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fi T 171
An Ikdepekdext Family and Netts Joukxal.
At AI.-jO Teh Year, always lm Advaxu
tguThf. articles in this column tcere set
fur lad tceflr't CHRONICLE.
Court Week, (coticluded.) The case
of Ranck k Roland, vs. Rauck, resulted
iu a verdict for Plff. This was the ouly
civil suit tried, and extended from Tburs-
day I'. M. to Saturday A. M. In the af-
ternoon, Arguments closed me lerm.
(We have been informed there are to be
two weeks' Court in May.)
Sentences. Those convicted in the
Commonwealth case, were on Saturday
sentenced as follows : , ud thogo who have wat(.ucd CongreM tlic th0UJ,h they wautcJ to diver, altention ; (Mr.Mussclman) equally worthy. Sheriff
Hunsecker, to 810 fine, costs, and two j tmtulJ Jear9j wl, nQt tLink fcr hom Kausajl ,0 ,nJlhing else- The Com. j Kerrey is punctual in collecting and gen
months iu the County Jail. out of ,Le w,y L,lflk t tU tbonsiin(31, ; Iuiu,e who reported against the Members, I "anly in his deportment.
Watkius, to 10 Cue, costs, and three , of splenJid trtllne3 rjJ11jIJ fcT oantraciSi j aud the witpeases, were mostly Southern- j The County Huildiugs wire accepted by
months in the Couuty Jail. , . . outl,v flir K!ri,l er!, ui weru cari:'ul ke,P ' of J majority of the Grand Jurors at Dec. T.
WiUon, to py $10 fiue, cojts, and give
security in S-'OO to keep the peace.
(T . - i t
rrti-DT linr'CL' V a iir iff,.rnip(i that
n th rt,,ttat; in nf ..Untinff th. mnnrt in
favor of accenting the Lewislurg Court
House bj tho Graud Jury inquiring for
I nion county, ,be nght hand of each of
Of Tiir.ir. vaa ruiti...! ...r.ii In f k.in I L'
The Judges were equally cordial and
decided in their approbation. They who
foired that because the Associate Judges
and many of the Jury were origiuully not
in favor of Division or nf this location,
therefore a factious opposition might be
.,., i ,,,.,...1.1,. ..,;.
keu. We never feared but the justice-
loving citirens of the Couuty would deal ,
c J
honorably with our 15 roug!i if we fulfilled
all reasonable pmu-s. We think the ;
building donated is fully equal to the
. . i
requirements of the Division Act : and so
thinking all wiih whom the decision lav,
it has been formally accepted. Henceforth
i i i
TtiiT nnthin.r nrut l.i lilnrh lhr h-irmiinv
We think the
: . e . . . , . : :
nri nrt..r nu-ir imi tr rf in(irot nliuiri
rw.w. ..... v.. "u"'u :
kVinnl.l aL( K.itssran tUa ltt - .)
.r . T r
the other lsoroughs and Townships vl our
favored little couuty J
The onlyo.jecti.n we heard urged to
the structure was, that it had no outside
prison wall as required for the execution '
- . . ....
or criminals, a gaiiows is a:so required
for tbe same benevolent end. Hut the
county has got along forty years without
hanging any one, and if the inide walls
are not sufficient f r that purpose, it sti'l
uu. 1 1 umanij iuvui i nt (i n
cf cither gallows or prison wall until thry
are needed. ..a lorg time yet, wc hope. :
The MiWmian says, " The Lewisburg
Court House is one of the finest county
buildings in the State, and is received by
the county without one cent of cost." ,
A distinguished member of the bar from
..... .. - 1 1 . . .. .... '
a western county told us he tlto't it was
tbe most convenient building he had ever
icen for its purpose
SfirThe Borough Council having given :
orders to tbe High Constable to kill all
dogs running at large without a muzzle,
that venerable functionary is diligently
discharging his duty. Tbe other day, :
however, he made a shot on Market Square
unworthy of a countryman of Wm. Tell,
for the lead somehow changed its intended ,
course, and made mischief by getting in at j
Dr. Bchuffla's show window. (Query
U. V,. .1.. I 1.. C i :
doing his duty Not tho liorough, for
they never ordered the ball to glance off
in that fashion. Evidently the owner of.
the dog should pay, for a law-abiding dog '
should have taken the shot and saved the
That muzzle is an "institution." Im-
aine a doC. ornamented with a rat tr.o '
" , t,- i, r i
VII UI. uiug, luiuaung up U13 uuuui lau-
to every acquaintance, and piteously plead-
: .j- j l ..if i i.: i . J
loir. iu uuuiu aueeuis. tor uia iciease.
... ..... ' , ... i
4B.UU lit UlDDil II BE TT I I 11 I IVl T B E 171 UIJ IBIl
,, , i floor as reporteis. lhe House then passed
cold water : . ... , . . - .
