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3l riuialuir Ijronirlr.j
C. Si. Wwhbll At ! H. COKNLLIUS. j
V tttfi-tr ..--T!i4' f.nne"i n I'lmftXirLE.
r imii.ttH'O ft any Nf -,-("'." ttt t ui-m O unity.
Frwluni. national: Slavery, sectional !
In Si natc, altrr Imnj; aiij'cnniilic it.il
.liscussi.iti, as Ik r-'U'riS &i , i liO l'acitiu
K-ii!ral lUll j, -fed in il.i i-li;i.e, I.) wit:
'J lirtrp lli- usji.ii itnl!ars w re a pr iriaU'l
In njcertisimj fi-r I'ri ji.aU and I'laus f.r
In- work 'ri'f i!s 10 I'p nj.cn fur one
var, ho ttiat llic mu:( Colirvss mav have
lijidt upon the u' j. ct, anJ act in re iutei
lieutljf aai em radically. I'liis is pur
lins the wisest course. It i a good ami
necessary wurk, but nothing will be lost
by a lime more kt)...ti Kde of plaus aud
Wash'soton, Jin. 29 The Demo
cratic Siialors Lrld a caucus this uwruing
ou the sul ject of ike Tariff. Mr.lluuter,
of niiiia, effered a rrsoluiioti declaring
it irjt xticilit nt to change the law at the
prceiit is-.-ssioii. Mr. Higkr proposed a
substitute, as follows: ' Kesulvtd, That
the rewtiue biinj: iii-iuTicii-nt to meet the
expenses uf the g.im-riiuienr, it is wise and
expedient to increase li'e import duties to
meet I be d ficiirici ." Mr. liigler's sub
tuitutu was void u"Wii. Mr. Hunter's
resolution was adi.pud by a large majority.
Jan. 9. The I'n.-ihut has pn pared
a spcci:il mctMie to Oougress, shorring
that an increase uf revenue is needed, and
that twenty millions of doHais will be re
fj'iirrd to mci-t the deficit of the present
fi-cal year.
Wash invito, Jan. "0, 1339. The de-cisii-ii
of the Senate Democratic caucus
against the Tariff, seems to have put an
end to all expectations of any change dur
ing this 1'uiiprcss. I learn that the
outlirro Democrats iu the lliu-c arc
nearly unanimous i:i their opposition to
any nullification. They consider Penn
sylvania as irretrievably lost to the party,
anyhow, aud deem it useless to try to re
gain her. The I'resi lent, however, ex
presses much indignation at the action of
the caucus Secretary Cobb being asked i
l ist night what was the diff. renee between
him and Mr. IStichanan, replied that "7ie
1'tCii'lrnt is tijtjHtsittf the Administration'
Mr. liigk-r declared lu the caucus, that the
vote not to modify the Tariff surrendered
Pennsylvania to the liepublicans. Mr.
Douglas participated in the caucus, aud
voted with the majority.
The refusal of the Commissioner of
I'atents to extend the McOrniiok reaper
patent for seven years, is a matter of im
portance to industrial intensts.
The (Vmmiftec on Elections decided in
favor of liiid IS. Chapman as the rightful
delegate from Nikraska Territory,in place
of Mr. Ferguson, the sitting member.
This contested case has been pending
from the commencement of the present
Congress. !
The Seuate Democratic caucus, at the
meeting yesterday, agreed to support the
ii.crease of the rates of letter postage to
five cents.
The or-;..;.- i- sse.! mat t..c !-pao-:
ish tlove.-ntneiit sii: r.-fie to receive our
Minister, Mr. rrtoiiin eonsiiiuence of
...... cliun at the I rcsideut s proposi
tion to buy Cuba.
Feb. I, iu the House, Mr. Grow, of
I'a , called up his motion to reconsider
the vole by which the Homestead Bill
was referred to I lie Committee of the
AVbole on the state of the I'niun. Mr.
Grow stated that the bill had been dis
cussed for the last eight yaars, more or
less. The motion was agreed to. Mr.
Hughes, of Ind., moved to table the bill.
The uiotiou was negatived ; yeasT'i, nays
113. The Homestead bill then pniutd by
a vote of yeas, to 7G nays. The bill
provides that any person who is the head
of a family, over twenty-one years of age,
and a citizen of ihe United States, or who
has filed his intention to become such ac
cording to the naturalization, laws shall
be entitled to enter a quarter section of
any vacant or unappropriated land, aud
bold the same ou conditiou of actual set
tlrment aud cultivation. The bill has
been a favorite with Mr. Grow for many
years, and its passage in his own branch
! a great persoual triumph for him. The
K publicans, we believe, all voted with
him most of the Americans and a few
The Democrats in the House from the
North are beginning lo kick against their
Southern masters! The Kepublicaus as
a body will vote against supplies unless
they know where ihe money is to come
from. The Southern! rs, however, re
main firm against the Whig Tariff poiiey,
aud expect to "whip in their Northern
dogs'' so tLat they can have their own
way as usual ! The poor "Democrats"
from Pennsylvania are down r,n their
marrow bones, begging for a Tariff to save
them and their patty from rui- but
their rulers so far appear to be heartless
and inexorable, and think they can fool
Pennsylvania by a cry of "Slavery and
the Tariff of 42," in the campaign of
1 $)(. We shall see!
Although there is evidently a majority
in the House in favor of the passage of
the Senate French Spoliation bill, its ref
rencc uni er the decision of the Speaker,
to the Committee of the Whole on the
state of the I'nion, may be regarded as a
conclusive evidence of its defeat.
J. M. Spullock has been confirmed as
U. S. Marshal, for the district of Georgia
in place of Mr. Stewart, who was removed
on the ground of not having used suffi
cient vigilance in the yacht Wanderer case.
New York, Jan. 31. Importers and
merchants here are generally perplexed
with the rumors from Washington, rela
tive to the tariff. L'uder the impression
that the duties upon certain articles would !
be raised, some heavy orders have been 1
sent from here during the past fortnight, ,
which would not have been forwarded but '
for tho belief that that imprefsion would '
be realized. As it is too late to counter-1
rnand all of the orders, the result will be ;
a supply of certain descriptions of mcr-!
ehandize next summer, for which there 1
will be no market.
JIiistos, Jin. 30 The British Brig'
llii.l has arrived from Gibralter, having
oj.ii ninety d.iys out. For six weeks of'
!-. vov.i-e the uew bd lut one biscuit
Where the Honey Goes. j
The grossest frauds, in connection with ,
the Oregon and Washington War Debt,
have been brought to light by the House
Committee on Military Affairs, through
the efforts of Mr. Kau'kner, the Chairman. !
