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fAmerican Jgotjgitj t j - 1
JRolumbxi amkiucan four ciTizKN sfiffUttDAY. march 7, ion sissssmmmmmmmmamml: mm
M0& Library' is
How JJpJToJhPBopIe
,. Coll An ElecUoa.
m The people will Boon bo given on
moortttnity to Bay whether they wont
mi tree pub"c Hbrnry. Andrew Carno-
WLlm slgnlned a willingness to give
American Fork $10,000 with which to
-mt a modern library. H the peoplo
s ySote "Yes" the money Is at their dls-
'Moial, provided the usual qualiflca-
iKni are compiled with.
For Mvcral weeks a committee has
'WYm working on Uio matter. .They
K. have assurance of support from
.!(, Carnegie's representatives that
WLpni-r Is ready. Tuesday evening
committee, consisting of President
'K, r cblpman, President James H.
:iirk Bishop J. H. Storrs, Bishop J.
41Hl Hindley and Bishop James Gardner,
IK with the city council and laid
Xflteforo them the Information obtained.
r Hrhe city council unanimously voted
Y'Hhe commlttco tho city's support and
i'Srreed to help In overy way possible.
4' V committees are now at work obtnln
I Hg jignatures to tho following pctl-
? "American Fork, March 4, 1914.
7 Hto the Mayor and City Council of
4 American Fork City, Utah.
4 "Gentlemen: We, The undersigned
X Hltltcns and taxpayers residing . in
J Hmerlcan Fork City, Utah, do hereby
,Btltlon your honorable body to call
- Bi election for the purpose of voting
i a sufficient tax to maintain a "Free
Subtle Library" In our city for tho
Htnelt of our boys and girls; also-tho
innger within our gates, and for .tho
utile welfare of all its citizens.
"It Is reported that Mr. Andrew Car
eglc will donnto tho building if our
ity will mnlntnin It after it is cstnb
thed. "Hoping you will call said election
i the rery near futuro, and Wlsttlng
on every success In your public work,'
tr emaln, Yours for a Digger and
Better American Fork:
Fifty signatures nro necessary be
ire tho council will call an election.
here Is little doubt but what many
mti the necessary signatures will bo
'bUlned In n few days. Then an elcc
on will bo called and if 51 per cent
r the votes favor tho proposition Am
tain Fork will bo assured of n free
'utile library.
If the library Is erected It will moan
ie expenditure of $10,000 Jn.Amer
Hu Fork the coming summer, but
.Sore than this, it wilt mean an Invlt
iK place for the young people to go,
hery tbey will get Intellectual ester-
jMftatrup-lc-uate coMM&Ule . in
djBMrica arc establishing libraries, and
.Hit is American Fork's opportunity.
et everybody sign the petition and
Ben tote "Yes."
We arc informed that a petition is
lag circulated asking tho city coun
1 of American Fork to call an elcc
nn to vote a tax to maintain a "Frco
bile Library." It Is expected that
ndrew Carnegie will donate tho
Hiding if tho city will maintain it.
endorse the movement and hopo
'y taxpayer and resident of our city
1 sn tho petition, so thnt wo may
Mr a plnco whero the boys and girls,
mm well as tho general public, may
Mire a profitable plnco to spend their
Bare moments. Respectfully,
J. H. ClJVnKB, '
w. n. SMITH.
Smerican Fork Should
I Jolnjn Celebration
Mile French on Sociability 600
lVople Should Go From Araer-
linn Fork to Lchl.
U has been intimated that some
merlcan Fork peoplo nro Inclined to
nock because tho big interurban
elebratlon wll bo held in Lohl. The
PPoslte should bo tho case.
J!6 Lchl Commercial Club was wldo
ke e'10"Bh to go after tho colourn
Rwi ".'""dod It. Do true Bports
,,"", J,oln I" and make n county
LK. . o. '. Somo "W wo wl Ucdr
nm i?tnko Tnbornnplo and Lohl will
h? , ;? t0 a inttI and bo proud. 'of
Knee 8 thnt lhey toolpod t0 A"
Ba1rt'Mli",tlerV00d tllnt tho Interurban
V m ,l '!nul tho PetPle over to Lohl
T mi i e. . y ovorlng and return, them
Rirt,,-,a,nBB '" wUlch to hold thrf
Hi ;f"" lts Tnbernaclo wlllMiold
Hrn. co,no t0 non'' tho excellent
Hew Sm' .n,lU C,08Q "y i8 locnted tho
HumirnT1" '"cliig .Academy. 'Five
Hin i fvf i" i0",10 Bhould Ko from A,in!r
Mmm Krk to i.ehl next Friday evening.
aaH "
ill American Fork
I Own a Power Plant
Hl,iin,lll,ri Mnk,Bf An ImeNtlgntloii
"llli vie,, otrnulldliig7.0ii Old
HoliliiHiin Mill Mile,
Bib!!.01" art'cllwood niul Councilmon
Hi,, nml Chrlstonuon this wook
Hltv i p0W0r H,l ow,,cd y tho
HJ, , tllu ola Kobliwou flour mill
Kip ii Btmu1, Thoy wnwlnod It with
" wn of tho city establishing a
municipal power plant there for tho
purpose of supplying American Fork
citizens with power and lights.
