofore so
liberally extended to him. jan24
Shop above the store of E. Hughes Co.
Persons wishing good and substantial Harness
can be accommodated. HUGH A. M'COY.
The subscriber would inform the citizens
of Ebensburg and vicinity that he keeps con
stantly on hand everything in the
line, such as Flour, Tea, Coffee, Sugar, all
kinds of Crackers, Cheese, Smoking and
Chewing Tobacco, Cigars, &c.
Also, Buckskin and Woolen Gloves, Wool
en Socks, Neck ties, &c, all of which will be
sold as cheap it not cheaper than elsewhere.
A full assortment of Candies !
Z&m Otstxbs served at all hours of the
day or evening. Tub Oysters by the dozen
and Can Uysters tor sale.
jan24 R. R. THOMAS.
Farmer InnJr tn tnur lnterexfa '
The subscriber is now prepared to furnish
any quantity 01 gooa xresu
By the car-load of 300 bushels, at the follow
ing prices :
XgT 5 cents per bushel, or $15.00 per car,
Also, Building Lime in any quantity at
reasonable rates. .
All orders will be promptly attended to.
Address WM. H. CANAN,
apll-3m El Dorado, Blair county, Pa.
$?.07 per annum, ia advenes.
:: ; FURNismfra store, i
I return1 my sincere tbtfnks to OT f .
and customers for theif liberal patron "
the past twelve years,- during whicj,'';
nave Deen in Business in, ij'njk
now, owing to the extensive b"B?..'l
doing, I take pleasure in informim;'7
that I have adopted the - .'ViL
Ready-Pay Sjutetni
by means of which there will' be a tu..
DCCTIOH in mv DrofitS. A eontln,.''
your patronage will satisfy you tktr
oc iu your aavaniage to boy for1ST,
instead of ox cbidit. . ..
My stock will consist in part a fbIJo
Doot Loc&s, Cupboard Locks
Bolts, Binges,
Window Sp'gsy Shatter Hidges,
Porch Irons, Window Glass,
Putty, &c.
Boring Machines, Augers, Chisels, Brie. J
T : TTl-i. o - 1
jjiib, uatuiru, oquares, vOLUj)as3CS, Kg
els, Pocket Rnles, Try Squ.rea, Let!
els. Jack, Smoothing, and For
Planes, Panel Ploughs, Ba.
ding, Sasb, Raising, a
Match Planes, Hollow and
Rounds, Guages, Oil Stonea,
Raw Seta. Screw Driver
7 - - i "tun
and Back Saws, Chalk and'chal'k Liq J
Anvil3, Bellows,
Shoe Hammers,
Hand Hammers,
Riveting Hammers,
Horse a Mule Shoes,
Buttresses, riacen
Screw Plates,
Rasps, Files,
Horse NaiJj,
Cast Steel Shore! fi
Moulds, kt.
Shoe Lasts, Shank Irons,
Crimping Boards and Irocj,
Peg Cutters, Knives, Awls,
Hammer?, Pincers, Kaipt,
Rubbers, and Bencb ',4
in genera!. .
A BBB A Ul - 14 , VIVA, AS. B .
s .
Draw Guages,
Round Knives,
Edge Tools,
Panches-, Hamrae3,
Bridle Bits, Buckles,
Rings, Halter Bolts,
Snaps, Stirrups,
Rein Web,
Pincers, Awls.
Rounding Iroci.
Iron and Wood G
Pad Trees,
Trae Hooki, Spo.
3 1
Ornaments, RWta
Girthing, Ac.
Bench Tools, Table Hinger, Screwj,J
Castors, Bedstead tasteners, I'
Locks, Knobs, Coffin Triraminps of
descripthras, Gold Leaf, Broczes, Pair
Sash, and Varnish Brushes, Oils, Paiu
Varnishes, Turpentine, Co!oreiTtt,.!
dry and ground in oil.
Rifles, Shot Guns, Pistols,
Revolvers, Cartridge
Hunters' Knives, Caps.I'
Powder, Shot, Powder FlasU
Shot Pouches, Game Bags.
Also, Gun Locks, Main Springs, P.
Pivots, Double Triggers, Hammers, Ac.
Plows, Points, Shovels, Forks,
Scythes and Srathes, Rftkee,
Hoes, Spades, Sheep Shears.
Sheen and Cow Bells, Sleigh Bells,
Brushes. Cards. Currv Combs, Pe-
Hames, Whips, Bat, Trace, Breast, Eit 1
- m Trit- . T rV r o L
ter, Toneue, Fith a Log Chains,
Barn Door Rollers, Sugar Ket
ties, Steelyrd3, Cutting Boxes.
lour, Tea, Coffee.
Cloves, Mace,
Nutmegs, Allsp';:e
Baking A Wash. S
Toilet Soap,
Family Dye Colo?
Madder, Cudbear,
Cochineal, Logwo
Camwood, Redvo
Blue Vitiiol,
Solution of lis,
Clothes Wring's
Sugar, Molasses,
Hominy, Crackers,
Dried Peatbes,
Rice, Cinnamon,
Essences, Bacon,
ish, Salt,
Alum, Indigo,
Coffee Mills,
Smoothing Irons,
Wash Boards,
Clothes Pins,
Bed Cords,
asning MacL
Bake Pans, Buckets,
Table and TaS;
Meal Seives, Brooms,
Bras3 Kettles,
Table Cutlery,
Coal Buckets,
Shovels and Fok
Butter Prints,
Rutter Ladies,
Tinned Kettles,
Enameled Kettles,
Stair Rods,
Japanned Ware
Stove, Scrub acd
Wooden Ware,
Willow Ware,
Carbon Oil Lamps,.
Dusting Brusi:
White -wash as
Scissors, c
Neat's Foot,
CookingParlor, and Heating Stoves,
the best manufactories ; Tin and -ce
Ware of every variety, of my own rup
ture ; Gum and Hemp Packing ; TU
Valises ; Drugs, Weavers' Reeds,
low Augers, Board Measuring ctlCk
Stones and Rollers, Patent Molasses
and Measuring Fawcets, &c, &c.
, r,:.. zr... eirnitm and '
always on hand to suit Stoves so J J.J
Well and Vtstern rumpn anu
nfacturers' prices. . ...
Spouting made, painted, and put c?
Don't Ask. for Cre1 J
fy- But remember the place 1
0ftv 15 to 20 ier cent, on your pur
defy cornpetitioo in Wester. F

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