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Lewisburg chronicle. (Lewisburg, Pa.) 1850-1859, March 13, 1857, Image 2

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Xruiiolnirg Cjironirlr.
T' Wlnmittrta ..fen. The t-nwillie. Chromci a.
nrrult...n of iit N-rp-r in tm.. l,ui.l.
MAlJti LO.N h AiI02s. !
The cii,2iu . t IVniiyIvai.ia who are op- i
pns. .1 m ihe rxter.noii of Slavery ami to the
other equally obnoxious principles of the in-
comim; National A 'Immigration, as an- j
it.tinr.p.l in Ihe I .iiir.it.ni.1. nia.tnr.n n hi. nr.
opposed . the union of Church and Slate, i
ih. ..,!,.. r ik. u;m. ir,.n . i'nm.n '
School., and in favor of protectins the hall,.,-1
ooi inim tne corrupt iniiurnr.es by wmcn tne iat 6uch further action as will tend to an
will or 'he people was defeated in Ihe recent , commencement of th work.
Pule and Presidential elections are request- . J . . . , ,
ed to elect dele?ai.s. equal in number, to the Aeeordinc to the provisions of the char
preent repreceniaiion in the Senate and : jerj Q. l Miller, William Cameron, Peter
House oi i(epresei.iaiivcs, to meei ir.Mmren-
tion in the Hall of the House of Keprewnta- 'r,
lives, at llarnsiiurj, on Wednesdar. .he 25ih Jno. Walls and Eli Slif'ir, were cocstituted
.lay of March ucit, at 12 o'cliK-k M., to nom- i pjrcctorg uniil the first Monday of Miy
inate cand.daies for Governor. Jud-e ol the : , Leine the time fixed bv law for
Supreme Court and Canal C'niumissii.iier, to , , ' , " ... o . , , .
be supported at ihe ensun.e O.-.tober election, tiio Anuual Meeting of tho btockuulders
hi) 5S JHenri 'of the Umatc and . fjr ,he eliion of Directors.
IJim.-e of Ri'prtmitatiefi. j After some time, Eli Slifer was elected
Hiui6cua, Ftm. s:r, ' President of the Board of Directors.
, ,. . . ,cr, i Thos. Hayes offered the following:
I.twisnmo, March 4, tSS7. I ' , ,
At a called ineeun- of the Standi:.? Com- j " hereas, over lifteen Ihousand Dcd
miltee of the his and others of l.'niun ! Jars of the Capital Stock of the Company
county opposed to the National Administra- has already been taken, therefore, ile-
lion, held tins day, Juh Il,.w was elected ,
a member of Ihe Cominilice, he residing in
he ... Townshm of Lewis. ,
. , . I
iCeWreaMh.it it he hcrehy recommended i
to the citizens of ill- neveral Clcctiuu Districis j
of this county to hold I
l)T.n-t to AlfOlillfv I
mji.il sa ii xTci. u ii j,s j
at the proper elee.iion h..ues from the hours
uf s to a r.M. on sa 1 1 kjjai. .iiarcn i nt..
inst., and choose two from each District to
meet in
County Convention I
On motion of Ja. S. Marsh it was
at Amnions' Hall, Lewislmrp, on MONDAY, I Resolved, That the President be requcs
March lrith, inst , to provide for Delegates to j tcd tQ g0,ie;t 6Uch iBf,irmatin from other
.he ttate Convention on the 25th lost., and to , . , . ,. . ,.
transact su.h other bu.' as may he tho'i ' Compantes and individuals as may
advisable. K. M. MUssi:it,Cb'n. ! cunw tha Directors to act intelligently
J.x Wiituir, Sec. J aud promptly cn the commencement of
" "" the work.
TO-MOKK0W Salm-Jay, llih j 0n mnlinn adjaurDcd to meet again at
March is ajpointcd for the Di-legate ! tbe call of lbe president.
Elections. Let there be a full turn-j ELI SLIFEU, President.
out, anil the Lest men choscu. lliOi
Coiintv Ciiiivciitioii niiiv if it soo lit
it !,. Ii,,,.. nf ..i:.kii.r 'Vnmlnatinnsl
nest Full, auJ Cx the ratio of retire-
cAiit'iiirtn iiram u env lrl t tiri i.o i
a jrood attendance, that whatever is ;
done may he fair and sati?factorv.
i. -s--
OlARI.ES JStMSElt attcuded the U. S. I u Friday ne.rtt irill afford ytjod opportmi
Scuae on) day utar tho cloo of the rgti- ! its to ijt sulscribt rs. po.Let 2 or in
lar srssion, and while warin'y welcomed j eauh Township and lforougU make tbut
jy citizens geoerallr, bud the cold houl- i ibeir business ou those days, and much
dcr of all the Buchanan Senators except
the two from Ilhode Inland. lie gave two
votes which wero of eminent service to
the Protective principle, and his presence
proved itnportaut and timely. The effort,
however, was tco rnnch tor tils srrcngtn,
and he did not return to his smf, the next
day. He repaired to New York, attended
with Col. Fremout, Jessie, aud other Ue
jiublicans, a splendid party at John Jaj's
on tbe Fifth Avenue ; and on Saturday
last, took tbe steamer Fulton for a Euro
pean tour, amid the cheers of friends and
a salute of 31 guns from the Young Men's
Itepuhlicau Couiuiittee. Heaven send him
favoring gales and restore his body and
inibd to full vigor !
se,Congrcss granted One Million Dol
lars more of the people's mousy to supply
"Washington City wilh water. Tbe work
will prohaLly cost E;j;ht Millions. The
" strict construction" Democrats fight all
appropriations to ave the lives and prop
erty of the millions of industrious produ
cers near aud on our Western Lukes and
Itivers, hut vote millions of dollars evry
year to adorn and improve and enrich the
few thousands of nun producers in Wash
ington city ! When they get these Mil
lions more, we hope the Washington hotel
keepers won't bait the President or other
boarders with any more rat soup waier.
IfrjuTlie Buchanan men, with the aid of
some fishy Fillmoreans, at the last succee-1 i.ssue the trumped-up Dred Scatt case
ded in forcing into the General Appropri- ! n which the Supreme Court voluntarily
ation I fill a grant of S-!0,00i) to pay the j threw itself into tho political arena.
Border l.uSiau sham Legislature of Kan- j Much feeling is excited by their decree,
las for their co-operation with Gov. Geary j and the opinion is freely expressed that a
to fasten Slavery upon Kansas. Of course, new clement of sectional strife has been
the Ucpuhlicans opposed the grant. (Xo I wantonly imposed upon tho country,
doubt " it is the Democracy that is labor- j h is ji'nin that the decision mutt , tern
ing fur Freedom for Kausas'." porary,f,r,m th: net that Slavery can n,t
Coxcoro,.N.II., March lO.-The elcc- J'jr fin '' J'U
tion to-day fur Governor and iiismbers of j Waj.hi.nt.ton, March 10 The major
Congress has been unusually juiet,aud the ity of the Judiciary Committee of the
vote cast is comparatively small. Returns j Senate have decided to report a resolution
from forty towns in various setions of the ! f,,r taking testimony in Indiana with ref
State, iudieato the election of Win. Uaile, j erence to the contested elections from that
the I.epuMican caudidate fur Governor, : State, and will, it is said, report in favor
and the re election of M.-ssis. James Pike, : of Mr. Cameron's right to a scat from
Mason W. Tappau, aud Ajruu II. Cragiu, ; Pennsylvania.
the present Ilopublican members of Con- i ,. . " "
Hai.timobe, March 10. The remains
I 0f J)r. Kane arrived at the new depot of
President Pierce is gaiiy South. The t!la jaltircor(. and Qhir, Railroad, about
Southerner, talk of buying him a plants- : n 0-c,ocfc Thc rrocc?3in is now form.
tation. - O carry hitu back to oid Vir-, ing t0 fecort thc boJy ,0 .bg IJaU of t)C
gtnny." New Hampshire don't want him. j .IarTanJ ,slilutB) where it wi rcnlain
Sr. Loits, March 10. The Indcpen- j in 9,s,e unl'' removed to the Philadelphia
dcBce coirospondent of the Leader, under ' depot to morrow morning,
date of the 3J iust., announce the arrival ' gam 'jjedarv, editor of theColumhus
of the Sait Lake mails, having bet-n three : ?ta(e 3imD!i anJ the Hon. Mr. Hall, M.
mouths on the way. The trip was the J c frcm Ma3,achusctts ara seriou..ly ; of
coldest and most perilous ever made across ; tlie aitemper which has seized Mr. liu
the Plains. Many of the Iudians on the , ell!inan anil otbor guests at t!ia xalional
route had died from cold and starvation. utei ; Washington.
