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PA r
An Ixor-rEN-DENT Family axjj Nkws Journal.
fcsT.l tli- CUROMCLE is n-m Of only
t'ru'iht-nut Off:"'ti'"i "'per in litis county,
trx would urge fV importance in view of
the c-ming campaign of extending iti
circulation. TlIK Sl'RISU El.KCTION, to
d ii, (Friday") will ojford ifui.l ojijfiirlun
ities In ;; iulscrihrrs. BiOi.Let - or 3 iu
each Township and Borough make that
their Lu-iiiesj THIS 1AV, an J much
fin ho done. Oubs of 10, 81 each.
'Ini ;!-oIh; Old.''
The following beautiful hues firslappeared
i th An.Uve .4.r-r?,W. bat were written we
iMpp,,. t,. k-nmv K- a .;i.ty M .xe- orK cir. .
know by a la.ly if New Vork city.
II Hvcv-r it in. iy b" with the frail, physical
frame, we ar sure the heart that tn hes out
in t!iee wor.ls can never -glow nM."
I'm crowing o!l ! "fi sur-lv so !
Ami yt. how short it win
Since I was hut a sportive r!n!,l,
Lnjoyins childish dreams!
I can n t see the change that comes
With such an even pace ;
1 mnrk not when the wnniiles tall
Upon my failing face.
I know, fin oil. Ant vet. my heart
Is 'isi as veTinc. an 1 civ.
A e'er it was, before mv locks
Of bright brown turtle I to i:ray.
I know these eves to other eyes
l.oo- not so imstil an! cial
As once thev looke.l ami vet 'tis not
Because my heari's more sal.
I never watched with purer iov
The ilov.ir.- rVu is an I pliiwine skies,
Wh'b' Cijs'o mil'.' tears of rapture till
'i'hee oM an i f.i:!ni!T ryes.
An! wh"n I mirk th ch -ek. where once
The bright rose tiseii to clow.
It proves me nt to see insteal
The aimono crown lay brow.
I've seen the flower crow oil. an! pale.
Ami witherel, more th:iri I:
I've seen it lo-e Os every charm,
Thea lirocp away and J.e.
An i th"n I've se.vi it rise asain,
Hruhi as th bevnoiir skv,
A:il v i -l n. t. anil pure, nn-l !eantiftil
Ai. l felt, that so shall 1.
Then what if am srowirg (11 '
Mr hpnrt is rh -.nire't ss still.
An 1 ; 1 has v n metno'igh
This loving heart to f:it.
I love ti see the sun po down.
And IcuEtheniit'j shadows throw
Alone; the cloud, while o!er mv hea l
Tiie clouds m crimson plow.
I se 1 e.'O'i 1 thos- corceo is clouds,
con ,try bright an 1 fa r.
Which nee,i5 no sun (iod and the I.amb
Its lu'ht and 1 eauty are.
I s'ern to har the won Irons son?
ICcfeemcd tnrifrs Mfif,
And in v h"art haps to join th thronj
That praise the heavenly Kmp;.
1 seem to see three cherub boys,
As hand in hand thev ro.
Wiih eoiden curls a:ul snowy winirs.
Whose eyes with rapture ;!'.
When t was yonn?, I called ihem mine
Now, Heaven's weet ones are they;
But I stiad claim my own a?a:n
When I am called away.
Perhaps. when HeavenVhrcht care I'vepast,
They'll know, fiom every oilier.
The one who cave them back lo Hoi,
And hasle to cad me, mother !
Oh. I am clad I'm croevinc old !
For evry ilav I spend
Shall briii me one dav nearer that
llricht clay that hath no end !
Relics of Antiquity.
We have before un a number of coins,
lroigbt to tliij country by Kov. V. F.
AYilliams, niisiinry of the American
found by the na-
JioarJ at .Mosul. Tiieso
t.le relics are fre'iueut'v
tives in different places in the Mast, while
making exeavathns. One of these is a
gniu coin, oearin me name anu lace oi
a .:.. in -i..i i.i i . . j :r.
i 1 . 1 . .1 1 e e
siio, , o.,.e,,.oU, iu :.cr .uo
of Ptolemy PLiladelphns, who together
founded the celebrated Alexandrian Libra-
T. J -. t - t. . ..1 .... 7 ... 7. .7
ry. uaic, uacn .o aoour u
of fsoven, is a beautiful ci,
.,! e,,s ns h,:..i,r , .1 fi, if it hJ
The others are silver trn, (the coin
which Peter took from the fish,) and ar.
of the coinaee of Alexander the Great and
abnut lC.O rears before Christ. There is .
i V! i.i..,,; .;i,u, r.-...j
the plain of Arbela, where the decisive
battle was fought between Alexander the
Great and Partus. It was probably paid
to some Greek soldier who there met Lis
death. Mr. Williams has also a Roman '
penny with "Cscsar's image and supcrscrip-
There is something very impressive in
.-.. M -: . i.:.i. i
these old coins, which were oil when our
cavior waiKed tbe earto. i uev are all in
good preservation, and the dies are remark-'.
ably sharp and clear, showing that the an-!
cient. perfectly understood this art. !
