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" - - - - ' - - - ' - 1 SPECIAL MTICEB
Wednesday , August 21, 1K0T.
f V will think our Madera for oil Inrai occur
tencealn their Immediate locolllln. If Ihry no 1101
d.slr. to write it eoinmuniration for lb ulilic cy.
tt them saed a brief statement of everything nf
tftartet in Ibolr respective coinmiinllie. A list cf
narrinfup. deaths, Occident, Urea, removals, busi
ness changes, dt. f will put them In form. Tim
town fact of ilila kind wo can act llio lienor II will
uil ua and our reader. Who will do it t
To ABvcaTi(1t.--rcra.itia wishing advertisements
Inserted, muat hand (ham In early on Tuosduy morn
1 ng to Insure their Insertion for (hat week.
ar TJio accounts of tlio firm of Jacoby
& Sui'MAN as far us Mint out for collm-lion
ttro in the hands of the following person :
Mifflin Timitidy. Zom II. Hetlkr
Jiertrrr. HllNJ. ZlMJIEIIMAN, V. M.
JMMV--U. J. Cavvhki.t,, I. M.
V.aiitwi'jitit. Stephen Uai.dy.'
Itbtttfiignwk, Uvntr&Ua; aiUl-.hhhind.
In Su;.lrlo-til'TotrtiNiiil, bills fwmllrotion
tinvo heen placed intiic nanus ot juontoo.m
fcrtY Cole, to wliom pnynicnt is roriuostcJ
10 IMJ rmwitj niiiiu tuiiiiuni cuhyi'iuiiuci;. . .
In Scott Towiishirr, all liorHrfus knowing
themselves iri am-nrs (ot Rttbscrifrtion, rrml
dvertishig, to lire I)K5YffcftAT, trill please
Yuake Tiayuiomt w iJohki'ii jILI.ey
Jlenton.A s i el 11a htm a n.
Vravgc.y icYiX Vx K m.T'.fi.
MaiV'mm. William McNincii.
cmocA. Daniel Nkyiiakt.
Kohnhuru MathiAR M-. -Applcfn'ah.
SOT" Look-nut for cheap roods. Browor
lias gone to the City 'for Lis Fall stock.
. . .
B. Flour is Milling at Willi'.inispnrt for
$12,00 pet bf.rtc! and nt Lcwi.slmr" for $1 1,
8SffTho Baptist Sumlny School, of this
iilace, held a l'ie-Xic in .Snyder a Grove on
Monday last. It a crcdituMo nflalr.
Tho Democrat as a medium for giving
imblieity to Fannsalrd Heal Estate offered
Tor sale, among a class of people Laving the
ineans to buy, is not turpat'.'ed by any ja
Jior hi N'ort'ierti Pennsylvania.
ts$f W hat do tho people of this County
fare about. lr. John's pas in his paper each
Nreck. fiimply nollimp. We can occupy
tmr pac9 with more imporlant mntter than
writing editorials to tin's eo)'-eoneuitd and
bigoted advocate of Uwi. liutler and like
IWu Wo noticti-from otir exchangor, that
the kite rains Imvo done considerable dam
age. At certain points tho Suic!ttn:i
ond sumller stroatu are rapidly ovcrflowinq
their banks and carrying away fui'-os and
Biuall bridge Some of the railroads have
wtffo'rcd, but travel has Iwcn but little inter
fered with. T!e nwils t(id toot arrive at this
plae ou SatUrdAylasl iii consequence, but
tame tip all right on Monday.
Pkath ol' Ax Ac.F.i)t'mzi:N'. Mr. Felcr
I'lirccl, ohe of the tdder citizens of Hunbiiry
rlicd ot hi rgidi'inn r, Sundwy -tiiglit, fnst,
nftcftt liHgvrinjr c!itint'ni?iit lo his bed,
apparently (Wasinned by old njic. Ito wfts
In lira 8"t!i year, and iias resided in this
pkee lbr Upwards of -it) year. One who
has known him during all this time our
Venerable Judge) Ale:;-. Jordan informs us
that ho jived the life of a chi ihlian and died
the death of the righteous. -Xorli'tl tbituh
Moxky. Wo know thai moiiey is thjht,
nt lea.stcvrry body nays so ; nevertheless we
nut Imvo it, and theivforo ndmonish our
friends indvbted ntthiRom'co, that their fur
tlie'r delay to pity Up, will seriously incoiivo
tiienco Us, We hope this honest' hint rt ill
Jiroduco the desired effect. If every sub
scriber to the frr.MocitAT would pay up, and
one year iti advance, wo should be able to
rwic tua liara lite ot a newspaper editor in a
differant light. Now many will remplv
We shall sec 2w,
-Ti!fcSKCoxTKUM of tho B!npni3
burg Literary Institute (in the now building)
Will commence on Monday nrxt. I'rof.
Cauver is completing his arrangements in
and about the building so as to bo able t-i
open this Term under nioro favorable cir
cumstances than ho did tho first. Ho un
derstands his business well, and will have
things about him in the right, shape. He is
n capital Teauher and the students hero
Iiafe long begn to show it.
"IWt forge t the Harvest Home Cel
ebration to bo held hi Snyder's Grove, near
town on Thursday afternoon (to-morrow.)
A hirge gathering and a pleasant time is n
v ticipattid. Dinners and Suppers will bo
served upon the ground by tho Ladies, in
the best of style, whicb can bo had at 50
tts. a meal. The proceeds of which to bo
jg.case tho Weather is not favorable on
Thomday, tho Celebration will take place
on l&sfoUowing day, Friday,
1 SCTLo Republican asserted that tho.
I negro' fcnglit shoulder to shoulder with
I the&lto. man at New Orleans, under
I Jaor? X Wo denied it, and called for the
1 proofaiino editor of that journal rel'ered
(g to NlU' Reuistku, but neither in that
ft nrV nAr"'tir Bnv resnnetaliln LiKinrv of 1 1...
ir of 1813 Is it recorded thatasingle negro
Jldior flrad aVrgun at the battle of New
lean, Doctor talks of "iguoraneo",
' Wiiti-: a wains", words pat to his pen
tttaUltp7yijfe flat. Wo leave the
mniljj upon tho subject of "ig-
" '" '"'"
" m . i ..".a
Our pa; , . fcas this week reached
frit r.i' j Nciini'.u the middle
oloma i i ienlyglvc Fifty iiuiu-
Option reserving no
s and one in July
'of our subseribcrs
'Wfor this year,
ng W
aonw i
rem am unpaid
"money. Lvcry
Rainess wo aro
Would extend
So. Lave yet
atween this
V their sub
ft3u Kx-Gov. C'urtin, Who has been
spending tho past few months . in Europe,
Las arrived at bis homo in Bollcfontc.
BOA. Tho Chester County Democracy
adopted a scries of resolutions at tliei
County meeting of tho true, old Dcmooratio
ring. They suit us exactly. ..We skall pub1
lush tlicdi in ovr next.
I Two of the Jurors in tliq Surratt
trial were cin)anneled for eixty-threo days,
and tho balanco fifty-nine ; during which
timo they wero not allowod to speak to any
person, or read anything but tho Bible.
