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At llie same lime, in answer to the
Fevcml pctilious proiliiucd on that
side, 1 .vhrtwed one siiliscribed liy the
wosncn of several persons of quality,
liumlily setting forth tli.it siueo the
iniroduelion of this nnj le, their re
spective tallies liml (instead of licstow
i ir on them their ca.-t crowns) cut
theni into shrC'l.,and mixed them with j
the cordage and buckram, to complete ,
the stirrc'iiiu'' of their undfr-netticoals. ;
For which, and sundry other reasons,
1 pronounced the petticoat a forfeiture:
!mt to jdiow that I did not make that
jtidgemcnt fir the sake of filthy lucre,
1 ordered i' to be folded up, and sent
it as a present to .a widow gentlewo
man, who in? live uatiliters, ilosirmg !
she woi.ld ninki each of them a pctii-j
coat out of it, and send ine back the i
remainder, which I design to cut into 1
stomachers, cap?, facings of my waist-1
coat a'eeves, and oilier garnitures suit- j
able to my age and quality. I
I would not be understood that
(while 1 discard this monstrous inven- j
tion) 1 am an enemy to the proper j
ornaments of the fair sex. On the j
contrary, as the hand of nature has
poured on them such a profusion of
charms and graces, and sent them into
the world more amiable and finished
than the rest of her works; so I would
have them bestow upon themselves
all the additional beauties that art
can supply them with, provided it
docs not interfere with, disguise, or
pervert those of nature.
I consider woman as a beautiful
romantic animal, that may be adorned
with furs and feathers, pearls and dia
uionds.ores and silks. The lynx shall
cast its .ekin at her feet to make her a ;
tippet; the peacock, parrot, and swan,
6hall pay contributions to her mofl";
tha sea shall be searched for shells,
and the rocks for gems ; and every
part of nature furnish out its share
towards the embellishment of a crea
ture that is the most consummate
work of it. All this 1 shall indulge
them in ; but as for the petticoat 1
have been speaking of, I neither can
nor will allow it.
noTii siijes.
A man lo bi carriage was ridiug along,
A gailj drmstfil mik y bis hid :
la KiUitu anJ iactis ttb luokU like a ti'tecot
And hv i ke a kiug ia Ll friJe.
A wood s awjr.T ctrtod cp tb itrw t u thi-y pa5tJ,
The carriF mad couple be ejt J,
And ailt an b wrkf-d with bis rav on a leg,
1 wbh I was ri-'k aui could ride."
The man in the carriar" remark d to bis wife
One thing I Wuulu irc if I could
I'd gire all my wealth mr iUs etrcngih and the bi-aith
Of the mn who tawi-tb ike wuoi."
A pfvttj' yi'ung nial J, with a bundh t f work,
IVho.- fce a (be uiornioj; wa.s f-irt
IV nt triffiing aluu;; with a smile of delight,
bile hummiu a love-brta thing air.
be looked on the carriage; the lady L nw,
Arrayrd in ujparl no &d,
Akd mm hi a wbijN-r, "I wl-h from wj heart
Tle aatiuf aiid lacuj Wvrc utne.H
The lady looked out on the maid with ht-r work.
So fair in hi r calico dret
And sail, -IM nlinuih 0sc6ln and wealtbi
Jlcr brauij and juutb to iHrf.-?.
Thus it i& in tlie world, whatever our lot,
Our minis and our time we employ
In longing and sighing for what we bare not,
Ungrateful fur what wo enjoy.
We welcome the pleararei for wbkh we have fighed,
The heart had a void in it etill,
Crowing dt-eper aud wider the longer we lire,
That nothing but Uvaven can fill.
Keeping a Secret.
"O, Low do you do, Mrs. liujjbodj?
Lave you heard tho news? the etorj abuut
Mrs. Trot V
"Bless your eoul, why do ! really Mw.
Ci, what iu the world ia it? do toil."
'0, I promib d a it to tell any one, for
a'.! tbc word : no. uo; I must covor tell
on't, fur I'm urcadial 'fraid it will get
"0, pshaw ! why I'll never tell on't as I
long as I live, just as true as the world
that s, and is to cmc."
"Now you woa'i say anything to any
body about it V
"Never, h-jpe to die thia very minute."
"Well, if you will believe me, Mrs.
Monday told tuc lust night, that Mrs. Leg
get told her, that her siater'i husband was
told by a friend who drcampt it, that Mrs. ;
Trouble 8 oldest daughter, told Mrs. Itch
ing, that Lor mother bad heard her grand
mother eay, &he had a letter which she got
from bcr half bi&ur'b second huebaui's
ciuusi uroiuer e biep uaugutcr, (bat It was :
now currently reported about W'ipgletown, I
v , ( . , , ff , . I
bj captato of a clam boat, that bad just
arrived from tbe Sandwich Islands, tbat I
tbe Mermaids about tbat section of country I
... . ... ' ,
wuiu iiauiuju ohiria wua cuarK fcKlQ
liusilcf, stuffed with Porcupine feathers !"
The Cahle Tow. "htmr," of Button
Post, perpetrated tbe foliowiug :
"I'he westward course of empire yet
Demands a higher speed;
Colombia would go ahead.
While Europe lags indeed;
But Field has found a remedy.
As Europe is so slow
Our Continent, impatient, takes
The Eastern World iu tow !
James A. Van Vorst, aged 92 years,
and Matliias Kartliydt, aged 82 years,
live iu Glcnrillc, ucar Schenectady,
(New York State.) About a week
ugo, UarliyJt had some hay to get in,
nud could get no one to assist hint.
Van Vorst, hearing of this, volunteer
ed his services, saying, "I am boy
enough ;" aud tiic two together took
in stVEX loads of hay ia the after
iioou. A Fooi.isu Fellow. A German
named Frantz liingeller, residing in
New Orleans, La., foil in love with a
negro girl, black as ink and weighing
iirt pounds, and because she refused
lite "while trash," he committed sui
cide. A writer from the'Tip-TopIIousc,"
Mount Washington, who with others
reached there in a rain storm, says
tliat after dinner they sat around" a
t harcoal fire and counted noses, and
found that the party consisted of five
ltAi.v-PEERs and twelve rain-beaux.
il ' I I I I "J )
..J January j July L',
A 7
1 IT,l'l;.l3i.ill!.:
c:, I'l'lirilUI)
ll s a 4! si 6
S V lll'll 12 1.1
4 S !
V ' 7 S 1
VI 14il;.lir.l;jl
l"-jl7 j I li.l
l.'.ll ITllSils SI
mi; 3
ss'stsi a,26.a
t, MM
in Jlarcli
S'tciiibfr ly
1 1 1 1 1 1 (
21 T. i ; ii
lit 1T1iIH-3i
il S4!',a
f.1 7 8 10,11 ' 1
:III4 1.1116 17 IsC 1 J
in 2urJi.i-.'.iii4
Oitolcr ,
I I I 1 .1 Jr.
