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1'ro.n lhe "GooJ Samaritan."
Tho.Riuicoa is Cussed !"
A Meeting of citizens of Union county
tn fivor of invoking the power of 'he I-eg-::-t:ate
to ab..i:h tho twfli.j in intoxicating '
drnks, was held in New Bcr.in, on Tues
day the 17th ol Sept., 1850. JAMES
JIOOKE, Sen., was appointed President ;
Jons Atp and Miciiaei, Bhown, Vie
Presidents, and St ml Gttlilcs, Secretary.
The object of the meeting being to hear
l':e report of the Committee appointed to
interrogate the candidate for the Legisla
ture of the different parties on the subject
of abolishing the traffic in liquors, said
Committee reported that in pursuance of
their appointment they had addressed a let-
ter dated Aug. 31, I&50 to both the Whig M- Baum, Secretaries,
and Democratic candidates of this county, J On motion, the following committee was
requesting their answer to the question ! appointed to draft resolutions expressive ol
stated in Thc4 following letter by Monday j the gence of this meeting, viz: John V
the 10th inst.-that John M. Baum. the R"'-J'" Swineford , S. F. Lvndall.
.... Isaac Neiman, Jos. L. flolin, m. iMUby,
Democrats cand.date, give no Andll.wj. CrolacrijBeob Keichly, Samuel
and that the following answer had been re- i
eived from Col. Eli Siifer, the Whig can-1 0n molion of H V Ffie9i c. II Shri
didatc ; : ner was railed upon to address the meeting
LbWisit'BG, Sept. 13, 1830. i e responded in a speech of great length.
Gentlemen : Your letter of Aug. 31st is j jn which he eloquently and forcibly por
before me, in which you propound to me irayed the domination and misrule of fie
the following question : Cameron faction, and concluded with o
Will you, if elected to the Legislature, : powerful defence of the Democratic policy,
use vour vote and influence to abolish the . with relerenee to the tariff, in reply to thc
traffic in intoxicating drinks""! ' sophis'ry of Gov. Johnston, on this ques-
I would sav in reply, that if elected J j tion, on the day previous.
shall consider myself the ttepreeniative ol
the people of Union and Juniata counties.
As such 1 should feel it my duly, upon all
questionsjof mere policy, to yield my own
private opinions to the views and wishes of
inv constituents.
The right of petition is secured to the
penp'e, to enable them to present their
wants and their views to (ho legislature;
and the Representative who would disre
gard the elearly expressed will of the ma
jority of his constituents, upon any ques
tion, would be recreant to his duty, and
to the high trust confided in him. .
In my humble opinion, your question is
oue that more properly belongs to the pea
p!c. I am willing that it should lie referred
to them, and whatever their instructions
may be, I shall if elected leel bound to
obey. I'elieving my portion to be per
fectly democratic, and hoping that as such
it will meet your approbation, nn I the ap
probation of all who believe in the right ol
the majority to rule,
lam gentlemen,
Messrs. Samuel Geddes, "J
Isaac Eyer, I
Robert Vanvalzah, Committee.
James Moore,
Michael Brown, J
Whereupon the following resolutions,
nib-red by A. Swineford, were adop'ed :
Resolved that the refusal of Mr. Baum
to answer the inter rog-t tor y addressed t
him, is sufficient evidence thnt we need noi
expect any aid from him to accomplish the
object we aim at.
Resolved that we leuder to Col. Siifer
our sincere thanks for the res;a!ul man
ner in which he ha responded to the letter
addressed to him.
Resolved that we agree with him in
saying that it is the duty of the represen
tative " upon al! questions ol mere policy,
l vitld hm own private opinion to the
views and wishes of bis cen-ii:u nts,"' bu'
cm rot Mi'swrihe to the opinion thai the
curst: n addr-'ed to him is "'ti a one
we hul i that it is a rj.icsthn involving not j pUt or,n ,tlt.lr Xrnng ar,n nnd elevaie that
only political considt. rations of very grave I accornp!is!ieil jurist and enlightened siates-i.nr..rian'-e.
but the highest temporal and j ,., ver n opnewition, to the station h
Hie e;ern-ii iiiie.a'o .
Resolved tii-U we miintain it is not the
. t .l Airn '
o! t.iC liepresrnianvf , .
nucttion. " to tHJ his own private opin- .
K,n to tho views and wishes ,.f h-s en-
etiluent , Jjr I ii " woum .."i
convert h:m into nil irresponib!e machine,
i.....;.,-. utthr nn r.Ti.vifrp. or no use for
one.lnil snbstUJ"1 the uncertain, evrrchani!-
... mii.atw'fw rt" lh Tlotilllir Will, tor the
fl'J.l.. l"'! " ' - I
....... ..... ..v i i - .
fuvarablc auswer loMlie question proHiu..u
ed to them, we mual either abandon what
.. eAnwivn tn he an ohiect of tianscendant
importance, or nominate a candidate ol our
owa ; ana tnai we Plum-
R-olved that we hereby nominate Jamrs
Madden, Esq., of Hartletn.i. as our candi
date, and pledge to him, if he accept the
liouiination, our crrdial suppirf ; and re
commend him to the voters of this district
as a man of unexceptionable moral charaR
...e cn.mil knnwlr-di'e and experience, Jie
... - 1 . 1 1 ! t. 1-
having before served Union county in the
Resolved thnt a eommi:e of three !e
appointed to inform Mr. Madden of bis
nomination, nnd earnestly request him to
t .... t.iro.
aceepflhe ame. Li ne cna.r p."-
Samuel edile, rranci nwran, sm L"
Robert Vanvalzah.
