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"I rion'l want lo Wit I lon'ti
I tjoii'l v.-.::;t :v !lmvc u:cl I won't 1
lcavv. if iiit i s u Min i :t:ii..!ijr iLa
li Is rji'ink o; ..i:ir!l to 1110 t-j.-t.r.'. '
SsY.iyc'- lud .-'ie C.ii.-LcJ Iter bairiot-
ii! a JJivs?, when there was a general
ru!i. Tho K3 active were trampled
over like puffed goal skins at a bac
chanalian festival.
Miss Sallv, I axes von."
"Miss Ssal'v. I ?roke first."
"I bo)oak" her for my sou Bill," j
squeaked an octogenarian, struggling ;
1'in-wnrd to seize her arm. I
To hide her confusion, Sally corrr
cd her face with her apron, when -he j
felt a strong arm thrown around her,
and heard a stentorian voice shout, '
"Clio's mine, ly irauley !' I
Sam D ues cleared a swath as if he !
had lieen in a grain ticld. bore his un-:
resisting prize into the houe, and j
6l;u:mied the door on the chewing I
The wedding camo oft that nifr'tt, .
and on the following morning Hatit ;
rode h mi--, driving his white cow be-1
fore, and tarrying his wife behind hiin. j
rWhea the controvert on Pltren-
olo;v was at its height, some one, :
desirous of a joke, sent the east ofa
turnip to thehte Mr. George Combe,
requesting him to give a phrenologi
cal estimate of the character. To
this Mr. Combe replied by returning
tho turnip cast, with the following
parody on a well known nursery
rhyiiiO attached :
T liere w.is a msn in E' nhnrj,
An 1 lie was wondrous wise,
He went into z turnip field.
AnJ cast ab. lit Ins ryes.
And v.hn h- cau his eves about.
And saw the turnips One,
"II.iw many heads tlicrc are." said he,
Tlial likeness bear to mine!
Si very like, indeed, they are.
No I'rieud. I'm sure, could know
This ijrt.ip head, that I have on.
From those that here l,i grow."
ix iaaIc turnin from the fit-id,
A cat from it was tnrown,
He snt it to a Spuizlieiiuitr,
And passed it lor h.s own.
And s ', indeed, it truly was
His own in every sense.
For cast and j -ke alike were made
All at his own expense !
The Lord tlioy never Hear or.
GaxtTiioriiurn' ("LanrieTu'lJ"')
appears no;v auJ then in a New York
paper with a reminiscence, or a Lit of .
an'oM story. Here is his last : j
In 177 i. Dr. eller va a popti- j
lar preacher of the Kirk of cotlalltJ,
EJini.urg. Business brought liim lo
London, and one day when passiii";
the House of Lords, his rurio.-ity in
d tired him to make an effort to step
in and sec them. None were admit
ted without an order, except i.ohle
1110113 servants. Webster, bcin' ig
norant of the rule, requested admit
tance. "What Lord do you Mon;;
to?" said Ihc doorkeopiM "To the
Lord Jehovah," replied Wuhster.
"The L'jrd Jehovah," repeated the
keeper, "I have kept here seven years,
I.i.t I lmvo. uover heard of such a
Lord Jar k." said he to his fellow- j
l.-f.r-i.i- nn ilic? front steps, "here s a
c'ir.p who savs he belongs to the Lord !
.Tp'hovuh: do" von know such a Lord ?" j
"Never hearil of him," says Jack.
"But," said Webster, (willing to keep j
up the illusion,) "there is such a
Lord." "l'ass 'im in." said Jack. ' l j
&'po?e it's some poor r-cotch Lord.''
This occurred at a period when (
there was not one iu twenty of all ,
tho manufacturing and rural districts ;
in England w ho could read the Bibb,
or write his own name. Sabbath
schools were introduced in 17S3.J
The rrrednations of political turpi
tude arc slronr;lv marked in the ca
reer or J. t'.lancv Jones, lie com-;
fenced life creditably as a preacher, :
then was afflicted with necrophobia,
and advocated lu" extension ol the
right of suffrage to the blacks, next;
he became a Loco Foco rampant par-,
Presidential parasite, was then lvjec-:
t"d as an unf uthful steward, and now ;
.t. .1 ,.ri,i-5 infamv ill I
a forei-n mission. The only deeper .
depth is to put him in Btickstabi-,
UCt. L'iuUciIIc Journal. I
That is a mistake, neighbor. Jehu
commenced business in a very honest j
way, as a saddler's apprentice ; but ,
he "did not make a ;,'ood workman,
and soon left his useful employment j
to study theology and enter the Gos-;
pel ministry, from which he has dc
dined to the ministry of Mr. Buchan- j
It is a trreat l.ity that ho had ;
not courage and perseverance enough j
to learn to he a gooJ saddler. How-;
ever, it is probable that the Govern-
Ilient Will be mUUtJ With lltC CXpeilrC ,
cf his sakl'V as Minister to Austria. !
hi nr,A r;r.i Iintli OHP?"
, . . . ., i
asked the wife ora certain gentleman
ia a State of Stupefaction, as she was
holding bis achiug head in both
hands. af
"Yes, I Foppo?c so," was tho reply.
"Well, then, I enme home diunk,
last night, aud ought to be ashamed
of myself."
Charcoal for Hogs A little
charcoal is good for fattening hogs.
A friend recently told us that he had
received much benefit from ashes
throwD into his pen. Ashes are
. known to be good for hogs and for
cattle, since they serve to keep off t lie
usual summer complaints ; but he at
tributes much of the benefit received
ti) ilit; cLarcoftl fuund ia the ashes.
priattajj anb pnDtng,
to good : I1 iitid liiirTcrius,
. ox shout xoTi- e.
T22 "wfliOMICLE" 0FFIS3,
Carkot Square, Lewlflburg.
AT a meeting of the Board of Diree-
tin cf the Lewisburg, centre a
Spruce Creek Railroad Company, a
Resolution was adopted, -That in order to
defray expense of s urvey, $2.50 be called in
on tich share of stock subscribed on which
noihuig ha been paid, and where notes for 10
per cent, have been given, one half of said
notes be now collected.
In pursuance thereof, I hereby give notice
that payment is required within 30 days, and
those neglecting lo pay will be proceeded
againsl accutding to law.
;. F. MILLER. Treasurer.
I.ewi-bnrg, Sept. 9, 1853.
John B. Linn,
1 h,s
house ou X. Market St. bel. 1st & 2d
Lewisburg, Ia-
DOEb Disease originate in
Tiiis is a question of vital importance, and
I one ! 1.1-iiT ln ati.f..cti r:lj deposed of by
1 ll IT. f.fM't, wh"tf:i'-Jt tlif It.-.ilutji utl .-Oine m.uiMin
. ianli:'rial' liieoid.. Iiwl l'h- ! -U' ,""
;.u.i u.t i .iif.i. in::t"oio u: mil i
i"r",r'".h1"1 """" ".'rf'Tiitl- !