The whole debt, as reported by the Gov-.
eminent agent, is about SG.000,000, of '
which the Committee assert that not more i
f.'oiii abi'itl one million it justly ihir. Some
of the charges by which this difference is
made, are most outrageous. Pistols arc I
charged at ."5 each ; mu.-kets at 125; I
oats at $') a bushel ; hay at at $120 a ton, 1
and other things in proportion. At the,
last session of Congress, when the debt ,
was first brought to tbo notice of the com- '
luittee, the War department recommended j
its paymeut, but Mr. Faulkner caused ac- j
tion iu the matter to be deferred, in order j
that it might be fully investigated. Hy
this delay and investijition, the somewhat
considerable sum of from four to five mil- '
lions will be saved to the Treasury. j
fciTl'liat is just the manner in which j
all our Indian wars have been made so
costly gross overcharges and shameless ':
robberies and, heretofore, Government ,
ofivers have connived at these frauds. Mr.
Faulkner is a Virginia Whig, who acts
with the Democrats on account of the!
Slavery issue, but he deserves the credit i
of men everywhere for this exposure of
the way cur people have been robbed un-
der pretext of Iudian wars and appropria
tions for military or naval outlays. ,
l'oucs Emigration Companies to1
Cuba arc now being formed, in the South, J
and iu some ol tho principal Northern
cities. These companies are a part of the j
same policy which was pursued so uisa.v j
astrously, a few years ago, in reference to
Nicaragua. Fillibustcrism is assumiug (
all kinds of shapes and Dames. Should ;
President lluchanan have placed in his '
hands thirty millions of dollars, might he
not have fitted out quite a number of emi
gration companies to Cuba? liy doing
so, be would but be acting in accordance
wi'h the published declarations of Ihe
Ostcnd Manifesto. Young men ! beware
of these schemes lo fleece you, aud make (
of you catspaws for Slaveiy ! j
The Republicans of Congress, it is sta- j
tild, have opened a subscription paper, '
which was speedily filled up, for the pur-1
pose of raising between five aud six bun- ;
drcd dollars to purchase a service of plate
to be presented to the Hon. Joshua H. ;
Giddings, as a testimonial of their apprc- 1
elation of his public labors in the couueils
of the nation. j
Johu Mitchell, who left Ireland for her j
good, and who, during bis sojourn at the 1
South has advocated the revival of the
African slave trade, threatens to conic
North aud turn Abolitionist unless the '
South "wake up" to sustain his paper i
within a time specifi' d. It is hoped that I
the South will wake up. '
blooded fire eating Democrat, declared j
ids other day that if a Republican Presi- .
dent was elected in 1SG0 he would advo
cate secession from the Union. All this ,
we suppose is preliminary to another
" union saving" campaign.
Talk about buying Cuba with an empty '
Treasury ! It is proposed to sell the Dis- ,
trictof Columbia as the only way to raise ;
to pay present debts. j
Last year, o'cr jOOO.lctters, contain- !
ing 00,000, were missent in the U. S.
mails, nine tenths of which have bocn re
stored to their owners.
The circulation of Parson ISrownlow's
debate on Slavery in Philadelphia with
Mr. Prync, is prohibited in the South.
A gentleman was referring, in presence I
of Tuaddeus Stevens, to the possibility of j
Mr. liuchatian turning against the South, I
for the pupose of retrieving his Inst for-!
tune in Pennsylvania, and asked Mr. Ste- j
vetis what be thought would be the result ? I
HI- r. 1: J .1 .1 I 11 - !
.'ir. Elevens repueu luai mere wuuiu oc no
trouble about that, as the South could re
claim him, any time, under the Fugitive
Slave Law : The inquirer seemed perfect
ly satisfied.
ToNNAnE Tax. The Philadelphia
Press states that the Pennsylvania Rail
road Company refuse to pay the tonnace
tax, imposed by their charter, to the Com- j
monwcaltb, and intend to test itsconstito- j
tionality in the courts, as advised by their !
counsel, in an opiuion recently published.
The amount due at the present time, for
the last six months, is over $100,000.
In the House, Mr. Patterson presented
petitions front Centre, Clinton and Union ;
counties, in favor of the Schreyer's Gap, j
M'Call's and Rangler's state road. !
Jan. 31, Mr. Wagonscllcr presented'
nine remonstrances from 872 citizens of
Union county, against said road.
Iu Senate, Mr. Gregg read in place s j
supplement to the act incorporating the !
Lcwisburg, Centre it Spruce Creek Kail-'
road Company (to extend the time for
its completion we suppose.)
Mr. Waoonseller read in place a bill
to pay the claim of Charles Fieber.
Also, one to refund Michael Kleckner,
and others certain monies wrongfully paid '
k- . i . i i r ii i i . 1 1
vj mew 13 uuii iui Aje-uijr Awuariiiei, 01
the Susquehanna Division of the Penn'a
The Pennsylvania Railroad Company
have commenced the improvement of the !
Mam Uraueh of the canal from Columbia
to the Junction, giving it such a depth as
to admit five feet of water.
IlABRIslii Ito, Feb. 1. Tn the Crimi
nal Court, this morning, C. M. Donavan,
an ex-member of the Legislature, convict
ed of an assault and battery on J. M.
Church, a member from Philadelphia,
was sentenced by Judge Pierson to uuder-1
go an imprisonment of three months, to i
pay a fine of two hundred dollars aud to
give security in the sum of one thousand
dullurs to keep the peace.
ScOrSome of our exchanges aro in
gross error in stating that none of the Ed
itorial fraternity participate in the honors
of official station in the organization of the
Legislature. We know not how it is iu ;
the Democratic Senate, but in the House;
our branch Mr.IlEA, the Chief Clerk,
has been long connected with the Phila-1
delphia press, aud Mr. Ualch, one of the (
Transcribers, has been a hard working !
printer aud editor from bis youth up, iu .
Lancaster, Northampton aud Carbon coun-
tics. Thus our fraternity have their full j
share accordiug to their number, if uot ,
according to their deserts. Those who wcie
disappointed, do themselves uo credit by !
repiuiug " better luck next time."
Uurnlii; at Ihe siinmrr Miirlh ( umlliia Loss f LIO
iiie Ma. Is llrslii'jiil.
Baltimore, Jau. 3'J. The Mail Stea-:
mer North Carolina, of the Norfolk line, I
was totally destroyed by fire, yesterday
morning, iu the. Chesapeake IJjy, near .
Smith's Poiut.
All the passengers and crew were saved, 1
with the execution of the Rev. Mr. Curtis, ,
of Chester, S. C, who, with the steward,
a man by the name of Waters, was burut
to death. The boat is insured for $7O,OU0,
aud the loss valued at over $l00,OU0.