'K3U Judge Maynard, now residing at
Kaston, V., intends rosigning his offico, as
President Judge of tho Northampton dis
trict, and resume the practice of tho law at
B?5l L. II. Funk, editor and proprietor
of tho Mt'lloiiuin died at Milton on Monday
last, aged about 35 year's. Tfto deceased
was a worthy and respected eiti.en, and lias
been connected with tho press for a number
of years and Until recently held tho offico
of Superintendent of State Printing.-'-Ax-
P3U pKiKi'tsox's MAgazinE for the
month of August is a delightful number,
considerably in advance of all others for the
same irnney. As a JadM Magazine wo
would recommend it f.9 being among the
rrrjf brut puhliduil, and certainly the cheap,
est Two I'ollar Magazine.
rr2- "! fear that wa shall lose 1'cn'nsyl-
vania this next election. T do not think we
have earnestness enough in tho State to
unite and draw out the Republican strength;
tho Republican portion of our legislature
has been so openly, notoriously and shame
fully corrupt-, that all the honest people in
the State are disheartened and disgusted."
lllAI). Sl'KVhXH.
Ef3 "Major" Delany, a nigger soldier,
writes to rtiy that his raco don't want a can
didate fur Vice-President in lSllS, on tho
Mongrel ticket. How does I'elauy know
whether lliey do or not? Wo think Delany
is a bogus nigger, hired by the running
onjrrcls to say what ho docs. Tho real
negroes do Want the Vice-I'rcsidcucy, and
they ouht to havo it. Shall not those
who carry IV'n Slates have a candidate
for ihc Vice Presidency ? Of course they
CJy Have you a Cou"h, Cold, pain in
the Client or Bronuhitis '( In fact, have you
tho premonitory symptoms of tho insatiate
archr's Consumption ? If so, know that
relief is within j-our reach in tho slinpo of
Dr. Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry which
in many cases where hojio had fled, Las
snatched the Victim from his yawning grave.
Bu The Ladies' Friend for September
lias been received. "Tho Village Doctor,"
nn expressive picture, is the title of the
Steel Engraving in liiis number of this very
popular Magaaine. For thrw dollar in1
fii'ty ecu i' 'advu'nci, ' wo will i-cnd the
DKMorttAT and the Lin!!' J'l tnul one year.
Specimen numbers will be sent to any ono
for ttraitif jii i: cents.
JSf Tt would room from what we found
n Monday evening's papers that President
ohnsini has assigned General Thomas to
the Fifth Military District, in place officii.
Sheridan who has been assigned to tho
Vpliitmcnt of Missouri, from which Geo.
faneock has been transferred, to that of
ho Department of tho Cumberland, in
lace of (Jon. Thomas.
ll.4s r.rpa trd that tho order to this ciTect
1! Ic issued this week. Phil. ShbridaM
ought, to have been removed from u com
mand entirely.
These men calling themselves "(.'tin
sei'vatives," prowling about the eoUiitry,
will soon haVo to liilg the ricgro, or titrrt in
to the ranks of tho old regular Dfinneracy.
The Denioeratic Party are bound lo adhere
lo her atlc'cnt landniarks. I'hey aro sitis
fioil with the Old parly priiu'lples niid name.
This thing of dividing up tho old Demo
cratic party mid ('renting a new oiifc odt of it
in part to suit the whims tir fancy of certain
Wily politieiaiiSj is not goin to bo dlno.
Hence theso "t'onscrvalivcs, " of tho PhiU
ailelphia Conveutioti stl'ipo Lad better fall
back whero they belong, iu!d beharo them
sclves C (lorertior Geary, upon learning of
tho nigser victory in Tennessee, ordered
a salute to bo fired at the expense of tho
Suite. It Hcems to us that decency, at
least, under the circumstances, should have
prompted him to buy powder with his own
money, . Their patriotism, however) Hover
takes money out of their pockets it only
puts it in.
teT A Western paper thus hits offn Into
and popular fashion : "Tho attention of
the police should bo directed to Pant A.
Loon. He's tight on tlic streets dail aw
ful tight." Any number or theso "tights"
can be seen daily in tho titrects nf Blooms
burg, and they aro turned out from Evan's
Tailoring Kstablishnient,Main Street," where
everybody can lie "suited" very cheaply.
My Hon Jesse D. Bright, for many years
I "nitod States Senator from Indiana, hav
ing several years ago removed U) Kentucky,
has just been elected to the ljcgislaturo of
that Slate. Ho was expelled from tho U.
S. Senate in 1802, for being a Democrat,
and refusing to endorse tho John Brown
WHO" Sumo of our cotemporaries seem to
think that the triumph of their cause de
pended, like the fiite of Jericho, upon tlie
amount of noise made in theso days of re
fiiieineilt aml luxury, au article of real in
trinsic merit is noon appreciated ; hence tho
unbounded and unparalclled succossof Plan
tation Bitters.
This remedy Las over and always been
found reliable. As a gentle stimulant and
tonio appetizer it cannot bo excelled.
It is no doubt a sovereign remedy for
Stomaehie disorders for Dyspepsia, Liver
Complaint, and in stimulating a heal
thy appetite.
Maonoua. Wateu. A deligLtful toilet
article superior to Cologne ana at Lalf tha
price, ,M, , " 2 w.
C. C MaRH still continues to sell
cheap goods at Lis stand noxt door to our
office. IIo sells a good artlelo of Loop
skirts at T5 cents. ?hey aro going off like
Lot cakes. Every Jady wantt otto, Ho Las
just replenished Lisstwk of goods generally.
Givo Lim a call. 1
ict....t i,,.i,i en i?.i
1 10
.'.."."""".""!.'"" 1 (XJ
Corn, "
Buckwheat ,f
Onto, "
('lovorsced "
!!!."!;!!""""!""" 70
7 x)
axsced. "
.... 2 50
.... 2 50
Potatoes, "
Flour per barrel
. 14 00
Kiss nor dovsen
Tallow per pound,
Hams. "
Slunilders, "
Hay jier ton
.. 12 00
The public aliould lienr in mind (lint
II. W. tit 12 AS Y ti. t o. .
tmvo ennatandy nil Iidrt J
All kind, of giiod Y.nnda, CMBAI' for raali or coun
try (iroouctt.
II. W. rjlP.ASY tCo.
I.lflil Plrao't, j ily 10, 1S07.
(Inml itxiriiini, Siuira, which way Willi JAur
lUiidiu. ttr wini f
On my way Imnio, alri lluvo ri rua rnr my
olil wnmiin to apin;
HVIl Hiiiiria, H il la n fair 'iletioii, nlii-redid you
j!t piirilma Hone an andli (
il. nl VHiirfa raciury.
Wlinrc i tlim t
Near (irinnii.'villi,i I full von 11 iiayatn fl carrlirtr
done iIiti. Vanr carila lor if cu. pur ll. if you
Inko aii'l Itrfni your wool. ifi hua rd limit IPa inn.
rnliif nml fl,tl ni'W tarda mi. l).Hifiiil nu It ito iionr
rnlla ire iimilii llir, aa liu la li'inliiis Ilia iii.t-Ii in a
niiii.,,r Una acnaniu lln ativa, lor an flr.riMiln,ol.'i.