Ii.Ih ai.1 HukU of the 1-o.ly. lliet tile lalier t
..v. r. i. a txel l-''l. aiM mi-ai'-ei
mtraO-i It. at nt leiit Iwo-lliinl of ttie
ills tii.il buuua I! h I.- h. ir to. h ive tbi-tr ei.urce la u
urriuE state up me ulcodi
A. fur iiTfaiire. in the lou citalirue such aslsroTuia,
l'.ll-C l.,rlrr' tub." l-imi'l'
lotrln-s, Kryciplas
1 irrui !: .i-f- -f any kin-l ll.rs- rt asnr
t.iin.. l.v r.i il known nitnii'itl Imwk to uritm from had
1,1 tl.f -t im-ixral authoriti .inclare that
in"-" trviT- fiicmatp in tin- Sunif mamuT.an.1 more mr
ii ui--r: i'vi-ln.i.l nt:d Srtrl"t tlw inrni'-r brius an m
t"in:il. ai. 1 lh.' Iatl-r fn -xti-rnal irrupt iTii ; aud
in ail r.'i. atti.ck.d ItV tlni-e malndieg tb l.lood irt
ftn'iivl la .i:tiT toauiatfJ, or of a dark unhealthy
dir. ,
To war.l otT a t.r-c f lifi!a. a a to
cuie ii t.miii'i'r vltirli airraJj fct izciX UfOD. tne
t-m, it i iii-cc5;try to
i riiirr Tins vlood.
rintSsoy'r Imrr. vcd ISIoud Searcher
dcvn nut ci.m to I ' y a
f. r t. rv rl,.!Frfcn'.n. Iitit list rmriftora rlaim fhr it
I th fi--r rot r,i r,v i .h;iiiui oiit ll iiu,'iirill'- oi "
I l.ltio-i. b it. I the- -kilt.tt . ..inl.iiiitt.'n i f wril-knwu
.lift Mr .. iii"-ii. n. it mi.1 nirr ai: dl r-aae- artMOf from
I a'l-rjitt.'id t.fi -C tl) hv.r, drie out diaj-ia. and
I iriv- r- sev.ii t.:nf aixi . ijjor fo tlitt C(inwi. That the
j It:, 't tr.i i.n 1 aii thnt is cUitued for it, the prwprie-
tors can j TnJure
Tnt phoof.
It r-a-i ntT a fr Tt-arx nine it wan rtiwoTrird . and
' !. ir Itn-e srowi: niifh c l.iiio'-?- itiat a lnTRf Labor
At'rr tin rrrn mitit rrfT J fTJt tnawwi...
l.irv rr.cia-r "f tnt-n vmild in putun it urs and
We nk any rt.n.tij man. could this W t", if 111 Uedi-em-
dii "t r',-r,!l t1 Ttrtut'arlaitnd frr it?
Tnt .'ro;r:::fr h;. htmdr.-.ra f oTtifirat from
m ti t'f 'ii and -innilinj in tin cmmuniiy. ahowiog
wluit tit- m :d.cme i daily for tLesuffering.
whr fim cTcr uf el tin Ukeod Searcher whether relief was
exii-ii-nrN-i. ...
Lft tin nM cfH pit it a trial s nngu bottle will
Cfniitire llr. liuft iii'.l1ral ! its "fltafv.
.oia l'V ' W .-'tinU-. U-wi-l"ii'- 1' H Miller. Mifflin
lurs; Wrfk'ht & Mnti. k. t.irIi;o- X Itia-If ; ICu.It 4
ii.,...ni..;. h. t':iiniir-ii)lf : t'uniiniine'n 4 W itm.-r. Uar-
nier Co., WiuiiHU turi.ac-; u. i.ouu,
LIND5KY k LEMON, proprietor.
l!nUiil..)turc. Pa.
ONE r-f I". MEYER'S rdebratfd new 6J
octave Rusewowl PIANOS fur sale low.
Centre .f THO'S G.ClilEK.
I.t-n ishurp. June 8. 1S:N
mpiW Wanted!
IN pur'iiaurc nf an act nf the last Legiila
tiirr i.f I'ciiM'-vlvaitia. thr (-'(mimissiuiiers
ol 1'niiin riiuiiiy dcire tu Uort oiv money
In the atmve ainount, in sums ni l less man
.;ion. the in-erei
principal wnhm t
in le paid annually, and the
tnrer vear. Inquire ol
H. I. MIKI.LKK. Treasurer.
I.ewisl urs, l'a.. May l-r'S.
William Jones,
TTORNKY at Law. rollertions
rromn'lv aiteniled to. Olticeon Market
strret, opposite the I'resbvtenan chinch,
fiju UCWlnBLJiG, PA.
jS'ew Arrinsement !
The tindersisned having
pllrc,haecl ihe establish-
mc.ii laiely mined by Byers t uriuiti.is pre
pared to uiitke and repair
Coaches, ferriages, Buggeys, Sleighs,
an,l all oth-r traveliiia vehicles, at the short-
p-l nr.tiLt'.lll till- liesl manner, aim UU IMC IUUSI
reaMr.nV.le terms. j
shop on North Fourth St. near St. John's, :
Lewishurc. Pa A. H. BVEKS. I
June 4, IS.'.tin S I
Heater's Eluci; X-rth Th,r,l tircel,
I.cvlsbiir?r, Pa.
CAKI', f.MAl.1. BEER, iEARS.
&c. &c, cotiitantly on hand and for sale.
An Ire f.'ieain Salmn attached will be
found '.I ebei'. plare in town forcool.delicious
reire-lni ent. Cail and see.
Maysu, ln.'S. A. REED & CO.
James F. Linn. J. Merrill Linn.
& J. M. LIXX,
i4lorucv)i at "Law,
674 L'nion C lunty, Penn'a.
Assisnees' ollee.
! jN tlie 17ih day of ffpuinber, 185R. John
a m ipmmi. I iiiiiita r " - .
riclllhHI.n(iini!tu!,ine under the firm-name
..! Xe.-bit. Hayes & Eicluhorn, made a volun-
,.. Rhri II. I.nir.l and W m.
! .. ... I -I I
mixed helon?in in f aid firm. .Nonce is hereby
g,v(n ,hal a;l perns knowing ihem-eives 10
be indebted to aid firm either bj Note or Book
nrs m a. i linn y-.y . , - - -j
account, will please call ami settle without
lurilier ounce. ROBERT H. I.A1IID,
Lewisbnrg.Sept.22, IS58 Assignee,
nrOffice in the University Building
m, anil Jewelry, ,
opposite J . J. wail .