R-soived that a committee of five lie ap-
pointed to announce to the voters oi um
and Juniata couniiea -
Madden, and state the reasons for the Mine.
I Fhe chair anpointed A. Swineford, Lsq.
Alichael Brown, John App, James F. Linn,
J7.sq., and Hon. Joseph Stil well
Mr. Madden'8 Accerrtence.
New Berlin, Sep. 17. 1850.
r.r CM, winch is tlm supreme and only j oi s ar;,e majnuty of the peoj.Ie. I wamble Have aiure.cn me people oi v tiu-
infiillible guide on all such rpicMions. j Resolved that the candidates upon our ( ton county at Lock Haven, Mr.Gamble in
liesolved that having I tiled to t.ljtam ; State and County tickets are every way j f;,Tnr of the Tariff of '40, and Mr. Ann
fr.Tn either ol the cai.did.-.tes in the field a wor,hy to he ustained by llie Democratic stri,.. f,,r 'o. Public discussion, face to
(ektlemks : Yours or this instant, in Rouert ft. Barber, li-tq., and others, whien j macnt. Its desirability, will not be dis
forming me of my nomination as a candi- j rpjujd ; the complete restoration ofgood i putcd.
date lor live Legislature, has been received.
In answer. Gentlemen, I have only to say
that I would have been better pleased if
your choice had fallen on aome one moie
capable than mvself ; but I thank ymj and
lhe meeting for this msrk of conadence,
and. can not decline lhe honor. I am in
favor of the suppression of the traffic in li
quors by legislative authority, believing the
measure both constitutional and proper: and
I do assure j oo, and the voters of Cnion
nd Jul i i'a counties, that if elected, t will
milder, -vote and influence to accomplish
wise and go- Vours Truly.
wwc f.. Jamf.s M.Dnr.t
k.ll.ng dunmisheranc.s WjIwr,f R.)lfJrf
other punUhment,,,
From thc Xeu Berlin Timet.
Democratic mass Sleeting.
A large and respectable meeting of the
Dcmocraticjcitizens of Union county, op
posed to the rule of Carr.cronism,asscrnbled
ut the Court House, in this place, on
Wednesday the I8lh insl.
On motion of John Swincford, the meet
ing was railed to order by appointing
JAMKS MADDEN, Esq., President;
Gen. P. Gross, Samuel Roush, Ksq.,Capt.
John Forster, David Kleckner, Henry W.
Pries, Li ud Howard, Jas. Adams, Petei
Xeiinnn.Jiicxb Wolfe,Jacob Reedy ,Charles
Kreps, Mi.-hael Shoch, Capt. Geo. Swartz.
Mich.tct Warner, Jacob Braucher, Peter
Long, George Engle and Jacob Young,
Vice Presidents : W. B. Shrincr and Jno.
He was followed hy dipt. Jacob Hum
mel, who entertained the meeting fur a
short time in a strain of wit and humor tru
ly laughable and amusing, and which rioue
but the immortal Captain could have dune.
After which the committee repor?id the
fullowing resolutions, which wero ui.a ii
inousiy adouted :
Resolved thnt as members of the Demo
cratic party, in Union county, in Mass
Meeting assembled, do reassert our deep
and abiding attachment to the party, its
principles and its usages, and do reaffirm
our lull conviction that its doctrines, as ex
emplified in the administrations of Jeller
son, Jackson, Polk, and Francis R Sliunk.
are cornet in practice as weHasin iheoiy.
Uexilved'thiit we firmly fidhere to the
adcvlitmn principle of the Tariff of 1846
believing it to be the only safe and jusi
means ol'ob:n:niRg revenue for the purpos
es of the general government.
Resolved ihnt as the Hon. J tmes Pol
lork, in a speech delivered in Congress.
June 27. 1 946. upon the tariff, said : If
Robert J. Walker or any ofhis friends can
. ... E. f ...a in.iH ri I -ma Mill i la i
!y nominated hy caucus, was basely dcfea
ted bv an in'iiiiions eoa'ilion o( Whigs and
a few preteiidt d Democrats false to their j
eonstii. tints ""d to their party pledges, it j
. .:
iuiiiientlv calculated to honor and
Kcolve.t thnt ttie Course pursueu oy tue
() William Higler. since the nomination .
for Gov,.rnor in tS4S, is worthy ol all ad
J ninety-nine hundredihs of the Domocra'ic j
n.,Ptu .l; ..(itu f.ir thi.t iiiT...... uhn'.
miration, nnd Hut he is now tnc cnoire oi
(ever may be the intention of a (ew design-
I ,.. ;n uMpmnlim. In &llnnrpva lllp. tfniee
I'M.. -. .wut.i , .... ...... .
-i r, II
party, and that we wi 1 give 10 eacn anu
all ol them our undivided suppcrt.
IS.w..lvf d .hat a, .he nex De.noera.ic
55tHle Convention will be, in all probability.
the most itnHirtunt ever held in the State,
it i-. of vital importance that lhe will of the
party in lhe whole district should be fully
expressed, and be carried out by thedtle
ga'e in said convention.
Resolved that we do utterly repudiate
the doings ol the late County Convention
in nnnciinl ol' a Delegate to the State Con
j venuon, it lieing premature, without prece-
j Halved bat in the nomination of James
j GdmbP Esq., for Congress, we have a
, ma( of un))ou,ted ability nnd moral worth,
,0nt. or ieai snaoow 01 autnoruv.
