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Foreign News.
' 7
M. 11-A. M.
r Euro,, arrived
; nu.mmn sh..
" morning- ww
.. ..
II Korfe. IM. 11
The royal K3 WP
Vre alter nine o'clock tiiis
.' .1 .J 1 .l. iLm ii,,w,,
" "
l,v the Atlantic.
The political nes nf the past meek is
fi m n r
The President of the French R-public.
.1 tms, is not y-t done boJtday-artaking.
lie has been reviewing the troops on the
plain of Sartoro, nt Versailles. This w
Mtid i" be in bonor of the Nepaulese am-
bassador. It was a splendid military dis-
Advices from Madri dare to
the 20' h.
They contradict ihe statement that Lord
..... 1. r j . 1 .1
nowoen aaa recanuy reiuseo 10 nine hi
ihe French Imbassador. A second in-
rita'i in not having been 'en' Ins Lordship
Ii the reason why he di I not accept ihe
i di; .rnce from Barcelona lo Valencia
'isd fuilen over a n eipice near Xapeso,
!y which fourteen passingtrs, the j;uurd,
postillion, ami horses were killed.
German) .
Frankfort, Sept. 21.- The Diet. The
Federal Council has declared that Ihe re-
lual l vote the 'axi's in Hesse Cassel is
rantrary to the federal compact, Md has j
jii., 1 ,t ,..,... , , . 1
ilLlUIUllli 1 - u .1 iiuuc wc i;vj .( I llllll III Ml
rn":f ti their collection and to overcome
any resistance that may he opposed to i:
by a constitutional method. In case it is
iinsuece.sslul, then the governments r.
Hanover and Wurtemberg, or, according
In other aceoun's, Han irer, Bavaria and
Scbovenbargfpfjo, are charged to enter
llesc in aid of the Elector, and lo enforce
he staye of seige ne.-nrdini to the erdi-
nance of the 7th September. All employ-
res of the Court of the E'etnr, have re-
-1 ned order t repmr, before th- 16 h ol
1 fetnher, to Will elnubad.
Ye,tef!ay, at Frankfort, the Permanent
t ' immi-sioner of ihe Stale resolved to
'ring to trial M ijor Genl Scbjmber and
lurgurrr.astT Mnrkenmrdt, for violating
li e constitution in acting in the execution
I the
ordinance n
ih Sent.
Berlin. Sept. It is reported that the
I russ an 'overnmpnl :ir, in allh I In- '
Mile ihe ' V
consplicationsof llesise CassH by .r,s ..I j
in BTWiratlun iriouuai, eonis'iug ol Hin t-
members of the Permanent Conunission f
the S:a:e.
Sept. 24 A eourl of as-ises, at vVei
nier, has condemned the advocate M. Von
v'i heily for the loss of the National (Jorade.
The deprivation ofhisoffi -e, a fine ol si no,
:helaw exienses, and finally to the penally
: f Jeath. for having excited his (eUow-citi'
en to take up arms against the royal au
'ihority, and committing hili treason at
Horn Cassel.
Ilolsiine Kiel, Sept. 'J. The Gnauce
committee of :he assembly bold lonj; sit
tings every day, and, in onler to defray
the State expenses, thev have resolved lo
propose a forced loan on property. The
A'sembly is to consider ibis next week,
nn I adjourn.
Mecklenburg. Sohae-in, Septemlx r
21, 1b5". The government having been
it I r . I j c I
wovnaeo ot me pnijecwu meeiu.g oi me
j. ,: r in I .
J r :
ilara fn i. ri.hil.it lh ,1,.,, astern .'in,, In i
Heliberate in their quality ol nationnl ren-
1 i
resentatives. Magistrates Dave aiinoaucpd
f.ne:r iBlcaiioa of obei ins these orders, and l
it is feared a serious collision will lake
t'lace nn Tue.sdav if the members persist.
The municipal council of Schwe5in have
adopted a resolution calling on the magis
trates not to disturb the deputies in the ex
ercise of their functions, but lo act in sup
nort of the constitution.
The Markets.
, , Mi. ti
LivtrrMioi v 1 1 1 1 in ..iiirni't- i in: luiiuii
trado early in the week was aclive, but
closed with dullness this afternoon. The
accounts hv tho America, corrohorativc of
those brought hy !he Ail.uiiic, causeil the
market to advaooe fully , hut tlie spec-
blatiaai drmaaiil kaarinai f illon n(T tiriros
jianve aemarid aatring iniien on, prices
have receded, mid attnUlioBa this nreek arc
? I
tiearly similar to those last quoted. ,
... ,
it is aoaicej outi,tttiti aaantxa p ?acnea nave
been sold in New York the present season.
On Friday the number of baaJteta was
stated to brt 6.1,000, and on Saturday 51,-
000. Besides what came in baskets large
quantities are hawked about in wairt ns.
The Highstown Record stairs that the
peacll-arower in lhal vicillitv. lindillS that I
,l ...:n . ii - - .
their iruit mm not sell in Now tork at re-
muneratina nrires havp mmorl ihoir mu n
t A 1 s ' ,
t'on wevawaaaK i ivrcu v v .u. nave nt)W
a kiln in operatinn in that vilh..e. csnable ,
nfdrvingeo bushel, per dav.
e 1
j i- i :,,.',, i,t ,
m u been informed that
an old man. about one hundred years ol
age, reaiding in Fairfield, in this countv,
. ; . ' ... . . -J i
. ... , j I
I . A r.a .... . VI... nm H., m . I Ml.. I .... a
"iit.. ttti'i": . Lint vt , aJai.M...W an. tit m
few days since bv haneing himself with a
n et .
...,!.,., .. . . .... nt,. ll.9f.IIC ,11 III.: .lit.. . '
II. , m,,r-h ,;...j .1... d 'a. -- u.J '
permitted him to live so long, and thought
it was wrong and was very much troubled j
alioul ihe designs of Trovidence in thus pro
longing his life. He solved the mystery
by terminating it, at an ae reached by
very few. Herkimer Count Cour
The population of Milwaukie issct down
at 23,035 In the year 1834, she bad one
white inhabitant.
Culonel B. F. Sprague, of Eagle Prairie,
hac raiaed a cueumoer fife let and eleven
m -hn long.
