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The Canals.
We are informed by the Superintendents
of Ihn Lehiph Can,!. that .hey aiH haw .t
mnaviPb!e order by the 1st of Ociuter.
A an. nombrrof hn.nre"t.T
' . - .i.--,.,iniJ.. and it will be finished
in lime to bave two monihs navigable this
se.i':n. .
Tiio Delaware cana! is not so seriously
injured, ll can be done in less than two
, -K if the Supervisor docs his duty
ut:n ..'rgvs.
W e are informrd that the Norlh Branch
Cinl wiil be i" natipable luiiHilinti again
; iWh! it should be now, and would
,n u!l prol'iab.lity, were it no! for the Oeie
r.i e Iv eCtiou-i. 15 sses. bauds, mid all must
quit th. ir work, and repair to the polls f-r
!i,e pur')" ot aeoMVplishing tbfr scllish
mu rest. Hut ilic iriitier U.oksrtlr
i .,t now nnd ibt-rn s some probability oi
:. !.,...,... ..nul nfli.-ers losing thai
dri r." t. at they In. v.- beH l.rm so long. :
C,iji work as voti should, and let u. :
-.- ihr? North l!rin,:h in full operation:
,f:vii ; for we bin to hl the actual,
atif ofsoineolOM Wyom.iVs products
,;wn this wiy. Herwick 'IV!. (l).'m )of;
I ' h i;JNt.
.. - - -
News Sc Motions.
! ... SHj'.reniC C'ohiI o! I'emi-'vlv in;a h is
i- :! un 3itovtii-J.r.itor ho (ails in a j
:.!-'. -''"led b liimst it" iirrwually lt- j
: r e "sst. ,
' ri.iir! -tit.-r. M-rn::y Varn tint'
:.- -Inrli-v is --Tilisfiod with tin: action ;
."..;uir-?s i.li St.tv.-ry, an-l declines to
.: !o.."b'r n.i the Nashville Convert-;
r, l wl.i
I. lu was I'rt-si'ii-ul. Lot the
." .( n:ury, and the S iiithci n I'ress of Wash- J
: :o:i. contend that ih: Convention will j
Hsemb'.e 03 the 11 lh Nov., anjho. j
In Bangor. Me.. a company ol musicians j
cs led the Dru'd Band, are giving musical j
. i.tr riainmen's. lhe:r instruments are
-f-n'y ox-licrns.
X'-'lil throw Iter mantle o'er the world
:.. 1 plut.cd it with a siar." Tasty, wasVl
ll,e tnni.lv ..I" Mr. Clu'e, in Castile,
,v v, Voth. "i poisoned by eating muli.
i Mini a tew d s irp). Tnree of I he chil
,in n died fiom the ell'ei-ts; one in two days,
; n i her m three dajs.and the ihird in seven
days ffter partaking of the mushroom. The
re-'t of the facnily were in a critical condi-i,-i
for several d is. but have finally re
eoveied. i'.mmor Kiniber. a prominent member
of the society of Friviids, du d at Kiniber
ton, Chester county, on Sunday 1st insl.,
d 78.
One of the tickets of admission to the
fir.-t conceit of Jenny Lind, sold at auction
tor 8225 ! Truly the ra! of fools is not
extinct. 9
The legislature of Wisconsin have made J
it a penal otlence lor the owners ol land to
i !!ow the Ciitiuda thistle to go lo seed
The watchman of ilie railroad bridge at
Petersburg, was killed on Tuesday last, by
the locomotive, and another man is said to
have been killed on the same day, at lun
annon. IJoth these men were on the track, j
cne of them we believe asleep, and theoth- j
er perhaps not sober. It is really astonish- j
ing that any one should be so fool-hardy j
us to make a railroad, with trains passing j
up or down every few hours, a place lor ta- j
king a nap. J
The Gircrnor of Pennsylvania lias of-
lred a reward of 81000 for the apprehen
sion and conviction of the murderer of
Clmrles Hurd, jeweler, who was cruelly
n:urdcred in the street in Philadelphia some
i'me since.
President Napoleon Sas been turned out
i:f a ball room in France.
A colored man named Alexander Kd
tnnndi'on of McVcy town, was killed at Hol
lidaysburg on Tuesday las', by Alexander
Hutchinson, a boatman. They got into
some difficulty, whm the latter seized a
loaded musket and ithot Edmondson thro'
the body. Hutchinson is now in jail.
i- rom the Citie of Xew York and Vhilud.
BY Adams l-.xpress i,ine a new ano
splendid assortment of
As we have Dress Goods of all desirable
-vW and qualities, we would particularly
tli l.idies to call and examine them;
ir.rf ns for GENTLEMEN'S WEAR,
.c have ci-i:n hn i xtoasivp assortment of
t'l ha, ,'r-s 'n.?r", and Vestings, which
Vi! bo s.'. i verv low prices by
I.-.i-'.i.rg. Sef!. 2:t, lii50
House & Lot for sale,
STTTATED on the corner of Fourth and
St. Mary's streets, opposite D.PhilipVs,
bi i'ij; a full lot, No. 220, and having on it
si a frame HOUSE, a Stable, and
T;;V other necessary out-buildinog.
ii j' iOur-no the absence of the ubs
crilwr, V'f. C. Paixteh wiil
abu ihf premises, &c.
Lewis'mrg, Sept. 23, 1850
ril.iE uulersigned proposes to open about the
I 1st of Oct. a commodious Reading Rooro.tn
l-e supplied ith Vi of tbe best Diily papers and
such country .Newspapers and Magazine as the
patronage may warrant Open from 7 and 9 in
the morning until 9 at night. By the year, 93,
half yearly in advance; for ail months, $i; by
the month. 0.M ; by the week, $0,25 in ad
vaure. Subscriptions respectfully lir.iteJ.
-'buTgt, F( L?3, IS0
A small railroad bridge at Bell's furnace,
between Huntingdon "nJ Hollidaysburg,
broke dowD on Taesday evening afitr the
evening train had passed ovtr it. Noiriju
ry was sustained.
for Sale or Kent.
riMIAT large and desirable property on
I I ..... l 1 t L...
1 ihe corner ol SiarKet ana mer ois.,
wuli situated for a residence, for business,
or for a residence and place of business.
There is a Ufj-e MUCK House contain
in" 4 larjje rooms on the firs' floor, 0 bed
rooms on the second floor, and two large
finished rooms on the third. A Kitchen
and Washhouse adjoins, and it has also a
larue cement Cistern, a Tump and Well of
V'ood water, and all the necessary out
buildings. For terms &c. apply to (.roF.Miti.eis,
.:sq. S. K. DAVIS.
Lewisburg, Sept. 23, 185:)
"I A ME inlothe premises of the subseiiber
and White. I'OW about 3 or 4
cnrs old The owner will
come forward, pay chlrgrs.
and tuke her awav.