They had eaten their own children, because '
they could procure no gnme. i JollD G- (-'Iiirk "ls committed to Wil-
- ' liamsport Jail on charge of selling N. Ross,
A Asm.NGTON.March 10. Lord Napier, fdr a gid watcb, a horse belonging to
the new llriush Minister hasengaged rooms ; John Moore of White Deer Valley. The
for lumseif and suite, at Willard's Hotel, t complaint was subseriuently withdrawn,
and expecU to reach Washington to-mor- auJ Clark released,
row morning. ; --
r J Col. Join M. Sullivan, Deputy Secrcta-
Ud S; djourning, appmpria- ry of the Commonwcal.b, is warmly urged
Exl-;! matrvi' ! iST ? for GoTerDOr l,J S0DiC wcstern ,Ic
- "y -
Lewisburg Gas Company-Organized,
uud tlie Slock taken.
At a lucetiog of the Stockholders of the
Lewisburg Gas Company, held at the
offioe of William Cameron, on Monday,
Marin V, 130., i.ll OillLrwaa
Chairman and Tho.. Hayes, Secretary.
The Chairman stated that Committees
h,d on tbat day vatft& 0n the citizens of j
. .. , . ,. .. . - .- ... ,i
the orougn,io oncu uuscriiiiiuun
Capital Stock of the Gas Company
tuat lbe eerjr stock" was prompt a-
The business of the tuectinff would
be to fully om-iniz the Company, and to
T - n: . l. l'.-.a An.mnns
B0ive, That tho subscription books be
, i ... .;. .1 ,. . f .1,- nrV w fnilo '
clo?'1 UW 1 theCOat of the Work IS tuiiy
ascertained. Jlotion adopted.
On motion of William Cameron, it was
Resolved. That James S. Marsh, John
Walls and Eli Slifer be appointed a com-
uijttcc fn coiifor witb ,be citizcn3 of Mllton
,ou (j ,uc fce proper to appoint a eim-
, . . - , - ,,- f ,,..
i mi vi'ii.it. 1 1 1 vv j v uv j i. -nii.j
ing gas works jointly for the use of buth
Tnos. Hayes. Secretary.
A ,he CllHONICLE f now the only
j 'Vh 'f Option mr in thU y.
I the cominj campaiin ( ixtnuliny itt
circulation. The Ikix(iate Mkktings,
. . c ' . , t.(,fi v,
(to-morrow ) awl the IM'UINO hl.ECTHiN,
can he done. Clubs of 10, 1 cacb.
From Kansas.
Sr. I.otis, March fi, 18".".
The Rrj.ultiean contains a long cnmniu-
.1 .;e-.J. -."V.J , . 1.1 .
of Lccompton, relative to recent affairs in
Kansas; also, Gov. Geary's letter and
fherrs'i's reply, together with the action
of the Committee of the Judiciary in the
Legislature no the matter, and the testi
mony taken before Judge Cato on the ex
amination of Jones for shooting Sbeirad.
The version now presented differs some
what from previous reports. Ths commu
nication casts much Maine on Gov. Geary,
and tbe Committee on Judiciary likewise
censure his action. Jones, who was held
to hail in S5,0G0, has absconded.
A letter dated Wcsiport, Feb. "G, s iys
that at a meeting cf citizens at that place
resolutions were passed to resist every
effort and every movement intended or cal
culated to produce troubles similar to th'S-i
of last year ; extending hospitality and
welcome to emigrants from all sections of
the country, and pledging themselves to
let the laws of Kausas and Missouri punish
all viu'.utois of the law.
Renewal of "Agitation"
hy the I)i itinerary ami the istavctrr.iry.
Washington, March f, 1857.
The whole Slavery agitatioi: was opened
again to-day hy the decision in a feigned
1 uoverucr.
i i
.Before thea.ijouroiiieut of Congress,
on niotiun of Got. Allien of S. C, a very
, f i
cooiplimenUrT vote was passed to 31 r.
' ' , I
Speaker Hanks for bis able and impartial :
conduct lDtuecnair. a kw ulir uu-,
:..-J l.-.l U .1. -nr. mrtn r.f all ..urtip-s
jecieu, I'tli. .uu " I
united in the vote. As (jrov. Aiken was
chair . ,
..... .....
for the discharge ot its duties. .
Account of Old Union County, for '56.
Orders issued by the Commissioners of Un
ion county, on the Treasurer of said county,
for debts due by the old county of t'uion, and I
for which Ihe present county of Snyder is h- .
able for the one half. t
UirJ ll .w.rJ. Nor Mi .MU-ntrarMi. l "Hut Auditors f..r j
mtLinil'-omitT eetll.-m.-iit f--r ';"-" tiirlu.ilni: .-lks-Si ,
li.Tid iwenule. I'oii.-.tabli-of Fraliklin u.ntiil ifciu-u.l- i
i.i . l.-rti..n loritotn-r .- i I u.i
Isaac ll.il.l.rr c-l in cu- or ,.om w,-.-oi.. ......
ll,.l.l.-r c.l in l-W.-lth l.utyl
auJ John llnnlyiit Kec-m." r . K-i"U uj
li.nicl Smith s, .-rvior ..f I'l-nn. to,nl,.u Tor ?r,.-l-
t.C. C,l. y..s leoi and U ll.lirer.!el.l.SM. 4i ,
i. Il. iuil. li. ii.in'w.alth h lra. l lial. liu. 12 2 .
B. Stall om'.lh v I. loilelm. Ji l." 'lun.lv n I. ty.
,rerilx S,.i. . na. iu;l,i. c. tt illiauior. O-urt. j
T. U.O. Itodsw. au 1 i ol. LnS
immM he'r. Cem. t Jxb si.ssk. pt
lv,''r "' IJ' ftiii.W'iiitn- "..
ion-SSI 07 ;
tl'm, riitifan wit. s ix-f Stinft.rl htl. Com th
n I. KriTHtitl Jn. litin.ly. rh . 2
A. ;ulWi! j'Jiiwb Mock --il'tif
A . lVtmfUiiitll ttm . i I , itllli U". mi ii ii j r. rr i" u
WU1. YauiMiT Dtjt'f Atlyli.nl.jiilInffe.,.rF.b.
Mnv Jtr'l J pt n-i'm';.s or aU iliat l t jre nt nl- i
lowed turn, uv liif mnii-i.iii'T'.
J. Irwin A-M'MT. liiiffdl.H- 1. alMfJlii? full 'Iff.Trf, 1 W
J. Sltar, Com. vm Crol .lnsmi.l lt"lir-rs f-t. s. "&j ! 7
A Kinip! s-ni v- Jawtt. StiK-k Spt. M-iciih '.'S 1 t'T
TboinaM rkiwer for rutiumtc tlivis'wu ltn Utw?fu L'ni.'ii
MirhAt-1 itron n t'oni. t Tthw! fiuMiu t
C. Miiihcu-. w rvinc (tulji.i'uM Coiu. va J ?trk Sciitctu
lrr t-ioo 1
S t.ut.-liuei f lt'tiic ShTilTfi July Htli 'Si 5
A J Ivttrn f.T pub'nj Au.ftouityrMatni'Dt 'i 10 )
t. A 0 llrtiit k Coin. JoS Mrk ; t. MfiftU'i-r :i W
riiilipOroM Ksq Otin. I.GuUliu. Johu fciuody o-l 1.
Kvt S'lJ. nfiiioun ,,,)
.1 V'i!i-min .i.m. ts .tiron Ptcefk P--pt. waiiioii 55 1
V. Il.m-r. iViW. l'rofU, UmgA. ilo-l-r Ej .t. ii - OS
i. r-fi.i.a. u. do W. ilnrdtior F-b. n.s5inn IS 19 a lit
H. M. llurt'-r.jitt'Coui'Ul'lf'f lwinl-urnjn-rrinc not :.!
ir in K.4 t "
r.iro-!.Ki..i. iBniiiPr-iiTi','-m t II R.arm. I
toiv n'.'.fU.fh.rH in roi.tc.-tj fi.ciinn suit
t.-.-ii I num mid Piivdi-r couulif Irt w1-,
V..plfii Jt iVrtit-lit)-- uniit'j .In.".. -tMrtriMit f'-r'Oi 21 .V)
.1. K'-mIt K-h riir 4 t"ii" nl f..r J;l id IS.'iI I t IH
J. J.Tti- ni-mC'tu. t. J. M.-k i.t. ... ..
IMVlirnnr..ni v-(.").. I"(in A lUfrsMay ."... 1 IfiU
j. Kvm.;t i;-.-b'ii "tcttfi-f rje-rri ai- .vii'j.