I On Saturdav.eek, about 11 .'. !od:, a
I most destructive fire broke out at Carbon
dale, consuming two-th.rds 01 l"10" or
f u HUUISi Ma v , -
" "TT , ,, , c,
JJftJ. Ts.hcl"' bZ
. 1 i . i. " i -j i -i .
ii!(n slavers, having three hundred slaves
' j b
1 a
I Edward O Dale, Eq., of Philadelphia,
1 appointed 1 reasurer at roe u. o. Mini
i at that i.'aee, in the rnOrrt of Jahies Ross
Son den
In Iwenty-ooe counties of Pennsylvania
the Democrats bavo expressed their pre
ference for tien. Cass fur next President
(.en. Peter Skrn Smith has published a
card, in which be announces that (or the
future he will net with Ihe democrat
At Malraei, in Sweden, up to the 3lsi of
Anenst. 621 neraons were attacked wnh
cholera, ol whom lo'J had ti ed.
In Baltimore. on vVrdneday last, jus
!nMm T "T"" ruKr
he fi ll down dead.
, .. . ,
Six daily papers are published
j autjPi Wisconsin four in Bn
io in G. rman.
in Mi!
ish aii !
It is said that Jenny Lind receives on
an average, a hundred and twenty "egging
letters a dav.
Oorrecteei this Day.
. . f.O
. 50
. .UO
. ICM)
. loo
. . H
ilye . . . .
( 'om . . . .
Flaxseed . .
'ried Apph
llmter ....
Ari nppmite 11. 1'. SJutkri Slrr.
IflR liest ari l most ; proved Ct KLC,
SHI .'. OFFICE or I'ABLt I5 Stoves,
Ploughs, t'.istiriL', occ at low rate, by
:. . i. OKKOKtaaMim
Krrsli and Genuine Medicines
rpilE subscritier has
I additional supi I y
is just received an
ol Medicines, w;u-
r anted n the liest quality, also a general
assortment ol nil siie.'i articles as asuallj
ar- f un I in Drug Stores, all of winch be
oflers at the tones! cash prices.
D. TH RN rO.
10D LI VKR Oil
tins verv
V Ceiebraleu artlCii
for couab:
aaaa IOT
iht. i ih irn n in.
I ABD. Snfrm. and Linseed t ML
li sale bv )n. THORNTON.
IfJST received at "Forster's store,'' one
do r lvit of Kline's Hotel :
A ball Psortnient ol Full & Winter
Goods, soeh as t'loths, f '.issimores. &c,
it. Also, n vanity r. Ladies' Dress
(ioeds, --uch as Merinos, Silks, Cashmeres,
And also, a well selected assortn ent
Lewisburg, Oct. 9,1-50.
TttK BOOK nf Tin: .V.I7VO.V-
It fiillfn $ V5 D ffllfnV raiiUfiUP f I
For 1
Mits R.J. Hale, A L. A-Oodet, Editors.
American Writers wm4 Amfnean Artists American
F-ialiion 1'latcs.
rm ladi s ! r. i- isrs iM v at n ri r
He ;,, .r..,, v,.io. , ,. ranowae rw
11 poUli mtian M Um hi d -r aui-ti' aa naeazia -. Th.-
Mii.:i.ii,r in ..i.,ii,-,,.-. t,, it,,-, ui.ii,-,..:,,,. 1 . 1,,,.,,
" ' ' " ". "' ' "- i'e-ii a
t i. th.. aurnVlMv and .- .
At Urn adf iikIIw intu ww irMnm rewl, the nubllnbfT of
the tioot m
t" an aVatveti
. H-mnn tn kuliriefai poMible. Hv r-1. n n -
t-rti- in' iiT i.tti Ii-li-.1 nn the ron r ! IV "Is.
;i f - - t y i -i tins
.n abound in
.. W'f' d ihzz-dinl.. r.tgr.nin.and
i ritorra i ihti s.
It will Itaif :tn imaaiial 4MEEIOA FASHION PLATE
in h aaaaaar.
No la.ly mil nink" a .Ir.-Mt I. ttit nr wr.- r.-lin.-'l
latC ait'l aa ii tit. taakaaa, execpnaaj fn.m " M 0 J '. r. -
llaM l'aflii"liK."
will Is r. nt in ti. .1. hihI in t wary N... ill baoaBetalaj nt-w '
nirli Knlttlna, Netting. CrotrlaH, Pat. It VVork, Leather
Blhaail) ' heaill.-an.l l.:t.s' I'.. liar V..rk.(.:hil.lr"ii'- stt.i ln
rwit' Caatbea, Cava, Capea, twin tana, an in lit. t . rj
Untie thai a .ii pieaaa tit. ladie.
I Mini llil It lil.l KII'IS AMMn "II s 11 will aits.
yH. j-it,.,, ranlarlj
a ulZ
? "?fc wW ard ti for n.-ariy m
Jmmwa wmaajiwi taaw, ma ir.-,. piii i tar aawj inaRa-
BHMUu person, a- a rab rer tat the aasanasaaeat aad bsfbrai
ation f tbe Indies ! his own o-untrv.
F"r P"'1 enrourap-mt nt to American writer, H
u.,ufcl ,,, iM fhe mrl),r f ,.WJ flimil. , ,hl. Un,,. ,
t:i.'i-tu, I
Or aW lln .4aliMH llial kai uam aaili i iwai wallu .
''" M fceHilty ttw liaailaiawal aaat aaat Ktmparl r-
rit.' LV it".k ia th.- it an.l anat hi-iiiv prizri
waa,aiaa ..f tea Ma in un rotmtry
SeaAatea ' harari'
Mr. i;...hv is fvi.l. ntly in lli.- raa t.f tlie publiaheri t.f
hi? elaaaof aaiaaaaiMB. Tkaet, naaae.
it- aaanllfal aBMBaa4agsaa1 eaaaai Illaia. j all. r en
dear it tn the lr of every fauiily it risits. T niusw
Oog!l Lady's Bfc is r.'rtainlvont'nf the hantlson.est
' ami i-ompleteat puhlieatinns of the Kilel. in this t.r any
other aaaaatn . aaaeaa O&aerater.
It is api. n. lid, -uiK-rb. and oiiapprearhable I'hibtdi.
Bjawad -
It baa the most aupcrb emrr.einir, aa eMrtaaaataettet '
l.t - r.irv matter loan anv ..th. r mreaame in tn.'.orlu.
xrawu. ewe J rr ,
It should tte t
ble and appropriate e.nnpajii.ni for the ytmtbful laid inn.
cent litiuhl ll.nt.iHtr.'it. '
,,l"i'"r- Mr "t- ttviy -r niu. and CT..at t,.st.-.
tfk.la-.ah. JaBhUM taaaVanaaa
I. w -. ' . . . .
um - arorr .r taata ami ninrai. r rijoirc- mat a ma
MIatj , l.i .1 at aaton a. .Y.rlZa.
