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m mum.
H. C. HICXOK, EH.fo. ,
O. H. WOHDEM, FeblUhef.
At $1 J rwah la awiwa: r-t.TS In tb- m-witha, J? paid
within Mm rnr, ui fiSt. at tb rat fit 0 rw
Araota IB PhiiaJ.lr.nta-.-V W talrrr mxr W fair.
Z,etrisburff, Pa,
We&te'sciay Morning, October 16
. DTERTTZE ! Enrrnlor., A''mli,i,tmtor. PnMir
rra. CUt sti4 Cnnutrr Mm-hanta. Manufurtun-ra.
arhaaka, ttnnnra M...i all aim wi-li to prurure or to
diapoar of amlliini. .x.ti! .to well to Riir tintira- of the
anw through the -IsKU'mn, lnKtr." Tliin napvr hw
rood and incn-aainc emulation in a romiuunilv contai
tunn aa larra a proiiortWm of artiia, aoltrnt producin,
avsrumor, and dvalrri, aa any cthir in th Stat.
The present 5s the most favorable season
lint only fur reading, Lut for procuring
subscriptions for Newspapers and to all
nho think the ThVoiiielc" deserving of
rupvrT, -ire offer this inducement until the
Tst of January : Ecery jimii snliscrilx-r
trho trill teevre another, fJnil Jiare the Chro
nicle for Kimnrff and the nrir tiihsrriber for
Tiro Dollar, (81 each,) .or one year only;
tu- Cash tn be, jtrid in Adranrr. Fifty ets
premium for obtaining a new subscriber, is
worthy of the effort.
Election Jcturns.
Constitution. From the returns re
ceived, it is evident that the Amendment
providing for an Elective Judiciary, has
The Baltimore .Sun sr.ys the Pom. niaj.
on (.'anal Commissioner is less than it was
last year.
The Democrats gain Members of Con
gress in the 1st Phila. District, aud in
Montgomery, Chester, York, Juniata, Ly
coming, and Fayette counties. The Whigs
gain a member in Westmoreland, and a
report gives them one in Erie.
Senate. The Whigs have elected ,r
members and a late report gives them a
gain in the Mercer district ; the Demo
crats have 4 certain, and probably ", al
though the Clarion district is reported to
have elected Judge Myers, the Tariff can
didate. The Mercer ami Clarion districts
will determine the political complexion of
the Senate.
Housk. 5" Democrats aud 37 Whigs
reported elected.
The vote has been very small compare
that of Union county, for example, with
Taylor S15
Ihinlrmn u
(' l'V)
lrjolriulS40,Wh "7 Ih TOrat lr 1C I'U.
In l'hiladelphia City, the Whigs carried
the Mayor, &c., by about 30i majority
Charles Gilpin, Mayor, over Judge Jones.
The County was carried by the Democrat
by abt ut 2000. Of tie City and County
jifficcrs, the W'Ligs carried all but Prose
cuting Attorney and Prothonotary.
Mr. Gamble has Si 0 niaj. in Northum
WW1, 258 in Lycoming, 142 in Clinton,
fff li.j iu Sullivan 580 in all.
Col. Slifer's maj.in the District is 875. j ?
Mr. Madden had l.J votes Juniata t,o,
to mnn ksiostikxts.
The lines entitled " Christ's Second Com
ing" are hardly up to the mark, and we
arc therefore constrained to give them
the cold shoulder. The author is him
self decidedly a " genius," but as other
men of genius have, as he frankly ad
mits pretty much exhausted the sub
ject, and blank verse is, of all poetry,
the most difficult, the fact that "each
line begins with a capital," is not
enough to stve the piece from the edi
torial veto.
Ohio Election.
The re'uros from Ohio are so contradic
tory and complicated that it is impossible
o prew nt a correct statement of the posi
tion of parties. The returns for Congress
indicate that there will be no change in the
political complexion "f ihe delegation. The
Whiga have already a majority in the
Lefnlifure, and there is no doubt that
Woods.Dem., is elected Governor.
Florida. Mr. Cabell, the Whig Mem
ber, is re-elected to Congress, and the
Whigs probably have the Legislature.
fgp-T)r. Mtmitox having concluded his
Lectures on Astronomy, will deliver ano
4her free Temperance lecture in the Me
thodist church, this (Wednesday) evening,
at the ringing of lh" bell. Something rich
may be anticipated, and cf course there
w,ll be a rousing turn out.
On Thursday evening, Pr. M. lectures
.. .. it.. .
m tliC ro' rcss nni jiuiueiiet; m -"""
tut- 'r-'-
m the Human Mind, and the closure of
4.11 int. 11U.I...4. .... , I
1WA young niau has Wen arrested and ! We will close by a quotation from His
committed ou the charge of having fired own lips "First east the beam out of
the Clerk's Ferry Uridge. If guilty, we j thine own eye, that thou mayst see more
wish him nothing worse than justice. j dearly the mote that is in thy brothers
II kniit CiirRCH, Ksq"j Member of the " ?.a ga
inst Legislature from Cumberland county, j Intelligence has reached England that
was re-elected on Tuesday last, and died j the Chamler of Deputies, at Km Janiero
. ... . . v ir ' . .... .1 . . rr
the dav following, t cilnexlay. now :
vain are buinan 'houorb how empty are 1
. . 1, .
bumnu triumphs .