The cousteruatiou was so great among ;
the passengers, when the fire was first dis-
covered, thai it is miraculous that more j
lives were not lost. So rapidly d;d the
flames spread, that it was found itnpossi- j
ble to save the mails or any portion of the j
boat. Many of the passengers saved'
nothing but what they stood in.
It was near the mouth of the Potomac,
about 2 o'clock in the moruiug, when the
fire was discovered, and although as all j
testify the officers and men did alt ibcy j
could to save her, ihe boat ultimately i
burut to Ihe water's edge and sank. The
passengers were rescued by life boats, and
all tho men were saved, except Rev.
Mr. Curtis, and it is imj.iUe to account
for his loss. The purser saved only his
papers, and uuiil the roll was called Mr. I
Curtis was not missed. The fire was dis-
covered iu the clothes press, ou the upper j
saloon. The clothes press was forward of j
the ii achinery, and the berth occupied by ;
Mr. Curtis was aft, and it is supposed that 1
he was in a sound sleep, aud rather hard .
of hearing; consequently did not kuotr
anything of the disaster.
Mr. Crapon, of Wilmington, N. C-,
with his wife and infant, wcro in one ot
the staterooms, the egress from which
through the door bal been entirely cut
off hv tho flnmiw lie firit pot thrniloh
the window to the deck, and then assisted 1
his wife and child. When he had reached
the lower deck, he asked his wife to band
him the child, but, with a true mother's:
affection, she held it to her own heart,
and only consented to yield it to the fath
er after she had got to tho lower deck.
Mr. C. then threw the infaut overboard, I
and, quick as thought, sprang into the wa- 1
ter and caught it in his arm9. Mrs. O. I
followed, and all three were then in the !
water. Fortunately, one of the boats wa? '
under the guard, and after he had safely
U is Mid' by those wVlti.K()-tri.a. ilUs,lf- j
the infant, through all, did not shriek or '
cry. Before they reached tho bolt. Cant, j
Fitzzerald, one of the passensers, plunged in
to the water to aid in the rescue ol'the tnolh- .
er and child, and assisted in the task.
All the boats were now in the water, and
there only remained Carl. Cannon, -'r- ''arks,
Ihe first mate, emtineers, firemen and crew,
on board. The raft was then launched, and
all, except the Captain and Mr. Parks, nine'
persons, irot -on it. Then Mr. i'arks pot into
one of the boats, and Captain C, the last to I
leave, got into another. It was soon found 1
that the raft could not support so many per- j
sons, and five were taken oft", leaving only j
f.oir. all of whom were partially under water.
After having been towed out a shortdistance, j
lite remainder were taken into the boats. It
was then supposed that all were on board the
There were seven ladies on board the boat.
all of whom barely escaped to ihe small
boats in their night clothes, not having an
opportunity to get even their shoes and slock
lnss. The exception was a laly. whose ner- '
vous condition would not allow her to sleep, :
and she was iu full dress, as she had not
gone to bed. I
PlTTsniRO, Pa , Feb. 1. Last night
about 11 o'clock, a frame bouse on the'
outskirts of Allegheny city, occupied by I
Mr liodgers, a carpenter, was totally con- j
suttied by fire. Mr. llodgers, his wife,:
and three children, were burnt to death .
in the flames; only one of the family, a
boy, eleven years of age, being saved.
The fire originated in the lower story,
while the family slept above, and the '
flames spread so rapidly that it was im- j
possible to save the inmates. Their char-1
ted bodies were recovered from tho ruins 1
to-day, and a Coroner's inquest has been j
beld, but nothing was elicited from the
evidence to indicate the origin of the fire.
The father was intoxicated when he retir
ed to rest.
AlOLSTA, Jan. 31. Adams' express
car was robbed on Friday last of about
810,000, somewhere between Montgom
ery, Ala., aud Atlanta, Ga. The money
was mostly in five and ten dollar notes,
on the Georgia and South Carolina banks.
A reward of $5000 is offered for the re
covery of tho money
Marion Crop, recently convicted of the
murder of police officer Uigdon, iu Balti
more, Md., has becu sentenced to death,
and at once removed to the Baltimore
Lottery Gambling The Boston
Herald mentions the case of two men,
who recently left that city, one of whom
lost about 12,000, and the other nearly
$40,000, by gambling and purchasing lot
tery tickets.
Christian Jacoby, and David S. Evans,
both convicted of wife murder, will be
executed on Friday, May 20, in Pittsburg.
The coolest place we bave yet beard of
is in Bangor, Maine. During the cold
snap in January, as we learn front a local
journal, the noise of the nails drawn out
by the intense frost resembled the dis
cbarge of fire arms I The editor says be
was afraid to pass a wooden building or a
board fence.
A series of Douglas resolutions has
been toted doicn in the Missouri Legisla
ture. Yet Missouri is claimed for Doug
las. Queer !
On Sunday week, twenty-two sailors
made a public profession of religion, at the I
Navy Yaid, liiovklyu. j
I'nion County Court Proclamation
IflIKIti:.S.ihe lIon.Ali'M K.M II.MJ.V
1'residcnt Judge for the amh Judicial
Di-tricl of Pennsylvania. compoeo
of t!'e
counties of Cnioii, M i til n
and Snyder, and
Puitie Ui ni. anilJtWSio"TiiEsqs.,AsM-
ciaie Judges in Liuon county. have issueu uieir j
precept, bearing date the 2Sth day of Dec'r,
is.rs). and to me directed, for the holding of an ,
Orphans Court, Court of Common Pleas, Over ,
and Terminer, and tieneral tjoar'.er SesM.ms. ,
at LI'Vsl!i:i!(i, for the county of C.MON,
(licing the 1 1th day) 1)3, and to couiinue
one week, i
Notice is therefore hereby given to the Cor
oner. Justices of the Peace and Constables in
and for the county of Cnion.to appear in iheir
own proper persons Willi their records, iniin-:
silioiis.eiaminations and other remembrances
lo do those things which of their offices and in
their behalf appertain to be done j and all Wit
nesses and other persons prosecuting in behalf
of the Commonwealth against any person or '
persons, are required to he then and there
attending, and not depart without leaveat their ;
peril. Jurors are requested to be punctual in
their attendance at the appointed lime agreea- j
Me to notice. I
Civen under my hand and seal at the Pher- '
ill's Ollice m Lewishurg, the llth nay ot ja-
..-...i .i ...l '
wealth !
JOHN CKOsst.lOVE,Shprin I
Grand Jurors Fib. T.
Mtfinhurir (Jeorge Hreishach, I) H Rishel !