A friend has stated to n, ,b. striking
1.1 .1- i . .
a.v .ui uau me gow coin, estimating it ,
at J I?, its valaa ty weight, been put at
m.erest at seven per cent, at the time of
"s coinage, its value now could not be !
computed in numerals. lie began the
-u.1uou, nut stopped at Mi) years, '
whan kA f J .1.. T. 1 1 . . .
whan he found that it would have reached 1
"i-',a,.-,"i32. American Mwnqrr.
. , u tbt plant, trees loves others be- I
' ma"'f," says a proverb. Who has !
everpa..cd through Northampton, Mass . I
thV T , DOb: tlu" P'ed mora
minister, Jima-Laa Edwards, without
SSBf?0,hn ration, u.lrualom
mn4 - .t . .
who attempted to overthrow Judaism and t!lCUl ,f 1 'fJ was. PUJ. m , Trade theory. An attempt to stab Penn- j 'ud be plazin'to ye to come along wid me?" chicken in a cook shop, for scllin' magni- ' ,Ut udsH now shines through." So
scattered swine's flesh about the temple, P"'" reward foV'l is subrviencv ,Jrl"nia by a,Imit,inS Ka,lroaJ iron duty I "Is ' ifis ! is !s- !"8 gather fled powdhers, to be taken through the lit-1 Mcnrately had the engineers' calculation.
Antiochus Eupator, Antioehus Euergetes, ;n pei formin'o- an arbitrary act which freC' WM "",Ie hj tL SlaTchold,DS wtcr- j in tho most perimptory manner possible, j tie ind of a tcllyskope ? Is it I as 'ud be ' bc0 U3jtf. t!'at the auS'"- DnIt' fr,m pr-
Demetrius Sutcr, etc., tho latest being a free-born law-abidinvc sou of Penn- i cst' but wM sueeeMy resisted-Penn- ( "Oh, Legorra!" sez Andy, "if yees so j here, the day, wid a hole in my hat Lig I" 'iJ ' bich of
1111 IIlI.Uj. 1jaU.
ritliltY, 311114 II ), 1S57.
Strides of Despotism.
Soventy years ago, our Nation IkuI
just started out upon the principle of
the F.gfAL nic;ilT of all hex ; and
lioUviLlitWiioin ini; nu'ousisicncy 01
its practice towards a few, it was
deemed impossible, for the Union to
prevent that admitted wrong. But
NVhington. Jeflorson. Madison, Mar-
, ,, , . . Fathr- of tj.G
Country ami Founders of tlic Consti
i tution did agree in the policy and the
power of preventing the extension of
I mat mora! and political evil
IT.. 1
i, unci
! the operation of that principle, thus
fir. the North Western States. Iowa, :
' ami the Pacific Coast have been pro- Tagenrl
; seized from the curse of Slavery. j 0 m0t'l0t)) Capt. JOHN WILT was
j Of laic, this policy is reversed chosen President of the Convention, and
i the princijiles of our fathers are seou- (haui.es Cawi.kv, Secretary.
ted. Slavery is advocated as a right ja motion, Ym. 1'kick was unaniui
8ild as a ldessiiiir. The Jiovver of outly nominated .Senatorial lel(gate, and
Congress to prohibit it is unqualiG- M. II. Tauoart, Representative Delegate
cdly denied, and the rights of States -to the Union Sute Convention, the S.lth
to protect themselves against it are inst. each with power to appoiut Lis
practically nullified.
No sooner was its choice seated in
the Presidential Chair, than Slavery
tank another ajrerossivestep. Directly
iu the teeth of all its former decisions,
the slave-holding majority of the Su
preme Court not only declare all the
former acts of Conpxesj against Slav-
erv to be illegal, but in denving that
I red Scott and his family became free
when voluntarily taken to free oi
tlicv virtually decree that the Non-
SI-Vo.liol.lin; States can not t.rcvent.
i, ,i
even within t'leir own borders, the
holdinK of human beings in the worst
Ol i.o:i" l.ir . .ow, ii .laieij mtij
,c i i - . ;c ......
pollutc and blacken our soil one day,
it may two days, five days, ten days,
one hundred days, or a thousand days
in a word, it abolishes the sovrcitrn
ty and equality of the States, by mak
ing the local laws and institutions of
the Slave States superior to those of and perpetuation of slavery, and that it bashful, but fpake out. May bo lis my -.tic duets, sez lie : 'Uiutieu. ...v... - - u .if4 ki
tliu Tii-c Statco I t shnnlit Ih thm linjiusf jiiui of iha iwepln nf rtMi iiir. 'a fi.iMJ re r i" . what I inane. Friends au' fellow-cit- become Considerably impaired. He was
Di ed Scott and his family were by the free Staters to blot out such a record. "Iss! s. 1" sez the gandher. izeus. Oh, murther, but 'li.sn't citizens in the habit of putt.ng his money away
-the laws of tha United States and by i nf "en ShuiTu' Call to the Vui'ted ' "-MaDJ lbaDk3 l'ae c'jUII'ii'in,.""z J are ! Friends andJellow-couathryuien der the rafiers of the house, in the cel
the laws of Illinois, FUEE. Hut they Slate SeVato as an auspicious omen of Ai-dy, mak.u' a ginteel Low. "There's a faix Lut 'tis right I am at last ! Fellow- lar, and other places, and kept a rough
were sm free by the laws of Mis-ou- success in the coming Gubernatorial con- Llt of cat"n undhcr the hill yonder as coutithrymcn " ! memorandum of the am Mints aud places,
ri and the slave-holding Court decree r,i, 10 ,uat indioatcs tho firm purpose belongs to my own self, wid 'enthertain- (uaek ! quack 1" sez the big duck. ! About six 1 mdr d dollars of what he Las
th 'it the slave hoi li'li" State's laws nf alt p,n",'",, 01 ,,ie PolicI b' ,!C Iat 'ut for man au baste' to the fore, an' if "Augh, millia murther, j; slandhairous noted down has not le-n found, owing to
i ii .l nZ-','rt u ,t National AdminUtratim and of the policy ye'll come wid me, sure Lut I'll make yez ' ould riptyle !" sez Andy. "Why will y. the pla,-c writt. u having been defaced,
shall over ride the laws not only of inaicared bv the Insuural of the l'resi. ., . . , ' . . . . . .! 1 --
Illinois but also of Concress !
