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Fkid.vv Mopxinc, k?ei'T. 1S-1S.
ADVPllTir.K! Manuta'timTa. M.'ri-lian!'. Vri-haiiirsi
I'til.lK- uTis-r. in I'itT aiil Ciintrv. 1'uMi.tn-r
II wtto I" ' fM would Jo w.'ll t lipli'V III"
nlumns ol Um A-V.V.'i.-, "ir.-ni.'., wln.li has a
n.l iui'n'asiui an-uiiti"!! In a iiiimiiily isnitainiii.: a
lar.:. .r.'i-trti-ti ,.f a. -..Ivi-tit "duccr., ci-uauwrra
ul d'-al'T-, a. 'y in tli- SUte.
Uj-Sec Xi'W isln-ilisriHCiils. j
EsTTlie sale of Miss mack's Furniture, St. .
s adjourned to Saturday the int. Ur. ,
Malcum's sale oceuriins; en the 11 ill, ihe Jay
first mentioned fur Miss B's sale.
The Next Fair. ,
The Asfieulttiral & Mochanleal
Exhibition of the Union County So-,
cit'ty fir 1 "iS, will h;M at the new
Fair (.l-outuK in East Huflaloc, near ,
Lewiljnrg, on Thui s lay anil l'lHay,
Oct. It ami l"i. A stream of water
on the grounds, will make their new
location a very suitable one. Mi-,
cliacl 1'rown has the contract for l"tt-;
tins an inch board fence, seven l"-et
liiirlt, on the two road sides of the lot. 1
fckTThc rretniuni List, Ae. we expect
to be aMe to announce next week. j
ST'We saw yesterday a Savannah paper of
the 27ili nil. from our lale fellow citizen, I'iiil.
I.iNULSbiL-M j.iud nrouf that llie report of'
Ins death, in (ic.ir;;ia, was inc rrcet. 1
Lewislrarg R.R. Depot. j
This station is found to be one of the very
best p.iyin:; on the line of llie X.iriliern IViu- j
ral Kailwav. In view of ilial fact, we learn i
by the MiltoHinn that the Company is about :
to erect we hope suea'.iie Storehouse and .
Depot huil lings, for this pi. in'.. To aid this
enterprise, several I.ewisbiirir gentlemen pur- i
chased four acres of laud of lleury Shectz at i
$100 per acre. i
ITThe man who picked up a pass-book
near town this weei;, aud has not returned it
In its own"r, (whose name is in ii, a'id to 1
whom only it is of sonic value.) sho'ild n--i
forgei that the (irand Jury meets week ai. r
l.cll !
NOTICE. The Opposition St-nai..; ::.! ;
Conferees for this District ;ire lo imel in ,
Wiliiamspnrt, Tuesday t!ie ili m-t. (The
Congressional Conference of the Lycoming
district is al the same ii;ne and place.)
t"?'Our Representative Conferees it is
expected will meet at Mayer's tavern in i'erry .
township, Friday Ihe lmh inst.
al?The Committee for this county ,wiih the ,
Candidates, are requested to meet at Uullaloe
House, I.ewisburjj, Saturday, 1 1 ill uist., at I
o'clock, P.M.
I"?Ve lial not hard fmm ihe Congrcs
sioiial Cnnfrree. at ilarnhur, when
went to pre.-s, (The Lecompion party in
Dauphin have nominate.! Jclni II. Uerry hi ii
fur Consress.
IT'.isi Situnl.iv, Hel l's I'm net Maud, up
on invitation, attended the interesting "'ab- :
bath School celebration near White Deer
Mills, where, -dodgin; the drops," Key. Josh- i
111 Kelly cave a pertinent iitt.l well received,
Address. oiwith.Maiiditig the rain. It was a
1 . l..n 1 I... nn... cT.nr
I'luusdii i Lniia.ii'ii. aii.i a .-.. -). . .
Fisher's Hotel short salute a, -Hail Co-
lumbta -a stop at Hobert Dalesman s, where ;
they were enirrtained tt'ilh refreslunents, and j
returned ihe compUments with their best mu- ,
fcic-ihe paii.es reached home in comfortable !
order. I
J"F"The Loco Canal Commissioners hate to
give tip the '-.spoils" on the l'ublic Works,
and, fortified by an "opinion" of that insatia
ble treasury rats, Charley Buckalew, are
about 10 contest Ihe sale of the Public Works,
before the Supreme Court. The Works have
all passed out of the hands of the State in
to the control of the Company, and the pur-
chase money due is paid; but some I.ocofoco
Lawyers will get some stitr fees from ihe
Stale by this operaiion ; and if ihe Canal
leeches could get the Works back again,
wouldu't lliere be a jubilee among the Treas
ury leeches who have so long fattened on the
Male by means of her public works !
From Me riifailljliri .'miintr li'ilbtin.
Jfsw 8iTTLEjrT. A new settlement has
been started at Hamuionton, New Jersey,
which for success and progress rivals any
thing we have heard ol in the West. There
is a large emigration having objection to the
West on account of unhealihfulness, distance
and association, which emhaaces this new
enterprise. The land is in a genial climate,
and the soil is said to be amongst the best
Jersey soil. Jersey, as it will be seen by the
agricultural statistics at the Patent Oliice, is
the first agricultural State in ihe Union for the
value of ils products. Hamuionton is within
thirty miles of Philadelphia by railroad, and i
eniovs one jf the best markets in the Union. ;
Tk. ...l nf emieration to this place is" im- '
as well from the West as from the !
North. Many of the best grape growers of i
nhio have located, wilh a lew lo make wine. ;
Tu judge of its progress, the population one
rear azo is numbered at only live persons;
it now numbers overcighl hundred souls, has
, , , ' . . ,, ., I
one hundred and twenty-live buildings, three ;
stores, two churches, Episcopal and Metho-'
dist. steam null, brick yard, nuhhc,,,;
BS''srWsr opeliedY sir. suuare miles being'
improved, a new railroad station, and all the
elements oi an old place. We are satisfied
that this place must possess in;rit from its
unparalleled progress. SwJal
Kepi'diatinii Gov. Packer. The L
cofocos of Monroe, AlleoheDT. and Co-
Jumbia counties Lave vituuUv conJcmnal
the Adiuiuis-tration of Gov. Packer, ly
their DtlcQce ; and the same part
Uoiua county have slurred Lim over by a , i.
notice worse than silence. Geo. lacker,
only crime is his anti-Lccciuiptouisin and
rsupposed fricudly feeling fur Douglas !
A Fpark of love for Liberty aud ltight, is
a grievous siu to the leaders of the mod
ern Democracy !
ItjTThc three Democratic papers of
HarrisbuTg have been merged iu one.
There ii now there only ouc J.uglisb Ad
miuistratioo paper, and only one opposed
buih fcowl j jamais, in ability and char
acter far bove the abusive aud violent
ar-I . . I .
ui.i wuieh were supported many yeirj '
go, ly both parties at the scat of -jvcru-'
" riiEuuosiA" has been received tt Mr.
Marray'i Uookiicrc.
Time-Tal)le-Levinr- K.ll. Station. !
linn laun j.i -,
I.iqhtnin Train passes Lewisburg 5:15 AM
F.xprcss (nai) do I'I::I7 A M
Freight sV Accommodation 8:110 P M
movimi Kuitrii.
Express (imiil) passes Lewisburg 4:23 P M
l.i-hlnm Train do 11:1 I'M
Freight - Accommodation 7:15 A M
Lewisburg Post Office.
1)Il!i.Alll".I.I,illA Mail. Daily, (except Sun- !
d.ivs) viaC'attawissa liailioad lo Milton,
closes at J o'clock A. M.
Soutli'm, F.ast-rn and Western mails, via
NoriliumberlM and llarrisburs Daily (except;
Sundays) closes at y oVIock A. M.