I a bill to guard against future corruption,
aSLetter writers state that the Presi-, 126 to S3, and immediately reconsidered
dent elect has fiuished his Inaugural, and : the Bame bill and laid it upon the table,
that it is short. If not too long, we may 128 to 56 !
have it in season for our next inside of Whilst we honor the motives of Mem-to-dav's
paper. 1 ; bers in orderine this examination, we fear
Bachanau's policy is announced (by tbe ;
tame authority) to include the recall of all '
foreign ministers, &c, aud to discbarge all ;
post masters, collectors, Jtc, at the end of '
their four years, so as to give as many as '
possible a chance at the public crib. All ;
right. 1
The old line Whigs who were coaxed
and scared into the support of Buchanan, i
u tu. cnion saviog numoug-.re to (lhe ony one passed on by the House) was
be snubbed, and have no reward for their acqui(ud by a triumphant inajority, give,
treason except by playing second fiddle to st f (hat theCommittee acted
' 1i'li!!i!!Ly1i!!l!Ln- j rather as prejudiced Counsel than as im-Qa-A
Uarrisburg letter writer predicts partial Judges. At best, the Committee
that the two Pennsylvania Tickets for next WM Dut Grand Jury, presenting for
Fall's election, will be as follows :
Administration. Governor. Wm w
Packer; Supreme Court Judge.Ellis Lewis; I
Canal Commissioner, Nimrod Strickland'
cf West Chester. '
Opposition. Governor.Gideon J. Ball:
Judge, David Wilmot; Canal Commis
ior.er, Wra. Millward, of Pliilad.
Catholics at work. Father Keenan,
th Irish R n .1 .... i
... vr.w),..M.uw.
ui.:, v.amonc priest at J.ancas
tnent f h' ' 'PlentJi'1 entertain- i
.did p .pwiicuUr f"end, Mr. Buch-'
'! KenX J'"'' The tW ,geJ !
Jors hii emeD T'1 l 0,1 s;'19" I
many a "good time" tocether i
oeiore now.
The PmideTfhas signed tb Pacific
"fn road bill o K.
rp 1 1 (J J j I ()X 1C LE.
I "
FKIOtY, 9I.4HCII a, 1S5T.
Corruption Rebuked in Congress.
John Went worth, long time a Duino-
1 ,- . i r nn,tT . ,
i that Jf lhfl pcoplc knf w ,he corrupt mearjll
'j f
, used tQ carrjr niettSur(a in Wa8ilington
tUj wouJ rise anJ kick ;l Congress-
. nien into the Potomac. He of course was
: extr!,Taant iu hil statement : but he well
j . . . operandi of his own rartv:
, Tuji. n w-rs- vt nit n'
vt uppropna-
lions to liivnriffls t ir nnvv ami umtv fur.
' i lit . t
tiun nibsMt?.- and Lfinka. pustom hnusrit
Mi.1 n,iSt offipos: at tliH Swartw.nt ami fin!.
. phin cheat. Look at the promts, bribes
of office, Sic, by which Democracy
earned . . , mcasur,., such as repeahng the
Inrittur J'tho tliKMIiri ITiiliinrntinia A'it
agaiust the undoubted will of the people,
Look at tha laud grants of the last i or 10
years lands worth Twenty or Thirty'
Millions of Dollars, to the Illinois Central '
It. It. Compauy lands to the New States
by millions ie. ic. Lonk at all these
aud any iutelliiretit many must sav
that history can hardly find a parallel to
the robbciies and vicious legislation of the
so-called Democracy of this Union.
The present Houe of Representatives
Tne present Hon,e of Representatives
in Congress have dine themselves honor
l . .i- - . t . . i
by two things Jirtt, by voting to expel
two of the Ruffians of Slavery (Brooks
and Keitt) who have been heretofore too
11.1 j jt
tltlliMl fnIirrifP'l nnn trrnntf iw intvetini.
- . " ' ? ,
ttlitT antn nt tliA lntrrr.tai .F tort-it i.r i..r, '
""a " 1 ..r..UM
wliiori urn stmifilltr lirrvti ,r 1 1 n lta
7 A
members. A committee comprising Messrs. ,
Kelsey of N.Y. and Ritchie of Pa., (Rep.)
Davis of Md., (Am ) and Orr of S. Cam.
Warner of Ga ,(Dcm ) was appointed by;.
Speaker Banks to examine witnesses and '
ascertain it any prool could oe lound ot
those charges. After manv weeks, a ma-
jority reported not only what they had
cathered, but also rrfJutiuitt expelline
Messrs. Gilbert, Mattcson and I-Mwsrdsof
" Ti ". I . -1. . 1. vS. I v 4
-. -i y - -u
Triplet! and Simcuton, (Reporters.) Tho '
Chairman nf theCommittee dissented from
the lep .f, allcgiug that all they had to do '
was to present the factt for the action cf
the House. Tbe members implicated do-
c'ared themselves innocent ; that much of '
the testimony (as printed) was partial and
garbled ; that some of the witnesses wero
personal enemies, of hmg date, seeking
their injury ; that certain facts elicited
were misconceived, aud capable of satis-
factory explanation ; that the testimony ;
against them was cxparte, and gave them 1
no proper chance tor retutation : and, in :
conclusion they only asked for a FAIR TRIAL ,
that time and counsel be allowed them, I
...... . ... I
and that the witnesses be confronted face ;
to face before them and their fellow Mem- j
bers. This was certainly o reasonable re- j
quest, but in (what seems to us) a parox-
TSm OI excitement and VirtUOUS resolution 1
their request for a fair trial was refuted by ;
18 majority, and the House decided to
take a vote ution emulsion, simnhi vnon I
tJlu ,ie eviJce rented ly a
part nfthe Committee .' Finding the House
... . . ... . .. .
r - - -j.