THOMAS ronxF.Lius
HofTHlo Tp, Sept. 21, 1850
Public Sale.
TILL be sold by Public Outcry, at
Wo! It: s Wharf in this Uorouuh, on
Satnnlnv the 5th dav of Oct.
next, at I o'clock, P. M., the stierior
Tide Water Catril bout, ' homan Ilnijti- j
The boat is will built, nearly new, and in i
good order for immediate service. A liberal i
crcJit wiil be civ('n- 11 C HICKOK. j
Attv for ihe heirs of Wm &. J llousel.dec'd i
Lewisl-urg. Sept. 25, i
rL4irs worm verjiifkii;
FflHE following ordera .how at onct demand
for and excellence of this great medicine:
YonK, July 23, 1847
"I KiJd Si Co: The Venniruce Ml us on sale
borne time ago y your aeent, is aold. It goes
ery ra.i.ljr, and gie great aalitaction. As we
are'eiitirely out of the article, and have frequent
ralU for it, p!eje aend'us nwr. iminedia'el y
' Sumkrville, Tenn. March IS. 1947
'PrJM'L ine Dear Sir : The Vermifuge you
left with me lai fa!l ha long aince been solil.and
I could have aold a great deal more if I had had
it. Wince my return from Ihe Et, I have been
called upon nearly every day to write to you,
requeuing an immediate aupply. I have already
tried your Vermif'.ige in my own family and find
it to be the Ix-tl I have ever used
n r mokkisox.
Mi-d Car.. Steulien Co. Sopt 7, 1147
Thi may eeitify that we have aold DrM'I.ane'a
American Worm Hiecific. or Tatenl Vermituge,
i lie paal year, and il ha given unbounded atis
faction. It is no imposition on the community,
hut ia what its authors recommend it to be-r
universal apeciCc for those affiirted with worms.
AGENTS--C W SrnarrLB, Lewihurg; J
II Calov and J H Kastr, Milton ; I Gcrhart, Se
linf grove; J W friling, Sunburv ; Mrs M'Cay,
Northumtierland , M C Grier. J Moore, Danville
LAttI, CHKKS:E,ConstiiutlvoulianlanJ
SU AIM'ODFISH, f..rNilebv
HEKlUNilS, Market Street Wharf, '
I'CtKK, l'hilihljhia.
HAMS, SIDES, 3m337
HOUSE and Small FARM
Lewisburp, Sept. 18. 18?0.
For Sale Cheap.
FULL Lot on North Fourth Street.
f on which is a two storey-
Frame House, 16 by 33 feet, fljft
with a good Cellar under it a mi
Frame Stable, 16 by 20 an out
Kitchen, and other out buildincs now oc
copied by David Shamp. inquire of
DAVID KI-.BC.K. Agent.
Lewisburg, Sept. 18, 1050.
North Third Street, with a suitable
Out-kitchen, and a choice lot ofg3
votinz Fruit frees. For terms,
enquire ol S. Ammon. or of the subscriber
at Pulsion. JERK. UONACHV.
Iwisburfv, S.-pt 6, 1950 3w
Housk and Lot.
ritlir. culMcriber oflers for sale his House
and Lot on North Fourth strect.above
the Brick Row. I he
Lot is a J acre, nnd has
the usual otit-buildin".
a Stable. Well of irood
water, and much cood Fruit. Enquire ol
S. Ammon as to Terms.
Lcwisburg, Sept 6, 18S0
AN Indented Apprentice, named Samuel
Sfff, nged "Iwut It years, left my
service on or about the 9th tost., without
just cawie. Thi is therefore to warn the
public against harboring said Apprentice
or trusting him on my account, as I will
pay no debt or' liability of his contracting.
Jwisburg, Sept. 9, 1850 pd
o 2 o
o -i 2. o q -a ?
r ft 3"" K
Fashionable Tailor,
In the Brick building. lower
Market fired, one door above
'.Neskif lie Bnrk House.
done to order.
Iiewisburg, M iy SO, 1 S50.
Latest News from California!
Ihe world and the rest of mankind
are ropecifully inlurinid ibatwe have
opened an unusually choice iortment of
romnrisiiii a Dlendid varinv LADIES' PKESS i
tlOODS of the newest style Calicoes. LMjin, ,
Gingham. Uaraji-o, Silks, ParaoU, and Kanry j
Hood, and for (JenllenW We, a HrKe stock of !
Cloth. CiiMftlmcrK,
Summer StullsVosiin js.Summer IIiits,&r.
Salt, Fish, Nails,
Queensware, Hardware Groceries,
etc. etc.
All of which we offer for rale at our proveibiaily
luv price, for CASH or I'UODrCE.
Lewisburg, April S3. I SOU
ASQTiiKi: scir.xTivir H'i.xdeh r
JLTCE a great Dyyuptia Curcr .'
Prepared fn.m Kennel, or tlie fouith rtomacll of
the U, after directions by Karon I.isniu, the
i .!....: i... i u n... .
M l)., .No. II S. 8th il riiiUdelpid.!. Pa.
VTRI.T.Y wonderful remedy for huUgotiim,
Vyyprjisia, Jaundice, Liver Comiluiiil ,
Cumtipatiun and Ikbilitt. curing after Mature'
own process, by Nature's own agent, the (ia-tric
Juice. Qjilalf a teaspoouful of ihis fluid infu.ed
in wafer, can digest or dissolve 1 ive rounds of ;
toaA beef in about two hours, out of the stomach, j
DigCNllon is chiefly performed in the stoin- i
ach by the aiJ of a fluid nhicli Ireely r
ihe inner coat of thai org in, when in
state of ,
h''ul h, called llie gstrii- juice. This fluid is liie j
ipreat solvent of tht fnud the purifying, prefer.
ving and stimulating agent of the s:omacli and
inlestiiie. Without it there can be no digestion,
no conversion of food into blood, no nu'riii in
but rather a foul, torpid, painful and destruc ive
condition of the whole di-stive apparatus.
I'opslri is the chief element or great digest
ing principle of the gastric juice. It is found in
great alum. Inure in the solid parts ol the lium.m
stomach alter death, and sometimes causes l ie , jj, Possessing great virtues in the rectification
stomach lo diuest or eat itself up. It is also found I ( dieasea of the Liver and leaser glands, exerci
in the stomach of animals, as the o, c iii", c. It tjnR ,lp nost searching powers in weakness and
is the material used by farmers in making tUeese affection of the digestive org.ms, hey are withal
iijnu aat--Bssiv-i. nc m oi nir uaa long '
been ihe special wonder of the dairy. Curdling
of milk is the first process of digestion. A call's
stomach can curdle nearly one thousand times its
own weight of milk, li.iron I.iebig stairs, "one
part of Pepsin dissolved in silty thousand parts
ot water, ingests meat and other food. Diseased
.i....k. .... 1 ri- ...:- i..: l .
