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Hl W . jjrrg'ffr ;: : r '-" - wetsam. ' b m
H Jin
YavBiif , nmuaiaLBMiic jawB&MWBW-Mt " " "" "" ' ' -
K i i Safe Eehi Qepartmenl
B!w ighth Giade Graduates
HR I Have Successful Closing
EaHBEg 'I'Ust ifml Largest Cln'ss tliu
H&JBepJI! School Hecehe Diplomas
HEJHfaVf Untitling 'riiijrI'1Jiitriuir" lo High
HflB The Blxlyyilnu from
H9HBb Eighth Urode bcIiooIb gnvo sue-
BnlRjj&Sj ccasful commencement exercises In
KflEH the Tabernacle Sunday evening. Tins
KHH house wub filled by friends who
KxK cutne to ecu the students receive
HjE listen to the
HfjHPff Tho boys new suits and the
HSiXHgf girls In uniforms middle blouses
HQH whltu skirts mid blf. blue ties pros-
VttBf n pleasing appearance. The
HflHj graduates filled the choir ami
KH four t lionises under dtrcc-
HHKf tloii ItUloti Y. Itotiliisou. The
flHS chorus Avoik was a surprise because
HHHi of M high In one the
Hf Amy Davis and Thelma
EH Unrff a Hoth
HflH Klrkham delivered the
HHH voludlctory the were
HflH given an
Hnl the High School by
HjH H'u president
HB the evening
KH ' uddress to graduates by supervisor (1
uH N Child of the Salt Luke City school
HH Prof. Child was tho principal
KajH the Lull! High Schol and prior to louv
HfRmH hero wus Utah County superlu-
HfiMB tendent. Ills talk was full common
BfSB sense un Inspirational udvlcu
BlxV Trustees Leonard Peterson and S
HhH t I. Goodwin delivered farewell address
HflB y s tllolr positions will bo abolish-
HHB fi; tho new consolidated district
HBqB jf goes Into Principal W. K
BjfflH , Hopkins spoke feelingly of as-
HjjB ' Doclntlon with the Lehl and
HflB f his roluctance of nccoptlng the hlghot
HmH position; Several other features add-
HjB ed Interest because this being the
H .', class to from the
H school district which to
H j after Juno stated thut
H?B ' waB tho largest class to grnduato from
BSH thu WhI eighth grade. As uracil-
HRPV cally nil of them will cuter the high
RjjB school, It will Increase tho high school
HEtB I attendance to about 200 students.
BwjfilB Tho twcnty-nluo cannera of Utah
H-'W lujl(l " Incetlug In Ogdcn yccterday to
TDtS ngreo on a common selling agency
H.Ma similar to tho plan adopted by the
"TvS Utah and Idaho Sugar factories. Mr
, Jak W. K. Ilopkiim rnprescuted tho board
MBBm"'.'3B or directors of tho Lehl Canning Co.
V'tHnS At tho Ogdcn meeting Is was reported
KyKv that n recent reduction In railroad
jXwm rates, had greatly enlarged tho market
HDI to tho Northwest for Utah tomatoes
MmBb and peas.
Klttflj Tho First Ward concert was u great
rH biicc'css and netted tho committee
SdS ?47.4n above expenses. All tho nuiii-
flM burs were pleasing, but the screnmlui
flpQ&f success was tho wedding of Mis.
w Nedo Fund (Virgil Uoates) to Mr
HTj Ward 'Expense (George A. Fox). W
E ; I A. Knight acted as tho parson and .IT
Br J. Child gave tho brldo away.
HlM The wedding of Miss Joyce Schow,
B one .of I.ehl'H popular oung ladles,
HS nndMr. I.itwreuco Main of lilackfoot,
BSva will take placo luHhu Salt Lako Tem-
BigjM pie next Wednesday. A reception will
Kjlf1! he lield at the homo of the brldo'a
VA! parents.
i Prof. It II I.xnuu, of tho U. .or V,
Bjra aililrft.scei! i ireetlug of tho Second
BjSs W'anl. l'i' ii Cutis that complete))
Hjn lllle'dAlu .Sceoud waxl Kellef Soclot)
RS Itoom, Iiibi Sunday. Tho ProfessorV
Bm talk. was along thodlncB of health and
Hffij sanitation If slated that l.elil should
JBl feerpnmd .' as water works syHtem
mm Choice Cut Flowers
HUH The beat fit over) thing at nil times,
tt$ combined with the knowledge of how
HJw i, to arrange, pnek and ship, have made
Kg 'I our Uoveru and our BorNico eminently
J I satisfactory to Mower loers and buy-
RJf ors
BBfer Wo have for Decoration Day the
best-wo ever had In UOSKS, CAItNA
I , DRAGONS, fiWKirr. PlCA.SjiudrJVy,
1 ONJES. ,.-. T
'.o will trf',v"l'lohBu-you J.otyour
ft orJnr l.e largo; pr small. Wo;v glvt
ft eiich nrd'-r special, it,teuIlon and ar-
HJf IHlip.lllKllt
flk Lehi Floral Co'
Pjsl jBMfc . ' s- Tomato, cabbage, r lory, pansy
of which nouo In tho stato was super
ior. If tho city took steps to abate
the fly nuisance, this city would bo n
health resort. Tho town should have
a sowor system "All disease germs,"
thb I'rofesVor Bald, "enter tho system
either through wounds, or tho mouth
and nose."