Xoi'iliern and W'e'tern, via William-p. rl :
and louiir.i. H.n'v. (except Pumlavs) closes j
at Si oVIoek I' M j
M i;t oi. New Columbia and Wli. Deer Mills
cli.s.., d.ulv (exei pt Sun. lavs) ai A M
U e-teru'. via Mililiiibuis V Old Fort. Daily
(exei p: Siiudavs) closes at 7 o'clock A M
V:n!ie.!. X-w IS 1 1 i n and l.ew i-tou n, daily
to New Ilerliu (except Sundays) closes at 1
..'lo. k P M
HutVil 'e X 1 'ads an! Forest Hill. Woll'.s
Slme. Kei.ei si,urir, Ma.li""t'U' ? and Xittany,
Friday i f each week. closes at P. M.of nilit
J!us'.ne hours daily, (except Sundays.)
from li o'clock A.M. uulii Sl'.M.
Sininps and Stainped Envelopes al the P.O.
Iroin Philadelphia by Kailroad in the State of
.New Jersey. Si.il anion:: the best for Agricul
tural purposes, bjin a good loam soil, wilh
r.Iay.botioin. The land is a lar;e iract divi
ded into small farms, and hundreds from all
parts of the country ate now settling and
building. The crops can be seen growini.
Tel ins from fifteen to Sis io $ o per acre,
payable wiihin four years by instalments. To
visit the place f.eave Vine Street Wharf at
Pinla l. at t A. M. by railroad for Hamilton
ton, or a I Iress It. J. Ilyrnes, by letter. See
full advertisement in another column. Sw7.ril
Many cases of Dysentery in its most severe
form have been cured by the administration
ol Do Vi.l's liurivti' Oil. Cholera Morbus
aud all dieses of the bowels are relieved in
a short lime Uv a few drops of (ialvanic Oil. ,
II l.i . IV'- I'M l.s II..M-IT..I. !i:o rirr. It i nn.e.l. 1
by 111,' uiunii Oi-.l. Hint tii.l-!tal j.atimtii liitve 1 1 n-tvail-1
.;: t.t rkillliil trMliiinl Mii-i iko-IuI itrt.-ii.Uli"-. Tim
t .1. i. Il,.-y nr.. I..., "lO'ii ni.-rrly lti Mil-j.-. ts tMil
w(. Ii r:.w ptu l.'ii. Iry lli.-ir .nnli. Inni.ls." 'liiv
t L". tin's l..r llie siik art" tti.-ir nu n i.tunps. un.
I!:. ..i ll in. .li. ins I lt.-v nwsl hk Hi.IIuwn.v .lix-nnul .
dun. - r.-ui. .I.rs. I., t Hi.- n.-,;;. D".l. 1 r..i.i ii J .w li. alln- '
ii-.ir i. kii.i Ii..!..!.- .ult.-r-r- I'r-i'i liv. r r..in; liiint. dv-;-
)..-!.M. H-tl.iu i. Ii- rl."la. or Buy -! llie inti riutl ui.il-
;i-ii. wl;i -!i 1...I'!.- t Ii-- .ri.f Moll, supi.! V li-eiiiM tv.-s . nil
II. 11- .,.-. I', :.- ta I n. v .-.in s lily "ink "1 tti.-ir
own r.ir. :iu I -ifitlt- r. t L.-y ri-UKIlilwr tti-- liol. tut I'le-iii.-ti-.iis
1. 1 tin- .tn lors.
IJft.lt i- !i lIKi-t Ulill.ftiit f;ir! tint IT. MvF.t:.:' .- Ix ,
' vi.,.i,:ii.:;, ..r I.j . r ): im-tli . i- mi- . 1 ttif i. ;tt' : iti
itiittK"' i;i.J- hi in-hi ill- U. :i;I n nliirv. It h;i f
Ii.h m :i .-tti lv i.f tht- Mr . ittii :ti; i.-mv -..r-' )T;t- li.--.
.i li i u t.;; iirin iiiui' m-.tn. w iit-ti ni.t- ! u- l
jk-t. :it-sl mimU-r it ill nr jiioik : ;oi'I hi-' -.in-lii-imi i.-J. ;
ticii lli- itr i- tin- -r-at.-t p -ul-t- r f tti- f-t.-iii,
. :oi'l U.f ni-i-t li:i! li-tn .liscH-T whn li if k.-j I fn-4roin ;
1 u:..-.'. i- ;i pn v. 'iitwt.vf -t lli(fj'-ix. .liuiinlici-. n-n.r- 1
nl .(. l ihU. A. lnlf, lt lint t;ir fr..m 1-n-t, we m-n-ti-.ii
-..ti-iiin; l!-ii : t(-r tr f-t-r:fiii- i tli:tt nu-re rn
. m-s of i Tiii.-iiiiiitii ii iM-rur fp ui Uim:-ci1 Jivt-r tlmii from i
li ni-ii. r ftit lor'-th. r.
T.ikitiu iln U'i-i-rrift livjtntli-?i, w Iisti l-ut to ,
find m n-iu--ly witli whiti t r-.rn rt th l)fT. ul w
) Icivc :i t un- ii !! iirly nil tie- di!ii":iM' ;in- u-j. rt t
I V Mtiijilv I. in- T-tttitti'. Tli.it tl; ItMl.-itratnr
i-' -ni-ii nui'-iy. i- in-rnil ...t,t t" all t let try it. fir
' ii- irtn.-i :tn- mh-Ii llmt f -r li r.-niUnit urij-iiu tr"tu
It v r ii-r;ii!' in- iit-'. it i- mi unf:iil!tc rt-un'ily. Irlt a
' a fiiiiiily nn- limit, f. r nil ili-. Mt.. m the tilitN Ii i.r lw
! fin, w hirti nr? i'.Ts in a irn-ntr or 1 - tlcrif hy li v- j
tr li-TMtii ni nt. it i-. tin? Mil.-t, hurt.t und iu.-t i-ltn-a- '
. riuus ri'iucily kuuwu. !
Fits Fits Fits :
nwcirs viv;i:tiih.i: i:xiiiac
For the Cure of Fit,. Sm.. Vra,, and all
-..EKSO;S wno are laborn.? undrrihisdis-
I tresin? nialaly will find 1IANC'KS
only remedy ever discovered for cunnK EpiI-
rp-v .r Killing Kit.
Th-M- rit-1... h-m-ib- action on tiicnTTowitv-
t-iii : aii'l. ;tlilir,ni;li ilh-y HP1 i.rimrii ipwi;iuy tr im
1'iirji't-r ot rurin Mt.. l"li-y ar al.-o i f --H-cil U-m-Iit
f.r ail i.tm-iis nfflti-I wii'ii w.-:tli iitv-. r wli'iri- iht
Tini'' fiv-tt-m Iihk tHfii ttruftratt il or laiUT-tl Irui any
r:iiM4- what. v-r. I n 'lironif tmiplalntf or iliasi-n of
Innjr ctaii.iini pu-riii'lucitl hy utrfousms, thvj are
PM'tr linirlv Ih'ii. hii:il.
I'rii-.- I . 11.T l.'X. ir two lwxia mr i. I .-rsnn.eut "I
the oil v. i-ii. lo-iim a ri.mitti.iKs.. will h.tv. lli fill!, .rut
tl.-m ttin-utl tl.v mull fr.r.-f i-..-tn-.'. r-.r "air l-y
M i ll S II AM K No 1. s 1 H.TIMHItK STI1KKT. Haiti
Bi"r.'. -M.J.. In wt:. m firliTs In.ui all parts i.f Ilia- I'ninu
iuu?t b.- i.ln
.1. isisl .al.l. n .i'.fi.-
See advertisement Dr. Saiiford's Livik
Ism. um nm 111 another column ol this paper
P,.f,r:l nri:titi.iVf I- )'l:"F. It. Iff I.t.,,
I-.ruH-rly t t)..-i'..llf. oT nr-; on, I'arii",
1.".iW .1 e. i;r.t in PI II'
fur th Curt all S T' and I'ttnfui 7iii.'..