......... ... B.. rv... lvr,,
or rep-in. 1 o show that this want may be per-
fretly supplied, we quote the subjoined
,..., ... , , . . , . ,
Ilaron LIMIIO, In his crh brate,! work on Animal Che-
mistrj-. suts: -An artmnal Uiio-stiva tluid, .nlaj--'Us to
tbGstn..lui-e.iu.t lie readily prepared fn,m tlie mucous
lii.-mhrans uf the slolin, h of the enlf. in whirh vitru.ua
artu l.s of l.s.l. as ni. at and et'.'. lie wlt.-n.-d and
dieted in the w manu'-r in Uie human stomach.-'
lr. IIFKKI It A. in his l;mi..ns trvatisr on tetui and liiet.
published by towlt-rs k ells. Xrw York, pane ai, states
ll s.une .'r.'at fai-t. and dt-STTilie the mi-thod of prspara-
ti..n. Th. ri-are f-w liiclii raiitli..riti. than Ih-.l-ereria.
Dr. CoMlll, in his valuable writing on the I'hysiohvT
of Direction. obst;rv.-s th:it a diminution of ihe line
quantity of the liastric Juiiv is a prominent and ail-pn-
vailiuic '-aius- of ly"ls.sia.'' and he state that "a distin-
fruishtl pnrfessor of meiiirine in liondon.who was severely
arllifted villi this complaint, findiuf. tverytliilig elpe til
fail. bad n-eourse to the tiastrir Jities. obtained from the
stoiuarh of livin- animals, whii-h completely sm-eeedwl."
1r.t.ltAllAM. auttior of the famous works on Vejretnh!..
Ilb-t, says: - It is a r-inarkalile fai-t in ptiysiolojy. that
the stoutarhs of animals, macerated in water, impart lo
the tlntd tin-propi-rty of disHilvini; various artii-lt-soffssl.
and of erlectiiiir a kind of artificial digestion of th.m tn uo
wise ditlcrcnt from the natural diircstive pror.ss.r'
lir. SIMON'S treat work, tin- chcmi.tr ..f Man. ls
JHaiichard. Hiila.! lSMi. pp says: -Tlie diarnvery
of Pepsin firms a new era iu tint chvmi'-al history of Iii-
jrcstion. rrom recent cars-rimiMita, we know that food is
dissnlv.sl as rapidly in an .-irtineialdiestive1fn;,t.,repanl '
imin i'l-psiu. as it is in the natural liaslric Juice itself.'
l-ruf. IllMiLISON.iif the Jclferson tVillefre, I'hilad, in
his (rri-at work on Hitman I'll) sinloy, iltrotes more Uian
lifty paires to an examination of this suoji-et. His experi
ment wun it. iieaumonu on ine iiaatrir Juice, obtained
from the liviuj: human stomach and from auimals. are
known. ln all casi-s." he aavs. "digestion occurred as I
N-rfeetly in the artificial as in the natural dlslious "
preparation of Pepsin has produced Ihe most mar
aelous effecta. It is impossible to give details of
cases in the limits of this advertisement but au
thenticated certificates have heen given uf more
than TWO HlNDREl) rapid, wonderful, and
permanent cures. It is a great Nrnvm-j Asti
ixitk, and particularly useful for tendency lo
uiuous utsoruer, liver complaint, lever and ague,-
(be evil etlecta of quinine, mercury, Ac, also for
excess in eating or drinking.
There is no form of OLD STOMACH COM
PLAINTS which il does not reach and also give
instant relief! and repeated for a short time, pu
rity of L'lood and nana or bout follow at once.
It is particu'tarty excellent in cases of nausea, vo
miting, cramp,", soreness ol ih pit of Ihe stomach,
distress after eating, low, cold stale of the blood,
heaviness, lowness of spirits, despondency, emaci
ation, weakness, tenaVncy to insanity, Ac
Price. ONE DOLLAR per botile. One bottle
often effects a lasting cure.
FEPSIN IK POWDERS aent by Mall, ree of Foatage.
For convenience of sendinc to all parts of the enuntnr.
tbe Diirestive Matter of tlie t'ensin.is put np in Uie form of
-owner, wun uirecnons lo ne aissolveu by Ihe patn-nl in
water or syrup. These powders contain just the same
matter as the hottles, but twice the tiuautity for lite same
price, and are sent by mail. Free of I'ostnre. ft.r t, sent
(postsiaitO lo lir. J. S. Iloutflilno. No. 11 Nurth igliUi St.
Philadelphia, six packag-s for
Every bottle and package hears tbe written sig
nature of J.S.HOLliH TON.M.D , Sole Proprie
tor. Sold by agents in every town in tho Union
and by most respectable dealers in medicine.
To be had of Thornton & Baker, Iewishurg ;
J 11 Caslow, Milton; Thompson, Mitflinburg;
Wilt A Eilert. Hailletnn; Wm Rosbong. New
Berlin; (i I Couse, Seliosgrove ; Mr M'Cay,
Northumberland lv335
Dr. Rose's Medicines.
The subscriber having been appointed
agent for Pr. Rose's Medirinen, for
Union county, offers ihrm to the public
with great confidence hs to their fhVacy
and certainty of ejecting cures in all cases
for which they are designed. A single test
only is required to establish the fact.
Sept 27 S S BARTON
Window SASH.
A lot of 8il0 Window Sash, from the
cheap Manufactory of Sprout tt Uurrowe,
on hand, and all sizes got to order on
short notice.
May, 1849 I G LAWSHE
m l "VTTT' CI for Justices,Cons(a
I tK 1 IVO hles,&c.,on hand at
' the Chrnoiele office, or rrinted to. order.
Administrator's Notice.
VyOTICK ia herebv given that letters ol
l Administration on the estate of Cath
erine 15. Z-liers, late of Lewiaburg, dee'd,
h;tve been granted to the underpinned this
dav, Auust 13, 1450, by the Register of
Itili.nico., m due form of law. All persons
knowing themselves indebted to said estate
are requested to make immediate pay mr lit ;
ami those having rliisms against it will
present them dulv authenticated for set'.ie
lwisburg. Aug. 15, 1S50. Adm'r.
1 lie subscriber oilers for salt: a large
assortment of choice Fruit Tree? such as
j Apple trees, 1 tojli feet hiph, 40 varieties.
j nil wnrrair.ic grnuiot I each trt'es,
varieties; Tartarian Cherry. Nectarine,
I'rui.n and Fear trees, to-jeiher with some
(J or g varieties ol tir;ipi' Vines of the bet
n,jve ex,ti,. vHrielirs. t trnainental
.. s(jch ajp)(. ,..l(i(,nij Linden, &C.