NEW r.sTAnLISII!LT. .or. ..osiau.
il. T.T
Raker is now opening a new Inig,Xotion, ! ,f pailllrd Thursday, the 14'h ol Novem
Tai.cy and Variety tnre, at the late Tost r t fa bcrvcd in that State 0s a day
Offi'-c si'ind A lxrtiff njeut nest wk (m gcocial thanksgiving.
What art W (toning to ?
The Danville Intelligencer of last Fri
day, says a no! signed " Lucifer" had
been picked top in a public part of that
borough, stating thit the town would be
fired on "nest Tuesday night," (lt
night, the 15c'h inst.) The Intelligencer
very prorly advises their citizen to keep
vi'iiiant look out for the scoundrels.
We understand from a private letter re
ceived in town, that a similar note was
lately found in the streets of Columbia,
IV, threatening to burn llerr's Hotel
and Ilaldeman's Store; but a careful
watch was kept, aud the designs of the
miscreants frustrated, at least for the pres
ent. Sinco the above was in type we learn
that soin loose straw near the "table of uod aud speeds its way from world to
one of our citizens was set on fire on last . world. No one possessing the least iinag
Monday afternoon, but after burning over ination, ran for any length of time give
a space about a yard square, was fortunate- himself up to the contemplation of the stil
ly discovered and extinguished. J pendous mechanism of the heavens without
. . " - - i becoming wrapt in wonder and amazement:
It?" Last evening as two persons driving , . . . .. . . . A , , ,
, , , e , , ,c language itself fulls to depict, adequately,
a horse and buggy attempted to pass the , . , ... - ,'
,. , , ... 1 1 . the glorious scenes Which break in upon his
lines or the military encampment near 1 ..... .
m;i i. j .i . ,. astonished vis.on.
bayonet though the neck of the horse,
badly wounding but not killing it. The
horse Wlonged to the livery stable of .Mr.
Hess, iu this place.
JKi-Tlicrc is great excitement at Ha
vanna, in anticicipatioii of another inva
sion from the U. S.
&arThaiiks, to " W. II. C." for a copy
of the" California Courier" (for steamers)
of .N-pt. 1st. ii.
9CiPKn aud apples waut.sl. En
(jviire at this office.
faji-JIembers of the Uar, in thi neigh
borhood at least, will rend tho following
reminiscence with a decided relish. Itich
additions, we doubt not, could easily be
made to this catalogue of phrases, and wc
suggest to our brother ' limbs' Cooper,
of the Danville " Democrat," pro tun.,
Masser, of the Sunbury " American," and
Weaver, and Freeze, of the lWooimburg
" Star," and " Democrat," for instance
to bring forth from their field of observa
tion 4 things both new and old,' to garnish
this novel chapter of American Law Lite
rature. Fur the Letvitburg Chronicle.
Union County Bar, 25 Years Ago.
l?y publishing the following extracts
from a loo piece of paper found on the
Counsel Table at New IJerlin at September
Term, (the work no doubt of some
briefless limb of the law) you will biin'
to mind the tufioritii.i of the men !
that day ; a number of whom have since
been admitted to the practice of another
bar. L.
" 1 do think and I do say, gentlemen
of the jury." Latltrll.
" According to the perpendicular line
of truth and justice." lllhi.
" It is not in the power of mortal man,
to have a particle of doubt about it."
(j retiKiunh
-j I
" But this is of unearthly consequence, j
if tho court please." .S' lnr. j
" I'nder the r)ntut of hov and crv."
" The gentle, liuiiiane, and wild spirit
which is diffused through the penal cod';
of IVunsvlvania." JLVi,
"Hiituph! the gentlemen arc marvel
ous, ivittv : r.ri'c.
" Yes stop well let us sec stop
there's come, let us have it down iu
writing." Fr'i:
'1 here is no evidence in the wide
world to suplrt it." Yanhorn.
41 It is no such matter." Ihniul.
" I fancy." Joi-.l.m.
" Hem! the big man gets up, and the
little man gets up, and they try to carry
their cause by a kind of mechanical oper
ation." Mmr.
" The creditors, at the time of this
transaction, had no existence." Ellis.
To the l'utili-her of the Leu-isburg Clironicle .-
I noticed an article in a paper emana
ting from a press in a neighboring Iloro',
professedly devoted to Temperance
which the writer would do well to exercise
in governing himself, and in the words of
one of its most able advocates let him lcaru
to 1 "temperately teuijieratc and consist
ently consistent," particularly on the sub-
:..4 ..e - , 1,;..1 w,n n In. tli. tn.
