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& C. HICKOK, JMitor.
a N. WORDEN, Printer,
Volume VP., Number 17.
I Whole Wumber---32?.'
The lw Isburgf Chronicle is iucd
every Vedoesday morning at Lewisburg, Uuion
county, Pennsylvania.
Taaxs. $1.60 per jrr, fur c-h actually in
advance; $1,75, paid within three months ; !2
If paid within the year ; $2,50 if not paid before
the v,r entires : ainele numlwr,5 cents. Sub
l'ur the LnvUburg Cmmictt.
Mr. E.Jilor : I have been anxiously
looking for some lime past, hoping to find
an article from the pen of some eminent
fhyiscian on the subject of the propriety
(..- miw mnnih, or less to be raid in ,
advance. Discontinuances optional with the i of e.-tablishing a Medical Society in this
Publisher eicept when the year is paid up. (county. The Stale Medical Society wa
A.lwriiaements hanilsoniely inserted at ou Cla . ... .
hsr souare o"r.eek. f I for a month, and 5 for ' ' 1 819, Since which lime, many of
year ; a reduced price forlonger advertisement'. ; our sister counties have organized under it
Two square., f7 ; Mercantile .dertisement. not j Tbe adyan, rf rf h'
nceeding one-fourth of a column, quarterly, $10. . . uiir.cu irom.ucn
Casual advertisements and Job work to be paid I associations, hive been properly presented
for when handed in or delivered. j to the profession, and the public Generally :
1 II .1.Hn,tiAn. Ii mail .nllct enfllA final- J e . t
I 1 1 U1U1UIUIIIHI - f
psiJ. accompanied I'V the address of the writer, to
jaceive attention. Those relating exclusively to
the Editorial Department to be directed to II. C.
tlicKOE, Esq , F.ililnr and all on business to be
ad lreted to the Publither.
O'fice. Market St. between Second and Third
O. N. WORDEX. Printer and Publisher.
President Taylor.
The New York livangelist of the Uili
inst. (a religious paper) thus analyzes 1ip
character and position of the late President.
A Scene in Boston.
A half-score or more ol Irish women
h;ive lately taken thrirstnnds at the Park
street corner .f the Mall, here with a few
oranges and other fruits t. laced upon some
The intelligence which it is our oppress- lemporary (able or box, they remain from fof the true Whitr stock of Benniniton.Vt.
ive ouiy to sena lortn tins week, of the morning until niht, perhaps clearing by on (he 7ih of January, 1600, and i there
President Fillmore,
Millard Fillmore, who by the death of
Gen. Tavlor has become President of the
United States, is n native of New York.
He was born at Summer Hill, Cayuga Co.,
.is, ...... J I . . i ...
therefore, to enter upon their utility here, Lr ... n-, A , , ,
would be rnOT..,l Th.. 1 : ! of u"aire es'm, and the expertet.ee of
7aii,m r,r .ki, l; ax. u i . f his Roman firmness, manly wisdom and
zation ol this kind should be made ! stip-l: , , . .. . , . . .
noeil.peo ..;.,.. J t '"Win' patriotism had inspired confidence
pose mere exists no discrepancy of opin on. ,u -. . . . ,
Y,ni;A,r- .i . 1 where it was most needed when it seemed
Midden decease of our Chief Magistrate, i their small sales Irom n to two shillings
win awaken in all hen us a sense of sor-1 per day. I hey are moally old women,
row, and in most, miny serious foreboi. j who ran do nothing else for a living, and
ings of the future. At this juncture of pa-j are patronized more from charity than
litical affairs, when lha knowledge of his I ,rm the tempting appearance of their
lore fifty years of age. His lather Nathan
iel Fillmore, is a farmer, and is still living
Ill rtsa ; one ronjtant i-Um. nl In lurk
J (t' Duinr. solj.1. old Tib.nic itlurk.
J ym " "hart: it frit the eajrtb.Uaaj' thrill,
I innit u iu b. and rrrvu tin ,uori .till.
" " n; tin ui..i.:;r,r. b..l.l will ilip,
"t only mw-im luof Ibe bulWIK'a rTip:
brnall u be l,km, the j th.t never tUW,
Urags uon the UlWwio;r noiurth ..f th fieWs.
