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The St. George union. (St. George, Utah) 1880-1882, June 01, 1882, Image 3

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I- " Union.
5 ' ": 'sities or advertising.
0 Squares, i time, a times 4 times. ia times z times.
J ;: 3jSlf;-;. I .60 .80$ 51.50$ 3.00$ so
wt 1.06 i.50 3.50 6.00 10.00
' ,wo 3.00 3,00 ,5.00 11.00 18.00
ThreeV. , 3.00 4.50 '- 7.50 16.00 27.00
Five 5.06 50 " n5 aSco 41.00
. blxky 6;oo "9.00 14.00 30,00 50.00
i&tH 7 ,0-5 10.50 ' 3S.0Q 5Soo
i , -.8.00 13,00 19.00 40,00 60.00
Nine . 9.00 13.50 21.50 , 45V00 65.00
Ten 10.00 15.06 24.60 50.00 yo.oo
. ' . . . Ten lines of above type make one square.
; w BirUis'and deaths Published free.
TrainRient,a;dvertis'e,menta Teh Gents a line each
and every insertion. " v . .
gaWa shall deem it a fjlvbr itl'our friends and
.Ptons. in Southern Utah will$end Us lpcal items
tonspmng in their vicinity'. . ;We 'also invite
postal Card Correspondencc,from all parts of the
Territory, on items of interest, lqcal and general.
X Sfemometer tried to tarry :t 106?.
Farmers are gatheKpg their grain
;;nd second crop, of hay.
$T June 7, A couple, of ,youpg sprouts
Af a high orfler, passed pur sanctum
to-dayiin a, vehiolehVipg high words,
jand' 8ne: y?M tbo much on the-proiane
. line tb. suit! our taste.1 Profanity
seemed to be hie forte.
v$ JL If you Vant a Sewing Machine th at wili last you
Sa'Hfe.timc,.Jbuy the Davis. For sale at Union
. ffice. t
. We have been presented with a
bottle of 'Booth's Solid Black Writing
? ' and Copyingj-Inlt,.' by Jas. Booth, St.
I .j,Geore. We have thorougfijytlsted
Ijjfft and can safely say i( is firstfelass,
& For,. sale wholesale or retail. J
The new ditch at Bloomipgton is
now completed to the upper ertd ;bf
the field and water Js running on
land. .,, , I I
iA Grand Farewell Party was given
on the SOt&iqst, under the. auspices
of & IVMafarla A,, ;R jM
headi' k. P. Hardy, and S A, Ken
wer, to Jos, E. J ohujovanp" family.,
j to express their sippfdciatVoft oft h'&
v efforts in aiding to teelaim our barren;
iixie d.uriiig his sojourn -among us..
Sit 'enjoyed themselves; 'and aN good
ifMiVft prevailed throughout'theevenr
ingi On the 2StU the ; Johnson . com
, pany took thsir departure, for Arizona
j.' The party consists of 9 wagons, .2
$ J, carriages, 30 animals, and 33 humans. !
; V f(flhfe -party arrive dvat nS:eryllJe on
A-,Hh8-28lhJ'iaW well;
running, occasionally, turning out? fine'
rjiittohs of pure eopper.the largest
f. button, cast weighing 6 331bs.
I v: v If yon should wjjjpt your photo, for-
lK , sooth Just visit our genial friend Jas.
Booth; He's the best in tlie photo-
: graph art, .To take phpto's pf you or
,,4 $our, .oarL; IJis. prices VpW, gallery, re
f . ' plete, And for 00 work he cannot
r V b beat.
vt-.wMa.MM.yu Yt r inwiiwinjw'riw.iit m, ...
JuneSS, we had the heaviest, rain
storm we have had in the - last 20
years. 2 inches of rain fell, and our
streett were more like young rivers.
At Bloomington the ground was wet a
foot deep. The water ditches through
out the country are badly demolished.
At Bunker ville and Meequit crops
were Badly damaged,
Books. The Book of Mormon, Doctrine and
Covenants, and Pearl of Great Price, 'New Edition
are for sale at the Post'Officc. The two former
books are ono dollar each and the latter fifty cohts.
They aro neatly printod and bound in cloth.
Apples, peaches and pears are ripe.
The codling moth is troubling the
fruit in this vicinity considerable, this
If you have any trunks to be rcparired or -want
a new one made, just give David Needham a call.
He can fit you out in jfirst class style.
The Union is on file with
Ni Wt Cor. 5th & Vine Streels, Cincinnati, 0,, where
, advertising contracts can be made.
t Moor1s Throat arid Lunjy Lozenges ior coughs,
colds and sore throat, and Moore's Pilules, for all
Malarial Diseases, arc for sale by John Pymm.
The Union is on file with
a A. OOOZ & QO.i
IJVvhcre advertising contracts can be made.
Joto Printfingr. Plainer in Colors,
neatly and expeditiously, executed at
this office, at prices that defy compe
tition. AddresB, J. W. Carpenter,
Wash. Co., St. George,
Boz 56'l. . ' . : Utah.
. By Dr. 'Brazier's Bfasrio Ointment. Cures
as if by magic, Pimples, Black Heads or Griibs,
Blotches and BrupUpns on.tlie fSce, leaving the
skin clear, healthy nnd beautiful.' Also cures
Itch, B.arber's Itch, "Salt Rheum, Tetter, Ring--worm,
ticald Head. Chapped Hands, Sore Nip
ples, Sore Lips, old, obstinate Ulcers and Sores,
F. Drake', Esq., Cleveland, O., sufiercd beyond'
all description from a skin disease which appear
ed on his hands, head and face, and nearly des-.
troyed his , eyes. The most careful doctoring fail
ed to help him, and after all had failed he used
Div Frazier!s Magic Ointment and was cured by
a tew applications. ,
fcST'-'.Che firsthand only pdtive -cure for skin
diseases; ever discovered. ' v
Sent by mail ori'-receipt of price, -Fifty Cents.
r HEN H-Y & CO., Sole Propr's,
? 62 VeEey Street, New York City,
G6DBE, PiTTS & CO., Wholesale Agents,
Salt Lake City, Utah.