; and having l.a.i suincient assurance
i him that he iia nan no connection witn
aoy clique or faction, we would therefore
, rPCinlT1enJ him to lhe Democratic party
, o( lnia dislrlc,
R,-solve.d that we take pride and pleasure
. Tin n L"..- ...
our Democratic brethren throughout the
in reeotnmenoing jonn i. unum, i.-,
district, as our next candidate lor the Leg-
Tlie meeting was then addressed by
Gen. A. Green, Maj. John Cummings,
feeling and reconcilialion ol the party.
Jacob W. Smith, Esq., then otlered the
following resolution.which was unanimous-
'I';. ... .
uesoivea tnai we nereov o"rec u.ni an
had feelini! heretofore existintr. as a Demo.
cratic family, shall be this day buried, and
that we will use every honorable means to
redeem the 13th Congressional district.
Oo motion of II. W. Fries, the follow
ing gentlemen were appointed a Standing
Committee for the ensuing year :
Hartley. Samuel Haupt, Chairman; Mif
flmburv', Georo-e N. Youngman New
... v : .
convince me turn v" ) j are rntitlnl to) mom nttscnOi'r. Uvr rffi-
tive millions of revenue more than the tariff! a.nthovld rtmemher ire hue no Buffalo
. f '42, ('he duty on lea and coffee inclu : f-irm , fllsllre ur tuccestour n and
d d.) I am willing to renounce all my own nre 0llr olljf ,canl, 0f mjyrrt.
theories and become a convert to the doc-
trine ol free trade." As the said tariff of i h.a kkamng hoom U.. be.nlon!!indoftuik
. , , .- ,!. ' almt in this BorouTh. A plaa has been devwrd and
46 has now been in operation mnre tl.on fuLmitM to juJiriu, ,hirh lnlu to pro.
four years, and without the dtltV onj lea I mft . .ari.ut,, Guanlians and Employers partie
Hlld Coffee, has J ielded, according 10 W h ig ( nlrly are inrit.-d to examine tho proj.-et patroniae it If
authority, an addilionnl revenue of twelve J Uicvon-mJ urge it upon ApprenUcea, Journeymen.
... ' . r . , t n liAl. and all who hare ppare time to read. As a miitler of
million, therefore we lake M r. Pollock at fo BllTlntil!r ia
h 8 OWII word and hereby respectfully in- ! thehaUtsof theyonn?. it is worthy of nMTiuiil anil
vile fii ill to make jood his "plighted honoi'' j conUnuout effort. Tboaenot prrwnr.lly waited nn,w ho
hv " renouncing all bis ow n theories and ; dwirc to forward the object, an- re.. t to en and
' " . . ,l. j ., ,. i rr..- ' tf I- Ulrir iroatun-s. tSr Advertisement.
'jecoinm a convert to the doctrine ol ireCj , .
'fade.'' I Ctil'KTEsv. We have been reminded
Resold lb ii the Hon. Geo . , M q Ae
tiodwnrd. the Democratic candiJale li-r i c
the l;,.iud.StnU-s Senate in 1845, regular- Uhty of the President and Managers of
LEWisiiUKC chkoiicl.e and west branch farmer
Wolfe ; Penns, Henry C. Eyer ; Centre
ville, Jacob Keichly ; West Beaver, Cha's
Krebs ; Beaver, George Swartz ; Centre,
Jacob Witteumyer ; Perry, Thomas L.
Light ; Washington, Elias R. Menges ;
Chapman, John llcrrold; Middlecreek,
Henry Wetzel, Jr. ; Union. Jacob Spang
ler ; Limestone, Daniel Spanglcr ; West
Buffalo, David Kleckner ; Buffalo, Jacob
Reedy; East Buffalo, Jucob Wolfe ; Kelly,
Laird Howard ; hile Deer, Ja's Adams.
On motion,the proceedings were ordered
to be published in all the Democratic pa
pers in this Congressional district.
H. C. HICEOK, Editor.
O. N. WORDEN, Fnblishcr.
At $1.A0 eaeh in aJvanee, $1.7& in three, months. $2 paid
within the year, ami $V0 at the end uf the year.
AcnU in I'liiuvlelnl.ia V B Palmer and V. W Carr.
lAtrisbury, l'a.
Wednesday Morning, Sept'r 25.
ADVERTIZE ! Kxernlnrs. Administrators, PuUic
l 'ffieeni. City and Country Merchant. Manufacturers,
Merhanica. ltusineas Men all who wih to procure or to
diepone of anything would do well ! lore notice of the
Fame throuirh tile ' Lcwislntrg C'mwiWe." This paper has
a good and inrreasini: cimilattoli in a community roulai-
nut -9 lnrge a proportion of arum. solvent prwlurers,
cuuiuuer. and dealers, as any other iu Ute tate.
Democratic Sttitc Kominaliuni :
tlinal CiMMiuu.nrr VM.T.MoltlSOX,of.MontoineryCo.
AuJttur Ct Herat Kl'l 1 It A I M HANKS, of Mifflin Co.
SurtcyiriitncraL-J.10IITKK llP.AWXEV,ofCrawfordCo.
ll'iijj Stale Ruminations t
lliital (bMmutiWr JoSIll'A IH XO AX, of Bucks Co.
AudiUrr Cttuml I1KNI1V W. SXVnKR. of Vnion Co.
Surnyvr rmral JOiKI'It ULXDEKSOS.of Washl'nCu.
Vnian County Whig Ticket :
CtMyrtu JAMtM AP.VSTROXl!, Eq., of Lycoming Co.
tryrumt-iiim-Vnl. t.Ll SL1PKK, of Lcwishurt;.
lrollwnar), rfe.JAOOB II Al S. Jn, of New llerlln.