I;oit in
Ht iiitanc Main r n'lri'iic in anv prt fif tti
t m. i:tiiinitiui. I'hhi tn thf t-:iS, irf.i.'i
nr fi t.-, Ih'.iN-I lin-H"t-. N. urH.ni, Hurui. crm.
llt ai'-ai In-, Oanij in tti" Sl-liii'-li. ir any nth-r
tii-ns thnt if Si'lii: aii'l I'AlNH I- Ktifl i i" only
i.tit tititrhimtA li--Ms.-. r claim a I'KLr K' T JC-T'-KY.
We p:iv fnMiiii cly to our putrcii". we ran
r lint- th utiir-n r .rt linii nut nf We woM
ju.t ."y tuth.' pulilf, I'r.I. Iu VH wa 2.'. yrs.ru ill
Ifriti.'inj: li tliiis nmlirinc mi-riT:ty over all tii.Tf.
Vrirr rl T t'ttl. 1 :. r ct clT to tb trailtr.
4P-ll irt-r- mu-t r" ml lrrl to
J. D. STOMROAl, S.lr Anvnt fr TP,
.lulj 7",y L'tcisti'vu. MttHin J't.
2Utm".etntvs JHarfcrt.
Cnrrrclril Weekly
Wheat 75 to I
8 10
. 12
l!ye (;0
Corn bl)
Dried Apples . 1,.10
12 Cloverfccd.
i nnln. Tn, th nit, Mra. srsAVXAll . wlf. of
U.nfc-1 Hurler, !. MM 5""S """
n Mifflinbllrl, Ani.2.th ft'SAX KI.17.A1IKTII, wife
of rii.ri.- u. tiaB.n.iuir wJ -'i"r..limwSl,,'ii to
tl ,,1."".. I
I..ly wl t f.lly lo.-
t-n-uit'iit wan di-rayirr. tit. spirit rluranliu winft for
homcaaril Binl.u llrr mi ntal ylsinn ,-ra.-l elan-rl
anil uronc'T. b. r iJ.- 'Urr ant baiter; hur tiewa i.f j
liliurnv mam anu in-..- i-.-
'-r-illfsl wilh di'liIil, ra.tunal .ul
V oul.l lii-rp no lonffi-r atay ;
Tlintli'li Jiit'lan'. Wares arotim ili-1 roll,
Fnrlert sin. launrhril aw.iyf
, -,,i-... '
wnn-.inz " emigtwe 10 a iniiu ,
ror.l soil, aniline market, see
advertisement ;
ofjl"" L-"lu:i 761
OTI I..--'l'"e regular Monthly Jleet-
of the " faicii'iura Lileraru Aniiria-
ttnii will be lielil at ine ouice oi j. r.
Linn tS'THlS EVEXI.Mi Sep. 'M
C Inuiiinlic I'l iiiliii?.
HAVING purchased ihe right to use Knn
heh's process for l'linimg wilh lry
L-oiors, lor Union Co. Pa-, we are prepared to
execute orders for
CARDS, Show-Bills, &c.
in ;.'. (.'.. If, ifcun, .Vi'rr, ilmiaeilii, or fWf
colors, in good style, IVat the omcc of the
" Lewisburg Chronicle."
Cenlrcrille, Snyder CoTa.
rpHE undersigned takes particular pleasure
I in announcing to his friends that he has
laken the above Hotel, aud is ever ready aud
waning lo
isvirBmr..!Ble a't. b.nh KTeat and sniatt,
ho tuny kindly I..vor him with csll.
V. tVtll'KNf Al'1.. PnorllllitO..
April, 1:4! tuiucKvi tu 1). eauiiiu
Nclice t0. Teachers.
r I Ml!' (untv Superintendent will he at the
I puvcr School House in Kelly township
on Wediiesdav the loth day of bepi. next, at a
o'clock in the forenoon, for the purpose of
exmiiniio; Teachers. Those intending to
make application fur the Schools in the Dist
rict, w ill please meei hi:n at that time and
place. FIVi: Male Teachers will be wanted.
It y onier i f the Hoard : '
An-'. :iu, 1-ji. JAMES TROSS, Pres.
rpiinseho.d Directors of White Deer tow;n-
ship, will meet with the County Supeiin- j
leudent. on Tues.tay ihe Mill inst., lo select
si:T.. Male Teachers for theensuing win
ter. All de-irotts of eiiat'iii Schoids. will
please apply that dav, ai New Columbia, al
, :i, A. M. D. s. UrniKAl.FF, bee.
White Deer. Sept. torn.
Tine .n.tn .v7v i;kmi:h,
A Xewspaper devoted to Literature and ri
ciihure. also seltiti'.' forth lull accounts of ihe
new settlement in ll-iiiinioiitoii in New Jersey,
can be subscribed lor at only '-" cis. per anr.
' Inclose postage sta'tips for the aiiioiint. Ad
dress to Editor of ihe Farmer. Hamuionton,
1 Atlnniie county, Nct Jerscv. Those wishing
cheap land, of tiie be-t quality, in one of the
healiiilul ami most delightful climates in the
' 1'nioii, see Add of llainmotiton Lands, fiwifil
, civ Tall in Ii"! at ti. M lt!Sia"S
("11H'.P HOOT AM) SIIUI- si iiiii..nrxt
i il.inr to H iker i t.'o's Drna store, l.cu-
"11H'.P HOOT AM) snot-
islium, Pa., uliere may be found a general I
assoitmeni of i
Men's, Ladies', riisses' and Youths'
Hoots, shoes. Cnirrs, Huskin', Slippers, Ac.
of the latest styles a id besl qualities, sclectei',
wilh preat care and at Cash Prices which
will be sold as low as' at any place this tide
.v.i. xl i:cri nisa . i:i:i'Mi:iS'c
done mm h lower than the old prices. I'liank-1
lul for pa-l favors, we w ill endeavor to merit
your further custom. Sept. IM.'itf
l JJIbbULUiiUiJ.
Till", copartnership in the Ularksmithin"
Imnitr-s ti'ieen the iin-JerM'iiPi wan
iiis-oh'nd In intttiiai rensrni on me -id oi ,
Austin i, I The Locks Arc. are at Ihe old j
Maud for settlement hy either of ihe late firm,
and all accounts imir he stiled forthwith.
I V The business will he rotilinue.I as innal
hy ISA AC 11. WAtiNKK. I
l.fwi-hurr, S-pt. n pd
TATCMKXTi.fihflM i-luir?illaiiK
rp'pured hy ihe scmiid section of llie
Act of the (Jt-nrral A-mi1.Iv ! ihi Common.
wealth, approved ihe i:i h Oft. A-D. 1S''7
ti- iti I'h;!:! ).-:-!!..-. in .-.-. luui-i f s
N..I. ..f ti-r U iiiUs I"
mi,.i Miivr t",:;:: st
Hilif I-iM-wUut. l MSJAVS Hi j
jioi.sn no
I'ue lo oihur KalAa
l.i'Sl a I
t !k-..".'Ji 41 I
14",.VJ1 (rti
IVrsonal! appeared before me, Andrew
Keritiedv. K. W. Pollock, Ca-hier ol ihe
above named IJauk, who heins duly sworn j
accur.ltn" to law, savs the above is correct
tu the best ol his know ledije. S.'p. 1, lH.'m j
K. W. I'DI.I.DI'K, Vuihier.
Anii'vv KEtii;in, Ai.uiy l'ublic.