, e n
Let us follow out the new principle
1,CL IIS lllllUll UUb UlU UC I'lllieil'ie
thus attempted to be imposed upon us
! the second day of the A dministration
. tne seconu uaj oi uic (iminisiraiiou
! of James Uuclianan. If .-laves may
be held here, they may be worked
or hired out here, in degrading and
offensive and ruinous competition with
Free Labor : and if held and hiked
here there will be 110 difficulty in hav-
: 1 .... i,,i-nii'i .i ani n h,
lim Ulelll It.J Olll UVA i.oijl lie.lv..
down to the level of Virginia would
make the Free States hunting grounds
r.. ii t iiiou vi i t; ifliu i p .
l,JL "s.i, .... ... .
for the sale of human flesh and crua-
, ,r , ,.. ,...,
rantee to Toombs his boasted threat
to "call the roll of his slaves on Hun-
her Hill !:'
This movement threatens more
to the peace of the Union, than any j
This movement threatens more
t0 of ;c nion tba any
previous assault of Ma cry. W
of these slave-hold.ng Judges will live
in hist0I"y fr t" arnlnS or '"elr ;
S001"3 : tbCy W?!I.b0 remembere 3
ycroggs and Jeffrie3 are) 3 tol3 1,1
the hands of Tyranny. The Chiel of
svlvunia dared not do. lie is a SO a
Rmnun Cntlinlic. and the harmonv
which exists between religious and
.... 1 1 .- r.?ll...-.ir
political ucspousin, js uiustraicu 111
tllis aS waS 111 tIlC union of Cathol-
leKDl nn 1 rSIll lli:illi:V OU DUClUlIiaU. 1
sr" A singular irea tue oupreme
uurt na? Deen commuuug, iur, i ni-
istied witn lilciiiug i-'rcu ccon, u i
and two daughters out of their august and j
., 3 .-..) ;.l '
serene presence, they proceed forthwith,
inolr tho nnnulse of the moment, to kick
out, knock down, and break things gen-'
erally, ia true slaveholder style. Scott ;
r ,
and f,, Laving been kicked out, ikcr
u, no rL before the Court. Upon the
poiQt of tho weight to be attached to the .
CJtra judicial opinion, of the
Court, Judge ;
r;..;nn tl,..a
opinion, tuus
McLcan, in Lis d:seuting
hi,sclf :
l this case, a majority of the Court
have said that a slave may be taKen Dy
1 ..( irn;,.,l
his master into a territory of the United
0UIes. ,lie 1111)8 uurao 7.u- " . .
kiBd of rropcrtv. It is true this was said
by the Court, at also many other thingi,
irhih are of no authority. Nothing tluu
h" i(cn w thm whkh ka' ?J?
against ichu h thsy decided, an lie contiit
ertd at auOority. 1 titall certainly not re
yard it at rnrh. Tho question of juris
diction, being before tbe Court, was deci
ded by them affirmatively, but nothing be
yond that qutttion.'' '
Inhort, these slave-holding Judges J ZJt
would reduce proud.frcc Pennsylvania f bh jssue ' ,lieir eppolloU,a in
. 1 r- - . 11. 1 . .
i Convention for Union County. I
I Ti,. f.ii,,..:..,. l,,.l,.,,. .pni,lpl in
, - t -. - ,
i a it..ii r.:,br Mo,K vr
10, at 1 P. 51., iu pursuance of u call of,
the Standinn Committee. tinnoiiit Dele- !
:ltes , ie Sute (.unvetiti,)u at Harris -
i.r orth in , ..,! f . oti . nurl),,acs:
yrm ufTaloo-l)aviJ Uerbut anl Sa-
muei Mmonmn.
liuffaloe Michael Hrowu anJ
1 " T"' .J .... ., ,
nra-1 ShcckK-r
ii. i i ' irn . i i: t. i v
naruuy juuh i 111 uuu iiuiuin .
!. Lincoln.
Kelly-Daniel Stahl and Samuel
Uil.nr V. William Fritk and
Jamc3 B. .famlio.
c .. it. i l... :... -.. .! J
rtouin 11 aru iienjiiiiu .avwcv auu
South Ward lienjamia Cawley and
John 1!. Linn.