C-mmimiMcr OEOIICE IIErMIIArll, of fnlon Tp.
fraxmting Attt OEOIttiK HILL, F.mj., of SelinatrroTa. !
Irjr .Viirrryor-KOUEKTO.II.IIAVKS.ofWertlluirale.
a uditvrs j . m v. s MTKEiciiT. of Euti.to, for s yean, j
llhXKY K. SAMiLKS, of Limestone, 1 year. I
TrtUm Jlifliukury AwUmy Jons ltoor, JoU.1 C.
Democratic Kuminationt
(kmiffrMt JAMF8 UAMIILK, rl, of Lycoming Co.
prstii6'r-J0Ii! M. IlAtll, of Now Berlin.
Volunteer CundulMet :
l'roihnxdart 1. JOSKi'il OYSTER, nf HellnstTnTa.
r'uimunun-T la. JACOB HdBLACIItR, of New Berlin.
nOn our first aije U some. J'ulJiJier
Eiiiturial, which, ire tlrcm worthy of prac
tical attention. W'e want (and believe we
. . . ... . .
the Lewisburg Bridge and Mimmburg
Turnjiikc Conip.iuies, for their generosity
jn throwing open their gates, free to all,
n wcll!.;i)U of tlic roeeption of the
Ry-the-way, we think our brother of
the ''Danville Democrat" entirely over
estimated the attendance at New lJerliu,
j when he put it at 4,000. It, is true he is
! M-.rJiril ...ill is morn in the business of
' ' . .,... ,, llti..,ru hut
"counting now than most othcr, but
i WOUlu ne content, mm u;tu uw wunmn;
for 2.000 is a larger crowd than is often
, j Dltri FSlON. Messrs. Armstrong and
,, ,., , e.,i;
; . onu ((f thc f.lirc?t m(M,t.s of poiitical
. , . ,. , .,
i and Pparatum to discharge thc
duties of freemen.
Ross'Gr.vix Prills are all thc rage in
this region, and sell as fast as made. We
arc not able to describe them minutely,
but understand their excellencies consist
in their adaption to plant the seed at any
M.imtl . ir.. ti tjt utviHr tl.o tuw.1 l.ir
than other artificial planters-and to elev -
a.e nr ,leress oaeh tooth or seedii.Lr tube
as the surface of thc eanh may require.
' These arc important points, which Mr. R.
to j,ave provided for, amply. We
comnu.nj r.Ross-Grain Drill" to thc attcn
tion of all the farming community.
Lewisbiro Band or Music. Wc
i V n" young .urr. me .
. in nnr itornmrli endravorini' to establish
o-r a
j a Band. Unmarried and consequently
j unsettled men have heretofore managed
j these matters, and failures have invariably
j f0nowed ; but wc believe in such hands
' ti,e enterprise will be successful, and per-
j - " . fj.M, r.n,i nn.
missioncr, and James Gamble, Keq.,
randidate for CongrcsSj pai(i Lcwisburg a
visit yesterday.
P. 8. We are requested to give notice that
Mr. Jivm Gixau ia expected to address the
people of Lewirburg at the Town Hall on SAT
URDAY evening next. TURN OUT, AND
Jonx Van Bubek, we are infonned by
private advices, was to speak in behalf of
Mr. Wilmot in Tioga Co., Pa., this week.
The Samaritan vs. the Boatyard.
A friend has pointed out to us in the
Good Samaritan of the 11th inst. the fol
lowing serious allegations from the pen of
a correspoudent at the West :
There is much profanity in man? places in the
weal. I believe there M but one place where they
can oat swear some of these western town, and
that is Ibe l.ewisburg boat-vard. There they ire
entitled to the credit of being able to excel in
sweating, tjwcariug and grog drinking go band
in hand.
Is tli is, true f From all we can gather
respecting Frick k Siifer and the hands iu
their employ, we believe the charge false
and slanderous. Many of them we kuow
to uu as resocciauiu men bj iui-iv
.i- ..i- m..ml ,,f!
t . i ii- i ...... :,,
tuia vi aii viuvi .inuiiiuiiiit nn.muvi.im ,
churches in good standing, and stauncli ,
teetotalers. No grog is or has ever been
allowed in the Yard. Many persons visit
ing there have yet to be pained with the
first oath. We have heard the observa
tion that for so largo a number of tran
sient personsi, their conduct and character
were praiseworthy. Doubtless there are
individuals, there as elsewhere, obnoxious
to censure ; but that is no justification
fur an indiscriminate broadside upon a
whole company of men, their employers,
and a town.
What was the object in making the
charge t For aught we know, it might just
as well be brought against Geddes &
Marsh's Foundry, or tho Lawyers of New
Berlin, or any other collection of men
in labor or business. Why was the odious
fame conferred j ust there ? Can it be part
of the plan of operations by which the
Party Temperance movement is sought to
be promoted ? Col. Siifer is a candidate
for the Legislature ; he docs not pronounce
the " Shibboleth" of the Samaritan ; now,
to represent him as one of a firm keeping
1 . . . ,
Up a t.OlUOmiU Ol Vlyuvm ami
(.IinKR. and thcrebv prejudice acainst him
' . , . . ,
men who uo not Know mm, is a scuciue
worthy of the Temperance Organ which
pronounced an Eulogy upon Jack Cum
in ings alter liis last lau 3 campaign.