AIko. particular aiieniinn paid to RE-
PA RINU ol all kinils.
I have also the agencr for theale of
the celebrated Coal Oil Lanpil,
which will recommend themselves to
etrerv on. 'll and ee.
Sept. 9, 1858 A E ItENOKMAMlIK
LANK Contracts villi T'tchers and Or
Uwi oa Trtur rrr ti Caramel OrMca.
1 : f-''iTc-''
(urwaiOT to JX.YOMH)
Watchmaker and Jeweller,
Located tvo door, rant of tn tan(t rrcentli occupied by
Mr. Voder LKWIbBVKU, Pa.
ClOCiia, Watches, eke., repaired on shun
notice and warranted to give satisfaction.
GaAn excellent assortment of Watches,
Clocks and Jewelry on hand Cheap for Cash.
(JILT FRAMES of all sizes made lo order.
Lewisburg, April 19, 1858
L. 1. BREWER, Proprietor.
THIS House is the largest and most
spacious in Lewisburg, and situated up
posite the Court House, oa the most elsvated
and pleasant part of the town. The proprie
tor, who has recently purchased of the late
firm of Lawshe Ac Sebold, has spared neither
pains nor expense in refitting and re-furnishing
the House.
His Room are spacions and airy, and not
only calculated to add lo the convenience and
comfort of the traveling community, but also
those who would seek a pleasant summer re
sort with families.
His Table is spread with every luxury
that the market can allbrd..
The Bar is furnished with all the choicest
The stables and Carriage Hon
are spacious, and attended by the must care
ful rstlers.
t"F"The proprietor hopes that, fiomhis long
experience in the business, ami oy untemit-
tmg attention on his part, combined with a
, , , r,L.,.cf.. ..r,l ,nil nl
JHUlLlirU, Ml IMC tan mi ...... -
lentive servants, he may be entitled to the fa
vorable consideration of the public, and re
ceive a share of their patronage.
LVPlease give him a call and jiidce for
yourselves. July IbS"
Pi. H. Dersham, 15. D.,
Aoi'tti Tliirrl Nlrrrt.
nf Lancaster Ciy, (Juie of Philadelphia?)
WIiit? hr lift. b-n in tturefufnl praotfw for nombfT
of yearn. rtTvif.il hi t-ttufntion at tht- btt Mtilionl
C'-l'lf ifi- in th L'nitrd Siat, and bail ript-rirDce ami
I'rartirt- in lh Jiilirnt Hosf-itaU li.r nv"ra.yri.; a
uiMUiitr of tliH Aimlytii-al .Mi-JhmI lu-titut of Nf
York.nnil late a uri-on in ihe t' S Nary ttotf niTtrt
htm.fij to thr public tu atlmd ant prnjenvnat callt.
'Pllri i urt-'t nutin ine lmy on Ii am Mi reel from the
best l-ariorntotirn in tb rtuntry anj th Untanienl
arOens of tbw Wori.i. So patent tnetiieinr prearnbec! or
n'oiminctiileil. M-dirine un-tl only wbirh will not
break Ui-wn th- run tt tut ion. but will renovate the sja-b-m
from all injuries it htt vuntainetl from mineral
m dirme?. t'lironie an-1 dilncult dieiues rnut be treat
ed uron ana1tiral principle, which ia to know and a-
quire a E ."wiejVrf r"fl eM rnttew' fWi'n n t new " 'y
aolid and tJuid of the hun.au bdy tbe change thnne
m)hd ud fluiJ are ratable cf undergoing. To know
whut mediuiim to employ to cure dt-enne. rejujren m
knowlttiKe of the rht-tniej.1 constituent!" of all aernb
empioed in medicine, and if we are in pnssejiait.n o
tftin knowledge, it in poMibli to rare any d;mae no
matter of how long landing and leaf e the patient in a
he I ill v and perfeetlyeurt-d condition.
MelnncliolT. ahprnition, that ulate of alienation and
weaktiett 'tfthf nniiJ. wb;fb rt-ntlrs jeriaonw iucaplM
Of Tjttitf the plfiisurci or trl' rmiti the dutiex of I if-.
IYf Hi-.fsi that dt-trevin dieae and f-ll destroy t-r
of health and bnpiin, .intermminc iho constitution,
rniil Vi-Jtrly carry inn ibouan-l." to uutimcly prae Can
mo e mplintimily becun d.
Khkcm tim. in an foim r condition, chronic or ae
citte. warrmitcd rurahV; ip!rpy.t,r filling Mcknei,
all ' brcnic and tutib.,rn of rinI dis-iw. rndi-
fI!j rwvH: .''aJt Itlivum, and erery Uecription of
t'IriTat.on ; 1'ilen and Scrofulous Pineiim-it, w Itu li hare
Itnltlttl all prenout metliral kil!.ran be cured by my
trentmeii:, when the ronRtituttun in not exhausted
1 d'j M) all diM.. (y rt. I unuiptmn ran be cured.
IN., (fir- lU,tHU.
I will remain in my ofliee oa cdnediiy and Pattir
dj. fr.iin 9 o'clcM-k A. M., to S I'. ,M , to acmnitnudnte
patit-tiU from s cliftnnce, end ennout .n the l-iBiilish
and ftfrnun Inniirjri: "il make Ti.eft to any distance
it ri,uirt l : inr.v be aiJi.'t-l by letter, North Pnueo
St . n. r Ir'uUon IU1, Uxu-U r ntv. P
7iJyl W. II. UITMOK.M 1.
i mo iMiii:nv
FI111E subscriber respectfully takes thism
thod to inlorm the citizens of I.euisbure;
and vicimiy in general, and ihel.adiesjn par
ticular ihat he has oponed a Ilakrrj' and
C'onfrrlionpr) , on Market street, in Mr.
Beaver's Buildins, where he will be ready to
supply all who mny favor him with a call
with the best of evi-rvthin? in his line of bu
siness. KlilCAl), OAKKS and CONFEC
TIONERY on hand at ail times. Being a
practical Baker and Confectioner forupwards
of twenty-live years, he feels confident that all
who favor him with a call cr give him a trial
shall not be disappointed. Weddings and
Parlies supplied at the shortest notice, on Ihe
most reasonable terms. Alt sorts of Orna
mental Work done lo order.
EltE Al) delivered at Houses at sll times
when desired. MIAKLES HEINER.
I.ewisburR. Oct. 7, IM57.
THE WOlil.ll I'll AI.I.ENCED !