J y. e - ,
vcrmnz spirit ol ins pen. it apparent. t
is not so lunch bis object to promote teni-
o luncu ins ol'jccr. 10 promote teiu- j ins nearcrs. x.vcry nic .ij.jH-.m-u
, as to injure individuals, and a and benefitted ; at peace with himself and
house, in order to reach which he I the "rest of mankind" in the pleasing re
. .h. ...nst able and worthy i flection that he had spent his tune and
public h
assails one of the most able and worthy
supporters of the temperance cause, IV.
Morron, because he stops at the Washing
ton Hotel. T. I. Kline. Proprietor. This
is one of the best stopping plat es of the
day clean and pleasant rooms, a table of i
.... 1 ... ,- .I,... I
the first stamp, and every attention that
. ." , , , i
heart can desire; Mid no person would ,
. ... 1 i 1. 1 ...... 4. ..1 1
fc , , a ace as a , cs!sttH,
- ,
i if- 4 i . . 1 r
.'blessed Savior sat down with publican
, . ... ,' , .
n1l Littm.rd n-Iiuli Ti-fie thr. nrilv i inr,i, liw '
-1 i 1 ' '-'v " t- .
ciii'inies were able to brins atrainst him.
liau con e to me rt-soiuuoii mat me iraiuc
in slates was piracy, and that therefore
the most stringent steps would he taken lo
r. ..rr: .
put an end to tbe inhuman trvffio.
.. . f . Caroi;.,. t.H,
For the Lewisburg (Chronicle.
Dr. Horrtn's Lec trues.
Mr. Editor : The coarse of lectures re
cently delivered by Dr. Morron on the
science of the stars, Las been one of
surpassing interest, and it is but sclddui
that the good people of our place are fa -
vored with such a rich intellectual treat
or one which they seemed to relish as well.
Although entirely removed from the sphere
of the practical, yet the great truths, and
speculations of Astronomical science, when
once clearly presented never fail to awa
ken attention by their grandeur and nov
elty. Under their influence, the mind in
the intensity and rapidity of its conccp-
j tions breaking away from its moorings to
earth, sweeps out in the ocean universe of
I I Itrwl tl 9 ri.'li nn rioT'irti' if tlntlKrlit
aud expression, combined With the power
of clear and condensed mathematical
statement, the eloquent lecturer never fai
led to please and intere.-t. Crisping the
main points of his subject with a vigor
and boldness which showed him to be per
fectly at home; on every part of it, he
made them pass so vividly before the mind,
that one scarcely needed the aid of his
beautiful diagrams to render them visible
part of his uumcrou and intelligent -mdi
P!iL-f,:ii rvident from thefixedncs fatten
tion mil breathless stillness which prcvai-
led. Anxiety seemed to be depicted up
on every countenance, lest some important
thought might be lost and the enchanting
-pell broken. Even in the more difficult
trains of thought, amounting in many in-
,-tanees, to complete niatheinaticul dcmr.n-'
stra'ion, the hearer was enabled to follow !
him with comparative case, and the Ir.
, ,' ....
would ireqntmn, ly some happy Ulusti a-1
tion, throw a flood of light over what "r-
,,arcd dark and inoxplic:dde before. The
ease ana lac.lity w.tn wnie.1 lie grappieu
with that niod.ricultprollem of IMiysical
.VMronomy tac i rcce.-su.ii o. iac r..,u.-1
noses, was tons both a matter of surprise
and delight, showing by the simple ilius-, n hox which moves onrollers. the whole
tration of a wheel floating upon a smooth ! drawn upon an inclined plane by a station-,-urfacc
of water, how the attracting power j rv engino.-TI.e new plan was tri. rl last
, , , . ,. , ! week, and three boats drawn up in us
of the .sun and moon acting oMioucIv up- ., r .
1 - 1 , than five minutes,
on the accumulated matter within the tro- .
rve.l to -wiv the avis f the earth'
neu 10 . way ine axis i u c tano
Inn lv from its oii"ii al uo-it:oii i
. .y i. ... . . i . . . . i
Hut it was when t.ie speaker expatiated ,
upou tho beauty, stability, and vastnessof
Jehovah's Empire that the audience most
felt his power. Out of the apparent con-1
lUMOl. a.Ht ii reuia. o n i.u: i.ociui .iii.
sky, order and harmony arose ; in
i lie i
.. -.1 . ..r i j ..l l 4. .,!..
o.m " " a..e.i t.-uu..gw .. r"'-:i.(:v.
tions of our f.wn "island cluster," which
appear to mark ts decay aud hnal dissolu-
. . t
ton, a scries of checks and balauces ul
tains, by which all these fluctuations are:
seen to return unon theinseltcs, and thus
is its permanency secured. 1 u the mighty
periods required for the completion of these
results, time dwindles to a i.oiut, an
eternitv closes around us.
