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BB & " "FjflBBBB
ah mjbbbI
I Pleasant Grove Department I
BH 0 . ' ' MM' . t fiflflflflH
I Bishop Olpln Entertains
Flnnnce Comniltloo and Wtos Feted
In Honor of Collecting Tabernacle
B In honor of having completed tho
B collection or tho ward's assessment
B for tho stako tabernacle, Bishop Ed
B Olpln entertained tho members of
B th finance committee, nnd tholr wives
B at his home Tuesday evening. Old
B tiniG soup, old thno games and 'rc
B froshments whllod away a jolly oven-
lng. Those present were: '
B Mr. aud Mrs. Mark Jlezznnt, Mr. and
B Mrs. David Thonio, Mr, nnd Mrs. N.
B T. Fenton, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hanks,
B Mr. and Mrs. Will Marriott, Mr. nnd
B Mrs. J. IL Adams, Mr. and Mrs. Clnr
B enco GammetL Mr. and Mrs. John
B Gardner, Mr, and Mrs. Oscerson, Mr.
B nnd Mrs. Joseph Halllday, Mr. and
B Mrs. J. R. Halllday, Mr. and
Mrs. Sam Qrcon, Mr. Henry Armlt
B stead, Mr. nnd Mrs. Albert Olpln, Mr.
H nnd Mrs. Hormnn Grcon, Mr. and
H Mrs. Gcorgo Hayes, Mr. and Mrs.
Hoy West and Mr. and Mrs. S. F.
B o
I Pleasant Grove Defeats Payson.
B Score Twenty-one to Eighteen
9ft In orio of tho best basket ball
B games ever played here the Pleasant
KGrovo high school team defeated tho
S Payson team here Wednesday night.
BE Thero was a good attendance show
B lng the loyal support being given the
B homo team. The Pleasant Grovo
flj team showed consldorablo nervous
V ness In the first half, but came back
8 strong In tho second, changing a
B scoro of 10 to 5 against them to a
B score of 21 to 18 In tholr favor.
B While tho game vVns not one of the
B championship Bprlcs, It enabled tho
B boys to tako tho moasuro of tho
B Bouthorn champions and stamped
B them as having material for winning
B tho final championship.
B Tho lineup follows:
B Pleasant Grovo Payson
B Wilson If. Gardner
B Kirk rf. - .Simmons
B. Walker c Mitchell
Ig. Wlndwurd
II, Walker rg Taylor
'fl Reading Miss Bello Olpln.
'fl Qunrtotto Prof. Ovorlado, ot. al.
Piano Selection Vlda Fage and
B Vlda Halllday.
B Mandolin Bolectlon Prof. Van Au-
S kin.
B Song Ruby Wright.
B Speaker Prof. Geo. II. Drlmhall.
I Join the Family Circle
S This week tho following hnvo had
tholr names ndded to the subscription
A list of the Pleasant Grovo Rovlow,
B nnd wo expect to doublo our clrcu
B latlon thoro during 1914. It Is quite
B large now and will compare favorably
B with most country pupors' circulation,
B but wo will not ba sntlsflcd until
ovory hond of tho family Is on our
B list
I W. H. Adnmson, Dr. Vance.
W. II. Morrott, Mrs. Don Adams.
Mrs. J. M. Llndsoy, Issac E. Carlson.
B MrsrStophcu Jensen, Ray Winters.
B Mrs. O. E. Oscorson, Luclda Horron.
Jacob Foutz, High Nordln.
Win. Stag, S. D. Radmall.
B Mrs. David Wllklns, N, L. Monsou.
B Mnry Armstrong, W. J. Kirk.
V H. I. Wright, 13. A. Harris, Sr.
W P. Kirk, W. Lambert.
B 10. G. Ogdou, C. L. Rodebnck.
B H. G. Illackhurst, Molvtu Smith
B Wm UJork, A, 13. Harris.
B Ed Bnll Jon" Adams,
B ChrlBtlna Young, F, W, Nowmnn,
B Ole Chrlstlausou, Jos. Larson.