It IVrin. wishing lo procure a
quantity of tne Fimt IreeF.are reniiested to
make immediate application to the subscri
ber, in order to procure tho varieties nnd
I size wanted. . K. AUL.L..
Lwisbur, March 4, 1850.
JAUNDICE, Dyspepsia. Chronic or Nervous
Debility, disease ol the Kidneys, and all dis
eases aiising from a disordered I.iver or Slomni-h,
such t C-mslipaiinn. Inward Piles, Fulness
or Wood to i be Head, Acidity of t!.
Mtomich, Nau-f.i, llcnrtliurn dis
gust for Food. Fubiea or Weight in the
Stonia. h, Sour Eructations, Sinking or Flut
tering at the pit of the Stomach, Sw i ing of t!ie
Head, hunied and diiricult lliealhine. Flul
leiing at the llrarl, choking or soff.ica-
ling Sensations whin ill a lying
po.ture, diriiiiess of Vision.Dols or Wei
More the SiKht, Fever and dull Pain in the
Head, Deficiency of Pvispiiation, Yellowness of
tho Sisiu and Eyes, pain in the Side, lines,
Chest. Limbs'. &e.. sudden Flushes of
Heat, Uitrning in ihe Flesh, constant Ima
ginings of Evil, and great Depression of Spirits,
nv ml rrrFfTi-Ai-LT ccued f
GJliLtiDilA i fcU UililU'iAAa B""l
prepared by
itr. V. .TJ. Jmkson
at the " German Medicine Slore,"
liO An li St. lMillad.
TAfr pirtocr urer the abort disease it tut tx-
j rr lit l, if tiualled. by any other preparation in
' the L'mted Stolen. m the euret alte.it. in iimny
: rate after skilful physicians had f-iiltd.
II....A lt..l.irj sr.. MArth. tlift Atttftilinn nt inn.
IHH . . j --- ...
t ife. certain and ileaant.
Rend si cnsviscso. The Hon. Chs
D Hineiine, editor ol the Camden Democrat, the
best paper in West Jersey, says, July 21st
many tutu nnz notin-s r lhi msUicine, and the soiim-
wtii-nr thev rnioe inclurl us u uinks miiuini s r-i-ninit
It ni. rit. " From iiKiuirr we wrrr persusA-U Ui ae it.n,l
, mort vwrfoun. i iae iniu rlMn ,K,B.lis.t..f
th i,rr,ndili-Ueor)rn.mrid the powerful intlii. nrc
i it exerts upon nervous prostration isn-allr surprisinir. It
! raluu n. atrenirllisns the nerves, briruriug them into a
If this u.'Oirine were more iinerml used, we srs
j,fi tUm wuid bo sickuess. as from the ntoiniuh,
jtpr ,n1 Rtera tlie arcat mjrUT of real and
imacimu-rdiswuMi emanate. Ilnve them in a heallhv r-.u-
I Miaa anJ ,oa can hid dvHa-ie to epnlemtes s.:n.-rllv.
. n,is eitraf.niinarT minlirine we would advise enr fri. nds
who M i,,,!!,,. to give a trial it will then r.v
i omm,.nJ ltwif. t ,hul.L in fa. t, be in every family. No
; oUt.r a.ejjpi,,, na pruducc surli evidL-nces of merit.
) . n n i- I t on 1
Fiom Ihe Bo.-fon Bet editorial, Uec i.tl
I Ilr. llooflands rslebrat.il Omian Hitters, 'r the core
of Livr Cuinplaint. Jaundio., lysK-p!.ia, and Chrunieitr
i erous Il.-Iility. is dvssrTelly one of tiie most popular
j m-di-iur. of the day. These bitters have bs-'U u-,il by
( thou.iuitt. and a fra-nd at our elt-ow says he has btnue If
ri-eeiv.-d from the ue of Ibis l-mi-dy an vlT.ftual. pi-nua-
! nrnt cure of Liver t'omplaint. We are eom iuctii that,
f in the use of these litis, rs. Ihe patient eotistaully eains
, strength and vifps. a fart worthy of jtreitt consideration
j They are pleasant in taste and suii-ll. and ran lie usi-il 1-y
: pi-rson with the most delicate slumai hs, with safetv
j under any rircumstaiic-s. r are sis-akin,; fromeis-r:
om-e, and to the altlirU-d we udvise their use.
... ri.. -r t,.i llto.irv rtur
I s"'" Ay. one o! the beat htciary papers
: published, said. Aug 25lh
! tn. n.xn.sn-s fiiawts UiiT.jts. manufactured t-y Ir
1 J.vksoii. are now recouimenib it by some of the most pro
mincnt mcmls-rs of the Faculty, as an article of much
efficacy In eases of female weakness. As such is the case,
ne would advise all mothers to obtain a Isiltle. and thus
save themselves ranch sickues-t. I'ersuns of debilitated
constitution will Bud these Hitters advantageous to their
health, as we know from experience the salutary effect
they have upon weak systems,
. , . , , . . .
Judge M.M.Xoah, a gi ntleman of great scien
tific and literary atioinrneiits.said in his-N'ew Vork
Weekly Messenger, Jan 6. 1950
Jr. IftmUnmrt thrmm liittm.m Is a preparation
which the lendinaj presses of the tnion appusr unanimous
in rceouimeudinsr. and the reason ia envious. It is made
after a preserlptii.li furniFhcd l.y one of the most eclebrateil
physicians of nnsleru times the late Dr. Christopher
Wilhelm Hootland, Professor to tlie Vniversityof Jena,
Private 1'hysicirin to the Kine of lrussia. and one of the
crcatcst medical writers iiermanv has ever produced. He
waaemphaticallv the enemy of and then-fore a
lii.ili.-in- of which be was the inv.-ntur and endorser may
ti confidently relied on. lie nwislly recommended it in
l.lver Complaint. Oyspepsia. Di bility, VertiOT, Aciility of
the pitoinneh, t'oiisl nation, and all eoinplaiuts ansinir
fnun a tlisimlered comi'dion of the sUimat-h, the Liver and
the Intestines. Nine 1'hiladelphia papers express their
conviction of its excellence, and several of their Kit i tors
speak of its etTi-ets from their own individual experience.
I'nder tliese eirciimstanci-s. we feel warranted, not only
in calling the attention of our readers to the present
proprietor illr. O. M. Jackson's) prcparatkin, but in ree
onunendini: the article to all afilkt.-d.