New lierliu Charles ( awley.
!-; T M Wr.ll.r tiJ i II
own Conferees.
On motion it was unanimously
Resolved, That our Del-oates bo instruc
ted to vote for John 0. Kl'NKEL for Gov
ernor, for Jacoh Dock for Canal Commis
sioner, and for Davio Wii.mut and John
M. Krau for Judges of the Supreme Court
Mefsrs.Linn, Taggart and Hamliu were
ppoii.ted a committee to report Kcsnlu-
'ion-'. Committee reported the following,
which were uiiauimously adopted :
lb solved, 1, That the late decision of
he "v-hjddM.g p,:rtion of the Supreme
. ,' , , .1 ,
party, without any rejarj to names, that
"ldy nrPea lr"ui tuc ducr'0
ii :.. it ..I : .1.
f ,ie
enauei oi Maverv
to the cherished eon-
vietions of eternal truth and justice yet
held sacred by tho masses of the American
lied T.Vr of Z highest"
rf tloa ftmtntri.- for imnnrtinlit r. mill Sllh.
vered the original purposes of the govern-;
mcut in behalf of freedom, to thu spread I
.. . . ,. ...
oVnt ele-t. to unite in vindicating the
Keystone State from the opprobrium of
- J I I
".8 P-ni,.g ground of slavery and
Iacng Pennsylvania in the van of freedom-
oVln(r Mates.
Resolved, 3, That this convention is in
favor of the speedy sale of the Public
Works, as having long since ceased to be
of any'definite advantage as sources of
revenue to the State, and, through political
management, turned into harbors for po-
litical plunderers; and that the slavehold- .
in democrat, in the nomination of Wm. ;
(- J'
the coming Gubernatorial election.
On motion, after discussion, it was
v. t,..j ti.. c 1: i,.. iiiv, i..
oieu, ihl mc uiauum vuitn.nnvi.
instrnrted to call the Countv Convention
for the Nomination nf Candidates, on the
first Monday of Jcne nfxt, (1st day
of ihe month) the Delegate Klectious to
be on the Saturday provious (30th May.) j
The Convention then adjourned. !
L:V."T":. .ro-.u i.
be on the Saturday provious (oUth May.) ,
The Convention then aUjourncd.
g-Pennsylvania is now pretty strong-;
jy coniniitted irj favor 0f the old Whig
doctrine of IWctioa. The Tariff of '45
razed in the last Congress, principally ;
i" accordance with the views of the fiieuds
of that principle, and against the Tree ;
iivania Being
ators Rusk of Texas and Jones of Tenn
were especially abusive of Pennsylvania '
1 .) . ; . .1. .1.
ana tue iron interests, iu me ueoai.es. ;
Thus, after Pennsylvania has helped them !
I on the Slavery question, they would show j
. I. I. .nn r..ta.r.n hnn .nn H c ) w
ciaveuom.ug r'"li - ,
oU "-
Tb..t.,., ti10 I'r0hient reiected the
xicalI Trcatv without sendinc it into
' ' .
tU Seaate ,
a-,.. c.. ,:cj i. n. nv
me eu4iu laimeu ud v. i. v u , o o j.i- ;
,M jtcMyt iD
t0 15 '
, in amended form, by a vote of'
" " - - ; , T"": , i
- .qu.nl.a been frequently made 1
V remnnt ik ilmnir r lie is I
- ". ' --- o , ,
oupj'g Crst lisnro. ,ilue' 3 'Q- j
dustriously, at New York, in preparingfor
publication unproved edition of Lis fast
three celebrated Expeditions.
JcjrAuioug the successful Litis which
pagsc(1 Congress, was one in aid of the
Transatlantic Telegraph. It was opposed
by the South, but the Cities went with tbe
Country against the Dark powi.
erTho February birds, grasshoppers,
&c., must bavo had a hard tune of it in
The Evangelical Lutherans at Hanover,
Pa , have elected as their pastor Rav. M
J. Alleman, Aaronsbnrg, Pa.
a uiiii 011 inai issue, oau- : iona 0 mc as au luar, 1 uuu l gee wuy 1
Fri.io 1ln.tfjr'c Ijt.l), Rok f r April.
The Best "Elulrooney" Yet.
; " "'"-"' "'"y"""""5
1 rr t. .nit ...a 7jI. V'."
niil t-A nitrnr li:ir tt'l) nf fillA Atldv T)lin
1 ovau r 0ch, now, only think o' that !
, ,, ., , u-n ,.,,
! . raal citleman. anyhow, for he war born
an' brid to do notl.iu' at all at all, and fol-
lyrd the thrade of a fcclo.ophcr bv way of
" 1
1 .!,;,. ,wt li.-i,.'. Divil a belther
n;..;t . i,tt ,
fcelosoi.her nor AuJy all the wurelj over,
i- . - i t. o..; : i .1,
jr lie uaie jouiyun cmcrr wiu mc ciuv
J c
:r F .U ..ALa ,in in lit,! lilf. tua
... . ,(1Ilir,.UI1. ,tie proctu.