.1 IVin r.-ui. Tfl .1-I'linpjwl Sfpt. n-jt..4.n ;t ii
Iid Kf.Mr aud oiIht.- f..r i: ad lMmii;es ?'Jl
M.,m a link, r and .'tlit-r.- f r F- t !.. p 4
llf-n ry M...itl and ft tern Ti-itne KwU 3 iu
Jaiu-. F. I. (nil and nthrrs virum lU.u.l 6 Ofl
H. F.-.J. Jun. t'niU 'oni. th J.Ciiuppi-1 t't
.Ixhtion W u'Im f .r H'-a-l daniHCt 0
At. tyer nitucil Com. T tiutelius, GuLdy k I.Eyr 4 6t
$lu.,7 blli
Del i nurnf (iViri-t ir.
li-trift. C llpi-ti.f Nainc V'-.tr.
Ha. Court
W: Itnlfnior liny-!, it W. Uultf lM
IVn y --IVti-r Troup do
M Kit I).ir Jr.. I Kink do
t V ntrc Henry Mu-iwr
Vadiinetfn Mr-nry .timni.-rs do
Fninklint I-ral lau. luimn '1a
fu-iv.r--Riil-n KW.-. 1..S
W.-ut UVav.t Mntnu K.-rteltrr d-.
( Vnt.-r I'ani.-l linwr! dn
i liipman Chrtian K-r.tttT df
Mid'iitfn. k .lo'-l i:il-t'r do
p,.no .ran ib r.rdlcTt, dn
I'.-rry -J..Ln K--1 1 t t"
Simverop Ji-r.-mitU Crruft do
XThi Dcrr-mTfdMvcal- do
..si 7,'. ;
Y.i : Ki T..-.i
51,.-19 .tXi';
'i'i2.- l'-. -7
1, 'it" 1 i"7
W.ll i '
I'" .'i-". 71 i4
i'.."i t 4:o.o j
2.;. if,
f-.?? SHf':ci
1 'tj
Marked thu ha- paid in art iict MttlfOiout.
do f do StJit- in full,
do X d. do in part.
Ain't biVt f -rward totaJ Am i OrJtr wunl ln.T7.P ;
Ordf-r. No. 11, 4il, 61, am'-untinc to Uii,ll
remain outtaiiiinc and uup.ii.l, tnakln total
aniouut of 'Jrder piid "S2li j
Account with the Tnnihip$ fur Road,
School and ltr I'Hiith.
Itoa-J. i?i h.l. Poor
t nulTalue 4 '-l
ll..rtlfy 4 41
Crrv I.oa
rt ar.-r 5 1 dJl. th
trjuk.ia l.'-it
,;;. U.77 ,t-i
Th" nlM" amount c-f T- at rrc-iT. d I v K. II.
Lair 1. Tn-asurT. "
e the tiitri rsit;ne.l Cotnnus:ioners of the
con tit v of I'nion herehi submit the ore2oinw
account of the receipts ami expeni.itnres of j
the obi county of Union for thc year A I).lS.rfi i
as correct and true, (iiven uioler our hands j
at tlie Commissioners' otlice in the borough
of Lewisbnr.7 the Sth dav of January A. D.
1857. KICiiT) V. B. LINCOLN,'
V.I. Kt'LE, Commissioners.
Attest : Aspbew Kes.-vept, Clerk.
Treasurer's irrounl.
Kebirt ti. Lniril, V.'q.. Treasurer, in acrnunt
with old Lnwn munli, lilt. i
To cah rcc'J fr..m 11. S.'-mi'in. late To-amiriT i
do ..iii..iu.nt C..11. ami ..re. r. -n.ss.i,."
Tonmtrif Tan eul.rej luluiur. nlti.o airaiust !
Tari.m. piimo inn real rrf'I-rtv) tr..'.7
Toea.Uf..rim.uii.lrentaleIl..rlin 4...I I
do fnrjury fine, trow i. lvealer, .;herirJ 1J.H0
(Kalanec due County for "55 and preTioui y.ars, "il-io-ij
By amount nf rtrdrr imm.! by the Commisxinucrit
during th yar IHoti and paid 71'-."!
Bnlanff due t'oii-ity l-v TnnroiriT
Hy CV mtoiej-i' n on 7S,sl at 1J4 percent.
io. i tin
Wp the nndTSigned Auditors of the county
of Cnton having carefully examJtled and aud
ited the forep;oLiif accounts of ihe Commissio
ners and Treasurer of said county, DO find
and report the said account of receipts and !
expenditures and Treasurer's account for old
I nion county for the year 18a true and cor-
. i i r
icil Hi "Uiira. Ill wiiucas l.nr.il, c ill-:
said Auditors have hereunto set our hands at
the Commissioners Office in ihe bornuc.li of
Lewisburg this "th day nf January A.T. 1357.
J. D. BO;.R, Auditnri.
Attest : A. Kttttur, Clerk.
P s
. k S o t a.
c ? .5. ir e
!-'f 5?"e??
3 (V -? I
it '
I ifjiS
1 153
2 ?
I 2 3 a.i
. 1
Z- V - r
C3- g. t--
4. ? S r. 5 g. i-j
2 - H -
tl S S 2 S s iS ? 2 - 3
I-.-'.... -'- 2.
.':iic: i.i'-3
" e
S a
2 2
se "
5 "g2 a
. a n 2
"Lf e -
V J S"
CfC c- - ? 3
a 5
S a
Marked thu h.r. pall Id part .inc. attloieut
. l..:., ,Ui .SnibblHO C-.lurl Jl-iUSf ami ,um tm i ul, rj.K0,ui.la,r."...,i -i-.i-o '" ............ ,.,...,,,, ,!i;,n,ll. .rs.
uis opponeui, auu aa .''i'"'- i . . " , ... .. n,,. is ',o na. ins nrst Mun'e'i
the election of "Black Republican Mar, iu uo " tc r. ea u j,, ,s . i,. w: m of medicine and ,';';Vh,; I
tu iub i , . ... . n. ,-'...' . lieui'is".'"'""-- M
u.f..i .r in,:kniTpr mo I iiion. iu s i j.. L' ... . y ii .i . ..r ir;;...... fr.,. .i t-. .nirr.
and r 6 iiiwrnrjr .-in inuiujurm iiuiii a' "j ''""."'j ' elphia ; hut necumins .
' .t. l,;..l..t .!o..rno li.nmruhlr. Jr.n n l.inn. K.o. nl.r ,',.ni'r Atturner 2100' .,.;,,, hmiinru 1 . lTi 7. ! r,i..vur iiir'riran Ol-rtlf M'Mfm,
. VOie IS IU IUC Lituvot ' . - - i . no ii '."..- - - . . .
, e .u .u.i .tune .riiicai.1.1.
Assrisrir fall for ISflG.
.er. for their r-r.cs in maiii.i; i-
eraii.'aa uv iui: notice. Jte. Triennial
A.m. nt .w . J
lw u Septennial AsacMmeu. .) K
, 1 ,
wh ;,ia
.ieaeral r.l.ett..u t)i'ti.l..r
rn.ii.uu.l Noveiub.
1KI 12
s.mul .tousu. fee. for is-h.
UiO 35 .
MM !
c; X i
11 S7'4
Court iylcllses.
Joreni' Put snd Milentf... Tit:
linin.ljiirurii, l-el.ruarj IVrai
Tr;vT!m du d
i A.lji.urDed Curt do
flriii. Juror?, May Term
I Iravi-rne do du
lirnnil Jurors, Sci.tiaVer TiTia
Trairr. do do
(IrsnJ Jurorii, Dii-cmber T,-rm
1 tAV,:r:u do do
1, e-j),
:ioti ss
-I'l'J 5,i
'.17 Cl
, ,
-a ;
1.! '-I
14 IK)
U on
- Alilourt .to
- - ,
T-mniT do
Mv Terul
s i.t.mleT Term
lUembir T.TO
llu.uilwr Icrm
Co.rt.kh. milc.re and "JJn, :
2 yi
zi f- )
7 I
''"T 'T0,.