Mom. Evi nt ' The Philadelphia Saturday
Gazette, the best family newspaper published in
the United SMa'e, the editor saj a of Dr Hooflaud's
German Bitlers
It is seldom that we recommend what are termed Pat
ent Medicines to our readers' patronage and confidence;
and therefore, when we recommend Dr. Iloorlaud a Ger
man Hitters, we wish it to be distinctly understood that
we are' not spcakins: of tie- nostrum, of lite day. that are
noised al.iiil for a brief perii.1 awl are t rrolti n after they
have done their guiltv race ce fcU-f. l ul ..f a medicine
i . Mi.l.l,sl,cd. u:itveni!ly peiae. mm which has met
the hearty approval of f sewitj Mselt
Evidence on evidence It at received (like
the for-eolnirl fnm alt sect 'ewe. vts I'aW.n. the last 3
years, naif the ttrm.?" . tm Ms ...-. u. that
there is more of It used ia ts- pra.-r of the n irular
Physicians or Philadelphia. !hi " ail other nostrums
eoinhineil a fact that emn -aei.y estahlicbcj. and fully
proviru; that a scientific pet paeatp-ai win mt-rt wun tnctr
iuiet approval wlien pr. -wnt.sl evea ia this irm. That
this medicine will core l.iv. r Complaint and Dyspepsia, no
one can doubt, after nnnj it as directed. II acta specific
ally tiistn the Stomach and Liver. It Is preferable to
Calomel in all bilmt iliunjn. The effect is immediate
thev can he administered to rrsui er uiraM with sat Iy
and reliable benefit, at any time.
Beware of counterfeits!
This medicine lias attained that character which
it is necessary for all to attain to induce counter
feiters to put forth a spurious article at the risk of
ihe lives of those who are innocently deceived.
Umk tvell to the marks of the (ienuine.
They have the written signature of C.M.Jickso
upon Ihe wrapper, and the name blown in the
bottle, without which they are tpuriout.
For sale.wholeeale and retail, at the GERMAN
door below 8relh, (late of 178 Race 8u) Philad
elphia, and by respectable dealers generally, the
country throughout. Iy330
Also ftrtalt by S.FJ. YXDALL,Lewuburg.Pa
To niackSatiltbs.
BITUMINOUS COAL, from the West
Branch and from Hollidaysburg, for
sale at the Shop of the subscriber, near the
IIyscalcs on Third St.
Lewisbung-, May T. 185
! &f&
IMrge Sales $ Low I'rices'yjS JQTL
and fUh'ig vp tf-'fuj lt imull
with a stock of jioods l.AlUiKR.Itl'.TI'Ell
and CHKAl'F.lt than ever!
"ITTE haTe just received and are now opening
Spring an.!
Summer V v vaj
embracing everything adapted to the varied wants
and tasU of the community, and at prices that
can not fail to give universal saiisf ieti in.
The IsAblE assured that we have a heller
assortment of Ores.- C.OOiU Ibati ba. ever
breti presented in this markul. U e have every
quality and description of
Gentlemen's and itou' Diest f7..di.
V.i;i,,. Summer Stuir. Kmcy
, vyaliiivK as, w.j. , a , , .
: Cravats, Ac. A splendid lot of IJA 1 1, Al
and BONN ETS. of the latest slylc.-Kibbon.
; Flowers, Silas, t alicjes, l.awua, U.ngbams, Sec.
I Hardware liucensware Glassware,
of all kinds also Urge stock of
j At wy low pricM for CASH or CUTKY
I'UUUtVIi UI Ull a.niw- i
I.cwis'. urg, April 23, 1 0
at Icivisbuii'ar-
CtlRCl'LAR for the Academical Year eom
I nienriiig Uct. 17, 18SU.
Primary Deparrment.
Everciscd in Spelling. Heading. Definiiion.
English (;r..nimar. Arithmetic, Ge-graphy, lus
lory U.S.A., IVnniauahip and I'ompositiuu.
EngUth Department of the Academy.
The same studies as in the I'litnary Departm'l
continued in ihe use of larger text books ; and lo
these are added General History .Algubia, Legen
dre, and Elements of Surveying.
Classical Department of the Academy.
T. nii Junior Academic eluta.
1. English Orauimar. jttinirammar,ArithtlleUcitwo
divi.ions. I Oiscraphy.
II. Hie same studies as in I. Term, and IVnnian-hip.
III. i;iiflish iiramiuar, t a-sar, Arilhm tic cotuol.-titi by
division. On-ek i:rainmar, History l.A.t I'eu
mansltip, Uook-keep.u.
Senior Academic eltui.
I. I'xsar. Orcvk Header, Algebra iljcmcnts.)
II. il- d..
III. do do do completed, liene-
ral History, Kulbh lAfiuaire and t uniiswiUou.
Freshman clans.
I. English linjrua;.- and Comosition, Algebra, Livy,
A ua basis.
II. I'laue lieometry. Live, Analsvsis.
111. I'laue, solid and ."phi-rkal lieometry completed, Li
vy, Anataisis.
Stiphon.ort ehiss.
I. Horace. Odyssey. Plane ami pherical Tri.-onr mctrj'.
11. do do .Mensuration,SurTeyiii.'..aviatii'n.
III. do completed. S-lcct Orations of Ucmostbenes,
Jihctoric, Analytical lieometry.
Junior class.
T. Demosthenes on the Crown. Cicero de Ofrk-iia, .Me
chanics, Hydrostatics, and Hydraulics.
II. Demosthenes ou the frown. I'iei.ro ib-Ofricfis com
pleted. 1'iH-nmatics, Acoustics, Electrietty, Magne
tism, and Optics.
III. tirvek Tragedy, Tacitus, Astro re .my.
Senior class.
T. Lojrir, Natural Tbeoiony. Intellccttlat Philosophy.
II. tlreek, IVlitieal om-my. Moral Philosophy.
III. Butler's Analogy. Constitution of I . Chemistry.
Lectures, Uent-ral Ueviews.
No clasa in Ihe Regular Course has less than
three daily recitations. Every Saturday forenoon is
devoted exclusively t Vocal Music, Declamation,
and reading select and original Compositions.
Tbe atudenta are required lo aitend, regulaily.
some religioue meeting. Minors are expected to
attend such meetings as are recommended lo ihem
by their parents or guardians. There are in the
borough no less than six places of public worship,
of as many different Christian denominations.
Text Hooks.
Enjlish Lttntuarj' flW Flnnttitm. Tlie tlible. Porter's
lthctorical Header Wi.reester's or Welstrr's liietionary.
Ituliion's Fnjilish lirainmai-. Parker's Pnirressive Exerci
ses in Knirlish 'ouiM)Sitill, Parker's Aids, Ulair's Lectures
it niviTsity IMition.)
UiUn Langutittf. Eullion'stlrammar, Bullion's IteaeTcr.
Is-rerett's l-xicnn. bullion st'a-snr, ss-bmitx and umt's
iri;il. Lincoln's Livy, Anthon s Horace, 'I bai her's fiwro
de omciis. Tyler's Tacitus' tiermania et Atrricola-
r;rci-J- Lattymiip. ItuHion'alirauimar. bullion's Peailcr.
Liddell k Scott's Lexicon, Owen s .V-nophon's Analstsis,
Owen's Homer's Odyssey, Cbainplin's ih-mosthenes, I'isk's
Classical Manual.