New.lork ,"embc" chj"' t0 "ti?" i
Bnd appeal to their constituent. I tie
rnnne..ient mnniber vs. rl..elsr. -nr.t
yuilty, by a vote of 11G to 42.
. .
. . . .
nd Mmonton, tico of tlie toitnessts ayainst i
thjt f. vnlr ikon nollni) frntn lliA
- - r , - m . I
tbey have been unjust and precipitate in j
their conclusions. The three who resigned j
bad an undoubted right to a deliberate and j
impartial trial before the whole body ; a
private examination is not sufficient for a I
decision upon such a grave charge, affect-1
;ng ot ouy tU0S9 implicated, but also all
th(jir associatcs ; and the fact that tbe 4tb
Member who theCom'tee reported against I
trial ; the real trial sh'd have been before
tbe whole Houte.
Most of the testimony was wholly intan
gible of proof, relying npon the credibility
of witnesses. A notorious hanger-on and
genteel loafer in Washington, Sweeney by
name, who was a bitter personal enemy of
Gilbert; and who Gilbert declared he o Id
prove unworthy of belief under oath such
a witness testified that Gilbert confessed
he received seven square miles of Jand for
advocating a Demoins R R. grant! Gilbert
deDied iU NoW' hW "y 19 M"Ie tbi''
eential point by ascertaining the simple
ft rither he then or ever had a ainale
acre or more of those land ! bnt in it hot
baste the House refused to atisfy itself
by a tangible proof of this heaviest iccu-
satiou, and took denied allegations from a
prejudiced source without examination !
Two important iriWr Triplett and
Simonton-were expelled from th. floor a
Reporters; and would Representatives
brand as infamous a brother Member on
! ,u .:.i.. .., ,u ,.i,j i,:..i, ,.,
- - j
of tLcir cnaluber J
j Altogether, the affair has more of a
partix.,n look rhau anything else, and we
sea the presses of the I'lundcr aud Border
; Ruffian Democracy are already trying to
make Dartv canital out of it. It looks a.
Southern or Democratic plunderers. The
uu.jr .u.uii nuu y.v .uu uj,uu,
. - v .. j .i ... .l i
ii . i iiii i -
hv u h.ru vn o ri.-.-Urpl tKut this
I itacked aud one Midcd 53uu:hern coDiuiittee
e t-uargei. iu acquittiog wr.
. .
iwii. .1 11 1... 1 -
ii vivil, itlu JIUUbC iiu ill III IS kUl vu B B(iuiiill
- rfx.i i
.iL-t ts ft. tit '..i.-ltiitd-rt Of llioaiM urli.a
ri Hj be(.ausc uot allowed , fair trial
.1 11 LI. I 1 1 ..: I
all, then, the South by this manoeuvre get
a relative gain of 2 or 3 votes for the close
tests on the last days of the session.
If the tact that tue present House ord
ered au investigation, and would expel a
Member, deemed unworthy, regardless of
party, is anything against any party, we
, have vet to learn it. There are bad as well
- ... -
as good men in every party. It is not to
! l'credlt "j ,u Democracy that it never
as good men in every party. It is uot to
the credit of the Democracy that it never
has exposed or expelled any of their own
ririliM1 nr KriKififT Mtmrii.ri: nnil tt nnt.r
. .. . 1 ... ',, . . .
: wi;, if j,)hn v Ca!i10,Ia c,lrrect ia
i statoment that, "ihey are held tiiethi-r bv
; .i . ', ... , , J
: the cohesive power ot public plunder. ...
We express uo opinion of the innocence or
; uiU ut F"tics, for the testimony is
uut i.ropcrly presented. If guilty, we ak
: T..i.n ,i f.1i,,. : .,., : i.;-
for tbem uo iavurs: theatlou expects of
. ...
tucHi Letter things; and ihey nave no bus-
1 .: f r 1
Ti ll ? T "'"!"
1 he House has certainly given sufficient
evidence of its desire to preserve its purity;
. f, i .i- l " A li
' ir ;i " si..,u .
r'r'.-iu.w -... m.
stnp all the land grants and other extrav-
airant anrronrialioin iu aid of individual
speculations, it would be a great blessmg.
te3TiiF. Contempt rem the People
r,re,, ,l bv Hwler and Pierce in their
1 J i
eievsAIUU ui umci ai.,.ln.n lmuieamteiy
af;er ,;, rt.jt.ctinn by the Pennsylvanians,
ja rei,ewed in the case of each of the three
Members of the Cabiuet which it is now
conceded Mr. Buchanan has chosen from
tle orti, The downfall of those two
Administrations, might have deterred Mr.
Rucl,auan fr0tn imitatin" their example.