Hun fur tlioai'.wlnliv lit d illrilmir.?. if lll'-y lenvn
Ihfir wool nl nillii'r of llm Mri an urdngcTiur, 111,1
aiiino will Im? n(in lil (o. Alan, their cloin Tur nil
l,i, ..olorlllw Htlil llriX.riitll'.
nvr -.'l ynra, rlnc.e Juno is-ll, Vanra tiAa Bfpn
a(rmtv in ilie liiiainua.. Willi one rcc'ilar nricn. Nu
uia ami itovvua in liia irica. Ultli mid poor nil
ai'rvi.'u nliKn.
I in loiy nuar Ormcnvilli:, in Ml. l'lcaanl Town-
hinp, ijuiumhin i.ouniy. . , .
Aujual, 14, ISIIT.
The P-nnrlrtor havint: reuH-nii'd and refitted
RI.STAl'KA Yd in Urn baeoiili-iil Of Ilia
lm wmild nioM M-KDn tfufly rdlrlt n rnnijiittarifi o
i li e yairtivHfo nf lild ntil i iiPtunit ri". and riinliutly in
vile ii.i! MiuitiMi uf uc.w Mii' lu hii rt.frckt.)0UU
,mm niici:n ovsruaw. rrirmi fish.
PtX&r&i Ihlen ilniM i'.i week, HAM AND
r.uun, num. iiwi.ijt,n.i, ncetoi
d7" (iy.iri rnn ho nurvLMl t'p to ciitMm'ri
inninrnU tutilrtt, til
tnruit tile ttidiua of Urn cnirllriM.
. , , LAiVSON t'AI.MAN.
niurnnslittrB, toli. 13, 1807,
628. HOOP BKIRTS. C23.
11 ... . . !"ni Uwx M.
I'li'lirnrlbt e'verv New hiiii lleslialile aim, Hyle nnd
imp i i'loiii nml Trail lioup r-kirtn, ti! si i -i -.'i.s
:i:i l. :i:t 1-4. a 1 3 3 4, nml I yinl n.unil e'ery
Ictli'til dud aiae
Want: 111 every hJicct
nnrl leii.rially nilpple.l lo meet tllb wnlt of Flral
l.'inse mi iimr fiiyliioiinlil'i 'rra,l..
"i.iilr tjUn Slnku." of l-iuop Mkiri. nfh Hciiter,
llioro ''hliilic. Ilior- illlrahlr. nn.l Itfnllv l'lii,nr ,l.n
any oilier lllrtku ot eilhor r-illtle or Donhlo fprillg
Skirl in (ho Aini lir.m larkit. Hiey ro H nrranl-d
in ev.ry reh,c.,r. nun win:r''Vcr iinruiliiceil give uu
vennl enii.i'iiMion. They nr. now being eTinn.ively
ny (.ridjii;,., mm uvury i.niiy ffiiuiini iry (11.11
Aak for
nnd ae. (lint each rkitl la fllniiiped W. T. Ilopkin'a
iiinnntarinrer, (its An 11 r-liect, riiiliiili-liiliia." Nu
ot'ii-ra are (ii-niliiie. ACnlnlouua eontalliina fllvl.
Size ami id-uil I'rirra, aeul lu my nililre.a. A Uni
form mill liliornl ,1 ir.i-r.il lit nllowed In lii-aler. llr.
di-rd by mail or nllii.-rv.itin, oroiiiptly nnd carefully
fllli-il. W ln.l. ri.it.r 11 11.I Ri i.-iii, at Miiniifnrinrv null
Sii'ii h'ritna. Nil liin Arch Street, Pliilnli liilil.-i.
nniria man. in oru.r, niinMjil ami repaired.
'iVriiL. Net I'aell one I'rire Onlv
March 0, 'li lllmn, IVM T. HOPKINS.
. OA TH 8 IS I) STKliirr,
Bsi.oosisstMii:;, ivft.
J. F. FOX, Pmprirtnrnf thia enliibllaliinent, wnulil
re.poriliilly in Tot 01 hie old nml new rusd r, that
h" line nverythiiig tliii-d up at hia new ainnd to en.
nhle him lo firiiili ilu-m wilh IlKKAU, CAKES,
AM) UiiNPEirJIONL'RlIM, a. bi-relolnrn.
it?" He hue inadn arililiiielnenta for lh. Bale nt
rteuti, wiiii m. hrneiiiiia, wim Keepa a tunicction
efy fintu UircMly puijliii
ti-llrrr. (.rrinil def J ring tread can bo uccomiiinlotii
l fill 1 iijii.
IT llr'rrfi!tr aTl hornnn. who Imvo bnrn furnliih
eil with Alt. iH8t?r liner, ami rrlt!h by tlio nlmlc,
H.-in, iir qunriiT unrrfit, will cnu upon iLtn
(Jll.MOKR, nl liis .f i!oiii iti
PhiteaV Block, Main Street,
wilr, UA hcon nutlinri.'i I liv th iiid''riffnpiJ in nr-ll
the fluiiift. lln kill not Mntl)' havn a oipitlf nn hniitl.
wjitr.H win 110 loiu ai ihc lowum inarKrt rnie.
Mr. K. Iihi. in rniinur.tinn witb Ui Hnkgry nml Con
iRt iitmory.j flityrl up rttotnafor tho illc nf
I Cf CK 12 A .12 ,
in nil tvHd mnv fiivnr him with Ihilr . eii.tnm. lie
ia nlan prepnred ti make lea rnu in larirn nuantl
Ilea lor pnrtl.a, public nr aneinl galheriuga. na the
rate in-iy lie. Etreryihitlg pertalillnt lo Ilia linn rf
bueinewa will receive ruruful dud diliseut mtentlrin.
I" He la tlmnkrul tn hi. euatomera for pant fa
vor., and moat cordially euilcii a corillnuaiien nf the
anm. . J. F. FOX.
April S, iei!7.
liight SU'ccI, Colmnliin Co.
Would ounotinet! to tlo citfxnt nf Ltijlit Flrrct and j
rer minincrv A Fancy Stored
wblrh ehe haa alncked wilh a large nnd n.w arl
nietit nr Millinery ami Feory Good., from lliuca.lcrn
mica, for llio Pprlng and Buuiiner Irudo.
- Her at.ck ennviat of ALL ARTICLES found In
llrat clnea mi'lliiery atnrea. er gooil. are the beet
and inual linnil.oiiiu in tlio market.
BONNETS mnde tnntder, and repairing dnnn wilh
neaiiiee and ileapnteh. All work executed In the
beat nml moat tuaty inanh.r, upon rcuaonaiile term,
Pnrllriititr nllclllKin la pnlilln rtreaa making. She
lm PA'ITKRNS nf every ricecrtptimt pnrtnlulng to
the Irmlo, uu bund and ibr alu clitup.
Give her n cnll-Htore in Wnrden' bnlldlng.rnom
lately nceupteii by Miae Julia Hhuur.
April DM, inn?: 3in,
II. H. S TOHMR , Proprietor.
1 ' . '1
Thlileanew aland lately (litedUptortlioaccommu
dalluh of the traveling pulillo generally, aituatcd (Ml ,
Main Klreel. a few doora abov. th Court llouan. on
what l known aa the "Rohbiaoa property." la
centrally Iwatorl in II town, 111 let plea.unt plao
for (.ue.te tn amn , be. id. being in that part of town
where the majority 01 tit buaiiiee I being dnn.