B Josopli Wonnorstrou, Jaa, Bush.
B Harry Nlolson, L. G. Dlackhurst.
m Mrs. Fred Smith.
B Andrew Hanson, Sterling, Altn, Can-
B nada.
If tho morchants and tho people
B will give tho REVIEW tho support it
B It Is entitled to in tho wny ot ndvor
S tlBlng, job printing aud subscrlp
B tlon, they will find beforo tho year
B 1014 Is over that Is Is tho biggest
B tiling they ovor suportcd for tho good
B of tholr city and surrounding coun
B try
B This papor bollevos that thero is
B better spot on oarth In which to
B make monoy, ralHo n family aud live
B happily than tho north end of Utah
county 'Certainly Plouuant Grovo
B contains all theso advantages and
fl has tho power within Itself to do
B volop them almost to perfection.
fl Aftor u Bovernl months careful
9 etudy of tho community wo hnvo con-
W rinded that what this locality needs
3J most of all Is patriotism nnd a better
! i
Opinion of ItBolf.
Thoro Is money enough made In
Pleasant Grovo that if spont nt homo
Instead of being sent away to build
up other communities to practically
doublo tho business Institutions horo
or to increase proportionately those
nlrendy horo,
fclnny of tho young people ot tho
community annually move" to other
localities whero there Is more of a
boosting spirit, yet conditions to
ncqulro tho most desirable things In
life aro much bettor right hero In
Pleasant Grove.
Tho fruit growers hnvo been .selling
their fruit, or tho larger part of It,
to n concern that uses all tho profits,
If any, olBowhero. If they would
build up their own concern It would
prosper and if any profits were mado
they would bo kept here and tho
town would be advertised widely
abroad, What would It mean to have
five times ns many fruit boxes scat
tered throughout tho country labeled
Pleasant Grove Fruit Growers Asso
ciation InBtcad of a Provo concern
.having tho credit?
The community survey published In
our Christmas edition showed thut
practically one-third of tho money
that the peoplo of Pleasant Groe
earned was spont with outsldo mor
chants or sent away to eastern mall
order concerns. What would it moan
to tho town to havo all this monoy
kept nt homo to build up this com
munity and 'employ more holp and
to help pay the taxes and assist In
public Improvements? Dut tltere
may bo a reason.
Tho peoplo of Utah read like no
other peoplo on earth. They sec
what they want to buy ndvortlscd
and go or send to tho peoplo for the
things advertised. A neighboring
business houso that has been using
a half pugo ad. in this paper for tho
past year has Increased Its sales
75,000 tho past year. Thoro Is a
Now tho mission of this papor will
bo primarily to creato patriotism
and belief In this community by the
peoplo who llvo horo, attd secondari
ly to let tho outsiders known that this
Is tho best placo on earth. Everything
that is good wo will boost for, but
wo can do ,lt moro effectively If we
havo ovory body at our back and wo
expect to get them.
Boy Shoots Young Man
Align Wilson "Shoots Cloud West
While Hunting Illrds.
Sunday whllo Angus WHson, a fif
teen year old boy was shooting birds
wlth-n 22 target riflo ho sent n bullet
through Claud West's .thigh.
' Tho. bullot passed clear through his
leg, luckily missing tho bono and pas
sing through tho fleshy part. Tho
young man was hurriedly taken to
Dr. Gma who applied an antlceptlo
to prevent blood poisoning and no
harm camo from tho wound.
Miss Vlrvlno Hayes returned to
Salt Lako this wook.
MIbs Sadlo Mills spont Now Years
with rolutlveB at MIdvalo.
Mrs. Lawrence Smith ot Salt Lake
Is horo on account of her mother be
ing vory 111.
J, W. Hnlllday, Sr spent Now
Year's day with his daughter, Mrs,
J. H. Combs In Salt Lako. City.
D. II. Robinson of Mantl, returned
to Ills homo aftor spondlug a fow duys
visiting friends and relatives hero.