(jcn ,JM after tryiu" to befog his old
neighbors and friends iu the "Squatter pe, f Not Utility withdrawn. Jury dischar
Sovrcignty" humbug, gets but 12 out of B'd. and Nol. Pros, eniered. Merrill, Miller
over 100 votes of the Legislature for a anH'" for Com.. Slenker and S.mp.on, Deft.
re-election to the National Senate : but
t0 irjjuit Michigan for this her deliberate
judgment against Cass, Buchanan places
uj, la ,he hiehest post in his power!
jsaac Touctu a moral and political rcn-
rr.r.., ;. .;.iw .i,.f.r..t ; h;. .fr.,rt. t
bo re elected U. S. Seuator from Conncoti-
out : but Buchanan eviuces his eontempt '
for tie people of that State by constituting
tlmlr niilrnat hi. I.or Ailui.er ! I
The voter, of New Jersey bad bnt two
candidates for Governor. The dialed
r t, r ,1,., .m,n t
State it is now said will be placed at tbe !
bead of that vast political engine-the j
rasi uiace uepartment :
Th Xor, repudiated Mr.Buch.nan by
giving Half a Millidh Majority aeainst
-. rp , ., , !
. ..... . . ' I
uhu. vaan, iuuccv ma Aieaauuer were. 1
aner a Ialr mai, not six montns airo, repu- :
' w
dialed by their respective States. And
Buchanan revenges himself by calling to
the highest posts of honor these three
men asd none others !
Did ever President did ever Absolute
Monarch so systematically defy the pop
alar will and despise the expressed wishes
of tbe masses, as this last of the old Fed
eralists seems to do in this instance T
BOX-Later accounts are, that tbe South
rebels against taking J. Clancy Jones out
of the P.O. Department, where he was. at
S"1 located. Cass, Toucey, and Jones
naT0 H ben Congress, aud the South
know them to be all perfectly safe for the
Southern plana; but Mr. Alexander they
don't know much about, they have never
tried him, and they want to run no risk's.
They therfore demand a place for Jones,
let Forney and his friends bowl as much
as they please.
IsjAccording to tbe official returns,the
township of Highland in Elk county ia the
smallest district in Pennsylvania, having
but eijht taxables. Jackson Tp in Potter
Co. has fourteen. The borough Leicisberry
in York Co. (where bo many Lewisburg
letter go) has 67. Lewisburg, 616
Le wist own borough returned only 244, (a
mistake somewhere.)
Mr.Hickok has discovered that through
error of some one, Milton with 436 taxa
ble has received more School money than
Lewisburg with 616 taxable.
Valcb op Spanish Cow. The fol
lowing is tbe average value of the worn
Spanish coin at the United State mint in
Philadelphia: Quarters,23 cents; eighth
or levies, 10 910 cent ; sixteenth or lip,
51 ctnt.
First Court in Snyder Court H3USS.
Reported for th. chronic:.
Midhlkbuiui, Feb. S8, 18.07.
J J Kq. 1 wou,d ",e lhat ,1,c
, Courl"f Q",er Sef,ion8 V"" ' day ,
! "fter transacting an uncommon amount of
i criminal and civil business. Jud,r Wilson
xept the lawyers close at woik, ana was
materially a.u. d by the Associates, Judges ; wiud and 6econdlv boyona the reach of
VVitmer and Mengas, who are gentlemeu t,aod;ag wa(er. On the south side of any
well qualiC-d.and give g.-neral sati.faction. fcniiding or close and high fence, therefore,
The i'rothonotary, Win. G. Herrold, E?q., , , if d Jf water ,aD(J
' is competent and obliging, and his deputy
j and after some repairs on the intimation
of the J udees.wcro apr.rovcd Ibis week by
mMority of the Court Juac 31eDr;i9
: J J e o
! Ul&w-um,fe- loeJ Bre ul 4,,luai lo lUAl
: i j r r : ... i ... . i
j - 7';" "
..... 4 :f.. I .1
( m s I't wu-juuttu Miiamiiui i iv tuu:o nu
: - I . k .1... ... . J
' . .. . ... .
)f desireJ
The L'uurt Monte issituatud in the center
, "f 'own, between the residences of the
iaie juoge . uieumyer anu me wmow oi
Hon. Ueorge Krcmer. It is o. bruk, say
40 bv o0 feet n size. Tbe first storey has
(m lmhh lafe f,,, ,ha Pri.thonotarv
,, , ,
. . ' '
l.i T rr I i
J "". ""
; ' the Court Room.
j The Ju'l is in the upper br west end of
1 t .1... I'..:.. 1 TF....1 dl. 1.
'f s' ouu BlureJ
. ' the Court hoom.
. ' ' ,
r , ' , . " ...
h w
i i , i
Uonin, has a brick front and stone sides
rcar a"J Tom for Sheriff
'" front, and 2 prison roo.ns-not cells-
below un 1 1; above. ljth bmldini'ii are
provided with slate roofr.
There was a large attendance at Court,
and considerable Orphans' Court aud Road
. .
j uainess transacted.
car! after hearing. Deft remaiideil iu Joseph
. enricr'' H.'m,Pn ana Ml" fur
me master, oieiiKer lor urn,
vsSami Severson and Vim Michaels,
disturbing election in Chapman Tp ; Jury
V ,,,71, I "ri'.
vs J P Heirtch, continued. Men ill
M'"er fr CU1' SimPson and slenker for
' vs i9.ti.i4.tiiii o. anu ivucn foiitn.