Whatever the motive may be, such whole-
sale defamation of entire classes of wen,
for the faults of others for w hich they are
110 more accountable than that Editor or
his Agent, is utterly unjust is placing a
worthy friend of " temperance in all
things" in a false position before comniu-
nity and robbing many poor laboring
men, honest and virtuous as their trauu
cer, of that good name which makes their
t.uls and trials endurable, and gives them
respect among their more favored fellows.
We call upon thc public to notice this at
tack, and watch narrowly thc course of the
publishers of it.
Cummlngs and Congress.
It will be remembered that at the Pem
ocratic Convention in New Berlin, Maj.
Cummiiigs declared on bis honor that he
wanted the nomination for Congress that
he should get it if possible and thr.t if
any oue else got it, it would be without
thc aid of the Conferees from Union coun
ty, who he was allowed to select for him
self. Well, on Wednesday week, the Ma
jor mid his friends were found on the road
to Muncy, but at a speed which elicited
the universal remark that they did not in
tend to reach thc Conference in season to
disturb its harmony ! And when they
did arrive, and the Major was informed
of his defeat (!) he lool.cd just as much as
tounded as if the game had not Item made
up lowj before. On bis return the day
following to his office in Lancaster county
(where he receives 82 per day while
regulating thc politics of Union) he ex
pressed himself highly gratified with the
nomination of Mr. Gamble, and his Con
ferees ratified thc nomination in a strong
recommendation of Mr. G., as follows :
The undersigned, Confereea from Union Co..
appeared after Ibe above aJdres waa adopted.wiih
inalrurtiona to support Ibe nomination of John
(.'omminir, Esq., for Congres
but concur in
the above addreaa.
These facts confirm the allegation of
thc "Inflexible"," that Cummings was
only run to defeat Mr. Sleukcr, and
thereby aid in nominating the brother of
tho man under whom he holds a Canal
office. But M r. Gamble's nomination had
! "arranged" Williamsport and was
! known even to the Whigs, at the Pitting
of the State Convention.
Another Fire in Pottsville.
i Extract from a Letter to a gentleman in
Lcwifcburg, dated
Pottsville, Thursday, Sept. 10.
Dear Sir : This place has again been
visited with that ever destructive element
fire. On Wednesday, about 12 o'clock,
P. M., when all were calmly reposing in
the anus of Morpheus, we were suddenly
aroused by the cry of fire ! fire ! fire ! and
truly there was a fire. It originated iu
Second St., near the Exchange Hotel, and
thc conflagration was so rapid, that the
Exchange barely escaped but not without
considerable damage ; and all thc build
ings fronting on the cast side of Second St.
between Market and Callowhill, Mr. N.
Mills' Hotel, situated on the west corner
of Callowhill and Second Streets, were
entirely consumed. Thc First Methodist
Church adjoining Mills' Hotel, sustained
considerable damage. Three horses and
one cow perished in thc flames.
Yours, ke. S. N- P.
Arc you Assessed I
SATURDAY, 28tb inst., is the last day
npon which voters can be assessed. Re
member this fact, and are that your name
is on the assessment list. Every Whig or
Democratic vote will be wanted to elect
To the Editor of the Lewitburg Chronicle :
Sir : In your last paper, you ahow that the
re-election of Prolbonotariea ia eualomary with
the Democrats ; but sir that is not the ease with
the Whigs, which to ihein the One Term pnncj
ple ia a cardinal point and for Ihia reason aif
many of us o for a new roan. Ple publish,
and oblige. Sir, Yours, tie. A WHIli.
We must repeat what we said last week
to the Democratic county organ Offun
icrrc for tlic Pcoptr, ami not PeojJe
for Offi'xs ; that is, it is more important to
have an office well filled, even it by one
man, than that many incompetent persons
should profit by its emoluments.
As to One Term Clerkships being an
aduiitted Whig principle, our friend is
. , , - - , . , ,,.,:,.
certainly at fault. - For high hxecutivc
kititinna it h;i; fit
... , . :... ..iv.wM.tn.1 hv ;
y ,.i f.,r ...... ntv
tuauons, it. nus ui um j
1 111 WITiriV. I ill L llllb lliai.1U,U aj ijv u v ' - - - i
offiers to anv trrcat cxteut. Mr. Haus' ;'
t m- iiaoiiavo w r..J l. , t,.l I
Frothonotary of Union county, and Mr.
revie.;t-?.-vi, . - tivunv-' ' - -
BkllMAS is now enjoying a 'second term
as Register & Recorder. In Lycoming, the j
11 IllgS iu jvixis gw --
elected Mr. Martin, Frothonotary.
Now when, even in a single county, was
One Term for Clerkships adopted as aWhig
principle ? The " documents" can not be
found. The truth is, this idea has been
propagated by the Editor of the Times and
other Democrats, and disaffected Whigs
never by a Whig County Convention rep
resenting the mass of the People. Then
why should a good Whig like our corres
pondent be misled by a falsehood, and aid
his opponents in breaking up the organi
zation of his own party, without cause? If
the One Term principle be urged as a
good one, let the t higs call a convention
to confidcr the matter, and settle the
oucstion, for or against; but until then,
j policy, prudence, honor, fair dealing, all
join in urging upon party men to amuc oy
the decisions of the authorities which they
themselves constitute, and of which they
arc a part.
Faiu Pi.at. As has been our custom
since conducting the "Chronicle," we give
j ; tLeir own terms in the preceding col-
limns the proceedings of two new political
movements in this county, the claims and
merits of which every reader will deter
mine for himself.