Ilelatlvo to genoial rules of health,
he emphasized that ubovo all else po.
pie should ha plenty of fresh air,
and abundance of sleep and keep their
feet dry. Window h should nmalii open
the year round A praetko of tetlr
.ng early ahould be formed and then
be permitted to sleep until awakened
naturally Wet fet are n sure pie
dletlon of ill health
U '
That $1,000,000 Storm
All records for May otorma have
beui bioken by the one that has
.wept over the country during tho
past two weeks. Tho oldest Inhabl
tuuta who have bien uble to nay In
'the early sixties, etc, wo hail such
l Btonti," have all git on up and ac
knowledged that noer before In May
los theio been BUih a downpour. It
nuB been a.gentlo falling, without a
.et up, for oory day, mid oory bit
of It has gone Into tho giouud.
"It has been worth millions to us"
jay tho dry farmers. Tho dry grain
is now well advanced. In aom' cosiu
Juat commencing to head out. The
itonn liiBuniH a heavy yield of $1 00
Aheat. In Cedar Valley Horsemen
jay thut It Is unsafo to got on" tho
beaten trail aa your hoi Be inlrew kneo
doci, oven In tho sago brush '
"It la woith ii million doll.ro to
us" Buy that atoekinen, as wn .no iih
aured plenty of graBB on the summer
ruugos, and will make an abundance
of feed for winter grazing on tho
deserts and lower hills.
"It has been a grert vnluo to un
any tho sugar beet growero, as It ha
glon the jouiik plants an excellent
Btart;. "Hut wo have had enough" they
say, "as tho timet hna como when
the plants 'should bo thinned, and
every day's delay now la a iMrlmonl.
Tho storm huu been of great value
to tho alfalfa grower, and Just as
soon "ita.itlic farmers can get at It,
thoy will commence nutting their al
falfa, so as to nprlng tooth mid briiBh
drag It to get lid of tho weovil. The
thorough soaking Unit him been given
will glvo tho second crop n vigorous
The storm hns been genpral, no part
of tho stato has boon mtcsed. In the
oust coinSldornblo damage haB been
done. Thoro have been killing frosts
In tho Great Kukus region and n foo'
'of snow In Nebraska. Thero hnvo also
been damagliiB temporntures In east
ern Colorado and Wyoming.
New Business Established
Tho Inlorurbon eompnny sent on
addition to Its local station Wednes
day and set It up in ono dny. It Is
Is now being iibcd iib a news and re
freshment Btnnd lu charge of Miss
Martha Plummer mill Miss Hattle
Featlierstono. These young ladloa
will mako this stand one of tho popu
lar centorH of tho city
I'irn: vo.sMis
who wrestlea Mahaut, Tho Turk, in
a handicap match next Tuesday at the
ltojal Theatre, l.chl A I no
llii) Sliilcr . Charles Turin r
Dinl Unlclil's Ml is i',, .,,
Motion Pliuires V ..i ..' : ,,k 8-ao
Good mn-ii tilt ...v ...u J.l, KIiik
sldo COc, I Clila IU
Big Elevator Completed
The nirrell Kiiglnccrlng company
toduy completed the construction of
tin- big 13,01)0 capacity wheat elevator
lor Ouorg O. Itobltison. It conslats
uf four tonorcle tubei,' each ten feet
in diameter, reinforced both waya
with steel rods and setting on a con
crete base II feet 8 Inches squurc and
ii fi et deep. The four tuges each hold
10,000 IniBliela of wheut and ara Joined
together on the sides so as to farm
a fifth loinpnrtiucnt that has a cu
paelty of li.UOO bushels.
Thirty men have been employed on
the plant for tho past IS days, fifteen I
orkliig day shifts and the balance I
working nights A cement root cov- I
T8 the fle compartments and tiro-
JectB over about 18 Inches making the j
building absolutely fireproof. Jnmes
Peterson has delivered 1,600 yards of
?ruvel, to which has been added ouc
Mxth more concrete The ptyit has
no v coit $7,000 outside of the elevat
ing machinery, which will be locuted
Inside of tho other building.
