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taricanF(fc citizen 1
liAil AMKUICAN FOHK CITIZKN. SATtmDAV.ilSHllfAllY" 28, ion " . 1 1 !
fT -'J.- NitMnisn. Jr. f 9H
:'sSsoft To Be
I Greatly Improved
... -Inslng ot the American
'" Wu HosorlU taller. Chip-
l!ijiBlMgor,liS been making
Tfl ,.,ts In the form of cement
-Mlcr,'and then the bath Iioubob
,.. . Ml Movcd oto the J'lers' B0 lhat
"linTm, may step right off, tl.e bnth
" tftpilntothu wuter.
"Tm Ice Hows have been driven In
,aci'.'ftwlud during tlio recent break-
M ,, lehtly damaged one of tho
ftuBt bSttnicnts. Future trouble
'I'mMWel will c averted by 1111
obtiK ih space behind with gravel.
. Minman has also hnd n number
& during the winter for
-Imof bis patrons during the com
tiiflLmer In a number of other
l, win greatly Improvo the re-
"as to make It tho boat on tho
k IfMther improvement contemplated
t JMh.t will mean much to the bulld-
SBft American Fork Irtho build-
pMjl ; . cement pier out Into the lake
Mmfflclent distance to cnnblo the
:M.' tug to land and unload Its
Wtl The Mosldn people hrivo Bald
Mi would rather land hero thnn
. tAiAoro. as the market for their pro-
ZMii better hero und tho road to
M it far superior to tho one from
' Hate to Provo.
'-would pay tho morchniitB of Am
vBn Fork to build this pier nnd
10 foMfor It themselves.
dMkldals a growing place nnd this
will be In tho market with an
VG VgK supply of nlfulfn nnd grain.
MlcD Fork ships carloads of
M products from Idaho, paying n
rn -Mrclght rate on tho same. The
"""Mr goes to Idaho, where It rc-
, Mt. If this produce wero pur-
"J) Hil from Moslda and landed at n
) Hit 'I10 American Fork Lako Itc-
the money that wo pay for the
" Mice would he spent with Amcr-
'Fork merchants nnd thus be kept
otrt Bio help build up this community.
rVS Bteca tons of grain wero shipped
Mosida to American Fork last
but owing to the Inconvcntcnco
Bnloadlng, with the aid of small
M, further slilpmcnts wero uban-
all means tho people and busl-
men of American Fork should
ogcther and put In an adequate
Mog place so that this growing
"Mieis from the west side of Utah
could bo dhcrtcd to American
The Moslda people are anxious
ake this connection, and certainly
'Amsrfcan Fork people ought to
"autafio of It. fcv
'jpr Valley Pioneer At Rest
-Jflst Saturday, nt tho home of his
ht'r' Mrs. K. A. Morgan, Thomns
:Mall Smith, a pioneer of Cedar
slIjfM died oT general paralysis, lie
JBjjMbeen falling rapidly all winter
Matter a stroke a week before his
M. sank rapidly into unconscious-
from which lie did not revive.
Smith w.ib born in Jnckson
'tr, Missouri, in 1SII3, and came to
. In 1659, settlliiB In Cedar Valley
fHMcnt through all the trials lucl
tm to pioneer life in that section ol
..,ta'e- He Is survived by five
TiMrf"' 'w"ty-lx grandchildrct,
'ilx great grandchildren.
feral serWroB weio held over tin
Una nt Cedar Fort last Monduy,
op James !:, Ourn presiding.
m Commences
1 On Big Syptione
M Aires of (. i,nni 0 Jo irr.
, b'utc-d.
Mr. I). I). McKwau and Dr. Dan Jep
" of Provo were in American Fork
,Blncsday ami loaded up a lot of
nlncry and a largo cement mixer
ike to Salt Lake county, whero tho
'lako Iirlgatlon company nroom
M,nK nunibor of men to put in
i81'" a"(l cc'"lt'"t ll'imes and ciuiuls
"o east side of Salt Lake Valley.