1 rtus-. :,..h , A.lvance 1'ostagc rata r
finale Nn. 2i eeota. '
tlBI tot-T. tltiP 1. .1 ... II
fifi T- v',r-
Two Crtpm. one rcv,
r IT.
ana an extra ropy to the rss.rat.n send- ;
Inatheelnherio. - - - - - . an I
Taterni win not be departed from i. any of tht- j
"li'Jr!" """V WKUio.'.nvt .v.. iTrr"
BwS. G. T.
4 NNOUNCKS to Ihe citizens of Lew
iisburg and vicinity, that he will be al
Kline's Washington Hoiia,'' on Friday
and Saturday of each week, where he ol
fers his services in giving private lessons
in Vocal and Instrumental Music, Thor
ough Bass, Counterpoint, and Composition.
Lewisburg, Oct. 5, 18S0.
vr T7 i- "WWC
I (r FANCY GOODS, DSl GS,dec.Ac.
, rTHE H -
I now a hi i . assortment ol
-f- .1 - - ,
Fane y Notions, ate., nl 1 ml be sold
'below the former price-. mr the "ready
j0Bn Davis."
Oct. ti
Hriisi. leH ine. !eml :Hs, Ifje-
Stulfs, O is, (ii.is, Perlumery,
Coideetionery di Faar Article.
Dr.Thorotoo rcturrs hi limn!. for the liiu-rjil
patronage which he has rereinl. and be au
the eoaaiBOBitv ibal everv atknUon Ii ill be pjul
t.i ihe compounding of v ictne. aii'l iti.tt i!l
llruis shall '. fully Uwtcd before ihey sie offered
fur .--.tie. r.utl srananted to be 1 are am! genuine.
! w Preeription4 given frre of cliarg.' :it llr.
Thornton Drug S are.
Remeoihei lo call l the il.l . 'an.l. fjrvt door
.1!' v,. th.- MauisMMh Store "f J. A J. Wall.
1)ERFUMRRY. Just received afresh
lot of ill kinds of Perfumery lor the
toilet and for9ale bv
A. II. Till L l'i .N" offers his
protessiooai service 1 1 me citizens
of Lewisburg and vicinity, in the various
branches of hi profession.
Residence Temperance II del.
Mfi -e Hiug Store, one door ab ivc the
Mammoth Store ol J. kV J. Wails.
Lewisburg, tel. I, 1830
Auditor's PJoi'ce.
NOTICE i- herrhy given, that
appointed by the Orphan ' Cc
I have been
ourl ! I ol 'ii
countv. la ditrioute the lialance in ih haiuK ol
Peter Koll, eiecu'or ol Pbte Uetc I i'o ol
K-1 1 v township. Union eoonly, li-c'l . to iin-.'
among the legatee nnder ill Ut will and lesta
arenl of -aiil deceased ; and lhal I w ill sit fn
thai purpoae at my office in the llorough of
lwUbu -. I'nion county, I'a.. on Friday, ihe
22d day at Navesnliei oext,af one u", ! ck, I. M.
, of ujiii'h ail iulerefted ni l I ike mnire.
(I i 6, 1830. II C. HICKOK. An litor. i
Orplians1 Cour Sale
i) u.
f an order of the p!
I'nion couniv. will In-
Id i!
I ibltc sale, on ihe premise in wniteueer
township, Union county. Pa., on
Friday the lt day d' Novem
ber next, the fivi ighths part, of a I lhal
certain messuage and tract of Inn I, situa
ted in Whiiedeer township. Union comity,
late the estate of Dan (Jalwell, dee'd.,
bounded by lands 'l Henry High, Esq-,
IV. ti. Marr. M. D., Daniel Ludwig, and
Joseph U. Ki ller, and the river Susque
hanna, containing about two hundred i r-.
The improvements are a large double
brick House, stone bank Barn, Wagon
Sheds, and other buildings ; about two-l
thirds of the land is clear, and in a high
state id culii-. ali in.
S.ile lo commence at 10 n't loch, A. l .
whin terms be made loon l.v
J AMI'S I . 1 INN.
Iiuardinn nf .lanirs I'iiI aH,' rht'iiren.
Goardian ol Dan CalvreH'e children.
let. 7. ik:o.
r'!IK Subscriber having commenced the
labserfher having commew
1 Raker
rv Busintrss in Lewisburg is n .
,.l',.fj I(, ijp.fn the biiliti s lor a week
' .' . ..
Of If fl davs Ml OroPr In (Mi fl' iif I fie ow n
for ihe Cracker business. .V the time it
is completed and ready lor business, due
notice will be given.
Lewisburg, let. 1. 1850.
Administrators' Notice.
IirHEREAS, Letters of Administration I
on ibr-estate of S AMI EL WOLFE,
late of the Horn' of Lewisburg, Union Co ,
deeeasedJiave been B ranted to the subscri
her- resident in said Borough, hv the Ke-1
: ." r :j ...... ,u,..,.i. , .11 rwD.n. I
ti.-,:ti.i.--ni.jt"tii. ,''.'- r ' I
'.. .. -. . j I
Ddebteata -nil estate ant requnieu to
K'SlPfl IO
make immediate pat meni, ana inosr na- :
ino claims against the same, aie requirt (1 1 Aromatic To iii Paste, put ab in heaotifol It i pariicalailj exce Ileal in caeca of a inea, vn
tn iirrsent them, duly BUlbenticaled, lor porcelain boxe an eicellent article for keeping raiting, cramp, aorencx ol ib pit of the .tomach.
settleanenl nrithonl rlplnv.
f: I.- Mil I l.'l' i
, . . I
g ,.r.sns hav.n settlements to I
make with s.ti.l istate i.re renuested to!
mnwc ai.n soi.j tsiuit, am oapfca.ru wt
nieet nt tlie store room of the laid dec'ti ri-
ihcr nn the 24th or Vii'ilh Oct. inst., as the
Adm'rs will attend specially on ilmse dnys
lor the purpose of mnliino; settlements.
LeBwisburg, Oct. 1, 1850.
LARD, I'll EESKjConstantlTon band and
SHAD.GODFISH, for sale by
Market Street Wharf,
tR .Mi
DX J I t 1
I hltaaelukxa.
HSMfl IMKS i 3at337
m,,., - . i,i.' ;
, . ...
JflT . - - a . B . . 1
IrVnilT 1 1 11 I I Cm
7 llllll Wl UlSJ. I
...uc. . - - a , ,i.l
I nann "." "",",!
I farmin-' fommunitv generally, that
. - .
..ic. n.v. -
r ri ri c tr ... .7 tf J? .1 '
I yoa j.'i-v i..........
' . '. . !