Ur TO ri:olt CE ITS Eijt'AL!
pworn statement of David M'Crtary, of Narier Town
rhip. uVtifunl if.uiity :
lu ai'ril. Is;."., as ni-ara I ean To tnetnfcer.a ni!l itn
pte meile iuavpeantnee on mj uf.er lip. wliich nooi. l-e
raDie enl.red an I sore. I u..i .1 puullii'''!! ofnorrel, aoil
a wati of bine uitrol. without ttrt. Finilini; thr m.re
extenjins. 1 rellnl on Or. l.iy, of Srhrll.biir. who pro-
nnuneen n uui j.i.ri tiue-i a wn hubtoi i
avail, I rallt-tl ui-on Ir. tualTfr. of David-vilh', $vufrt !
county. wh (ronouiicvil tli dias- Cantor, and '
pnvm iu internal aotl exttrnal r-nnlifl thm Inttf-rcun-
ftMinff prini'ipnlly of rautic; but all to no purjrofr, as
tli iii.-Br-e continued tir'-nlirr;towanl tlie none. 1 n-x
umh1 a I'rvvnrio.nn of ar."nir, iu th-f'irm nfimlvr. Tltix j
fir a time chi'rkfil th diias-. hut tin inflantntino tomn
inrea-J. I next cal!-I ujion Dr. Statl.-r. t.f t.Claini- j
Tiiif, Ut-Jforil county, bo ai."0 nrnnounred tho tliMn.4 i
Cancer, and applied a filw paid to nTr futlinx I
rrniftly. hut it bad no rlTrct whatever in chfckiog th
Flr'i of the sore. In recetnhT of the arnne year, the ,
diseai-e Ind fat-n any a greater p.trt of my H t lip. !
and had attack, d the nw. when I Went to riofinnnti.
where I consulted I'rof K. S. Newton, of the Electic led-
icnl 1'oUfjT-. He protjounctd the
t'ancr. xiipciinduo'd by urn innrdin
He nftli'd mild xinc nintmcr.t an
io ti?&e -a cuuinoiiit 1
1 n.l p..- internal
remrdie. My face healed up, t ut the int'amation wan
not thoroophly ri'iDfied. In J-Vhriiary. lh."7, he pro-
nounred me cured, and 1 leu lor nome. in April tne ui
eeane ngnin returned and ro violent wmt the pain that I
could nt rnt at nilit. Late in Mny I returned to ('in
rinniti. and anin pi act d m'st-if under tb cnnrne of Dr. j
Newton, with whom 1 rvDiTiiiied until September, during .
which time lie umhI every kn.wn r in (ty,and pnrtly nuc- j
ra-'-ded in cbeeVin-tltedi-eafe. but when 1 returned borne j
tht re were t-Utl three diM l.nriiinf ulci-rn on my face I
I continued uine NewlonV repiiratfonft, andalrto medi-
cine that I pot fiom lr. Klv. I.ut the Cancer runtinued ;
proiii(r until it Imd nt i ff the. left tide nf my nnw, the :
yrtaUr fortto nf my left rheelr, and had attacked my Uft
eie I had etvrn up all hope of ever beinj eureil, ninoe i
fir. Kly wild he could only pit e reiiel ; hut that a cure I
wa imiHweil le. In Mnrcti, iv;,(i. tm-.-bt a U'tlle of
"H'ood Searcher;" but I must confeMi ihnt I had no faith ;
in it. I wan Tery weak when I commenced taking it;
but I found that I mined trenelh U.-iy by day. and al-o
that tbe utcen romnrnn d dryinr up. I continued, and
when th third bottle waa taken my face wan healed as
If by a miracle. I ued a fourth bottle, ami I nave been
healthier inee than 1 have been fur the lat peven yearx
A ll houj;h my face is Fidly di floured, I am mill great ful
to a brnisn i'mvideneewho ha apared mylifejmd which
ha been done through the instrumentality of LiMry's
iMranVKD Bloob SKAIrHEm.
nro and auhferinnl. thU Slut dav of Auica.t. A. D.
1 SMt. bviAr. mi. odv or the Juatirea ot the IVare to and
for Ihe Soroush olllollijayshurir. Klatr oountv. I'm.
Witneaa U. J. Junta. JOHN GOKLEY, J. P.
Belntr aflH'ted with a (frierooa teter on the- armi and
fice after tryintr mm n med'ea wbe h utterly failed to
cure 1 wan M-ruded by V. M. HurrixiCo to try Lind
aey Improved Blond Marcher: aud now, nix week alter
finif-binc the iW bt-tlle. )tronunced mywelf cured.
The tetter broke out. entnelliine fera yearaco.oti thw
inside of my arm, ex tend ins from the el bow down to the
writ, alito, on oit fare. ininiediatelT round the mouth
and duo. and continuel to be a perret torment to me
til cured hit the. ttlid Searcher. ly artnn, at timen. were
almont uelea, owinr to the eraefca and wmi nat them,
liable to bleed at any time on the leaat exertion to lift or
work, and aomtimea po itchy thnt I could aearcwly f re
cent tearinc off my flenh. I hae bow lten enred .
we k. and feel it doe to Mr. Lind", and to th pnMie
generally, to make tht statement, in hof thnt other like
njraclf may be be net) ted by iuid( biaraiuabic mmlkine.
Sworn and rabwrtbed Wore sip. on of tit Alderman
In and for lb City of !ittburr thi ftSth da of July.A.
1. lftd. AND M MASTKK. Alderman.
In W.Broum't A'ew Black, Marktl St,
7W Aatmta Fifth llatkj UWUICka, P
Iron City Commercial College,
PlCTSBUU), Pa. - CaTtM 1S55.
nnn STUDENTS attendinf January. 15 No b
i)uU lartceet and aoM IborouhCoraaieretal Srbool of
tie Called 8tatea Yonnf men piepued foraclualduuei
of tbe Couctioif Hoom.
J C S1TH..M ,Pror.olBooll eeplntaBdSdenreol Are'tf.
A.T D uriiiTT.Trat-berof AritbrnelieandCen l.'elrulatioa.
J A.llcroIK I and T.C.JcMl.ss,Teacberel Hook krepinj.
ACoaui and W.A. Mu.ua, Prof, of Peonannbip.
a ued to every deuarlmi-nt of buMneea,
Commercial Arithmetic, Rapid Business Wri
ting, Detecting Counterfeit Money, Mercan
tile Correspondence, Commercial Law,
are taught, and alt oilier eutjecte neeeiary for the ue
ceai aud tboro' eduratiou of a pracUral bu.ineM man.
Drawn all the Prt m.uDia in diuburjt for the part three j
years, aio iu Kimttrn anil Wttrrn i iii, tut best W rit
int NOT KNii UAVtU WOltK.