'rue proprietor meia i-onnccnt mat lie la prepare
to live g.norai eatieraennn 10 ni iuet, ana wouiu
oticit a lair pnruon 01 in pumtc perron g. .
pioomeourg, may la, Ivor,
Samvkl Neyiiaru, Colleotorof Bounty Tax,
To'amounl on Duplicato , $0,179 71
By cash pd. John IlillTrcasuror $5,832 52
" exonerations 223 03
" poreontago ' 123 50
in. I to ?4
I C. 21- D'7,!rTKatclIi Collector of Bounty Tux,
I ' 1 It.
To amount on. Dnp'iw? 7'4" 42
"J'-: . ...
By cash pd. John Hill. i.'OssurcrV J. ' ?
" redueUon of Pull Tas i,005 00
$0Mi 42
20 Balance on Duplicato ' 71M5 00
H John J lux, Treasurer,
15 DR.
23 To ain't from First National Bank
15 of Danville, (noto in Bank) S 10.000 00
u it.
By discount and stamps on first
discount $101 C
" ain't pd 32 voluiilersiit 300
each MOO 00
expences taking volunteers to
Troy and their subsistiuieo 317 00
" perecutago on $lo,00'J at) 00
10,128 07
BalaWc'o in favor of Treasurer $128 07
I) 11.
To Amount on local subscription Si,l5tJ 00
By ain't pd .",2 volunteers over S300
as per receipt 4,375 00
Balanco duo J. Hill, Treasurer S210 00
D K.
To cash from S. Xcyhard, Col'r S.i,S32 C2
(.Ml, liettncli,Uol r 1,070 42
L- Aikman hit on his
(x for ono year
4 11
. $10,513 05
By en:di paid on note at First Na
tional Bank of Danville 10.0(1(1 00
By cash paid discounting note at
said JJank 207 78
$10,207 78
)?ailanee duq Township fcisrjj
To eas!) on bond of S. (,'revelinjr SOO 00
Margaret Aikman 250 00
" " lvi Aikman 150 00
" Jer, Ilageubuch ..50 i
81230 00
Bycastt nil on hnndNtis per receipt S'l.l 1.1 01
" " " O.W . Ivlgar.cxp.ti) Troy 0 00
My iliseoiintoii d(Nio, iiotein l)an-
ville ialiiiial Jiank TO 00
each paid Cyrus CrevChnp, ex
penses lo UarrisbUrsr 27 73
" cash paid li. li. Tate, printing J 00
" L.U.Iiarkli'.y.titty lees 20 0U
Sundry persons us pur
reeeitits SI -1
" pcrceulagc on $11,97.1 50 M
Sfl.SS'J 00
Rallanee in favor of TroHsurcr SS'J O!)
t l:TUB JllWNSIIll', p H,
'l-.. i :i I il rtrt
j 'J juaiuiiii;!, .liMiiaii nu uuiia tr.ii; uv
J. P. Cre.iM' " " :ton 00
.). . liatienhueh " "U- int S.iii 00
J I.. V. Harlnii " " ,'iiio oo
" tJuui'l Creveling " " 500 00
$1,6S0 00
MAY 25. 1SII7:
Vi'c the nndi'i'siinied Auditors of Centre
township, tiiliiinliia Cuimtv, Pa. do hereby
il. i I . ' I- 'l, , ., rf
certify that wo havo carefully examined the
Ihrciroiiiir uiu-niinls. iiml fill,! (I10111 if. l.n ..nr.
tiF.Vf A; til tfHisnS'i '
OS':) 1 4.
An.tnst 7, 1807.
i vlli. . VI 11,1..,
Lettora nf ndniinilrntirn nn the e.lntn nt Oenftfe
llnrtlll-jll. lute of HenltTmvii.liin. Colniiiitla ('nunlv.
.-k.:-iTi,, nvn o'-rii khmihoi, ov mo uefftiiler or
I'ohiiiiliin Couiily, I.. Philip r. Iliirlniaii ailil K.lwn id
iiniiinnn. 1110 lonner reei'loig in rtrottaiid t It- latter
111 i.enire 1 own-nip, aatil l.nunty. All petaoilN hnv
in rlaiiiie oiiain-l 1I10 fi;tlte nf (he rii-r.eriitei! a, e r.
nuemed In nre.ool i'hmii duly amheiiilealed to 11,
tailiiiliithlfiitur. in til lh..;.. mui.i. ..til ...k
- ; - ' ...-.k. j ..vi.,,,. mil iiiiih.
iniiiiviiiiiic pnyineni.
Broil, July 10. IHiT.-t'iW.
for (ho rrmn(y nf Coliimhia : In the Hinder nf tho
.fliilo nf Peie, Ev.lnnd, (cci-aaed . And nowinwit
May Ihh !Hi7. the Uouit aiiiioint Elijah K. Ikeler.
F..'..audlliir, lu iiiiiko dieiriimtion of thn lialanr. in
the liiind.i of IV lor . Evclnml and John Evoland ad
mini.irniora. In and onliluBt th heir, and Icrilren
Mfi-iitalivt. Ily the L'ourt. Frnni llio reemd.
Jkm. Cui.eM&it.i:if,rlF
The dnrlimr abovo named will atiend to ihe dune
Cf bin appnliiiinenl. nl Ilia office, in lllooiuebiirg. on
"alurdny, July si, Hi at 1U o'clock a. in.
, . ,. L, , IKELER, Audllnr.
Honinaburg. July 10, IB07.
Fliiladelphia & Erie Rail Jtoad.
rilll.AllKl.rillA, HALTI.MORR. MAil.
I! IHItl.au, WIl.l.lAMSt'OKT,
On all Night Train.
On ahil after MONDAY. APnii. snili. imn ih.
Traiitn on (he Phiiad.lpliia 4c Erie Kail Ruail Will
.VAIL TRAIN leavra PhilnilHlihla. 7 (M p. m.
iioriuniutieriana nt a, 111.
11 nrrlvo ar Eri A nit n. ,
ERIE EXritKSS l.avoa Pliilndelihin 13 Oil noni
Northumberland (I 44 p. in.
. .... ' nrnvant Kiln II 4 n, m.
Fil.MtlM MAIL .envoi l'lilladellhltt . . S (10 a bi.
" , rinrliiuiiihi-riattd ,4 v,i .p. 111.
.rrlve nl l.,u. Ilnwni, t A ,.i
RUFFALO ESP. I.nvc Rallimnrii 10 311 p. 111.
V.rihiiinlicrland 0 0.1 a. in.
arrive at Lock Haveu ISua:ui,
MAIL TRAIN leave Erin . 1( a m-
" ' nortliiimhrrlond II 611 a. ui'
'arrive at Plillail.lnhii. 7 nil a. m.
ERIE KXrcES leave Etiu III -J.', n. hi-
Northumberland 6 0:1 a. in-
arrive lit PllllmlelnliilV I lal 11. In.
KLMlRA MAIL lento Lock lluviyii 7 II a, in.
Norihiiiiiherlanil lu III 1 in:
arrive nt Philnilolnhn S 411 n. m
L'K II A V. AUO. leave Lock Haven I .VI p 111,
" Noithuinberlnuil 5 10 p. m.
arrive at . Philadelphia Id S11 n, in
Mali and Expreea couurrt Willi nil trnina on
leaving Philadelphia at 13 00 .M. arrlva at Irviuuton
at 11 41. a. i., and Oil City m II ill 111 .