Mutfiemiiti' s. Pftvies' Arithmetic frr Acsdcmies. Flem
entary Alibra. Utmnlon, Lejrendre. Surveyinir and Navi
iratioii.Analtii aH;eomctry,olinsteii's Natural i'lulosophy
(sts-reotyped.) Olmsted's Astronomy.
Kumlier of Students.
The number of students during the past year
in the various Departments, was 11 '2. 'i'he
Collegiate classes already orgjniteJ lor Ihe ensu
ing year, are the following :
Senior class - - . 8
Junior class - - - 14
SiphonHW class - - lo
r'reshmau class - - 29. a . ajg
STEPHEN W. TAVLOIt, A. M, I'rof of Mathematics
and Natural Philosophy.
Iihtiltli It. IlLlsiS A. 5! Prof, of Greek Language
an.1 Literature.
liKolliiK W. ANlEKSON, A.M, Prof, of Latin Languaice
an 1 Literature.
ISAAC N. LOOMIS, A. M, Principal of the Acaitemy.
AI.I KKI' TAVLOIt, A. M., Tutor in the Lnglish Lan
uai;e and Elocution.
But idings,aUbrary and iparatu.
The Academic edifice now occupied by tbe
members of the University, has been erec;ed, at
an expense of $s.imo. and it is adapted to accommodate
150 students. Another edifice is nearly completed, snd is
expected to be ready for eceupancy at the cuniinc necnit-nl
of the next Term fa-t. 17, 1MO.
The Library' cuntailul a uumber of selret volumes, and
is constantly iucreasini;.
Cbemiecl Apparatus has been procured sufficient to
supply the immediate demand. The Apparatus tor the
Ulustration of Mechanical Philosophy, is now complete.
Tuition and Board.
Tuition iu the Collegiate Department $30,
Academic $20, Primary $12 per year.
Board, including lodging, washing, fuel, and
light, can be bad iu the village and its vicinity at
various pricea, from SI, SO to $2.50 per week.
Arrangements are in progress to furnish Board, exclu
sive of lodp-iti;!. washimr, fuel and light, to such as aty
desire it, at $1 25 per week.
Sessions and Vacations.
Two Sessions in the year the former com
mences on the 3rd Thursday in October, and
continues 26 weeks; tlie latter commence on
Thursday, 15th May, and continues 14 weeks.
Spring acation, 4 weeks ; Autumnal, 8.
By order and in behalf of the Bosrd:
Lewisburg, Union Co. Pa. Sept. 1, 1850
Ce Dr. John Locke,
MAT be found at bis Office and residence
first door east of Kline's Hotel the two
weeks following the first Monday oi each month,
where he is prepared to execute all operations in
his line of business in a manner creditable to
himself and satisfactory to those who may favor
him with their patronage.
Dr. Is. spends the third week of each month
in Mihon.
tj-Arometie Tooth Paste, put up in beautiful
porcelain boxes, an excellent article for keepini
the teeth clean and breath sweet, for sale at 25
eta aer box, by
Lew tab org. Pa, May, 1850
TVtT received and for sale, Spetm and Lard
' fj Oil, hw Ir. Tborntbtj it Bakw.
MifflmbHtg, t'.u'i coun'y, '''
-J-j. . .
1) EsPEUriTl.I.Y in orins ihe citiei.a o'
, fni.ni ciur.ty. and llie public in gen. r.il
mat he has lrae l the above stand, for n'a'.y
years occupitd by In K tliier. and ia pre
paied to accoiuiuod.ite I-lends and the l-aiclii-l
i-iiiii!nuui! iii a iiiani.rr arce lnble I all.
The H'll'SK is large and roomy. well arran
ged in all its departments, ami every cira will he
taken to render his guests comlorLiMc and happy -His
TABLE will alwaisle fufiii-hed wiih Hie
choicest deticaries ol the s.-:ion, an. I ihe best the
market can IT..r.l. The BAR will at all limes
I be attended by careful persona, and none bnt the
very best ol ll-U'is lll be kept. His S i A lll.r..'S
are ample and emivrni -tit, and the O-'TLEct'H
ptmctu il and at cnlive.
In rhort, he pledges liinifell to endeavor to
give penrral saiistariion l all. and hopes bv
soict attention to husin.-ss lo ni. lit and receive
a liU-rnl share of pa'ronage.
Milllinhurg. June 20, 18.10
Uo! all you roun, in u who line fnsuiu art- iLandinf.
A. nl I.n n-wil l' niiitpjrt yini. a ffmmi nwlmf.mi'iiw
WU u you think how in t:Dtf pat Hr: ilml-r- '. l-tt r-uT
Ju.-i etiuttf to drtve l.ruu. if fi.r li -fjtfi thitt tit v-h.
ln yoo 'MTit rinc now Hu!; rt. vfh.-nj- an1 so pti ?'
Siniejrravs tnf ieuy.ai.J jhj.ii 41: :cr aiil -":..' iuv?
Knr a Ll 'Har or tw. St vy. wu a Ir -a-nr. 1
That will tx ail your ItltUiia a (uuioiu f ttlizxun. j
A 11. if you rliHiirr U W ill want
(f C..U .r V.-e .r rr.-Tlifiii-t.
JtiKt F' t ii'Mvu."f . fr ym mtt'l
l!u lajlf u v-in-iiji of uUn r "n-'i!. I
A'u! riw IaTM'u. w-ul'l unT jut ; W'r-. to tlw IiIira j
Kr w-.-tl tioii hi laii'iw how iwi'-irt.-tnl lh- ir i. I
He Uaf Miors of all kii-Os W hu:r-r r-r-r-r-r-r
i'onarn it, U-ms ! thi Vrr pil' .Machine'
droke ! Hows4Mn?ver( the fu.-flaiia- of all vie baj
in ihe hojicr n Ihis tbat
SF. LYXDALL ha iSo nJ tho
9 chrapest lot f BOOKS J
and llie let n4-H.rMi'iil of i20fP'f.
and r0.ff: , and
Ladies' Gaiters and Slipper.,
that were rvrr sn in Lowi'ri or any
other great senport. Ny 1850.
Dentistrv. i
I ATE of rhiladelphia. is row located on
j Market street, l.ewisbur;, opposite Mr. J.
Schreyer's store, where he attends to operations
on the teeth at a red'Ution of his former p-iees.
Teeth and roots of teeth removed with the aid of
improved Instruments, and in an easy manner.
Filling teeth and seninc on pivots or platea atten
ded to according to the latest improvements in the
profession I'lrerated, spunjiy.and inflamed earns
cured. Thankful for past lavoia, he solicits a
continuance of puldtc patrouace No impure
materials used for fillings in tetth. IvSSH
Ur. 1. 1; Hi is I
The Kntry of all Pill Mnnuficturer-i, j
BKCM'SE Ibey are safer, lietter, and uiote j
clfn acious than any others. !