Students i-ntr at any time uo ?i-atfoo timr nntim :
itJ tftiew at i team re urmluidtr-taMiPtrd ia obtin.iig
niluaticun tuition ftr ntl Cummt-rt-ial course, $U.(KI
avt-rMtri time 8 to 1J w--kt Ixanl $JtO prr wevk atat
iouery entire conl to $70.
Mmf ftrr'f miik rro-ivi"! at tmlf-prift.
M0-h'ur t'anl, CirruUr, letiinni of Banin Dtl Or
namriital Writings, iuriw twn funip an l ailOrcf
tHyti f.W.Jfc.KINH, fitUhurK, Pa.
THE Fall Session of this Institution
JL will commence on .Mi7nT,siept. S0,1H5H
Session : each to continue 13 weeks, includ-
to be immediately followed bv ihe Wunn
in? one week's Vacaiion during the Holidays.
All the Branches of a thorough Classical,
Mathematical, and English Academic. Course
are taught and Youths are rilled, either for
Teachin?, for College, or lor business.
The Bible is a text book.
A lar?e class of Young Ladies is secured.
TLTTION persession of 13 weeks, including
contingent expenses.
PRIMARY Kea'lin. Wrillo?. Iwnoer, arithmetic,
tleo(t . llram. nnl V. S. IJintory.l r&
AOVASCni KMil.l."ll all Bot included aboee, 6.;,3
LAMiUAiiKS, 8.110
No additional charges; also, no dednctions
except for protracted sickness. Tuition paya
ble immediately upon the close or the session.
Aug. 23, 185H Principal
THE WinterSession.consistins of two
A Terms of 13 weeks each, will open on
Thursday, Sept. Md.
COLLEGE Tuition for Ihe gewlon of In weeks tX M
. rrpairs 3 US
ACADEUT Tuitioo for the Sewlon of 2 weeln :
CIMii.-Ll and htf her Kogliab 1.1 00
Alvaore-J CaglUll 10 M
Lower Claiia 8 oil
Fuel, care and repairs 2 1$
FEZ.lySTITCTE Tuitioo p-r tVwion M weekt:
k,-ular Court 2n o
1'riuary 13 (-0
Fuel, care and repairs 1 40
Room rent and feel in College hu!:dintr Ml
do do do rooming alcne 17 to
A. K. DELL, Treasurer
Lewisburg, Aug. 5, iK'.H
Normal Institute and Academy,
"VTEW Coluabus, Luzerne Co. Pa...To
11 Yount? Kadies and Gentlemen wiihintj
to become Teachers, this Institution oilers the
iollowing advantases : J
1. A Completer Ontanixat'on Normal School.
1!. A 1 horuugb, tiU malic, and f: actual t.yum of
2. An Oiri0rtnnftT &r daily Prartit irt Tearhinp. I
4. v Uiy Lccturu on th "ibeury aod Practice of
i. ii i ;
i. V.Vi-My Srimtifte Itftum. i
A rn-hly tnro.nlifl Hradioi; Room. I
7. A Nuriuct Aisori.it.oo. whnu weklT mtiDc ar i
to its mcintM-ra, i.bst tln nifftiaKof Cnunty lasUtute j
or AFivociation art to tbe lYacbcra of a County. '
Board, including room, lights and furniture !
(p?r week) 75 to 3 4)0 ,
Tui.ioo (per Term of 11 weeks) j
from $4 00 to 6 00
riTThe Fall andWinter Sessions will com
mence on Monday, Aucr- 16, 1C8
For further particulars inquire of
Hen. J. KOONS, iSec'y of Trustees, or
Prof II. D. WALK EI!, Principal
"Sew Columbus, July 31, 1808
Snyder County Xormal srbool,
REEBl'RG. Pa. Thr next Session ,
of this Insiituuon commenres the !21tb
ol July, 1H5H, and continues 32 weeks.
Encouraged bvpnstsuceess.increased effi-ns
will o made to enable Student to acquire around Men
tal Mori.! and .'hyaical education.
The AcAinMir Ukpabtmrnt embraces all
the brnnchen of an Knjrlmh. Ctaf'tcat. Mathemntical and
icientiftc education. ttrth-r with Mufic, Drawin?. I'4in
tinp and French all of which are tauat ia a thorough
and efficient manner.
etibliiihed. and heretofore well attended, in which Tea
cher and th-e wi.-liic to become such have ev-ry
facility fur speedily (ircpariog tbemt-rlves fur tbe ro
fesin. TIC Ft -VS one half pnytthfe in adranee.
For Hoard, Furnished Kui, and Tuition, per 8ea-
sion of 'Jrl weeks
For Tuition a!one, pr quarter of 11 week 4 to 7
do for Teacher. lolh reptw. qr 11 wki 6
Muic. Drawing, fainlini; and Frcucb, at usual charges.
Vur Catalo7'ief, Ac. a'Mrec-
CEO. F. M'FARLAND, Principal
Frteburi:. I1.. July, 1S-.II
11. il A FiCV
1 Hi
HE subscriber, having RENTED the
ndery late of Siephen D. and l.ymati
Wilson, of Milt'tii. and attded lu it some
superior implements, is now prepared to
Ej JXljD ILiji &&aj J Jji)
Books, Pamphlets, Magazines, News
papers, music, &c. sc.,
in every style desired. Work may be either
bound or half-bound, ia
Cal'.I'oan, Turkey Morocco, Sheep, or other
Leather, or Muslin of carina colors,
and ornamented wilh MARBLE PAPEIt of
different figures, shades and colors.
Old Bibles and other Books or Papers which
it is desired lo preserve as memorials in a
family, can be made more secure by the Bin
der's skill.
(jj-Blank Books, Bibles, Hymn and Prayer
Books, Pocket Books, Albums, Diaries. Ac,
Lettered wltb Gold
in legible and durable characters, lo order.
MUSIC PORTFOLIOS, 4c, made to suit
Lettering and Binding heretofore done by
Ihe Milton Binders, can be executed by us in
a corresponding style, as we have their tools,
types, and designs.
i W.K good Bindery has long been desired
in this vicinity, and we can therefore most re
spectfully solicit the public patronage, trusting
lhat it will be sufficient to repay the outlay
and risk. E.PRent, tools, stock, and work
men all requiring money, we shall expect
PA Y ON lit: LIVER V of all work.jj-j We
intend to charge moderate, bxasn4blic and
uniform prices, on Ihe " Live and Let Live"
principle and hope to make it a permanent
Protluce ind Store Goods taken in pay.
Office in the center of Market Square, north
side, second storey, adjoining the CaaoaicLx
and Telegraph offices.
Lewisturg, July 16, 1858
William VanGezer,
Lewltburv, l'nion Co., Pa.
lyOfBca opposite Kline's Hotel 674
FARMER. NOV. 19, 1858.