Lfwi'li'irirl. E Jones, llenj Cawley. Joseph
M'Faddin, Saml Hursh, Larnson Press
l.imi'fine Benj (."hambers, Philip Gross,
FredW Stees !
Yet Rnffah Benneville Keisll, John Bech- j
tel. Paniel Moore I
yew H'rtia David Spitler i
1 7,i ril, tun Win Elicit, Elias LOrwig, Job .
Y.irger 1
f,env John Fillman j
liuff.ilir1 C Himmelreieh i
j-,nA,lam Van Uuskirk, Isaac Eyer
It'irllii John Ruhl
Wiite'jlier Uavid B Kaufman, Joseph Moyer
Trnverre Juror.
L'iribnrgF S Caldwell, Wm Cameron,
Tims Howard, Win Fru-k. Lewis Palmer,
Marl in Dreisbach. Thus Hayes. Levi Ster-:
ner. I) S Krenier. J S Marsh. Ii H Laird.
Christ Uemberling, A M Lawshe, Curtis
MNeal I
jwitat-John Seebobl Ir, Robt Chambers, ;
Fredk Bolender. (ieorge Uross, George ,
Chambers, F B Potts
.'M-i'sKobt Foster
U.. Iluffuhe (ieorge Kleckner ,
U7n7r liter Stephen Flick, Jacob Leiser, A '
C High, Robert Dalesman, Jos R Ketler j
liutfulne Samuel Simonton, David Yoiieida j
Im I U iffoUte Peler Gelz, feainuel .Ylamers,
jonn acnracn i
ll.trthtun Christian Dale
f mmiii J. hn (inyer Jr. Jesse M Waller :
Aie Michael Kleckner.David Mitch-
ell, Win Benner i
-.!- f t.1. t ii- c i xi :
Ilit'tlry Samuel Weidensaul, David Fillman,
Josi'ah Corl, John Smith, Charles Emery j
A?y J,hn Bennage, Peter Ilagenbuch I
A.'f'OTICl The following persons have '
XI appneo io me tuun o. uuimi couu.y
I . , . !
lor a ltccne to Keep an inn or luvern, ana
the same will be considered on Monday, llth
Feb. next :
Daniel Keish West Buffaloe township
John Rote,Jr llanley
L. D. Brewer South Ward. Lewwrurg
Jan 28 SAM'L KlHJtfH, Clerk
YTOTICE is hereby given to all con-
IV " ; . i
1 cerned.that the (ollowins named persons
the said accounts will be presented for confir
mation and allowance at the Orphans Court,
to be held at LKWlSBCRt!, for the county of
I'nion, on the third Friday of FEllRl'ARY
next, bein; the ISth day of said month, viz:
1. The account of R. B. Hartman and J.
Swartz, executors of the last will and testa
ment of Simon Jlurtmun, late of Hartley Tp,
2 The account of James F. Linn and Levi
Sterner, executors of the last will and testa
ment of J. yufwlt.MtiHcht late of LewisDur,
3 The final account of John Schrack and
Joseph Moore, Administrators of the etateof
James Voore late of Kelly Tp. decd.
4 The account of Jacob Spinel myer.Onar
dian of Margaret E. Smith, one of the heirsjat
law of Wm. Huntingdon, dee'd.
6 The account of Jacob spielmver, suar
dian of Anna M.Knauisa minorchildof sshem
Kneass, deceased.
6 The account of Samuel Zellers.Ouardian
of Arf't Ztllers, only child of Daniel Zellers
late of Lewisburs, dec.VJ. i
7 The account of John Kimple and Peter
V. 1 .1 :: . r i t i- i i !
nuiiiir,.itiiiiiiiiMraiorvi uuhh luntpie. late oi t
West Butraloe Tp, decM. !
8 The account of Samuel Yoder, Admin-
itrMnr 4 x.f r vvi,,.-
liPr To ' '
9 The account of John Gundy, Adminis
trator of Daniel Vice,late of V nion Tp, dee'd.
10 The final account of Adam 1). H. Kem-
ner.fiuardian nf Eisnhrth Krittrr and others '
minor chi drpn of anrir Kp siir. Ln. if
.. ... J J i
Hartley Tn, leci
fiEO KCiC MERHILLRegister.
Register's Ofllce, Lewisburg, Jan. 17, 1P59
Real Estate.
10i:R valuable BtTLDING LOTS on
South Second sireet, Lewisburg, near
the Court House and Foundry, convenient to
the business pari ol town. as they are but two
squares from Market street. One or all are
ert'ered on reasonable terms. For further
particulars inquire of
Feb. 2, 1859 JAMES HAYES
Administrator's Sale of Real Estate.
IN pursuance of an order of the Orphans'
Court of Northumberland county, ihe
undersigned will eipose to public sale on
Tuesday, the 8th day of March
next, on Ihe premises, all lhat certain tract of
land late the estate of l.rnwio Pruts dee'd
situate about 2 miles from Lewisburg and
the same distance fiom Milton,adjoinin- lands
of John Best, Tho s Allen, John Gucker and
others, containing about 1 ACliFK
more or less, about SO Acres of which are
cleared and under cultivation. The improve
pments consist of a good Brick HOUSE
jjii lately erected, a never-failing Well near
the door wiih a Pump in ii. a BANK BARN
also new, with other Out-buildings also5
a TENANT HOUSE with Spring of goodS?
water near it- There is an ORCHARD of
bearing Apple Trees on lhe farm.
.t:SO at lhe Um. I.m Bnrl nU.
a piece of TIMBER LAND situate
oo the north side of Montour's ridge
in iil m.ncli;. .1 i i ..
.ui, m i Hover ana others, con
taining 33 Acres and 54 perches.
The above property will be sold together
or separately.
Sale to commence at 10 o'clock A M of said
day, when lerms will be made known bv
Feb. 1, 1859 . Administrator
U A, Ik 11 I ... . .
Filth street. Inquire of
Lewiiborg, Jan. 7, 185
n"ui'n if rnin7;jM.e eh v ai- ll'luiu street on .he east and Church .1
States oA,neriea.(L. save the ("oininon-; sn,rey. ran. .Mise sixtv.ix tee, ln
fS, TWODiltlil.Cllt.viiiiin'o- ,
Ixisl-S and Lots, earh suitable forJLaJ. :
l-o l.i:nilies one on .North Fourth street and
one on Ml. John street, for Sale. Hall uf each
uf ,he above Houses are for Kent.
tw'Also. tor sale, lour Ii ig Lots on
North Filth street. JOHN HOllillTON,
Lewishurg, Jan. S. 1 ' Agent.