Fred H. Fox, of tho Horald-Ropub-lican,
spent suvoral days hero this
week securing' subBcrlbors.
Arthur Andorson, who haa been
homo for the holidays, returned to
tho U, ot U. Tuesday.
.Mrs. M. II. .Kirk, of Garfiold, Is
horo for a visit with her parents,
Bishop and Mrs. Cullimoro.
II. L. Clark and daughter, Ethol,
spout two days this week In Salt
Lako City.
Mr. Fuy Thorno, of Durloy, Idaho,
spent tho past ton dayB with his
Plousant Grovo relatives.
MIbs Violate I'lorco, of Salt Lake
City, Is here for n brief visit, tlio
guest of Mrs. K. T, Culmcr,
Tho now mayor and-cl(y council
will meet tonight to discuss city ap
pointments. Thoy will tako omco
next Monday at noon whou It Is prob
able the names of tho new appointees
will bo reloased
DrS. C, Jones of Price, Js here
visiting his Pleasant Grove frionds.
Gustavo Andorsou returned Monday
from a thrco day'a italt will friends
in Salt Lake City.. is
Mr. and Mrs. F C. Batiks ,spont
Tuesday with their children oil Pro-,
vo Bench.
Mr. and Mrs. Thbs. Fenton return
ed to Lynndyl aftor spending, the
holidays with frlqnds nnd relatlveB
hero. '"
- i
Hedve Johnson went to Logan to
spend Now Yonra with her sister;
Mrs. Hazol Crookston.
David H. Grimths, nn old soldier
S3 years of ago, from the soldier's
home In Los Angeles, Is a guest al
tho Culmor Hotel for a fow days.
Mr. and Mrs. 8. F. Walker went to
Salt Lake City, Wednesday, to spend
Now Year's lay with Mrs. Walker's
sister, Mrs. Alvln Carlson.
Mr. Isaac Hayes, who 1b nttending
school at Richfield, Is spending the
holidays with his moth6r, Mrs. Rose
D. Hayes. ;
Our Postmlstross, Mrs. Luolla", BJ
Thorno, got nwny from the Clirlstmaa
rush of parcel post tospend New
Year's day with her parents In .Payson.
Tho water case ot Mark Dczza'nt
vs. Pleasant Grovo Involving tho.lltfo
to tho pre3ont clfy.water Bupply has
beon set for hearing on April 3rd,
Mss Rocna Adams la homo spend
ing "tho holidays with her pnronand
friends after having spent the pnst
month in Provo. " -
Dr. Grua was called toytho home
of Harry Loodor, Jr., last'Frlday'to
attend his eleven year old son,vwho
while fooling with an automatic shot
gun, blow off tho end of his thumb.
Miss Leah Thornton returhcd"to
her home tfonday night after spend
ing Christmas with relatives InvSalt
Mrs. Elizabeth Stewart daughter
Rua nnd- -Sony Duane;-ventto ?&
Lake City, Wednesday, to spend Now
Year's day with Mtb. Stowart's daugh
ter, Mrs. Louis West.
The flro department's baket ball
toam have ordorcd suits which will
consist ot red sweaters and white
pants. Efforts aro being mado to ar
range a game with tho Lehl Com
mercial Club team.
An operation was performed this
week on n son of Mr. and Mrs. Gcorgo
Richards for tho removal ot hlB ton
sils and also his adenoids. A similar
operation was also performed on the
olovon year old son of Mr, and Mrs.
Fred Fago.
Tho First Ward will hold a ward
reunion In tho near future. The
Bishopric havo been appointed a com- ,
mittoo to engineer tho affair and will '
call on membars of tho fljiance com
mlttco for (ho necessary holp.
Gcorgo Hayes, who has been with
tho Pleasant Grovo Morcantllo Co.
.for several years, will quit soon nftor
January 1st because ot 111 health,
and work for tho Rallegh company.
Mrs. Roy West returned homo from
a party a fow ovenlugs ago and
when alio went to shut tho door
pushed her hand through tho glass.