Leaving Philnilelplila ul7 3U P, M arrive at Oil
Oily at 4 :a p. 111.
All tiaiiia on Warren lie Franklin Itallnny mnke
cloa. connection- at Oil L'ily with train, far Frank
linand Petroleum Ceiiiro HAlillAOU CHKI'KEll
THKOUHH. A, L. TYLER, Uenoral Sup't Erlu.
July it, 1X07.
and fnr th County of Columbia : In Hi miller of
tn. petition nf yotm f turner, guardian nf thn peraou
and o.ialo ol Bnruh liiaenbneb. And now 10 wit;
May Hlh, ItluT, llio Court appoint WIHInni II, Abliot,
audit.r, tn report tact at tun next term, Ry the
Court. From the Record . JattaaaCoLaaiAif, Clerk.
The auditor above namod wlll.itend to tho duties
of hia appointment, at the nmea of l.aan J. Monroe.
In Cutuwiaeu, on Baturdnv, lh. third day of Angu.t,
at 10 o'clock a. m, V7M. II; ABBOTT, Auditor,
Laltawiaaai July 17, lbtl7.
; FOB BALD CHEAP BY vioim Kii1J:iM:S:U
4 V .1 n. w. sorbins."-
Dloamtburg. July 10, ItoT.
riTTrttjno, fmiun 4, 1800.
M'lin. Uttutur il. t ;'',, ;
FMtturg.Pt.' '"'
Oaara i-I tiilnk I am only doing iht pari of good
tf!laan wbon i taaiirV to Ilia irual PnS(a ratulvad
by mi from tha uie of your Slolnii'Jl Bltttra during
Ik la.t 9v yara. Sojourning for a lin? In on
reglona, in .ISfll, I had aavara bllioui'lttU1. which
In connection tvllh dyapapain, lea me in '; wt)11
eondiilon. I wee rlrieed lo try your Blttere, mi,
having procured a bottle, found that (hoy worked
like i charm upon me, tight pounda haying barn
added to my weight li the apnea of one oek , and
new life aaeniod lo have been infuaed into my aya
tein, ao much ao, that I have been induced to uia
them every auinmar nine that lira, At a toule, I
think they arc invaluable. . '
Tliia Buminar, having had a aluillar allack, (and
aa be fore, much reduced.) althongh under t treat,
uiant nf an A No, 1 phye Iclan, I waa again obliged
" fc'v 'a 1119 old Uiitora, and wilb (ha
' ,. ood .""( bavlng galnad ai iunda within
""I" - K..nj . i..ir j'.. kn..i . ,
few Uava. 1 Knr... " -,... - ..w
week, .inc., and fu.yo" """" "g'"""r "
Wiablng you evory aucceaa, I mmm,'!,'
Your, gMlofully,
Augual SI, ISD7.-4W.
IDE OK I1IUV, aupplica lh Blood wilh it Ufa
ELKMENT, IHON, giving trenglli, vigor aud now
life to the nhole eyatein.
If the th iftaaiida who are auff.ring from Drarsrau
ntii,i-ir,FcuLB WnKatara,itc, would but teat
Ihe vlrtuea of (ho PatCviAX Brniir, Ihn eSact would
not only aatoniali thnrna.lvea but wonld plena nil
thnlr rrl.ndti fur inaieadnfrnalingcrnaa, II gun"
mid nilurMo, Itlor Wonid b chncifill, VlforuQ. and
A distinguish r.'n 1'imisf wfttfEa fo a
I haVn tried (he Hcni-vun 8ur, anil to 'renin
fully aueiainl your nrrdictmn. It liAk ihn.1.
n.n ii iii, i nl u. oil into my eyxuui n.w vlgny and
energy; I urn no longer Irmiiliiue nnd dublliiaird,
......... .... . , ,lrDIHr, ncariu-r.
uud wilh liiriier cavacilv lorinbnr. ....i ......
Ml. Ill.l, HI lllllr lildu lh.. I..., M '
'S'taucaa'a ,lf Irrn rkivntd y ( a ji 1 rtm,rf
yVooi ml, lry tuff ring erraW re ttrciig. .taithf,
and nyi;,ii mm unit Hoinrn ; and invalid! eaaniit rcamn
ably kttuttteia a'"' il n trinl.
'I n. genuine ha. "I'khuvuh Sranp" blitwa in the
A J page ranipniM win he aunt Tree.
J.l UlNri.lHiKK. ProprleiVle,
AtO. 3li Urvril Mi, uv Vn,l
fluid by nil Pru;glal.
Aneecup.r, MAea , Oct. U1I1, IEG3,
Afr, (7c-rca rr;-llavin been nfflinr.lurt...
nu.ly for novnru' week, wlin a severe niMceea upon
my .iiin, I uei-il ei-vuni remeilies Tnr It eradication
iv ilhnul riiei'lvini any relief, unlil I annlleil .our
inlve. whtrh vllurled a api.-lii:y nnd perinailmil rure;
I llierefore leol happy tucerlify my conllilence in its
virtues. Your, with respi t.
, . JAMErt BEAN.
I cerli'y to ll:o trutlifuliteaa nf lh. above stoti-monl.
. . H- B. i(aaoan. M. D,
BETH W, FOWI.E fcPON. Ilnalou, Proprietor
r?o'd by nil Drueel.ta. ul -Ji euiita 1 lloi.
Aujjil.l il, ISir. -Iw.
Dr. J. liltYAN, Consulting Physician,
019 Droa-iway, New York,
PPKCIAL TREAT M EST In all ensea of eniiiial,
Beidrtl, L'linary nml Nervous Din-anus In anile or fit
miiln. Advice Free and correspondence atricily c.iu
Ailentiiil. I Jon. II, 1-1,7.-ly.
Pample sent fre. No capital retired. Ladies nr
(jcnileiiieiiejn earn Irnm $:l.uli lo 310.00 per day.
Eiiirlu.a atnuip.niiil sdilreefi
TKIPP Jr. CO., ElghlllSI., New York.
Jan, , IHti7.-ly.
The allocliona ofihe opposite sex may be gained by
following .Imple rulea, and nil may marry happily,
if desired, wilho it ref ird to wealth, age or beau ty
Scud directed cnvelopaoud stamp fnr particular to
Muilaiu LUCILLE lir.MARRE,
Jan.O, teM.-t;. ull.le lluiise. New York.
If yhti aro sufleriug fiiim tlieefTecta of Youthful In
iliscreiinfi and have Keniiii:,! Wenknena. Emis.lnna.
he., I tiill Miiiii ) mi. It,,, of chatgo, iin'ormiiiiort !
whlrh If fciinwed will hue you without the aid b
meillcllies. Address IIENkY AVHUKV,
J'lii. . l.fW.-ly. PlKtion D, Ni York,
)EAFNTi.is,ffijNDN ESS,
Anil CHlntrli, treated with the u'.tnrlst euccesa, by i.
IBAai.'R, '. fa.. UciillstauU Xiiris((roruirlyofLey.
deilj llnllarid.) Nd. 3l!i PINB ftuel. PIIILAD'A.