-A "I S
14 la 16T1 1
t .
l:i Ji;Jlr.-J SI
h 4! ,1 4:1!
.Yo ember
J .11 4 Si f.
II !l l;i! l-"in;14!l;
' lrlK.lv. lHai;il, -I
ll!l;. 1
i.ii i;ai'i
1 : Vli
;is -m
Ueeeiuber i
I if 7 V 111 11 IS I S r, 7 ft ... l.i!llfl'j
f l:ill!l:, ir. 17 lsl! : U' t:i14 1.'. HiiUllk Ir
o job vnminm
We Imvc recently adder a mimlicr
of varieties of J0& TYPE to our
former larirc assortment, making
of type, large and small, villi a good
variety of border;?, and most rcsiiect-
i.M.. ,i:: - t ..:..i .1. , .1
iuiiv soiiuii ii nun 01 llll'lll vy lllObC
wanting anything in the way of
TicketN, IllankN, Labels,
CARDS, Circular?, Hills, Ac. The
use of these by merchants and busin
ess men generally, is more common in
most communities than .in onrs. A
larger range of operations may be
gained by a constant "keeping before
tllC people" of the TKAIiK, OCCUPATION
or i'kokkssiox of any man : and a
uearcr approximation to a Cash busi
ness may be made with patronage
attracted by this means.
We think wo have the materials
and llie experience the taste and the
tact to execute all kinds of Jobbing
expected from a Country Ofliee, in a
style not excelled 011 reasonable
terms and in prompt time. Call
AT THE "'CtuHticfc" fff.ee.
Combined Carriage Springs
TITHE best Springs now in use, warranted to
J give entire .sai.sfactiuii.
It posesses nine distinct arivuntnges over the
Klijilic, and a carriac can be made cheaper
alter paying the folluwing prices:
SuM.y Springs flOl Mi le seal $17
Open Buggy 15 1 passenger 1J
Top do 16 I 0 pafci'cnscr !!2
All orders must be addressed ic E.T.SPROL'T,
715 Hughcsville, Looiuing t'o. l'a
Aror Ilarlll'fon, Vninn Co., l'a.
THE subscriber, thankful
fc.r past patronage, would inform
his friends and the public in gene
ral, that he continues to manufac
ture all kinds of Woolen Goods, such as
Cloths, Cassiraercs. 'J'weeus.Sattinetts, Jeans,
Blankets and Flannels; also. Carpet and
Slocking Yarns. His machinery being of the
1 t'est kind in use, and having employed the
I best of workmen, he feels sale in saving
that bis work shall not be surpassed by
an'r "'ab'ishinent in the country. A good sup-
ply of the above goods kept constantly on hand
lUtt sale or , ?xchange for wool, it prices
hat can not fail to please. WOOL will be
;,r,,'d 'the bef mannan1 ,he priest
notice. Terms for cardine. cash on the de-
livery of ihe rolls. MARK HALFPENNY.
Winfield Mills. March 30, 1857.
J lers of Administration to the Estate of
FREDERICK WEI.KER, late of the borough
of Mitllinburg in I'mon county, dee'd, having
been granted to the subscriber, all persons
indebted to said estate are requested to make
payment, and those having claims to present
them to JOHN B. LINN, Administrator.
OlHce on Market St, bet. Front and Second,
June 23, 1838. Lewisburg, Pa
rrHE subscribers have for sale
J. (in lots to suit purchasers)!
a large stock or
l'l.E BUAItDS Panel .SiulTfiSC
riann etc. Also 5,000 i'AA KAILS.
26 inch Sawed Shingles superior quality
Also Square Timber for Buildings :
Which are offered low for Cash, at oar Mills
on South Branch of the White Deer Creek in
Hartley township er delivered on the Brush
Valley Narrows road at ihe end of our Road.
Nor. 20 JOHN M'CALL ft BRO S.
ATEW and Magnificent Slock of
J. F. EICHOLTZ & CO. have elegantly
refilled the Storeroom formerly occupied by
C. Mensch, on Market St. near Third, where
they will keep on hand for sale the very best
of Confectioneries. Toys, Fruit, Notions, 4c
Call and See ! Lewisburg, April 9, 1857
SAPORIFIER, or Concentrated Lye war
ranted to make Soap without Lime, and
with little trouble. With one rake pf l.yeand fonrponndi
ean Fat, yon mn Bake firteen ffajk.na good soft Soap.
Hard aoap can lie made In the aame way. Fnr aaie b
SCHOOL ORDERS neatly printed and for
sal at lb Ckionick Otbce
"! l i i -il i ' i ' I
E ducational.
rriIE Winter Session.eonsistins of two
1 Terms of i:t weeks each, will open on
Thursday, Sept. 2Jd.
COLLEGE Tuitlnn f.r the Pnulon or 9! mkl
Furl, Library, ran uil fpiuni
fX no
a us
ACA 1E .VI Tuition for ttif S.i"..n of X wefVt :
Cla..irl n.l 1,,,-l.cr Koclish 1J1 W)
Alnml KiiiclU.ll 10 W
R (Ml
a 14
Furl, rare and rvirfl
FE.V.l.STITnEtuitiou rr rVmion 2SwFk:
Uvular Count li HO
I'riuiarr IS lat
Fufl, cart, anil ropaira 1 40
Room rrntand fuel in Colleirr builJin K M
ilo do do rooming alonr 17 00
A. K. BELL, Treasurer
f.ewisburg, Aug. 5, 188
Normal Institute and Academy,
"VTEW Columbus, l.uzernc Co. Pa...To
ll Vttun; Ladies and Gentlemen whit ?
in become Teachers, this Institution ufli-rs ihe
following advantages :
1. A OttmpMi- Ortmninticti n a Nnrnt Sf-ht.
". A 1 boruugh. aiaitii. auJ rracticxl ',viiTKm of
a. An opportunity f .r Jily lrnrti't m Tracing.
4. WVfkly Lectured on Uiu "1'Jnury aud I'ractice of
Tf i n .'
6. U--kly ftrinttifa latTtiwu.
'.. A ri. lily lurniol.fti .linit Itnotn.