In doing so sho cut one, of tho arter
ies and oxporlouccd much difficulty
In stopping the flow of blood.
Ernest RaBinusBon, who Is engaged
ns supurvlsor of tho Morgan schools,
spont his winter vacation with Plens
ant Grovo rolotlvos.
Mrs. Emma Smith is suffering from
a sovoro attack of gall stones. Sho
will probably undergo nn .oporntlon
toduy. Owing to hor advanced ago
tho case Is a critical one.
MIsb Vlda Halllday ontortalued nt
a cord party Tuesday evening, thofio
present woro tho Misses Hodvo John
son, Clcono Lund, Amy Cooper, Paul
ino Lowla, Rona Coopor, Clcono Bul
lock, AvJs Mills, Opal Wadley, Emma
Ovorlado, Marlon Tannor, Vldn
Fago, Sadlo Mills, Mao Clark, Rua
Stewart and Messrs Dunno Stownrt,
Harold Robinson, Lynn Robinson,
Carl Banks, Martoll Lund, Roy Wil
son, Clnronco Weeks, Alma Kirk,
Martin ChrlBtlunson, Isunc Hayes,
Rodnoy Miller, Errol Halllday ttnd
Roy Smith, Luncheon wna isoj-vcd
anj all roportod a most enjoynhlo
" .& -
Mr. Bert Adams la spending n fow
days. In Snnpcto county.
Mrs. Luelln Thorno spont Now
Years with friends nnd relatives at
.jMr. nnd Mrs. c. P. Larson spont
Novv, Years with their daughter, Mrs
Nelson of. Provo.
,. a&f -
, ( Mrs. J. V. Halllday, Sr., Is spend
Jngj n fow days with her son Win.
Halllday of Lehl.
Mr. Robert Fenton, who Is In charge
ofthe high school lu Morgan county,
Jvhcro visiting friends and relatives.
.,Mlss Arvllla Thorno spent the
holldaya In Salt Lake City the guost
tf- her brother, Frank Thorno.
'R. R. Thorno, of tho Utah Tltlo
company of Provo, spent Now Year's
day with his Pleasant Grove rela
tives. Mr. W. II. Adnmson, who has been
very 111 for tho past fow weeks, la
now improving.
'Homo raised fruit trees for Bale by
S,D. Radmall, Pleasant Grovo, Utah.
' h i-tt.
.Mlss Rose Hayes of Richfield, Is
vlsltng with hor aunt, Mrs. Uobo
Hayes o" Tnnt G-ovc. '
. Mr. ..iU Mrs. D. A. West relumed
to Snlt Lake, after spondlug Chrlst
mnB with relatives nnd frlendB.
i r Miss Lnvlna Olson, Rodo Miller,
Lltha Winters nnd Ernest Olscn
swere Provo visitors Sunday.
I Miss Minn Wadley went to Draper
: Wednesday to bo tho guest of Miss
Tilda Nlcholnon for a few days.
MIbs Nona Williamson after spend- !
lng a week with relatives hero return- i
ed to Salt Lako City, Wednesday. '
Mrs. Leouard Hebertson presented
her husband with a ChrlstinaB pres
ent ChrltmoB day. Tho present wns
a bouncing baby girl.
JTho Relief Society party' Monday!
evening In tho Orpheus Hall was onol
6fJthe biggest success of tho season. I
tunc"" n i.i -
MrB. Ann Shafers, of Eugcno, Ore
gon, returned to her homo this week
uftor spending nbout three months
In Pleasant Grovo visiting with hor
slator, Mrs. Dr. Vance.
V; L. Hayes was confined to his
homo sovoral days this week on ac
count of sickness.
'"Mrs. E. S. Ellis spent Tuesday In
American Fork -and while thero made
thejAlplnp Publishing company n
ploasitnt call.
Mr, Stephen Jensen wns an Amorl
cntuFork visitor Tuesday. Ho mado
thoAlplno Publishing company n
very pleasant cnll.
