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PP ' i ;I?T -KT- ;--
I i"
I ' "' .. -. AMERICAN KORK C1TIZBN SATURDAY. Mauo.. .. . f5MB
- Pleasanf Grove Department II
I school Consolidation
I sdlp Sl't. Mnthpnson Writes Loilrr
I Fluorine the Question.
I near IMItor: Scliool nuthorltlcu
I miiic In the opinion that the Indcpen
I nt school district must bo replaced
Ihr a larger unit or organization In
I order that cfllclency In school "Work
I mt the minimi convention of tho dc
nrtmcnt of bupcrlntendcntD, held at
ISkhmond. Vn., Inst week, It was stat-
'J tt collaborated paper written by
Itir Klwood Cubberly, professor of
Education In Leland Standford Unl
IS. and Dr. B. C. Elliot, director
.,(, lynchers' course at the Unlver-
of the teachers- course ai me univer
Isl'.r of Wisconsin, that tho llttlo In
Idewndcnt school district admirably
Its It had "ct "10 ceds of lto time
bad now outlived Its usefulness, and
that It would be practically Impossible
for rural schools to contlnuo similar
orogreES hereafter, ns they hod mado
Kerctoforc, unless they Bhould bo
placed within the advantages of con
Kolidatlon. Other nuthorltics equally
eminent take the somo vlow. How
Brer, the argument In fnvor of con
Kolldatlon, which means most to us,
Komea from tho voice of tho people In
he districts and counties of our own
Htite which have hud Mio consolidated
Kfiiem In opcrntlon during tho last six
Kr eight years. In scarcely any of tho
Bight counties now consolidated was
he question of consolidation consld
Bed favorably In the beginning. It. Is
aid that In one of thoso counties 90
Kr cent of the citizens opposed tho
an, but that at the present ilmo
ore than 90 per cent ot tho citizens
re 'enthusiastic supporters of it. It
, of course, not n difficult matter to
tme arguments In fnvor of 'or against
n; proposed plan, but proof of tho
dcacy of a plan lies unmistakably
the actual workings of It. Judged
om this viewpoint consolidation
tods well npprovod.
it fs quite possible to hnvo a good
Ktbool or bciiooIs In unconsolidated
strlcts, but It Is not so posslblo to
re a good system of echoolu In an
consolidated county. In fact a
od system of schools can scarcely
eipcctcd there will bo both weak
d strong schools. It often happens
it a district has very moogro school
vintages It Is uncommon, how
Hr, for an entire county to bo so
Buated. It is not uncommon for a
ge percentngo of tho corporate
Bperty in a county to bo confined
Bhln a comparatively small area.
ten such is the case and when the
all district unit of organization pro
li, it is not possible for equitable
Bcational opportunities to provnll
oughout a county. In our present
Me ot civilization it is pretty gen
HUr accepted that tho Individual
Bpers pretty much In tho aamo
' as the community prospers, A
Hon ennnot llvo apart from other
Ple nd enjoy n big, brood life.
M or two towns In a county cannot
Ir very well italic the other
Hmunities arc working under acr
i obstacles, it 8hould not, in fact,
Binnot be, a matter of Indifference
Hne district Hint tho schools of an-
' -t-trlct are of low grndc. The
Interests of each Individual and
best Interests of tho community
be secured whenovcr tho greatest
' received by tho greatest mint
Hi Individuals. That consolidation
V the best available Bchool prlvl
W i to tho grentcst number is n fnct
"a8 been amply demonstrated
e chief advantages of coiiBollda-
'fon tho side of administration,
" Increased efficiency in udmln
uon the wholo school body exper
ts Improvemont. Somo of theso
ses are ludlented In the following
ualizatlon of taxation.
Iformlty In tho length or tho
i year.
ultable distribution "of teachers
Bf the Rchoola.
momlc purchases of school SUP
S': 'elimination of a number of un
8ary school olllcors.
rk o the best advantage.
KSft of lunll where they
RcMnnP."".U 'luallty and scope of
Li,T mtl,0" of Iocnl strifes nnd
Kti f"c,. u, cemcntliiB of
K '""'efmmuiilly IntorcstH.
K W..nnd B'PorvIsIon.
Red Wlty of securing well
I,,,,1 llc8 ns tenure of oinco
K seoMHn rl8, "ro cnB,1' ndopted.