. A Nnrnil AfMri;iti"n. h.W wrrkty mrtiniT r
to it UK'iittnTv, what the tint iin(X a Oiunty Iu9titut
or Aitforiation are to llm 'XVaclirr of a County.
Hoard, including room, lights and furniture
(per week) $1 75 to 2 00
Tuition (per Term of 11 weeks)
from 00 to 6 00
CEPThe Fall andWinter Sessions will com
mence on .Monday, Aui?. lfi, lH.r8
For further particulars inquire of
Hon. J. KiMs, St't'y of Trustees, or
Prof. II. U. WAI.KKi;. Principal
New Columbus, July 31, ls.H
Snyder C'ounfy Normal school,
REEBURG, Pa.The next Session
of this Institution commences the 21 in
of July, 1853, and continues "2X weeks.
Encouraged bvnastsuccess.increased efforts
rill In ma? to enal-lf tuilt nU to aniuire m found Men
tal Morl ud rbyicl txlU' tion.
The Agaiicmic LKr4RTMF.xT embraces all
the limnrliw if n Kntrlieh, tMa-!.rl. MalhfDiatiral anil
S-ientin- Mlutum, t-?ttl. r with Mur-ir, lraintf, l'ain
tlnK mi) Krt-nrh all of which are tauftt in a tln. ro ugb
ami t-flifirDt maunrr.
rtUHfclid, and bfrctofort well att-iilfd. io hich Tt-a-rh-r
and tliotw wixliin to lwmni- mirh hnvm tmry
ficiiity fur ei-mlil j-reparing UiftutM-lTes fur the pn
7'f.V.V one half pmnhlr in atfrance.
For board, i'urn Uoom, and Tuition, ir 5f-
eif'D of wrt-krt
For Tuition alone. pT quarter of 11 wtvk 4 to 7
do for TrarhtTH. both Irvptn. qr U wkd Ii
Mir. lrawitr, Faiutinj; and Frvucb, at uirnal charp-a.
titT Catalog Ar. a-i-tit'sfi
GEO. F. M FARLAND, Principal
Frpeburp, l'a, July, IKyS
THE subscriber, liavins RENTED the
L Bindery late of Stephen I), and Lyman
II. Wilson, of Milton, and added to it some
superior implements, is now prepared to
Books, Pamphlets, Magazines, News
papers, music, &c. &c,
in every style desired. Work may he either
bound or half-bound, in
Culf.lt'Mtn, Turlcty Moment, Sherp, or oilier
LEATHER, or JIusLIN of various colon,
and ornamented wiih MAKBI.i: l'AI'KU of
different figures, shades and colors.
Old Bibles and oilier Books or Papers whirh
it is desired to preserve as memorials in a
family, can be made more secure by the Bin
der's skill.
(jj-Blank Books, Bibles, Hymn and Praver
Books, Pocket Books, Albums, Hiaties. Ac,
Lettered with Ciold
in legible and durable characters, to order.
Ml filC POKTFOMOS, Ac, made to suit
Leilerni? and Binding heretofore done by
the Milton Binders can be executed by us in
a riirrffptinithi tye, as we have their tools,
types, ami designs.
T'tr 'A giiod Bindery has long been desired
iu this vicinity, and we can therefore most re
spectfully solicit the public patronage, trusting
that it will he stimcienl to repay Ihe outlay
and risk. fV Kent, tools, stork, and work
men all requiring money, we shall expect
I' A Y OX DELI VEK V of all uork.j-j We
intend to charge moderate, imiwiaii ami
uniform prices, on llie Live and Let Live"
principle and hope to make il a ptriuuneul
Proihu-e ami Store O -ixh talcm in pay.
Oifice in the center of Market Square, north
side, second storey, adjoining the Chuumcli
and Telegraph ollices.
Lewisburg, July 16, 18.18
rrj- The untlersi;necl have as-
ri'.: j,:: ilsociated themselves into copart
P, nty;ii.n. nership for ihe purpose of carry
.aln, on ijUmbering, Planing,
and Carpentering business in all their various
branches, at the
Crtuiohnrg Steam planing Illillo,
where they intend to keep a slock of Pine,
Hemlock, Walnut, Cherry, Poplar, Ash, Ma
ple, and all kinds of Lumber, Flooring Shel
ving, Siding, Shingles, Leth. Joists, Studding,
Fencing, Pickets, Door and Window Frames,
Doors, Shutters, Blinds, Sash, Mouldings,
Brackets, &c. Planing, Slitting, Scroll Saw
ing, Ac, done at short notice and all work
warranted to give satisfaction, both in J rice
and workmanship.
Lewi-hare Planing Mills, April 1, lSos.
New Arrangements Hew Goods!
JOSEPH L. IIAWN bavins taken Ihe
J well known A'J YKEK HAT STOKE, has
refilled it, and filled in an extensive variety f
Halt, Cap, Gentlemen' t Clothing, if-c
Also a large and splendid stock of CLOTHS
CASSIMERES, Ac, which he will make up to
order, as he still continues the Tailoring Busi
ness. He is prepared to execute all work
entrusted to his care, to the satisfaction of the
N. B. Cutting and Repairing jii done to
order. Lewisburg, April 10, 1857
THE subscriber con-j
J. tinnes to carry on the aSSS
Livery BuNlncNM a 1 fjuym
the Old Siand on Sonlhwaw3StZ5EawM
Third street, near Market, and respectful!
solicits the patronage of his friends and tin
public generally. CHARLES F. HESS.
Lewisburg, May S2, 1850
Drug and Chemical Emporium
M-trket street - - - Lewisburg, Pa.
ERS can find employment for several
months to come, at fair wages and cash pay,
by calling early. ELI SLIFEB.
Jaa ii, 1856
Fair Flay and no Gouging!
PENN'A Dutch, vs.
Great Trial of Reapers
At MMESTOEVILI.E,June25, 1858. By
especial request and written challenge of the
,..,niin .,c t meet MANN'Y'K I'aient
I .? , ,. WIIODH' sreat
" , .....
Improvement, we met on Mr. Weidenhanier s
farm at LimestoneviMe, Montour Co. Pa, on
the above date. We also met a ftti i-n i u.
Machine, belonging to Mr. Eshbach, which
worked very well.
The machines went to work in the furenoon
and worked niilill noon, when the Manny men
slipped off, bronght another Manny's Reaper
uiih Wood's greal(T) improvement, worked
for some lime, and then positively refused to
finish ll. e piece of mowing allotted to them .