Tho character ball glvon by tho
Sorosls club In the Llndon Hall Mon
day7ovenlng wna a decided success.
Miss .Leah' Hurpor took first prlzo
ahdMlss Lavlna Lambort took sec
ond. In our last Ibsuo wc quoted Mayor
Harvey as Baying thoro had been
considerable wnsto from the pipe
lines. Tho mayor had moro particu
lar 'refcronca to tho tlmo when the
recent chango was mado at which
tlmo tho gonornl systom was bolng
uoglectcd. Slnco tho now lino has
boon installed tho superintendent hns
had more tlmo and has reduced tho
leaks to a minimum.
If you notice that somo particular
merchant is doing moro advertising
novvndays than formerly, It means
that' ho has "made good" on his pre
vious advertising. Tho store thnt
proBpors through advertising has
emerged from "tho publicity test"
a winner I And this mcana that it
huB'fieon profitnblo to you, personally,
to watch that storo's ads and that It
will bo no, In oven larger measure,
In the future,
MrsA. B. Chlpmnn entertained
Now Year's night nt hor homo in
honor of hor sister, MIbs Chloo Prl
day,' who Is visiting from Logan.
Those presont woro Mr. L. J. Fnrror,
A. ,A.' Hall, Raymond Chlpmnn, Vldn
Halllday,- Clcono Lund, Alma Kirk,
Floronco Chlpmnn nnd John areouo
Miss Vldn Halllday is spending a
fow clays In Snlt Lnko City.
Mri nnd Mrs. L. W. Lund ontortuln
rd nt a watch party Now Year's ovo.
Gaines, music and refreshments oc-
cnplod tho ovenlng which wns Wound
up with n toast to tho New Year, 1914.
Invited guests wero .Mr. and Mrs. S.
L. Swcnson, Mr. nnd Mrs. W. L. Hayes,
Mr, and MrB. A. E Coopor, Mr, and
Mrs. N. p.. Poulson, Mr. and Mrs.
W. II. Marriott, Mr. and Mrs. Alva
Chlpmnn, Mrs. Rose 11. Hayes, Miss
Chloe Prldny of Logan, Mr. and Mrs
Joseph Halllday, Mr. and Mrs. Guy
Robinson, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Wadley,
Mr. nnd .Mrs. S. F Walker, Mr. and
Mrs. A. K. Thornton, Mr. nnd Mrs.
J. R, Hnlllduy, Mr. nnd Mrs. W. E.
Clnrk, Mrs. Luolla Thorno, Mr. nnd
Mrs Earn Hnllldny, Dr. Grim, Mr.
nnd Mrs. J. Thome, Mr. and Mra.
N. K. Nellson of Sprlngvlllo, Mr. and
Mrs. W. B Mason of Pnjson, Mr. II.
I. Clark aud Mr. and Mrs. R. R, Io
nian of Salt Lake,
Manila News
Wednesday a baby girl arrived at
the homo of Gcorgo Monsou.
Miss Eslolla Pyne of Provo, Is
spending n fow dnys with tho MIbscb
Clnrlilda nnd Orn Holmuii.
"Mrs. Nephl Radmall presented her ,
husband with a baby girl laBt Satur- '
This Item appeared In our Issua of
two wcekB ago, It wub nn error. In
boiuo 'unaccountable manner that
sometimes happen In all novvspaper
ofllcoB tho namo of Mrs. Radmall got
mixed up with somo other name nnd
csenped tho scrutiny ot tho proof
reader, Mr. Rndmnll Is JuBtlllcd in
feeling a bit perturbed over tho Item,
but wc desire to say-that our Manila
correspondent woo tu no way re
sponsible. Tho beautiful Christmas services oti
Manila was held Sunday, December
2Sth Tho following program was
rendered: Song By tho choir, "Vo
Thuk Thee O God for a Prophet."
