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ri (| ciGARETTES
\ I * loferse,
j\ Vi Venduto In tutti i Jsegon 'Éjjfrl i
a Per eh- non fumate le oiilme fi r '1
cf 'white crystal Cuponi-valore in ogni Scatola. Conservateli fff
\ XMBI bcads > interwoven /Tj' uf
\W Utili e Magnifici Premi pei w ; y/j ?|
fJ\ \ Cuponi Nebo e i fronti delle Scatole ì Ù
\ 1 iLÀ coupon*. r mmrnm
V W ! Ciascun fronte delle Scatole Nebo vale
mezzo PS rio in contante, c> conia come
YjSI Jcmy City W. J. l'ifffb
KOl Picnic Set. ©omprued of _____ genuine cut A rj.&
Kr£ V nife, forfe and apoo-, — diamond in /1 Jffm
/V and fitted v*ith a ptu M e*tt- m - ma back of case. jV jLufM
_/ ffl biade and corkscrci/. * • *-••• "••• •** ***■ ■™ '*®' isW coupcra.
SCO coupon.
Francesco Biamonte
Interprete ufficiale per la Contea d'lndiana
Marshall ln Lana, Fa.

litfht made to j
H fix yovLT zieecL m
are made in many ctyles m
that sell at a wide vari- ||
I sendee Tungsten g
■ lamp. All are guaran- I
I teea to give the maxi
mum satisfaction. That's p|
why it pays to get a real
Choice mf Terms.
"Have you been Indulging In reckless
speculation again?"
"llow can 1 tell until I see the stock
quotations tomorrow whether It was
reckless speculation or prudent In
vestment?"— Washington Btar.
Many Like Him.
Glhbs—BUson expressed a good deal
of sympathy for poor Black. Did you
try him for a contribution? Dlbbs—
No; I know Bilson. He's like the let
ter "p"—first in pity and last in help.—•
Boston Transcript.
Some People Won't Pay Cost.
"Politeness costs nothing." remarked
the ready made philosopher.
"That's not always true," replied
JUiss Cayenne. "I have seen It cost
people a terrible struggled—Washing
ton Ftar.
A Practical Application.
"I think I can explain It to you.
Now. I ask you lor a klas. That's the
"And I refer you to mother."
"Urn! That's the referendum."—
Louisville Courier-JournaL
Takes the Right.
"Did you see where a judge some
where hud decided that a baby can
cry in an apartment house?"
"Indeed, did be? I didn't know thai
was a case which waited for a dec!
sion."—Baltimore American.
Little % Irginiu. aged five, had been
put to ted, but not to sleep. From her
bedroom came a little voice:
"Daddy, come here. I want to tell
you something."
Daddy wasn't anxious to be disturb
ed. so. thinking she was about to go
to sleep, he said. "Well, wait till I eat
this apple."
He read for fifteen or twenty min
utes. when again she called out. "Dad
dy. how big is that apple?"—lndianap
olis News.
Let us print your dancing orders
Drop in and see our samples
Fast Presses Perfect Printing
The Patriot Publishing Company
G*m of Architecture.
The three buildings which are con
sidered the finest examples of colonial
architecture in the Tnited States are
the city hall in New York, the state
house In Boston and Independence hull
In Philadelphia
Th# Horsefly.
A horsefly. It is said, will live for
hours after Its head has been pulled
Keen Scented Deer.
Under the most favorable atmos
pheric conditions deer can scent a man
at the distance of a mile and a half.
If be Is smoking the range may be in
creased to two miles. They have been
known to refuse to cross u man's track
more than four hours after he had
passed, but rain may destroy the scent
in ten minutes.—St. James' Gazette.
*) Cheerfulness means a content- T
•• ed spirit; it means a pure heart; 4
II it means a loving disposition; it J
•• means humility and charity; it j
II means a generous appreciation Ij.
*' of others and a modest opinion V
.. of self.—Thackeray. .♦
England's Roman Amphitheater.