Teetlmoitlnte, frnni tile mSrt rellnhle 1,011 rcc a in the
City and Country can be seen lit Ms offico. The med
ical faculty are iiiviied In nrenmpany ili.iir pntieiua.
as i:u nr. nu aacrcis in uia praMlce All fit-II.IAL
EVES, insbned without rin. Nu chnrgo nr exam.
Ii'ntion. TApril 2V lmifl.y
A large f, pp. Circular, giving Information of the
grentest liupnrtanc. to the young nf both ai-xea.
It learhe how the Homely mny'hecntuo beatttifijl,
the despised reaj"rte,.l.ii.il the forsaken loved.
No yuiilig lady or gentleman' should fail to send
their nddroas, and receive a copy post-paid, by re
turn mail. Ail.lrne P O. Drawer, SI, Troy, V. Y.
Feb s!7 in7 ly
The ipftriQtico nf ihri t;ini tni years hm demtn
ft rated lh fuel that reliance may be placed in the ef
fltacy of
Bell's Specific Pills,
for Ihe speedy nnd permnnentciire nfgemlnal weak
neaa. Emiaainns, Physical nnd Norvous riebilily.ini.
potence, rr want nf power, lb. reault of Sexual Ex.
cess, or Youthful Indiscretion, which neglected ruin
Ihb happincea, and unfitstho sufferer for Busiunas,
Social Society or Marrlnio, and often terminate, in
tn untiitioly grave, Muka no delay In aneklHg tho
remedy. It la entirely vegetable and hnrmlct 011
ti.e ay.iom, enn uu u.eu w. ..out nt.ec.iun or ....or-
leroill. Willi uuniiiu.s piireiKiBiOilii nil cnuiige ut i.ir. I
ia necessary while using them. Price, One Dollar.
If you cannot gut thcni of your druggist, Bend tile
money In UK J, Bryan, 813 Broadway, New York,
and they will be abut ffce from observation by rc rn
of mail. ,
Private Circular to Kenliemen gent free on n;lpll
cation. Jan. B, 1807.- ly J. C. A. Co.
tf ynlt refjulie reliable remedy 10 restore ynti, find
remove frreguinriilcs or Obatriictlons, wily nolusq
Ihe best I Thirty years experience has proved. tha1
Dr. Harvey's Female Pils,
have noeCjun! fnr Removing Ohstructloria and lrreg.
tilarilioa. Nn manor from what cuusu they arise. I
'1 hey are iafb arid turn in every ease. Price, One
Dollar, per bnx,
Dr. Harvey's Goldeii rills,
ia a remedy four degrees stronger than tho above.
and lutctlilurl for special cnaea of long .landing, '
Price, Flvouollara per Box.
A LtrliU' Ptivato Cirtular, tvilb Engrnringa; ecnl
reo nn application,
If you en 11 not got lite Pill nf your drupilii, serlil
Ilia money to llr. J. Bryan, fcl llroadwny, New Yark,
and they will bn sent Iree frnm observation by return1
of mail: Jdn. 0, 18U7, ly.
Mndame E. F. Thornton, thn great English Astro).
ogit, Clairvoyant and Psychometriean, who has
astonished the teientiflc claSres jof th Old World,
has now located herself at Hudson, N. Y. Madune
Thornton nuasassea such wonderful powcra of seo
ond lgbt, aa to enable her to Impart knuwlotlge of
tho greatest Importance lu thn singlo or married af
ellliai eex. While in a state of irance, ah del I no-
airs the very features of th person you are to mar
ry, and by tha aid of aa instrument of intense pow
er, known aa Ihe Psyihon otrope, gunranteoa to pro
duce a life like picture of th future husband or wife
of the applicant, together with dato of marriage, pit
allion In life, leading train of character, A.c. Tbi
la' ao humbug, aa thousand of testimonial can aa
aert, Bha will tend when desired a certified certifi
cate, or written guarantee, that tho picture la , what
It Durooila to be. By enclosing a email lock of hair.
and etatlng place of blr'.ii, age, dltpbsitlon arid com
plcilon, and enclosing fifty cents and stamped envoi "
opt addressed t yoarsclf, you will receive the pic
ture anddeslred information by return mailt All
communications enciedly eonflilutiUnl. Addrexln
eonfldence, MAnAtytJ E. r. THORNTON, P. O. Bo
m, nuuBV. n. s. iw r viwiy
a i i M"" i '
' I. ..
VKllUHO JB lUUi' , ... 1
a .; . .
, ttlostan who anffi-rad for yar from Nroua
A t?'- ' r-r'iMiiir Umay, and all iba affla "f
Debility. trillion, WW. for llio a or aunerim
youih nil lao, , ,u0 to all who nee.it il, th rmip
hunianlly, aean waking III aimpl remedy by
and direction in, 'urrcrora wiaiiiim to nront by
which he waa cured. ' .cb do an by annreaalng
hi, a,lverll.er'a aiMrirm.T' . ' U. OUDBM. 49 Cedar
in perfurl conSdencu, JOIIi. Mny.U, 1S07,
atreot, New York.
- , YB, aeHd.nn
f OVELY0IBL8 AND FKHTIVE . -lllel.il
a . a.MpM.anif t,nlona and At eenta.and i ' ou.
f.l'.o.-'ie valuable Informational will plen."v
Adi';.'' MAttv MOOBB.KU Broadway, N.
May 16, jBt JY-
Tnninnv o 'AN 18 BTBENOTII. A gentl
1 J?., .h. .ur..d tot yeara Proni N.rvnna and
ri.nui'i n"i il. tlv' Kmlaaiona, and tfeuilnal
fjenltnl Debility, "flrbiiy hr , Bdl.creilnn, and
Weakneaa, Ihe reault of """ ,.. ,.,,. -hi.
i nenr ending hi dnya ifl ,n o'rieiffl let-
he .... of aulfering man, "' l l a
d, the aimpl nieaiia uadby hil.i. " "r -,..,
cur. in few week. Wler the fnlln ! r""3
mr ins aa.e or aunertna man, r .i.
lutuirin.a. tend dlrncled anvelop " " '
cn.i .nu nniniiig. Aunreaa, rii
lK V fcUX... -.Vo nMi.llcaatlon warranted to e'rl
-iiial atiaight and aluhborn hair nf either Vol
n. .- .luiivia. or nvy maeeiv curia. - Ilea
Into wav, ".liionabl.a ol r.rla and London I
been ueod by Im. .- "ulu. Hoc. no lutury lo
with llm mnat grntifyiii.'.)' ' "id ioi,i', gi,
th.hair, Prlc by moil, aniv.'n , -aSEROEft, '
llnerriiilive circulura imiil.d free. An'.!? - n-ruy,
miwnn & i;u Llieiuiati, No. 8SS Rlv.r St.,
n. I ., niiie leonia lur III Ufllieu oiutc.
Feb. in, 1SU7 ly.
From Mr. E. Tincker, Dopot maator at Salisbury,
' have been trnubloil for yeara witb a bad humor
Bomi-timee outwardly, aud aoinetimea inwnrdly,
Dtiriug the past euuiiner it niamfa.t.d itself mote
than uaiinl outwardly, and I used your naive. All
Igus of it liuvu sine, ditappeared. without allVcllu
me inwnrdly. indicuiiiig, 1 ibink.tlie eradiculitig na
ture nf ihe halve "
BETH. W. FOWLE. fe BON.Ro.tod. Prnprlolore.