Prayer John B. Miller. Song By
tho choir "Geutly RalBo tho Sacred I
Strain." History of Christ Alma 1
Monson. Solo "Memories of tlall-l
lee," by MIsb Calrlnda Holinau, I.li'
ot Joseph Smith Roubou Radmall. I
iDuot "Oh, It ta Wondertul," by Mr.l
I Alma Monson and Mlaa Orn Holmnn. 1
I Cloolrig romarka woro mado by Frank
Mnredttlf Pop By tbo-"hnlr.ap
on tho Listening Ear of Night," nolo
sang by John B. Miller, Duot By
MIsb Clnrlnda and Holmnn. Bene
diction It. D. Wndloy.
Friday, December 2Cth, Mrs. K. KwAfl
Kitchen gavo n shower nt her homo lii ' rBBJ
honor ot hor eon, Tom, nnd his wifoj ' BB
which wns a vory successful ovoup . BBJ
Thoro wnB nbout thirty rclnllves nnd dfll
friends presont. A dollclous dinner BbI
wns servad, and n good tlmo was en-
Joyed by nil. il
MIsb Irene. Johnson, who has hccif"
to Salt Lake City attoudlug tho' L. D, rBBl
S. University, Ib spending tho holt- r 'BBJ
days with hcr-fnthor, Mr. Axel John- FH
Tho M. I, A. Weigh party. Tuesday t
night was tho season's social success. 'BBBJ
N'cnrly ovory one In tho ward wan BBJ
presont besldoM sovoral from Amort- iBBJ
can Fork, Provo and PlcnBantv Grove. 'BH
Tho girls provided baskets well filled IH
with picnic and the boys paid n halt fBBI
cent per pound for their pnrtner'n IBBI
weight whom thoy selected by lot. BBfl
Lnudrum Kltchou, as u prlzo for VBfl
drawing tho heaviest girl, did not
hnvo to pay, , BBfl
' H
ChrlstmaB day was well celebrated 'BBl
In Manila ns most ot tho families flB
had family gatherings and all seemed BBJ
to enjoy tho beautiful ChrlBtmns flBJ
Office Hours: 0 to 13 and 1 to ft (flflfl
Telcphono 7x BB
Prnclicos in nny court H
Chlpman Hank llulldlngr, Room 1 flBJ
1 iH
TO OUR Pl.t: ASA NT 1 flAfJ
When jon have nny printing to 1 BB
I be done, wo "wish you Avould cnll I BB
I tho REVIEW mnn up by ljlione I
I 'o. 85, American Fork or call I
I at the main office, opposite tithing 1 ,
I office, American i'ork. I '
l Wo do nil kinds ot printing I BB
I big or lUtle, and we do It quick 1
aMhflfc.UuuJit'XHEK and the 1 gBl
from Hie Wg Tnlicrnncle. - I XBJ
Alpine Publishing Co. If.
In fact everything pertaining to nn np-to-dato harness shop. )
Repairing and Everything at tho Vory Lowest Prices fl
The Sweetest I
Story Ever Told I
Ligget's Fruit fl
V nro nn(I froin tll In0Bt B
r-""s"' VtISki. richly pure Ingredlonta pos- flflj
Vj1,, C&V " 8lbI t0 oblnl" lclcnn, Ban- 'jj
vSSl &s&0&K ,tnr' candy kitchens, by pqo- SB
yP$ySSlataL ----5f p' to wnom culu,y ninking lu f$M
CtiaK nn nrt o tno M,E'l0St ilogreo " Qm
nVI" and wholesome, clean SB
Mss5 pure, dnlnty and delightful, S
each dolldouB pleco crcatos ,---r IS
a longing for Just ouo moro Atfjj&'F'i' jBflfl I X&(
nro paced beautifully and M?'V'- sir I ' 0lP
with rnro good tnsto that wl!'?!! I K
Increases tho pleasure- of llfcF' Vf.jry Vr' .1 !H
giving and receiving. lV ?-(? I feBj
I Headquist Drug t ariy J) I
1 Provo and Pleasant Grovo, ' - v f1 1 9

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