AVhilc one may well stand amazed at
the achievement of the human intellect
bv which such vast fields for investigation ;
, i i 4 1
have been opened un, yet we coulit not ;
- - - in
surpress ine inougut mat in.ui .
his boasted attainments, is still nut enter-
mg the estibulc ot tn.it nugniuu ut :
, , . .1 ii- ,i:..4 1 ,
temple, winch the JMinc Arcinutt J as
reared for the contemplation ot his lutein-!
creatures. In a splendid peroration at the
close of the last lecture, the Ir. while dc-;
scanting upon the immensity of creation, :
recited with striking effect the Dream j
the thermal! poet, of his fancid flight with
his angel guide through the regions of in-,
I fillity. !
M c could wish that space would permit
11 .
us to follow the Dr. more minutely through
the line of his invr-tirations, and recall a j
f,.- ,f tl.o nvmv hriM.t tl.in"s with which
- j - - -
ne was couMauuj mo""o
his hearers. Every enc appeared pleased
nionev profitably. We wish the Dr. abun-
.butt -success iu bis arduous and philan-
thropic labor.', and sincerely hope that
11110j.11. 1,10 . 4
these lectures may tend to create a t;,ste
in the minds of our eitizer.3 generally but
especially among tha yoy.ihs of our toyn,
for the acoTisiiioii of useful scientific
1 v ,
kno;vlcure. It sueb .-nould prove the hap-
. u li;iv.. ,lo .t,(i)in to rc.
. .
ct th, b.u
f visit of Ir. Morron.
I'.t.sburg, v.i. uuy ine omcai re-
.. e I,
lurus irotti t.urioti cou..i, e i.itiii uiai
Myers has been elected State Senator, by
79 majority- The election of John I.
Walker. (Whig,) for Congress, is doubtful
in the XXIII district. The western coun
ties give heavy majorities for ihe amend
ment of the Constitution.
Detroit, Oct. 14- Some farther attempts
have lRy made to cnolure a numlier of
fu-'iiive slaves.nnd serious results are likely
" . . : . , , , .
to follow. The authorities are using every
! precaution to suppress all attempts of res
cue. The jail is well guarded ny ine mil
Elisha C. Thomson, Volun'eer candi
date for District Attorney, elected, by a
small majority, over Weaver, (Dem.) in
Columbia county, and John Stahley, (Re
I e-j Whig) for County Cominbsioncr.
TfcRRiBLfc Collision at Sea. Twen
ty four Lives ! The steamer South
erner, Captain Berry, from Charleston,
arrived at NTew York, on Friday afternoon,
i reports that at 2 o'clock on the morning of
t,e same day, in lat. 38 39, in 22 fathoms
0f wnlert he descried the bark Isaac
! MeaJf w,icn eft New York for Savan-
nah, on Thursday, on her larboard bow,
very near. She immediately stopped and
backed the engine, but too late to prevent
a collision. The forward part of the bark
was struck, splitting the bows entirely
open, and in less than five minute she
went down with fifteen passengcrs'and nine
of the crew. The Southerner lay by the
spot, with three of Frances' life bonts, and
were enabled to save two passengers and
seven of the crew.
'The fsauc Mead had a ery valuable
frei"rrt for Savannahirnnd the interior.
The damage tn the Southerner was incon
siderable notwithstanding the violence of
the concussion.
The captain'of the Southerner soys he
had three lights. A white light cn the
nia-.t-hcod, a red light on the starboard
paddle bos, and a blue light on the larboard
which can be seen ten miles. The bark
saw the Steamer first and put helm to
starhoiird to cross the Southerner suppos
ing she was standing in.
Earthquake at Cleveland. A very sen
sihle sliockof an earthquake was felt at i
Cleveland, Ohio, on the 1st inst., twenty-1
five minutes past five o'clock. The moil
ing wo very clear, with the cc?;tion of
conciis-ion was so violent mat 11 prouuroi
hrrin-a-d ntilin-.-of tl c ir.d.m-, fur
niturc ai.d crockery, ana a vciy scnsio.e
... ....... 1
. . mi.
trenibiing eoulU Ie tell ny one ho stood
upon the "round. In Euclid, about cii'ht
tniies east, the shock was sufficiently vio
lent to thro- crockery from the shelf.
Aliens, who have h en iii-e .V'r
tLu United States, and who did not arrive
under tiehlcen year$ of ne, in order in
t,e iualinRd lo nI ,r,,, 1 'cientmi i - ...,
i Election in 1812. they mu-t declare llair, grapes in hi- garden, (he called the Berki
jnlen,:on ,0 i,e(.ollle riaMrni2f( on or be-I ennnt v grape,) and which be not on! v
fore the evenih day of the month of N I si(OU,;j 111Ci but ccmpellcd me total of
vrT), er, 1.50. otherwise ,.,, ui.. U,.,e ,he j, hpn) anJ ,nke fme lunche homP.
; privuegc . , m rs . u,M o, t ..mo...
j sl)rPrre(,t.j fl ,.