The undersisned have as-
ennaied themselves into copart-
Knership for the purpose ofcarry
""in on Ihe l.urobennf , rianing,
and Carpentering business in all theirvanous
branches, at the
Ctmiebnrg Steom pinning Ulills,
where they intend to keep a stock of Pine,
Hemlock, Walnut, Cherrv, Poplar, !h, Ma
ple, and all kinds of Lumber, Kloonne Shel
ving, bidins. i-hingles, Litth. Jnils. Studdinz,
Fencing, Pickets, Uoor and Window Frames.
Doors, Shutters. Blinds, a.-h, Mouldmss,
Brackets, Ac. Planing. Slitting, Scroll Saw
ing, Ac, done at short notice and all work
warranted to give satisfaction, both in rice
and workmanship.
Lewiebarit PlaninK Mill. Ai ril I,
Combined Carriage Springs
rriHE best Springs now in use, warranted to
I give enure satisfactiun.
It pusesses nine distinctaipannn-ej over the
Eliptic, and a carnage can be made cheaper
after paying the fulluwitig prices:
Sulky Springs $10 I Ni:de .seat $17
Open Buggy 15 I 4 passenger 19
Ttp do 16 J 6 passenger 22
All orders must be addressed to E.T.SPROL T,
715 Hughesville, Lyooming Co. Fa
Fruit and Ornamental Trees,
Ej 'fle ewbseriber has on hand a splendid
collection of bolh Fruit and Ornamental
TREES, Ac. Ac. embracing the very best
varieties of Apples, Pears, Peaches. Plums,
Cherries. Aprirols, Nectarines, GrapeF,CJotise
btrnes. Raspberries, Currants, Sirawberrie.
l.crge Hnrse Chestnut, European Mountain
Ash, American Mountain Ash, Sugar Maple
for street planting, Ever-blooming Hose, and
a splendid collection of Itulbous and other
Flowering Plants.
riTNursery Grounds on ihe farm of Jas
F. I. inn Esq. on Ihe Turnpike, within half a
mile of l.ewisbur?. All orders will receive
strict attention. IFThci invariably I'A'lH.
Lewisburg, July 7, 1858.
Yccr.g America COKIJ S3ELLZR:
The Chenjtegt tSimpktt most durable
On MEIEaLaUKn ever lot cntt ii:
rnUE subscribers would uu respectfully
I call the attention of Speculators and
Farmer t- Ibis wonderful machin, now on
sale at MTAUDEVS Hard warrf tore, m
Lewibbur?. ti? bounty Kiehts in the States
of Pennsylvania. Kentucky and California, for
sale on the most reasonable terms. Machines
will be sold in tTnion and 8nyder counties to
alt who mcy desire fo purchase, in order to
test the utility and durability of the same. Th'y
shrU green corn as vcetl at dry clean from the
cob. Call and see them operate. Price $12.
Cr address L. & J. G. KL'KTZ.
Nov. 19, 1857y Aaronsburg, Pa
THE subscriber is engaged in the manuf
acture of the
Latest Improved
at very reasonable rate. There have been a
large number cf Ihese Kullrr sold in this
neighborhood and county, and they give good
satisfaction as the very best. Any person
wthin2 to purchase a good marhine, will call
or apply by letter to ". P. EMERY.
3in.i3 I.stireltnn P O, l'nion Co, Pa
VORTH 4tlt Street. The subscribe.
i.1 most respectfully informs the citizens ul
Lewisburg and vicinii'v, that he has on hand
and for sale a cheap lot of t'l KXI'l't
for the Spring trade, comprising
Pressing and Common Bureau?, Sec
retaries and Hook Cases, Center,
Card and Pier Tables, IMning and
Breakfast Tables, Cupboards, Cot
tajrc and other Bedsteads, islands,
Sofas, and Chairs
of all kinds. C O F F I N S made to order or
short notice.
The public are cordially invited lo examine
his worU.as he is sure ihni they will be &atis-
lied wnh his Mock of Ware, and prire.
Lewisburg, Sept. 15, isr)6
fllHE subscribers have for sale i l ' m i
(in lots to suit purchas'ers,((H,jl"j
a larse stock of ' $&lacra
Py.Vt' BOARDS Panel Sniff fcljwl''fc
lank Ac AUo ,000 PIXt : RAILS.
26 inch Sawed Shingles superior quality
Also Square Timber for Buildings :
Which are offered low for Cash, at our Mills
on South Branch of the White Deer Creek in
Hartley township or delivered on the Brush
Valley Narrows road at the end of our Road.
Forest Hill P O, L'nion Co, Pa
and Jeweler,
Third door below Fifih
and Market streets,
Would respectfully inform the public thai he
has on hand a fine assortment of Gold and
Silver Lever and Lepine Watches a good
stock of Gold. Cameo and Masonic Breastpins
of ihe latest style Gold and Cameo Earrings
4c, which he intends to sell very cheap also
a splendid assortment of Eight-Dav and Thirty
HourCXOCA'Sand Time pieces. Every ariicle
warranted to be what it is sold for.
The greatest care will betaken in Repai
ring and Cleaning of Clocks, Waithes and
Jewelry, and everything warranted lo give
satisfaction. Please make hi in a call, and
givr him some trouble to show his Watches
and Jewelrv July 21, 1858
RELIEVES all pain and soreness in from
5 to 30 minutes, fire another column
Price 60 cis. per bottle only. Shipped to all
parts of ihe U. S. For sale by
J RakmraOn, Lavishing I M'Orirht a Hanrk.Buf X Rds
C W tchaffis do WW Linrtrnmntb. Buff. lintl
CDRntt.li. New BVrlin Hrmver. Uorria at Co, Winneld
Levi CroBily, Tortlcvttl I Ynangmaai A Co, do
J B DaMman. K.lljTp D U Millar. Uittlilibnrg
Cuaatagi 40oiartWla Maraa II etaa it
KftW York. Advertisement,
jfnm A. G. XICltAhOSOM, AJc'g Av t,Wi OnaUwap-
000 MORE MEN WANTED as A cents
ZOUU to circulate rapid sHIinp valuable
Familr Works, which attract bjr their low
prina. lnt-rtlo rontt-nt-i. aoJ urhlv ml or. I plate.