Mr. Weidenhamer went in wiih the I.LW 1.1
Bl'liti M.ichir.e and lini ilied the field.
n.-int; n.. book pnb!is!i.rs,e .!n n'H deal in
'v.-ill.Tl-it.r. I" n.WIH' f.il.il i'rrt'J .i.-turrj
arid clr.ni..: crlifii'"'!., r f a-Li' li an" or .tulii.na-
... ......i... ..wri .Utr ... -I. nl.-rr.'l t' in 11.
Mnt.nr i.r;i..r.''ilal-l Ju . I ."". tf"'tii a trial
ii. L..Kan..u r m.ty. pi. ntl t.v -l.-lm A .b.-t- raii.l -Mi.-lia.-l
Klv. ti ; Ii..- Iwlrin.- . f lli,.'cvmtnitt-. f- 'ir t f
(lo'ait: l'.I.T Kilruiirrr, Al.rahain Hrwkl.ill, MirWl
D.-niiitfrr Mi.l Joltu Maulliri luivina piven tlirir crrtifio"
atuJ.iiJ.ul) iu lavori.f tlw LKWliCLlHi Ueapcr.
We respectfully refer to the following per-
anri. who hsT nrm.1 LKWISBIIKll MarhiiiM". i.oi of
wlnrh have Iwn iMirml and UrtI, and tu ualaoas
to I iMmivd tlittt mrfk :
Ahmliam Uancr.atartrd Uwiaburit Ma.JoBr.,lSoS
Dani.niatiL-er d "J
Jarol. U annrr do do do
William Smith
Martin llitlraycr
Mirha.-I Wairntr
Mm. WairuiT(Wi.low) .
Wairn- r ( between VTatiingtonTillc and Jcrseytown)
Itnup Jt lln.llu'r
lr. Ki tn. r , .
WvLK-uhamer a Brother (where the trial took place. J
I have this day, while at the trial of Mach
ines at Limeftonniile, tmosht a I.KWISIU'WI Br-r.
aln-r at-eiiii: tlie work ,terf..rined hj ALL llie niaclnufa
pretM-nt. 1 had a .V.inwy Marliine on trial lat luson,
and it l at n; hnue now.and tlie York SUte eentkinen
can romt- and take it away an anon a eonrenient.
IlAMKL l'ltaZEII, Waebiugtonille, HonUiur Co.
Support Home Slanufattiirett !
It has been satisfactorily proved that Reap
cts can he made and sold in our own Penn
sylvania as rHFr and as soun as to send
what little money we have away to distant
Slates for no belter Reapers. Keep money
circulating near home, Csf'where yon can
easily get (by Railroad or Canal) the Mach
ines repaired by the Manufacturers fr all
Reapers will at times require repairs, and arc
all equally liable to accidents.
.cMe, MarKh & Co.
Manufacturers of the l.ewisburg Reaper
Lewisburg, Pa, June 2K, 1858
and Junction Iron Works,
at Athens, llradlord Co., l'a.
AVE are Manufaclurinj llie above
f V menlioned excellent Machine fur
Lastrrn Pennsylvania and the neighboring
couiilK'S in New York, and invite the partic
ular attention of Farmers to the following
features rf KIKBY's Mower & Reaper,u hich
we believe Io be superior to all others in use
in die following pauiculars : It is the lightest
in use strong and durable simple in cons
truction easily worked adapted for horses
or oxen requires much less draught than
Iher machines has no side draught, yet it
cuts a wide swath wi.rks on rough ground
where no other machine can fidlow it very
difficult t" be di gged in any kind of grass.be
il wet or dry not liable to get out of repair
is composed principaliof iron is a perfrrt
aimbinrd machine, tcari-in? equally well u-lnthtr
timu-htg or reaping and ts lhtcheapst in prlee,
Ihe Mower being otilv $100, and the combined
machine f 120 making it altogether the most
desirable Mower and Reaper in the market
t iT Fanners wanting RELIABLE .Mowers
and Reapers, should by all means see ours
before making up their minds to buy any
other. Addilional and interesting information
concerning the KIRBV Machine is contained
in our lllw.trted t'ulalogue, whieh describes
also our other Machines and Implements,
among which are
I'meri's I'nlivt Clian;rfVc Hail Road
Horse i'n ''.-, Tioga Tot r.t Improved Thre
shers and Cleaners, Threshers and Separator-,
Portable Sai Mills, Horse Hay Forks,
Or-in Cradles. Plnws.CnItivatcrs and Horse
Hues, Cider Mills, (irain Drill;, Horse
Rakes, Portable Dog Powers, Ac. Ac.
Send for cop.es of our Catalogue and Price
List for yourself and neighbors.
Athens. Pa, June 2-1, ISOat
Jwffnt Jno CJiamMrlin.nioomsburg; C
C Baldy, Danville ; A H Stone.Norfhumhrlnd ;
11 & F J Schoch.Selinsgrove; Gilbert Fowler,
Toons America CORN SHELLER:
7Vie ChcojKst, Sinipfest, most durable
f OR SII fXLF.R ever invented!
rilHE subscribers would most respectfully
I call the attention of Speculators and
Farmers to tjiis wonderful machine, now on
sale at M'FjiDDEN'S Hardwire Store, in
iLewisburg. "C? County Rights in the States
rTV u l. v..ml... 1 ivi.r....;. r.
'Cil I Vllliay m aula, ncu.uaji auu uaiiiniuiagiifi
sale on Ihe most reasonable terms. Machines
will be sold in Union and Snyder counlies to
all who may desire fo purchase, in order to
icMThVOtirrteTind durability of the same. The y
thell green torn as well an dry clean c,.K ,i,'
cob. Call and see them operate. Price $12.
Or address L. & J. G. KURTZ.
Nov. 19, 1857y Aaronsburg, Pa
A Call to Farmers.
Paroicrit, drop your tool jHittse a little
read this, anil reflect!!
AJNEW and scientific manuring system,
fur the cultivation and increase of alt
kinds of grain, grasses, fodder and pasture,
upou all kinds of soil, proved by actual expe
riments and based upon evident trulhs, desig
ned to improve sericulture in all its branches ;
represented by upwards of one hundred and
fifty engravings of the most valuable grasses
and plants connected with the system, by DR.
C. G. REIM10LD, of Boalsburg, Centre Co.,
In thi trMitie it will be iwn that tlie 0-jrt ht bfn
tn giTe tin fiiruif r tbat kind of inft'Miiatinn ttltirb t-wtbln
him to mnke practical application to pTliliat- hif land and
.ncrriiiu- hi jz rain, fodder and ivanturraRe. Tliedoctriut-,
ji taught by ihit mnnurinp. and ftxld?r, and patnrr cul
tirutioti yj.t' in, ar rational, clar and tTtdcnt. and rv
icctit an improTement in tbe dkhj or ariruHur bitht-no
no known to our farmer, and vhirb. if adoiittd. ar.d
carefully practiced ran not fail to advanre tli if.tfti'i-t
of tbe farming romm unity- forb a work baa len murb
wanted, aa it fills a void which lias long been felt, but
which there has hitherto been no attempt to nupply.