KlUfsm0r rC,",b,
aSaS ittn."011001' on n
'urnl KmutIh to Instruct Fnrin.
HrKi Mieund Impnrliint
Kr!!' lfV ,l0,,t0 Uemonstratlon
h ,,r furmors-ls scheduled
K... n"ns""t Qrovo, Saturday,
;w m l"'1' ln " wook fr to
H" ""I spend tho entire, day
B'm il'1,B,i rd,lratl''B rnrincre
stock r,' 7 mc"'0'ls of agrl-
Kltis I mZ i ot lho rtomoiiBtrn--
Hvpi, in. " V-ry successful
H in , ,V,,'J; Iwnpllplnl and
Wll, ' """ liavo tnkoii
"'HI rat JUn,!,0'Wlrn'.
''irlltinn Bi" f',r,nl"K p,llllp-
KpI'iIiumI i"i,,,J, B10W". ""'I
"le It in ? rTrta from u,n
un to other osnibltB, a cor
of high-bred live sloek will accompany
he train hero for the ,,r,108C ' !?.
Uirli.g and explaining tiie exhibits and
Imothods of miBliiK Iin,l operation.
Farmers and all others InteM-m...!
arc cordially Invlu,, ,,'3 I, W?
,pnrlih ,"ta'!d ,IIB,,ccl 1,,c cx,ll,,l" '
hear tho lectures on topics which can
not fa I to be of benoilt UcmenibeV
niS da,lorStunlny, March 21
Pleasant drove; Monday, March "
for- American Kork. and at I.ehl "on
the 21th.
Indian Fighters
Hayjiet Pensions
L'onirrcBMuiin .IoIiiihoii of I'lnh Mucin
IHlh House Pensions CumiiiKlcc
to Urge Claims.
Washington, D. C, March O.-Con-grcssman
Johnson met with tho house
pension committee Saturday night In
lho Interest of tho pension legislation
for Indian war veterans.
Seventeen bills considered Until
ngrecment to Incorporate all In one
ElS ""''WMch will carry united
support or tho west. The concensus
or opinion is that veterans who served
thirty or more days, since In most
cases they furnished their own sup
plies, guns, ammunition, should receive
a pension of JL'O ,, month. There aie
about 2,000 veterans in Utah. The
last legislature appropriated 50,000
to show the Btnto-s appreciation of
tlrelr services.
Representative Johnson has wiTttcn
Governor Sjiry for their names, con
ditions of service, etc. Ho considers
It highly probable that the proposed
hJH will become law this session. Mdst
of the H'lcruiiH are poor and feeble.
Twenty dollars a month means a livelihood.
State Supirliileinleiit JliitlicHMin and
County .Superintendent C'reer Will
Speak in Tabernacle.
Sunday ctcnlng there in 111 bo
held a meeting In the Tabcrnaclo to
discuss the question of consolidation
that Is agitating the citizens or Utah
State Superintendent Mathewson
and County Superintendent Creer will
bo the speakers. Tho high school or
chestra will furnish music and there
will also bo some boIo and uunrtetto
Tho question of consolidating all the
schools In tho north cud of Utali
county Into ono district Is tho most
Important question now agitating .tho
peoplo and no doubt tho meeting will
no largely attended. The peoplo will
soon be asked to vote on tho ques
tion, and they should gel all the in
formation possible.
Wednesday ovcnlng Mrs. Uavc Wil
kin gave u very pleasant entertain
ment In honor of her parents, Mr.
nnd Mrs. 11. Jorgensou. The event
wiib their 42d wedding anniversary.
Music and cards consisted of the eve.
nlug's entertainment. A dcllelouu
supper was served the guests at 10
o'clock, who wore: Mr. and Mrs.
);cterJcnHcu, Mr. and Mrs. Souru
iicobuou, Nephl Jacobson, Mr. and
Mrs, II. Nelson, Mr. and Mrs. Harold
Wonncrstroni, Mr. nnd Mrs. Andrew
Toinpson, Mr. uud Mrs. Dtin Joifcn
son of American Fork Miss Stolla
Jensen, Miss Margaret Carlson, Miss
lilern Jorgensou and Miss Mary Jor
gensou. i
Next Tuesday will bo seen many
peoplo wearing green bows In tho
lapels of their coals or green ties
around their collars, to show their
loyalty to tho saint of tho Kmorald
Isle, but tho latest Is a green carna
tion, grown specially for the occasion.