THE Fall Session of this Institution
-1 will commence on .MuMnr.epl. 20,lH."iS
! to he immediately followed hy the Wuttit
, , i I
S.o, each . continue " "' "nc'l.
1 All the Itranches of a thorough Classical,
JMathemaiical, and KnIivh Arademic Course
, are tauht and Youilis are lilted, either for
'JVachmir, for Collt-e, or for business.
' J'he Uible is a l'xt boo.
( jare class of Voting Ladies is secured.
TL ITIO.N per session of 13 weeks, including !
continscnt expenses.
I'ltniAltV fl,-a.liii. Writing. Is-fioer, Arithratie. t
. lirim. nn.I V. S II i-l.-rv. I ----- - 00 .
AIiVA'('i:li KNiil.ISil all nut inrlu-Iisl alxive, '-..:i
I.AMiLAllKS. Sun
rSo additional charjjes; also, no dednctions
except for protracted sickness. Tuition paya
ble immediately upon the close of the session.
JOll.N liANDtll.PH, 1
Aug- 23, 1S.W Principal'
Xcw 1'ork Advertisement, j
V .1. lit'UAliltoX, 'ri Ay't, Zm Broadway.
MOnr. MCN W A.M ED as Agents ;
lo circulate rapid selling valuable
F.nnilv Works, which attract by their low ,
i ,.ri.-.-. .ntrt-tiiii r.nl.'nt5. an. suii rt.lv enlon-l r-tatM '
' K-T i-ir. ulais. itti psrti.-nlara. avi'tv. if von livi Ha.t.
to III.MlY lli'Vl K. No. ill.'. Naf-.il St.. NVw York; if
i i rl, to ttic inn'.. No. 1 1 1 Main St I iiu Innali.
i S. C I- illK & 0. A (i. 50, Maiden 1
JT Laiif, iSw York, Al a n tF acti' h k hi nf j
(iolit and Silver Pencil Caves, and Gold Jens ,
nf i-Ti-iy .l.-s,-rii-tiiu.t'iT..r tlKir rnr.u diris-t In tlie rounlry ,
tral- at tlir l.rii e.i.tln-rs iliar.'. Ili illy d.al.ra. tlierrl.y
,a.inirtli-iir.l.a-ral..ulJliirrHi,t a lii. h tiny woi.l.l !
have to pay tile. l.-aliTH if laiuqlit from them. Our ol-j.ct
... .... I. ... .....Hi ...... 11.. rn.l nf mjiinlirt. -
urin-. Samples will furui-lnsl tn tlio.a,. wtio may .1. -Ire j
tn . li,., cis. al .I-.VH j.ni -i, anit cau Do ul by
r.XI'IVBI", W HU Uall fc'J vo.nv..
T 1
T. DROn , Manulacturins JLU L-
l.Eli, -No. -li, . Maiden I. ane, oilers his
stock, consisting of a general assortment ot
ITI'K KTS. ('11 A INS, ic. wliirli an- oli-rtst at the Iowit
cafli iiritsa. Oruat iiuiii.fnii-nU to romitry cash liuyrr.
.New York city, Sept. 1, I-5S 3m
IHRr.E good second-hand Coal Stoves.sui-
lahle for Ollices or Shops. Impure of
Aug. 21. SA.M'l. II. OKV. Iti, Lew g.
y5The person thai took the Blue China
k&&? Flower Pot from a grave in the I.ew-
isburg Cemelery, will please return the same
or will get into trouble. i
UKO. UOXACH Y, Sexton. - j
Sccd Wheat.
subscriber has for sale iiOO bushels i
of perfectly cleaned
ancasler heat, '
0 t),is jear's growth, for seedinz. at tjil 50 a
,,1,1 'J'his is equal to the vlil Bine Stem in
nualnv, clear of rust, and for a lime past has,
been the best and surest Wheat in the r'g
gion. j
If any who can not just now come for il will j
dron me an order tnrouu me lhwimuiui ..
I will keen for them such number of bushels
- .,. u n .n,n,ls(,,i r
""'-"- ..... ,,,sVvim iiir.l.,
Aug. '-".
. . . i
Book Store '
i-'l.'rw AM) AXTEIIOS. or the Bachelor s
Ward, (those who have read this book speak those who would seek a pleasant summer re
of il in the highest terms.) j sort with families.
"1! 1.1.1a I1IMTTAN ON A TOl'R, "a book , Hi, XalilP is spread wilh every luxury
of sparkling and spicy letters." j tia , (,,. ,arKei can allord.
II AKl'EK'S -Magazine ior.PJ- The Jar is furnished wilh all the choicest
Aug. Ti. isos um. Minim. ,liqilors-
i uuuw '
rpO be fold at the house of the subscriber, ,
the ISth day of September next
A lare assortinenl of Beds and Bedding,-
CUa'rTTab.es. Tn a variety of Household '
and Kitchen Furniture loo numerous to men-
and Kiicnen ruruuuit I
l'"I', . , in vioek Terms !
Sale to commence at 10 o, c,' Term
all sums under 1 ive Dollars cash-ail sums
over Five Dollars, six months credit.
Lewisburg. Aug. '
1H58. 1
To all leantimt Foriu.see advertisement
HammoBton Lauds
I.EMsiii;i:(j, Uxiiin c., P.
n.. iii:te:i, Proprietor.
TIMIH house is 1,-c.ati j in the very center of
I the busine-s j:--rtioii ol tiu i n.and the
on;y lintel in Matin Ntiare,
It i
bv odds
i- ! nrtr, '
the largest and ino-t pa.:i
and is kept in Ibe e -ai.-.t
lnanner. The IUHiMS i
li HI r eal and clean. 'I t "
"is in L
:i:i. I
.... ,
ll.l.i: is s-,p a,l
with every lut irv the sea i .1 aff ids. The
II. Ill is f'jrni-lie ! with pure unadulterated
liquors bought bv the Pro;iri'jtor out of ihe
Custom lloue in Plnlad. The STA til. I and
Hostler will recommend themselves. j
The Proprietor, having pone to a preat ,
expense in re-tilting and ltirnishin his house '
eniplovmp at larj;e cost a first-rate Cook
and other servants who are attentive and '
o'.liins hopes by uiircnmtin attention on
his part to receive a share of the pubbc patro- .
na-e. The public will please accept ihe sin
cere thanks of the Proprietor for the very
cenerons pationa'c he has received during
the four mouths he has lived in Lewisbut. '
Uiviere House, Auj. a, ISIW I
T II HE County Siiperiinendein will be present
I at Ihe new School limit in? on Musi,,, '
Ihe Lltli of September, at !) o'clock, A M. fr !
the purpose of examining persons wishing to
make npplicalion f..r Schools in ibis Horonh.
Several Male and Female Teachers will be
wauled. Schools to commence Wedn. Sepu "
15. WM. l.ElsKH, j
Sec'y Hoard of Directors, j
Lewisbure;, Ati?. 10, IS-"'
STRAYED from the premises of the sub- 1
senber, about the S'.lih ti It.. T IV it
l'.li:S. one a dark red steer atf-d six
mouths, the other a light red steer, aged about
eight moiiihs, with some while spots and a
hue sin-ak on his back. A suitable reward
will be paid for their return, or information
which may lead In their recoveiv.
Kelly Tp. Aug. 10, lfi.r)1.
piano 'ortcs
are manuractured by
Cliiikering & Sons,
who have received
Tliirty-rour MnlaH.