And as tarmert of Centre and llontinpdon eoontk-s wjb'
reromtnend the work to every farnter, as they will Rap
the greatest possible benefit from it, .
Chriftian Dnle.Geonre Bnchanan.DanieIMoMf,Oaori-e
Boat. Jarob Moaner, Francis AleXandt-r. John ltaily.Jobn
NefHnn. famnel Dnnran, John llofff r, Jona. l" William,
Jacob Mt-yar, (teorw Uayer,Jr IJenry Mryer. John Car
per. eniwl Uilliland, John llaFon. (io. Jark. amnel
milfon.John Herman, U.W.Ueek, Phillip M. jer. 3m6u4
for sale in Lewisburg by D. L UKUGtiR.
FAl;MER. - - - SErTJU8581
Cr II. tiEBIUBT, fiBXTlsT.
IfrfeZri Market street, next door to Erown
Ritler-s Store LEW ISBUKUTA.
TAKE NOTICE! The undersigned are
appointed Agents for the sale of
lor, Klincl K Window Sasli
of all sizes, made of the best niaierial. All
work warranted. liMade by l..b.Sl'KOL'T,
HllRliesville, l'a. and fur sale by
67J ("HltlST & CAl.DVEI.I.,l.ewi.b,g
'Flir new mcilioil of inserting artili-
L cial Tceih, fium, &c-, known as
Allen! C'ontinuousi Gum Work,
is without exception, llie best iinpiovcmenl
ever made in the ait of Dn.iisiry. Thi work,
when properly construcle.l, is the most beauti-
fill llie cleaiiesi,ciiinbine ihe greatest strength ;
wiih durability, and adds more to a clear and I
distinct articulation, lhan any oilier kind of!
work eT brought l.el..r.llie.iilli-. An.l ;
not only lliia. N? a lj-aulilul diTOT'-ry i
in conil.inatif.n will, tl.if i.tyle of w.-rk, I
we ran Hire the laee ita natur.it rx.re
aton. without. in tlie l.-act. iuU-rleriutf aitli tlie uet-fulneM. j
of Ilo- terlli in aiati. ati'.n.
I would take thia nirlhiKl or iuformine tlioae intere.t(l I
I that
hare l.urrliated Die I'aU-nt llifrlit t..r tl.l. Tntli..l.le
tm..rnm,nl. ol Hi.- iurenlor. J..l.n All.-n. Inow of NVw '
Y..rk. for llii and w vi-ral a.lj'.iiiiui. eouiili.-!.. and tliat I j
am now manitfai turiiijr an arli.-le of T.-elli an.l Hum., ttnit i
will eom.an-fir.ral.ljf with anyllnnK in that line tlu.t h;ta ;
et-r 1-n niud.- in liii" or any oth.-r country. 1 ask all,
an.l ea.eeii,!ly Ihiwe that need ti-th (it they haTerngiigt-d j
them or not, to call, and i-nauiio.- f..r tlipmn-lnf.
Ji ill N l.oi KK, Lki-M an.
Oftlee and Ke.id'-nre on Third Mre,-t, near Market. ;
Oitieeiii MlLTos,on ISmiidway, near Cadwallailer', ei.rner j
West Branch Insurance Company,
OF Lock Haven, Pa., insure DetachcJ
Buildings, Stnres, Merchandize, Farm
Properly, and oilier buildings, and their con
tents, at moderale rates. Doing business on
bolhCash and Mutual plans. ;apital,iaoO,IIOO.
Hon Jnhn J Pearce
J.ibn II Hall
('has A Mayer
Chas Crist
Hun G O Harvey
'J' T Abrams
Ii J .lack-man
W White
Thos Kitchen
Peter Dickinson
Hon. (i. C
1IAKVKY, President.
T.T. AIIKAMM, Vice Pres.
TIIO'8 KIT( HK., Sec'y.
271 Lewisburg, Lnion Co. Pa.
THE undersigned have this 2d day of Feb. ,
A. D. 1H.17, enlered into Cn-Parlncrship '
fur th? pvrpose of carrying on a (aflirral ;
FouikIj )' IIllKint'NH at the Brick Foun
dry in Market street, Lewisburg, under the I
name and firm of Frick & Lillev. j
Lewisburg, Feb'y 3, lrif7. 1
ment of CnOKl.Nti '
STOVE for coal or j
wood, Some Coal I
JStoves, Wood Air- !
Tight and Parlor j
Stuves, iVc.in vane- j
iv always kept on :
hand. i
CASTINGS of ail j
kinds made to order- I
Ordinance lor Markets
KCTION 1. He it ordained fni the fiurirrss
and 't'ttwn Cttunril of the It'truw'h of lu -
itburg, and it is hrrthtf vrduintd by the mittxt-
rily J the name. Thai W fcD.N tSDA V and
iSATl ilUAV rr.ornn.es of every week shall :
he ihe Markt't TillMtt foraul Hormi-h,
when it may be lau lul to sell and buy articles
i f produce i, r ijini'y use; and that M XUKI1T
S'l Hi'.l'.'lJnitM orrt'Wo t'uurth Strrft-. shall
be um iI lor (.ch sales wagons &c. to i-ccupy
the sub's of the pavements on the north Mde :
of the street Iron, the first of October to the
lirsi of .April, and the south side of the pave- I
ment ihe remainder of the year. I
SfcrTin 2. lie it turf Air nrtfttind. That il
shall no. be lawful lor any person or persons,
eitner ine prouueers oi maiKeling or Ihcir
immediate agents, as hucksters or otherwise,
lo peddle or sell in any slreet or alley or in
any part of the said Borough, any articles of
produce for family use, other than at the
iiuks aiul places specified in the first section
of this ordinance; and any person or persons
violating Ihis urdinance shall incur a penally
of from due Dollar to Five Dollars, to be re
covered before the Burgess or any Justice ol
rr'i eace oi i nion county as like snms are
recovered under ihe laws of Pennsylvania.
with costs, in Ihe name of the Burgess and
Town Council of the Borough of Lewisburg;
one half of said penally to be paid to the
Overseer of ihe Poor of said Borough, and
the other half lo Ihe informer.