H .Si)
llisx-iutjer Turin
41 ;
Ko id ordtrs uxHtd hy trie Lvurt.
WilenpJ. Luu anl i.ih.-ri. duriuti lhcjrr
S3 10 ,
., v'.,. -
1 OX OtaipX.
Thos. Hull auJ utherfl fr f x icalps
V; Coftt.
CoiM .nl.l In ca.seaof I'ommonwtallb ngain.t
itie lollowin jreon?:
Iialik-l Fislicr aud otiii-rs ... Jacob Ste-.k 19 e'Ji
Com. J- V- Linn aud other. I'D
do J.4.iali ltal-er 1 On
iiri-n and llrlen 8 "
J. Ke.Blr F.x SherfrT. i:.l.. W oo-l, tual, ic. 4 D1) "
louiinunwcallli . Mali;. D.jnerliy 7 Kii
do T. Auu aa.an.a.1 S M
do A.liniTi au.l H. Fwins 3 111
do v A. lirore and tf. tw.n 4 is
! Kent for Otjines.
I Tru.l'ii Hal t. Cliurcli li r mut.!t.-i-..r.li-r.H!ce M 00
; "v " ,
! JiOflff Jhimajfi.
j j.ph jt. Kettrr f r r.vl damans
- ArW hra's and rrp'tirs d of.t unt
Itnvi.l M:uicri filhtirf up r.riit" at N-w lbrlin I
- ,1 i.ntx n tiiiitiiint.utiiiwiit.-prii'v run Lri-ltf 4 H
M,llti A ttuitry for rep n bri lctr nt Turtlr Cr 3 '
tncsk.Siilcr A. C. luuiUr t-.r-i a;r Tur.Cr. Lr.'.'
17 bv
Sheriff's Irs.
D.iuim. P. ft'tldin for lfi-miti' ftntnriiin? ard
.Irnwitiir.'ur'.rs for Ih e. T.-rni 17a... A1m fr
rcl.riinry. May. ireptviul-er and DcvniLr
T.-ruis laott
I'uhfic Jhiildittff.
li:i 00
i'h. Veder work at fffi'-f ami f'ourt riK in Z CO
lltir-li and Fan. ly :' 2 T -n Coal dt-intrcd at
Court Kootii atitlifm rs nfll.T 12 00
David tijnu-r wurk at Court Tvm and mi-
kmz tiri-!. 7 -a
.!. II- n.iiin whi'oline h jonrnalu Ac. ir. 1 u"
Cli-. ;!. Cntt-f work at I'rothonotary'u and Ke-
4 cor tT-! "ffn- 2 '0
st ! I'- yclir-n-k. p,"t'"C up. renairintr FtftW Ac 3 Mm
liji r.s Am iuou. i unit rf.r rfpainnj offioM
and t .urt rim. making firti, tiudinp coal
1 atta-n-liuii ln-af-r 21
' I'liilipn for w..ik at l'rothonotarr .tlie 4
I F. i-pvkt-r cut. L.c. Mu. In. '.. Awwutriit
i N". on puMir huiUtn IN 7
! B Aninn-n for C -l and uendr h. T-. T-
' W. .MtT!, tr:ui 'ii ht-atrp Ac tor ttuil II. l' -"
' -;
L,oroftrr s Jri'jitrst.
1 Tounrtnan, V q h-!dinjr an i'itrt on t he hr.-Ir
! ot J..iunnTUi.au in l.iui-iton tp. FVt. 11, j? 11 It-
' i'..miuf.ii.i'. t Hu.-f
i;. V. il. J.iurotu
t.M-oii llu'mntd 11". :')
U i.ham Kuie "
i hiriv-s l. tiny an ! .1. Milr C. rJ p""1 H -S
Kram and C. Marm- lor pawinii A piliiij w. -Wiiliau
V. Mill.-r. Calmdar fur otlictf 1
Ilnvf-lopfS, VmtAti, 2 '''1
J.din CtriidiU! si bntt.f !nk ."'T);
J. A. M. rta.K-f, .iiiaiifymi Sheriff and i'om-
mixioiifrf. f r drawing .hirorn 37' j
Villiaiu l.tfiT for ) j t..n of Co.il 1 7 -
A. K'uuid clt-rl. U"Couinii.(.i n. rs 2"' fo
S'JO 2Vj
.1. YT. Tcnnincton fT r-corlin(r ttond and ccr-
tificati- f rlc-tifn of K- If. I.nir-l. Tn a. 4 .'0
Mf-. I'or'-iial A Mas?, ffal and prest, for Com-
niiMi nt'i"fli-i lo ."'
' W l orn-litis mak'trlt I'i"'ti lix.' W. l-w'tf :; i:t
J t I"1 tn on noteoi $.:v.ifMr W day 4 Tti
Horlfii Si C-rnelttirt on-rraia ttno papT and
u p,,,,,,,,.: fTbtp? to rs-k npdoc'ntu
to rmvr it irintr-r' oHic.fr m N. Itfrhn - M
I J. SoHityf r auu rua out oi lucrcuanuiJa iu i
41 16 ;
(,'otuttj lintiit'j.
Worlm t Cornelius printing 6.inir9 btank
ord-r Ac. S n0
Z.d':i. h .. l.inn for pnl.'ncTrifn'l A'eiment -'
V. M Zii.;i- rt printttic varionn blanks lti 00
Wor-l. ii K t . riiflio-. prinin.jr An. MatTnfnt,
Mi. rift V l'rt'Clainati"ni:d I nurtot Appratd ftS 2
Wordt-o A C.-rneliiW printiuif l-Iank. .-hfr.ff
1'roclautalion!, Gen. and l'ri-"iUT Klec'na IS 03
P Si
Cvnfrsfrd Kfectfan.
fiee. J. RaMiM Con.taLle. eerrinir no, in ean
of Cftl-. .1. Smith eimtette.1 ek-c'u li.rCoui'r fi 1S
.Mark llaifpi-uDj itne 3 01
;,,,,, Attorney General' Fee.
, .... ' , ,
Wm. an t.eii r th-p. Alt v Inn. fcea for Dec. T.
ls'-i aa4 May T. rm l-oo 1
Totol. mount of Ord-r. . W .
e tne unnersiEncu vo.nmiss o.iers . u.e
. county of Union hereby sul.mil the fore
nit of the receipts and expenditures of
aid County for the year A. D. I8r,6 as
ct and true. Given under our hands at
i - ". . . .. - , ,
j the t .mmiissioners oliice in tne Doro.irn oi
Lewisburi; the stith .lay of January 1667.
VVM. KI.'I.E, Cnmmirsioners.
Attest : A. Kewitrnr, C trrfc.
Treasurer Aeeolinl, 1436.
j n,,'"' K"J ' 'leeimurrr, in account
"'"" "'..
' To Canh ree'd orColl-tiiri fir l'.Vfi IT.I.-.l.i
T., ..,.... in r,.w nfl,.-. ..n re.l nennert.
Tax., enter..! in torn ra iiflico on real pmpertv .11
..... .. p...... ..-..k . i..o... ao:
ls.'.fl.Jin fi. llatanee due LTOolleetnr. nflSSfi li-Ji.,19
Balance du. b, K. H. Laird, Trea.urer .i.-'t
i Balarfe 4u County. Jan. A. lS.r,7
By amount t fOrlTi tMurvl by CommiMionr
dtirine the rear lHf.fi and paid
Am i of C..mmiion at P4 pr rt on 4'W.3fi p.1
to Tre.m. dnrinc Vri allcwt-d u compvDMtiori
Ilalancc due County by Treasurer
... . , ,, ... ... '"-''4
Vic the undersigned Andi.ors of the cnun.y
ofLinon havins carelully examined and and-
ited the foregoing accounts of Ihe Coinmissio-
ners and Treasurer of said county. DO find
... . .. i. . r ';..
dim upon me aaio .n-wuiui oi .rt,,Ma a.m
expenditures and Treasurer's account for said
77 t'liT'Vi
Mated. In witness whereof, we the said Aud-
iters have hereunto set our hands at the Com -
Ihia sixth day of Jannarj
JUII. f.CllKACla,
n.. i ii. . ..i.-i. ,
J.D. BOUAR, Auditors.