The Humble Deal
Eulogies are written upon the deceased
President, and he deserve them all. Dot
Boft o'er the mountaiue purple brow
Meek twilight draws her shadowy grey ;
From tu ted woods, and valleys low.
Light' magic color steals away.
Vet still, amiJ the spreading gloom,
Recplendenl clow the western waves
That roll o'er Neptune's coral cavea
A son of light on evening' dome.
Ou this lone summit let me rest,
And view the forms to fancy dear.
Till on the ocean's darkened breast
The atars of evening tremble clear ;
Or the moon's pale orb siear,
Thiowing her light of radiance wide,
rut o'er the lightly curling tide.
Noaound o'er silence no'.v prevail,
rave of the murni'ring brook below,
Or rai!or'a song borne on the gale.
Or oar at distance striking slow.
S iweet, so tranquil, m-y my evening ray
. I to this world and rise in future day.
Vet a kind of apathy seems lo be a too
prominent characleristic of the profession
One day, not long since, one of these
old women became quite ill from exposure
to the sun, and probably from want oi l
proper nourishment, and was forced to
r : ... t v. t. i , i i
ii line ciiuniy, iew i urn. in tuny uitr, nr,h .l -,,..,) M . .
, ' ,ne "fusana pens busy in comrnemora
Mr. l-iltmore devoted four years lo a me- ,; ,:. ... i r. .
. , , . u9 .niucs, nun iew wei oivcrifu in-
chanical pursuit, and during the whole of , to an a;,1Jsion , ,he hundred!l who
among us. bocteties of philosophy and
fine arts, of agriculture and mechanics, are
making Iheir impression upon the world,
as well as upon individuals, and yet the
science of medicine, the most important,
seems to drou its slow length nlono'
, b
wt nout any elTort scarcely being made to
j raise it Irom its grovt-ling position.
I his is a day peculiar for the wide dif
fusion of knowledge the spirit of enter
prise is abroad in the land each genera
tion is morenenve and inquisitive than its
predecessor, and the splendid rrnrch of
mind bids fuir greatly to lessen the sum of
as if Providence, in placing unexpectedly j leave her stand, and seat herself a
over us, a man peculiarly adapted by his
Ihe iron railings of the common, in the
hade. A little bright eyed girl of thirteen
summers, saw her limjt to the spot, and
' human evil and meliorate the condition of
our race. Men's minds are becomin"
more liberal as respects the elevation of !
every professional pursuit, and the enter
prise of invention is truly prolific.
Fur the Leu hhirg Chruniele.
rirs. Smart and Simon Steady.
In our little out-of-the-way town in Illi
nois, we have many of the ways and fash
ions uf the Ivislern States, reproduced.
Mrs. Smait, a buxom young widow, keeps
a constant eye on Extern fashions, and
loves to show them olT, too. As one means
of accomplishing this object, she selected a
eat in our house of worship where she
could see ever body, and where of course
veryooay couia see ner. Here, every
personal characterises and his local rela
tions, to meet and to conduct to successful
issues, by far the most perilous and per- i "'so observed ihe anxious eve of the old
plexed crisis of our history, was giving us ' or"n directed towards her little store of
a pledge ofthnt abounding favor which has oranges, mils and candy" Never mind
been Ihe glory of our annals, and is ihe ! lhse, ma'am." she said. I'll eo and set
only hope of our future when the race ! 'here till you are better, and sell for vou.'
1 . ....... t wia .....
una turmoil oi sectional jealousies and po- j ' ne little miss, dressed with much taste
liiical strifes and ambitious plotting would , ana" richness, with an air that indicated
seem lo yield to no restraints but those of; most unmistakably the class to which she
executive nrmness and power when the i Belonged, sal dow n upon the rough box
prominent want in the councils of the na- j behind the Irish woman's stand, assuming
non was felt to be just the dignified for- :l ihe importance of a young saleswoman,
bcarance, the strong common sense, and jsbe had never sold anything before in her
the universal confidence which distinguish- life j but people becan to stoti and wonder
ed him the removal, we sny, at such a what meant to see ihe fair and beautiful
juncture, of such a President, without -" ohild in that singular situation.