Passed at a meeting 01 the Council, Tues
day evening, Nov. 3 1S57. and ordered lo be
published. J. SCHREYER, Burgess.
Nov.fi, 1857.
Executors1 Notice.
AT OTIC E is hereby Riven, that Letters
ll Tesiamentarvon the last will and testa
ment of 1 UO MAS VLjyaAS, iaie of
Kelly township.deceased, have been granted to
ihe undersigned, by ihe Ilegister of l.'niun
county, in due form of law; therefore all per
sons knowing themselves indebted to said
estate are requested to make immcdiaie pay
ment, and those having just claims against
the same are also requested to present theui
properly authenticated for settlement.
Ke"y Tp, May 12, 1858
PI. H. Dershara, HI.D.,
X Aorlli Third Mfrr?t.
Administrator's notice.
"VTOTICE is hereby given that letters of
adminislrntifln upon the esiale atJOHX
this dav "ranted
t n.l.Hlit.Kl.lM, late cf the
isiitirg, neceaseil, have been this dav granted
to the subscriber by the Reqister of Wills lor
the county of JTnion t all persons having
ti.i... --. e,;j ..i,,i rresent them
at once 10 the subscriber for settlement, ami
those owing saiJ estate are requested to
make pavment immeiliniely.
WM. H. CHA.MUKKLIX, A.lmin'tor
l.ewisburg, MaySU, lPSt
Vocal and Instrumental music.
THE subscriber having located himwlfir
Lewisburg, is ready lo leach Instrumen
tal Music in all its branches, viz. l'iano, Melo
deon, (iuiiar, Violin, Violincelln, Flute, and
all llrass Instruments.
He will also teach Vocal Music.
Having been taught in the best Schools in
Germany, he deems himse'f qualified lo ren
der satisfaction.
He will also tune Pianos, and put them in
repair if desired.
Kesidence on Jforth Fifth street.
Jan. 19, 1U57. Prof. P. HELD.
James B. Hamlin,
tr Office on Second St. west side,2na
door south of Market, iNljiirc.
6mM3 Union Co. Pa
nd Jewelry, next door to
the Post Office CheaD for
r, April 24, 1854.
William VanGezer,
ATTORNEY at law,
XV I.ewlifbiirrr, rnlon Co., Pa.
ty Office opposilr Kliue's Hotel 671
i Mi'i unci:
i.tUV a'"'
.iJj-.-i.'V Wbiilmilx JliniB in
V, lT.'K"VV A.ia
J-'JAJC'nt B
Vt I Soul Ei l li:n t ( iill;il4 liiui
Alilnn'.-i J-'i no, Livi'i jiool Gtotind,
A-l.K.ti"-: and Star 3Jili.-, Dairy as&or-!
tcl .-ij
ci.iitatitly on hand, and for sale in lots to suit :
the trade.
X. It. Ord.-rs solicijed CmTS.'.pd j
(IIiii dim-;: 11 I'litn)
115, South Eighth St. WIow Chesnut, ;
TV Ills II. .use i f.-r Permai.cnl a ml Transient
I Lodging. Lv. rv etV.irt will be inade by
the Pr. riet. r. I'.. MI.'IIOl.I.S, t Sive batis'
factii.fi in bis Patrons.
This K-t ibli -htliei.t is situated in the heart
(if the city, renter ol' business, and convenient
lo all pluces i. f amusement.
The Mercantile and Trave'ing ei inmunify ;
ti-ill find it a desirable lace lor cumli.it.
cleanliness and eci'iuunv.
" - Single roi ins ro ct, per right by the
week ;j0 and ur warns ly.-t
:iniK''S: tJcjii.'ti.'i.'is' T.!.Jti"iN Ci-ifip
H.W. CUR. E. ..SI usi, a LMT M, FHIL.I.tLPi:iA. J
I :i.it:il SI.2--.O.COO. !
1 Assels J lo,l.')l i:t, iiive-t.-d in Bunds, Mort- '
I gagesandoii.org I securities. !
Vm: vol" i.NsriiKo aainst los
BY FIRK J There are but few who
i receive sympathy w in incur h.ss by neglecting
llns must neresMury ami ftth-'ttintrnt prerauti'rn.
We olten see it annnuiire.i tl.al persuns have
1on ibeir sii.cks il tii.o.ls and Furniture, and
restrls of years .f industry suept In. in ihem
by ihe devouring ett ineni iver which they ;
have nn control but by being insured. j
liiNiiianee protects you Irein the incendiary,
negligence of servants and ihe casualties of
Tour im i l.l..r.. It wilt impart rouf.ti nre to oiur ere.1- -it'Ti.
an.l I v a . hrai-t. 1 oi .rud. hit aud retautiiu to
all ..ur I n.iin . trim.
It r.-ini.e,t I ut a v.-r .... 7 tun to insure In pums
raiuii.z Ir.iii Jl.iol.. fliH.ti. and yt how ninny llo-reare
a h" lone n.i iuMiraitre iij on li int.. t o i n.ttii e. or any
tl.iii elw: If oor rrtork i.. .-rua.l, s'ill tin. L to you
niielit I etTtoi.c.
I'l l. . i.v in-ure. J!f7.f.V;v. .V:'7.t.VA
UK, l,OUl:. r I I. -7, 1 .',; M.ll III.S t it l and SI Ot A"
Fito.M Km, th ."ii(io,
at the I.w.'.t lt:it.-a and uor n the m. ft l.ih.Tal TVrme,
aild t'kMel 1'AIXI.ST OU the a.!jU..tU.. lit ot L.
Il. n Tho r. Ft. r. nee I .li.ii.i-i: N. all I Klw R Ilelnil ' t.l
(l.o II Ani..-tr..ii' j (1 :i - ln. l.i nrrol llr. w-t. r
I I.. A. Ctil-ii.ilU I 'I II Si.J;J.T!i :.l 1..UH.- I . . h,Jr.
I..O.U..1..I-.II I
(.. ueial s'uper.nt. rdent .lIIN TII.'V V-.iV.
HI'.s I: H...1IK.M.I:, free l.I.t
KIlWD k HKHtl.. d.11. r re,ry.
J. Mi:i;i;lLL 1 Agent.
n:.7 1. 1. Wlf-HIHIS, I'mon Co. Pa
w. s. lav;rekce s
n j : h
No. -IO"), C(-!iiii;eree St., 'iiilai!e!i'!iia.
I v Cah buyers w;
to call Phi!
find it ft
d, Jan 1,
r ineir mteresi
l-.-.S y
m i:i:.vs ci:li:i;i:ati:i
LKil ll) CiLUE!