Attt: A. Kft'ttpt, Clerk.
Executrix' Wotice.
-a. -..tic. . ti .....i
j tamcntarv on the last will and testament
m ARM W KOHHiXH. ate ol White Deer
. ,- . a , . urt-i nt-iniii i ,L-
nn iimp, ' ' . tt r riii in r
i knowing themselves indebted to said eslate.
are requested.to make immediate payment.
and those having justclaims against the same
are also requested to present'them properly
.1.. .i.i r, ..iii.m..! J
authenticated for settlement.
White Deer, Feb. 7, 1857 pd
a 1,1, persons knowing themselves inrteoteil
t to J. Hchrever. either bv Note or Bnok
Account, will confer a particular favor by
paving Hie same on or before the 1st day of
April next.-
eb. :0 1857
Military Fund of Union Co. far 1856.
rhpl H.--I Cm. i:o. i.u.i
nufr.l,-AnH-liHnrkj.,i.;., !. s.M .,.;ivi,
I Bh''k"" W ,.t .
n.rt,-u. . M.-..-1I ;," n V-
h.uT-j... K.h- , i' !
i lltiIv Vh I Ml ll
. . . ... - l.lv. -1 Ji k -2 M :. !
do. s.w .--.'. r.,n 2.'..fc.i aMt ' i
IH.lllinliurt W. t.ut-.' '. . ' '
N,ui.. - 4:...BUr.w.w t
Ja. 1. il.y
Vrr i'etcr Trmij.
Center Henry Muer
Franklin Simon Snyder
Washington Henry Summer
Heaver-Keube.i Klose
Weit Beaver Simon Kerstctter
tlenler IHiie! shower
Chapman Christian Kerstetier
Ir5l 6,78
1 a ,
trr.t 7
I a !
Terry John ku bbs
p.eiinsur..ve 1 i.-inoiu .
Washington l.ud-.u- Aib.-gast
. . I i ' r. ,1 . O
Wditnnj Orrir p :id fr I -.rj5 nW I 6.
PJ Unmade In.-pfriur 1. r se rvices rcn-
tlr-r.i iu 1.V. i?.',03
.c f,,r the fitlliiuriug ittriit
Inspecting (Vnircville Rille Company 10,00
Oranizin" Si,.i.f MouuMin li.tni'fs Iii.fiO
Inp'fU Vnion lo.lrpeinlnt Ha'tation 1-r'.0
Itisp tmmtit and I'uiiiTK ihiiihn
1 day colict:t"c rar!nl-r Ixs l"-.r I'lk ti-!s
tirifers ari l hill-, fur aim?
VoWd'nr rniirns and leiirrs p'r John
Pursier. I. M.
(T.Prev repairs uone to nrtiilrrv va"n
B Hefl ronvt vins ar:n Iroin J-ewubtirij
to Bugai's ia; era
Cmmrs and ("I; forsrves inmlirybsns sn.dO
Printers Ir pii'i-iin" siatement ir I5ft.r 20,00
A-tsesors fr lun.ivhin list i'l 'iL-limiunt
nolilary rni-n at 2 cents each Io.3:
Pd Stale Treasurer as per receipt 6(!,5
Tntal ami of or-lers in cah paid
Ti:r.i-n:i:ira rt V.
Rt.fifrt If. Lnirtl, Tr'nsurtr. fi uccu?lt with the
Military I'ttnthJ' L'twn County, for l.-G.
To amr ff fines unr.illtctcii fr lfr5
i ami nrevtftis voars jGS,"5
1 To amount of sail lm asvescCil for
' lrjrt, as per h.u U n w hich -;nf fit.es
' are entcrr-J by the County Comm'rs 42,Ii9
' Bv ami. tint nf s.t;.! fines nulitatiJin for
Iv'iSuh'l if Vit us ytat
Bv ami of -anl fnips oiillan'.tns fr VG
. ExnnT,Ui"i.s allotveil cit!lectrs fr lbifi
i ami prt".i' ti e;irs 01,23
1 CoinrtmM"!) ail..ue.l culfertcrs fr lft.r6
at fr ct nt. 2.nS
; Or-ir- pa-il r.s ) r ai.nexftl aerount 2-. N
i TreaMirrs ciiiiniiis:n i n $.) at
i 1 per cur. 4
! Bv balance tine (i min-:ueallh 235, Xt
J ...70.S5
I I, SItl" C'l- 5TT :
j I. !i l- rt IT. Lair t, TreaMirr f
. f'nion 1', it'ttv. .! . i .-r ;v -til'ini' tli" f rer
arrount of iii M.Iiiarv Knti'l of s;n l Ctuiity
a correct ami tin-, I-t ii.' t .ir 1 :. cii
iiti'Ut n. v ii:tu ! M i i i TriM-'ircr's in
tiio BitroTish of LL'tt-flitirL. tii- I7rh : v of
Fe!... A. 1). 1 KOtfEIii' Ii. LAliCl.
We the mi T'Tir.'-.t. -tKt!t(r of thr (i;inrv
of I'nion, having eart'luilv fxinnne.1 arid a':
ihteij the f-.reT"ins arroiiTU ot Roherf II. l.airU
Treasurer of I num C.unly. lo fiml an i ie-
port the same irn ami correct as Mateu. in
witness vh'T'o f wp ihe said Auilitor. have
hereunto set our hands a! :hr oiamissioncrs
OlVice. in the Boronsh cf Lewisburg, the 17th
day of Fcbrnarv, A. I. lgo7.
ATrrsT A TII'iV.V. - Auditcr.-1.
A. Kfifht. CThtV. .1 Ti K'f;.M:. i
f'V-JK-Sft J T
tw; : r-
tnliirx. V. Iliiir W.Ku.e i',r K.u. naves I ' ,mm,n,e,l its Mudv. am! ai;,n irn
rilMK unders.oiiod beinjr detet-mincd ! close rnrcha.-d i.u'.ar u. lnn-p. ii.
I business m this luwn.u-ill dispose ofrheir 'TaTlMI.1 UJl "Xv. D. Wwarcouatj- I'a.
present exTfn-ive tock of Fir-l Rate Clothsns j lt7 r,..'v r.rtitv ttit I t .- n-- l w. o. Iiti iv k im
at po'inveiv
ever before
borhood ! (
k, ..i;.- .
e., n, i . 1 1 17.-! i- t I at.twhi ihnn it !i:t
ever before" bee,, ..iK-red .n this town orne.trh-
,,rhlloI , Comt lillu.r al, sp(,,,Vt hWeT.
ini. hintie. ai.H he i-, nicelt'. u-irmlv etotl.Cil T
ro can't
s i
V ' J
be sau--ii(il wilh our prices ami
never can he. Here you can sret
: r- , i... . v..e.-
v uiii.i ani, i?i?,.-jiiu.-, i-iaci-
well, anvthini lliat a genlleman oucht to be
'possessed of (except perhaps a wife) for
your monev.no matter how small your pile
m,iv be. llon't think we are tokin? when we
i sav that we oiler lln-m so low, but just cumc
anil see for yourselves.
. i.WLUS.ilil 11 & liUU.
aii persons in.iente.no me
p.-m c i i-,.ij ,.,u 1! .,,-..,)
rirm ol J. .tolns.nith oi Urn. are earnestly
"" " P :
!h,,se havII,5 cla.ms. will please present their
, , f whllrR pa peK lS57
I --OAlj.
fOAL ! TIlC Undersigned WOllM TPS-
' I n.f,.n,.,,,,..,,. n .....1
1 11
and vicinity, as well as persons in adjonuriK
owns, mat ne Keeps constantly on hand a
: supplv of HIIAMUKIS and MLHS-ISA HUE
cuAUtrSu,v; and other purposes, of every
T.r(,.,T .,i sile.d .ill .ii..,r tLi t..rernn..ie.,rmi
n. a. he ha. a i.-.., f r ihnt purpose, llatin,- ereeie.1 a
rir r v-i .'-'iH e't-Ai.K.s. he can aesure rr.ou
'iiri'b.in-r.l that Ih. vtiil k-et full weiaht. and a.us
p3y o,,w f..r .hat th.y reeei.e.
r...i i had at the i...,t Ca.h nriees at his Yard.
' "-."mt':,::i Btarl
Yard. oeukob nouxuis.
j i. My n. ISM!