Without stopping to discuss the comj.nra- I
live merits ol numerous I Mill now olfered t
for sale, thev merelv wish lo invite Farm-
ers to call and see the above named article !
before purchasmg elsewhere, feeling conn- j
before pure
dent that they can furnish an article thai
will give entire satisfaction.
Lewisburg Foundry Aug. l 3, 1850
A LARUE lot of Stone'Pickling and Preserve
I ARS just rcceied and for sale l.y
8a 1 J. HAYE A CO.
! i M- Y- Fal1 and Winter Fashions for
l -aa Q ay .jS, a
?, JUSTreceived by the subscriber,
- " '
i sactlt 'like them. No nt no pay.
. ,
I.ouuiry Produce taken m paymect.
h"i in niv new Brick House, opposite
lan es P. Russ' house.
Lewisburg, Oct. 7, 1850.
M1R Copartnership heretofore exitiiy
between the subscribers in the Drue
i-iii"s. Ace., under the firm ol l)r Th im
n Hakrr, has been dissolved by mutual
nsl al. The Itiioks and Accounts are in
;ti!' nanus 01 .1 wian naicor seinemen'.
Ijftwisburg, ct. I. 1850
From Ihe Cities f New York and Phitad.
dains' Express Line a new and
nlendid assort menl of
) plen
N i) WJ N T E W
A- w have BrS9 Goads of all desirable
stvles and qualities, we would particularly
invite the Ltd rs in call and examine ihemj
and is for GENTLEMEN'S WEAR,
we have qu : n ejifensive assortment ol
Cloths, Ca$simeres, and Vcstings, which
will be sold at very low prices Ly
d. HAYES & CO.
LewMmrg Sept S3, ! s."o
House & Lot for sale.
I ri'ATED i n the
ll St. M.ir 'a -it. ets
irner of Fourth and
Kjsile I ..Philip's,
a full kit, No. 220, ainl having on it
a frime HOUSE, a Stablo, and
ol In r necrsarv ou'-hnildiiis.
Huruio i he absence ol Ihe subs
crilier, IVi, ( '. I'wiin
mtses, oi.'-.
in', S -i '. 23, 1850
Gale ovU cnt.
c corner of M trket and Water Sis.,
wcdl situuli d for a rfidencc, for business,
or h r a residr-nce and ptace of business.
There is a large 1IIJICK House contain
ing -I large rooms on the first floor, 6 bed
rooms mi the second floor, and two large
finished room-, on Ihe (bird. A Kitchen
and tVashbouse adjoins, and it has also n
l iro- cement Cistern, a Pump and Well ol
jjooil water, an I all the necessary out
buildings. For terms &c. apply to Gko.F.Mim.eb
Esq. S. E
Lewisburg, Sept. 211, 1850
I()t Si: an, Small FA -
t a 4 X,
z cn
5 " A. -
25 1 -.
t-i z I 7
K 3
j; - r x
L wis
iro. Sc
IS, 1850.
Dr. John Locke,
i.c fouritl al In Office am! residence-
first dnoretwt of Kline's Hotel tbe two
weeks f..H. mum iltf fust .Mond.iv ot each month, I
arbere he bt prepared la execute all operati
ion . in
bis line of business in a manner creditable 10 .
hinaelf and salbfacton to tfaoafl nho mas favor
him with their ualronage. I
ljr. L- apend the third week or eacb mootb
. Mli. i
ihe teeih clean and breath aweet, fol tale at 25 ;
cts per box, hy
Lewiabarg, I'a , May, lw-ri'
Lewfcbarg, Uaien County, IVnn'a.
Pratr-ilf.'s in Union ani '(1 u ' I ii i ri muntit?
also I
9 mUT
w ing
llaCtVII U1V VtlWIW a.j wvaa.j . j tllKt . I'' ! j'lll.l. MX ptlrKa.'!')' r.
FFICE -n Second St., lately occupied, Every tottfe aaai packaga bcaca tfca writtaai sia;
hv L- B. Christ, Ksq. ! of JS.HOUCHTON,MJ). Sofa Pioaaie-
I tor. Sotd l y aenu in every town in the Tni m
: nrttl lit. in.iu.i'i i',1,. alaaanlanSni mm m li I i
1ST of Letter remaining in thtt I'ust
'H.llrll.tf., I Oww,
1 0'I5 sv-pv- ,
9 Bjrnrn Ffcananus, Hreesce Oscar I (2).
Berkly J--
LuT" w hi ,,,, oc
I-lrrham Mntv W Miss, Duncan f C.
TT ...... 1
K t !7.. Her lUM.i.
p Flick Stephen.
a i;r..over Thomas, liardner Jmes.
Houl War Bat (S), Hansel Mary. ;
"rrvTL: :.a2.iLi,. it.n tr.n...
Hotiensnne uci.j....,...... -
fi.iiit.i.-ti'.t "-'M- '-- ' .' ;
H.arkH Jane Mis.
i .1 P. f.ord Jnernh. Lehman !
a-iiaas u -
John. .... ;
til-Miller Charles Mi
, h j(a,i,PW Baanatt
"Jaj'LVoll John. Neslat I
..line. --- ' !
Ann W Mrs.
atSirry Otiville U, Shadrack Wm RevM,
shatter Abraham. Smith (7 .
ar J-vJ
way taTarai Sarnucl, WaS Jn.
IVrsons calling for the above letters will
nlinse sav thev are advertise,!
October 8. 1 S50 : 351-3..
i ot rcfusi d at the Office of
. the Lewisburg Khroaic'e.
Fashioniule Tailor,
In UM Back Ubil.hiiB. kwf
MaHurl tre:t, om- K'r HN
J. Kebh'i aft lnek lluse.
tlone to urih'i.
Lewuimrc. Mr 99, 1950.
Latest News from Galifornia!
MORE .f M gold:
4 LL ihe woil.l and the rr.-t of mankind"
1 ait- rcspectfult inlbrajwd ilui v.e l..ie
opened an unu-uaM;, choice aaaailaamt uf
j comprising a sphmlul variety I.AUIES' DRESS
(i(Xil)s of th- Bewl style Calicoe,lelaiu,
Gingham, Barge, Silk-. Paraaol, an.! Kauey
; liooJs, ami for I SeaUemen'a wear j 1 ire stock "l
Cliiliis, Cannifinm,
Summer Stuffs, VestiniiS.Summer lints,
Salt, Fish, Nails,
Queensware, Hardware. Groceries,
etc. etc.