")Y virtue of sundry writs ol Ven. Ex. and
Fi. Fa. issueil otil ol me ti'iinui wom-
11.011 Pleas, county of Uiion, ana lo me ui-
rocie.l, will lie exposed to piildic sale or out-
cry, on the dales and at lue places, following,
to wa :
Ou Saturday, the 5t!i of Fel riiary
next, at 10 o'clock A. M., at the public house
of Michael Kleckner. in the borough of New
Uerlin, and counly aforesaid, a certain lot of
grouud silnate in New Uerlin, bounded north
by Liberty street, east by Plum street, south
and west 'by W. W. Orwig, whereon is erect
ed a Urick School Hou-e. with the appurte
nances, &.c. As Ihe property of Ihe New
beriin I'nion School House Association.
Also, at the same lime and place, another
certain Lot ol ("round, situate m the lioroogli
and county aforesaid, on Old Market street,
ailioiumfF lol oi joscoii ohjhci 'k
.,,,r "I fM" , .
, iy in .udiy .HuiiiHia.
Also at ihe same time andplace, a certain
lot r.f ground situate in Ihe township of llulla
loe and county aforesaid, boundrd north by
lands ol Samuel Heimbach, east by public
road leading from New Berlin to ihe Drei
baeh Church, and sonth and west by lands ol
Martin Dreisbach, containing two acres more
or less, w hereon are erected a one storey log
house, log barn, Ac, with the appurtenances.
As the property of Matthew Silvester.
Also on the above said day. on ihe premi
ses, at 2 o'clock. P. M , a critain trad ol land
snuatei n Limestone township, county afore
said, boundet north bv lands of (ieorge Fred
erick and Fiedenck H.gel. east by lands of
Jacob Heimbach, Martin D. RVed and Chris
Han Idler, south by lands of Jacob Leibv. and
west by lands of John S'ebolil and Jacob
Kleckner, conlaining ninety-six acres more
or less, whereon are erected a two-storey
rail dwelling-house thirty-four feet iu front
an 1 twenty eiglu leel deep, a log barn, a well
of good water with a pump, a lime-kiln and
other out buildings, a young appie.orchard,
&c, willi Ihe appurlenances. As the proper
ty of John Lose.
Also on Monday the Ttli Feb., at
1 o'clock P. M., at ihe'Biilialoe Hou-ein the
Borough ol l.ewisburg, two tracls of land sit
uate in White Deer township and county
No. 1. Bounded north bv land of Adam
Rank w .nf , andg o AJam ;ak an,l James
Finney.souili by oilier lands of J H. Robenold,
and east bv lands of David Ramsey andoihcr
lanJ of iubenoldcoiitaining eight acres
miire ()f ,( ss wnereon are ,recled a tannery
. uc k,,i. i,,,E
Iau """ '
a lo stable, A-c, with ihe appurtpnances.
No. 2. A ceriain tract of land, situate m
the tnwnhip ant! county afnresanU bounded
north by tract No. 1 and land of David Kam
sey. wet by land of James Finney, south by
lands ot (Jenrge Brown, and east by land of
Israel (leyer and David Ramsey, containing
tweve acfes more pf fSS
whereon are erec
ted a two-it ore v Jos house, a vz stable, Ac,
wiih the appurtenances. As the property 'f
J. If. Robenold.
Also at the same time and place a certain
hall lot of cround more or less situate in the
Bonui:hiif Lewibburg, marked on said Bor
ough plan, No. 3i:i, bounded north bv the
other halt of said lot No. 3 i:Jtea.t by Water
street, south by Lot No. 94-1, and west bv an
allev, whereon is erected a two-storey brick
dwelliiis houe, Ac with the appurlenances.
' , Plll,i. '
tract of land, situate in the townhip of Wet
IJutlalre, and county aforesaid, bounded north
bv land, of Widow Gross, west bv land of
John Millrr. south by public road and lands
of John Miller, and east by lands of Lewis
A i2v, coutainins forty four acres more or les,
whereon is erected a one-and-a-half storey
lo house, a log barn, Ac, wiih the appurte
nances. As the property of Georpe Harbeson.
Sheriff's Ollice, Lewisburg, Jan. , 18.VJ.
rpiIE well known Tai rrn Stan1-
I at the east end of the Lewibure.fcxA
Bridge, in Chillitquaque township, North'd
Co. It will be sold on reasonable terms.
Lewisburg, Dec. 17, 185S.
.iFor salr,
rriHE residence of the subscriber, on
1 Market sireet in the Bnroneh of.
Lewisburt;. 'J'he house is of BKICK, ell
finished in every respecl.
lerms one hall lo be paid between Ih.s
i l . ' t.
an(' lhe fist day of APnI n"li ,he balance
lo beJ,a!d In . ihree or five years, as may
5,11,1 lhe buyer. Possession ctven any lime.
A RESIDENCE on Xonh Third street. JrX j
it bein a Half Lot of Ground, wnhjj. j
XL ' hem- a Half Lot of Ground, with.
a coniioriaoie i wo-riorey dtick House, iraroe
u..kl. I '-tl . r . 1 ; t
.iiii-ir, e"uu cii ui aid, aim a aricij ui
choice Friti.
Inquire of J. B. M'LAUUHLIN, Agent.
Lewinburp, OVtobir 13, IS08. tf
i DESIRABLE Building Lot. 33 feet
feet front by 16? deep. Enquire of
Heaver, Kremer & M'Clnre.
HE subscriber offers for sale that Jarge.
new. modern built, double brick house.
nearly opposite the new Presbyterian church.
adjoining the residence of Ir. Hayes. The
house is bult in the best style, ral-prnof, and
well guarded againsl lire. A good Well of
Water, and Cistern of never-failing water.
Terms made easy, and will be known on ap
plication to JONATHAN KESB1T.
Lewisburg, Aug. 6, 18A8.
THE TWO nOO.MS occupied at pre
sent by Washington Hutchinson as a
Saloon. They are suitable for ! HOI'S.
For Terms apply to
Jan. 27. 1858, JOHN B. LINN.
MY Residence, on North Third ttrMt.
LeWlsbur?. 31 ft. fmnt. am) lnrlnH.nr
DacK Duiidinjr 62 it. deep. Basemenl, and
Attick finished. Every convenience in the
way of out-buildins.
A I no, a Half Lot on Market St., opposite
S. Hitter's residence, with a good Well of Wa
ter and new Stable ; very desirable for a busi
ness stand, or residence, (or both combined.)
Also, other Lots, some with and some
without Buildings. JOHN LOCKE.