warning or nrennratlon. e-nn nni l.A - 1 Thn .Wv u no ann t... .i
I a - I I 1 w IC I J own iuiij U) lie DVSian-
1 IS I ..a.AaA . n:..: :..j j .. , . , . .
i.'iviiic juugmi-nt, me severity wuo nau only lo point lo ihe poor
sions for : woman. In a moment, every one was
the future. jseized with a verv extraordinary nVin fi.e
The life of Gen. Taylor, though it np- !an orange, a hondful ol nuts, or some can
peared to be somewhat compensated by i i and our little beauty could hardly
the history of his modest bravery, and the ; erve 'hem fast enough. Many, utierly
reports ol his disinterestedness and ability, ! refusing any change, gave her a nine
was not calculated to secure at once the . pence, a dime, or a sixpence for a penny's
confidence of Christian men. The success- I nh of nuts orcandv. It was all accom-
ful soldier, the life in the camp, amidst the , Pushed very quickly, though the little girl
dissoluteness and brutalizing influences of j wa aomewha! disconcerted, and had lo be
war, were not the qualities in which such .'encouraged by a whisper, now and then,
men would naturally discern the wise, j hm one who need not be named, for she
peaceful and impjrtial statesman. With a j was not accustomed to a crowd.
majority of religious men, at the North: The table was soon swept, and we saw
particularly, the election of Grji.JXVu.hu fcfiWHW tM jirir-at.-, -nu-tmicu on
s an ascenatueu uoou. nra extreme , vi. ,u
hall ttie saints Ol ine cuienuai iu uicss .
that period, occupied all his leisure hours
in rending and study. At the age of nine
teen, he attracted the notice of Judge Wood.
of Cayuga county, who took him into his
ofliee. In 1821. he removed to Buffalo.
and entered a law office, teaching lor his
maintenance until the year 1823, when he
was licensed to practise in the Court ol
Common Pleas. In 18'27, he was admitted
an attorney of the Supreme Court of the
State of New York. In 1629 he was elec
ted member of the Assembly from Erie
Miinli, n .t .. . . . . ' i t . . !
w""7i "u was mice re eiectea. tie
was elected to Congress in the fall of
1832, and after the expiration of his term
resumed the practice of his prolession. In
IS36 he was again tent to Congress, end
was subsequently re-elected for another
, rue the old mountains lift their agedheads jof whoe 8troke j,JSfie9 apprehen
n i " .uiw9 as in ii a s ui
yore, yet these are but mole-hills when
struck by man's inventive power.for the
iron teed, as it reverbrates through its
mountain recesses like a thunder bolt goes
careering on with a "chariot and a thou-
tnd iu its train." The lightnings flash '
as ot oia, but they are man's post-boy, and
they go with a speed loo that makes old
' Tune himself blush and fold his wines to
own himself distanced in the race.'' The
fire, ihe water, I lie wind, and the waves
Sunday when we had preaching, and it did , oro a" made the servants of man, and still
not rain too hard lor her fine apparel, she ''is course is onward ; day by day new
mii'ht he n J i lur kpsi tnu t ; '".mphs are achieved over the ejemeit
and her sweetest smile?. j n h Bnnihllateri( so far as it is an Soulnen poiUion. and his actual implication ,
Simon Steady i. one ol our Mcnei..r. obstade intcrcourse of men, and in
the system of slavery, were also circum- i
loers, a settler from New ll tmps ir ; jppects portend the lime approach- that cave but little promise in res- j
c .vu .iliincr man. but a J 1 ' . . . .,, . . . i
tirsi-rate iarnn.r a - o , - hen s reater developments nau t , ,t, ,rrM, lswlPa which it was lore-
- ,t -- .. . ......
be made in the scientinc worm.