All of which wc ull-r Irr sale i oor proverbiallj
l.iw prices, fur CASH or PRODUCE
Lewiaborgi April 1850
JUICE- c greid thtptjaia Curtrl
Prepan l fn m K, i m i, or ihe feuite. atacaajcb ol
Ihe Ox, ticr direct! as by Baron Liebii, ilo-pri-ai
phj siological cheaMnl, bj J .li -i -.i i u .
.1 l.. lio. M N. sih St Philadelphia, Pa.
'KI'LV wonderful lemt-dv for .':.- -feo.
Duspcptda, Jaundtee. tdrtr '
,:. int.
Ctnil i iititt' ii mu Uthittfu. curins alM-r . iture'ai
omn pmceM, bj Xtare'it own sfljcnta ih ii-trir
Joictf ; ; Half a leasp Knfaol ih ii tlui.l utisad
in na'tf, ran dim oi ilitsuUe Fte PnwnJi ol
roal liitl in about two bows, uui ui ibe stotnacau
&iu4as Ion ia i bit iiy rl rnu I
neb y il.e ai'l ol u iluiti whii b frttlv exuuVd froai
the itioci tit of thjt om. when in a tjtc ttf
heal h. called tiii' mauic joire. Thtd flobl is tlie
grtat ftolvtnt of tin food tbe parifymo;, pr. r
n'm iud Ktimotating a.'rm of ibe vrooMch m l
intestines. Wilboo! it the re can no digrsti m,
no conversion t iijj iota booo no nu'n.i ui
lui ratbei a iiiul. to ntl. painful an.! ilcatruc ivt'
condition of tbe whole ili- stive aptivatu.-.
l'n-pstti i- the i b'h I i It iifi.t or it .r Jigejtt
iriir pnncipte "1 ihe gmatric juice It i' t Mind hi
area! buntiafi e in Ibe iolid jtnrt- ol ihe human
stooiacb u r d-ath, and onattiiTirt caUsen t!ie
tomacb ui digest or eat iUeil up. I i ;!- fbuawl
hi the Momach of aauaaala, as the ok, c 1 1 . r. It
ihe Dsateria u- i by iurmi rs in w iking i b te
st v Kd Iteaaaaet. tbeeUect ol wbicb !. long
U i n she special srondt r l ibe tlairv. " rCui Uin2
ol nulla is ihe tirt pfoceea oi die-n !i. A call's
stoBMcb can t urdte nearly one lautusaiid tin es its
own weight ! milk. iJarji. Ijiebig atatea, -'nie
pail nl Papaini dissolved in nxiji th tosan ! parts
of u iter, liaie-is nn' it and otbei food.1 Diseased
tooaacha produce bo anod Gastiic June, Rennet
or Pepaa- 'i' sboai that this want mav W per
fectly supplied, we jote ihe suhj iawd
Baron UCBIU, in hi tehrated work ftn .Inlmal Che-
mi-trv "ays; "An .w ftrfaal finar-itr WiiM. nlagnas t"
UwtiiwtrieJoiri nsaj lev ivjdity snrparJ fh ui thr moTi w
1.1 ml reus "f lbs i- marl t in calf, ia wktrfa sari t
of food, as aral an-l rnqn. wUI bj Mtftt-iH l ;iH
I tiiirt -n-i in the wmmut maaarr ia lit-- liuni.tn t -r m h
lii KKIRAfin hit taasoas Issaliw owl ? .. a i l i
i.u.ii-l..-. i rotslera a u. x.-w fork, i .... ... ,
lb aaan gnmt fikct, an.l S srrii .-- il- mrthod --f ; ivpi ra
tiow Tli r.- an-1 hlgawv saUMtritiei taaa lr. rvn ria.
lr. GUMBC, in bin valnal Im wrUinzs t.n ihv Pavsii gy
of Wjre-stkm, abfavTTci taal um diaatioa t-r uV dum
qeant.tf ihr Basti i aluiets is proatiaeat and ; :' ; m
vailing cause "I i ipsyola, ..i-l . ..- djtia
frutf In -I profr nanr tt in--.lv tm in Looilon, bo was .- v - r h
aflirted icli Uus roaaplaint, ftndJcqr, crYtbinK . I- t
bait, bad rv arsste H Itatra Jalre. obtaased froa f a
wtuaiarh oflh In; aniaMai hteb. rmaili t.-l um raadiiL '
hr.tii; AH VLantbttrtd tin Cuaoos works on legrtabtS
w. HT' "ii i:iriin.ii(v;,''h ijfl in ! r. -i--. v th;.(
t iam It- - aaioaJ-, aneeraM .,. 1 "n. hwtTar
lit.- Ban l ln prufM rty ilthsolTias vanooa :iri. - : f oil,
aad f rftw un; -. kind ifaxtitVial iBgwitioa of then in no
viae .ht mi Grosa Ihr aataraa Jieesttw vnevm."1
hr. SISIOX'3 areal work, tin-1 ii. iai-.tr ol Man, L a .t
UNtu h:ird. I'Tiilu l . l-4' . ... -: lb.. .ii,t.c ry
of h -in t'-riiis new rra in th- rks aUVal aartorj of li
."ii"n. Frssa nesad bx peri as at, w awow ih.tt t--i t
sKssotw -l rapiiBa in aa aitLacia) ii.- rtis. Rami prepared
ir.i.i c pska, :i 1 1 in Um aataral i t-t . k .1 a Ii . t.
PvoC IH'Ni.l.lSttX. ff ih- .Vff : r .... runaL, fas
ha rual work aa awauui Miysioi' r, devotes aaore rhsa
fifty MHHi b an irauuniaatioa nf tbix rabji H Bta experi
Bssnts with Dr. bVaaaioat. oa the Uastrie Jairr, fdataiaed
Braes IBa living bnasna t tun ti and fro animals ar.
knowa. u la all caawsv a? aaajn, "nu stum otcuir.'d :i:
perf cUs in the atftfftdal a.- in use natural dasaaateus '
. liVni'likit ,,,..,.. ,, ,, . .
Asa piSPEPMA I I KI.K. Hr Hoaghton'a
Bffeparali.il .t Pi psis has prodttced i.ie must mar-
aataaa . Bert It is innoaaaVk la uie detail of
. . . . s
case in Ina limn- ol thai aairertttement berl aa-
laenlarat it eertiti-'ates have feen grren af more
than I WO HI rtUKt.lt rapid, uonderlul. and
pernianenl cures. It re a ejeal EaEBVoca Asti
awrc, ami partirularly u-eful for landency i.
bibous disorder, User nun plaint, fever and aewe,
! JaV I -aT a.- . t :
mi t uft i oi (iiuii' i . mercury, ore-, ai.-o ox
rJT A ora"D,n
There t- no torm of OLD STOMACH COM-
n.Ai: i wnicn n ooea not rracn and also
iaatant relief! and repeated far a abort tiaae, pa-
ritr oi Blood rid rin.tti or ooi l ollom at anei
dartreaa after eating, low , cold Male ( the Wood
beaviness, lowness of spirits, tlivpoiulervv. em ic
ition, wr.iknr'is, irnilcncv 10 mmailj, Ac.