Our local llorost, Mr. Frank Hum
phries, Iiub evolved a green carnation
with all tho dolicato tints ot thoso of
other shades. Tho evolution Is ac
complished by feeding a certain liquid
lo white plants, through the stem. Tho
(lower Iohos nouo of its delicate arouia
through tho process and galas much
in beauty.
Did you over notice that none of the
merchants In l'louimut drove, Amer
ican Fork or Lolil over oftor apples
ror snlo ut retail? They dlsp'ay oran
ges, bananas and other fruit grown
out of tho state.
Wo advertiso Utah apples all over
tho country but at homo there are
nono for sale In small rotall quuntity.
Wo aro Inclined to think that somo
could bo sold at homo If displayed us
prominently as other fruit.
. n ii
Miss Tlnn Maxlleld of l'rovo Is lsit
lng Miss Uthol Hundley for 11 uhort
timo.' " " .s
Uneorneted effect In corsets ut
t'lilpiuairs, Only 2'j Inches iilmo
vuiIbI band. H-"
Mr. and Mia. Joseph Gallic of Mid
way wore Pleasant Grove "visltoiH on
Monday, guestu of Mis. Jouu P. Fugnl.
Hrnest Cuhbley returned to his home
III Idaho, Wednesday, utter spending
a few duysv Isitlng his puronts, Mr.
ml Mio. Robert Cobble
Mm. I.. W l.und and Ma8 Clootie
weii Halt l.nko Usltura last week.
. . ,,.
H. I- Clark made 11 business trip 'to
the capital Monday.
G lbs. genuine good quality whlt'o.
clean rice for 25c at Clilpman't). 14-lU
Prof, and Mrs. Richardson attendeil
'lie tournament at Proo the week-cud")
S. F. Walker was a l'rovo lBltor
Marlon Tanner was an American
Fork visitor Wednesday. ,
Mrs. J. G. Johnson Is In Salt Lako
City for ten days, visiting friends.
J. D. Wadley has been 111 tho past
week, causing his many friends somo
Andrew N. Nelson of Salt Lake was
vlBltlng U. P. Lund the first of tho
St. Patrick's day will bo tho occa
sion for Bovcrnl social events. Watch
our next Issue. ."
Garden rakes, garden hoes, digging
forks, spades and shovels, all at Chip
man's Ulg Red Store. 14.1t
Mrs. F. D. Richardson of Ogden is
the guest of her sou and daughtcr-lu-law,
Mr. and .Mrs. L. A. Richardson.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hauler of Midway
are visiting In Pleasant Grove, tho
guests of Mr. and Mrs. 13. T. Culmer.
Mrs. C. J. Williamson spent the fore
part of tho week In l'rovo, tho guest
of her mother, Mrs. John Mayberry.
Tuesday evening Airs. William Llm
entertained tweuty-lio frlonds In hon
or or her husband's birthday.
Mlssei) Grace Van Wagoner and
Merle Coleiuaii of .Midway were guests
of Airs. K. T. Culmer last Sunday.
Miss Vida Fa go spent several days
this week In Vineyard, tho guest or
Miss Kthol Hundley.
The largest and best line of wall
paper In Utah county at Clilpinuu'B.
Hlg Red Store. n-Jt
Miss Velum UJork entertained the
members of the Sorosls Club, Monday
evening, at a kensliigton.
Allss Cleoue Lund, who has been
Visiting friends In Snlf Lake City ror
a week, returned homo Thursday.
Joseph D. I'n go Jim Tomlliisou and
Otis Yaucy leave In a short time ror
llliss, Idaho, where they will be for a
length of time.
If you prune now ypur fruit luter
will pay 'for it. Get your pruning
shears, knives and sawn at Chlpmaii's.
Air. Ira llopklua of Kauosh, Utah,
visited our schools Friday and accom
panied ills sister, Kiln Hopkins, to Snlt
Lake Saturday.
Or. 0. I). Grua has repainted and
cleaned his automubilo till It, looks
like new. A good springtime renova
tion. Miss lCllu Hopkins and Air. Guy Cul
ler were Provo visitors Friday last.