Monk,anc cami Canada West, by an in-
't.ii,.d pai:P. The boats are floated int..
h Prire of a Men. C'.tlO has been,
. ,, , .. .. . . 1
pain lor n nen in iinssacnuscii, wncre nir
poultry fcter has been racing f" long
lim( ,( cn,,p(1 jhp w j, ul.nu- ,,,,.
hi ni he .rvij,.ncc Joura .ecom-
,m.,irJs that she should be named the jenny
i ! Minor kifiTTtiuf npriiimi a i i i rti& .n
I-.I ..I , . W '
,. )nj ..l, j ,i, .. r ..... .
I he 23d till., nnd IS ihe CUfSt Of tllU lit.
t. ,..-.. V. . .
uisnop M-ndricK. lie nas pit on the
plediie to over a rpiarter of a million since
"p nas ,)Cen ,n our country, nno in Aevv
Orleans nlone to IT 000.
"ritans nione in ij.uuo.
" wi iilt;i4tll
Prepare for Winter.
Tl,.. . i. ,.. i. .1 . ,i. r.n . ..
, . luv imu, ui uiiIK m tnc him .i
Cvcrv farmer, to render all comfortable
i'nroul!h the win'er. Sheds need renairin?.
' "
or new ones siiouic De uuiit. Apples, po-
taioes, and garden vegetables need at ten-:
(l0n. IT not already secured from frost,;
l. . i i . '
no time ought to be lo.-t in protecting them
from the same. Hank up the cellar, have .
rmj supply of fire wood under cover, j
nnrJ -cethat all stables and yards are ready j
fr UjC. Remember that to a considerable j
Hejpe, warm shelter for domestic animals j
;s equivalent to food. If exposed to storms !
,) seVere cold, they will need thirty per
rpiil mora fornr In rnrrv thpm witl thro' '
I j
itid May, than they will if properly housed
! ,., , .... . . r. . I
. .. , . ...
can be all saved and turned to a valuable
account next season
By all means keep
your dung heaps under shelter, that they
may lose nothing by leaching Cattle,
horses.hogs and thtep are most profitable, j
when one is sure that he saves from the
possibility of loss all th! matter voided bv I
possibility of loss all th" matter voided by
them in the course of the full and w inter.
,i1Rm ; ,u r.i.- r.... .j
in,. e , . , I
1 i ho excretions formed by the consume-1
I . , , , , , , '1
"u" l" - l"
, wW llUUUltM auu im v it
10 hundred pounds to the corn, oat or ,
hay crop of ihe next year, if skillfully j
managed. The first thing is to save and '
I make ail the manure one reasonably can.
and then study to obtain the largest practi
cal gain Irom this raw material applied to
the soil. Not a j ear passes in which fer
tilizers worth several millions are not
ttasted in the United fe:ates. 1 h.nk ol ,
these immense losses, and set a better ex- j
ample to your brother farmers. Demon-
strate to them thai you save every pmin I !
ofdun' and urine that al!s in vonr ,
. . w . . .... . . '
...... 0 ,.. , ' I
varus ana hcius.
Make provision for watering stock con-1
veniently if your premises lack in that re.
While preparing (or winter, forget not
10 add a few choice books to your agricul
tural library, for the w hole family to read
rtne wnoic lamity to read
and improve in
,l ., - 1- , . , ,
nu improve in useiui Knowledge. Hud-
1 son Ihmorral.
Union Counly ct. 8, 1S0 lacial.
DISTRICTS. o ? 5 1 -5 Ha!? 1? ? 3
5 o o .
Canal Commissioner!
Joshua Dungan, Whig
Wm. T. Morison, Dem.
Auditor General
Henry W. Snyder, Whig
Ephraim Banks, Dem.
Surveyor General
Joseph llenderson'Whig
J. Porter Urawley, Dem.
lames Armstrong, Whig
James Gamble, Dem.
Col. Eli Siifer, Whig
John M. I'auin, Dem.
James Madden, Temp.
Jacob Hau, Jr., Whig
Dr. Jos. Kvster, Vol.W.
208 160 113
33 2d 69
208 143 113
30 34 57
207 156 110
32 25 55
208 159 114
33 27 60
209 158 114
28 26 41
4 0 18
67 55 114
150 130 61
County Commis'ner
Grure Ileimbach.Whig
Serfi Shoch. Vol. fTcm.
Dr. Jacob llorlacher.Vol.
County Surveyor
Itolcrt O.II.llayes.Whig
Henry Motz, Vol. Dem.
For the Amendment
153 117
74 37
10 31
l-6 14 121
49 33 46
170 84 102
47 51 fa
1 Against the Amendment
The rema nder of the regular Whig Ticket Ueorge Mill, esq., lor rrosecuung Attorney ; jmes w weigm ana uenry a.
Sanders, for Auditors ; and Messrs. Boop. Wnlson, and Sheckler for Trustees elected with little or no opposition.
Fur the Ltu-hburg Chronicle.