It Is said thnt tho site Is Ideal, close
in and cnpnblo of genorntlng enough
hprsopowor to supply UiIh city with
nil tho power necessary for years to
come. Another posslblo feature of tho
project la tho building of u cement
conduit from tho mouth of American
Fork canyon to tho Alpine rond,
through which nil tho water of Lchl
and American Fork could bu con
ducted. This would save four to six
second feet of water now lost by
seepage and evaporation. At tho rate
being charged by tho Provo River
Reservoir company this water nlono
would bo worth from $3G,000 to $54,000
and would help to defray tho expenses
of erecting tho plant.
Councllmnn HnwkliiB was represen
tative of American Fork to tho iccont
Municipal Lcaguo meeting at Logan,
where sevornl cities told of their suc
cess In establishing municipal power
plantB. Ho cited tho case of Urlgham
City, who owns Its own plant and is
making $10,000 per yenr for tho city
and only charging Its citizens G cents
per killownt hour for electric current.
Englnycrs will bo secured to mako
an Investigation and report on tho
cost of building a plant and tho prob
ablo horsepower obtalnnblo.
, v
Cfioo Gfioo Gasoline Gars
Gome to American Fork
First Interurban Curs Arrhed Salur.
day and Allrncicil Large
Saturday the first Interurban car
came to American Fork, arriving hero
In tho afternoon. On it were President
and Manager Orcm, Vice President and
Assistant Manager Armstrong, W. II.
Dong, superintendent of construction;
Mr. Moore, nttornoy for tho compnny;
Mr. Cook, right-of-way man, and sev
ornl other members of tho company.
Crowds thronged the 'Streets to see
It andlYlowed tho now Car with much
Interest. It was a. Combination1 enr-fdr
hnuling oxpross and passengers, It
will scat fifty-four passengers and Is
said to have a Bpoed capacity of slxty
ftvo miles pfcr hour: Its motho power
is gasoline. Tho other two cars are
duplicates of tho one which tniulo tho
initial trip. .
A forco of men have been at work
all week between town and tho mill
pond hauling gravel and ballasting tho
track and building the Y which runs
Into tho FIrmogo property, recently ac
quired for depot purposes.
'.Thursday, tho first car came down
from Salt Lake and' was turned on tho
YVand sentKback.UK the-atttto cjipltnl
front foremost.
The gravel trains running ulong
Main street and advent of the choo
choo cars have created much Interest
all week. The-little brown Japs have
deeply Interested the small boy, and
ono enterprising business maii had ir
sign printed In Japanese figures and
placed iln his window to tell tho1 Orien
tals thut ho wanted their trade.
(hen lllg Reception.
Thursday u number of the' Interur
ban railway odlclals and others came
down to. American Fork In one of tholr
enrs to luspucl'tho road, arrlWng here
obout 12:15. Thoy wore met tit tho
Y by Mr. S. L. Chlpmnu, ono of tho
directors of (he road; the city council,
and othor leading citizens; the Amer
ican Fork band dhd-all tho students
from tho high Bchool and public
schools and some three hundred citi
zens, totaling In all somo 1,500 people,
who gave them a rousing reception.
The ofllcluls and visitors, who con
sisted of Messrs. W. C. Orem, Simon
Dambcrger, W. R. Armstrong and Mr.
Morrison of Salt Lako City; Messrs.
Day and DIgley of Ogden, and Messrs.