JJtt. JitliLirJti J
I anrPr Inslltllt. for the, Trealm.nl
. . .
I aneers, I umors, ens. I,-leers. Scrofula, or
j any Crnwlh or Sore. Chronic Diseases pene-
I raliyc:,nuecur,'d (if curable) wilhout surgical
' opc.diion or poison, roran pariiciuars write,
; "sXTllZf'', t"'' "' S CU f,,r
, "I" i '
i wm iu'cn w j'tiy iiiiMi xi itirtncine cm any
1 oi5ace. Adilrtfss V L KELLIXG. M D.
. Mechanicsburg, Cumberland Co, ra.
I r..,;
4Ni-To ti
!;"''i7'- r,Vwi' '
ti. prepare Me,iir.iie wiihfiiii iiireet..inar..r u..iie. sut
I all ..artiruiir. Addrucs an aIOT
TIARBER and Hair Dres.er.
. ,m ... "7 " ' J-
. nmms oiocu, .varket street, sn
! a"T alwve 'ne s"'re.
Ore. 2S. 18."6
W" iniPs'linreconnno a i j
J...u., i-iiii-.j nouyo-Dcw sou nana-
i some-, .im ree-d by
l-.c .1 np.i'Fii.i.vpnirii
H. uersnam, -i. u, .
l lti UtTIIlitllUUli; UlLtim ;
i II .....i...... i rner.ilnllv lender ni'
- reMteetrullv tender
7a. Servces ... the .i..eu. ..f jh-
,own d vic!v, hoping l.y prompt atleniioii
, ,,.. , his ..rolVion to mu a hare
..r .1..... ir.,..ri A Itt'lUIOD tt'tl
Hi a. m r- 'ai'i
mChnune Deasesof every a:i.e,and .reuled
, ll,.l.l v,ir, ts.
TA. 7. ........ ,1 .1,. renowned
.,.r. ,r I.rrtnrf-s i't th H' f"rm 'i f-r Ainr-
, i-vun... M lir.-.l t nllti;.- d tU- Quc-en
I 1. .... 1,1 . ...u
r.i.. ..f 1 ti Ust. 1 ItJS ll.MniJU -n. .i..ii..; ..
..-i. .il
S .- - J.. - I. m..r.. S t ll.l. 1. 1 n th'.ll tli- I-'Hr fT.-r
til hi.
di 'H I itdM it.
1 th .1 HI' otJ.rr
.h-,Sicl:ii- U l i "I""
A,-", th-y iH I." M I
el:.- ot pi;i tun-
1 Ii.- t riiinpnl -i r. nf '
. ..... ..,.lil.u ...a l ..1. .it
. m.
.-i n t!,. II- f rri" d nw' or
,.t. III .1 I.lt-'f ;(!-,
wi'T injuri-H t.. th- human
Arn..'. AM :.....: t r ; -t ..; ' ' ; '
tMfK ft I
T.-(ir tfl Ul'l-'iVeM- ' I'.-l IU n.r-l.a.
itnd 1 roi-r-tv.-
r- tn i' Mi ?
Urme. J.T th'.-r d. kt.Tli'U- u..ll.-liw. "
I'-nt. i, 4 . 1 th ! r ' 1
nt-n!-. nd !i :.'- l,,r "
. 1 tti. f' p.-i.-fii-i.!"-1, n-d at ...-,
l,.(lt . t-i .-ry fih.-r - -r. 1.1 fd'm-di-iitla'
. 1 1 I : j lti:.-.Tti'-ni-'''''"'i A''
x nrii'-l" tl.itt vri nt Olirv i-' n-i t. ffd
A.l- t itl i'' l..o.
ail a'l II." r.o. I"'
i-ine.oi II." li.-ul ' I-"'
many .li- a-c1 t1"'
iii.l.j'il'i.-. a" 1 I1'! r
.1 ..r .I;.,.,,.,... I'. '.:,jt . Ill 1-
',..i..n. !..; ..... l.o I-. e l l,. .ai. -lM.r.lbr.l,
)-mb. .1 l.olj.. I r- in. ii i". i.'.-- .....
The .' cI.Ih.1
rltotiiv ria.ni- a r.-;.t -ill enoruy 1"
,,.,a I' I. - '''! ,-r-..l Ir
111.- tri -Jllni-lit I li I 1
i iii.i ill re.il. il.nl Ilo
t ..t!:r- i- 'ii.n - l"
i. rn'T .') P' r '"el'
Tt." i- "ii a-'' ' 1 1 r .-'C
X. S. h ' 1 i- l-i-' r
tv d--I lir T, I' :l,'l mil
V H. oi H' K n tl i'
,rlii III takn..' no .i'a-"i'
1.1.1, tl-il I A....lic(.l.-J!i-r.
an 1 ii..
f i Ii.-
an 1 ttie
uDl down
..ii v not t. illi;
,U'il. 1 111 or:- -,,T
end of St V-
i,,t-nt-d .". i-'-
CD TVtin t th.. M." "'-'1 1 ' " II '
iu i..:.rr.-t n. it..- ..- ! "" 11
Kr.n is, ai.d m ttu r-at (,... r .-I th. j.-.
Manufactured at the Lan Vrk.9 II :rrU'trS.
rpHAT lhi is rnr.P'Iy t.ev mill r.o trx-
I pcn-n has l- eti .parc-I injs tnamii "jrture
ail ihe in:ir-n;tS are the vry i-, ar.-i are
usetl ut.-p.t:s :
twtr.e th-' icn-'ti
Ti.r vttn i-rs are ai.i.ii
f t-if I'l.rin-'r onf.iii.'l a.l i'i-
!;r. the tfp ( ....
it..-!.. .n '" r-
it. Th- l--;t:n -d l'i
l-m.i-i-- i'i-''V.k-i
l ,t it i-.rli. - thi. o-l. 't.
i, -T. j I f -".
. f in- l.tl t T
. 1 II.- IT-" 1- tr.-V
mil' li H. P " d :a li- 1
1 1..- ari:iliJ' U" Xit
.1 . .1.1 ' t!.- r
-r,d li .p
i rof. in . -i'-1
.l. t..i i! r ; tl. -
,! ur t i
i.it-: .i..l :
, ..i. . i;i i
n it.. 1....1. ill
"iu i.t
. it 1 f. -h-
-i.t i! i-, a; i
ly.tlii- wT'iiiiiii
. v r. I'
fur jiriaiiJ-n..-til Jti I 1
' I-
! .-.-li
i l-
nut Miil.sri-
t 1 r.-- -, i-n.t.'i
-ii. . ii r..:i.
:.t :u.v tmi'- in ii in ii"'' li f
i i.t-r f. r i r s nt u--: r r.m -ry
i .ii- r-..-:
i t.. i:-: u.ak.:
el. - ' I ''-'
Hi . a--.
... r..a- lr"'
.1 ' v ' f f'-T
it.... Tne
.t-OiUT..);-'- r.f
y i.tiier l'rii.
i:;. a I t -inv.i. j u -ft'
tr.a-iin-' t- i - t ;.r.. i-
'1 ,r mu, i.l..- - ni.-I' L
1 lr:t thf fM-i- :r'- -
I ri warm I
t il. win: may 1"
liiif ntiil.
with a i;i i. 'I--'
i ii.
i'i lir tv.e
- o. '
nir i
rirh I
tut i;i .,.
mi-r an i aw.iliT mer iLn
,. r,.i r a v. u tan" it. r.n I
Bin nth. i 1ul.
1 liit't i ari nv
ah u v-a w:.iit .!. a.
tii V i-'
W.lll.Q ti"' 1
Farunr wl.ii.1 .
. tf '.. ; I ' ?
TX O Itl-'K. K : .-"r
V,...: 1 ii-i I Hi- v
la.-t.e 1.. ui-. '-:.a I
h'.'ir w.'h ' m n.
' I I ii. . ,. ol . ..i I..
.. iei r. .1- 1 - ; 'i -
1 rail M
tl IIT
III'. "'. I'll"
i ir MiU t- 1 1
u,rV t".
an. I on-!! !', .i-.
d r tf
"It. n : ' r
r e;in i
it n w. t 1 1. r
,.r...., i ir m tli
n-ir c v
i kT w iteU J-,,r ls "" V"".
.. I...
!7. I. t ;-.Ju- li.'.
Y- ur : - t i- r-. i.n I h
: h- I f T t-..- i:i'..f A- tl.f. nr.