For (irrularii, with parti-uiarit myf. if yom Hi kaat,
to IIKNKV IIDVrK. No UK. Nanaau .t.. Sw York ; it
West, to tb mbs. No. IU Mam Jst-C'inriuiuU. 1
Gg. CLARK & CO. No. 26, Maiden
Lane, Nrw York, MtrrrTriifcP of
Gold and Wilvrr Prncil Caf. and (iId JVns
Of avfir acriptioD,oiTr ib-ir dirrrt t thr woo try I
tra.lt? at tiie pi otlura vliar-tiif rity (Jrnlr, tbrift-y ,
Bavins th purrfaar about -U pr cnt ItM-ta tt-jr woul l (
ii? to pay in ik-alrra it tKioicht fioin thfin Cur nl-jrt
lm ti. sell tor rtfiri at mi prHi ovrr tti rl l Via:. 'ft-
uriuc- PampU'i w.ll In- fnru.-bJ I lb- ! my ''-fir:
t at- tho K-iioH-i. at th ftKt oJ ca ( 111
abxpreM, With bill to C Htrct. I
TT. KOH, Maniifanurint; JEWE-
LEK, INo. Xti. Maulfn I.anr, otlt r- his
stock, consist tnj a eniral assortment ui
UX'KKTS,CI1 IN.". wl.nh ar nir-rr.l at !. tow-'
Cih pntr. Urrml imlui -un ut l n.uutrj rb buj?r..
Nrw York city. .Sept. 1, 1h5m am
ii. 4;i:itiitKT, a:.y77.st.
Market street, next itit.r m Brnwn A ,
Ruter'a Su re LEVMMitK;t PA.
HE new method of inserting ariiii-'
ci.il Teeth, liuin, &.c, known as
illrii'N Contlnu'iu! t.i:i:i M oru,
, with-. tit "ci-plU'D. t"" .iii-r.i.
ever miit! iu thr art Uer.tiMry. Thi v
when : .jtcrly cotistr.teieti.is the inoM I .
I'ul.the cleaneil.combines the preatel s r llf;
with liurabili'Vt and athls niur.' i n c)-ar and
liibiinct articuSauniu than any other ki . of
work rwtr (M-oiiifht l C t Hi- u'- v. AnJ i
mt ou!) tli. - Uv a i satilul tli- .tpr
I 1 T (iir tiif ... .;- TinTLr:il yrr-e-
ion witb"ut,io tin-Ivat. iDlerf r:i, wilh lite u fuie'' ,
oflh- h to ni.tiratiD.
1 w:inl(j laki- llu n.' tlt"d nf inl "mii int-ivfrJ
that 1 liat- purr.i-J lb 1'iVnt J'i.'.'. : .rtlu- w:i!u-t
iinj roTt-oi-ot, tt tht? inventor. John Aih fi. t now .f N--w
Vurk, i hr lhif oJ raJ ailj-in:ntc rc-i: u'.i". n I H.t 1
am no niaDtilVturm an ar'.r'f f Tfth dJ '.uuiMlat
jll.ntiar-fi..ral.tj mtb n (tune to tht !. lli-l h
eTt-r bN-n ina.l in th:i ut i y cthr oouutrr. I ai'.
anl ch'mII lliow that n-l te-4-th it ihf hT en-ifd
them or not.) to tall, and fxaniinr P-r thrm-dt.-i. .
JOHN LtX'KK, Li, hi ro, ;
Offlf nd Re-iJ-n- oo TinrJ ftri-rt. crrtr Markft.
Ofllrein Milton, on troa.iwajr, Ow-ar "'!-"!.!'" Irr'-.'-'rtir
West Branch Insurance Company,
OF Lock Haven, Pa., ia.snre Detai-hed
Buildinss, Htores, Merchandize, Farm
Properly, snd other b-jildins, and their con
tents, at moderate rates. lcin business on
bolht'ashandM'Jtual nlans. C'apital.-JiJO.lJOU.
Hon John J Tearce Hon O C Harvey
John li Hall T T Abrams
Chas A Mayer 1 J Jackman
l.'fcas Crist V White
Peter Dickinson Thos Kitchen
Hon. V.. V. HARVEY, President.
T. T. AURA MS, Vicj Pres.
6J7 Lewisburg, Lnicn Co. l'a.
THS undersigned have this 2d day of Feb.
A. V. 1S57, entered into Co-Partnership
for th pvrpoe of carrying on a -r:il
I'ouu-r) I5!iHine at the brick Foun
drv in Market street, Lewisbura, under the
name and firm of Frick ti l.il'ev.
Lewisburg, Feb'y S. U'57.
A general assort
ment of COOKIMJ
ST)VE for coal or
wood, S:one Ci-al
Stoves, Wood Air-Tij-hl
and Parlor
Ptoves, ccc.in varie
ty always kept on
kinds made to order-
HE subscriber con
tinues to carry on the
I.liory IIiisln- a-
ihe Old Siand on South
Third street, near Market, and respectlullj
solicits the patronage ot his I'nends and tlx
public eenerallv. CHAKI.Es F. HKSS.
Lewisburg, May 33. IH..II
Drug and Vhemiraf Ewjwrium
M-trket Street - - Lewiihtirz. r.
James B. Hamlin,
X. Ulfice on Second St. wesr sii!e,2m
doorsomhof Market, Lett l-bt:i -p.
emAAJ L'nion t o. Pa.
Afar llarllelon, l'nion Co., Pa.
THE subscriber, thankful
for past patrcnasrf, would inform
his Iriends a ml il.e public in gene
ral, lhat he continues to man n trio i
tore all kinds of )olen -oolx, such as
Ctoihs,as-i'wtrp'. 'i rfu?.. tSaitinettb, Jean . (
Blankets zu ' t'r.rhe's; '.o. 4" - . pt arj f
Slocking V -; . H-s r.achtnery hf it. i. ue
best kind ut ue. aiid having employed ihe1
best of workmen, he feels sate in savin-;
that his work shall not be surpassed by .
any establishment in thr country. A good -.up- j
pty of the above poods kept constantly on hand i
for sale or to exchange tor wool, at prices
that can not fail to please. Wool, will be
C'arded in the best manner and on Ihe -hcrtest
1-nl the rolls. MARK HAI.FPL.Ni.
Winfield Mills. March 30. IM.S7. i l
GET married when von wish, enly so you
STORE, and seta first rate COOK STOVE at
first cost, as 1 want to cli-se out my stork of
cook stoves. JOS. M'FADDIN.
!sburs, March II, ls.i.
LEWItsBLKtJ, L".iio!i Co Pi.
It. ti. lll'.TZr.I., Proprietor.
riHIS house is located in lHe very center of
J the business portion of Ihe low n.and the
only Hotel in M irkcl Square. It is by odcK
the largest and most spacious in Lewisburz.
and is kept in the cleanest and best possible
manner. The ROOMS are larse and aity
HE OS neat and clean. The TABLE is spread
with every luxury ihe sea-on alTnrds. The
BAR is furnished with pure unadulterated
liquors bought by the Proprietor out of Ihe
Custom House in Philad. The STABLE and
n . i .11 .i . i. i
aitisiiri will muuiiiiriiu mt:uidt es.