Bit".'? "ow nt Work building n eo-
ilSni "ft "l,,ir U,u ''OmpBOII pow
Me L-;01' tw l0K- l0 rry
anil " ' ! t,,1,ml on th wC8t Bld(!
ealn ' r frm ",H 1U)W c,'l Will
If f0 ,r or live thousand acres of
y" "l0 vicinity of Draper and
Ins Building
I Fifteen Bungalows
' l!'",,,,', l ""n,r" ,,, whii tin
"III'IHIOI, Of U,1,IK 1,0,
H "f Modern Hoiiich.
K, rt'l'r,'IJ""tatlvo of tho contracting
K i, W Mul"" & Ca ot Su"
. " l"IH I'een Horn for several
Bin I. B 0UT ,ll Huntlon pre
Bldc, U "r"cU,,K nrtcon modem
Bier a, r'"' "10 rul "8,,Uo flri 0
ML ' l-- another Salt l.ako con-
BSuikJ M.lmv,? ,.,lr,,,uly ort'ctctl
BkIuuii M.tUy' 0Bk,1' lBiii and
B'"1". i.i y .'.' B01lt,H "f ,,10,1,,r"
n., , Uh ""'y afterwards sold
,,. ' I'-'Vnieiu plan to owner
m ' "' Uk pi, The hoinea nit
principally of tho bungalow type and
coBt from $1,600 to $L','J00 each. Somo
aro built on the Kugllsh Terrace plan.
It hire long been known that there
Is a shorlago of homes In American
Fork, and with tho gradual Influx of
population thnt Is coming In and will
bo Increased by the advent ot the
Intjirurbnii railway, this shortage will
be 'greatly pronounced. Messrs. Mil
ler ;& Lux recognize that American
Fork Is ilostlncd to grow rapidly In
the near future, and It appears that
ihey will select this city next In which
to commence operations.
A New Cereal Food Company
No. Location Yet Decided for the Plant :
Utah Counly Should Try nnd
Land It.
Names of tho officers of tho newly
organized Utah Cereal Food company,
chosen two weeks ngo, aud since then
withheld from publication, were Mon
day announced. They aro:
Jcs80 Knight, Provo, president; Gov
ernor William Spry, Salt Lake, first
vlco president; J. A. Hcndrlcksoii, Lo
gan, second vice president; Angus T.
Wright, Ogdcn, third vlco rpesldent;
John Pingrce, Salt Lake, treasurer;
D. C. Perkins, Salt Lake, secretary.
Thus far no cliolco hns been made
for tho location or tho plant, but n
committee, consisting of U. F. Collett,
chairman, J W. Knight, J. S. Carver
and J. A. lleudrlcksou has been ap
pointed to mako the selection.
Tho Improvement League of Amor
lean Fork, tho Commercial Club of
Lohl and other bodies should try aud
laud this for the north end of Utah
Tho capital stock of thu organization,
$100,000, lu divided Into 1,000 shares of
$100 each," and is held by forty stock
holders. On tho board of directors
aro prominent people from Salt Lake,
Ogdcu, Logan, Lehl, American Fprk
and Provo, Utah, und Dcner and
Grand Junction, Colo. Thu names
follow: GeorgoVT. Odcll, James II.
Moylc, Georgo S. McAllister, D. F.
Collett, Wellington Aldridgo It. N.
Holt, Lou J. Haddock and L. V. This
tle all of Snlt Lake; George II. Drlm
hall, Joseph D. Keclcr and J. William
Kulght, oi Provo; Fred Uoos, of Den
ver ;K John A. Wldtsoo and Joseph 13.
WUson, Jr., of Logan; J. S. Campbell
and James S. Carver, or Ogdcn; Omcr
Leach, of Grand Junction, Colo.; Abel
John Evans of Lehl, and John W.
Chipmau of American Fork.