. . ii j ii ' "
Guilty Says Jury
In McMlass Case
Mr. Win. McCandln3S wns tried In
the Dlstrlet Pourt Wednesday for un.
lawful in'.iilons with Mrs. Simeon
barter about oho month ago. Mc
Coiidloss' Salt Lake attorney, whom
ho had emplojed failed to appear, so
fl"i eourl appointed M M. Larson to
defend. After being out u fow minutes,
the Jury ntiiriud with ii vcrJIct of
Mrs Cartqr, who won to have had
her ti Jul on tliu day following, cliong-
ii her plea from "not guilty" to gull
v i ml w 13 kIvmi thirty days In th
"iintv Jail McCandlass will bo son
tmiced TniFilny
Party For Returned Missionaries
Tho Missionary Parents Society Is
preparing to give n party next Wed
nesday evening In tho Second Ward
assembly looms in Honor or seven
recently returned missionaries. The
guestn of honor will bo Prceldout A.
.1. ICvniis, Ruyiior Ooutcs, Arthur
Itradder, Archlo Gardner. Virgil FJold.
.elda Klrkham and Martha Davis.
I). iiiclng will bo tho principal enter
tainment. Thero will ulso bo three
minute speeches from tho guests of
honor, u inuslcnl program and re
freshments. Kverybody Is Invited.
Admission will bo 15 cants each.
Mr. and Mrs. Ueorgo Soulliwlck, Mr.
and Mrs. Knncli Uubsoii uud Mr. and
Mrs. Thomns Clark arc the committee
Standing of Contestants
The winners of tho special prizes
this week woro Laveido Kwitis first,
Xolpha Zimmerman second and Mary
Wood third Tho special prizes for
those who make the greatest gains
noxt week will bo: First, a dress pat
tern, value $5.00; second, one-half
dozen silver dessert spoons; and third
6,000 extra votes. Following la the
picseut standing of contestants:
Kelpha Zimmerman C91.CD0
Zotelln Taylor CCO.OGy
Mary Wood 30C,'J50
l.uorde i:vaus 1!7!),CG5
Lizzie llriggs 228,810
'JoBcpliliiu Merrill 4U.00D
KICu Schow 30.U16
Athens Gilchrist 'Mfi'M
Ferol Stewart 28,420
Mobol Olios 27,070
Marel llhodes 16,376
Alice Taylor 14,000
Vlrl Clark 13.160 1
Until Knight 11,005
May I-ott 10,805
Vera Knudson 10,820
l.odocla Mn berry 8,005
Maud Harwood 7,080
Maud Klrkham 0,876
Mildicd Crabb C.825
Winnlo I'viiiis 0,798
Kmiiiii Coates 0,776
Floronco Sandbnck 0,485
l.auretto Kuiidsou 0,475
Sylla Ashton 0,400
Kvulj n ISushmuu 0,425
Mlldied Dili 0,375
Ivy ThomiiB 6,1)05
Sommois lugalls 5,084
Vera Taylor 5,540
lllauch Uiiruoy 5,510
Hulln ABhor 6,41)2
Klln Phillips 5,432
Vordo Lewis ,.,. 5,420
Mary Maudsley 5,306
.louiia Ilradshaw 5,345
Foru dough 5,220
Kiln a Shaip 5,175
Itoso UusBou 5,125
JhiiiiIo Wolib 5,120
Ivy Sorousou 5,115
Mary Fox 5,110
l.elo Southwlck 5,085
Mary Powell 6,075
Mario Miller 5.0C5
Iloso Hansen 0,055
Phcabo dray 5,050
l.eoun I.oug 6,045
Kiln Olmstend 5,036
l'mnia 1M wards 5,025
l.'dnu Glbh 5,025
llnttlu Fmitliorstoim 5,025
Sugar Company To
Duild More Factories
t a meet lug of tho board of direc
ts of tho I'tiih-Idaho Sugar com
pany, held Inst Tuesday, It was de
elded to build n new sugar factory at
West .loidun In Salt Lake county, in
time to tnko euro of tho sugar beet
,- 'A Wednesday & Thursday J
EMJL BHV '1H 33n;rlish i jH
jHPflHH HB jHHV a message a warning to modem ihza- H
Hlr PPkWP'W Hon against tho ducutlonce of its von j
hi V 'm toundalions. It is a clarion blast iiKauit H
7 V K'ai'iblinK, dissipation and teudonch i jtbi H
m as injurious to out s ''(.in Tl.cB
K story revolves about i-nuulo million BK
( t jp lB aire' who marries a lady of royal bnt!i,V
! i whose associates in the smart set ulino-tV
ii , V lead her to destruction. jV'
A v Afiss Whitney has had a wide nioin?B(
mk , picture experience, having sttirrcd iiK,
tfl. ?-, - ,Wv "Jieneath the Czar" and ilkic CVillimjHi
'S.S &k $ "Dream Woman," as well as beinjj fcnturBi
r Wa4. 01 "l Jatn(-' Solax and Blanche featun Hi
V.'VwK n 'rA Bet ore entering picture work she Mam.BMi
v - 3k in "Broadway Jones" and other ColiaiBtr
' ".TTsi and Harris attractions. JBi
' $ti0F ""8 '"s iduvv will be shown net m
SSjj Wednesday and Thursda.jH
' .,ip?KwSairerYh-tH' June 2 and 3 at the H,
in "The Vails ol Juncho" mlll
cd n
crop of 1010. Over 5,000 actus or
beets have been signed up by Salt
Lake county farmers for a poilod ot
years, and other Inducements have
been made by the associated Commer
cial clubs of Salt Lake county.