77ie Firtt Premiums over all CvmHlitors
in thf L'nilrd is'luh'S.
im . ..V..-M..S. 1 t.ltl.S' , .V ' l.s.-.. llrt V li''' i
KxmKS. (.'HlfKEUINf; A SOXS. having
T I removed to their . Haren.nise.i.nri
Chestnut street, I'hila lelnhia, are prepared to ;
removed t.
oiler a latce assortment of Urand, J'ailor '
(irand.S.iuiiic and 1'tiriL'lit l'ianos, in various
1 nOt
1 ,
"J j
stvles of cases and al prices which can
f.iu lo please; descriptive catalogues se
any address upon application. Mini
I . . -I:- .. ., ... . M I
.r icnioer next, a' ....
the subscriber will expose to public sale, his :
including a superb -Eolian Piano Forte. Bu-1
reans, Mirrors.sstatuary, Diatier aud Tea Sets, '
cosily Oil Paintings, Engravings. 4c.
a New Family' Carriage, a Rnckawav. and
Sleigh nearly new. Spring Wajjon. Harness,
Side Saddle. Stove, Pipe, Harden Tools, hall-
barrel Zinc Paint, cauisler ol Coach Varni.-h,
Aic, & c.
A I so,
A larre. gentle, BAY MAKE, 11 rears old,
without blemish or fault, not afraid ol locomo-1 '
1 Ac. sVe. Ac.
! TrriHS. All sums under i2fl cash ; over
; that and under ."si.jO three monihs; over iji-lu
. six months, approved notes.
'. r.f'Sale positive, rntn or shine.
I The carriages, horse, sleigh, Ac, will be
I olTered at I o'clock.
1 Lewisbiirg, Aug. 1-1, Is.".
"VOTICE is hen jy given that the la'e firm
of William Irn VJI. Jr., airl .l:i-' b Jhrtrt
lirntrn, trading under the n.-'in" W. A; J. II.
Brown, is this day dissolved ty mutual con
sent. The business will be continued at the
old sland by William Brown, Jr., with whom
all accounts of the lale firm are to be settled.
I.ewisbnrg, Augusl 2, IK5S
Save has l.cll !
C1AI.I. on neighbor tilHSON II A TTIili
His bis Sisn will show Ihe place.
You're hard to please ! O well, no matter,
His hats are made with slyie and grace.
Both in workmanship an ! pattern
(iibson catches each new style.
And these Hals so light and beauteous
Are so cheap twill make you smile!
lionrii-'in T if I1SI1T:1 JiCP Si TfUSt (0..
-llllUllllU Xillt lllStll U 111.1 IlV 1 1 Uol ID.,
fCani'al SlOCk S.VIO.OOtl)
V 1 '
0M PAN Y'S Buildings. Wain lit street, S E !
I . crner f Fourth VhiluJi l'h
S Lives insured al me usual .muiu.h rates
or at Joint Murk rates about 20 per cent, less
or at Total Abstinence rates the lowest in Ihe
world. A. WH1I.I.11., 1'resident
Jim C. Sims, Sec.
(JL'tt. F. MILLER, .4gTi, l.ewisburg
IS hereby civen, that ihe Hooks and Notes
ol the late Firm of WiOWN aV S'I'KU.N'KK
are transferred lo ine, and therefore all those
persons knowing Ihemselves indebted lo said
Firm are requested to pay the same lo J. A.
MBit ! 'A, Ksq. in whose hands I have placed
. H....L-C q.i.l X.tlc f.tr eolleeliim nn nr
befl)re tlie lst ,jay 0f Aug. inst. or von may
elnect ,.0sts. :to. Ht;nl.
LewWburs, Aug. 2, I83S
I.. II. lti: l.lt, I'rnpriclor,
i Sf
spacious in Lewisburg, anil situated op-
p0site the Court House, on the most elevated
and pleasant part of the town. The proprie
lor, who has recently purchased of the late
.-,. - i.a.,i, . s..l..,l,l h snared neither
pains nor expense in relating and re-funiish-
:. ;.. r....r,.,.h.
i hit the House.
only calculated lo add to the convenience and
coiul'orl of Ihe traveling coininuiiity, but also
The Slablos and Carriage Iluusc
are spacious, aud attended by the most care-
c lcrs
J7"The proprietor hopes that, fiomhis Ion?
experience iu the business, and by nnremit
tinz attention on his part, combined with a
j'.u.cious selection of ,he mos, careful and a,
nt.ye tervanls, he may be entitled to tht (
vorable consideration of the public, and re-
eeive a share of llieir patronage.
,.lease ive hinJ a ca anJ jadge for
, , I858J
yourselves. Xj
fctt UUUD
... lalll I lllHt'l.
i Ap 20. formerly fyyker't llxl iSlort.)
At the Old Stand of l. Neva's fc Co.
A T Ytio!euli or Retail a large
j assorluienl ol Sunday School Hooks and
lie wards a general supply of Dooksin use in
the Coiiiinou Sc.hooIsjAca.lemies, Seininarres,
Ac. of Ibis and adjoining counties Cap, I'. t.
Hath and Xute Papers and Envelopes, . ji
and fancy Slates, slate and I..vl P. i.e.i-,
Hlank books. Cony books, i'ass l-o.-l.v, 1 ,-.jhel
Memorandums, Diaries, Inks and I
- Is,
.Mucilage, loqi'i.i ij.ue liii'ti s, ieia;
('om.neniaries. I':-alms and Ih'iinis in 1
the diirerent der.omtnaiions I. aw aiul Miscel
laneous books. Ladies' Albums, Autograph
books, Diaries, Writing Pads, Vi-iting Cards,
Ac. Ac.
Having an exclusive agency for the sale of
Randall's Life ol Jelb rson and Hum's Aiioti
can Merchants, I sullen sub.scribt rs to those
valuable works.
I J'A liberal discount allow ed to Men l.n'.s
an t Ketailers generally.
Special attention ol School DliecTt.rs ai.d
Teachers is invited lo Row's School Kegisur,
of which I am now llie sole Publisher.
Intending to add t" my stock Ir.on time l..
lime as the wants of the ciipiniiiuily may
require. I solicit Ihe aid ol a generous public
in ;nv ertl rts to build up a Hook h Srn io-s-liit
Hcnixiss in this place.
Any Books calb'-l tor not on our shelves
ordered promptly at the lowest ciiy retail pn
ces. Foreign Hooks import
to or-lt-
Lew's, Aug. i!, 1H5S
jv, s uK liiuaiti r
,'?V .. i i .7 r.-i
(SS. C . VTRS and Market streets.
13 x-liicrf r v V I l IT lf
JJ 11 1 J u l-
ouhl respectfully inform ihe public that he
' i -leV a 11 Jeweler
1 lias on liand a tine assortment of iiotd and '
silver I.ever and Lepine Watches a coi..
I M.irU of (jidd.t.'aiueo aud Masi.nic ISreast;uus
i of llie latest siyle liold aud ('auieoKamncs
I Ac, which he intends to sell very cheap alo
j a splendid assortment of Ei;lu-l)iiy ami Thirty
' Hourf'."t'A'Nan ITiine piece. Evcryaiticle ,
1 warranted to be what it is sold for.
The sreatestcare will he taken in Rrpai- !
I In? and (Cleaning of flocks, Watches ami
! Jewelry, and everything warranted lo pive
' satisfaeiion. Please make httn a call, and
sive him some troulde to show his Watches
j and Jewelry. July 21, 1S5S
Great Amkatlur of Ilcalih;
, ,
tM(ai-i. ViSC'l- t'J j iVjt
.jff'i "'t-yySsig pi- V !.,.i-3
"'"si tTz.iJ.T SXZiST i r iS ilrf
t rlit .f nii lii inil tn ni the UN an l
tiitf. r:: ' f t l.uo.n-tv nit. i,i..
of,h, fl.lkr., . ,M ,,,, ,,
ntirriy rrw from niint-mi i..io:iiiT.i.i. i. iioii puti.ri
... svrrolv Ml till ltii-.ll pnwiTlul Ulisticiu.- was n-h-
rrisl inn. tliv w.irl.l : llui.L.. avs isi'LL oli: I'll u lmve
Imoui tli- H.aseimlD uxim i-f 1,11 nuti'-lia. 'IL14 .t
tril.utr is to FKkLT xa w.-ll its to ,1 111: : 11.,- altark thu
i The
r.awi or boot ..I Hi" i ..m.i .ini. ana inus i.y tm..nii! , (tun ,,, m .t .li-t ii. aI -f it, .!!-.