, . i
' or3' " ""dJI nien w" Joel 01 Lis
i rcfMn, and sint L,n, over the salt say
' ; nl.,.l onniiMlv t in nam OI
n i ji
! which I disremimber; Lut twar a "con-
I Tart" ti.v cale.l him. or some name that
war fosther brother to it.
But about Ids wondherful powers of ab
straction. Oh ye, thin ! sure I'll come
to it piifiutly. What 'ud a poor boy do
widout atiu' and dhriukin', I like to know?
An' doesn't everybody folly the science of
abstrackshin for the sake o' the good
1 , , ,1 . i .
rirnnkirnfitK. an lli( llllivatlt filllTteril. an
dher, an' his fi-hin'-rod utidher his arum,
an' he thravcls on ontil he Bees fureueut
him a great flock of geese.
1 "Thim's beautiful birds," sz Andy,
stoj.pin' short, an' espiahally the gandher.
Troth, now, .here's no h0rm, sure, in cub
Arrah, now,
.Misther damlher, s-ez he, pokin at him
wid uis roil, is it well au nearly ye are
the day ?"
"Iss ! isa !" sez the gandher.
j "Faiz, now, but I'll be pleased to hear
ill" sez Andy. "An", savin' manners,
: 1 "
1 '
-' ""-' gaimner.
"Arrah, thin," sez Andy, "don't be
wucuiuo as tun uisaa i .'")
"Iss ! iss! a s s !" sez the gandher,
-f ii- 1 C I
crainit , ou , b neck, an runnin afther
the great dasaiver
"Well, it isti t the nkcs o' mc to rasnn
out why auT respectablc candhershouldn't
. , ' . ,..,. .,.
-'-"'"" -- -""''
.fje 11 only sa, that ag ,n, by jabers but
I 11 not be the boy to lave yees d.sconso-
late! Are yees minded to go wid me ?"
"Iss ! iss ! ss !" sez the gandher.
i.q. 1 i,, (r,ti,;.(a
d l "Sut u" considher over the
...,!,. i;ft u ; I .. i.,n,.. ir : .
u.l'i v h .nrnv .u .uvvbu.uuiu
matthera little while longer. If it war
wan o' thim favmales vondher. I'd be ruz-
... ...
zisu iu Know wnat 10 uo ar. an. ov razin
o' their ehanein' their mind soofteu.as be-
; r.
coorse is natbural cnoutrh to thim snacics.
Rut a gintleman, an' a gintleman gandher
an' sure there's no creat differ at times
;,,, , , :n
tleB11D gandherd T,r g0 0-t,eir
word ; for, by rason o' their suparior dig-
nity,'tis the like, o' thim as 'ud be asham-
cd to say no whiu they means is.. So
now," sez he, tctchin' the gandher wid the
iud of hi rod, "I'll be afiher a.kiu' yees,
my friend, for the third aa' last time, if it
; shonldn't uiakcycer betther acquaintance."
Au' thin Andy, the shly rogue, he fas-
. ,,. . , , ,
tueas a nuilci on tae ina 0 111s usnia -line,
an', whirlin' tho rod iu the aic, brought
the line suddenly round an' round tho
.1.. 1: . 1 ' .1
necs o me gauuuer, au ujueu uuu up wiu
& !-" """ fe"
'"" uu" ' uu" "" J,""u' -i"-
cimiut of Andy Donovau's science of ah-
ctp.f.lrl,), ?
""J . .... . ,.
1 " Och '." sez he, laugliiu' to his own
' 'a""
i tQ uU , . j
. ' . .
, . .. , ( , . f... A i. " ; 1
" !
crlullnilsh,n o' the baste; fori tuk , at j
I t.;.. tn I, i.o,.ir. tint's r,, l,o
- "
Troth an' I'll be good to the crathur as j
UDr, ns be lives, au' cocker Lim up wid !
pittatics an' butthermilk. 'Tis afeard Ij
am that he won't live long; but I'll be
thankful for Lis afneksbin, au' show it, too,
by alia' him tindherly."
Well, by an' by, he comes to a pand
where there war lashius o' ducks, an' pris
intly up waddles a grand gintleman of a
muskavee, an', waggliu' bis early tail,
looks hi 111 in the face as bould as ye piase.
What is it ?" sez Andy.
" Quack ! quack ! quack !" sez the duck.
"Be aff wid ye," stz Andy, "an'
behave yecrself lika a daeent furrener.
Ices wilcome to the atin', an' the dhrink-
the likes o' thim ? Musha, thin ! why , kuuw uo so 1 'u elu- needle. Con you wonder then that, " in j an iucreaic of 17,'Zll depositors, and L
wouldu't Andy do that fame, an', wid a 01' tut Andy war the pcrlite man '. an' making a man of you," you are subjec- f 077,-o', over the previous year. Ia Lo
inipty bag over his should rs, be waudher- uaJ 'hravcled across the salt say to dis- ted to a great many har 1 rubs? It if I well, 4,4 H of the factory operatives depos
it over tho counthry, meditatiu', an' coorse wid the Knglis-hmen all about Lay- this drilling which strergthi ns and wei"hs itod 51,101,722 during the year,
praclisin' Lis own graud tlahool suieuceof makin', n' rapin', an wather-draius, wid and tempers and poli.l.e you for manly commox Resi'LT. A Mr. Calvert,
abstrackbhiu' ? practicklo eiplauahius. Uy throttit.g work in the world. ' formerly a krje merchant in F.Bgland, re
Well, wan day, betimes, i' the mornin', he seen the wureld, and larned the A gL BErl-1E''iri tSs to the i ' -y -'"- in -'te of g Poverty, at
out goes Andy wid Lis bag over hi, shoub "ay they make politicianer spacha, in thim . . B,iui.ttr.' and ! JS of ,ixty-one year.. It was he-hc
MARCH 20, 1857.