MJMfT' ' vMH
M3Tm ' ''Mb
BrTi'MH " mH "
A real NMuslcal Comedy company
with prop'o who can both slug and
dnuco Is what is In store for our
theatregoers at the Opera llouso Am.
Fork. Tho Frank Hlclt company Is
known from coust to coast as The Mile
a Minuto Show, nnd everywhere tho
company has lived up to its reputa
tion. The principles aroall people
of ability and Include such well
known actors an Georgo Uurton, Tom
my Hums, Gene Post, Hill- Whelluu,
Joo Rliea, He it OHu, Marpjorlo Mau
dovlllo, Marie lllch, Vlrglo Kills, Mar
lon Itaymoud, aud the chorus is com
posed or young ladlen who can both
slug aud dance. This company has u
largo number or musical shows aud
will change each night with u com
plete oliniigo of scenery and wanlrobo.
For tho opening they will present
"Tho Girl From Panama" and this
play Is without doubt tho greatest
musical success that Iuib been known
for years. If you have any troubles
und want to forget them, just go to
tho show for In addition to being a
real comedy show tho musical num
bers of which there aro fourteen are
nlono worth tho price.
Tho company carry eighteen people
nnd will .play horn two nights, Mon
day and Tuesday, March 2 aud II,
Prlcos 35c aud GOc.
Dr. William JO. Cadmus, national or
ganizer, together with other itpeakors
of Btato-wldu ftiini), will speak to tho
cltlzons of Aiuorlcan Fork In the City
Hall, Wednesday, March 4, In tho In
terests of Progressive Sorvlco clubs.
Mr, Cadmus la a very able orator
of national repute and thoroughly un
derstands ills subject. Ho addressed
tho Progressive confereuco at Hotel
Utah on February 15.
Hvorybody la. Invited. No charge.
Mr. Cadmus will speak In Lehl on
Murch 3 aud lu Pleasant Groo on
March 5,
Interurban Station
Definately Located
rirmage Properly 'Opposite Orient
Tlienlie Taken (her This Week
II Intcrurlmu Compute.
During the week the Sail Lako &
I'lnli Railroad company exercised Its
option on tho Flrmago property on
tho south side of Main street and
will use It for depot purposes, thus
settling definitely tho location of the
Interurban station.
Thu property consists of an eight
rod frontage, with n depth of twenty
rods, which gives amplo room for all
necessary purposes. It is not tho In
tention to build u station nt present,
but the company will uso the Dunkley
place In tho Hank building tempor
arily. Thcro Is no convenient build
ing nt Lehl for station purposes, bc
one will have to bo erected.
Two gravel trains and fifty Japs
continue to ballast tho road In tho
neighborhood of tho sugar factory.
Thoy now huvo tho road In falidy good
condition as far as tho pond and by
tho cud of tho week cars will bo com
ing Into American Fork. Thoy will
be gravel cars and a passenger coach,
but not for tho uho or tho public. Tho
heavy ballasting this side or the sugar
factory will probably mako It tho
mlddlu of the month before the road
Is lu condition to permit the opera
tion or tho gasolluo passenger cars.
m:v (jailuji: to in: opkm:i.
Perry Uush has rented and will
soon occupy tho Thornton building
opposlto tho Hunk or American Fork
ns a garage. American Fork needs
just such an Institution and wo know
of-.no one better abb; to conduct one
and give tho desired service than
Perry Hush, He will liiivo tho neces
sary equipment by the time the con
dition of thu roads iinke ouo neces
sary. .1
Tho great Egyptian -Queen, Cleopa
tra, in a soven-rcel feature, tonight
only, at tho Opera Houso. This Is ono
of tlio best picture shows ever pro
ducrunud has been shown lo crowded
houses all over tho country. On ac
count of tho time It takes the first
show will begin at 7 o'clock, Only 10
wondcrful features In tho motion pic
ture world. "
I nst Friday night a special council
meeting was held and It was decided
to erect a lire station on the city
property adjoining the jail. Tho coun
cil decided to sell tho Crookntou prop
erty, which was purchased last year
by the old council for a fire station,
and use the proceeds to build the new
station adjoining thu Jail.