Grapes and Peaches,
j 1
' yr notice of scvtrnl good peaches
t vrn wrtfi'ivpn ni-fi u 1 rn pverw liiriiirr
' r,n.,lLt rtm. i hnvp f,p trinrt pt tli mvsiVf-
r-.-- - c- f- ,
i n"w 51 c " here I have missed it, and 1
uoulil advise ail younj; larmers to ntant on
kinds of fruit as soon as they begin lor
A short tin,e since I v d Dr. Ib-tten-
stine. at Shamo kin Dam, and it would have
-lone vou cod to ste the fall vim s of
U wou!j say ,0 ai, ,,an, p rapes, as the
' ,r. hlis d ,ne, nnd ou will enjoy aplenty
i ( the fruit of tour labor. The Dr. moved
, ... lh" Mlme ..... i hs0 C(jm.
menccd, (182l,l but I now see where 1
missid it, for it is 30 years before I begin
to rai-e the grape.
Ooe thing more I must le!I you the Dr.
I ,1... f I, .. 1 1 ! 1. . .
-.. thp not of h eh he hro.in 1,1 n IM
- -
: from old Berks and planted in honor of
; (.(,n Jll(.ks()n. j. is a splendid tree, and
! th:s . ,.ar bore for the fir.-t time, and one
j f jls firsl nuts ,hc Dr. han(k.d mPt which
, , in my jn honof of
1.1 I, 1 llflY "I, I. I
: i no iir nnn fun iwm rraiu" ruru, iru,
I A.rnin T mlvi-cnll to r.t:m! Fruit Trpp
I " -
! anj Kmn,n , our 0J fnend,
! . rj ' pARMi;R
n,l(r.i r.. l,
I ountain HiH, bast Hutlalo, Oet. 12.
Sowing Corn for Fodder.
Extract from a let't r lo ihe publisher of
the Lewisburg Chronicle, from
Franklin, Del. Co., N. Y.
I nm now, instead of i Yankee
, ork State soil inslead ol ihe nun.Is of
I n i w.. J f...
, i pnnst ivB.iiB un:.ims. ncuu uui ui.u
I on xvmncivotv here as the Inrmers in I.'ni-
! on rni.ntv lu : hut we trv to do thlnss in
the right way. e hate anew plan ol
raisin" fodder forcattle in thiscounty, w hich
never saw in Penn a. It is to sow corn
. .. .... .
broadcast. Sow three bushels to the acre
on tolerable cood land, and a lar
erabgoodlanrj, and a .arge crop
, them for troub,e-from three to four
tons of good fodder is thus raised per acre,
Perhaps this plan would be of some interest
to farmers in Union and adjoining counties
ho take your valuable paper J nnd should
vou think it worthy, vou are at bbert? to
.nnv if M T
, n ,
Advantages of Dkillimo Whfat.
Tho advantas claimed for drill culture,
in the Transactions of the New York Ag
ricultural Society, are as follows :
1. A Saving of Seed. Five pecks of
wheat drilled in is equal to two bushels
sowed broadcast ; every kernel is neo'ly
. . ..."
M"n8 01 Any person
that can manage a team can comp'ete, in
, . . , . r..
the neatest manner, from ten lo fifteen
acres per day.
3. An Increase of Crop. Small ridjes
of earth are leftbetween the rows of wheat,
tl.i:h, by the action of the frost, slides
t'o vnand covers the roots, thereby pre
vention winter killing.'' Light and h- at
arc admitted between the rows and prevent
inj iry l.y rust. A vigorous growth is
I civen to the vounc nlanl. and its nnsilion
in 11 utniA' i 11 1 1 v iiitii.si iiiiif-tr. iirt't'iiii in-
. .. ' ,
The Town Council of Northumberland
Ur"J "P n'bt watch, and offer a reward
of 8100 for Ihe detection of the incendiary
or incendiaries who are sunnosod to infest
or incendiaries who are supposed to infest
that Horough.
The Repeal Ticket in Columbia and
Montour had 2 to 400 mj. Col. V. Best
had 710 votes, and Mr. Duckalew only 2,
in Danville.
Baltimore, Oct. 14. The New Orleans
.nPr, of the 6th inst.. announce iherW
6th inst., annou
e of the Centenn
r t - - -
truction by fire orthe t entennary Colletre.
in that ci'v. Loss 520,000.
62 125 69 97 206 98 172 81 51
63 75 26 103 106 17 121 57 54
58 120 65 98 195 98 178 78 49
64 71 23 103 107 17 116 55 50
58 123 66 95 193 97 171 81 50
03 70 22 104 lOl If 94 56 52
64 129 71 95 206 99 186 P2 49
C2 74 25 107 110 16 119 59 56
68 124 67 95 201 97 248 81 52
58 71 17 107 94 9 34 55 53
2 0 G . 1 16 6 26 2 0
49 113 61 84 190 93 160 51 31
76 90 31 118 122 23 136 83 74
53 116 50 87 129 93 112 49 30
68 80 35 102 143 14 64 77 58
8 6 5 13 27 4 105 12 13
91 101 10C 53 30 203101 157 91 39
45 29 88 40 17? 92 12 90 46 63
30 60 123 9 84 114 60 178 16 36
67 52 50 34 101 134 11 46111 47
Frum the American Agriculturitt.