The energies of American artists, show
no inferiority. Neither does France or
England poseess the charm of incantation
; to raise the spirit of enterprise more than
our own country, jet pruc, ucihih.
should be shown lo age and experience ;
and here is the only advantage they have
ti.; rpsiiert. we" are not without the
"Reason!" said Simon, "reason T ny,, , coun,er:lc(jn for what an Eng.
because it does me good to look at you.' J is,imnn recejes by inheritance and entail,
Does you good, does it !" said the lady J nn Aftierican w ill acquire by indomitable
very quickly, and with a s.nile of satislac-1 enefgJ Though great perseverance be
Reallv, I can ttninK, .r. oicnu,, . American characteristic, yet u must
vhat "ood it can possibly do you to gaze; u;ushmgy acknowledged that the med
ical profession is composed of less stern
material ; it takes them so long to appre
ciate what ought to be comprehended at a
dance. Nearly every other association
ol the day is considered laudable, and ac
tive measures are adopted to build ihem
... i ni small snare oi
wjinai possu.3iiiK - .
Tankse shrewdness. Some .f our neigh
bors did think that Mr.Smart would have
been glad had he made her, Mrs. Stea-ly.
"What is the reason," said Mrs. Smart
o Simon one day, "that 3 aIwa) 9
looking at me in church ! I never turn my
head around but I see you gaalng directly
at me.'
at a-body so. . . '
"May be not," said Simon, "but so it is.
"But do tell me," cried Mrs. Smart, ea-
cerlv. "what cood it does you."
I'd rather not," said Simon, moving to
bo "I'm afraid you might not be pleased."
"Ob, I'm sure I shall be very much
pleased, and if you don't tell me, I'll never
peak to you again."
"Well," said Simon, "if you must know,
A mother ails by a lowly grave,
A hillock small and green.
With two grey stonea at the bead and feet,
And Ihe daisied turf between.
Silent abe sits in that place of graves,
As if tranced in a dream of prayer.
seen must chiefly engage his thoughts and
test his conduct. Hat slowly and surely,
the country at large has learned lo justify
the popular choice and to regard his advent
to the Presidential chair as one of those j And her hand oft plays with the rustling grass
tokens of a Divine goodness, which have una oi .a .n..m . u.,r.
their pre-eminent value in their unexpeel- j Does she muse on the time thai she hushed it soft
j t... t i i Willi erstlle lullabies 1
edness. It was aiscetnea uiui ne mu ic
culiar and timely qualities for the present
crisis. Though a slaveholder, he was
I I C ui 1.11 K ibnl
above me sectional prcicicur
relation olten produces in the greatest
minds ; though a soldier by prolession, he
was eminently a man of peace; and deter
mined upon a peaceful course ; though
ungifted with great powers of stateman
ship, he exhibited those sterling traits of
broad common sense, honest insight, and
invincible energy, which are often infinite
ly better than what the world calls talent
and statesmanship, and wtnen were espec
tip.and then w hy so much reluctance shown J fiue(j 0 exert a wh0lesome influence
at the nresent lime. And above all and
on ihe part of those who ought to be in ad
vance of the limes rather than behind tnemi
The Slate Society has been in session
you must. 1 once useu iu B j ror tne lnlra lunej anu lms ulauc
let others see me, and to see them. 1 never , ca,,g on delinquent counties to co operate
f - .!t till 1 caur
got quite curea 01 lnal Prul'c,,a,,J "
,ou at meeting. W henever I look at you,
1 see how fooliah and unbecoming :t is for
one to aim lo be seen herself, or to gaj
about at others in church. It has cuied
me completely, and probably has done the
same lor others ; for I see much less of it,
lately, than usual."
Mrs. Smart's smile quickly vanished,
and she vanished with if.while Simon took
a quiet laugh to himself.
Tl. nt nroarhin? day. which was two
IIW '"- 3
.V after. Mrs.Smart look good care not
.it -mv nlace between Simon Steady and
the pulpit. She was not pleased with his
plain talk ; but she had the good sense to
profit by it. ifbK-
Served him Right
. r nme time since, went into a
bar-room in the western part of Wisconsin,
(where liquor selling is forbidden,) and
called Tor something to drink.
We don't sell liquor, but we will gie
you a glass, and then if you want a crack
er we will sell it lo you for three cents.''
Very well,'' skid the Yankee customer,
"hand down the decanter."