Tonight tho council meet lu regular
session aud at this meeting sub wnter
iniiHteis will be appointed.
ion r.MroiiM suadi: tiii:i:s.
At a meeting of tho executive com
mltteu of tho Civic Improvement
Leugue, Tuesday evening, tho follow
ing committee was named to confer
with tho residents of Center street re
lative to planting a uuirorm kind of,
treo on each side ot the btreet:
W. D. Kdmonils, It. L. Ashley, John
Hunter, 15. II. Holey, James Clarke aud
Niels Nelson.
Wo learn that tho icsldcnts or this
street are very proud of Its appear
ance aud u majority of them aro in
favor of Improving tho appearance
still further by planting a good unl
'form Bhiulo tree from tho cemetery
gntcB to tho extreme south end or the
It Is to met this desire that tho above
sub commltteo was appointed. We
think tho residents or this street
should respond readily, as the cost
will bo nominal, since thu trees will
bo planted about thirty root apart.
The committee, or some or Its mem
bers, will call on each property owner
and lay the plan beforeh lin, giving
tho cost per tree and other Informa
tion ns well.
A meeting will bo held in the Fourth
Ward meetinghouse tomorrow evening
undor the auspices of tho M. I. A. of
this city. Tho following excellent
program will bo rendered:
Itctold Story... Fourth Ward Member
Musical Selection Clnysou Sisters
Talk on Habits aud Customs or Jap-
aneBo People Lester Chlrman
Ladies' Quartette
Hernlce Crandall aud others
-Mooting commences at 7 o'clock aud
tho public Ib cordially Invited to ut-tond,
Ir would requite u second Solomon
to deeldo what Is tho most uttractlve
aud popu'ur feature ol Ooorgo Klein's
artistic production of tlio Clues photo
drama, "Quo Vudls," which Is now ex
citing tho admiration of tho world,
Somo speetntors enjoy most the spec
tacular feiieo ol tho areuii with Its
reroclous lions, exciting ' gladiator
combats nnd chariot races, to sa)
ljfiJm JoAf,rin.KnS)5rt wn.t ot IZZZZ " r 11 ll fmlftfi
h-' HU IFJX?" M,,vt A Asr ron va. - rn rmep op. I llHlii
.-i4l ?oo0r"1tHI'-r'3crtpOur) tf MrcMftvewot I SfflfHi
S oirT'-rHeoU3 SSzr7" TZr'iM I 1911
piipman Mercantile 1 I
I Company I 1
&$t ... American .Fork, Utah ; !
- fsm
nollilug ot Ursus' thrilling conquest
or tho duvago bull, while others prefer
tho romantic love story of Vlnltlua aud
l.ygia, which Is su completely related.
Somo admlrn thou haracterlstlc scenes
or Norn's court, with Its brilliant pa
geantry, mugulllccnt festivals aud rep
i eduction or Itoiuau palaces aud gar
dens, and a great many upplaud tho
production ror its deep moral and re
ligious note, the Impressive visualiza
tion or tlio early struggle or Christian
ity ami Inspiring scenes in which the
Savior and tho Apostles Peter aud
Paul dominate. Although It Is a
supremo masterpiece, and tho one
word that fittingly describes It Is
"marvelous,"-. Georgo Klein's "Quo
Vudls" Is announced tor Friday aud
Saturday nights at tho Orient Theatre.
The price ot admission for this 'ex
traordinary featuro of eight reels will
bo 15 aud i!5 cents.
Or all the papers, small or great,
That circulate lu Utah State
Whcio could you find a single one
Thai has so much or boosting done,
To help our lively, prosperous town;
To scatter tur its ralr renown
As hns tho t'Cltlzeu," that conies
From wtok to week to grace our
I'lie Salt Luko papers, wo couress,
Are credits to the printing press;
Hut who shall say that thoy compare
Willi our homo paper, everywhere?