iu', au' the JiueHahool feathers a.t comes. ferThe lovirs of buiu.uity were re- I Tobacco Smokin-i T!.e New York
wid it ; lut ture I think it betthcr man- ' ceDlly gratified wiih the information that .Medical Gazette shows that weessivo imo
ncr in yees not tr, be afther therfcrin' the bloody 1! irdcr KufTian, Is. om.te, had i king waM the saliva so essential to di
wid the puri-hutc-8 of a counthry Lorn." Leon removed at the relict of Mr. IIik h- : ti on, and cause a drynes, of the raoutb
"Quack! quack ! ' itz the mu.skovee. 1 anan to i'r.ident I'itrcc, from the office and throat which impels the smoker to
"Oh,murtbcr!"str Andy. -'Iid I iver of Ju le in Kan-a-. J5.it wo can not ! seek new stimulus is alcoholic drinks, and
Lear tell the liken o' that? An' I standin ! learn that he Las. L-eu removed ! for the j those only increase the evils Lo already
: Lcro w,Jou: 6aJ'DS notll,n ut aU .at aH '
,uBue' ' " ;
an J"D ' '' ho1 ,bat W3 '
. lllV,n..l, t t .K-.r-l' ' ' url tl.A l.n.
1 1 1 1 . -1 !: tl...i
v,J- l'" i-.
! ; '1
Pcr ut '
41 fare ao ounTu-s . ' sez Andy m a
t.: til tT f ..11 .-.d T. I
J v
i lok 1'ke a rjuack, wiJ civer a rap in my
pocket, an' w;d a batthcred ould tastnor
,,; ., v
' , ' , .
"Quack ! fjuaek ! quack sez the duck;
' I 1 '
an' thin, by this an' by that, all the otlmr : T(E Xkkhle 1:03s pometimes think ; caster Hank we preeeive that three mem
ducks tuk up the cry, and bung cut : ;t iakci a grtat deal of drillino; to make Urs of the Iiachman and three of lh Long
"Quack ! quack ! quack !" , mcD Tt i, tae cou, g,, u, UC(:r family are indebted to the bink at
".tfitjh !" siz Audy,feclosophysiu',"'ti of ,lie fi,;,. IVrLap it does. Bu' j the present time in the aggregate sum of
the way o the wureH over and over.
Niver the Lad word war put on a man Lut
sure a dozen repated it. Upon my con
science." sez lie " 'tis a bard matthcr to
Lear ; Lut thiol ducks is poor, misforthen-
mc iguorayiuuses, au may oe luey uuu 1,
o J. J J
. . : ... t .1 .1 .
, , . i-n -i , ,
furren P-r,- at 1'IS pniut time, ha
Bot uI"'n an ould stump Ly the pond side,
un', afiher makin' a ncrare wid his fut, he
lifted Lis little linger, wid the hand to it,
to make believe he war takiu' a tup o'
could wather though, Letuxt you an' I,
sorra eup o' wather niver wet Andy's lips
whin he could get anything betthcr but
ue uura mm i mo nojr iu touimiuee
. a spaenc ; au so, wuin ne a been taken
i wid the little tough which the rail politi-
eianers Lave oa sech occasions, an' wiped
Li mouth across wid the handkercher be
"T' 'T f
as Andy Donovan Ly name, for want of
anotlier giutleman at ui elbow, an' thin,
wid a graud flourieh o' his arum, sez he to
oe aitner lu.ercemin me. an l staudin
here iu defince o' my charackther? Put
r . . -
yer ut yer mouih, ye baste and lave
j me be. T.s asnamed I am o' yee. for
calliu' a dacint man, wid a cabin full o'
childhre. a nuack ! All the wurelJ knn.
. , .-. .
" 8U ,
matther-that U 'ud break my heart to be
a quack. Tis the Llissed thruth I am
spakia' the day : an', if ye'll take ver bills
I out o' the mud, an' stop eabhlin' I'd like
, . ,...,,..,
, kJ II ICv3 UdUUlUl O llUeSHOOS.
"War iver the name ef Andy Donovan
in the newspapers ? tell me that, ye Oinad-
hauns, barriu wanstwhin I bruk Terr.nce
Mahool'. L..1 wi.I . r.e.tl., ; ?
----- - , . 1 .s.
i iver iiemfine mv nvn u r a fi.;
: neen to a neusnaner mn n nrint liil,orC
i in Ttot.lin ' K ill i. .,.,,...!,.