I With cradle lullalnea !
I Or when it bung on her teeming breast
With a smile id its lilted eves .'
Or when she touched with a reverent banJ
(When iu aonny years were three)
The lamb-like fleece of ita flaxen lock
Aa it prayed beside her knee?
Or the hour when a sad and simple pall
Waa borne from the cottage door.
And its dancing atep was never heard
Again on the household floor I .
Does she fondly image a cherub shape
'Mid a shining angel band.
With star-crowned locks, and garments white,
With a lily io bia band !
Silent her thought : but at twilight hour,
Ever she sitteth there.
And her hand oft playa with the rustling graas
Aa with cuiU of an infant'a hair.
with it, yet not near a lull representation
has been secured. Through the Ameri- j
can mcoicbi ssowin,iuu, -j j
Slate in the Union is making efforts at
such an organization, and with more or
less successes the intelligence and activity
of the profession can be brought to bear
upon the subject. I his society wntcn nas
been so long contended for, and for which
such great efforts have been made for a
universal good, ought not to be suffered to
decline while in its infancy, but the pro
fession should be organized for the pro
tection of its own interest." This
effort of physicians to establish a universal
interest, is looked upon by the public eye
most favorably ; then why not take advan
tageof iis popularity, and secure to our
selves the great benefit, and to our friends
and the public generally its benehciai re
suits This Society can be rery easily
established, I have no doubt, for the mind
oftheproression is already matured upon
it. There are some pre-requisites necessa
ry however, ihe principal ol which is a
lime and a place of meeting appointed,
ihen certain other preliminaries arranged.
As I have a great delerence lor age,
over all, there was a transparent sincerity
and disinterestedness, a manly honor and
truth, and a kindness of heart which no
I partisan bitierness ever dared to assail, and
which gave to his other qualities me vital
ity and moral force that ever accompany
virtue. The country was indulging a
hope, stronger than it was aware of, thai
in his honesty, patriotism and firmness,
we were to have our exodus from the perils
of Ihe all -engrossing and all-periling ques
tion of the day.
But he is gone. For wise reasons, God
has suddenly and darkly frowned upon ns.
We know not what or how much it may
mean. We know not into what new per
plexities and confusions it may throw this
vital question. Whatever may be the in
stincts or the principles of his successor.
there are many reasons to fear that the
best intentions will be in him unavailing
It is no reproach to him to say he lacks
the moral power of position, character.
personal popularity and energy of the late
p.Mnt. We otiylit to discern ine
M I t.oiv
Sovereign in this dispensation of Provi-
dencd. We ought lo lake to heart tne
orcat truth of dependence on God. The
event is full .of admonition and warning,
which we trust every occasion 3! be ta
ken to urge upon the popular min I.
The "good creature" was handed down, sc;encet and experience. I leave the pro-
end our hero look a sun norn, wncn .urn
ine around to depart.the unsuspecting land
lord handed him a dish of crackers with
the remark, "You'll buy a cracker 7"
-Well, no," said ihe Yankee, "I guess
not : vou sell 'em too dear ; I can get lots
.. u five at six for a cent, anywhere
WU "' -
They divide the time pretty evenly in
the House of Representatives between rai-
-a ikA hssn.w an i mv ruiui ivi us
turity. hoping they may not prove dilatory ising point, of order and raising the dan
; ;,. -n.,,mm.tion. druff of every decent man who reads their
in its consummation.
M'Kee's i Falls. July laJieSO.
Be chary ol personal jests : better lose
your best joke thn your poorest friend.
A bottle of Egyptian perfume, 2000
years old, is preserved at the Alnwick Mu
seum, Englaud, and still retains its odor.
A Hard Case,
And a Man with no Conscience. A negro
woman named Rebecca Garret, and her
sis children, were taken Irom Ualtimore,
Maryland, about 18 months since, by
rhomas Anderson, of Howard Uistrict,
ho claimed ihem as slaves. The case
was tried, and the court gave a verdict
against Anderson. He carried it lo the
Court of Appeals, which nas reversed tne
judgment of the County Court, on the
ground that the law requires tne issue oi
Ireedom to be tried where the master re
sides. The case will now be disposed oi
bv the Howard District Court, where Mr.