The Proprietor, having gone lo a great
expense in re-fitting and furnishing his house
employing at large cost a firsl-rale Cook
and other servants who are attentive and
obliging hopes by unremitting attention on
his pan to receive a share of ihe public patro
nage. The public will please accept the sin
cere thanks of the Proprietor for the very
generous patronage he has received during
the four months he has lived in Lewiswurg.
Riviere House, Aug. SO, IKS
Dissolution. j
THE Partnership existing under the name '
of "Hayes A Meylert"ts this daydissol-j
ved by mutual consent. The accounts can be j
settled with either of the undersigned. The
ollice of Dr.H.ives is as heretofore. The office !
of Dr. Meylert is at his residence on Market
St. next door west of Brown's new store
Lewiaburg, Oct 8, 4858
No. 46 North Third treet,
Market and area.
K l. HoKK
:sm riHLADELrin
wixi iiiSTrn a. co
gent's FoawisHiriQ sTorr
U'l.N CHESTER will eive,as hereioi
his neraonul sunervtsmn ttt ih. j-
Manulaciuring departments. OrhVrs fi.rfc
celebrated styles of Shirts and Collars filled -
the shortest notice. " u
IVr f.m desiring lo order fchirtj .
. ..,i. i.., 1 c . n
'at on
fplicaiion by mail.
Cnsianily on hand a varied and select ;cck
of (ientlf men's Furnishing tiLods.
Iff- uutcaie sfruers suppiiec 01.
terms Iy7ii
Piano fixtts
are manufaenred ly
Chickerinj t Sue,
V '"i. aa
who have receirel
'I lilriy-rour Mrdafs.
The Firtt 1'ieviiums oirr ail Vtjnt,-tit'.rt
t the Lnittti Urates.
11 removed to liieir iew vt arenouae.lijr
I hes'.nul street, Philadelphia, are ""fa": i,
olTer a larce a.-ortinent of Grand, Pirltr
lirand, Square and I'pnjht Pianos, ia Virni
styles of cases and at prices which eaaa.t
fa. I :o please; descriptive catalogues seaitj
any address upon application.
Aaiericaa Life Insurance &. Triit Co,
(Capi'al Stock S 'ldO.OoO)
CICMPANY'S B-JilJins.Walnnts;rerSE
corner of Fourih PhiludtljiSia.
(VLives insured at the usual Murua! ra n
or ai Joint Stick rates about 20 prr ce:,:. in
or at 'i'otal Abstinence ra-es the lowest ;n ...
world. A. WHILLUI.N, President
Joe C. fiwa. See.
747 UEO. F. .MILLER, Agent, Lewiittrj
European IMan)
115, Souii Eigiilh St. below fhessa
ff Mils House is for I'ermanent andTracfif!
I iiodsin;. Erery effort will be vzt :j
the Proprietor, E. ?.ICHOLL8, to give
taction to his i'atrons.
' This Establishment is situated in the h:ar.
j of the city, center of business, an J ct -r.vf net
' to all places of amusement.
! The Mercantile and Traveling ccn.rr.3r. T
j will find it a desirable plice kr crLKr.
j cleanliness and economy.
tV Sir. pie rooms 5u cts per ntrbi ty :it
week JjiS .10 and upwards M723
C aiiital I.r250.4l'ia.
Assets $ 1U-,151 13, mveaied m Bonds, Mt
page.s and olherpood iecuritir-'.
fV BY FIRE 1 There are but frw ;.f
receive sympathy whe incur Iuss by netiecut
this mol ntct9ury and tubatantiul precca:. t
We olten see it announced that perM r I t
lost their stocks of Ooods ami i'urr.mire. r.
results of years of indaslry swept lu ia
by the devouring element ever which ;.
have co control but by b?in lr.oied.
Insurance protects you fu m the incer.t' a
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at the l.owr.t Hatea anj upon the iail L.S r
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Hlo.s B ll.ol.Dtl:,lai.nl
ELW D E UELIIIOiLll.rnurt.
657 LEWItfBl'KG, I'd:, n F"
N. S. LAllENCE'S f
'. iv't, t'wurceree St., rhiladelfiia-:
rtf . ,i buyers will find it for their
t call Philad, Jan I. y i
J iij r.rj oiti.rslu.sun,. mo.il2r. r "
ALWAYS lit. A L.V K.K All LU Alli'V
t.f,.ii l-a; rr. Clolh, L. alhrr. urmluTr. rcrn- i.a.
i tilt. Murbli-orlf laM. t maDufa(-turin I orj Ar:
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I Ptrrncih than any other jrln-l.huta-.'h.Tf but
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W ithin thv la.l thrr, rr n'an' of i'.ia' i;:
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' aoj thr art-sit convenirnrr vhich it ha jrord I
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lanuta-'turrr ha ft oaU it, at tim. dinvull i' '
arsno.lnl by all wb" Lar U.-Jiulbat il. m.r'.t-
llww idi aitnilar articlr r,rrofiirn-.l lo thr tu' 1 '
(i-l "M I Ynt't U'l'bratHi Lttfu.fi Uihr lU t.i 'a? -1
Taif no ntlitT. 7"H Ti'-t I Vt ti.VN . '
Mnuactuxrd ana 1-olU. W l;ol-.al. r,.l V'.'
Vi M.C. lrK: .' 1
Xo.tNlT Cht-tout M . t i-alaI-ibaral
indiwvnirBteoavTvil to p,-i.-"iii
aclltnfc lha abora artirlo.
For tale b XEVIl'S in LewisIlr
Engraving and Seal Cuttin;
OF all kinds, at 20-1, fbesant
PHILAD. Visiting and other l'A-;
Corporation and other SEALS and evr'1-
in our line of business, promptly atteo'
ders from Cnjr and Country solicit"!-
s. II. r'l'l.TOX. i. W.U. VA
New ArrangementsNew Goo
J well known SPY HER HA T 7 ''".,
refitted it, and filled in an extensive .'
II.. i. . ,' rinth!" ' r.
Al I ,n,l nt.n.li,l c.,.lf Ot I'lrf'.
and splendid stock of "'!' ; j, ;
ES.&c. which he will ''. f
. .. . . t. (.....! .
i i ..ii ....... ,k. Tailorir'
ness. He is prepared to execute , ,
entrusted to bis care.lo the salisfaci" '
customer. ....
- i, .. i d a-td'c
nrar I I .w I vhll r. Ofll U'. '
StniLL II. OB1l'
Attorney at -
OFFICE on Souih Seconi) near V" '
tT"All Professional Business etr
his care will be faithfully and promr"J j
ded to Sept. . 1847
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f Ady,
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