Raising Potatoes front the Ball.
fine, rich earth in a box id the house,
kettr iiit-111 iiiirrc uiiii 111c &utn u uiitr.
' . . .t... AriAn al. 1 ,, n. lmjp,
n.i inna 1 1 v in the onen a r. out not under
, ,
g'n-, m I haJ not prepared :he means to
lorce ttiem, wrucii l ininK wnoum oe oesi-
rable lo ain lime and size. 1 then, June
Kith, planted them in the open ground. 1
protect the vines the first year from fros..
to obt-iin n longer season until the 1st of
N ivember. On digging them, I found
. ? , ,
son.e as large as hens eggs, the largest
portion smn'der. They produced seven
varieties such as I now give you:-One
,ike ,he Eng.i.h red, ,o like long and
round pink ne one hke the pinkeyes,
but no red in the eye , one like the dark
purple ; one like the blue ; and one like
Ib()v r, 0!,c, 0f UriIf, sl2. The second
jear, 1S48, 1 planted the seed raised, like
other potutoes, hut in rich earth, but did
not protect ihem in the fall to increase the
growth. The vines were killed before
llmv upm on.irwlt, mnturp I fill f Vi m
i ,
the 20th of October, when thev were the
usual size of potatoes. This year, the
vims were kil'ed by the frost as early as
the 2d of October, when ihey were green
and growin2 vigorously, and I believe
lh(,y wo(jIJ ife .fhey
dug on the 1 0th of October. One weighed
lib. 10 oz. ; twelve others, 12 lb. 10 oz.
The long potatoes are more mealy tit one
end thanthe other, which shows they hate
Dot their full growth. I do not know Ihe
kind of potato from which the seed frt,m
the ball was obtained.
The land, half an acre, was a pasture j
, . . , . e i IS4 ,
plowed otice. 1st of May, IMS; carried
on eijiht loads manure Irom the cow stalls.
andciuht loads of leached ashes, spread
, , . . ,, , .
even, then drasuea it well, planted
. M IPth had ond cron
' . . .. r
ih. Ii I Br-r.. n nw4-rl . n (tin Uhi.i
. j j j
Oi, pioweo, oraggea, ann
. j .l- l.-
(nuiiieu i.ik nun acre wnnoui out
The i
i soil is fine sandy loam, land foiling,
very menow. i ne lonowing is me expense
.r .i,;.,n . m.:., t;it: ,k-
01 c,llllvnlr' tOWing Sna tilling the
,,t .a.n..Mj i.u, an.
p,Bnilgi , hoeif)g 80 . d;
jn cost aboul 3 ; n30, half n barrel of
p ' ' ' , . i
plaster, w hen up, $1, making the whole r Nrw York. r., 1 haw hn , STra rafrr wna
expense, 10. I am confident that the half tSK,bb,,
acre will yield at least 230 bushels, which. ZZ'Jt tJZ""'' 1 w
at four shillings the bushel, is $115 From uch teiimony weakfcs'j3bl:tio)uJj
Expense of cultivation, 10 fo1'heo'lvea.
Which leaves a balance of SlOa r .''"r'! a''-L
" vr. Ayrr nrar Sir: F.ir two yarV I aa afflirt.J wlta
I am confident l could easily sell ihe do- t;''7 -ompaii ,tirtmt r M"oi
j t nJ (,rofujw n lirht lreat. B tin- a.lTi,v nf m attrixlir.f
tatoes for the above sum, which would be Ph-ri'ri" iainaucrd jmciii kKv iwrokAk
. mntinumt to do m. till I on-i.lrroj aiTarir enraa.
the nice sum of $210 per ntre. for use of nJ aamb o en-t to oor prparti.,n.
, , , . , . JAVKS RAXPALI.
land and sn ail capital invested. nnnti. . .nnomu. o. n. nu.
.... - .. . Thia day appear,-.! thr ahnTr namrd John Randall, anj
J he ,0!, owing particulars, I Consider to Pronouncml Uie abort natun-nt tm in frrry rrfoact.
... lair(su nMTnt t.iitiaa
be important ,n the cnltiyation of potatoes: TAe Remedy that Cures.
I plowed the land six inches deep ; planted ivrrwxr.. su- Jan. 10, imt.
. . ., . . 1 Dr. liar: I hare ton king aJllirtrd with Aitama wh.ee
the potatoes three inches deep, leaving the rtcw arir wore ntu hut autunn. tt hrowaht on a
hills level with the earth, nd I planted T&JZZeltSZgLiTJ
the rows three fee: Bjiart, and the hills two IT, X&ttZSX2Z
feel from the centre to centre making 44
hills to the square rod. which gives 7,480 .A'.Xtrt:
hills per acre. Allowing 14 hills for a puWl
bushel, (as some of mine yielded.) gives Bi
500 bushels to the acre. I rally believe J H Caslow. Milton ; Iaaac Cerbart, Selinagroie,
that if 1 had seed from the bulls sufficient nJ b7 D'fgiu gene. ally.
to have Dlanted an acre, and ruliiwmori
them, as I did what I planted, they would
have produced at least S00 bushels this
season. My land is now mellow : did not
plow between the rows, but hoed the weeds
up, icaving the hiUs nearly cye, whh ,he
top of ihe ground until the potatoes grew
and then raised the hills above the level,
lhe usua, wa of .,owin- d '
.. . , ' . T
" " corn or po.a.oes is .
bad practice, especially in dry seasons ;
small cultivator is much preferable. A'.