Cnld by nil UruggislA at ti eta. a but. 8iut by mail
t rfcii inn i itch i
, U'ill Cure, The ltd, In 43 Hours.
Alan cure SALT RHEUM,, U 1,0 Kim, elllL
SO rents. For snlii by nil t)rugirils. Ily aeiidlng DO
cents to W ELKS Jr. I'OTTBU, Hole Agents, l70WaHh
inglnn Street, llosion, it will bn forwarded by mail,
free nf posture, lo any part of the Uni'.ed tjiulue.
June It, IH.il. ly.
The advertiser, bobing been restored toheaj'th In a i
few wneks by a very aimpl. remedy, after having
eiiHerod lur several yeara with a sever, lung alfec
lion, and that dread ili.i-uee Cuiisumiirintiia ansinii .
to make known in hie fellow-aufferere the tiiuau of
To nil who ilesire It. he .will send a copy nt thn
pre.rripi umiij i,ire.. in cnaige;. Willi III. directions
for prepairin nml using lliu niu, which they will
find nBDnCTirnrConsUMiiri'H.ABTii.it,. llennciima,
, ubuii., nu lornar. noil l.uog rtllectioua.
inn ,11117 tiiiirci ui in. ft,mn,.er 111 aemiing lite Pre
ecrintioii is to beueUi tho alllirtml. ai,J .urejil l,r,,..
in.iliiin which he enuceivc to he invaluuble, and ne
hopes every ull-ror w(ll .trjr hja roinmly, as il will
cost them pnlhin. and limy prove a blessing. Parliea
iviiiimg inu irerriin,oii, rnra, ny return 11111II, Wj
bleu.. oddriMr. REV. ElltVARU WILrtuN, Wil.
ilamsliuig, Kings Co., New Vork. May liU, l07.
A SubttUute for Calomet. .
Th Fill ara eomiiaaM of vat-low root, hariof
lh power a relax tb nentlan f IU Uvr aa
prompur tmi affeeUallr aa bin plU r laarearr,
a wrUwal prodaclng any of Ibeea dlsfribir
sngrm eCu vluak arten follow Dm m aftka
lo all bllloos disorders then Pills may be w4 w
onndmo. aa they promote lb discharge ml vttlaiMl
tile, g remoT thora obatniclbma tram lh Uver
ang binary darts, which are th eauM f bUln
fcctioD In geuonl,
Bedach,ndll dtoordcraofme liver, indicated by
eallow eiln, ecotM toara eosUreoesa, drewalneaa,
and general feeling at woarlness and lajslladc,
bowing thai th Uvr la la a torpid or orAractod
Ia abort, ibaa Fills iry be rned with adran
tag In all euoa when a purgaUv ot arteratlvo
Bediela I reoalred
Fleaao aak lor "Or. Bobenck's Hondraka PUla,"
sd bacrve thai tho two llkenosaos of tb Vector
nment stamp on when in th taal
liro ef CmsunipUon, tnl the otbarin hit tortmmi
old by an Druggiat tad Oa'cn. Price tt cent
per box. J-rbvripai Offico, No. U North M Btraea,
ruiade'.pbl, Pa.
tienaral Wholesale Agents! Demaa Bants dt C,
to Park Bow, Mew Yerki 8. B. llanos, lot Boltl.
Bore bX, Baltlinon, Md. 1 John 1). Park, N. K.
nr. of Fourth and Walnut Bt ClHianatl, Ohiot
Walker Taylor, 1(4 and 1M Trbah Avacue,
tThiaagat 111. 1 CoDls Brothers, aralbwal wrug
of Booad aad Viae Bts B. Louis. Mo.
. 44Miw.n.l7T.
y on bfiim'Liujf true."
MAfiAME REMINGTON, the wotld renowned
Aslrnloglst and Sniunanibulislii Clairvoyant, while
in a clairvoyant ttato delineates the very fenlurea of
Ihe person you are to marry, aud by tho aid of a
instrument of intense power, known aa thn Fsycho-
nioirnpe, guiranteea to produce a perfect nnd life
like picture of the future husband or wife of the up.
plicaiit, with date nnd marriage, occupation, leading
traita nnd character, etc. Thia la no imposition, aa
testimonials without number can aaaert. By slating
place of birth, ogu, disposition, color of eyea and
hair, and enclosing fllty cents and stamped crivel,
opo addreased to yourself, you will receive picture
by return of mail, together w ith desired Information
X3- Aihlreae in co ifideiic., MADAME GRRTK UI)B
BEMINflTON, P O. Btx 297, West Troy. N. Y.
Feb. 07. Iii!7-ly
To her country home, nfter a anjnurh at a few
month in Hie City, a-ae hardly recognised by h.r
Jn nf tmrMt Mie nltM
nnd g soft rub
uby eolnplexiofi of almost marble
inooihness, and instead of twenty -three she really
appealed but eighteeni Upon Infinity as io llio Cause
of ao great a change, alia plainly Mid them (hat she
used the Circassian Balm, and considered It an in
valuable arqiiisilinh lo any Liidy'e tollei. By lie us
any Lady or Gentleman Can improve their peraonul
appeafanee dn hundred fold; It I aimpl in Its com
bination, na Nuture herself !4 simple, yet uhsitpasa
ed in its efficacy in drawing Impurities fr.iin, also
healing, cleansing and beatifying the akin and com
pletion. By ita direct action on the cuticle it draw
from it all Its Impurities, klhd'.y healing tlie tame,
ahd leaving the aurface Ha Nutdrb intended It should
be, clear, soft, smooth and benutiful. Frio. $, aeut
by mail or express bn receipt of an ordur by W. I..
UI. ARK It CO., Chemist, Nu. 3 West Fayette St.,
Syracuse, N. Y. The only Americnn Agoma for tha
eale of the same. Fob 87 l?U7-Iy
Having secured Hi servlwe.or Mr. W. 7.oeh, one
nf the best binders to be found in (he 8la(a, we (re
prepared to furnish 10
BANKS, v . . . . .
aU othb'rt, with
nf every description, on short notice, bnand iri an b
style desired, In tha most subitaiitiitl manner,, at
rensoltabl price. .... , ,
iMngstinea bound, and old book rebound, at Naw
YV.'".!"'"'! . -M- u.. -.t,.-
llriiera leu nt tno onie. 01 iu-, pnper pnuusning
IhlsldverllacHient, or sent by Kxprusa, will brat
tended to and returned without unneeeesnry delay.
1. 11 1 ui,.
Beranton. Pa., June 14, lMT.-tf.
JRW1NE & 8111PMAN, ;
Sisn Painters and Paper Dangers. , .
Having had a long etperleaan In tha above kul-
nrss they would respeeilully oir.r their services ta
the cillsins nf Bloomsburg SrM- foiirroundlag eoua-
Sign Painting, Papering Oralnliif. vJlealng.FroaMig,
Alley, or at th ib.nj Voi'l'J:' s2' M2E"
DtuaBtovs), agiC.!'v. Snyder' Hard war Btore,
Mi.iT k MMimAii. OLtaadod tr
BIOMsfcrrr, AfIT, laT)' :
nUBEU..B.1TCU piN,TllBNT,n.(ll;,Sj
' 'S''imm r.i.KtaltM. . (
lUateftAW , BHEVM, . CUtTTllBNT.