So fraught with news or kith and kin,
That touch tho heart that beats
Far. far behind tlio times is ho
Who falls from week to week to see
Tho "Cltlzou," or bcoITs and rrowns,
The means that links tho neighboring
And prints tho uds that plainly tell
Whero rolks can Bpond their money
Our neighbors all wo would Invite
To treat tho "Citizen" aright,
Aud each Biibscrlbo to help It out
And spread Us growing fau.o about,
Till all its working stuff shall Und
That wo aro with It, heart aud mind,
I liilnh, Ua-alili and I'tah Counties
Agree to It ul Id Head to Salt
Lake llouiiilary.
David Mulson, secretary of state
aud acting governor, presided at a
slato highway meeting at Provo, Mon
day, which was attended by good
roads advocates rrom Colorado, rep
resentatives or tho Suit Lako Coal
men, lal Club and about fifty members
of the I'rovo Commercial Club .
10 It Morgan, stato road englueor,
mlilri'sscd 0'u meeting and said that
there was about fCO.OOO in stnto funds
available for road construction lu
Utah Wasatch and Uintah counties,
i-xcliislvo or tho 1UH taxes to bo add
ed to the ruiid. Aluteon said thut Salt
Lake county would do Its share, ami
similar sentiments were voiced by
.rpprusciiUtlvea of Uintah, Wasatch
and Utah counties.
A. W. Henderson, representing tho
Chamber ot Commerce or Colorado
Springs and tho Pikes Peak route,
explained tho plans or tho organiza
tion. Joseph McKulght aud W. H. Slddo
way, county commissioners ot Uintah
county, said their county would see
to It thnt the road would be con
structed from thu Utah-Colorado line
to Vernal. E. J. Cummings, commis
sioner ot Wasatch county, Indorsed
thu plan and suggested thnt tho route
bo through Strawborry canyon instead
ot Spanish Fork canyon. Ho agreed
with II. W. Harvey, also commissioner
or Wasatch county, thnt thu road
would bo constructed through their
territory regardless ot what route was
Hcnjamlu Isaacs, Charles 11. Ward
nnd II. S. Chrlstcnscu, commissioners
ot Utnli county, pledged tho support
ot their district to the project.
Charles F, Decker, mayor ot Provo,
Tho bIzo or a monument has
nothing to do with tho care wo
oxorclso in Its mnkln'g. Wo as
sume that ovoryonjB BcloctB
what he thinks appropriate.
Wo glvo our best efforts to
every Monument wo make.
Whether you select n largo
Monument or a small one, a
marble or a granlto Monument,
we guarautco tho material to
bo absolutely thu best grade,
and that It wl'l not fade or be
como dingy with exposure to
tho weather, tho workmnnshlp
to bo neat aud artistic, and thu
work lo bo properly erected lu
tho cemetery.
And you will find our prices
Beesly Marble
Granite Works
Hy the Tubernacle, Provo, Utah
aid that city would construct a first- jivl
class connecting link through the fUI
city. Mm
This road when completed will pass HUP
through Pleasant Grove, American lilUP
Fork nnd Lehl, so that eastern auto- Wrmk
mobiilsts will como through tho best aV
part or Utah In going to tho big Pan- jmJB
ama Exposition. ?3tS
. Mrs
If You Are Not f
Saving Uu
Piano I
Votes ; II
Hefo " ll
K one of your I
'' i j 'iu!
friends i jl
s I HflB
7 i (jraj
Ask for Piano ji
Votes for every : Hi
cent of your '
purchase 1 1
We Want You
to Have Them Ifi
Wm. Thornton I Si
DnuonisiC ut mm
. . " I mm
Headquarters for m fflkm
All Kinds of Magnzincn. Ijj ImM
t:' I
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