Cookand Edwards of Chicago, weft
shown around 'the town, lsitlng the
Tabernacle and soeraL other points of
Intorcst, nnd .wore then taken to tho
Grant Hotel and banquetcdii Later
IJjoy travolcd to tho, end of -tho line
and Inspected the road, nnd III thoiif.
tonoon.,sompiof.thdiPrty went on to
Provo. 'by .'auto to-Inspect tluit end,
-, O ii' . i
A Glove Factory, Among' '
the Probabilities
I.oeJil 'Capitalists Kb'mfr lb M'Jujiiico
One Mlloulil IfilUnC Yejifure
' Pro), Successful. ,
r. . ct v .J .1.., - -. -
Mr E.fJ. SeastnlHd, our local-enter-''
prising tftllorVWasr-ucMl maKlUb'dme.;
lnvatons,(ioin tjj,,pl.slj-.
ilsYntt.ii, glovofactorn ' AmcrJeiiu
Pork und-lB-moeUngwlth coirtldorabld.
enconrugomeiit1."'- Mf Beriatraml hiis'
ont for'alot o'f fhe' Mvflnlitorrai; cut
aTofTraTriirthomTw9dTup by local
no'-QdlowpnSlJo JvlU(sf 1 this first
atjof K,lovo;rUrjoughChoJocnl merchants.-'
-' " f '"
If bla Initial oxporlmonts are buc
eoBBful loAthen wlljjc"d. for ,lo ne
voBsnry &ti!t niid jhiicpinorj; -111131 go
into tho 'Uu8lntniH,1of"BftpyyliiR Urn Ii
ttirmpuiftjilA BtnWs ; Thoro Jb npL n
gloVo 'fhct6r 'WtHo 'InVirmiilnJItiii
tutes, and npilardiAly Ihrto l a food
Oponlnglloro,-1 , , ., ,
A'rtlclilB- 6t lncbrtoVinfou nr -)Mng
drawn jijVeidy 'for'thb rprthnllon of
ment prove Buccotanrt.' A Uumlitr'of
local cft)HalltB- have HlculflWI A wlll
Ingitess to' tiikif BldOk In It,' mid It Is
Jibport'thu veilluro will provo mltcuSB
ful -'
Vi'HU,'inniiUfuc"rtlro 'bf glovofi Is done
largi'ly J'y wi)inon who take tjio work
hoinej It would ijlVo emp.lo)mcnt to a
eoodt maiiy of them.
City Council Holds
A Busy Session
Assistant Wilier Musters Appolnletl-1
cn llonlluir Allej Ordinance
1'nssfti Fire i)ciurtmrnl -
Is Xumcd.
Saturday ovcnliig the city council
held a busy session, lasting till mid
night. A committee consisting of S. L?
Chlpmnu, James H. Clark, James 1I.J
Quiduer, Joseph H. Storrs and John
It. Hlndley asked tho city council to
support tho free public library move
ment, which the council unanimously,
ngiced to do.
Tho commlttco on streets was In
structed to curb nnd place a bridge
oyer the water sect nenr the Fourth
Ward meetinghouse; also to placo n
culvert In the ditch near George Rob
inson's home.
Lott Rubsoii complained of a ditch
near his homo not being kept open,
EUsIm Peck somo chntmes In tho
method or regulating his water turn
and E. McDrlde complnlnod of the In
terurban having nilcd up his ditch.
All of which wore rcfericd to tho com
inltteo 011 Irrigation .
Lott RobliiBon petitioned for the
opening of Third North street between
Fifth nnd Sixth East.
L. II, Jackson and R. L. Small pe
titioned for HcenscB to operate bowl
ing alleys, which led to tho passage
of a new ordlnanco 011 the subjpet
which will be found in another part of
this issue.
On motion of Councllmnn Hawkins;
seconded by Councllmnn Thornton, tho
Salt Lako & Utah Railway company
was glcn permission to construct ni1
Y 1. from Main street outo tho newly
acquired Flrmngo property, with tho
the tpeclllcntlon that tho cast leg of
it was to bo taken up within six
Tho major submitted tho appoint
ment el Eli Ualley tie assistant wnter
iiinstcr for tho east side and Robert
Wagalnff for tho west sldo. Tho ap
pointments were austniucd.
City Electrician Grant reported thnt
CI) out of 200 carbon lamps recently
purchased wcie defective nnd had been
rotumed for credit.
The committee on cemetery wns lu
structed to confer with tho Civic Im
piovcmcut Lcaguo and employ u mnn
to fix up tho city cemetery.