. assault and batierv on Ji.s W Smiih ; verdiri
cuilty; Del'ts sentncpd In $10, 5. and .$S
tine and costs. Merrill and Miller for Com,
Slenker and Simpson for Deft.
vs Sieedman, l.'lnch and ethers, riot;
Nul. Pros, entered Merrill and Mitnpson for
loin , Miller ami Hill lor Kelts.
vs Jos W Smith, assault an I battery;
; no bill, and Iaac Srnilh, prosecutor, fur ci sts.
vs Juhn Miller, assault and battery
Beni F w'agonsel!er with intent to kill j
-II. J.I.....1 r . I. - ...
on Francis M Steadman. with intrm lo kill -
proceedings as in former case.and same
rnvTith N , kmft the righ. eyVof
M steedman: continued same connsel.
Vs Moses Frvmir.. fnrniratinn and
wZT. .J. T. ' Si. , " ana
bui that Deft pay the costs.
Civil LUt.
K V"'i E & W E"iott ,anJ Mary
m.,neir in I'ni.n snvino frnm Ih. nl. .,1' r.,1
. ..j .... ..g-.
Is"f, Kamfu bJ '1,e Sheriff; verd.et
Mern.fand !mns!n for Deui"' '
Charles Fisher vs Jhn stailv. ejectment
f"r ' of about 90 acres of valuablf lani
Hower and Slenker for HIT, Miller and II . 11
situate on lhe Isle of Que; verdict for Defi.
for Deft.
Aryumint List
Samuel Rnush vs the Countv of Snvder
case stated for the opinion of Court founded
on claim cf between S5 and StUOO for Iranvr.ri.
. . . . : -. --
Din-records : juiiemeal lur rill. Merrill lur
put i,nrit f,r lien
... .....in u. ...si... 1.. . c.rjr i w,.s,i,,.
exceptions to report of commissioners dividing
the township overruled, final conlirmaiion
enntmned. and viewer, annninl-rl nn ne.i.mn
i .. r ii...:.: en f i.:.
ior a division oy aim-rent lines, ueiric tor
division. Slenkfr contra.
John Uilger vs Jacob Fryer, reasons for a j
new trial argued, and c. a. v. n eirick and
Hlenker for Pin. Miller for Deft.
Geddes, Marsh dc Co. vs Michael Fisher
and Brothers, reasons for new trial on part if
Defts; new trial refused. Miller for J'ltf,
Merrill for Defts.
Jacob Otl Ex'r of Geo Adams dee'd vs Jo
Hanman Jr. and Mary his Wife, ejectment j
reasons for new trial ; new trial awarded.
Miller and Simpson for Pltf, Hill and Slenker
for Defts.
May ct Klose vs Wm Bowersox. certiorari
lo Jhn Weizel Esq. Judgment affirmed.
U Leisenrin; :o use of J U L Shindel vs
Btone 6l yuiggle; reasons for a new trial
new trial refused. Nimpsnn and Slenker for
PltTs, Miller and Hill for Defts.
Jacob Lenie vs Joseph Eyster, certiorari to
8 (i Herrold Esq. argued and c.a.v. Hill for
PlrT, Simpson for Deft.
Dr John W Peal vs Wm Seasholtz. certio-
riari to Jacob Riblet Esq. ; Execution set
" !
aside, and proceedings remanded to the Just-1
ice. Miller for Plff, Hill Tor Deft.
toacob Rm!eT l'SX-
Simpson for Plff. Hill for Deft.
Overseers ol tne i-oor oi renns i ownmp
vs Chapman Township, appeal by Defts from
order of removal of a pauper; areued.and c.
a. v. Hill for Plff, Slenker tor wen.
Messrs. EiTiNtiEit and Musselma.v,
jonng gentlemen of good character and
abilities, have purchased of F. Smith the
New Berlin Sun, and will soon commence
tho publication of a Republican paper at
this place. Looker Qs.
It is stated that when John Bigler, late
Governor of California,and brother of Sen
ator Bigler of Pennsylvania, was a member
of tbe California Legislature.bia wife wash
ed the clothes nf some of tne members
for so much a dosen. Her industry, and
her bnsband's talents, in due tim brought
them wealth and distinction. 1
The fturtlrn The Orchard.
Cwmmuoicated for th. Lwiaburg Cbronlcl..
Constrnction of Hot-Beds.
In choosing a placa for tlie bed, it
important to accuro two poiuts, brat to
iM u glltltereJ from ,he norlll anJ west
in the ground during the spring season
within two feet from the surface, provision
must be mads to drain it off, or auecoi-a
can not be depended on.
Having determined on the sDOt. set VOlir
Va... rl. h,. and tr.uk the a,.rfan
tt .,i Aa;j r ; ;.-
,v,uiiivuijr ivuu iu iiijs- va v aw
you tbe dimensions of the hole. Thn
remove the frame and dig out clean to the
)..r,(K i.f nt. lAst twn fitPt.
v . t -i , . .
.Next tukfi the dUD? fSUDDOitllliT it tCt
o rr o
u"e uccu viKi muoii fim iuiuiu u uii
i t 11 ..-.. , ,1 1
mixed, aud now showing some heat) and
place it tarefully on the hole. Shake each
forkful thoroughly so as to leave no large
junjri!lf aDj take pa;ns to kcep tte eurfaee
of n even fc . h It js best ,0 f Jt
.,.,, .,.. . ,:!.i
. , . . ., g .
abt,ut .the lJSei wLere t.be "e,Zlt v ,bo
001 W1" res', uut it it is tiyhtiy packed,
this will tend rather to prevent tbe desired
ncat- When you have filled up fairly to
! tho surface of the ground, or a little above,
lcarc the surface as level as possible, set
jour frame over it. put on the sash, and
shut all up tight. I ship was ready for sea. Shortly after be some menacing language towards Mr.