500,000 Iloxcw j
hare heen sold annually for the last fi,e years. !
Voiiwo awn Old, Mile im Kansis. I
ran always lake them with equal safety, without
fear. If Pills be necesrary I
for purcine and cleansing the Stomach and How-
els, and purifying Ibe Ulood and fluids of the bo-1
dy, lake no others for no other pills produce
those combined effects, or contain Sarsapanlla in
Eat, Drink and Lire as tisnnl,
and pursue your usual occupation whilst taking
them, wiihoul feui of takinj cold, during all
kinds of weather.
One Thousand Hollars
are wagered that more genuine certificates (from
phvsicians, clergymen, Mem tiers ot Congress, snd
respectable citizens) can be produced of their !
efficacy than of any others, and i
will be forfeited in every instance where One I
Box will not do more good luau 1 wo boxes of,
any others. I
rortv i it' m n Ifcix ! !
and sold at lwenty-rtre tents a hvx, wun I
directions and much wholesome advice accompa-
11 ing each box.
They hurt rs to ae tnffeifnnt rmett,
frrf fn.m dutt or nlrr vj v tut,
I o asV ffri; ft Stmah r Harris.
Irittre ho titktttis. t-Mwiifoiij. it imttl ferlinjs.
Tllf.V AKK Gorl A T .il.it r.wAs
jLnd aria;Ud to aot tfiasr ovmatoN Up swintiW.
No one having once taken tbem a ill he willing
afterwards to lake any others, liecause they al
ways do good, and if they do not, then no others
Dr. N. B. Lctdy, The Proprietor and Marnfactnrer,
is a regular Druggist. Chemist, and Physician, of i
fifteen years' experience in i'liiladel) hia ; lirad- !
uate of Ihe I'niversily of Pennsylvania ; Mem-i
berol ditferent Medii-al In-iiilutiona ot I'lula .'il- j
phia, New York, Uoston, llaltiinore, Ac, and
associate and corresponding menilter of several
Medical Insluutions of London and Paris, Ac.
Otxatr.t awn IwrostTtow. lie ware of all
pills called by names nearly similar, gal up to be
sold on the reputation of Dr. Leidy's Saraaparill
Blood Pills; the first Susaparilla pills ever in
troduced and the only pills containing Sarsaparil
ia. Take no othera and you will not be deceived.
Others by similar names, or nearly similar, are a
gross fiaud. Beware, then, of Imposition '. '.
CPPrinctpal Depot, Dr. T.eidlv's dispensary.
No. 114 Norlh FOCRTH ST, Philadelphia
and aold wholesale and retail be
C. W.STIIAKFI.r. Uwlshnrir J. It. Caslow, Mlltoa
J.M Brnfcr.H W'.KfSslr.N.Bi-rlln; W. V. I. I'aint, r. Muim-j
Taylor's. arsl titter's. MiWihlmrr lly SmiUj. Attaomsburg
Vottncman A Walter, nr.vl all.-3r '1 S". Kor.r. rWhnra:
Srs'tts a Mvi-rs. Ksllv X Kr-ails 'll.Aaiish.ll'avertw'a
Ihtvis A tVhnitr. .'lins:rove I KohSmith. MUkllehura:
L. U. Kohrrv. M'Kers J.. Falls WHU Kili-rt. llartl. U.w
Tbooiaa HowsT, iiaaikiB lam I K, A Koush.tVntrrrilk
Dr. J. M. Judd-WUliaaupoH; aaw by &ru(gists and Store
keepers thmOKhout the Uaitnl States.
O sole at this nfiicp.
ALT .nd FISH om hand by
Ap $4 KebiT as Iddinjfi.
IN EACH BOTTI.E-l.sr. T.-,....V .i 4 ' - .
Tnacs tuaataday line lau cunuiair til a-s-rs .-a
Trcut7Ofie IHi ,
Pria $1.09 frr Mil, as Sir K-Krw f -r t t.
ebb s..yvr: ru-zz
emm mm
hmo-rtwpU QI'AHT BOTTI.l. t -
ane aweWtsu drrm,' ain't Jf.r i ll-nt t'. tmt
Tiw frwat wptn"rtv Tn iHHH, ' - .
fwlalltMti--r.nj1Mro:-'iMit''-- -r.f vti- .- " (: .er
.imnl from ftlrw -AwuM fw.: K!vr--fcv.-.i i. i 'j
SarsaparlUa, Tcllow Dock.
rfcerry mm HjmtJ rnn HrmP
man ttroy. aKira pwrfig hiuJ. i! ! rnrr f t.- .
Urn f tirh oVtbeaH pLnjitr-im ,tU t-f n tltn i. a
in mmif tKtle uf tiKal.citN', c:.. 4 i'.Tttit .'f wisv rfi .
Bui, 8FQait't'auTbi Piriftt-r rW miw Li
jUtywtw, Bnrfcn MrrtnUlt9
h PuairvixG proptTtin of wtitrh mr tmiUff M-pr.aTiofi r
hawmtpnriHt, afl wImm thsm ! C'vtnrKWistr.l with tarmp
TtiLt. ttte't tf rWrry. araW H.tMifr.9. ti- ninke tkss metis
rm tbr muf txrUum mrx rr(A4r fsjirifirr f f hr f!si Um
toorid 2Wf true ia Ituat. thai kw Uav ct g tUzuttl muMtai ifcd,
IM't Olte TahtriHliruI. three t.met m
B'ltit liKtv with Kxrrart Srmtp$iriitff, 1t in --wrorV-rvr
ot IU meiheutym Um tot l-ijif tuucb wcnkaa
ailI rwtiatrrva iim l-r of 5arMpin!la tvan i t iwn,
Thrr. or Mmrv TJi'-' Th at k, Ko'.a. or Muti
liastav a D.ty(u ttavv amw mfai rfft-rf ; aui a a sM(ie of
fceVMfMriUa on;jf bos'iw rffj-'W tirv t..r-, M.a
tfoouful. al a 4mc, inl at mvtmf ifcwtf ti-y. wui iwe up a
buuM cm' m ia
FrT Fir, w-ix Daya,
wWti -liflr U); 6-tailrattI'i lariaT wiU (an tVwm
Twrlrv to Mxfrrtt L'v l";rr Ut-.n a .f
pnu ; mnd it it tly nv-tiK- ii ritxrwy (ui mtU iW.) m aa
Piairvi, aUi-1 HfauiNu m i s Kr d.u.y fUtrtt saW; of Sau-a-para,
tiN-n u Pactvis ib-il ir. buule 4 M Puairita ka
wjrth Tree, F.mr, nr h ut timm rrore thai a bocrk of SsUava
pvi!'. .....