Dorchester possesses the best pre
served Roman amphitheater in Eng
land. In which over 10,000 people gath
ered in 1705 to witness the burning n*
a woman who had murdered her hn
band. Dorchester was a place of im
portance as early as the Roman occu
pation. and at a later date It had an
unenviable association with Judge Jef
freys and his bloody assize.
Questions ffiii o M ten SH Km.
D. Have you read the Consti-|
; tution of the United Slates!
; R. Yes.
D. What form of Government,
j is this!
R Republic,
i u. What is ibe Constitution of I
• lit- I niteii States!
R. it is the fundamental law of
Ins country.
D. Who makes the laws of the
United States?
R. The Congress.
D. What does Congress consist
R. Senate and House of Rep
D. Who is the chief executive
<>f the United States!
R. President.
D. How long is the President
• f ibe United States elected?
R. 4 years.
1). Who takes the place of the
'resident' in ease he dies?
. R. The Vice President., I
U. What is his name!
K. Thomas R. Marshall.
D. By whom is the President of ,
flie Unite*! States elected?
R. By the electors.
D. By whom are the electors
el clod ? e
R. By the people.
D. Who makes the laws for the j
state of Pennsylvania.
R. The Legislature.
D. What does the Legislature
'onsist of?
R. Senate and Assembly.
D. How many State in the un
•ou 7 j
R. 48.
D. When was the Declaration ,
•f Independence signed?
R. July 4, 1776.
D. By whom was it written?
R Thomas Jefferson.
D. Which is the capital of the
nited States?
R. Washington.
D. Which is the eapital of the
tate of Pennsylvania.
R. Harrisburg.
D. How many Senators has
ach state in the United States
Senate ?
..The Indiana macaroni Company..
Can be Bought at the Following Stores:
The Troutman Department Store, Steveeon <fe
Myera, Plotzer Meat Market.
They are FRLSH. Made in Indiana
Picturod In Word a.
In 1884 an artist finished a likeness
of Ein[>eri>r Franz Joseph: In charac
ters. fonrrin." no less than 8.000 words.
Overdid His Plea.
Tea. sir.** said the tramp. "I've
made a lot of money In my time. The
trouble was that 1 didn't know enough
to bang on to It Could yon let roe
hare a dollar?*"
"No. my friend." replied the stran
per. "I couldn't after the lesson you've
just taught me to hang on to mine."—
Detroit Free Press.
R. Two.
I). By whom are they elected t
R. By the people.
D. For how long?
R. 6 years.
D. How many representslives
tire there! ..
H. 435. According to the pop
illation one to every 211.0(H). (the
ratio fixed by Congress after each
decennial census.)
D. For how long are they sleet
ed ?
R. 2 years.
D. How many electoral votes
Las the state of Pennsylvania!
R. 38.
D. Who is the chief executive
of the state of Pennsylvania ?
R. The Governor.
D. For how long is he elected!
ft. 4 years.
D. Who is the Governor!
R. Brumbaugh.
D. Do you believe in organised
government T
R. Yea.
D. Are you opposed to organim
••d government!
R. No.
D. Are you jgn anarchist!
R. No.
D. What is an anarchist!
R. A person who does not be
ieve in organized government.
D. Are you a bigamist or poli
garaist T
R. No.
D. What is a bigamist or poly
gan ist T
R One who believes in having
iiiot* than one wife.
D. Do you belong to any secret
Sotiity who teaches to dislwlicvc
in organized government!
R No.
I). Have you ever violated any
lews of the United States!
R No.
D. Who makes the ordiiMuntes
lor the City f •
R. The board of Aldermen.
D. Do you intend to remain
permanently in the U. S.!
R. Yes
Weaver* of Cashmere shawls ink*
two or three yeam to finish m pair f
the vary finest.
41 )H 111 IM M I I 1 1 1 11 I I I I- ►
0 0 |
*" By 04*ft>v*trng our natural * \
' * gifts wo add to thorn; by ng!#d
wo taw thorn. Bwd that ta nav- T
or put into tho aail will nevor ♦,
.. produce a plant. Tho l!fe that i
romaino eloood will novor oro- T
duct o man. I

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