Anderson desired it to be tried irom tne
first. It appears that the woman had been
allowed by her mistress, ihe mother of
Mrs. Anderson, to live as a free woman
in Baltimore, where she married and resi
ded for 21 years, and where the children
she has were born lo her by a free father.
There is no doubt that her mistress inten
ded shehould be for ever free; and this
o!an of raking up such old claims against
the freedom of a whole family is heartless
in the extreme. The unfortunate Garret
family still remain in ihe custody of Mr.
Anderson, who has given a bond ol $5,
000 to produce them when required.
New Kind of Black Ink Boil logwood
until the liquor is pretty strong, and to one
quart of it put in one quarter ol an ounce of
bichromate of potasn,sei it apart, snaaing ii
Irequeatly, for about three weeks. At first
h nnnearance of the ink will be a little
- 1 1
greenish, but after it is exposed to the sun
and air for some time, it becomes beauinui
is very fast, and does not injure steel pens,
at the head of the Committee of Ways and
Means. In 1844, he was nominated by Ihe
Whig party as their candidate for Gover
nor. In 1847 he was elected Comptroller
of the Slate. In 1848 he was elected Vi,-A
President of the United Slates. On the 4th
of March, 1849, he entered upon ihe duties
of the office.and on the 10th inst was sworn
in as President.
The President's Family.
Mr. Fillmore was married in 1828 to
Abigail Powers, the youngest child of Rev.
Lemuel Powers. She is still living, and is
described as a lady of great worth, modest
and unobtrusive in her deportment, and
highly esteemed for her many virtues.
lhey have but two children. The oldest, a
son, is a young man of about twenty-one
years of age, who has just entered upon
the practice of law in Buffalo; He is said
She is about eighteen years ofage. Her ac- j
complishments are many and varied, and :
her independent, self-reliant character is
exhibited in the fact thai she is now.or was
very recently, a teacher in one of the free
public schools in Buffalo. She is one of the
wo.nen of whom the Itepubltc has much
more reason to be proad than of all the gay,
gaudy women of fashion, who often show
as much scorn for school teachers as they
do ignorance of the true qualities of a re
publican charac'.er. Such a family will do
honor to the White House.
Hon. Sauil L. Southard of New Jersey
was the successor of Mr.Tylcr in the Chair
of the Senate on the death of Gen. Harri
son. Mr. Southard is since deceased.
Comprehensive The Lewistown Gu7.
of the 5ih inst. says : "Our society too
composed of all classes ; and big bugs and
little bugs, the handsome, indifferent, and
ugly, ihe genteel and shabby can all be
suited to their tastes. We have also a
large number of handsome girls, some ol
. i Bn 4a.n mil
wnom Know now to Mm iw ......,
would doubtless make excellent wives for
those wanting a better half while others
know nothing beyond sweeping or dusting
a parlor, and if an opportunity would i.ff. r
could without question help any nabob to
spend the means. Why, then, not come to
Lewistown ? We are sure, very sure, that
no town along the blue Juniatia can vie
with us in any respect, or present one-hall
the inducement to visitors that we can."
met death by flood and fire, at the destruc
tion of ihe ill-fated Griffith ;" how very
few to the recent calamity in this city, by
which the curly-headed boy and blooming
girl, the vigorous man, the aged and the
infirm, were hurried into eternity. Such
is ihe fale of the undistinguished and low ly
The bravest and the best are soon forgot.
ten, lie mourn them when first we hear
iheir summons to ihe grave. Those who
love Ihem shed tears to their mernnry, and
popular gratituda crowds iheir burial.
Probably affection lingers bv the tomb
c- J --
when the crowd has gone; but lhey are
soon comparatively forgotten. If this is
so with the great, how much more truly
may thesame picture be drawn of the hum
ble dead ! Contemplate the catastrophe of
During this session, he was placed (Tuesday. The mechanic at his desk
Drowned A young man named Ma
cbride, in the employ of Messrs. Curlin, in
boating ore from this place to iheir furnace,
was accidently drowned on Monday after
noon, in tne first Lock below this borough.