.. ... .r.5.:. r. r"
j . Wicklow, to say that'sarsyperillia war
' hetth-r nor l;.,l.n. . .
r 7, 7
; Bull ? Is it tho likes o me that ud break
; my bone wid Father O'Dou.-hertv's walk-
i iu'. ,,jck by takin' my oath that Andy
1 Donovan's pittaty pills, bu.thered all over
, wid sugar, war the best purgathory iver
: invintcd by mortial man ? Aycli ! Is it 1
that 'ud be dhrawn
: enough for a bull to run through.and waa
tail to my coat, whin 'tis lashius of goold
that I'd be scoopin' up if I war a quack ?"
"Quack ! qnack! quack ! quack I" stz
the inuskovce. i
"Ob, Lad Iooek to yees !" sez Andy,
, jumpiu' down trom bis rostnre ; "but 'tis
myeit mat 11 tacne yees wnat it is to Dc-,
spattticr a gintlcmin. ;
1 An' sure he did, riirht aff; for he cut a
bit o' rl rag on hi, fihin'-hook,au' dhrog- j
pled it alnntr afiher him : an', bv this an' '
by that, the foolish muskovee seized it;
au . rrnititlv who but ho war flopma :
c o 7 1 j t
aboVt in tb.lag?
- !
vnH 0 furrcners," sez Andy. "Troth,
j tbo ht
.... , . ,
now 1 11 be goiu
th t'
e had betther sinse.
An' 1
borne," sez he.
An' that's the sibory all about Andy
Donovan becomin' a "convart." i
- -- j
-noldcrs of Lancaster Bank notes .
should understand that if they demand ,
payment at the bank, and have an endorse- j
mcnt to that effect made by tho cashier,
. 1 -)i 1
tne notes so presented win near six per
cent iuterest until paid or until a final
dividend is made of the assets. The notes
it will be understood, will bear iuterest
only from the time payment is demanded:
and those on which no demand is made,
will of course not bear interest.
an nnnrthprrMi. liL-A a
At 1,50 Per
Slaveholder, and Northern doughfaces in
the U. fc'- Senate r. fused n toi.Crto the
nomination of Harrison, and of eourse
l.coinpte remains on the h' r.eh. Lawless
and lyrai.nical as l.c i, Le is only carrying
out the end for Lieh the Missouri (Juui-
1 1 if :.. .. ,1;.-
r.fnniun lew tc TP:ti-tA II AVtlt'' Uami:U lt
otj.et . lar, why suoU;u wtj siop
now 7 J l.ey have the governor, the 1 res-
i,h.nt. and th Sheriff. : wlv nbould tliet
not Lave the Judges also ?
- nQ. Uve ,e Ju . ,es a,0 ,
- . ...
,, . , ,,lMi Lira 10
La done to a lit of stcul wire before it
makes that simple Ii: tie tool called a nee
dle, and puts it into the market? Can you
gues :
5cvuty ; yes, seventy processes
are necessary in the manufacture of a
deacons' children arc worse than others,
Rev. A. Kul ard s'ate.s lLat iu '241 fauii- I
I lies of miniver and deacons, there were 1 ,,ar'1, 'tW 3 e--V,u' rr'z
1,101 children over 1 year of age, Sll ! Rev. Mr. Van Meter, who ha been en
of whom, or ni ro thin three-fourths, Were gigfJ in fiuding homes in the West for
hopefully pious, I'-jI Lad united with the j Pr children of New York city, wr on
churah. i7 had entered or wi re preparing j his last trip arrsstoJ in Washington, Taze
for the minislry, and only II Were di.si- j WH couuty, Illinois, on a charge of Lring
sipited, Lut one half of whom became so i"g P'Jupers iuto the State, and fined JI0O
while residing with their parents. Iu an-l fs''-
of these families there were 219 children Ia a late English papur it is stated that
over 15, all of whom were hopefully pious. I " many prayer books are now sold iu Lon-
We learn from the L"hanon Cmiri i-,that
about S1200 iu silver has Lecu found se
creiea in variou pans or a nouso in me
northern part of that c?un(y. I: was the
The Pittsburg ti-izeM; remarking upon
..IS. .uuui i.lip.u , tn,j i.uiiiui UOH.I-
lhat e ,,uUia Workj of 1eDa.
inc;udi ,he intersst of tLe
A. . .i .
. , , '. . , J r?"
the Annual Report of the Auditor Gener-
witmo the last year the sum of 500,000
and Lave produced 2,2O..,000 to pay for
ige.TinRo tl. Jebtoraideof tL.'unt
51,294000." They cost more than
'. , 1 , . v T- ..
r ' i " ' 1 1-
Millions or Dollars, let the Demo-
1 iold ! c
T t
e:iiiLiu i'iii 1 iLcuuci uu tLi ij lueir uh u '
' , t I. ll.t.'l.-
' T t1" --ma. -M
' lDUla E"r"nn":f't uetermiuea to put
a stop to the cruel practice of hook-swinj
. , nh-erv i hv th n -tV
s ooservei ny me superstitious
UiuJoo Jevoteea.and also t the harbaroua
'i,e " M ccf V65' '
"n hmL lJ thrusts a
. sword through the fleshy part of his thigh,
drawing it out sprinkles tho 'D
i ,Le ",ra.nce ' .--'"'F. h.cb h.
rccclrc ge tree-will oher.ngs frota the
! reFlC-
' ""E 1LIE Ridoe Pierced. The werk-
! n,en engaged on the Blue Ridge tunnel,
Virginia, have perforated the mountaiu, so
eacn othcr.and the difference in the length
of "lc '"nncl, as computed over the t p of
! tne mountain, and as accurately measured,
was ,MS tfcan six ""dies. Such is the per-
fc'100 scientific nttainmen's.