Vn. W o It: K
...id thrm ar.l t If
a much l r n-:--r
tt.-r kir t. TTf i '!
I l-
: V;l, rl.an '
'.y ai-iijrM li- ut
m tl.-
! tl-e-
th- tn m j I n
tl, .a.e nil . .:.' - r s..... ' ut. a- l Kfor.-.
) ,,,r.. .O 1.1... .I.V l.el.le 1111.1 1... Ill C. ,,.,.,,,.1.1. , ,. ,.
--ur .i)valii:il..i- 1 a 1 . .. . ...
: 'n,a,l,., i.lerl.illi-" lr -.'. i .
tl.ev 1 r-nr.-"ii.' r-t ii ur 11.'.. 1.1 u.... .. . i.-..i-
.mi et ...ur iiiT.nii.il. I n -nr-l 11 : - ne ..: il.- 1. in
Ti-iiu.'ii n-w in ii-.-. .vtli. .ii-ii 1 I....- l.iil it l u: ei..-
v.nr. it ha- .iin; 'v reea. I in- f ri. .1 it e. ... Her ex-
"i re.M-1 lino Ii.il. ene .1 ' nr 11. 11. 1.111. 1- le-e !. 1-1 ! r
in. l.tati-.n. an lein 1 I rnM --' L.r.jer linn tl. il
.miueed ll.roufh lh i ln.-i.i. 11 l l Ml... I1. I11 the 1.11
.irt that it I- in- r.- Ir fi.i-T. : -.-liti'-l.
I t.-u.i.-iir toai-l..ilv.ai..l 10. in-it 1:1 1
.nui.t.e ue. 1 "111 -. 1 .'-" ' It'.i-li .
. h a'a
I .-ran - .f-.r
I li.ee V.
This in to certifv. lliat I i.uri-lr.-. -1 "f I'. l-an-ic tti
I ivn.U-r. 1"."A . ii.'- -t II 'i 1. " I it. nt (
1 Lr.T.- h...t it in .1-' e' -T sill '.-. I't-rf. Ilv s.
-r M;
';-II.-a :ti. 11
niv.-II. I have 11" ll Hut:. 11 in t i""!" '""
f.,'l iMi.l in.li.e. n 'l.i.. I... I. ui- I ' U.e Lrm
en-man an.l i 1. .wr '" i" '.' Ir " "' 'S l'r
r-.t, r rer .In v. e:i-v. M .-iv t utv li. ich Lf-re ha v.-
.w.l IVrtahle Ti ler M.ll.nnil .'
iifi-l'-r it a vaiuarilf tu-
Tfrli.'n in tlo- cc ti. 'ii .-t t:m-. i t.e 1 1 i- i i- ti.-r m.
lw : r tlnnthnt mad i n-nst I m w.d. i It a-, d
witli tt, and fh-oild ) nn. i.'..n r to par wrfh il fur .juitp
n pr. miumon the ad.T8n-fl c-t. J"HN II AUK.
July 1.1-..4. r rtland. t.
. M'n-than one t-tin lr. 1 P.!ttVc al nn 1 Hit Iotnsi
bav.. U. n irivcn to my Mtil ttlini ti e iT (. ur years.
att-!l:i- rl or-c-Hj nVonr J1 f ft ly " f-.'t. and
4 I--, i h2h. wi-islno o7o l'o. mTtfry way p'Tthlc and
counifiit.-fl I'lIH K
AdJr.-!, Y. O. IUi'KOK. Asnt W. rk-.
Ii:.rr!urg. '
Frr.ie by J..-FIMI MTAPH. V. T,rwil.in:.
This VaV. L,lJlC3 and Gentlemen !
Fur s-ond.JurMe, cli-np avt h-iiutiful I'ieturei.
j 4ni.0j j e Likenesses of a verv supe-
rior na.ititv on a new ami improve 1 Vlan, Iar
vnrn " , ,h. i,.u, Thev are not
auipjain. nm . ... .....
' , ,,, ,..,.,,., k,n i,. iti tr,.. n.,i
tion -ate without the ala-e i t the Ha?uerreo-
' , h.. mavVc ,,. . ,ni v,r,v
Ivpe, and hence inav lc sien in any view;
. they are taken in one fifth of the time of a
1 Dasni rrrotvpe, and therefore better for taking
1 small Children, which require but a second in
: a brighi liejht. and on dark- or rainy days are
' taken as iiuick as llasuerreotypes in the clea-
rest .lavs: tiiev are far more durable than anv
niptnr. i',r nin.l, lir li.-ht ti.ine l.ilrii nil nlm.
picture ever made by lishubeins; taken on plase
fc'u" -'""' t ' ""-
hermetically sealed with an indestructible
' wt" P"-"""e "tains lis bnl-
l'ancy lor a?es; and it will not corrode bv
acids, nnr be in iirrd by weather or climate."
c.inies i.r lHeiierreo'vni s Oil rtint-n-s
.K'P" '" 1'al.lierreo.J pis, tn I aint.n.s.
En-rravings, or any olher obi cct whatever, are
h k. nn finer ihnn . . ihr
ko-.' tVIW.ra.., set in ele.an, frames of
morocco, or fancy cases, PM loekels. breast
1 pins, f.ntrrr rmps, Ac. Ac at shorl notice.
I Also,IaSucrrcolyiHs winch for, rue
andtailhlt.l life likenesses are .,t surpassed,
rir nreilherr,ftheahni..n.enline,l.nee,.t
' ' -
of Portraits, the vulne ll.iilen lib!.. Thee
- ' .....
. lishlen the sorrows of absence or deaih, by
; granlin? us to behold a beloved relative or
prized friend atmost asdisiinctlyas if present.
itlollier : lanie. I sislers ; biomers : inenu.
. ,Whal V'f y''a n? P'V' " .he facM "f ",e
-- " "
m tne : nen procure i nriraii.- trie 100 ia;e:
: Char-es moderate, and L.Uenesses warran- .
ted topical I.aeuerrei.ivpes, ,.n,,?v
J rawing sve. eopien. ..ui-ooor yews am!
' rJ:rrB:B:3 ZVlZr
oflice.Lewisbnrir. M CAR I . A rust.
en )Mler BcNtauraul !
j r i a. nauaaaa
rilllE subscriber has opened a Saloon in the
I basement of the Washi.cton House, (en-
: irance on 21 St,lsl door north of MatkeOand
ic nrpnnrrl tn c.rtto nn fiW'lTR.V all .-.rr
is prepared to serve op OYSTERS, all sons
of PIES, and almost everything in Ihe Eating
.... , .: r j a .... u.
: nn... o. may .una oi uinaiiu cii',,i u
I asks a share of the publ.c patmnaje.
. in r.n :6..7m-j l-iivm urts
i rra r.r man nntr miei.
mhn estock-b o-r M,.,er,.o.B.
I f i.e,anon l.'u.) .peoly and inluliil.le cure
, , i h,.i... i..i oi mad , , e , n sale
at $! ptr d , hy DAVID SIJHKACK,
46?:) Kj! B'ifTa!r. near bifhl's hotel
Real Estate.
iQii SILI hd in .Su!h Third
,ii cel. a n . iare and a nail iroiu Maikei.
on S .u.h yuit:. slieel only 10 tqjarei ficia
I iT'i'he above are level Lots, we.l 1 ca td
aim B'io'i-'. oo..o... ' ' ..
Aciir:? Er of Win. Ariuatrtri. dee'd
I.etti.sblll", MoH'h It, Ii7
-4, nut
IU..11"- A ilis;ib HIOP
),.! i- r j . i e ' I ny iveotn r y:er
v.n.ir.le t-.r a arpent'r or -ioper, f j.iy at
the -Cl.ro:. K'ie' Oliice.
I.emMIl, IVo. iO. lfc5Vlf
JJ C I J. I I N r lot
iar Eale.
fl'HAT vcrv rl.ib'e Fl M. I.OT. fronting
I ihe tiew" Coiiit II. n-e in Lewil urc. t-o
ti,e si ii'h--at i i it er i l sec inl . n St. Louis
s:rceK. (nn oi l ho'J-e upi-n it, cenainly o'.e
of the most bea itilul and txct.icr.t bui:dirg
t..t- in b un.
Ift i.t .;i ;."se.! i f at Private Sale by FKl
I)V the -i -U i I .Moich next, il will 'hen be
o'l r.- l a: 1'iiLl.c . a! I o'cl. tk. P M. on
the ,,r. mi-.es. JOSEPH MLiXELL.