Allss Hopkins reports the roads In ex
cellent shapo for horse-back riding.
Air. and Airs. William Culliinoro are
ncciviug congratulations on the birth
of a pair or twin babies, a boy and a
girl, bom Thursday morning. At pres
ent all concerned are doing nicely.
Ward wub received ironi L. W. Lund
at Greeley, Iowa, that ho Is shipping
nine head of blooded horses west.
Some nre to bo disposed of In Colorado
ami northern Arizona, whilo tho bal
ance will be brought here.
Airs. Alfred Harper presented her
husband with ir baby boy hist week
nnd Airs. William lloatmnu presented
her husband with a now girl.
Garden and grass seeds, llower and
grain Bcrd, at Chlpinan's. ll-lt
N, P. Peterson was a Provo visitor
Tuosday with his daughtor Heriuese,
who Is teaching school there.
The Wadley Pros, will again attempt
next Alonday to get up to U'0 mines
lu American Fork Canyon, whero they
have a leaso on the old Miller mlno.
Tho snow at tho Dutchman mlno Is
dovon feet deep nnd tho latter part of
the journey will havo to bo mode on
The new greens, the new Tango col
ors )u suits and jackets at Chlpinan's. fc
Air. J1111I1111 Hayes, principal or Se
ller county high schools, and Mr Isaac
Hayes, student of the Rlehlleld high
school, were In Pleusant Grove Satur
day and Sunday, visiting their mother,
'Iru. Roso II. HayeB.
lw; 1 ' Judd miii ,CIIV0 r u
Icy, l"l"Mn the near future
; II I Chuk W the II, si of
U,0;m,k '" SnUUki- on business.
.'Kennedy Thornton nnd Harry m,.
clalo spent Bumljyj viLhZ OrJfe
Mi. and Mrs. jmn iMt o(
a,"" " 8i,,,t on --
iSSiday. " llmwM Uw ""tt-
A fine baby boy arrived nt the home
or Mr. ami .Mrs. AI. 11. Pehrson, Tues
day. Mother and babe doing nicely.
AIIbb Flossie Framplon and Allss
lda Fago were Piovo lsltors the
latter part or the week.
' Mr. and Mrs Clarence Walton or
American Fork were visitors or Air.
and Mrs. Uavld Thome, Sunday.
-Airs. Melissa Despaln or anrhuid,
Idnho, In here il8ltlnK her mother,
Mrs; William Adams, Tor a Tow weeks.
Airs. Henry Pugh and daughters or
Salt Lake spent Saturday and Sunday
.visiting relatives and frtends lu Plena
nut drove.
Air. and Airs. Leonard Adams of
Storrs spent several days this week
visiting her mother, Airs. C. P. Lar
son, nt Pleasant Grove.
Airs. Lawrence West, who was oper
ated on two weeks bko at tho Provo
hospital, returned homo this week
much Improved.
' Mrs. Nelson Thrasher of Provo
Ilench was operated on last Atouday at
tho Provo hospital and Is moklng good
progress towards recovery.
Allss Pnullnu B. Drown came from
Stilt Lake City, Saturday, on a busi
ness trip. She has been working lu
lho Salt Lake Templo for tlmo time.
SJ10 returned Aloudny,
Tho Sprccken Club met ut tho homo
of Allss Grnce AInrrlolt, Frldny night.
A delicious luncheon was served to
the. AIIsso8j3thel Clark, Leoua Foultz,
Kdnn ' Paulson, Rhea Clark, Ardonn
Attwood, Josophluo Hulllday, Dorothy
Swensen nnd Lois Hayes.
Tho residents lu the Bouth end of
tho district, Llndon and n part or
Vineyard, 'havo Rotton out n petition
asking the,' Utah-Idaho Sugar com
pany lo put-In a loading spur ror sug
ar beets In- their district.
The rarovvoil party given Sunday
night in .thoLlndon Ward meeting
house lu liotiorof Jtimcu AInrrott, who
leaves for umlsslon to tho Bouthem
states, wna 'well attended and a neat
sum was raised.
The Walker rounlon will bu held on
the birthday or tho late Henson S.
