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The St. George union. (St. George, Utah) 1880-1882, June 01, 1882, Image 1

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J .,5 C0nt; P6r AnnUn1, ,n . 1 - -t. Executed with NcatnesJ fl
JRatAdvertislng ; r , . ., ' v ; -L-L--. ""JJJ J A M fl
' I rfll'i;'V T.1 : ST. GEORGE, UTAH,-JUNE, 1882. No, 24, AoF. 1
j ' r i ,j q 'THIt ii n j y n ' '
i 'Patrons and riends;;r
j For .about four-
teen years I have . been en
'd'eavoring to publish, at.va
nous times, a newspaper, for
the benefit of the people of
' Southern. Utah. Row far
viy publications have been a
benefit, I leave the Public to
'""judge. ' ;. 1
: . .c. I now purpose publishing
a second volume of Hie SB.
r;suing it monthly, as hereto-.
"fore and ! solicit your pat
I' ronage. ' ,r --'-'
The first number will b'e
r ' issued in July, and : I desire
Subscribers as. possi&Ie fiy
that time, , so I will nm
mw ihxMj &pmo'mM
rcf shall aim to makejb.as
?I interesting as possible, and Z
respectfully ask your hearty
. co-optation by reporting all
f accidents and : other itefns
thai'Wffi be opmUrest to a,
I fat trans-
r p pire m your mmt
' In the other departments,!
ii shall be pleased to receive
;f ' contributions from afiybody
I : " "iffho are in a cbrtthmting
. . , 1 Mood. Correspondent ofi
interesting topics will also be
I . : acceptable. '
J One copy, (Monthly,, 1 year, ' .50c.
I m " ; 6 months, .30c.
v Ten codIos, " to one address,. 1; year, , $4.25c.
iencop.es, J( , , 6 8', $2.50c.
Subscr1ponTecbWetffor Lesstlmo.than6 months.
;! , ;l Thaiilting the public for past favors,
I 1 L 80licit your liberal patronage in the
1 ., xu 'i "r '"i'rr.- A,".
. ; p
Or the Ways of the World ,
i- , ' . , o ,
I've been thinking tO'day of what absolute Uvny,
In these hard and. unreasonable times,
j,.Qf simple a things as the clear pleasant rhi
' Of the powerful Dollars and Dimes.
I No power so strong can compete with itssong,
Against the bright rinjy and the chimes ;
It holds a full sway and'will cany the day,
The ring1 of the Dollars and Dimes.
if an office you crave, it you scarcely can have;
Although haVd for the poor are the times ;
If your pUrsd is'repletej you can never be beat,
If you J'shell out" the Dollars and Dimes.
At the bar you appear, your guilt is quite clear, .
Thero.aro plenty will list to the chimes,, ;
That their memories will brighten, till they can
enlighten ' ' 1 '
The )ury, for Dollars and Dimes. '
Though arrested, and tried, ere the case they dc-1
cide, ' ' j
You need have no fears of the times ; " ' '
You will surely get clear, if your best friendsarc
.. . near, u. . . . , . .
t The powerful Dollars a"nd Dimes. '
Though in prison you, lie and are'Hkely to, die,!
Np matter ho.w great are your crimes; 4
Though your-fate may' -sealedYiimaylyebr-'
'ai?pealea, ' , -. r ": J.V
Ifyou'vc plenty 'of Dollars and Dimes. 1 '
But the want of the'ring of this powerful things,
Has sent good' men to prison sometimes ;
And there they may lie, to languish and die,
For the want of the Dollars and Dimes.
May the daj c?me again when tbc powerful reign
Of the ring, and.thechink, and the chimes, t
May be shorn of their might and be used for the
' These'powerful Dollars and Dimes.
s George W. Johnson.
r i it i iMir--
A correspondent of a Victoria pa
per writes: Should you or any ofyour
fanaily be attacked-with diphtheria, do
not be alarmed , as it is easily tnd
speedily cured without a doct,pr
When it was rogitig in England a
short time ago, I accompanied Dr.
Fie'd on bin rounds to witness the1 so
called "wonderful cures" he perform
ed, while the patients oi others were
dropping o'ff on all sides. 'The rem
edy, to;:be so, rapid, must be simple.'
All he took with him was powder of
sulphur and a quill, end' with these he
cured every paiient without exception.
He piit a teaspoonful of brimstone inso
' a wineglass of waterj and stirred, it
with his finger instead of a spoon, as
! the sulphur does not readily amalga-,
mate with weter. 4 When theftulphur;
j' was well m ixed he gavo it as a a"rle,
i and in ten. minutes the pdtieiit wan out I
(of danger, Brimstpue4 kills every 9
! species of funguR in' man, boast, or ' fl
j plant in a few minute?. Instead of fl
, spitting out the garble, he recommend fl
ed the swallowing of it' lu extreme 9
cases in which he had been called just 9
in the nick of time, when the fungus 9
was too near closing to allow the gar- 9
gling, he blew the sulphur through a 9
quill into the throat, and after the fuiv- 9
gus had shrunk to allow of it, then tho 9
gargling. Ho never lost, a patient 9
from diphtheria. ,lt a pivLient cannor. 9
gargle, take a live coalf put it on a 9
shovel, Bprinkle a spoonful or two oi: 9
' flour of brimstone at a time upon it. 9
and let the sufferer inhale it, holding 9
'the head over it, and the fungus, will 9
die. This mode of using sulphur has 9
often cured cold in the head, chesty otc, 9
and is recommended for consumption. 9
t or asthiadi V '
i :. Gavngforthe JFeefc H
They .may be neglected or even abused
without asy bad consequences, being jM
immediately, fell; they wiji, to a certain-
ty, be eventually folt, nnd felt very -M
Dorejy, too. An excessive frow of
blood to the head, extreme liability to
cold, disordered digestion end other k
numerous evils are the result of inat fl
tention to the feet. The feet phould fl
be regularly wnshed nd viped every 9
day. Stockings should not be put on fl
while there is the slightest moisture
on the feet. Tho .stockings absorb 9
the moisture and gradually return it
to the feet, thereby causing them to 9
feel cold and uncomfortable and, wh&t 9
is worse, when the feet are cold the ' 9
circulation of the blood is interfered 9
with, anchthe whole isystem; especial 9
ly the brain, is thrown into an abuor- 9
mal state. Keep the feet clean &od 9
warm, the bend cool, and the .bowels flfl
open. If you wish to preserve your I 9
whole system in good, working order, i 9
be sure and preserve your feet. I.t i flfl
our readers profit by these rumark 9
and they will soon feel by exeperienc. 9
that ye are not exaggerating the co?i 9
sequences of proper, attention to thf ' 9
feet Ex, 9
j r Snbscriberfl and others indebted ious 9
', are Rqqposte to cofi and
; their (accounts. . . r .
'Hi t -fl

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