For Blind, Bleeding, Itching or Ulcerated Piles
Dr. William's Indian Pilo Ointment is a
sure cure. Price, $1.00, by mail. For sale, uy all
Druggists. ij .. : ,
P1UE81 IpOLIi'- BLI!
, . A Sure Our Found at Last !
No Ono;.Noed Snfferl
'.A sure Oure for Blind, Bleeding, Itching and Ul
cerated PiloB baB been dificovorod by Dr. William,
(an Indian remedy,) called Dw, WillSunfa Indinu
Ointment. A Binclo box h8 cured tho vorfet
chronic casQBof25 or 30 year;H atandlng. No ouo
need auffor five miniitea after applying this won-
derfnl Boothing medicine. Lojiona inatrumentB
ind:elflctuarIe8.do irioharm than eobd. Willi.'. m6
Ointment absorbs the itumora, allays tho intons
itching, (partioulaly at night after getting warm in
bed,a,ct8 4;poltice, gives Instant and painlesB re
lief, and la'pr'epared only for piles, itching of the
private parts, and nothing else.
Road what the II on. J. M OuffinlJerry of Glove
land Baya;ai?ont Dr. WUliam'B Indian Pilo Oiniment
lliavo usod flQores Qf Pile Cures, atid it affprda mo
nleaauro to Bay that I have never found anything
whiob, gave puoh immediate and permanent relief
as Dr. William's Indian Ointment.
For Bale by all druggista.oE.mailcd.pn receipt of
price, $L00.. HEKBV & CO ., Prppo,
63 Vesey Street, New York City,
GODBB.'PITTS 00., Wholale.- Agents
' 'Salt Lake City, Utah, , V- 3
' . , ' t,
w.'wx'.iii iiwib MMHaRMWWliiiuii 11 iiiiiiiiuiiiMi.r... -. . mmx&Hty- ' " fl
" ""' "' I ' ii i.iiii
WWWWWW 11111111 ni I MWWWWI II .1 J. r.MJJJ...i
,,.,.,.. ,..,,. - mJU..
Vick Flowor and Vogetablo Garden i "
175 Pages, fciX Colorcd'Platcs, and five hundred- H
Engravings. Price 50 cents in paper covers:
S1.00 in elegant cloth. In German or English. 1
Address, JAMES VICK, Rochester, if. Y.
Complete and authentic account of these Bold Hlffh- H
"FPtelc cst infor.mation about the Shoot-
ing of 1 ESSE. The moat interesting and eatlwr H
S h7:,;ftf'- Fully Illustrated, Conipleto
outfit by mall, Forty Cents, Torms Very Liberal;
FORSHEE & McMAKIN, Cincinnati, O. H
BLANK fl&Dj&jRJS, ReceMs 1
OOKS. U and Due Bills, 1
Than can be done at ANY OTHER Establish- H
COMPETITION. Give us your Orders U
UNION' Office, St. George, Utah.
A Youn Lady, between 10 and 15 years of aifC, 'H
to set type. The applicant mijst be a fair scholar.
Foi particulars, address or apply at St. George .'H
Union office, St. George, Utah.
imADsffmfll I
SS Wo TrtU send lwutlfal Sllrcr-plnteU Hiittcr Knir. X0S iH
BoAnUrul SllTer-platoa Bugar SlieJLi I Book, "l.&ngcftvo! 'H
of the Wnwtra f,r, pieces fulV siro.VocM Mnslf, ,lth WW
H Piano accompaniment, retell from to to Crt .cents each (X
Hat stares; and a beautiful intnirfjtcd MogKrln?, three S?J '1
months, post-paUl If 1C ihtce.ccnt atn;H are sntWj
mt to pay postage and pacUimr c.ipanw, AiWr5 m '
m B. U. R1DB0UT 4- CO., PubUihorN 10 nartby Sit,, ff.
Q rant's Fmporium I
Wholesale and Rstail'Dcaler in 1,
"Toys, SodksrStakqmrfyChz'
ttanvare Glassware and -No- 1
Hons. m GRANT,
; AMilRI.CANi i'ORK, V'AH.
ST. GEOBQE UNION' ornos. fwk
Song, on Pres. B. Young's Birthday, C. L. V. . ic H
. M ,75. " A. Randall,.. ac 'H
Temple Song No. i, by C. L. Walker, 3c (
Temple Dedication 'spng, 1877, " .!...!.!!sc
Jubilee Song, 18S0, ' 3c
31st Anniversary of Pioneers
entering Salt Lnke Valley, " 3c :H
StrikdthcCvmbalj.1..i.n... t, ic
RViles of the'Uiiitfitd Order,.'... ioe 1
Postage Stamps taken in payment.3
ftDllili.M..rp.nl CURED I
THOUSANDS of references from persons cured." lin jH
WmUXOui. Dr. J. STEPHENS, Ibaou. to.
Complete life of these Bold Highwaymon. 'HHB
Also of the Tounger Brothers and ot er bold flHffirai
-outlaws. Elegantly Illuetvated. Ovor GOO 'HuSsI
PagaSn. U5varc of inferior editions. Oompleto -HbHhK
bUtfltbymrtUirorty Ooiats. TormcLiboral. IBffluBl
' mmim& McMAKIN,. 180 Vest gth. . Stv Cin- BHffi

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