The flat on which he was engaged had eu-
tered the lock, upward bound, and in open
in" the wicket he fell in and was carried
bv the force of the wafer through the wick-
el into the lock and under ihe flat, from
rhich situation he was not recovered until
- . r ri . t i r .
too late lor recusciiatton. dcuciuuiv;
Whig, July 17. 1850.
As you would save the strength and
wind of a horse, drive slow up hill ; and as
vou value your own and Ihe life ol the
horse, drive slow down hill. But on level
grouud, if you must drive fast, draw a taut
rein and "let h'ii side
hears the dread tocsin sound and runs lo
save his little tenement ; but sees his wife
and children buried in a fiery grave. Chil
dren returning from school see iheir par
ents perish before iheir eyes. The affright
ed mother, ihe fond sister, the brave broth
er, hurled into eternity, by a fearful explo
sion. This is a scene to remember, not to
forget. Gen. Tavr.oR. dies with the green
laurels on his brew full of years and full
of honors, with fame and fortune equal to
his highest ambition. H nor him ; de
plore his death ; canon ze his name ; bui
at the same time pause before the other
event which demands your sympathy and
awakens your reflet tions. Let us not
prove the selfishness of our nature anew
by carrying this exclusive adulation of
power to that grave, which laughs at titles,
and Biierti the final w1
The w hole mission of the gospel is to
remove error, to heal evil, to seek out and
lo save the straying sheep, and not to ex
cite wrath and bitterness, to exercise tyr
anny, to malign, persecute and destroy.
Men, indeed, have iranslormed it into a
sword ; but the gospel in its own legitimate
character and influence, is only peace on
earth and good will among men.
An Irishman had taken lo reading his
Bible. "And indeed it is true, and a blessed
book it ia."
"But," said the ptiesi, "you are an igno
rant man, and you ought not to read ihe
"Well," said Pat. "but your rtverence j
must prove that before I'll give up reading J
my Bible."
And so the priest turned to the place
where it reads, "As new born babes, desire
the sincere milk of ihe word."
"There," sai J the pricst,"you are a babe,
and you ought lo go lo somebody who can
tell you what the sincere milk of ihe word
Pat was a milkman and he replied,
"Your riverence, I was sick and employed
a man to carry my milk, and he cheated
n F he put water in it ; and how do I
know (saving your riverence,) but the
priest may do the same?''
The priest was discomfited, and said.
Well.Pat.I see ye're not quite so much
of a babe as I thought you. You may read
your B.ble, but don't show it to your neigh
bors." "Indeed jour rivercne," says Pat, "I've
one cow that I know gives good milk ; and
while my neighbor has none, sure I'll give
him a oart of it whether your riverence
likes it or not.''
Signor Fagnani, an Italian gentle
man, took a sketch of the head and
face of Gen, Taylor, just before he was
placed in the coffin. No cast was taken,
the family being unwilling that the skin
should be disfigured, as it would probably
be, by that process.
An exchange is out against "the credit
system." Of course it can't grumble tl oth
cr papers hook it articles-.
I wantsch lo schipp in the Lucills,"
said a Dutchman to the clerk ofa shipping
office. '
'Well,'' said the clerk, pen in hand
"w hai's your name V
"It ish Hans Vanansmannnderdaunsev
upvondromp V said Dutchy. gravely spit-
ling out his old quid, ana taking
Heavens P'said theaMonished clerk,"!
can't write that. Look . here, Mtster.what
is it in Engl ish do you know T
"Yaw, Ich does. It is Hon &midi.'
The poor c,rkJ5"d"
Bovs i do you HEa that 1 Most men
- J I 1 I an .nini, 1 1
seem to consiaer mcir tii.
it were like a tadpole's tale, meant to drop
nfT anon as- the owner comes to full
Parents, nreachers. pedagogues, keep
your teuiper "molasses will catch more
flies than vinegnr.
An Army of Honkeyg.
" They are coming towards th bridge ;
the will most likely cross by ihe rocks
yonder," observed iiaoul.
H,w 1Wri,n if" i aked. - It is'
torrent there !