Tim nature i'.mpanoo roa not ret .now th grrit itf
tmc IT. is. iii Wlv--u ih SAasaslaoa. effCctr uf liBA.n'a Puairu.ft
aud i9Aa.tPAKiLt.. Tti.ft wiu pp-v by lue certattcifna of
eurea in brunCi) fumphUtt, iwiwiu; UmC
BM Biorc rRirat-T. nxl arrm m-rt impmr dut!, ltt
TEN Ilo(t!f mt KnrMiwnlltt.
If. then. Ohk Botti.k of Pcmrsr.a afib f (yta Doli.,
Mr. J. B. rI.sKiH of IW. Oncili Co , V. T . wHnwMnrnl
af ScrutuU in r.i. iwure to tiie facta rflart-tl t4wt tn trt
rr.oti in ion Stramc C'M.ar m lin- f up of AV- lr. oq tna
d(4 . lfccmbr, im!t, antlt-r Uie follow in eirrnjnurra :
A person tn tbe Vf of York hml maiufrrurM ("
vmrl-d a tpmrtouu ar'iri- of mt-J Ki:;, rm.luiB M KaaaKT'a
INtMtf Mkihcine. it. tmitntfm lW yn.rtsM tmedtnnst, H
trata proasxuted to otUin tlamtu. is trie S irrtt- oajrt .-f-Una
CilT of NVw Vorkv, atfi ttw ra9 wn rrerrr4 by tht (Wi
to J. S.'BowtTH, Kxq., 51 Lili-rtj if.t:t. nit;:t-iii Lawvor,
mm Uftrm to fake tbe U'ittionr. Tim fk-lVti'laRf. prtMs5l it
smt"jttm of Aimit'jen, ihmt flu Propri-lor of Brant's. Mlc.rw
hud vumnmourt pul.)!tnl pLe statEmkkts af rjrmtmnt.
Um hal ri4imk'ttt1 a fratd un lint pnl!ir, aiui. T-ur. wm
tot anttilnl u dainact-. Tim caae ot' Mr. U-nkim mm -upcu.
m heiHjfalr. ail, tlnokin wtt tnn ait a itmn in rvnnl
lit) Fct mt pUU!MNi,ata.lM 'ofiatMy MoaK than ki,'rA19t-0
HW pubttcuUum.
Mr. HAK1 .1. I m -H r-t-Mii-rtrd sattk Rrmt'. Purrf- - K
trrt islT tasW a I t , V- :l--i. AhM1 Uw j. stair I u -rr
bakily i.K'Iosl tiy a . 1 vA ailtemjvtl ky Frri ..ackr--tb all 'a-i-t
I cuattt atsl Last Ural rav-dariajr ciim cur nay. la aafw-i''r r
vaarb na.-ltstMl, t-rr imm V IsvCsr? 1 wrl Hrmi's t-w rr.
rfM-tla- . VViiarn i oti-tvern sh tawartf tt fur titer haJ lasvat tsstttr -4
lis Wal a Ntatf; Itarw ; I rtr.tbi ajot raiaaw say kafatt in a.) sV-taal : rat aava)
asasui ass ss.VwT m Irti-it trum tmr t ttr ; fom sat an alw ,t riti.l x,
tasaat A ba l!1s.l ua. natt aaf fmw. M aauiy axsU.nsx a fssjc at th
bf ; a iftm straai iira filraHs- aaw f im-tjt-pf, twt M aieai'i j- J a
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quatnti d w;t i mil tmj'U-'st, ii.-.a .' .rU xiu tn o!V-a -V
in ot by Jfrmai
Brant's Palmonary Balsam
rurci COy St Vrifft.V. Cot.fJk, C.'J; fyntunx j 1W--.
HUmatmg mt mfrtLnnr. tut in ik ir.cM ato 1 AaV
SicwUs. yswrous iimmpUlH, PalpumttiSH of V iev
Cat'r htfant im. lyminf. Stmmvr C vaii. s.nd ALL
sMALE It 'A'f A'AdA'a, mrulutU J inUuj v'mtrocr
OOCTCES .13(0 PUVSin.lSS UE(')niE3.
The foliuwin eunw-,! avfsan.l Aysicraas bars- alzS
y r. romm. n l. l HKAM's) MKblCINtj; :
rT. N. IH'KBARr). .-Nmfor.l, i'odb.
Irr. 1. N. SMITH. Wtrit.iwo. N. .
Dr. KOiS.M.. l:l'.' Hrory .fr. et, Uruoklyn, T
Br. T. M. lir.T. AiiIhiih. W. .
Dr. (,KO. r K.AM IS. Nuldktuwn. Coaa.
Pr.UKir. A. KtXiKltS, Hath, N. V. ' - !
Dr. 8. W'HITK. l-r-ilimui K. V.
Dr. C. B. UALKNTINK. Ilvrotr. !l T.
Dr. J. O. Mlll'MAS. ray-'ttrrilV. N. T.
Dr. 1. Mvl.NNKH. ILnrj street. Brook:, a. N. 1.
Dr. O. fill 111 AN I'.Laad. S. V.
For s;t!e bv Thnrnton & Pukfr, I.-wisi-hnr?;
Ed.vd Wilsitn. IVew Uerlm ; J (' nu-e.
Seliusur.ive ;(itVFC Mnver, Freehnrc : H
Barkhaune. .ruMIeburz ; Wilt &. Eilert, Karlle
ton ; An es &, Menrh. Mifilm!-ur
All letters and orders must le addressetr to
Wallaec ti ' itV(f, Hrnadwaj, ?ew arii
''PHE snbscrilspr (living ? 'n.ar(I ihf Rock-
dolt Sair-Miil h-rmc'lv hmiwn ns
l)otiihtv' iu SiiJftr Val!ry, (.'liiii.in
county. P.t., anri Inutbl 'l I lie stifrlt nn:l
fixture U longiiig itr itie same, imw oir.-n
for le
100,000 ft of I.unibr'
at s.i iii M;!l. (ri!i'r wi'I he recVrJ for
any kind of l.-imls-r, liv the mii'isisncil
m l.rwsbiirt, or h) his Agent. S.C.Stitt
lcr, nt saiJ Mill, in Sim.ir Va'.lev.
U. P. SIlrtLLfel?.
Lewi-iburj;, 3vni 5, 1850 6w
ONE of 10 honrt powef, with on iXsa
boiler enc i;6 seen in operaiion. On
f S horse powsf,with two cy.'intier boilers
Both marls oFltie best mntrrinls, nnd war
rajitet perfect. Enquire of
jJI.icliinist, Columtw, Pi
4 LABOR lot of Stone Pickling and Tresaoe
J V J " n jns receive,! ami fur sal l.v
Srpt I
not refused at th Ofii.f n
the Lewisburg Kbroni(-lt.f
OOL for sale at
June ." ReUrr .t Wdinj,.'.

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