In about two days, if the dung was ' was married tlic master of tbe ship f"p- j Dames, th3 latter responded that he could
right, the mass will have become conside- tune's Car sickened as she was about ta put be fonnd at his hotel, etc. Mr. Ried re
rably hot, so that on moving the saeb, : to sea for a voyage round the world, aud tortel that he ought to be found in the
steam will issuo freely. Then, and not the owners, Messrs. Foster and Niekerson, Penitentiary ; whereupon Mr. Darnea an
till then, put on the soil, which should be j offered the post to Captain Patten, but he swered that Ried ought to lave been ia
of a good qualiiy, and, if possible, hesitated as he did not wish to leave his the Penitentiary before he fonght tbe bat
not greatly saturated with mois- young bride. The owners, however, gave tie of Ossawatomie. Mr. Rei-J hn walk
lure. For ordinary purposes, about six him permission to take her wiih him ; and ed down tho aisle, aeized Darnes by the
inches deep will suffice, but for radishes it ia twilve hours after the first notification collar, struck him aud knocked him down.
ought to be nearly or quite a feot.
wo or three days for the earth to become
warmed turougn, and men, unless it is too
hot. so as to be uncomfortable to the hand
nt lit,!e depth, you may plant the seed.
First, stir the soil with tbe hands to destroy
ne gcrm"-''"r5 ,nf
. ,-it.bie acptn anout an inca ana a naix sen t-y ncipiug ncr nusoanu in ois nauti-
apart across the led. In these, sow to- tical observations, worked up the time
matoes, early York cabbages, peppers, a from the chronometers, and occasionally
t Tl . 1 lJ -l Till ..I I - .I. L" .
few radishes, &e., and as each drill will kept the reckoning of the ship. Last Au
hold at least fifty plants when properly gust tbe Neptune's Car again put to sea,
thinned out, until they are large enough to and it was on this voyage that Mrs. Pat-
transplant, it is evident that a considera-
ble part of the bed will be left for starting,
at a later period, caenmbers, melons, Lima
beans, ka Should it be desired to raiso
egg plants, it would be best to put a sepa -
rate frame on tbe bed inside large enough
7 g
! g1"". BD!l B0W lhem under ,hcrc ft'r th'J
will not grow without a degree and eonstan-
of in ,bc!r "ag"""!
, kill the other plants. The great want of
1. .... . !... .1. .nu .. . .1 .
these Iatter. WDen 0DM ""ted, and even,
,n rct- befor6 they are up, is fresh air,
j "hich should be given at least for a little
1 "Lila in the midlle of the heDever
, it i not cold ennuffti to treexe. Kaise tne
h at top or bottom as may best guard
'U "' 5 "I " T
! war,n shove them off more or less, and
: remember that, with the exception of the
i e ?T mDy ".UOllroa'" 01
; . .. ... ....!
! the aitiicuiiy ot raising not Ded plants is
I from the want of sufficient air.
! -- '
! A Good WlFE. In the eiirhtv-fourth
... t, i .
venr nr nis aire. nr. t.aivin i ntnin wrntu
. "... '
i. . . .
haT4 becn pernaps, as near pcrlection as
, '. ' ., , ,
tbe haman conao permits. She made
I n the n.Mr ,nr n erl In m.
j Ad(j ow ,hat 8he , worlJ, ,oea
e ' J
' perfect.
How manv a Door fellow wonld be saved
r ,u -. t.t. wbie deep in the caeu aliens iu which her mg by two comfortable frame houses mo
from suicide, from tbe penitentiary and the . ..... i . ,.,.,. . . .. ..j
u j i. t. 1.1 i life and the r depended. There was one T,nS through our streets npon runners.and
gallowg every year, had he been blessed j ana lD "e . "uo drawB b, fjrir bortes eaeb. S,o pipM
... . -t i person on board, however, wno viewed her , , . . , i .
with such a wife ! r1 . '. .' , rrotrud.J through tho roof, lnlioating eo-
"She made homo the pleasantest spot to
me on earth
What a grand tribute to
that woman's love, and piety, and common
sense ! Rather different was the testimony
of an old man some three years ago, just
before be was bung in the Tombs yard of
tbe city of New York. "I didn't intend I
to kill my wife, but she ws a very aggra
vating woman." Journal of Ien'th.
Worth Trying.
I have known th severest headache to '
, . , , 1.1 1 1-1 J '
be Ueipea, ana iu uct.uus ucau.i-o. enreu,
by some sympathizing person rnDDing with ;
''T ? 'P f dWD' I
and off tbe shoulders, after the mesmeric
mannel.. xbe most intense pain can De !
. . - ,.. t. ,;a
euoiueu .u - " i -r---
remedy, remembering to earry the hands I
- .. i l l l 1
lartner away irora tue uu wucu
downward pass is made. This will also j
help the toothache cine cases out or ten
An extraordinary Delc
North American publishes a
count of a most remarkable case
delphia. A large number
Germans havo, it seems, permitted them
selves to be victimized by a woman of their
own race, who pretended to be the sister
of Jesus Christ. She appears to have ex
ercised unlimited eontrel orer them, ex.
torting large sumsj)f mony.