OIllAT i.ii.stvi:.
i t. .1. ..r I...U-. , re .
M. -t u. fill arti. 1.. erer
- . I. re. r .;i.- 1 1 in III il-
it, . V. T ( Mi. r .'l.- ' III:.. lull
kn. an. AI.V..WS I.I Al l I
A 11 I I'
M,e .-n r.i: r .11 Hi. I.. 1 . r 1 tiniii in .-. I'..re. i. n.
ra. M.ii i.ie..rl.lne. I I ui.ilitil.i. 1.imi.- Ian. v . rli
l..y-. i t. . It I.:., lit. e; . . . r. Ii t I v ..-. -:e -T-.
Ir,- n: !h 1 1, a n a in '!(! r .ir :.... I. ul :e ill. re- ni.-r.- .4.111
I. Tii.-r ,ii. t.-.iti wl..-re It .- j.i.ri- i.re j -itif l. 1 11. I
1 II 1. 1
u llie In.t tlin e .-..r. ui.wi.r.l.- nf 'J.".-'.!'' 11 1.111.
ea-e. hn.- .1. -eri . -11 v s.-rured ler it a sl.-U'iiii.! wl.i. lithe
manufacturer lia- f. un.l it. at linn -. iliui.-iilt In meet :
arku. w !e.l l.v ail all" l.nre use.1 it. tl.at it - nn r it. are tar
ali.ve ai.v Mlnili.r artirl.- e.T i tt. r.-l tf tl:e pul !:e.
.' I'LI I U .J--.-.r.' r.u:Ur'.,: ..'.J .,r. Me
. 1,.) -m.j;. .1 (...' .it-.: 1 .. ..... 1. ..,.jf ii,.;.,.,re."
Jute .(.'.ei 7 II , r f , I i.Vi.s.l l.i.JlLE.
MLUlAt tun J anr ft'i.1. W !..!.. ai. a. .1 !. 1 a-.. ' v
M ''. V, l:l.A.st ,i,..iV.
Xn.? - ( ).. -tniit -I . I'l.il.,.1. 1; l.:a.
"l-:l i rnl in-li:. . i... ul.-, 11. uti i,. . i.-i u de.-in.ua i.f
eel !i 1. ir tl e e i rrii V
Fur tale by .1. U S in Leii isl.urg
Farmers of Pennsylvania,
TTENTWX !! Yon can snrph
1 yetir-elveswiihCHKMlCAL MAM I;KS
uarruuttd jure, and which have I een in sur
cesslul use lTr the pat ieveii years uiied
to your various er ps of
Conijut'ttf 1i7cat Oitfn, Gftrss, ifr.
Tiy ei:- li'Ming jn a l.-ttr a rh rk on Nr Ji r- v it
iFt.-lfJt liin Hunk-, it .v rrftTt'itet-I" aiiy tin! l.i'U-ie
In l,hiU.I-l liiji. rr in Kxchan-e f..r 1'HlH l i K i I v(.nr
own Ounty nt fair Mitrkt-t prie Imt-, nur Mrti'T" will
be tilJt'U aii-l "tilit-d to y-u ,fV.i uj I'arit'ti? ex) ..
i;T-ry nr.irle n M t-y w. t.iuir.ntcil rr inv order
givrn to my hi nt. will r-i-ive prouit attt rilioo.'
fiiT-j-r l'K- luite oi Lime $4" p r ten
Hi iif l lti.-i hate :.t
tcrtilut-r .
A harn l i uffiri-nt f -r an acre ground trad nrl.
IT. F i:. K tusr, ram-l,.. at J1 vr Km I rr
:i5 i-r t- n, new r a ly I'..vth -.ttf. No. 1. 3"l l.irr-N.
tu :i j-r 1'arr. t- r.ind l ifter. ..inn. turret, j.1 -Ji to Z
p-r batrtl lVrutan, tliilu.n n-l i'.-itL' tiiun iluono.
(i. A. LUIXAU. Proprietor.
No. "1 Smith Kn-nt St., I'iiilu-iu-uia. Ta,
ftA lilx-riu Jijtouot to holesale lhaltr.
l.nnt-. Pntrr rh hat. cf lima k F. r(i!izrr. haa
l-i n MIv-.m.uIIt ii.. . I l.y l'rf.i,.nt the I'. !. on
Ins eartlrn. an.l i.n 111.- f.ul i:c lin.un.l of 111. Cafili I at
a-lniiu-l. i. : I t I. I . t- ai I J I. II. .H 9 i.f laik.
Kiro: .iiator l;..tH-r:. 1 in Miller an.l I't.art. V- rk f.f
lape- May : Hii-nia lilif..t.i K... of fanul. r: lr Ji..h
bVrnlsi.f l:. r.lenl..wn: IT Kmsht. M r I l-M. Mr Atkin
aim. l..-i .L.tinon. r.f New J. r.er. Thee ,n it ia tlie
in u.e Iwingr artnanent. iai .r...inir I lie lamt anJ enrii-b'
ing tlie ai.il. ,3,1'ami.l.li on ar-pln-ation to
UA LKINAI . Iti..rietf r.
-1 tfi.utli Front tft. rtu!aii-l bia
Engraving and Seal Cutting
f)F all kinds, at 204, ( ksnut Street,
PHII.AU. Visiting and olher t'AKUS,
Corporation and oiher fEALS.and everyihinz
in our line of business, promptly attended to,
in good stvle. and on reasonable terms. Or-
lL'Ti'i'.'f'iW.1 ,Pounlry.s.,:lLr.i,.f'.,.'e.v
VOllTH -ltli Street. The suWrilei
JL rnosi respectfully informs the citizens el
Lewisburg and vicinity, thai he has on band
and li.r sale a cheap hit of II It IT I "Ri:
fur the Spring trade, comprising
Pressing and Common IJurcan?, ?cr
rctarios ami Hook Case?, Cent
Card and Pier Tabk'3, lining and
Breakfast Table?, Cupboard.,' IVt
taprc and other Ucdsteadi-, Staiid.",
Sofas, and Chairs
of all kinds. COFFINS maite to order or
short notice.
The public are cordially invited to examine
his work, as he is sure that they will be saiis-
Ced with his stuck of Ware, and prices.
Lewisburg, Sept. 15, 1S.")G
Administrator's Notice.