Price, ONE DOLLAB iterbotMe. Onebottli
oftni t lit cts a lTstin5 cure.
FEr SIN IN roWDERS sent by Mail, free of Fostage.
f"i-r mnti iiit mt Ol SBaSliiH t nil part- of aa eooal v.
tii IhgestiTc natter of the pepsin4t put ap the rm of
j I'.w.li itBj it Ii tlin 1-t.ons to In- .iissoivttl I v tin- I'-itu nt im
I aiatter sa Ibe bottles, bol twice tin- ti;n Lt t r th
.11 i ..a p. i ui-. i mi fl.nn i . "it .1 ii in- I in.- i-ii
I r"''- 8,1,1 " BM1 h ": Free ot Postage, fi.r fl. tent
I ...... I. .1.1.1 . t. . I It- 1 -1.., .. ti l. l .... . .. .
Ta be had of Tborotiai Sc Baker. Iwubara: :
J II Caslow, Mtttan ; Thomson. Mni1. :'; j ;
Wife. Jr. Eilart, Hatthttaa ; Waa Boakoo;, Ken
BatSn; li I 0 ouse, Selinsgrove ; Mr M Civ,
XorthumlurlunJ lv3 t
n la w. WIWI, UW..W. , nw .ww ill;, t.n
p-.. . m,-...
. ' ,,.. 1 . ' 1
: 1
Dr. Rose's Medicines.
. aaaaaaai aaaaaaaaasaaaaaaa,
nri i , , .
I lie suuscnor-r Having nepn apnointr-I
sole aSHrt f,,r Dr. lion's Medicinea. for
.,: a .L .l li:.
...y u. . ..- -.o....
Wltb ereat confident-e as to their nn at:v
r . .- ..
. . -,,
" --
lor whirh thnv nre rlntaii7nit.rl A sinir!.. im.i I
- j n
only IS rcijiiirt'd lo Oslauiisll the lact.
SSCpt VI ft It A It I I .
Window SASH.
A lot of Si 10 Window Sash, from the
cheap Manufactory of Sprout A? Uurrowe,
nn kanl .ill oil " ,l I,. n1e, r.n :
... b :
May, 1849 I 6 L.VSHR
TJT TVTXT U for Jusliees.t'oiisla :
J3JjAi JVO iiles.Ac , on hand a! !
be Chronicle t flice, or printed ig ordtr.
M; of lo horse power, with one Hue
boiler -:io be S in OpeiWma. UK
of 0 horse power,with two cy imder boilers
Batb made ui ihr beat Miemils, and Mr
ranted perfect. Enquire of
M ichinist, Coiuaabusj Pa
iFnttt miO
SiSto D M A KA C lJ T A I
CiiwKVJ nun iwi w '
The subscriber ofleis lor sale a large
aasnrimenl ol choice Fruil 1 10 such as
Apple trees, 7 M in feel hiyh, 40 varieties,
all warranted genuim Peach tn.s, u
varieties; Tartarian Cherry, Nectarine,
I tui.e at. ! I oar ho !. ji r w : ti s ,n,e
t! or si varielies ofGrape Vines of the beat
nit v iiini exotic varn tii-s. Itrnameii'ai
Tree ', such as the Pa .Ionia. Ln i n,
N. 11. Persons wishhasj to procure a
quantity ol the Frn t lrees,ara requested to
aaahe imnardiitr application in ihe anbacri
her, in order to procure the varieties and
size wanted. H. R. NOLL.
Lewisbors. March 4, 1830.
trMlltim Dvcorosia. Cheaoi at Kereosj
Debilirv, dweaa a th ludnej'.ana iiiiiis-
ease aruina liom a diaotdareu uw at aioaaaea.
inch a- CoeulipalioH, uwai
i ilea, r atnraa
or 111 . ,1 1. 1 Ihe Head. AcMill el t ie
Btomajch, Kamea, Heart bora li--Su,'l
fr PuodJ, rnlar i or Wright in the
Plnraai h, B ur Era latiana.'iliukhn or Flut
lering at ihe pit ol ihe Stuataeh. Mwiwaiain f the
Head, barrird aiA difficult Brcathins, Klu:
terina ai lb Il. ar". choking or -uirca-
tiag Seaaatinn when in a lying
polore,dimn at Vi.-.on.l' asorWcb
befora Ihe Sight, Fever .. I do I Pain in '.he
Head, Defii ol Peipii ihon, Yllawal al
the Sum and Eye paia in ih" Bdi Bars,
fTheat, Lintbe, Ac. laddea Plnhca of
Heat, Borhins ia ih- Fteah. mualaai Inn-
linings ol Eit, and great larp;tHoo of Spirit,
i ai i.i ri. it; ai.lt ctraaa nr
prepared l.y
Itr. f. . ?. mfmeksit,
al the "German -M dicine Niore,"
ViO arch !. Pbalad.
Their f..nr rr ihr nbtm diitemt t asi ears
clt-d. if matted, ha ana nt.'in- jii ipai afi'aa r-i
L'mtted Stale, m lie -urr. alteit. ia many
ctz.' afi-r skilful pkuiieian hud f.uitd.
The Ui ler an- arottbv ih attantiaei inv i
Kd. Poiimrini; er.-t rirtnes in the wetiCcatian
ol disease of ihe l.ivr an.l i.-srr sian:?. eserci
.ing r raoal Beaactuaaj power in waahifc and
sflecli m- ff lh iiaertiv oro.-. be aie withal
safe, ri-riin and pleaaaat.
tte:nl ksn ai rnsviscca. Tiar Hon. Ch
I) HineUne. editor nl i!.
bet r in West Jerw
' 'den li mitral, ih
Kiy, Jolt Slt
KOOrLAMVS i;i.i:Mn BITCrjts. W am mam
BMUXJ Iiiill :;i.; Doticva of ti l- m i.i iii' . una lli- Mmriv
uh. an tlwj raaa-inaavtoaMUMnaaitl tBaecttaai
it-in rite. Ir i.i i:.,ii.n I.' .tr. i i iltavaelMaal
ltiil-1 1 ' 1 and :l . ti- ill it- :w li"n ui- aMae4 :
the Irvrr and tlijri .ttv. oraaa, an 1 th i wrful mavea
rt- uyt n 11 r... : ; roatraooa i-r- ally anra
:t'tii- umJ trtapth n Ihe nn r brinnwg tb-in mi" a
.-tiit-' ! repose, making -l. -j. r- fr"-h't.;
It tan m tnrins awe aanrs pwerasly wva ws ar.- mB
tsftvd tbsrc aoald be tesj drkri-aK. aa frsa tbe ffrasarb.