J?V b' r.ilW'a.f'.:..d reg
Thee clm-if"1- , . - Q aredtl'r icrtl'y'M
ipaciBca, aa Ihouatnu. Mtilr.nio dealer-
roraal by all Drniini ''- iiOBABT.
fleneral Depot nl PINCllor. BBU . drcan
. Wholcjral. Tpruggiata, SI Cut,'"" ',l'' K .
Wlch). New York. , . VbU B
' -Hent- ny mail Itch, 40.! 0. k ' ,
4unv iwj' j in. w , i
DHouBBor-itE'nqr.i . '" '
wlif aur meena or rollaf. ." ,n. J. FK t iTl.tri
velmioa. fneor chane. ,..,,,iDhil v?
IHlUGtir.UN, Howard Aaaocition,t.uO.'"fi
June S, 18871.4.
I 'BLOQMSpURai'' '
' takeh some palm,(o repletllab
Th anbaerii,.. . . ad bn la huw preparoit
bi tock by eaahpurcllt... - ""';
Sell as low as any JScHlsr
'"''''"loaoreountry. . .,', ,
HI m.k. ,hifct ffl. ,yj2.'i?!i .-' J'f 'l'f .
gld to ... trtnU tU lb. tMhgSSJS
whether they buy ' ' '
- Uia atnek eonslata of lb bat.,rlll nr
alao nice aaanriinint nf Uryflooda and Hosiery'
and a full variety of rood, nf Ih. abovo claas, am?
of oth.r kind., in aifdilion tn which he baa rectotly
added lo hia .lock a fluu ai.oflineui of '
Injwhlch variety of good be bae eeveral netr
arllelea of iiiiiilern inventinn, exienairelly u.ed
where knowu, and which tnut comu Into us bera
He also bus a line supply of . . . .
French Moroccoes; , ,
and aisr oT ., Morocco.. . Lining ror clboemakar'
Work 1 an good aaanrtmeat of ;
C7 Cull and exauiino. '
.. . . . B. B. corner of Main and Iron Streets.
nioorasburg. April 10, IHti7.
J. J. BROWER, Cor. Main t; IroniU.)
Is now eBcrlng to the Tubllc his STOCK OP
consisting iri part of i fiilt line of
I.G!MI, 1V00L Ii.10 CARPETS.
Fine cloth and ensslmere for Ijdlea' coats f
Handsnino Oresa Dnnda of nil P.ilinrns and ipialiiie,
Helains and Print nf various uiMliiic and prices,
Uleached and Hrown Muslins, Ladies French Curseu
Coooi bssortment of Ladle ana! children.' OiKer
lld Bonis, ' r '
frosh Uroccrie and Splree. I7ew assortmout of
filasfl iM lacciisit'iirk
Ex-No. I Maeicercl in one half and on fourth Barrel.'
Nnw is III. time lu make vnur seleelinn. 1 .n.
offering aooil. at very low prices, and nor mottii 1.
fair dealing to all, and not to b undersold by any.
. W. . UUVW lilt.
Bloomsburg, April 30. 1807.
, FRUIT, NUTS, Ac., Ac.
Wholesale and Retail ticalors In .
Ezchanjo Block, Bloomaburg, Pa,,
r'RU c,'. WIUMYER.
Rloomsliurg, June 30, 1807,' . ...
tseV cisAik siioii;
Respeclfully informs th public general' that ha
baa opened a Brat-cla ...
in 'the Old Arrada njlldlnr, fover Millar' fftore.t
Dloomthurf, where he has Jual rtcelvcd from I'litl.
dolphin, a Inrse aeenrtuicnt Of
JBiircauaj, Stnnditf
Arm Chairs and Windsor Chairs, all of which he of
fers to the public at reasouable prices.
Hy Can. Seated Chairs plaited to order, also all
other kfnd-of repairing dune upon reaaonnhln lerme.
Don't fall to givo him a call and secure great bar
gain. Blooililbiir,1, Nor. ?. IBtC
'and for the County of Columbia : ia tb. mailer of
the estate of ELI AS DITTERICK. lata of Moatnlr
inwnship.de censed.. And nnw to wit: May-ninth,
inor; in. cuun appnini v.,u. nroraway, K.11., anailor.
10 make iliatributiub of tlie balance in the hand nf
John O. Quick. administrator. 10 and amongst th
creditor. By tb Court. From th record.
Jss uoLsxan, Clark.
The auditor shove mined will attend to tn niuilea
nf hia appninlmeiit, at hia ntliee In nioomabHr. on
Salurdny, the tweiuli .second day nf June, 1807, at ten
o'clock, a. 01., at which time and place all persona
having claims against said estate must present (hem, .?
or b debarred from claiming altar, in the aame. .'
C. D. BROCK WAT. Auditor .
June S, iec7,
1 - .
pRIVATE SALE or Valuable Farm;
The bmientlirnod vi lli niter his vslnabl farm at
private salb. sKuat. in Greenwood Townahip, Cnl
unibia county, three mlloa frnm Rokrsburg, Ihrea -miles
from Uillvillu, on tho public ruad leading lis
lllnmn.burg, cimlsining EIGHTEEN AND THHIiB
QUARTER ACIIEj, about one acre of Tlmle r land.
whereon arc erected a TWO FTOTY FRAMrf
linilP.. anil a PputnM KAMIf MSIUSI
l!!r neceasdry out biilldinga.
OL There la a rood Well of Water al Ih. door:
alto a good apple orchard on the premises. Th
land ia in a hish alal. dt cullivnilonr "
Term will b mad easy to die purrhaser.
Jsly I0,IE(7. ' : Urcenwood, Col. Co.
t S.OLLEDER'S ,, i
hoot Aivn shoe store;
On .Main Street, Bloomaburg. ,
f ha subscriber tnkea pleasiir In annnnneing lei ,
the people M Blomneburg. and vicinity, that he lis
oh band a large aad Bo assoiimnlof , . , , ,
for Indies and gentlemen's wear, to nit all fanei;
Ilia City work ia of tho boat duality, and lr"i thn ,
ntdst rellabl niarmfaciurera ', bo bulng a braeilijit
workman aaa agooauug. t . . ... ... ,v . - ,
h I hot likely to bit impoaed upon by neaivinr '
worthies malarial kadly mad up. P - r - . , i
Those dssinog tnytlnag In rial jinn weald do U'
in glv him a call, Sofora purenasiug elsewher. U .
i) .ji --v- 'V ' -
do 01) Article,
1 prloe to aalt purehaMre, 0 "., ,,., , ,
paraon. who dealn light or heavy wort aia4
er can ha accmninndatud ai hi '.'utkliasarL . ,1
Ala, repairing wll b.dootwuk m aad
Uh. .; .,, , .,1..... 11-. ."i .r.c.Ji;.
An eeagaal aaMrlmaM af Ladl Baring a 4 rVtsa. '
er Mw n hand. . , . . A. IWtLKDBlJT ;
Apiill.UW7i ... ' i 1 . w
-1 'SCtyRi&t&rifi: i tftwutJiiZ

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