Heroic Conduct of a Woman.
lrrM( of Ur. Miitli-t Ann I'uttem,
ioumj lAi ly leenti JntttvJ Ap, an
('ummtiHilvl a Yenrl. Hftu-liix Viyx,
Durinj hrr 11Jsiwl ' IHuat.
The readers of the Herald will remem-
is ber an account tukeu from uue of the Cal-
ifuruia papers, relative to the heroic cob-
duct of Mrs. Martha Anno Patten, wife of
Ccptain Fatten, of the ship Neptune's Car,
who, during her husband' iHne?, took
charge of the vessel aDd uavigited it sufuly
into San Francisco. The LJy, together
with ur huabaud, who u now su sick that
he is not expected to live, arrived iu this
city in the Ueorge Law, and aro now st"j-
ping at the Rattcry Iij'el. ller.tory U
. i n ifitruct !ti it n ri A .-infill r,ti nrl thotis
!... K . I, X 'L J..
t n i
wucu grtai emereiicj cai net oui.
Jrj. luttea m bora ia Et IJjstun
0f wealthy parent., and received an excel-
.l ',n u.v. .uuran.
. . . , , , -
fii.Lr v nurture. 911. nrf.l fnr SI.. id
, . f , ...
now UiH iweuiy years oi ac.rt' ittuzr wiur.
j Las small hands and features, delicate
; blonde compleition, soft blue eyes, aud
' altogether gives on au idea of feminiue
1 l0f,nCS3 anj K0UianIiues that it is impos-
u .a witU the darinz nervo
.,. - - ,; , .t. i,;i.;,..,i ;
, , - r
, ".." degree. At eighteen years of
1 age tbe married Captain i'atten, tueu but
; twenty-five years of a". he havina been
master of a Ves3cl the bark St. Audraw,
; whieh plied between New i'ork aud South
: Amtriciu ports and was then off duty
waitinir until the Curuelia Lawrence a new
the young couple were on boarJ, and the
vessel getting ready to leave tha dock,
llie Neptune, a Car Brat sailed lor Su
' Francisco, thence to China, from China to
London, and fiuallv arrived in New York,
after an absence of seventeen months.
t s . t .t. i i. . . 4 1m
ton's misfortunes commenced. As the ves-
; sel neared the straits of Magellen, ber hus-
1 band was taken with a disease in the bead
which finally developed into a brain fover.
: He attended to his ship as lorg aa he was
able, aud when it was impossible to give
rcr60Dal 0Mt"' be ,ounJ nI
"aJ tnit his first mate was wholly ineom-
peteut to take charge of the ship, and that
there a, no .facer on board qualified to
take the vessel into port. He found that
... c . . . - . . . t
the first mate was anxious to run the ves-
sel into alparaiso, but thi be earnestly
forbade, as the crew might all leave and
the cargo be destroyed before the coosign-
ui cnnL um far tha iu in ihi.
emergency Mrs. Patten's rare qualities de-
eIl!"i'i ,hemseUe'- SLe cuu"
mand of the vessel herself, and tbe nauti-
Cil observations she OBee made in sport
, for pastime she now undertook as a duty.
. ner time was spent between the bedside of
; her delirious husband and the writing desk,
: , . ...... , .
worl"Dg BP lne '"'ricate calculations met -
dent to nautical observations, makihff en-
' '
trios iu the log book m her own delicate
i- i. . .i
' TienmausuiD.ana iracioir out wun accuracv
r, . . ' , , . - , , , .
i the position of the ship from the charts in
rluri ..;in,. .11
th C4D'U- 1 De r0USn ,a,l0rS l1 0DCJCl1
! the "little woman," as they called har, I Sleigiiino is Nebraska. A corres
I with will, and eyed her curiously ani af- pond't of the Cleveland Plaindealer writes:
tecuouaieiy turon-u iub sao.u winnows,
. . 1 .1 L .1. 1
course with jealousy and mistrust, lie
wrote her a letter warning her of tbo re-
sponsibility she was assuming and proffer-
ing advice, but she spiritedly replied that
"her husband would not trust hnu while
he was well, and she could not do so now
that he was sick." For fifty days Mrs.
Patten did not undress herself, and took
very little sleep, working day and night, '
and never leaving her sick husband's room.
Her labors are the more surprising in view
uf .i.e faCt- that she was ail this time in a
jelicate condion, and soon expects to give
birth to ber first child.
T"e ""
FraDCigCo on the loth of November last,
it having been for fifty six days uudor the
command af a delicate female not twentv
s of What a splendid text fori
. :.
th woman rights people. i
ji.patten is now at the Bitery Hotel
her own home,bnt be was too sick to go.