Tho city attorney recommended that
AttornoyB Rydalch & McGurrcu bo em
ployed to draw up u paving ordlnanco
to validity tho recent paving, whloli
recommendation was accepted and the
now ordinances will appear lni'our
next lssuo. ,. - -J5)x
- An adjourned session was hold
Tuesday evening, when tho following
were voted on as tho members of the
American Fork fire department:
Chief, William Flrmngo; llrstMissls
tnnt chief, Walter Slack; Becond nsslB
tnnt cnlef, L. II. Anderson; secretary,
Stephen L. Anderson; treasurer, War
ren F. Anderson. Members Earnest
Senstrand, Archie Uromlcy, Harry
Llndley, Milton Shelley, James Tntter
soll, W. R. Wheeler, Stephen Shelley,
L. Wv Nlelson, Vcm Walker, Ilyrou
C rookston, Axel DlOomqulBt, Earl Vnr
uly, Ralph Harnett ami E. L. Pratt.
i" 1 1 ' IF
American Fork to lime a lllg I, lie
--' Slock, ShoH. '
In order to promoto tho raising of
good stock, a sentiment has been
giowlng for some tlmo In fuor of
having a live stock show In American
Fork this spring.
M meeting of tho farmers and
stockmen was held In the City Hall
Aiondtiy eveulug last, at which It waB
definitely decided to have tho show,
anfj tho following commlttco was
nnncd to make tho necessary arrange
ments: W. II. Chlpmnu, Hans Chrlsteiiseu,
Goorgo F. Sholloy, William S. Storrs,
Luther Gldillngs, S. W. Chlpmnu and
John Jncklln.
Oh Wednesday evening tho commit
teo" mot and organized with W II.
Chlpman us chalrmnn and Luther
Gldillngs as secretary. Tho tlmo of
thuCshow wua set for April 15, and
will umbrhco all Muds of Jlvo.Btock-r-honios,
cattle, sheep, hogs and poul
try'ii; ;nio ontlro north end of tho count
Is JnIted to participate.
.'ItriB tho intention of the committee
thift' competent stock Judges bo ai
uiUBod to pass upon the merits of the
rtiffmalB exhibited In tho different
cJobbob, and that awards bo made In
ol-cordanco with tho Judges' decisions
it(ta ,also expected that sports of
vurtbus kinds will bU had In connec
tion with tho live stock show, and
tfiliU April 15 will be 11 gala day In
Aniorican Fork. Let's all work to
nUteo tho Amorlcan Fork live stock
shuw a big success.
- J rtfi . o
'Tho weekly shoot or tho American
Fflfli Gun Club wns hold Thursday at
(ity: Park. A. C. Adniiiboii won high
honbrs with forty-six birds out or 11
laslblo fifty. V. Mniiwlll was low
mail, , ,, .
Tlie scoro was as follows:
'l lllrds. II. M.
hkldmson .....',.. 50 -.10 4
Huh 50 tl 0
halBoil HO 10 10
MUcr 2B' .20 5
lWblliBOIl 25 20 5
lIuFrmtt 25 ,18 7
ffi ... 25 10 0
wlm go 8 :!
.Next shoot, will ho at tho City Puik,
'I'huvBduy, MurcU 12, ut 2 p. ui.
, Dvmamn. is) Klv
j Two Big Specials 2 I I
iyONE WHOLE WEEK, March 9th tol I
14th. We offer you Royal Worcester CorsetJ I
I at absolotely Cost, and Less. J 1
We are Overstocked and have Concluded to Unload Them I 1
P Nn mr Ct,ni.1, !V o -' HIKVl.al salc ' ' -S5 I No. 848. Kotnil $3.50, special b1i25 I 1
MnSS" M'" -2J,8pooinlBnle.. .75 No. 901. Retail $3.00 8pcoiaUalo.$2.00 I
NalSSSi JSSSSlS"' 0 No. OH. Retail $3.50, specUlsale.f2.25 I (
I No.416.no(nil$I.25;3sSilailo ' 75 No' 918-Retail $5.00, BpocUl Balek$3.fl5 I
j No. 'i23. Koi ail $1 .25, ajjocial sale . . .75 No' 91s)- Ectil $5- special sal o. $3.2 5 9
No. 5G3. Kvtnil $2.00y bopcial 8iilc.'$l.35 No. 401. Retail $1.25, apecial sale- .85 "j
I No. 54G. Retail $1.75, special sale. $1.15 No. 405. Retail $1.25, spcolalsalo.. .85 I 1
iNo. h33. Retail $2.50, special sale. $1.60 No. 988. Retail $2.00, special Bale:$1.00 J i
I Every Corset will be sold Exactly as advertised 1 1
Remember these prices"are only offered for one week- J I
I We offer next week, commencing Monday, March 9th to 14th, 'M M
I 50 kegs Mixed Pickles for tho extremely low price of fl5o . M
f At these prices we must necessarily have tho cash. It is like-putting ' ,1 l
84 a silver dollar from ono pocket to the other. " ' ' ' "I ' II
I s Free Delivery to Any Part of the City v 1
Chipman Mercantile J J
I Company 1 J
4, American Fork, Utah The Big Red Stoj, J v . . ilM
Dr. J.' NoyoB nnd Clifton l'olrce,
who prnctlcnlly owned tho Amerlcnn
Amuscmont compnny, n corporation,
huvo'BOld hair Interest in tho Orient
Theatre to A. L. StnllhiRS, owner of
tho Star Theatre at Spring Mo. I)r.