I the h..l.l.-n fans, ol .liM-a.r ri-maicomt.. an.l r.-sfori- tli ji-t t.v t w shfti'(... J-wi-l.nrj. h II. MilVr. ViAlin
. dr.-. ii.i aitrsKf of 111" .-y-t-ia. a-si-tiii nature m liur ; ,.u. y ,.r,i -!,t x Ham k. Iiullan- X l;., l. : llu.lv X
! ta-.aol viial an.l n.s.'.l-silit a.UvMUllv.1. I
I nrsrrrsiA.
' Tin i:ri.st frnurr" il ll.i-- ..ntiui.t yi.-tja iii.-hlr to a
; eonr-f i f lti.-s." siiti-; tu- l':lls. hint llir .lti-tiVf i.r-m.s
! .rr rr, --1 to tt., ir pr-.j . r t-ti: n ni;itt,T in t..it
h-.l. on. -I.:.pi.. ll:i-lir-lra i.f Ui t-si- eihit.ils itw-If. tl.ia
ar.-liuii an.l uucrnin; r-iii.'-.I ill i-er.-c.-it fis-m lln; 1 u
j tlellt'ii .r.t.-itt.
I vkxmial Vh.ntLirr Asn vrEAKSF.su.
I Fr.-m 1. Iml.'T. ri au-'-. l.-.n. -s of aj.iril.. an.l nil ' Iti
v.-t.-in. vani-li un.t. r 111 .-ra.ii.'atin j inttutuct.nl
UiU all isjwtfilul ami-. 1 in- iiu.l Ji.ti-1-.-ut rvuivljr.
Th profT u:
ijuitntuiii n I rizht . n.litii D nf ti; u
inirt:mo' to tt.v h'-alth ol th'- hun.aii
li bill- u- tn-.ii im- t-sj--!.- thelml.i. u -v
rt uiouietittiu
frnif. lliin anti
of tu nuniaitit. alii ri-iidi r all li. tlu. Snainl n
tinn" piir ami rtm-itt. i-leju.-in; a&ti rP-uiuUut tha ti
Ul fuuctiuaa of tl Intly.
Shf-uM no tim in tryinc a t- w l''o of tl.ii r.-zn-Intiiii
and i-ootiuit r- ui"ly, wlmtcvt r may l t..--r
rinii!-i;it. it ran ! l.tkfn kiiIi nf ty in all ft-1 iclir.il
auitutliiT iliorfmi.izalH'U-' iif li- ct i .ill tut tuirai:u!vUJi.
IM.FFlTtl' I'lUfr.
Thf (ftstlnmnT nf N;tli'.ns i" nnanin;('i?T norno fh
h-'ltli-?iintt TtrtUfn ut ii-.t-lt r mi v. n 1 rrt:iM
nti s itiffry linn lanuai Inr wtliivd lu tli-- i.u-:-iiiiiMtu-f
of th ir iiiUiii.-i." wort It.
HJlvvy't Illt air t'f t-rit rrw-hj I n'iT7. in tr vrvrti fur
.', fiAUwiti'jdinascs :
A-thina lTptv Inwurtl wfhUn. us
Itowflcnii'Iaiut? li'!-ihty Ijut c tni l.ini(s
oinrhi f't'maltTrtni!:iiiit la'-wutv,- vt i:rii
C.IJri K v-rau l Atue l'll-s
riifst di.-cafH-S llt-iiJu' lu-M t-l'U? nml (iraTfl
f'jtifi: fj I ii'iu'fti u ..,-..ii.I;ir v-v nipl m?
Hf -sn-(.-ia l'i' U'-nza i-u-r at .-iil.-i-rii us
I'iarrlfi-a liif aiu..iii'n Wi-rni-'-l all ein'It
V .4 .Al'TT-tX I Nun-- an- itfnuin-' unl h th' .t-Ii
ti-Jitrr. .V( York anl an- tlwrnuMf n- a
W.iUr-M-iH- in rrry 1- :if '( tin- "'cU f dir.
arnunii fa-h rnt "r i"0t : tin ffmt mav tn- tlaum rn
! hy hMtt.:i fir UifU-th' h:,',t. A -in- r. wi.r lwiil
I lf ift'n to anv nt r nJ-rit .-iirh n r. i li.i. ti- n tt- mu
' I, ml tn tin- ilt-tWtin any l':'rty ur iit: ! -'ii:it. ri- ii
! in t lit- m .liciufi i-r .iiuiUji tLi- f.n::; km lL- in lv
br Urit...
.'SM t the Mantif.Mtori.' rf Tr-.f. -r IT 1 1.
so Mikl.-n l.:n. N.-w V,.rk. aii-1 l-v all r-r.-i" t i-.i l-1
i:its auil lh-at. rn in Mniicni.- thnnit,ut tt.-r 1 uul
StatU-w aiul thf riili:.ii world, in bex.-? at 1. o-nu. v
wnt-i, n'nl j-l aili.
-lWre txiu-ijtrab.t1 satiun: by -.tkiu.j tins lari:-
cr izn. '
S. It. Pirt-i-tiowf'r th ciiiiance of pati- ntst in vTery !
aimirJt-r art- altint to v U U. i
(i KXTS lak notice that there fT"") 1
J is a line assorlmotit ot Jiiah, ral j
Ueaver,l)tlrr and Imlit Summer Hats vt I
just received at tillJSON'S new llaiCs-- i
.Manufactory, l.ewisburg. ('heap t- r t'a.-h.
Grocery & Provision Store. I ;
' , . , .
0ULD respectfully intonii llieir i
1 friends and ihe Public in seneial. lhat '.
they have received and arc now opening in !
their room, on .Market street. opposite the new .
IVsl Olfiee, as larse a slock and as full an as-
sorluieul of Family
as can be fuund elsewhere. Their Mock i
eniin l new, was botih! lor a-h (torn llie !
inanulacltirers anil importers, at the
a. -a. w-w . . . . . v. j .
which enables the m to sell in like manner.
. Their slock consists in part
Sugars by tbc barrel or pound,
Tea, Molasses, Kice, tSpices, Cncoe,
bugur Cured Hums aud MioulJ
crs, Pried liccf, Fish by tUo
barrel or pound, Salt
iu sacks, Faucy
and C'oniuicu t-oaps, i-uioking and ('Lew
iujr Tobacco, Cigars, llaskets, Tub.",
iHivkct?, Uuttvr LaJk-.s, ic.
AVe would sav.asfar as assortment and
quality of poods are concerned, will compare
wilh any other establishment; and as to pn- j
ces, we are not lo be undersold. Country
Produce taken in exchange for goods. j
T. ti. F.VAXS & CO. (
Lewisburg, Pa, July 1, 1358. filS
. I
Cheaper than Eter, ut CaJi Price, i
T B. DATESMAN.at the vest en l of
J Milton Bridge, would inform the Tradin; I
Public lhat he has received his Spring aud
Summer ttoek of MKHVHA SDIti, suitable I
to the wants and ihe tastes of everybody, and '
asks an inspection of his good and prices j
at the old, well known Daitaiuaa tand,
May, 1868.
Coffee,, M ftf
To Tax tweeters and Tax Payers.