The New York Tribuno says that the
pop, has made to us another consi2nment
f a potion of Lis refractory subjects.
Fif,ucn meD released from Prison and sent
ln ,;. .,mir. , il. r .,. i..,t
,reslsry ,iavc just arrivpJ. The9C
:n ...i..-.u k. r 1 ...
P, , t0 join their compatriots, where em-
r.ir.n.at -;n v. ;.. ,t.,.m .1..,
win loiiuwuu do luiwarutu 10 dcruuioii,
pVaV 0 thei b defra by
JBf' ulial "tt, on
lue American luausinai .-vsaociaiion.
"New Yoik is the best or the worst
j place in tbe country for a young man to
6 I0' For JonDg man of fisei !iSio" '
pnncipie. ana inuu.irious camt, mere is
T) )T).. tl". .,
no place where he can learn so much with-
in g0 short a time a9 ;n ew York. 5U,
for , y0UBg ,an 0f unstable habits and
wjtDout religious principles, tbero is no
plai;c wicre t, w;ii be pmn r,f(."
A ORA-nrnso Fact. It is stated that j
Professor Henry of the Smithsonian Insti-
tute receutly remarked, that among tbe :
scientific men in the United States, he
knew of but one man who professed infidel
IN lSl:i....WIIOLE NO., 675.
Year, always iv Advance.
! suffers. It iuo tcn .'s in omo to con-
The party opposed to the present I'astor
and church authorities of the Lutheran
Church a? Vome!. 1 orf, on Tucs!-y last,
took the law into their own hand, aol
with Lamuiers, erw-bar, etc., broke the
; the enure n aoors auJ tnterea m
, (Jiurch. arrants Lave been issued Trr
i ihe arnrehnsion of the carties concerned.
r. ; . ....... T ...
Ill ir'uac u.tl u.c .i-tu vi luu-
cK-,oil Who would'nt have a bank
in "tLe family."
Savings. The number of depositors
in the savings-hanks of Massachusetts on
October 1, was 105,4-41, and th
amount of depositts S"0,u73.447 ; being
' 1 '
drawn in the Eug'ish lottery. lie aflcr-
don with a looking glass inserted ia the
inner side of the cover, in order that the
ladies may arrange their hair or admire
themselves while using the book at
iiow .a. k.Rl mads HAPPY !- A
wealthy lady in Boston on New Year's day
prepared a bountiful feast for 1,500 poor
children of that city ia Faneuil Hal!, and
at the close presented each one with a
comfortable garment and a pair of shoes.
The County Commissioners of Chester
county have increased the oounty rates of
taxation for the ensuing year one mill.
The county tax heretofore bas bee two
mills ; the rate will now be three mills, or
an increase of fifty per cent.
The underwriter of the ship .Veprutie's
Cr hive presented to Mrs. Mary Patten,
$1000, for safely bringing that vessel into
the port of New York, while her husband,
the commander, was prostrated on a Led
nf sickness.
The Slue Ridge Rtpullican says W. D.
Wallach, editor of the Washingtoa Star,
has purchased the beautifully located farm
of Cid. Robert Alexander, near Culpepper
C. II., Ya. , containing ISO acres, at J40
per acre.
The Cuii trs, a leading Catholic news
paper in Paris, says: "In all the Catholio
cities of Germany the statistical returns
make it apparent that the number of Pro
testants is increasing in a fearful manner."
burning uas caused tweaty-.i,
firc, ,0 New York during the last sir
months, the death of three women sad
two men, and tho serious injury of four
teen persons besides.
A Senatorial election in St. Lawrence
; county, New York, Friday week, resulted
! in thu ehoiee of Mr. Usher, the Republi
can candidate, by 3,000 majority. It ia
difficult to crush Freedom.
Lager Beer. An exchange paper say
that lagor beer is "slow poison." Wa
j think a trial of the stuff sold in HarrisLur
would convince our cotcmporary that it U
i ,,r poison Ikr.ill
The Manager ot the Inauguration ball
at Wasliiiigtoii, find themselves about three
thousand dollar out of pocket after count,
ing up their receipts and expenditure.
That Jesuit sheet, the Philadelphia
I."hjr even, is now forred to complain of
tha unfairness of the Missourians in their
attempts to make Kansas a slave State.
A Washington crrespondent of the A".
'. lhrahl says " there never was such a
rush of office-seekers at any incoming ad
ministration as there i at present."
Col. Benton goes in for female doctor,
and has given a lcclure in Boston for tha
bem fit of ,Le New Eund V
Medical Callege.
It is estimated by the Fritnd of India, "
that in India and Ceylon there are on
hundred and twenty thousand cenvsrts to
The Moravians are a quiet but working-
Pple : ""7 h"e more churcb nohe"
" ,l-ir """ion fields than ia their douici.
lIC so"lra-
A new Post Otfice bas been established
at Lykenstown Dauphin county, and Josi
ah Bowman, Jr appointed Fcjfu:tr.

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