Brer, aanl ra rvow !y-t. iii use en ..t m derify af teal and
bwaejuary aai sesi asanate, Bbm tarai w . asalusj eaw
dstioa. and yoa saw abl wflsnrs tn spUsaurs prar rally.
Tin- rstvwoi Bnarj awabrlac aid ndi ' ar frieaoi
arao are al all iad'i t - givs n trial fl wBI nan ive
sianai ad helC It -h' tiM. in fat 1. 1 ia rsevj BuaUy. lo
otfanrr aards ba ran aenUurs .-u- h rvid an t sa lit.
Pioa the ' tmton B edit. m l. Dec
Br. li ..- Saa - O V rat runa Blta r. f-r IBs rase
nf Liser I oaaplaiat, aHnaalire, Bys i and Caaaadc se
Baesoas rVKtlitr. i wssdii asm af tins aaaal paaasksr
sdirfasrs af tb day. Tto-snj Kaarra Bssw rsj n-l ly
Ihonnnaila. an 1 a txit ad al -iir . pays Be baa kiaaw if
r- v. .1 bi m lac a r" i' - r- n.- Ij aa etuea peswav
n.-:t cur' "f User riim;daink W an- t- Brsaacad tintt.
in the us th.- Bitteri thr aadisad "n-t:tntly aaMnS
-tr aetb :i" i Tigor a Cai Wdrtbj ol Lr. ;it saaaaasaabai
TI ? ars pteaaawl in la.te ::i-t raaell, ami saa bs ! ay
-i us trikb use aaaal ifcBeaas saseaaraa, wnh saasvy
nn i r ;.ny urrwats an i Ws ar. . afcfcag Braai sxfteii
. nee, an i t" lbs aBtirted atleis.- IBs is aaa.
otfi Weekhi. one af tbe best Ktatar paaan
M t . ..-.i
P"WJ- i.l. Aiu? 15
titHsvN Ii:TT.r. niantiiin tttr-.1 ltlr
r. . .mm. it 1. 1 I t - mar I t ri.- tit -l wra
t!i:ii. nt i aalit i n of :;: itar ally, a a aeUesa at it-ik.
. Bear, in case, at taaaala ..-iS.n.' e. aa -oh ts.- cam
wa v,..tti.i :t.ivi-i- ;.ll aaotaen ta nlai . (affile, an.l t?iu
..... tkeaaaetvaa .art sieitn..-.. ItetaaaH t.f aVaafiitatetl
a .ti -tit ut i- i.- v. . 1 1 iiii.1 taaaa Iiiti. r- ajtaaaaaaBaaaa aalhait
beaJtn, it- kaoa rr.tm aaaatteaa la. aalaaar, eaad
Uaej aaai nj-n vaaft aj -t. tn-.
Jndg M.M.Nan, a g. ntleman rf great -rien-
liac and li i r.iry iininaamla al in hi"Me-.v York 1
Weeklv Mewenger, Jaa 'i. l.'tH
tr II '!: Tf ..rn. in .'r'. r... - !!. r' i a pre(..intti..n
.hi. h thf i.-.linic t-r- - -1 th" I n;,.n appeal BaaaaaaMMa
in rt'.'.niin adlaar, ! il"' reaeaai i eaaiaaa. It t- aaa
nn. r :t pr. ..Tiii'.n i.irr.i.iif.i f, . nf i it. iit-i .. t.raifi
,..!,. ,..,,..,. ,. h,. Dr. Chnatpbcr
wilaaata Hooiiand. rraaeafor lo tl.-1 in, ran afX aa,
; ' ""- 1 1 aaa at the
i:r. :ti.-t m.M; -:tI nr.n r. it. rinititv lt:t t-vt-r peoeaaam II.'
rmpbatk-alrj tv . oemj ..f '...' aaat taanaim a
aa, Jlenae otwluea ae aa lae inwatue aad aiwirai'r aea.
! t-i.titi tentlv r. li. .l ll-' -!-. . n l, r .- 'inm. n'l. .1 it in
l.i.. r Caaafjlaaat, Baaaia, BeHUff., v.-rinr... aeMata ..f
the 8aaaah, CoaaajaaaiaBa, an.l aii raaaaaaiaati aaiafaar
tr. in a laaetel roadatloti oftaa .teaaara, th.' ataaa aaa
il.. int. -tm. -. N in.- I hilinl.-ii'liia aaaafa E aaaaa. Meta
r. i.t i.'ii .fit- exeelleaee, ami aeTeral . t tbeir tiditera
-i - .tk ii it' ff - i fr'ru thfir iwa in h iluaJ -ru-itf
I i ;t tin1 i-iri timtini-. . fvcj m :n r:nt-tt. u-t mmty
in i- tilim: ih'' attsattioS! of - r r-u.lrr- t, mm pm nt
.prit-t(r (nVr.Ca 1 .l;i kx'tiV .rt )'arati.u, but in aa
aaaaaaaattBg aS art u It Is 11 utili. t. J.
Mom Bi lasssc i - Tiit- Philadelpliifl Sal irJay
Graetle, Um best inmlv Mwspsiier uSIi-!iel in
ihr I'nttf 1 Statesj llw etlHoi v. 9 ! Of llocrtano'..
it . 9tim in tr.nt SM Vmn rSkd iiat w IsffSSSSl
T.t Mntn .in- t" i iir wattrrs? iatr..n:i.' ssal ri.nti'l"f ;
tm.!. tli.-r- for-. mln'U wi- nt''.mnifii'i lr. Iltntrtrmii j t.-r-tmmm
Itittt-r-i. aS t-h it t be li-tin-tlv un-lcr-Parnl tlmt
an- not if)aaiag .f th- n.;triiin "f Iks 'Lty. t':t r.
slaarj ajbsssl aW n Msf p-ritl aayn :rr Tt i aflsr t)i y
h;tv alHM tln-ir uiity i f nattM i. hut ! a nii-d.'-Mn
li.ni; utaMili' J. unii rai; v priz ... talnrh ha iu-1
th- hrart) ai'ir-.va! ff the Faerfts itrlf.