Mrs. Patten' ease is one of the most
remarkable on record, bnd adds one to the
many instances that history records of fe-
male devotion and heroism. .V J
Htrald of the ISf lift. i
with her husband, who, it is sippjeed is ht. Lawrence, liog and ..awute,
6ION. The' ia a dying condition. The fever has never i the following resu.t in the agrega.e ot
I 4 .. !.. f U.ir.airvitnri ! KPTilibll.
detailed e- left him, and for some time past he has eiccuous tor . ,
' . ! a?i3 . t. .s i American!- I IT.
in Phila- j been blind and deaL They did expect to I us, , - ' - ,?
rf : - : ipi - : f In f.r th. Kennblican.
of iirnorant: leava in the boat for Boston Yesterday fur " . - r
', Swallowed a Bull-Froo. Cornelius
n Weaver, some tiuia lait September, gol
druuk; ,n(i al ioon as he begin to est
over it, he went to a spring to drink, anJ
by b one means swallowed a boll frog.
This frog was iu him four days and Bights.
Weaver thought there was something sin
pular th matter with him, and ha sent to
Fincherville for Ir. Thompson to ootn
aud see him. The doctor asked him bow
be felt, and he told him there seemed to
be a living animal in bis stomach. Tha
dot-tor tbf-n gave him a vomit and up cams
the bnll frog, alive and kicking. But af
ter a long an 1 painful illness, Weaver expi
red on the 2.Vh of December last. Dr.
Thompson has got this frog preserved in
Iifluor f"r ,B0S0 peoplo t lok at
. J 'ubt the truth of ihu atatemeoi. Toi
Cornelius Weaver was boru in Nirthmora
lan 1 township, Wyoming county, Penn
sylvaoia. He has been in tht habit of
Ufttius mtuzicaUru from childhood up to
O a r
tuzicated fr
lie was about forty
lUBHiugw umucatu.
live years of age, and leaves a wife and
five cbil.iren.
; Missouri Politics. In tha House f
; Representatives of Musouri, on the aftar
n ou of the 2Sth Jan., Mr. Darnes offered
...!.;- .Jt;n, .k .,.n.;t;nn nt
, i c? ..it
the slave, in ths State unjust to the slav.-
holders. ?Ir. Iiied, tne eoinmanaer ei ine
Ruifi in army which burnt Ossawatomie in
Kansas, made a speech denouncing the in-
truduoti m of the resilutioo as designed
only tu get up a disous.ioa which wom.d
b injurious to the State Having used
Darnes got up and raised h;a tumbler U
throw at Ried, wuo drew his bowie kmfia
an i auempiea 10 rusa upon uu iiuwiu,-
was prevented. N' notice of this affair
was taken by the House.
Important Treaty with Mexico.
Tf b Itai f.utu rlilueiuu SI. 1 s is
received in thlt eltJ g, to cocfim lhe
port tU, m UntJ of importance has
, b negotiated with Mexico by our Mln.
o -
iter, Mr. Forsythe, with the Commonfort
government. Thitortion of the state
ment lately published as to a stipulation
for an advance by the L'uited States to the
goverment of Mexico of a large sam of
money, as a loan, is simply ridiculous. It
is probable that the treaty gives us alary
iee of 31'iicari territory jnclwling Sjnora,
for the consideration of the payment of
Fifteen Millions cf Dollars, a portion of
wllica ,0 tg appropriated to the satisfac-
tin 0f claims of American
citizens opol
,he Melican EOTetnroeot. Thii U doBbt.
leiS another plot for more Slave Territory.
How to Cbch Oct Garrotting.
James Kel'.j and John Clark, two notori
ous outlaws, were found guilty, someday
ago, in New York, of robbing, npon tha
garrote system, Mr. Hugh O'Uaran. Pe
ter Rowe was also convicted of a similar
offence. Upon being brought before Judge
Ruel,the Jude, on delivering his charge,
took occasion to allude to the enormity of
.1 : I .v.. ...iJ;. ,.t .1 ...i.
"B "-v.-j
run,!amcnt. therefore seutenced kellj
i tn 15 vears and 2 months in tha Stslo'a
. , . . ,
1 r,r"'ui-uu via., w i ji.uis -uu vuiuuiiia.
1 hl " " 8noum " onin
i dera were thus bronchi nrnmntlv and arTeo.
n i i 1 l t ii i rt
' '
I ,.n- m iuatice. communities would soon
! taHi 10 Juitlcet communities would soon
! rid of them.
' .... .. .. . . l.i
-.ny a.;enuon was auraciea im. mors-
fineIi BuJ eonifor. wU1)iu Window,
aj irned the sides, and tiny icicles glittered
in the sunlight pendant from the eaves,
Upon inquiry we learned that these house
c'lneJ ",4 ,im,l7 01 an " acquaintance
Hon. Isaac Parish, formeriv of Oiiio, whi
is moving from his home iu Iowa,toanew
one at the town of De Soto, in this ter
ritory." . . . .
jH'm. L. Dattos, late Republican
candidate for Vice Preiident, ha beea
urged by the new Governor of New Jersey
to accept the honorable station of Attor
ney General of that S'tte. Some of tne
ultra Americans however combine 1 with
some of the illiberal Democrats in Senate
and defeated the nomination by a vote
of 10 to 10.
New York Town Ei.ectkw.-K-
. .l . e s.f..
turns irom tne couuues oi .'iuuc""-.;
Le'"i Steuben,Fulton, Broome.Cbemung,
Any cf our friends who have the Alma
nac for IS ir, eleven years old, may use
the same for this year.tso. ,as iuej
to be same in resptct to the day of tha
month and all the other particular?, save
the auecdota! part.

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