As to the Dt iiio. ratic Mass Meeting
which takes to itself such lofty preten-
; s;0ns, we ought in justice to say that the
"mass" Inrlcxil.les, Beelitiers and Whigs
all found plenty of room inside the
Court House, aud that instead of the dis
tinguished speakers announced, Maj. Shri
ller and Capt. Huumiel had the kindness
to appear as substitutes. The most spicy
resolution is emitted in the published pro
ceedings. A rnnmr oVtaina come currcney that
Mr. Baum will withdraw before the elec
tion, and the Inflexible?, the Cummings
men, and the Party Temperance men unite
on Esq. Madden. This notion is confirmed
by the language of the resolution at the
Democratic Mass Meeting, where Mr.
Baum is urged as "our next candidate for
the Legislature" allowing thc inference
that Mr. Madden is understood to be
the present candidate. Otherwise, our
friend Madden will not look upon his for
mer success as a surety for the present.
Messrs. Yearick and Haas can a.ure him
that times change as well a nun.
Wilmot in tue Field. In the XII
Congressional District Tioga, Bradford,
aud Susquehauna a triangular contest is
going on with great spirit. John C. Ad
ams, Es.p, of Towanda is thc Whig nomi
nee, and stands the best chance. Thc
Democrats of Susquehanna instructed
their Conferees to nominate a Free Soil er
from Tioga. Bradford nominated a Free
Soil ticket throughout. Tioga nominated
James Lowry, Esq., an Old Hunker.
The Susquehanna aud Tioga Conferees
nominated Mr. Lowry in Conference. But
tho Bradford Conferees and two Conferees
appointed at a Freo Soil Mass Meeting in
Tioga, put in nomination Mr. Wilmot for
thc fourth term. Thus stand matters at
The Senatorial District of Wyoming,
Susquehanna, and Bradford, is also in a
f .-rment. Thc Bradford Democratic Con
vention nominated Geo. Sanderson, Esq.,
of Towanda, for Senator, and insisted npon
a representation in Conference equal to
that of both the other counties, by which
she secured bis nomination. Wyoming
had placed S. S. Winchester, Esq., in
nomination, and refused to withdraw him
to mako room for the Bradford dictators ;
and Susquehanna sympathizes with her in
a measure. The Whigs have in nomina
tion Col. Elhauan Smith, of Tunkhan
nock, and thc prospect is not dull that his
jolly phix may illuminate the Senate Hall
next winter.
Baron Hatnau, the "Austrian Butch
er," recently made a visit to London. A
large Brewery was a particular object of
interest to him, but no sooner was bis
presence known than thc workmen as
saulted him with various offensive missiles,
and hooted bint out of their sight. The
astonished warrior next found himself in
thc hands of thc coal heavers, who dealt
him lumps of coal which grew larger and
flew faster as be luckily for himself esca
ped, and was by thc Policemen taken into
some obscure part of tho city. It is a
happy era when thc masses loath a milita-
ry despot, instead of lauding him. When
all mankind have the right feeling iff re
"?rd sueh ':Morr." war will end.
Xfontonr County. j Isckpendukt. Mr. Dodge of North-
This sister republic in miniature ex.; umberland, and Mr. Voris cf Chilliqua
hibits in her youth some decided good que, are Indcjiendant candidates fur the
traits. Her good-humored delegation to; legislature in oM mother NurthnmtMr
New Berlin last week, was heralded by a land Mr. Yuris taken up by the Party
splendid Band, furnished by their own Temperauee men, and Mr. Dodge on hi
liberality, and all looked with manly pride' own hook.
upon their banner, "Montour County " xynx'ZJ Con
whiclt then floated for the first time be-; Tf.u,jont composed vf Barnburners and
yond her borders. , Hunkers, which has been in session here
I u forming their first County Ticket, ! some da js, nominated Horatio Sejmour
her people exhibited a magnanimity and Governor, and Sanford E. Church for
, , . ieutennni Governor. Also, John S. Mj.
friendship truly worthy of admiration.
, r . ,, J , , ; iher for Canal Commissioner.
bacti party met m convention, ana uner .
an interchange of views made up one tick-
ct, divided in nearly equal numbers (the
Demiwrats. bcinr in the majority, having;
" . . .
the first choice.) which c-icA ixirty mo,.rU
- -
The following are the nam! of
the nominees :
For Sberitr. Dan! Fraler, of Mahoning ; Pro
tbonoiarw, Wa 8 Dsis, of Limestone; Reg &
Recorder, m Vj Johnston, of Matllson ; I rra-
urer. (ieo Mears J, of Roarin, Creek ; fomo.
hon of Liberty, and Saml Shick ot Franklin
Dep. I'ros. Ati'y, Uenn. K KhoJee, of Danville ;
Surveyor, Thos J Galbrailh, of I.ime.tone ; A a
ilitors. Philip F Maue of Valley, James C iSproul
and Robert Patterson, of Derry ; Coroner, David
Vesger, of Roaiin: Creek.
Our young friend G.VLBItAITH Las ma
ny congratulations in this quarter, aud we
hope may prove worthy of thc confidence
audood will manifested.