Xoyea will still remain tho president
of tho Amorlcan AmuscmciH company
and Mr. I'elrco will still hold half In
terest in tho Orient.
It is understood that Mr. I'elrco has
bought stock In tho Star Thcntro with
Mr. Stnlllngs, and that probably In
the near futuro Mr. I'elrco will take
chare? ;of tho Stnr and Mr. StnllliiKS
will comd to American Fork and tnko
chnrgn of the Orient.
Mr. Stnlllngs Is well known as a
'lle wlro" 'exhibitor, having had six
years. In tho picture business, and
should ho take the management of tho
Orient wo enn bnnk ho will continue
lo glvo us tho snmo high class pro
grainB as have been given by Mr.
I'clrce, aB lio 1b just as stioug as Mr.
I'elrco for tho biggest and best on tho
Mm market. In fact, It Ib known thnt
.Mr I'elrco and Mr. Stnlllngs havo
worked their programs together ever
Bluets tho Orleut opened.
l)Ii:S OF 1'NKr.MONIA.
Miss Ida Huntor, tho 20-ycar-old
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Hun
ter of tho Second Ward of this city,
died at midnight Monday night from
u suoio ease of pneumonia. MIbb
Huntor Iiiib been an Invalid for a num
ber of years and was unable In her
weakened condition to withstand the
Funeral services wore held from tho
si-iond Ward meetinghouse at 1:30
oclock Thursday, Ulshop J. H. Storrs
I residing. Tho speakers were I'resi-
l..it James II. Clark, S, D. Chlpman
.ml Karl S. Greenwood, Approprluto
musical numbers wore furnished by
"ra c K. Young and tho 11 V. W 1'
I Something new in Mesh
Bags and Napkin
I Holders at
Quality Always Right,
i zmwwmmmwmmmMmBWBmmwmm
The Frank Illch company inndo its
first nppearanco at tho Opera Houso
Monday nnd Tuesday evenings nnd
was certainly a pleasant surprise .to
thoso who attended. Two-thirds of a
houso greeted them Monday night nnd
but half a houso Tuesday. This would
Indicate that many of our theatre
goers woro a llttlo dubious, but thoso
who attended woro well satisfied. Tho
conipany is Burcly n cnpablo ono and
the chorus will compare favorably
with many on tho road. "Tho Girl
from I'nnnma," which was tho open
lug bill, is a sure fine comedy, nnd
It goes with n snap and a vim thnt
cannot help but p'easo tho nudlcnco.
"Tho Jolly HachelorB" Tuesday night
was a college play, full of god stuff
and plenty of music.
Such bIiowb arc worthy of full
Most peoplo , In buying a
monument aim to get something
that not only looks good when
llrst sol In tho comotery, but
will continue to look good.
Hut vory fow peoplo know
what coriBtitutos a good monu
ment, why somo monuments In
our cemotorlo8 soon become
dingy and all out of shapo pnd
anything but plonBlng to look at,
whllo othor monuments not
only look good when flrflt put
out, but continue to look good
For tho bonoIU of thoso who
routcmplato getting a monu
ment wo have for distribution n
small booklot containing valu
able Information on tho "Buy
ing of n Monument," which wo
will bo pleased to send to any
address. '
Just send n postal card to
Beesly Marble
Granite Works
.Make of (load Monument.
!-' iii1 -i lmT M
The Second Ward DrwwUto oimftm M-
la working rery Hard on tk eme4f& (lit
drama, "Colleg Caani," wkicVwfl Ml
bo presented In the near future. Tk4f jj
have an excellent cast aad arefMMii jfjj
along splendid under tWafcto dlrefc VJ
tlon of Mrs. Bernard Ckristeatcn. ty Wti
If You Are Not'
Saving m
Piano ; - I
"Votes"'' '
i ill
- w
Help I
one. of your I
friends . J
-Who ;!
Ask for Piano;, j .: I
Votes for every; 1
cent of your ! i
purchase I
We Want You I
to Have TKem I
mmmmmmmmmmmmammmMmmmBmmmmmmmm t H
Wm. . Thornton;
i ! I
HeaaaHeri fer ; ; Sl
All Kind's ! KaffaafiiM. 'M
jj fcjJHI

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