Walker, Friday, March 13. All the
relatives aro to bo hosts with tho prlvi
lege of Inviting one or two guests
each. Tho relatives have, been mnk
lug pieparatlons for somo tlmo and
the event will bo characteristic or the
ninny reunions that havo bcon held lu
the past and ror which tho Walker
fiitnlly is famous. Tho reunion will bo
held lu tho Lludoujiall. About 300
are expected to bo present.
At the city council meeting next
Monday night tho compromlso propo
sition offered by tho runners lu tho
water caso will bo taken up. ThlB
ease that gave promise "or long and
expensive litigation will probably be
settled out or court ub there Is 11; pro
nounced disposition or both partes to
get together and cut out tho lawyers. ,
The primary teaehcrn and oflMcrs
of the Second Ward of Pleanint
Grove gave a pleasant surprise lor
.Mrs.' Llzzlo Thome. A delicious luueli-
eou was served and a good time was
lind by all. Thoso present wero tho
following: Air. nnd Airs. S. L. Swen
en, Air and AlrB. J. W. Thornc, Air,
and Airs. 1M Hnrdman, Air. Kit Dusli,
Mrs, Draper, the Aliases Laurn Peter
son, I.eona Foultz, Alervlno Jensen,
Mabel Ji'iiKru, Kdnu Jaulsou, Lois
JIayes, Kmllluo Lund, Jennie LurBou
and all of tho primary children that
Mrs. Thorno has been teaching.
A most delightful and onjoyablu tlmo
was spent Wednesday evening March
II In liouur of Allss Kthol Handley'ii
birthday A diilntycourso dinner wiik
nerved lo the following guests: Allsses
Kthel Hundley Tina Alaylleld, Zeporah
Valley IMna Dce, Vlda Fage, Ktttt
Westpbal, Rliodu Harding and Gladys
llolilaway. Messrs. Andy Cnrtwrlglil.
Frank Crook, Frank Crookston, Chns,
Hundley, Leland Madson, Ralph Hund
ley, Clarence Lloyd, Klrby Allen, Lo
laud Gamoii. Clareneo Gnmon, Frnnk,
Hull and Mr and Airs. Hundley, 8r.
The evening was spont In muBlc uud
parlor games. t .
Allss Stella Jensen was an Amer
leun Fork visitor Thursday.
Mr. uud Airs. James Thorite will
leave some time next week for Idaho,
whero they Intend to make their fu
ture home.
The llrst-H-ar German students of
the high school art) planning to give
their huperloru, tho second years, a
party some time lu the near future.
It has long been expected.
The Allsses Uather llatiBou, Ahblo
Smith and Artliella Uezzuut were the
guests or Allss AInrlu Pulley of Amer
ican tork, Sunday. They also attend
ed bunduy school in the First Ward
Llllle, tho 10-year-old daughter of
Air. and Airs. John lloulter or Manila,
died Thursday morning after suffering
ten days from pneumonia. Her fu
neral will be held lu the Alanlla Ward
meetinghouse today at 1 o'clock.
The Alutual Improvement associa
tion of Alanlla will Hlvo a high class
popular concert In about two weeks.
The city has been doing a most com
mendable thing In grading six blocks
In tho northcuBt part of town. The
city BtiuidB one-half of the expenso
nnd tho abutting property owners the
othor half.
The Marriott family held a reunion
yesterday afternoon nt tho home of
Airs. Selena Alarrlott, lu honor of
James Alarrlott, who leaves next week
for a mission. In tho ovcnlng another
party was given, to which friends and
neighbors outside of tho family wero
Airs. S. F. Walker entertained at a
party for'the basketball boyo and their
partners Tuesday night. A most de
lightful luncheon was served ajul a
dandy time was reported by all. Those
present wore: Tho. Allsses Cleono
Bullock, Alervlene West, Leah Thorn
ton, Lola Robinson, Vlrglo Grey,
Laura Walker, Hello Olplu, Roxlo
Adams, Alessrs. llasll Walker, Guy
Richards, Harold Walkor, Roy Wilson,
Paul Walker, Leo Harvey, Russell
Clark, Elroy West and Air. and Airs.
L. A. Richardson.
R you buy a spring suit or jacket at
Chlpman's you cnu depend upon It be
ing tho right stylo and price. 1 1-lt
Some or tho second-year sclcnco '' '' M
girls will serve an elaborate dinner H : ,'rtH
next Thursday. The decorations will " .''H
be In St. Patrick's style. ' -(H
, ,M
Air. 11. AI. Jones has Invitations out ' ' . H
for 11 St. Patrick's party. 1 .','H
! l1iI
Allss Thurman Is preparing to enter- 3 1 H
tain the Sophomore girls.- 1 .