T ih.- -ii-. A 1. Conn 11 is expeeicl that
the Tax CoMeclnrs will be punctual at
1st in payini pan ol inetr duplicates, or 11
ilrJe nrkTa. wriifh ill he very diMrf.i
Ii..' i- all cuiictup'I. !!-o'.ir, !;. rtirrii
tiietr u';iir:iNf". will y renv tlial il.cy aie
bounJ tcopti.fc mi :r'!ii;'!i''.Tt- in t!irm tilths.
II. V. SHKI.KKK, Tr-tr.
H. (oll"rtf.rs kn-'-vifi" ",r in i.-litfi-niss
lor ".t7, will pl'Mse atieu;! t i this lu.Ure.
July C. !:
Fruit an.l Onuuiental Trees,
:vi i't, 'r;.'',V"p
gy Thp suhcri( er ln ni h;unl -pictnli'1
-A' cfi!ic.ti,n i f t-i th I'rmt ;imI I rn:tmitt:l ;
'I'KiiKs, Ac. Ac. triiil'r.it'ifi'j' t:i vrrv tt-vt
v.iiM'ti-! ol Apf'-;. V;ii, IVii-is I'lmns
'h'Trifs, AprirnN. Xertar. !'.'. m ::pt -i,(ln-se-
A !.-
LarT II rf Chfrtit, K'ir'n-ari Monnrain
A i:f AniPiiriiii M'nif.i.iin Ah, Stinr Maple
lor :rc t platilm, Ev?r-1:Ioin ni: K-se, am!
a spleii'lfl rtilU-ctit'ii el' i!u;ij i au- uiht-r
Kli.u-rTiifj rianis. ,
N-ir'-ry (iroiiti'ls nn 1 tie farm f Ja's
V. l-iiiii Kq. 0:1 tilt Tut npikv, M' ult 111 hall' a ,
iri!c ft' I.Ptt-ishtirsr. Ail or-!Ts wiM Trcrit
strict atlfiili. n. t S'itrrrt ittcnriuhln t'ASll.
V!.s). I. M.N.N.
I.eu ibur', July 7, .
OES )isr;i-e ori;
;inatf in
OF 'I in: HUJOD?
Thisi,aques,i..,f vit-il imporwnre. ami
u... , r. t,--..i. ..I, t. tl..-I - :i,.t s..in.inlm
-o'" intiv t:.,- i.:a .- i.-.i ni.. nun-n.,,1 -iMi.f-in
, ,i i,...l.i..l ll,rr....-:l .,. .TIUII11.IS-in i:; but
! m..!- i-.i.s. .-r f t -.I'uuiit. l..o- it.. .r .ei.in in
.til 11, t- .Il ls ki,. tiJi l- I't tt 'tv. Ti: it M
luth r
jTui't'ii l-ri't ltt,w-TT. it m ti tJ I an 1 nrU1
1. rl.-ur'v .l.ruimi-''r:it-l tt,..t yt . t-t -tlr.n
ti.it tin in. ni H. -li ift ii. ir to. IkiVv lL ir ? u.
-1 L. ill
- ..f tha
c tu an
imi'l i.t: .sr.: n: of rat: nu"in :
Iii-tnne. in t! Ion? mf mn-Ii n- SfToiiU, .
T-II.T, "llurt.- r'rt If--,." ruiij.! t. Ili..t tryj'li:i.
I U- ilt Mii'um. .!i-ibr-H f'r . :i ! Kir. K. r j
M r-. i-r irruHiTM ui -n cf ui.y kiu t tiis rw tw -r-
tuiii.-l liy w-tl kiiun iin ! I:im- t i;-t- ft' ti t-.i-i
I'i" "'1. ni! tli hii!i-t m- I. "I rfut!i'rl:i tt.at 1
t r fri nat- in ll.v ul:l n.i.t.-r. mi-t n.un iir- )
liniiiiv i j h.il Mi.-t .v-iKl- 'I.- I iMTi..!n kit in-
t. ri.Hi. ;o:J tlir- li.'.l'T nn -At-t mtl irr'n-'in-'li ,l-ix-: ami I
in i.. i :t- !. nil ' k. 1 i li---c ILj ! ! is
I- iii.-i t - U ciiii-r cw.iiUM iTi'l d.uk uiiiiTttilliT i
dui'T. " ;
T'J war 1 f-ff a ljre niijnrir? r,f lif well a to
VH7 l.uiiiL' r ti:t-l: Lavu a:rca-)j so; -! UJ &U lL sy
t U, it ia ln.."!ary !
i'l i:itY Jllf. VUflK
t IJiJ;!v Isnpr. ved I2!oo1 Scartfcc r
but islaiu lu It w I
-ri rr Ii ;it tn-M-n. l-ut tin imTri-lnr !
I"or tK't fiiily ff 'Irai.iii'rf out nil iti' inl
but, i v ttf okill'ol r(.i!il'iri;i:ii n nl w.
i!m f r it (
n- .f te f
il-kn- wn .
a 1- r:ti..f t -l;a- ..f t;. I:t, r,
(TrT- r ii Mi't tun' mi l i r
1L - li ."11 ii: k 1 u'u iLit la
Or.t "Mt !-;'T "'a. nn !
it,- -I'.:, .-I- !t. 'i f-JC til-
I.t. HI- i t- r It, the i'lu, fk" 1
: T;, -r. !
' It WM IMllT T. .in-- It WM..W.'fl,MI. j
: ,t..r . 1-s-i. l...,.t x.r U f.r it' m:..,ufs.:tur.
; i,rf, numUr of m.u ill inuiuj it u.-, ml ,
1 f'j J U".
tt.Il lL--'
Bt 1-rtT wrs 0T til alrllK Drsnso!
W.. a-V any ruuIi 1 man. rouM t li : s I- ... if ttio Me-li-in-
..'i 1 ti-.t rfw.. i.i. t!:.- Ti. :u. i ! -li- I . r it ? j
f i-r-.Silv a.i.l tr.l, ln.ir 111 M11. o-tnoiutiHr. showing
.hat itis- mediciuv is ti' nts dully f.r U.I1.U--11II,
j ASt a.SX rKRs..
. tio hsa .'Tcr Ulisl tr.i illsl -aiclirr a Liur rlll waa
el -il- ii.-i-1-
1.. .i.u -.n:-,.ul ip. 11 - . .;-.1.. hottu will
. .,'..,. ,, lrm..r.il! ui. !i.in'- t um
ll-.v.r k Cu
Ululi-.4 i'urtnc?; C.
I C J Tr.?
I1 Vi , f
f S VLif ii''
0G of C. M TVER'S relebrated new ftj j
irtavc Koacwoud 1'IANns for sale l.iw.
E:..iuire of THO S U.OlilLK.
l.ewislmrg, June S, 1".'h
jOlMVaiilcd !
TN pursuance of an act t'f the last Lcg:-T
J lure of Pennvvar,ta, tlir rornn.is; -r.er-i J
ol' Tnion rour.'v i!-i;e t.i ISuri'OaV in ney '
to tht! al.'ve amount, m sums in t less than j
toil, th interest lo te pa;J annually and ihe i
priucijai within ihrce v tr-. Inu.re f I
H. I. slli.M.KU, Tna.surer. j
I.eu-tNl-tirg. Pa., May i.')-.
' i E7 Ai'v Arinnirfnipni :
The unilersiaTiied having
2ii purena-e ! the eiMo.i-
iiieiii iatelv owiied by Kvrs iV lir.Hui, is prc
pured lo make and repair
liar- 1
U. lloil.-h. .
; UNIlfEY I.EM'.N. rrorrirtor. I
j rmTIi'! I..:ii-Uv.l.iir.-. I'a.
':. ; Coaches, Carriages, Uuggeys, Sleighs,
anJ all olhr traveiinj velnrles. al ihe i-ln-a-e-l
notire.inthe br.sl inait!:er, ai.J on th-.1 mos-t
reaona'. !e terms.
Whop on NTth Futii'ih St. near St. J.dni's,
Lewiburtr. Pa A. II. 1. YE ICS.