And here we must regret that thc 30
years' war between Bloom and Dauville,
threatens to be revived. Columbia coun
ty has nominated John M' Reynold, Esq.,
of Buekhorn, as a "Repeal" candidate for
Legislature, and Charles B. Bowman, of
Berwick, is a volunteer candidate, oppos
ed to the repeal. It does not seem rea
sonable that two counties which have be
come legally organized, can ever be
brought together by force, if either coun
ty is opposed ; but if one county is anx
ious she may produce much contention,
strife, and more cost to the State, annual
fv. than all her taxes are worth. One
- lit 111
would suppose that Bloom would be glaU ;
to be rid of such a troublesome ueighbvr
l....:il.. l.,a h - l.t her temner
ill s , nn. . , - 1
atfuears to have been so
SOU el by the
lout: tiuarrels, that she seems determined
. b ;.. , , , , e 1 r
she will keep her attached, for the line of
fighting her. Jtor the peace ot tnc people
Jtor the peace ot tlic people
and the interests ot tho Mate, we uu nope
, , . . , . r ,l. ..,.
the sober, thinking voters of tho twocouu-
ii 1 1 . 1 a;,.tl.ii s.f
ties will suppress this Kepcal agitation at
the outset ; or if it carry at the polls, that
... i- l ...n,;.!.,!,, ,... c..ff..rl
uu cuiiguii-ut-u . j...... .-. ..... .
it to annoy them. When a divorce is ob-
t:iined. lt-callv. eomnulsorv intercourse is
c.'ii -.1 - ... . ... ;
not profitable to either party ; nor is it
anv use to oppose a match after marriage
. " . , , .
IS consummated. GoOtl people Ot Lollllll-
... . , . i- ... 1 .
bia! reflect a little tipen this matter; let
t, l-...,., l...e- 1 !... .
uj-puu-c v a - .
and look with pride aud iu peace upon
.bin. 'liter. Montour, marri-
J I e , . ' .
el to that inaepcniient, inaonntauie, rich
n.-iirlilinr Dunrille
Classical. Our joyous n!ighbor of
the Timet, in the "thin! heavens epi
tlialallllUm OI HIS Hist Iieololuu:ir, lllin-
, . , , .,
duces the annexed " burst on tlie credit
f.. . , 1
t he great lanl :
" Now is the winter of mir !ieontent
Matle icliirioi.! funimer hy this win of Vnrir-k,
And in the deep Uwiia or the oeean buried.'
The question arises, Who or what was bu
ried thus the " winter," " discontent,"
" summer," or " Yorick ?" One of our
... I ....
grammarians assures us that by the j
rules," it must be " Yorick" that's " gone
down below" to make room for Gamble
wc hope it is not so, but if it be, " Alas '. j
1 ,
The State Biudoe, at Duncan's Is-'5'
land was burned by an incendiary on last j
Thursday morning areek. The cost of!
the entire work, was about 8100,000 ; that
of the superstructure consumed, about
if 40,000. The business has not been in
terrupted by the casualty. It was doubt
less thc work of an incendiary, and public
opinion seems to indicate that the bridge
should remain unbuilt.
"a" We learn by a gentleman engaged
in the business, that the water has been
let into the N. B. Canal, and that boats
are now running.
Another Break, it is said, in the Ca
nal near Marietta, whieh it will take seve
ral days to repair.
SSf The Democratic Conventions of
Centre, Clinton, Lycoming, Berks, and
Schuylkill counties have expressed & pre
ference for Col. Biglcr for Governor, and
the first two forjudge Woodward for U.
S. Senator. Lycoming declared for Gen.
Packer for U. S. Senator.
civ- The Election in Vermont termina
ted in favor of thc Whigs, and tho Maine
in favor of the Democrats Governor, Le
gislature, and Congressmen, remain as
last year. . -
A terrible and deadly riot at the last
dates was raging in Sacramento City, orig
inating in disputes concerning land titles.
The Mayor and City Assessor were among
the killed, and also Dr. Robinson and an
other leader of tho opposite side. Hun
dreds or thousands of men were under
arms, and the Intest rumor was that the
City had been reduced to ashes !
The foreign population were pouring in.
and gold was still to be found.
Mr. Avery, express rider (wc hop not
Mr. D. P. Avery our Correspondent) had
been attacked hv tle Indians.
Corrected this Day.
85c 0i
t rn
Dried Apples,
Tallow . .
12 Bacon
I W rOUT VT to thosr having inipuritie
of the tlo.,1 BKAXTS Pl.'RIFYIMi E--TRACI
the moat wonderful Po.iuVr in the
woild, H now Dl up in (JrT Biittim. Xj'e
advertisement headed "61 DOSE." U is an
ruing anil purifying, thai one bottle last from
ten to lUtren days louver than Narsaille. Mr
Thornton & B.iker, agents, Lewttburg. JniJH
Far lb Car
This truly valuable Kentedy for tliee :f ihs
l.unes and ThrOitt, ha become ibe chief rrt...nr
a.l.ltfcru.M ,s III Iinwi ,.r,Mifii ,,ic K..I.1..I
fo, lhe jbl,.e compijim,. hi,, most poweriLl
. I . i. - j... ' . 1. . , . L
j .emedial aent in de-wate and almost hopile
; 01 l-onvimpi,,. an.i aio, in MMn.-.r
liiM nn, nf ll.A ..i.litertl !iml niA.1 awree:ilil f-in.
' j). ,nriirines for common conqhs and c.iMi.. Kel
below the opinion of men who are known 10 ihe
' world, and the worl.l re-pect their opiuioiis.
, r rW.
jn..c. .er sir: i hare oai Ti-urrh.Tr. y .:
j m.m'iiHeheiuieni ei.n.titut:..n that u ian .!r..ir',!.-
ro.i.i-1 liir the rvliel of tanupial ami bpiBrhial tiijii.:ue.
jf uiT M iu ,,,.,, rUmrrtr rsn y,, j .,
i mtv.c, T"ti ar ut iirvrt to u it a ion Ih nk p- f-r.
u,,. Ul Bc.a, L.-.i.,iwt .,f An.h i..;
i From the h ntiun Ijmert
IVER-snitllltY PtVrokALi..ncril.. m.
j r,mrati.ntiit ha. tallen UD.I.r..iin.. -..f.