I...-.ri.t...rt F--:.. II. IS?
At'jolll IM 1
Crjhanc' Court Sa!e
Vii.l iltl-i: Hi:il. tSTATE.
p Y inup of an drier of tlie Orphans'
J ) C.ni; if ...r.lii.m'.crland Cuulily, fit
be eap-.'-e'l t" p'il.!:c sale. . n
lliuixluy, 1911s Jlarcli,
at the r.it.lie lio-ivr if 'i hi. mas S-arcn, in
Cin!i'.Kc I'.wilii;', tiie c.'.ov,n, - 'iecriijtd
a! K--.". w-t :
A c r: -on 'I I: ACT OF i.O'P sitna-.e tn
( lull m:ii iiKe Tj. N. rthun.'. rldi.J Co. l ui ;'c-V
. im-; i-ii ... : . '. v l:ii.(! ot tt.e heirs',:"
:! . r. 'l.e -f-t t r ;ne fer.
i ii i tie soma Ly u.e
l-U. cc r.:ain:i.g
I. ii:.:qiii.k
n.r.ie .r i i . i ii tl-e ap,-.urter.arc. TU
:r.j ir.-i. ar a Tw' -V. rrv Frare
v li 1 hi I IlL'N uttach-tl. ' -ar.-i
a Vt ei! i f tti'et at the tioor ; a a , a
New Frame Slore ilof-ii!.
I i irni'i. a' ' cr i.e--
I, :: . ..,. a,.. a h: m'fr ol I I'll lgg
Ki;i;. a.i. i.i e li.i- 5!ale oi ViiMtmmm
1!at -.. :'..-e;-s. a.
- . .. l: , ,. . .;. r: .-!e.;t j ciitta'e cn
;'ie Cm; i; ;ii i. U.-iiiri z '. 'I he - i rtT-' m nas
luri '.. te I., or. i.p e! a suvii. Tt ue :s
a;, race! . i.t Ci.t M..I a :-' i.-!. ft' !-t-t r.
. t'iri-e n..i- f rr. ui i.ei i v a
K -rrr.-t l- mn.ui.i'y ii i"1 a.:."v-
i j .ace in -a MerciLi..e
l, I'.-per.
a; 11 i.'dcc'a-.A M.cf ;a:i
v i ;.t s;'.t tv
i',?'.KI Z A 'rr.it.is'rafpr.
: C. L'i t:i nut, C'.k
i i
.1 r ; ' i , A.
OiThar.s'X'cntt S3le.
in virtue nf an orior of ite Orphan
I t - r- , f I
f'-nn'v, will te i tff-eff
t r v: -.'. :i! t'ic nt:1'!;.: h. ne
hi ne vi Jactb L'ec-
r.i, Ml .i .lIl.IltiUI L. at I O'C.I CK 1. V. 01
.i;u:I;i. tlie -3 1st .M;irch next,
. .. 1. A Trad i f l.anj Mitia-ei in BulTa
:' i' t niii; p. t'r.i n c. Kt.lv. leic u.e estate if
I; -i. air. :.. M:.'i-i:.aker. ie'd. et ntain.ns so
: i: pi ui'.' no le . r ie-, a.'Ji luirj
'.i'. 1 -. I i.i t- .1 . -t.. :.:.i i tt the vt -t r-ti'l ' c'.h.
' t Ian !- ' I 1 lin ll-tit er i n it e east, and cx
Li-.- i.. : '.' i ti.cr rii t-f -a i -i ileei.'aeil, a.l
I.1-I..--1 -!. !,.'..'. -2 .icr-.'s . f il Tm.trr Lam,
at- I ti e n.ma:r..'i r a.l ur.der gofd iniprote
ireiji. .X ... 2. A Tract c t l.ar.il situated in I.ixe
:.e t. '.t n-!:!". r.-i;:.:v .-.ti rc--ni..I. cor.ta;nn 5
'.-i .irres an! :,7 perclie. w re or :es.ad-,cin.
in:: l:i:,.ii'i r'rtiuitei "--iio itieker. Charlea Hot?
c. l-e- 7-e Klci-kiur, Uei.j.tn.in Ch.imtjers,
Vi:i run Ko-t- r and others, t'A I.tmesirre
I. a;. 1. 1 mmt ha 1 01 il'.-.m!, ar.ii Ihe remaind
er tit. ' r c.'.'.l cult t aiit-n.
Tci ma ma.ie kno w u at -a hr
A 'lii.ni-!"it- r i f K. nj. .l.o.makr, dte'd.
V.'.vt Dui:a.. i.l el', in. lsr.7.
0:;Pt?Aa' CQIiRT SALE.
VliKKKAlil. V I.) an i riler cf the Orphans'
Court of rnion ci unty. will be expoed
in pubiic sti'i'. on the premises known ai the
Mansion Farm" rf SAV.LEI. M CLELLEN
liccene. I. situate in Eutialoe tew nship. Union
county, la.,ciinimencinj at 10 o'clock A.M. of
Thnriuhiy, ihe 30'.'. i"y of April next,
al! that mss!iase and tract of Land situa-e
in It-'.rTi'.-e township aloresaid. aaioimns
lands i f heirs 1 John Iitearis dee'd, rl W'au
Irvin .Ii c'd, of I'h.iiri Ki.nple dec'd.and !arii
cf U"m- S, a'z and Dun"! Eii5e!hart,crn!ain n;
1 1 ." an ! 109
: 1 perches
with ihe appuncnances. It is a!l c.earfii aaj
jggt. in a g -od sla'.e of ruin va::. n except
C?s7Vi about CO acres pf Voo. '3Tti Tie
improvements are a iwo stent
frame IIOI SF.. a BAKN.tw ijl
Vt iiier. and a !ar
wh'all kinds , f Fruit.
This vainr.l.'.e ,-rrper y to be so: I as anc
rr divided mm lots as may suit piircha-fru
terms ma 'e known al sn'e bv
MAMt KL M CLELLEN, I ..eruwr.
MARY A. M CLELLEN. Eieruirtx
Feb. 2ft. is:7
:e.-t,r.e .'t .-.MVle:ien
$1,200 a Year!
1001 1 AC KNTs" warned in e en part
AUUU ol the Cited :s-a!r. to seil a beaa
tiful work, "'i'lie Panorama of in
OM Moini and tlie Ne.,"
in., a Vie,. ,.f ih. n..m "i'e ol ih-- aripr
ot'.!,. i.,.i.i ,..., ',.. cnsi.uis ai
pecuhanties, a'nd their poiitical. . r.i,
and ii.i.i-tr: ,1 cordnioi., nun "",;b
llUturicl '-iii-i '' A-'-cil"tf'-
lly.i,., r.,,. author ef .he Hiato
oi Euuiand. tirccce an-.t K. me. t "'?' i
, era lUi.drfd
icviM-ii dim eitliieillslie 1 v ,' ' ' .
. . r. C - me. lleverei a
i.iiiii, iiij;s ii nn, ursin-. i v
and oth-r distiniu'slird a.'tsis. is ai o
iliuMratnt with 1 brauiiiul V colored p:atrs.
w,,h i nu,,nes of vnm lis rat . r.s. Ac.
I Air.m. .n,.. .hi .... .1.- h.ve ciearcn
' If n,l for a .r,c.me,. corv
pro-pecii.v men are e. r p ""r
receini of k: u-?ih n:irnni!nT n -
' i vV UK EY Pobiihrr,
S B. In addition to the u?ual rer
!m, n"e.,'.'.r..!i C"'M"1 " i V. B-
C l.Ot KS-all kinds of S-Jaj nd
.30-hour Hrass Clocks and raien' .
i d j... ,l,.cl:s at
iiiiiei.iii,r., uia.a 0-11,1 , .. - - .
: ...... '....t . . A'le'e"
i A1 e.nC"
Dras5 3H-hnurc!ocks as lew v.wiKR'S
warranted l..r one year at J.l-t .
f r-iC
eri7 and Chemical Emjvri
t. V. bCUAi; IJ-"'
fY iril.'.T rJ t 7 V and liETAIl
Is'fJl .iiivi.i..'..i.i, - . .
rit a ri J . . E-M.ryrr.V-r
I "1 "'" "J '
! Market Street - - - lwicurj-.
irj- a-

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