This district will this year deliver
about 2,000 acres of sugar beets to
tho Lehl factory.
Tho company announces that the
Nampa, Idaho, factory will bo. moved
to Spanish Pork in tlmo for tho 19K
run. The operation of those two fac
tories will make openings for promo
tions of several graduates from the
l.ehl factory.
Decoration Day Monday
Decoration Doy, which full on Sun
day, will bo observed Monday. The
business houses will be closed. Mr.
Victor Mason has gotten the city ceme.
tery lu a most excellent condl
tloii, and tho whole population will
spend at least a part of the day lu
decorating the graves of loved ones.
rrlmurjf Conferences Tomorrow
The Primary Associations of Lehl
will hold conferences In ouch of the
four wards tomorrow afternoon. Spec
ial programs havo been arranged by
I tho little tots uud lurgo attendances
are expected. ,
Funeral Services for lluhr ltr.by
Funeral services were held Satur
day afternoon at tho family rcsldenco
of Mr. and Mrs. Albert lluhr over
their baby boy. Bishop Lowls
presided. Tho speaker! JHji ,n
i-ox, i:. A. Uushmau a,,(1Hcs u
man. J, K. Jones dullicraK)M i
lug prayer and W. F. """Hon. S
diction. Buco
'''wiioi j
V lii
To the T. .1. WiulsMorllB unit
I urn now prepared I'Hiehra
of Painting, Papering -jB Illsho
.-' Ilnsin
R. H. lM-
B calico
- Y; - r fill r ifniyFT Tm TTn ti,
t ySiSt-J ' .v?35r'J fR'ipiimoi
Is an IndlBponsablo uttncliment to tho ordlnnry farm wagon, giving to tho dead axo r.l!BL!LortJ nf''
ispilng and rHulllPiicy of tho spring wagon, but permitting tho carrying of big loads wltt'lCrT
(linking motion which ueccBsarily follows tho use of any dead axo wugou. JHHpnomics A
Uy rollovlng tho wagon of Its Jumping, crushing lead, and apportioning It ecm7ijHj Economic!,
wagon Is lengthmiod, tho aitlelo being curried Is brought to market lu better 'n""iBniii ii m"k w
I la leleavcd of the Jerks ami uiiovenuess which accoinpuny the ltuullug ot dead welgM B ri '"' '
J 1UJAUV TO 1'1-ACi: ON YOIJU WA(I0X flV.i Carbo-Viv
H The cut shown herewith hl"'i8 you n good Idou of tho bolster ready to bo fitted gB-
I iIoob not tlnnw the load high lu tho air, but loaves It on the wagon In tho biiiiio sliiipc'JVMre. j,, A .
j did ilu holster Ih mndo of gieat strength and Is outliely built of otool, except tlif ';Hn SHh ((.,
mi) made of wrought or mnlleiiblo Iron of tho best quality, Tho front bolster Ih nin"e JHT M, Clark
1 wearing plato nttuched Bolldly to tho springs, mid all Is ready to bcI light on tho ,JK- -
H bolHtei has the Htcol plato bolted Holldly to tho spring mid nil Is ready to bo bolleiK" MBVCV TO NTi
the hound or any ordinary wngou Just as lu tho cubs with tho wooili ,i bolster which Wo Hurvny,
pearlug as Hie Throlkeld Spring llolstei 1b bcoomliig known. MS,U ,'t'('' ,v"l
1 Math in iiliin Hles capacity 1500 up to 0600 lbs, jBPln'l(lc! ttuy
I Cull and make us prove that the tiro Just what you need glvo Hum n tlilriv ix'KH ,,,,'j "
1 THE PEOPLE'S CO-OP. INST. 1,;:jrr"-'.'

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