"Oh, no;w. answered the.Frenchmtn
monkeys would rather go into Pre then
water. If lhey ran fot leap il.esirtam.they
will bridge it.'
" Bridge it ! and how 7"
" Stop a moment, Captain vou shall
1 he half human voices now soun
ded nearer, and we could perceive thartha
animals were approaching the spot where'
we lay. P. gently they ap; eared upon,
the opposite bank, headed by an old gra'
chieftain snJ officered l.ko so many sol
diers. They were, as Raoul stated, of the
comadrtja or ridgtailed tribe.
One an nid-de cump, or chisf pioneer.
perhaps ran out upon a projecting rock,
and alter looking across the s'reani, as if
calculating the distance, scampered bick."
nj appeared to communicate with the
leader. This produced a movement in tfce
'roop. Command were issued, and fa-
gue parties were detailed, and marched
to the Iront. Meanwhile several ol the
comadrejns engineers, no doubt ran
nlong the bank, examining ihe trees on
both sides of the arrovo.
At length they all collected around a
tall cotton wood.that grew over the narrow.
est part of the stream, and 20 or 30 ol
them scampered up its trunk. On reach
ing a high point, the foremost a strong',
fellow ran out upon a limb, and, takiog
several turns of his tail around it, slipped
off, and hung head downwards. The next
on the limb, also a stout one.climbed down
the body of the first, and whipping" bis tail
tightly around the neck and forearm of
the latter.dropped off in his turn, and hung
head down. The third repeated this man
oeuvre upon the second, and the fourth
upon the third, and so on, until the las', one
upon the string rested his forepaws upon
l,ier,ou,1d. fc.-uua.iy increased, ihe low-
ermost monkey striking his hands violently
on the tarth as he passed the tangent of
the oscillating curve. Several others up- .
on the limbs above aided the movement .
This continued until the moukey at ihe
end of the chatu was thrown among the
branches of a tree on the opposite bank.
Hure, after two or three vibrations, h .
clutched a limb, and held fast. This
movement was executed adroitly, just at
the culminating poiut of the oscillation, irfi
order to save the intermediate links from
the violence of a too sudden jerk !
The chain was now fast both ends, form-
ing a complete suspension bridge, oVer
which the whole troop, to the number of
four or five hundred passed with the rapid
ity ol thought. i
It was one of the most comical sights I
ever beheld, to witness the quizzical ex
pression of countenances along that living;
chain !
The iroop was now on the other sile.
but how were the animals forming the
bridge to gH themselves overt This was
a question that suggested itself. Miiniiesv
ly, by number one letting go his tail. But
then the point iTuppui on ihe other side
was much lower down, and number one
iih h:ilf-a-dozeu of his neighbs, would"
lie dashed against the opposite bank, or
soused into the water.
Here, then, was a ploMeoi, and we wai-
ed with some enriosity for its solution. It
was soon solved. A monKey was now
seen attaching his tail to the lowest on the
liridge, another girded him in a similar
manner, and another, anif so oi, until a
lozen more were added to the string. These
last were all powerful fellows ; nni runn-
ng up to a high limb, they lifted thebridga
nto a position almost horizontal.
Then a scream from the lasft monkey of
he new formation warned the tail end ll.at
til was ready ; and fhe next moment the
whole chain was swung over, and landed
safely on ihe opposite bank, 'the lower
nost link now dropped ol! like a melting
andle, while the higher ones leaped to'
he branches and came down by the Irunlc.
fhe whole troop then scampered off into
he cbapparal and disappeared. Captairr
Keid's Adventures in Southeru Mexico!!!?)'
Natural Pkouccthiss. Germany has
produced clock?,ghost stories.and printinf .-
France, cooks, cnpoBs.complimcnls.
tia, mad emperors and hemp. Alriea, ivc
ry and ebony blacks, fcnglaod, roast
beef, pudding and beer, and the blessings
ol conquest, taxation and good advice.
Lood. Weekly Times.
And America has produced' pumpkins,
dollars, the Fourth' of July, the "pecuhar
institution." "manifest destiny,"and "Bun
kum" politicians.
When is music like vegetables t Whea?
llicre are two heals i" one measure.

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