Lewisburg, Oct. 8, 1857, i
. .
fTi i The subscriberoflerslo sell Ihe
4j'arffe Brick Foundry at Ihe west
TnviS3"u ;"ar"ei sireet, inciudin-;
-Ailhe Wareroom. ()rt1- ,l tk.
Machinery attached also a large amount of
rauerns lor raienl Kighls for Asnculinral
Machmery.Stoves, Ac. It is regarded as one
of the best locations for a Rood, sale business.
The Proprietor's lime is wholly engrossed in
another employment, which is ihe reason he
desires to dispose of this Foundry. Fcr any
further particulars, address
WILLIAM Fttlf-k- I.:.i
Are your Deeds, Kcrtgagcs, kc, Re-1
corded? !
I desire to rail the attention of the people of
I nn n county lo Ihe importance ol Hie sunjeci :
involved in ihe above question a subject upon
which very nnbusiiiess-like caieles,ness, in
some quarters, and gross ignniance in others,
larvely prevails. I will put before you, in as
shori iorin as possible, the Law on ihe subject, '
and then oiler voii an additional inducement
a reduction of the lees now allowed by law,
diau, as well if made without the Male as
wiihin, if Ihe lands rhaii.nl lie within; all
deeds of county commissi,, i.crs ; all assign
ment of mortgages ami powers ol attorney
authorizing their satisfaction ; all receipts lor
taxes on unsealed lands, and f,,r money paid
for thf-ir redemption ; all contracts concerning
land, provided they be in w ruing, and wheth
er uuder seal or not.
The Time of Rrriirdln: Units.
That all deeds and conveyances, which from
and afi-r Ihe publication hereof, (March I.
17io, shall be made an t executed within this
province, of or concerning any lands, lene-
inenis or her-(iiiaiiieiiis iu llus province, or
wherebvthe same may be in any way artecieu
in law or equity, shall be ai knowledged byone
of the grantors or bargainers, or proved by
one or more of the subscribing witnesses to
such deed, and shall be recordtd in the i tliee
for recording ol iWds in ihe county wtore
such lands lie, wntttn ur nmnth tifitr tie ix
ecutlon of such dieds and conveyances ; and
every such deed and conveyance so made and
executed, and which shall ,o be proved and
recorded as aforesaid, shall be nrljuilu'd fruu
dultnt ami nmt i.-giin- ant ini..foiiew purchaser
jnr vtilutible etmsttltrtitii'it. i li.s such deed be
recorded beore the proving and recording of
the deed under which such subsequent pur
chaser claims. The Law is the same with
reference to the recording of deeds made out
of the State, conveying lands within il.exctpt
thai ihe time is extended tn one .year.
Or the I'.eeorillng or Murlgsgrs.
No deed or mortgage, or i!e!eas:ble deed in
ihe nature of nioi iga-fs, berealit r lo be made,
I May 17 lo,) stoill tie good or sufficient lo
convey or pass any Ireehold i r inhernance.or
lo grant any estate therein tor lite or ears.
unless such deed be acknowledged or proved
and recorded within yix iwrnths rfltr the ditt
thTtij w here such lands lie. as hemribeicre
directed lor oilier deeds. All mortj;ae slia l
have priority according to the date of record
ing the same, without rerard to the tune i f
making r executing such !feds. No no-rt-zm
shall be a lien, unt.l such mortgage shall
have been recoried, or left for record.
The propositi iltdurtlon In llir Fret L thl:
Instead of I' unl lets one cent for every Un
words written. beide the rcriiticate, 1 J cn s,
and the lax, fto refits I will charge, upon ev
ery paper left for n cord fr the space of thrre
numtlis from and rrjttr tha dufff one cent f r
every ttctnty wtir U written, the other cots to
remain the same as by law, rrserving the
ri&ht to demand and receive the 50 cents tax
invariably in advance.
C.KUKtU: MERRILL, Recorder.
Recorders Ollice, l.ewisburg, Jan. 4,
DR. IHlIs' IIITIIt ll lli:, or
In oniTeoilentt 1 t' T tbr ! of ?rr-ful anil all chn ni.
; d M-a.-m ; di-taMr i f t Is- l.itt-r, h.liiti ai.I Jlimi'r;
Jautnli'-e, I'o i -v. l;r'-ii-lntt..lt.r nir i'onuli, Ttiriiat-ml.
t till IT if lii''l. llMlJ.Irllt Cl-tlMlIUl'lK'U, N(-ur.-'lkiii.
( liri im-aD'l luf.atnntorv lUif uuati-m. t'o-ti IImI-iI.
Sik lli-xtarbt. I y.-( liizziiif-. t,tTi'ii' Af!'Tti..ii-i,
t'hrtmir S rtilulru ?"rf Kt-f an-! Krii.t bromr i.!n
lular Kiii;iritnin-rit-. Vi lutr . hiti,. tti nod oltitintf
t k.-rn. Wtrrurial rin-rnJ Knif-ti"iis Vt). Swrlim:ii
of ttit" ItttncH, .u u- Kiitmi: L h-rn -t ihr Iwi-. .Niwin-I
t ip, M.1istsi( fchli. r I Ire" ft thf - Uli.. T. I JHI-,
ThroiU aiitl S-ll faint-. T-iti-r. Carbs-r'a IttU ud a.; Oi-r-n
THf Mtiv. atel all I in .. ari-itiir fr-in an isi
; ut m fci t, uj liit su.".'i, tir llitrr btrriUiiarv, a-iuirrJ,
Tin !rr.-at popularity whi.-h thi Invaluable r ntv tia
attained in lwihk to itf u trnif uit-n:? ni'l t. tl;- rt..rin
of it pr.ij.ri. t r. It i U-.-.1 by t!lrn.M: at.. j -i. i;,i,
thn-Hi:ti.'Ut tlif ri'iintrr. b.iTirz l!t.r-r.l Hi Wi-ul-r t ul
A I.TLKATH K AMM I i:.TIW; aSt-iU in the tj.ru.us
rli rx Me ui"it-!. ili i.t l li. -:tiit- I-. r-'-i'iiiuvitii it a? a
tfrf. 41 i R;rr Miff t. tide lr.l'aiL Uiaj be COOPul-
tfd on all .tii-f
Call at tli Itt-pot ard profurt riirulara n-ntainiDj;
larp- ma. ft tilt- nnt r--pH-i),i.if rtnit-nce.
j i:iiiiii:ls.