KvultTu'c on rviilelicc kM rercivpil (kc
Omt forvY-'inc fro.u all t''tin- of sW tfri. the HS4 1
V"ar. ' l ir .i . -i "t""y r-i mt. ij. nun
nasi i-. in "t.- .1 it ti-. 1 .;i il..' praetiN 1 1" th" fcfata 1
liv-iciiin, --r rhilii.1. li litii. tl. m ol nil t.ilt.T m.-iruii.-
Maabtaaat .i bet Hint caa mull w aatafcUa I. aa 1 full;
prnvimr ttmt a alMnac pttaaaatataaa will aaaal ith tlnir 1
, li. t spt.r..val when pr.ai.sl . .. .. hi it... f-ra.. Ik
ihia BStslkuaa will cur laverl laplalat aaai Pj ayi uaia, aa
on- run J..11M. aft-r aria it aa iir. .t..i. It icta ip i alHu j
Ml tir"n aaanaiM a...l rr. a pr am. r ,
I.. in .1.1 btttt ma Jut an Ui.'.'tT.t ia iiir.ti' . i.it
tii.-v .Tin h" adaaaiatrM t. nauia .tr Dapaan .mi -ai.-ty
mid ii llaMr bwawftt, nt aarj ttaaa.
liewnre of coutitcrlV ils!
,,. ,. , .. , ...
I In m.-tli.-in has altainnl lhal clutaclrr winch
it ia necessary fa all to attain In induce aaatananp.
feitrr w f.ut forth a iori n artich. at the ri-k ..f
,,hc VT f 3? "I1" ,,e '!ec,'iT,d'
Ijaat aaaSla li arj- of Cawil
. . .
rhev have the wrtten icnature oil M im.
upon .he wranp. mai .1.- name M..tn m ran
-a.-.. -
TTT ' ' .... M
For le.hoieile and reiml. at the (.bktl a.'
MF.Dll'INK ttTOKK. X... 1211 AKfH St.. one
.,... ;.,h ..r , - j i..,,,.. s, Phill.
. . . . . ' . . .. ..
elplu.i. and hy respectable .leaiers geneiaiiy, me
icountrvthro.igli.ini. I--9J
J 7... r..r .,,1,1.,, S h I. YXD I .. .eli..i.ru- Vn
4w, fr nle , S F.I. YXDA I.L.IsH-irkur Pa
j o
To iliac ksmilhs).
BITUMINOUS COAL, from the West
l .1. j c ii ii , ,
Lrnncli and Irom llollidavsburs, lor
SO lo at I he ShoO of I he Sll ll.i'ei he tin., ikrt
Ilavscales on Third Si. '
laewisburg. May 7, 1850
Aa 24
nd IRON far sale bv
IeW Si Iddinga.
AiJlinfiurs-, Cnion cvoifi, I'tim'a.
1) ESI i'f I Kl " I.I-V aatasawllM ciiiassai ol
j Union covjnty-anal lha uf.ln- m geaovalL
ibaS ba Ln lea a ass at !; eTandl, lor imny
y-ar- occttpied hy I i- Kio.er. "il urn ,e
laml lo acTcaaaaadai friend ar.il iht- t-atin.rr
rmttnnitj ia avatmei acceasahla t-' all.
Th 1111 MK m Jr- ai.il rs-my.w-!l .irrnn
geil in .iH oVparnaamla, anrl .t-ry cire will lio
lak-n fn neVf hi. aoc-H cim!urta!'le am) hs.py.
His TABLE will atWar l ainjbil ariib iha
caaajcaal aalieacia of f?e easaaas, ami ihe lnt ihe
marki-t ran afTo'J. 'I M A It Mill ai ali times
ba alteaded i'y caeefol -.-.-, jih nun am ihe
very beat sfliqaoi will kc iwpl. fj QTABLBH
are an.j h- ami convrairal, and ihe C!9rTBatt
punctwal and atiialiea
In i-li. rl . lie j.i. ilj;'- liTr.'tll t. enJri.Tnr lo
. sc rra rat,Ur ion I all. an. I hone tm
iricl itnniion.io awaianan to merit and rrceita
a uoenu auraot paironace.
MiillinJ u-g, Jane Jo, 1 9M I
II--' all you 3 oaaas bsb a boat : m Bntaws as
And .. anwaj t., mm port j n a :. . ' nakwaral v, auaa-"
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One Tnonsaad Dollars
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No one haini sam tuben them w W willing
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m j l , - w.
7 " u'utra
Dr. K. 3. L, ly ft, Proafor and Mar-facttsr
... .i..i4.i,r,
is regular Druggist. t.'brmit. and ntV'inaB, of
lt,pfn j rxacranlCa ; fcj, . ,,r
- . .r . .
uate of the I nivet-itr of Fenn-ylvarn i ; Mun-
oerot iiuirrent Medi. al Inatitotiooa uf nujiaaSc r
phia. New York, B iaton, Uallitnore, &c, r
a-sociate and corresponding memtter of several
Medical Institutions of London ami Parta, &.c.
OiTRtoi ana lvr..sini. Itrware of all
pili. ctille.l fej names nearly similar, col un to ba
tulil nn the reputation of Dr. I.ei.ly. SaraapanHn'
i.t . . 1 dim . . .1... .. w.. ...
' ' ...a. oitsaparnia (.ills e.ei i.t-
tnaWaMSnnatonnt...ii Tr lt , 1
!,. Take n.. other and you will not he .Irrn.ed.
inner b, iil.r name, or cerrly rtrail.,. . .
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Mana iispenaarr.
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n.i sniu wholesale an.l mail l"e
-B.-M "
." N " IU:. Iel- IV ' J. U Claw. ,,,
J M.iwnr.T.o w
Ke.ler.X.I rlin W. P. I Palaler. M
i.7ior ..ana stitxer n. siinnnt.ur --v awaaa, atbaxt- i-j
1 V. unsni.n k Walt. r. OryValley II. 9. Boyae. frerl urir
sp.,11, a ..ivt-ra. l.-.,v K.tnua .1 v.siftitri. Wtit, r' i. d
."JTKs''ir0 !i.iii.i",v,
, L. 15. Kehn-r. M'llW.. ' . Fail Wilt Kilert.llsrt -
ABaaaaaaaa.aaaaawaaa aaa iK.Bowah.iVnr.,iiiw
lr. J. M. J U'M. WilH.msport and K. Dl U.. 1.1. mn.1 Str
j eepetbn.hottoc .1:LS
OCHOOL-TICKETS primed and ,
D sale nt this office.
ALT and FISH on hand bv
Ap S4 Beber da Idd
ia3aaaaSB3aN3aasBiHaB gSa,
Biatrrial use ! f r htlingiin teti
no . - n, v
LII"' J ' 7t
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