THY don't you sr ehaper ? Vhat.
rheaper vet f . hv. I am now
'llinir M;iMOKI il, for l 10
per ton. accor.ltng to q'.iaaty Mil iui on i
: it v lul not on
a vear s credit : those are the p rices lor cash :
or countrv pro-luce. 1 u ll sell bv the boat j
load or by ihe t.m. and deliver at' anv place!
ithin Ihe borou-h limits, llavine Weieh-
sraie., tun .-iSht wii be su-en. ais...
nulnmil'n' I'k-. am! t'..ai-!(rre I'mil lor
Fotindiv purposes. Viird on Water street,
near U ri.tetiau! s hotel.
I.euisL, g.Mny -, uSy I
Tlie Hcst lioi k i.uil l.aleMl MjlCw j
JOHN 15. Ml 1. 1. Eli (
thankful tt r pa-t favors
wmiM Hfite that he has P1- '
ecivi'tt ih S.irih .Siiniiiiei
Fahft.n--, ;iiiI i.- pn arci to ;
paniif iils as UMia!. He w til !
einleawr, a hereit'tore, u j
exft-iMe his wr sau.-tiiciu-
rilv tu all. 1-ew ii'or?. -May IroS
In ISeatrr's Jlioci; Murlh Thirtl t'rtit,
Leu ilnt!r. I'-J.
C1.WP1F.S of evcrv vaii.-tv. fit (.'Ki:U-i.
) 'I1F.I'K, IfAI.-slNt. AI.MD.M)". I'KA
(JAKKS, MAl.I. lit UK, M:tiAKS,
sVc. sVc-, constantly ou hand and for sale.
An lee Cream aloin attached will b.
faI1(1 i,est plaa e in town for eool.Jtlicious
t all and see.
st. a. ur.r.n
Mav .
James F. Linn. J. Elfcnili Linn.
& J. JL LI. WW
If lOMM') Ut laUaT,
f7 l I'nion C.unty. Penn'a.
JAMES SCOTT has taken
ihe tnz established tfLiri.w Boot S:
bhoe Stuie lata the 1'ost OiUce sne
where be h.is Uuuls.ShlK'S &..cn hand
I or furnished to order. (Advt ueii week J
I Lswisburc, July l.jsai
l '1 I R 1
Tlili !ur i::ir?uiiit
Xrl u:i ''s'-"1' l-as just rtlurnrd frntn
r I'i'ia '-III. -. ii-ie uss purebred aa
LM IKELV X;:V a...,rt '.ov . i
I.I'i's' Dn- .-'!:'.. Ca'r-r-'.
Cliil'li'. n" ni' ! .Mi .-0.7 .SIidi-i if
rvrrv I'.vn'-i and ihj'.-s fur
Men's aiul 1! . a' v;:;r
all rl whieh he i If i r tt dies' f:i
I' r t'a-h ih.iti the ot-1 Cre t I pt ires- yi .1 lu
still pltrsha-eis and "lUe 'I'line."
M.xi'F.( it !:iN; & IkKPAituxr;
doi.e t crlcr.and ail woik W-rranied as
represf mp,!.
T. - i..re r-ioin neulv fM.'.! n: n
streei adjoining V, ol!e t lijker'i Uruj stotc.
( , , .' ;wiii;.s .; :t.
I.ewishurg. May 12, IS.'ii
fVm. N. J. II. IJioi,
.Market -St., al.uve I-'otirtli, Lewisburj'.
1 I.AKliK assorimi'Dt of new Spring
a and Summer (j-ods just received, cousis
tlt.g ot
Clot lis, Cassittiei'o.CoatinL'-'.VfatiDg
i and Summer WYar of ull kiuJi.
An assortment of DUEssOOOtlS. ii :
Calieocc, ChullioJ, Lawns. DcLaines,
JlarCL'o-t, I'resi Silk-", (Jingliants,
, V'C MlAtt I.S. a lull a
,. ,., . . , ,
Jinen. lionclifl and 1
j ... :, j r.
. .' "" i
ive. miaii.s. a full a.-sortment.
ctom. Irish
Urowu Drill-
, (l rni'.-rios
1 1 a r 1 wa ro. Cclarwaro,
(Jueciw an l Cilassware, Salt
ana rhister.
Cull and examine for yourselves. Product
of all kimU taken in exchange fur gogds.
May 7,
Notice Certain.
Timlin sulscriber weald in fur m all pvreoa
owimr him for Grinding I'Usur &l
Wol.Vs Mill dunr,: tliis .-."ason, are ooufled
tj call and settle the same immediateiy tod
:i;e iheiuaelves cosis an 1 trotiM. I
WoltVs Mill, July 1,
Leu lIut
?, Ia.,
VP.E prepared to receive and forward
Produce and .Merchandize of all kinds.
and furnish good storage room whe desired.
Il.iving superior facilities for conducting
1 mil uu5lc5, c IHH ueaiiai 10 lUU.
patronage of the community.
We design keeping
a lar;e and complet
atock of
whirh we will sell, wholesale or retail, at lew
prices, for Cah; aad exchange fcr, or py
Cah f. rail kiiiJs of tirain and Country Pro
.SALT GrouuJ Alum, AsLton, Gen-
nessee and Dairy.
FLOl'R Extra Family WII EAT
Extra While,
MACKEREL Xo."s I, i aud 3,
SCGAn i.sortcJ,
COFFEE Rio ami La-nyra,
ii OLA SSES X.Oi'ru?,TrIui.k.l,Ae.l.
TEAS Green ami Mack,
a tine assi rtment,
t.ne and Tailow,
SOARS Olive, Ro?Ia, Castilo,
Toilet, o.,
VuU-r and Soda CRACKERS,
Tor.ACCO a,sl,Chev;ngAS:uoV,
SEG ARS various Lraiid,
From experience, we are convinced lhat th
fash Mvsteui is ajvantaeius to bo.h buyer
and seller.
We puu base for Cash, and sell at a small
advance, determined to a ihere strictly to lhat
May fi, ViP.
I!. II. (.'II A M EE KLIN.
.".iihO Im.-li. CORN .-iimo liii?Ii. OATS
llHIOlltl. KYE loi'O bu. Fotatobs,
F. r which the highest MaiLel price will ba
pai l. t II MUKi:i.l UKO'S.
.March 1 1
ol.'e st' are House. I.ewisoarg
OM llusss-j's Kt'.iH-r:
line Koss' (.rain lUill.
Iu ood older, and will he sold etieap.
ClIAMliKRI.IN llHO'.w.
JUD 4, 1 I!. -'-' ll.il.Al.4k
piIEESE--a law qiwuiiiyof A No.
V' 1 Cheese, fresh iioiu llie daries of Alle
gheny county, New . mi:, t' r sale Wholesals
or !; i.ul bv Chambcrlin Kro'a.
OH AD! Sliatl ! srt.n
! O A hit vi l'xira Souihrrn ShaJ just rec'J
j hy rha-nherlii. l.ii"s,.ii', arehoue
U'oi'E, Cor.Ia.-Fe and TttiiifsT
Besl Manilla inch Hope for Hayforks.
Half and thiee quaiter inch Lorilaue.
A variety of Linen and Colter. Twii rs.-i
Chauiberlm Pio's.Wo He's warehouse
AMS, S!ii!Wtrs, aiul luoii Mes
ciuiiii't' cui'.l, for sale ly
Cii iint'Tliii l!r..'-.Wolii s warehnne
' L.HVS of las.-The l-jm; !.:.. I aw
of me la.i ,rai"n ol ihe I.ei'.sia'nrc aie
' the OiTi. e of ih? Prothonotjiy ieuy Ii r ibos
emiiled to receive iheru in l'r.::ii iouny.
: i

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