Ttir flitnr rf the !" . wm Pirnkn in th flV in j
tt-rm. m ttiat paj-r ol January :ilt. l-.-. ronn ri r
; Dr. iAiru i'-yttWtr-, ithii Ii rurt-d tiin ol Kripfj :
j Pr. PAY- IKPl FATIVK-WV art not in th, hal it
! of f.inm?i'hnu t"our r-a.lfr lh- n.-n- of pannr-: d- pu-
rativt-tt, ami in-i-truiu. ln-li may iap(.fn to t- a.iTt rn
in ,-ur rohimo!'. 1I:iTi1ii:, tnv(-r. u.--i! Ir. I'mvi-
tnt-dinn and lotibil it 10 bt n-ally pop of rxrrllrM
rtirotn-i (luatiti- I r KrvMp las f tnk crai ivaurt
in in mi. and ruuiuit-uiltug t)t lurative to utLrrs
Uhuj afltictfd.
itiu:i i iii.i.
I'lnlN.lrlpI.m. Atiufit.T.
In PannsrT, W.l, my dntichtfr. tlit-n in hr nmf tt-rnth
yi-ar, watt allurki-d mtli ltirlui;itiry nitioi. All
ltt-r joint were ntu.-h w.llrn. and h iulTerel tle mo?t
exciurutitifi piiu lor three niotitliK or mi re. I mlied in
a phyr-it'Uiu. bo triititiut d to attend her ttti ut any
iniprt'Vemfnt. i-tt)Di; much diM-oura-ed. 1 eonrludtd
to try lr. l-trit H'j urutnf, t ti- tir.-t lUtle f.n procu
red a driiied lianut- tor the bettt-r. s-U rontinuid the
Dlrdl'-ine t r fonie time and it rTe-teiI a rteet i-U!e;Mie
hai n maiut d !n-e 1 Htit-uniatim and b r lteaitb gtjd
ever aiuce, Uiug upward. vl two tt-nrn.
Mill. M THOMl'jii.X, I
No 11 liuuhm-ont.
throat uilam:.
Tlit laref eta of .liM-ajM-f, inrludinic Vlrrratinn. In
ftamiition. linnrliial lrntatu.n, 4c.. t. u t Ui ct-i-!-
lully trt-ntt-tjj It the uw of Or. iNiii' i ruratiTe and lr.
ltata'llinat Aifliration. Head the following taae of
pdy cure after Jonj; c ntimird MifT.-riiif: :
.5l loWO. theater 4o Julv 2.
Aiiout tivt- etir a;:o I ait att.ickeij with a iiiV?n rT
th ttm Nt. hn h -ame ro prjitluullv, t ut at troit-n wh. n
1 wmld uk(rffil I In- pain ami utl.rinit would t- wry
iti-lri-tiiti. iri-fDiiiit-tl witti Iohk of Tout- u mrh an
txttut tl.at I ruuld r-t r--ak atfc a vhprr. The ill
rnntiuiifil cftliiij; nrM. notwiihtaii-linic I wan
undiT Ihr mxliral trt-ntmint of four ilillcrrtit ('hvittrinn
Hfrt-nnrc alrniril :il mv n njitn-n, 1 -Drlud-(t to iro to
t'bilatlrli'liia ni 'l consult you, wtiich yon rt-MIrrt 1 JiJ
In tli winter of lsM, whi n you r-ronitn'iilt-(l air to taktt
your I'epuratitr: rd I? lhe um- ot fi ur t-ottlf-n ot tt. in
roniifxion with your throat n j lirniion. I wait enttrelr
rutvtl. inil huTe n maim-d wi ll. It i." now morr thau a
T-kr tiiice the cute m -l!rtr(l. l;-rttiillv. Ttur
frit-nJ, SlAlUiAltKITA V. Rlr-Ilii,.
Tlil.4i.AT Al'H-K ATIoN bt ul.l a-ron;i&y tb Ih-fnr-aliT
tn of 2-crcfulou. L lct-rt aiiil I kt-r. Ac ,vt tae
lb mat.
tVCall on the Asents. J. BAKER A C'O.of
Lew.ur. and prorur; Clrrulrn. mntaioinit large
J. ItAKKK a CO. Arid fr tnion rvUDty. T
in -, niriirr- m isfiT oi i ne uieuinn.
uhi i..iH.miv m t hs lWnrilrn1.
All I aienis iioiu me n y.'t -i iv-V. ! it" .Vs'il
Heeds ol .sheritis, cor. ners, n.ars.a"s, and tff 'rYcKrjT$ ' ' -O
treasurers; all deeds male in pursuance of l A JJrvj5'
a oecrce ol any court; releases evidencing the s, ; ,: "-J-fj '
payment of any legacy, or given lo anj exec- (, f y ;J j-H t; I ,
utor. administrator, assiein e.trustee.or guar- lif.- S'XQ-? fcJnsfc,,,eJ
AdllllnialraforN otiC r nmnlv In th wnrtd. a 9 ita-rr
T0TK E is hereby given, that Letters ! .'' '
lll-..KY III .iM.MiLK, late of llanley Tp, 'r.mi ll litu, ,r, yj iu, tim. Ii t
Uniun counlv,ilecil.riave been granteil "lo the w w'tl n r-'rl'"i.,,.i .d thnofandf
umlersignfd by the Kegisler of I nu.n ci.univ " to """ d"fDl "rtD"-
indue form of law ; iherefore. all persons in"- oD??n'i
debie.l lo said es.aie are requeued to make I j, , , Mtk kM , Imi,:..
immediate payment, and those havinanr juM , Ivbah t tn.r.
claims are alo requested to present them le-' The Mltr Invioralor
gaily auihenlicated lor seltlemenl. j l. A sriKSTirir mkdical DIMovtKY. .Ml i,1r
I'HAUI.tS P. F.MEKV, I working rurv almoht lim grr.t lo hl.-.. ll rurr. M '
Hartley. Jan. IS lSia A.liit..w.r-.t.. ' r 'r nl ytrina Vn.ftf..nilwl.l. rt"
nirurj, jan. i, isjm Adumiistrator ,h, , ,,!, 1015 f nil
' t'omi lmat. from the wr.t Jtiwdtcr t-r ly'T,fm 19 9
HOUSP RtJirnPRQ I r,,BlU,"n Htiduduy all of which an Um iti.O c "
TAKE NOTICE! The undersigned are
appointed Agents for the sale of
Doors, ItliiiiN &, Window Sash
of all sizes, made of the best material. All
work warranted. IVMade by L.B.SPKOL'T, :
liughesTille, Pa. and for sale by j
67 F H CALDWELL, Lewisburg
John B. Linn,
A TTORi:V AT LAW Office at
il bis ttuue on Market St. bet. 1st A. id I
"8 Lew ittburt;, I'a.
at JOS. E. Hint's
Hat. Cap and Cl.UTHlSG lore -forn.ee ly ,
. 1 j
lJ A lot of FINKTUtNKS for sale at lhe '
B ami Sh. e estallisluneni of !