Y. Stale Transaction.
Aaron Kiliaji.
Mexico, Oswego Co., 1849.
The Whigs have elected Mr. Jerome,
M.mr f Rii.;- v- -r,
" "iwui tvv maiwr
IV. tie Democratic
56 77 202
39 54 257
53 66 208
68 63 240
49 76 191
88 51 236
57 65 197
94 68 270
51 61 199
70 54 215
18 17 32
63 44 94
82 89 350
36 32 145
65 6t 245
42 39 56
69 107 116
64 91 72
2250, 780
2173 729
21961 818
94 101
87 74
69 100 114
64 76 62
69 111 113
65 89 73
67 1C6 118
64 79 67
1 20 1
64 77 58
68 125 130
89)2257, 750
68 j 1507'
91 2292 1070
55 j 1222:
I ' 2021
1 j
8" j 1616:
58:2092' 476
57 66
64 U'3
12 14
82 : 103.
53 ' 1552
10) 474:
92 51 133 24 87 20 103)1912 24
50 73 315 111 100 171 40 ! 1669;
37 42 122 66 20 21 SliUSC 27
76 69 159 56 135 109 34 j 1424,
Mrs.Grten, with her seven dvuiitcrf.
are making ascensions in a balloon, near
so ils.
n.ivi nu .".hj.i 1 i v . -
. i ....
A grt Uvt'iii curer. prpim from Kt,nt
or the fcunh tomach of the Ox. after dircvtinr
,, . 7i - "i 7 ; '
ji,jwi,,u.' Thu w a truly woulrrful mncilj
for imli;eiiin. i)yp; pia. jaundice. roiiiiaiiD,
jire. See Atfrrrtiivmrnt in at.oihrr columD.
i.. i u u.. m n Vo 1 1 vh r,..t,.k v.
III POIITAXT i thore bing impuritm
of he Uuj.UKAM-S PURIKVI.U E.-
TRACT, the niot Koudeiful Puiifier in ih
""ld- Pu' P'" 'J"?"?-
trn lo day. l..n,rr th.n H.mrill. Ur
Thornton Bake,, .genu, L..t.,8. ;;n.3i
Far lb Care
IX ollerine l ommunitv this jiwtl; ccla-'
bratnl rrim-dy fur J.i.ra-rs of ihr thniai aruf
luii!, it i not our irb lo tiille with tha iivra or
hfahb of thp afiiiclrd. but Iranklv to lav befora
them (he niiiniooa of ilii-!irguih'd mm, anil.
me of lh' "fr ot j" 'ufc fr,? mhkh
thfj can judge for ihemai-lv.a. e pleilga our-
trUn to make no "ild aertiona or falta atata-
n''1 of i1 efficacy, nor .U bold out an
nope to auffrrins humanity which beta will not
Many noun are here girn. and we aolieit aa
"-juiry from the public into alt we pubhab. ms
hit ataurrd Ibey will find ihem perfectly reliable
i..T .u . . .
,nd ,,.,..
.. . . . ..
rmt. V Irartlanri. uT Bowdinn Coll, ire. Maine.
l' innwi thrfiVrt. or r,.ur-t lilkHt
feitoral" in bitos family m.l that trf air rnuj.
.! it prm-a nv atwfartina to ntur tiua no I
haTervr knnn hai. prottil ao rminrntly fuccaatini at'
'rit, That ha nDnd.-r thkurt PEoronAi 1
i r.irj iu i n u
10 k"T th " month.. .th a nm. a.mr
nui;u. m'iiijiiH-a dt mn.ne or Momi. athl
""' ' ' ..
Frfk......ll. ".-....
" I 4IIII-
In Lewisburg, 9th inst.. by Rev. Jolrr
Guter, William Geen, of Jersey Shore,
and Miss Elissa Shri.nel, of White Deer.
On the 8th inl. by Eld J.Adams, Cur's
Srior-E. of Bo-gs Tp.. and Miss Kewxc
An IIoves, of Half Moon.
Dll.lt :
In Lewisburg, llih inst., a son of Ann
nd Henry Myers, aged about 6 months.
In Bellefonte. 29th ult., in her (Mh )far
Mart, wife of Wm.C. Welch, Esq.
In Northumberland, 2d inst. in her?J'h
year, Hannah, relict of late Rev. Ja's Kay.
In Sunhurv. 10th inl nrl W,nt 4".
years, Edward Otster, formerly Reg-
neenruer oi ivorinumoerianri coontV

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