Air. llasll Walker, captain of the , 14, H
basketball team, entertained the biiB- ; LH
ketball boys Tuesday evening, ' ' ' "':
Tho Sprccken Club of tho high - I , , A H
school girls are sending out luvltntlons h. J H
to a St. Patrick's party noxt Tuesday i t H
evening. $ " , H
I A 1
The Campflro girls aro beginning to ' ''''l-'iil
stir again and aro planning to go out T'l IH
on somo moro trips. 1 : 'H
20 lbs. best Utah sugar for $1.00; 4' H
10 lbs. clean whilo rice HOc, nt Chip- , , 'if-. 'H
man's all next week. 14-lt j 'i;H
Kight percent monoy to loan 011 vfr i
farms. No commission. T. C. Hold- , W B
lug, C'J West First South, Salt Lako . '''i'IH
City, Utah. 31-tf ' ;n
Pleasant-Grove ; '-mm
Poultry-Yards . mm
Thoroufthbrcds a Specialty ' ; WH
Duck Errs for Settioff. flfl
, , a-Mr'H
Call nnd soo or phono ' ( 'wlfl
:jfiW, I'lwisnnt Grove. :Ml
Mrs. Ida Haag ij;
1 . . I,- !&!-------!
Ofllce Hours: 1) to 1- uud 1 to 5 i'tjil
Telephone 7-x i ', uH
Prncliccs in nny court '-" iiyOPI
C'hlpiunii Rank IliilMIng, Itoom'l I rMlfl
'---------'"---- ii - ------iiiii i ' " JTTT77i f ilfuH
Attention, Poultry Raisers I f
Are your hens laying or have they gotten the Idea that they aro 'J tjmM
lust visitors? .... I fi fmU
These days when eggs are eggs, the hen that is worth while Is ' ?'B'I
(he hen that gets 011 the nest, las her egg, makes a fuss to remind r$ M
you tliul she is helping to pay tlio grocery bills. t,!3?
During the moulting seiisou liens have 1111 excuse for not laying, 5 !?!
because It Is Impossible to grow fenlhers, maintain their strength nnd f lilQifl
lay eggs nt the same tlmo. fl?
Hut now 11 Is different. wlifafl
lly adding a tablespoonful oi Dr. Hess's Poultry Panncea to lho it H
inornliig feed for every twenly-llv.e liens you will find that they will Hi
get busy. It tones up the dormant egg organs, brings back tho scratch Pttl
and cackle ami compels each lieu to put her share ot eggs lu tho j'lBfl
market basket. Lif 6'
Wu ask you to come lu and procure sulllclcut Poultry 1'annccn. cii'rf
to supply your Hock for llireo moiilhs If you like. Feed It regular. S;(i 11
once per day and then notu results lu tho egg basket. If you don't gig mtM
get moro eggs and lots more, Just return the emply packages and wo jk PI
will refund every cent paid us. Willi tho probout price or eggs you t BI
.aiiiiol afford to bo. without Panacea. liJttS
And remember that InBtant Louse Killer kills llco and dial -Y-f 9
Dr. llcss'ii Stock Toulc will make your cows give moro milk. flJKil
Drs. Hess and Clark iniiko tho following slock mid poultry fflil
remedies, which wo carry lu stock; ftHa
Dr. Hess Poultry Panaciii , !l'c and 80 0 Trial
l)r. Hess Louse Killer !jo 'lltfill
Dr. Ih'SH Healing Ponder .-.. ...'-.jc T5l
Dr. Ilehs Worm I'oiuler ;v.cH lll
Dr. Hcns Sloek Fond oif uud Jpl.00 ? '
Hedquist Drug Company No. 4 J9
Till! ItllXALI. STOHLS if i
In faoL ovorything pcrtnining to an iip-to-dnloylmrnoss shop." fffl
Repairing and Everything at tho Very Lowest Prices - g3
Culmer Hotel 1
Prices Reasonable. HI
MRS. E. T. CULMER, Prop. M
Pleaannt Grovo, .... Utah . 111

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