Jan bih S3 JAM IIS BUOi'T. i
William VaaGeier,
J t4r Irbursr. 1 lllon Co., Pa.
I"? Kliice opposite Kliae "oiel 5j
The Great Ambassador of Health
Th wf;t r.f a rtftrg m'ti-injil U- bi th V.U mat
jitu ti. r J . miR- tii'g rli-u iMiu.wntty. su.ij r,DV
t-i:!:rt fn Irmn i:-rJ ii1 o:hT liiiili-ri- hp prx,i
wn .t--r 'y f II Mil it i all j.' i-rf nl ii:ti in. QB.
r'l iiji1- or:-l : ll LLf u i'mimik
l-t u, rl,.- i'i,i-ni'.iji Krmii-r I I nati i.g. T.i
tr.loOt- i. it, vt t tr vi WfU ( t rr : tl.t-jr tfiittn
mx it I'.'il i f tfci- f.Biijiaiiir, ami lhu ty r-HioiB
tli- t 'J-n ruk r.f ilt-t &j-r mm iir"r! tii rttf r lh
Jr- ; ' ; i.rc" f,f tti" ey-t- m. a-itiiiT nature M bC
t-fli. i-f vii tL aii-l FL.fiii'Sitr ftt- tviii'.s.
T?if nr'-t 'n tirri- r it.i- r. iitii.s-t f y't-hS Rlck tc
r r
I tn T(iir(f r no n.aitrr in ),(
.. . tln 1 v.Jr f ilt-i r.w rxhlf .1 it-,' !.,
h 1 . n- .it . unma g triai 'l) ct it ttvm lL
tli lil -U Ui.
tyt.i;.i. I n.u ity j.xr nEjKXEt.i
I ci m t.i. r u . 1' tn "t t-( ir.. and ail ttb
rr l; i ' !ii n;ire : itr. :n ! (-il.rr tiijri;auiilif a tf
tt ... f' -t. HI. llil-h UB'I'T tn- r: t-.;irttl!tf IIiftubC tit
tl.i ki. jt.W' ilul alitor; tir wl ill trrt-iit tttmSj.
i:tl.I"i:s J'f''l:lil:s.
T). j-tpi r 'i:iii iioi n-l ri l.t f t iitmn r f t hil is
f f r ii.i.' i:f iii: -rliino th b-ailh el tin- fcunvtuy
fr ;i in, tin- Mi'l I'lii- U- Hn -Ii' .1, xi'f. th-1. il'U n
i.f th" iu j i it tiil i-i tli-r ail tl. tluiiS in rr
t: I.. urr Hi.t t; i i . i if-aiiMi je aud ir u -..il Xm v
'"A' r r n a i. is.
ftjf'UM t ii. lb tr n.-i li d' ' f rtro
i rt r t n .i t !1 o tt'vVuf n lui-'iv. mt.ktrtir Buj t-r !l sir
n i ,; tut . it rati t- tfkrn l'li f' 1 in Si, 'vri'diraJ
-!l.er iii.-Mynriiz.it :uu ili t fln t i a.i t ut Biuacmous,
t .XKrWTFU Jhf'.
TI t-t:m' n "I i uuai.in.i-u-: bf rn to tfc
I I. .-it .to: .1 tu- i I hi r- u ;. nr.:IB
r: 1 i" in !: y 1 1 .u; !l -' Uftf b ar M;ttitU llm Ba
il, tn tl .. n -n . t ih. ir tiitiiL..-l C'rili.
H-ll'.w I'ilis art t'-t ltt rrmi)i 1 n'-wn in (V mrtdfer
A -tl.na It. j-v Jnw!rJ w-anoaa
l .ii.f.s lBiIi"'iii laintf Ikiicm cl i-iriia
t ..:U- l.tiT lil AttlK I'nrP
('ii.--t di-t-fi. l II. : .In. 1 r ti.n m. ltrav
1'i.Miifi.i ln.i:L-. -ih a S-r i.-iatn.;i mt
1' -t't i .ii JtiTu. t. t-r- a. stllrti' i
Iirrl. i
tm.i M T!iN
U- .my. Xrn- Yuri .
f. r M-'il- iu vrv
h'i w.' n," art- Oiti t i m a
I, at ct Hi U-ok if .:irnirt
: llif Minji-Dta I ;:n: t a
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Artv Fall tnital :il ti. M iiiVH
1IIEAI' UfiOT AMI Mint M'l'hE.nnt
door lo linker C"o" 1'nic !orr. l.ew-
imiui. i a., vhere cuay te Kuud a general
a-.M.irluieiil of
Ken's, Ladies', Kisses' and Youths'
I'm !s. Mil rf, liant-r?, liuskins, Sippers c
ot ihr liitrM M!ts and tri qualiiio, ieVcip..
mill rr.-at care and at t'ah Prices hirh
will be sold as low as ai any. place this site
ib ne much I wt r ih.m the oM price?. Thank
tut tir iai favors, t wiil etnieavor to merit
your lurlht-r cusunn. S't-pU lho
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to fird Mine r-tndy, wherewith to coonttrad
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cause of the dieaM et-
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from riiing o4
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Ms I'nl ne lttle i fg meHfd to throw nut rf
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limuf(; or unnataral rol- Q or frrm th k!ii.
j urplo.-e lak-n a ihrti t:m ltr. .t-
to the ai-p. tit., and niakf.od 4wt m.
- Vnr thenti-D rej-t-aT' d, rora I'Bi-vr Pw
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'nor two doen rurt' s. attackji rtni) t Wotslt
In I hi!.1r.-n- thr. ...... . .r,d m
, eacd Liter.
PANHHID A Oil l'n.pri.li.r.,;Ui Una dT. S
.ml ri-tKili U tj .11 Orupiii!.... mlil .l,o It'
!; 1 . S. ALM KLL. U'whburiE. P
P2Ti0 kel Hs)oksadolherari:f '
f lhat kind on hunnr ti.tirdrr hv9
I.ewishure Booksinder, I H: STiHi.
VKE just opening a Taried and eiienji"
a-ssonment of UiHUlS adapted to i
wants of the community and lo lhe season"
which have been purchased so as lo enal"'
them to sell at prices thai delV competition
Call and tee .' B. K. M'C
Lewisburg. Sept. 10. I85S
.wl to yT Wntk ttxl l'lr'"
uiX '
oo h,,u.l lor ky M. fHU.
Parlor NOTf for t
4 fiOOI) second hand Parlor
V 1'iit a short lime, lor sa' chr''' t
iun al tlic-fhr. aide" -Bii-r- T '

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