XtilZ "
e ha.-
i iu uruiiu ut n.oitM d iii
' U Brewster, of Windham Co, L'ouu, o.J in
,uij,,ilwJ Wilin)OD,:
nr. A..er iar sir: l enrie ym a cert:rvtu rr.jn a
hiirhly n-lHretalile lnlv of thi4 tuwai. wifr ot 5uU. 1J
i lfcl.uty sheriff riu.ihau-It. ThceurainhT
' was rv urom.it, aa lim aUrartMd svneral attenUuo.
' " w. .. Ba...Ti, is u
" Killi.ly. Ct. b,.. 1-M
1 Tliia mar eertire that 1 was aSlietrd :th a i-vji
arvere ennf;h in Ilia winter ot '47 a, whieh threou-n-d h
' tn ain. and curwl hy
teruituate in t onsumpunn. I bad tn-l many me.leuu.
tlie nf AIKH'S t'llr.Kl:r
i kVTOBAL. CiTUaauia K. tarn."
: Direct Evident.
Aer. lowell Pmr Sir: re!1nr nnjer oWHjwfct
report ot my eiu.. whirh yen are at liteny Ui pub!Uli t
the henefit ot ntlier. LaM autumn 1 UHik a liati ruitL
aeeiimpanied Ty a arvere euuith. and made n or BUU17
j ni.iK.uea wiiutiui ikuuwr itin-l m vi.iwi. kL ' '
ileep at nlirht. A rneml rare bk a 1-rttlaoryi.ur Aerr.
I I'eetural. the n.e r whieh I mainkwnl iee,irdinif to U-
i ,tiretK.n. I hitnj.ut PurrhadihenftKHUe.a.iai
I nearlr reerTeriHl. I now do leep. bit eoufrb baa eeaai d.
i uJ , h th, um nl Tur T,iyabi, nie.iirin
a.. S. SmiL, A.M., rrinrii al Jit. llupe SBln'f .
From Dr Bryant, Druggist aud Postmaster.
Chieonee Falls. Ma
lrr. J. t Areii Dear Sir: Fneloard, please lliul Mn.If
tanee fi-r all tlb t'herry I'eetoral"" last sent ma. I ran
unln-iulatiDKly ray, that no medicine we have k" "Wrh
M,li4faelit,n as Tutir'.ilie nor haTe I ereraeen ameilieiste
whieh eared mi many eanrsof Cotfrh an.1 LunKeomplaii;la.
inir plivmeians are a;i.C 11 eawrna.aij m ineTr .rw.ue.
wUh happiest .iteets. Tniiyyrs, k m bi
Prepared lit, J C.Aytr Chemist Louell,Ms.
Fr salel.y C W 8CHAF7I.C, Lewi.t.ur? :
J " ,r-'ow- M,l,on : 1m? ti"htrt' Selin'8ru"
and by Druegi-ts geneially.
In BuOalo Tp. Ilih ins. by Rev. 1. Otier.
Dr. Ubiab Q. Dtvia, of I.ewi.borg, and Miss
CaTiiairta jjnunii.
sata 1
DiE :
In Lewisburg, last night, a aon ol Mr.
Griflith Murphy, aged 17 months.
At lhe residence of her luthcr, near Or
land, Steuben Co, Ind.on the 2?:h J Vy
last. Miss Isabella, ekleal daughter of William
Joyce, M. D., formerly of thia place.
Her former aaaoriaiea and our eiuaeua gener-
: ally will receive the intelligence of her compara
lively eatly exit Inm lime to eternity, in enrrow.
accompanied with recollections and feelinga sug
gestise of solemn reflection a. Her labor as a
co-worker with lhe writer in lhe Sabbath school
attached to the church of which she was a mem
ber, are recollected with grateful renesoibrancs.
Being naturally poaoeesed ot weil balanced mind
and having euperadded thereto an eicellent edu
cation modeled by Christian parental culture, her
literary and Christian rhaiacter had few superi
ors among her associate. From the earliest
recollections of her, it i well remembered that
lhe inclination of her mind waa for acqairilinna
of lhe solid kind, in perfect contempt of all sup
erficial mental and Christian culture, or raiher
sentimentalia n, so much sought after hy those of
her aex who base not the mind lo think, and so
often mistaken by a ibiMighueas world (and cbh
too) for literary and Christian character. Her
end was what was to be eipected from her life.
She died in the full poaces. ion of her intellectual
facull iea, and a child-like faith in the all-.ulTi-cienev
of her divine Redeemer. Iter last worii
were (obseiin the emotions of weeping friemi
. . ... . . . -
amoiMl her) "we snau soon awn again. mj
young friends, especially yon who but a few year,
since were the school-males of lhe deceased ; in
Ibe light of thia solemn event let ne make to yoo
bat one appeal : Whether it will be more profit
able for you to spend your day in omamonlin;
the outward body, and Glling your immortal
minds with the superficial literary trash of tha
day, (supers ii led thereto perhaps lhe nominal
profession ol Christianity) thereby incapacitaiii
your minds for the reception ol the deep, rnjsic
riooe and glorious truths of Christianity whe
ther, I ay, will it be more profitable to you
do all thia. than to do as Isabella did t
In Philadelphia, 13tb inst., supposed-m
be from a sudden siTet.ion of ibe bear?.
Rev. Ciiablks Ti-CKEK.of theTabernac'fl
Baptist church, in bis gtst year. Mr. T.
was formerly ol lhe West P ranch country
and a Curator of the Vnirersify at Lewi -burg.
a a ft

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