"1TTIIEKEAS, Letters of Administration
V to the estate of E.NCKI. SCHRADEU,
late of Hartley township, in Union county,
deceased, have been granted to the subscriber,
by the Register of said county, in due form;
all persons indebted to said estate are request
ed to make payment, and those having claims
against the same will present them, duly
authenticated fur settlement, to
JACOB SHAVER. Administrator
Penns Cieek P.O., Snyder Co, .Match S5,ISiS
Uew Arrangement;
A T Ik Mammoth Ling k Q(lU .
mp or an u
I Ia u"'lh Iirng Store formerly L-pt'V"
: 'ihurnldn 4 I u., are now rea.ly to f,j J l'r
j anJ l'rerriptions at a momeiis', n-,i,r, u-'
have a larfe and well seierir-r! "
i nr unnerni'.'lie'l PUrclia. ,t
Lveslnlls. Oils. Paints, f; a l .' . '"J
lUi:;ilN'IV tiLASh WAIit'
Ail kindi of l'uteilt Meiliri)i,gj
I'ruit ami .-M,rcc;;0I1
Tobaccor.utT.and Impoite.i Ciarflt'
choicest brand-, " U
Vnnry i.i,ttwt and 'I'mltt Art-fUn
Fine Ti i.tt ho aj V Periuu.i ry of a;; . .
Baistlis asn ( mis or iTlni T,,uj '
ItnoliN ami Stationery ''
a general variety ol Literary ami be Ik,,' fj, , ,
Pine Oil, Lard and Fluid Lamps cf v
description ; Ire-h Pine (il and Patent j.
ii.g Fluid alu-avs uu band. tt
pi i::: wi.nls and liluks cf a:;i.0i
f. r Mei'ieinal u-cs.
Fiit J'i'.'f ami Zinc Pitints.
Jr. s rvinr anJ J'icklinp Jar,4:
1 Ciisi. ii.ersui:! Cn.l our sti ck comn ,..
ci.mpriMi g manyariiciesiti, impossible hr.
lo ei iin.eiate. ai d ail sold at ru.Hierate r.rjCf ,
t all and e u-, cue and ail, and see nf
sleek ; and il we isn't sell you chtap gw,jj
we will in. I a-k you to boy. 1
We are aUays i n hand 10 wait on enstnmen.
Rcnicu.Ler tbe Mainmoth Drugstore
Lewisburg, I nif-n Co. Pa. ?i 9
(-r-r."- i lie subscribers, thai Lful fo
il.'n,.l ..iironase, would mfv
i!he pul.lic that they continue t
inaMifarlure all kn.ds of Mill
;n.d oifc'T Castings. Thrash,,.
I.I. M.I.M,
Much 1 1 ,n,i! c ther Machir.en rtpaired in ire
best ii.am:. r. I'j ib;s warranted to be-'
rood man nal, at .1 at prices ll.al ran not laj
10 pVa-e. tii-llbES, MAKbli it CO.
Lewi-bur?. Fr!.. IS5I
C1UOKIN(i Stovrs, of varii us at.PI
J and sizes, for Coal or Woo , for sale
atthe Lewial'tirg Foundry by
Ocddes. Marah & Co.
CCiOVi:S-J:.rlor7 Wv-irwi CcT.I
O Siiirs,ari(ius putli rns, for .-me at t(,
i.ewitiLrf 1 ouni.ry.
(-coiics, Ma!b & (
iltn. l-ati l'I
w. a sure-
or aricit, Mr salt at li e Lewisbur
y (;td.if9 .ml & to.
Fuundrv I
1 t: lN or bred Drills Ross' Patent
T i'.rc: iJU tl.f btst and most dvrahlt
:i Iliil now in use for let the Lewi-lurt
bv Umldc.Marsb it C.
Hussey's Grain Reaper,
f. r cuttinj: boll; Gram ant! Grass
M F.( Tl ltKI) ar..! for sale ai n.
!ri bv
II A (
VOTIi'i:. Kiivir? l ien j ujrjt J He
1 M:.T(i. !.. li.e LewisUig Cemetery.
! Hie anl -t r:tt r wi u)d Male ibal be is prepaieil
. t" pi rti-ri r.i! il lilies ci t reeled with lie bunal
'' tbedca....-n short nr. n-e. Also thai be mill
aiti-i d t -1 1. - r- -.iiierii.PKt of deceased p ersi r.s
under the d:i. rn, n i f ;l,t Ir survn ine iiin.iis.
Residence 111 ihe I.i-.'re al li.e f!tie cf the
i- nieterv.
V.-iy :to. I,-. .!
if.cw! ir.cn:: if.cn::.
3 478 11 s- J'i:sf Ktfived at tie
V.' .l.W.l.iV.V. Fsimers and Flack--iiuihs.
rail and see ihe It.rei.t i.ntl let jv
si riinint ot Ir. 11 ever cfcrfd cn the West
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be is enabled to trnrrant every tar. Ail
siz-s Tire, Sr..!!, r. ;, , oni Square; 11. rse
Shoe, .Nail K,,,!. Ac.. at Cash prices to all.
Call and see the Hardware Store i f
Lewisburg. Mar IC. is."..
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and no rr.atter of how long standing,
Kilio Health and Yk r tr. th" frame, and Bltwm to tAO
I altlil cheek.
Joy to the Afflicted !
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IMility ... n-ofvt t-rrn if: aD.t hn brouphl tbow-snd
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iluM-nt. tl.f Hlll.Elh.Ml Hint )U cure ytu.
Try :t nd W ct-ntinreU of itt; fht y.
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know iii-d aToid th m.'tiriti Hi jfi rnc. ( ft tns
and rxprMirt. by i-. nd.1141 or rattirg fur a bt'ttlr tf Utu
lYpuUr and S rriftir KmHiy.
llallaynall pain at d n tlnuntirn. is rrft rt!y f lant
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nuBit t wi ll knows to fCU.NCE AM r .UIi:.
100,( 00 lUth$ Hare lUtn JSMf
and not 1 ninlr iot.it.tY rf a failure Lay btt-a ni'ttrrj
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irworn and ut.-i ril 1 n fi re m iriii" --'d l:r of Xun a
Ur, t"- WM. P. Illl.l!.i;i, A J-jraiuB.
1'rice, if I fcr Buttle, or Sic fvr .5 JJtlttmd t
any Addretf,
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I'rf fff-orJi 0! .Vrdnal Cjllrts, V.kT nin arid othrr.
Pit-tartd ai-d tvls. by T n D.
rrccti'Vt a.t An't ytirmi 1kmut,
Xo. iZ South Ttuth &.,liow tAfia.J. J"'''?' 1Wiaif
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lU.U ZttittS. lttiatftii und VtV'li'r. i-TiC'.
Ak fur irMdt!dTuU no Other Cure$
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60)) J". 5. CM-bV.LLl,LU"hur:

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