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B o . . o
H I ! II II I o
M I When jou nnut nny kind of print-
N i I Inif l'liono 65.
J ' ; Will Hnrrett wna a Suit I.nko vlslt-
flf ) or Saturday
BH Mr nml Mrs. V M Hmiflton wero
9 Salt Lnko vIsllorB Friday.
0 IIdscITs S.plcco orchestra nl Or
KJ pltitis Hull .Saturday, .lime .'Hi. 29-lt
J Mr. nil J Mrs. Jacob' Evans of I'rovo,
mm spent Sunday horc v I r 1 1 1 n k friends.
Mfl Dr. nml Mro, II K. Knighton spent
JH Sundny mid Mondny In Murray visit
H lug with their folks
Hj Mr. mid Mro. Claud Znbrlsko of Al-
H pine, sprnt Sunday In American Fork
H with relatives.
J. II. Brown of Salt Lake, was an
VH Amrlcnn Pork business visitor Mon
m day.
M Mrs. A. Haron or Garfield, la here
31 visiting with her Blstnr, Mrs. I', A.
P i t Malign,
K Miss I.oonn West of I'lennnut drove,
3 spent Sunday with her sister, Mrs.
Hen Halllday.
H Tho Mlsnns Avorl.il Pony and Lillian
m '. '. Madison Bpent Saturday mid Sunday
L ' I'rovo with relatives.
W Mr. and Mrs. .lames Chlpman, Sr
wj , ' of 8:,,t Lake, spent tho first of the
JkL week in American Fork.
IB " "Dr. J. J. Huswnll Ophthalmic
' specialist or Suit I.nko will ho at the
B I Grant Hotel Tuesday, June 1st. No
1 clinrKo for teBtlng oyes, noforcnuca,
1 ' " Head Chlpmau's rid this week, It Is
' certainly timely 2!Mt
,, Messrs Earl ami Otto Varnoy, Jou
B . Drown, ItoHH Parker nml I.. 10, Hur
I I t'i rlngton motored to Salt I.nko Sunday
J ;'; to attend tho hall came.
H Mrs. IJeiiJnmln Moffott entertained
H 7? nt dinner Sundny. Those present wore,
. ;, Mrs. Anno I'reston, Mrs. Emollno
fl ji Sykos Mr. nml Mrs. Thomns Ilurrett,
U f-' Mr. and Mrs. Reed Robinson.
jj I jSj1 Miss Ktliol Crompton tins accepted
H'. j!?f u position ns clerk In tho Chlpman
fl 1 ;.,j. Dry Goods department, In the absence
Ppyit "f M'BB Myrlo Holey, who resigned
j ' Ui lust Saturday evening.
H ' , Mr. mid Mrs. Ilert Hcd(ulst nml
O ' Mr. J. 15. Peters and daughters, Adelo
H ' ii nml Vova, of Provo, motored to Amorl-
9 j'k can Fork Sundny mid spent tho day
f with Mrs. Ellznhoth Peters.
,S FOR nENT Flvo large, pleasant
M rooms, bnth, hot mid cold wutcr,
iX West Side, Private, entrance. Call
E2! Grant Hotel. Phono 23-J. 8-tf
JgjH Russell Whitman of Sprlngvllle,
IjSt' spent Sunday here, guest of Miss
ra1 Sadlo Chlpman.
gB Mrs. Jesso Earlo of Provo, was In
IfP Amorlcan Fork Sunday visiting
Ms, friends.
W" Nothing adds more to tho attrnc-
:ji tlvencss of n town, mid mnkes n better
Jr Impression upon visiting strangers,
& than uowly pnlnted residences, good
! sldownlks, clean streets and alloys,
2i! flowers In your yards. It Is tndlca-
jfcp tlvo of refinement, culturo, good tnsto
M mid thrift.
Jfa Hlrds mato In June why not the
IB Groom and Ilrlde Btart out right, by
' purchasing u Monarch Rnngo at Chip-
HRj man's. 29-lt
Htf Councilman Win. Thornton and fnm-
Hr lly expects to leavo about tho mlddlo
Hi of next week for California nml tho
ML expositions. They will mnko tho trip
HH b)' auto, and expect to bo gouo for
WBS ( month or longer, and anticipate a
Bra dollghtful trip.
1' Tho Third Ward Sunday School of-
jHjS floors and tenchors pleacautly sur-
$, prised Mrs. Stovo Shelly Monday
IBS evening. Tho evening's entortulnment
IE. woro games, music nml refreshments
fii Mr. and- Mrs. Shelly left this week
fluj for Pleasant Grove, where- thoy will
K both bo employed In tho Utah Power
BW K' I'lr'llt oomI"in' olHre, Mrs, Shelly
UPK 1ms been n vory earnost Sunday
"ilHM School worker tho paBt year.
lH Today "Joo's Pluco" mnkes 'n specla
K sale of Royal Purple Grapo Juice
WHl Regular 40c ami 7Sc bottles at 2fic am'
3 r0c. Same as high grado wine, bu'
H does not Intoxicate, 29-1
BH The other day one of our cltlzenr
HH with a consuming thirst found It pret
Mf ty hard to get a drink. He cudgeled
j his brain and finally hit on a scheme
MR Rushing Into n drug store, he callei'
HJ out excitedly: "A lady Just fainter"
SjflR outside. Tin'o von got any whiskey?'
B "Why, yi, i re's some.' Bald the sym
H pathetic elerk, pouring out n libera'
RM (luuutlty. 'Ah, thuiiks," as he gulped It
iPJH down; "It always upsets mo to seo r
ma lndy fuliit."
jttj ,, do you eat In a year? Von
IhL eat about sixty feet. It Is
MS t necessary thoreforo, that you
B;' cut good bread. Wo mnko
H; Hint kind. Our delivery Is
H prompt. Our service Is first
K' class. Wo curry tho most
K complete and purest lino of
JV bakery nrtlcles in town.
Main Street.
Ww)BMKBMBfcp "" hi n yT"'f',ijn3Lmuf
BW ' flVflVHVflVflBVMflVMfll
R. D. Decker of Provo, wns In Am
erican Fork Monday on business.
Mrs. W. II. Grant of Salt Lake, spent
the week hero with relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Wagstnff spent
Sunday in Salt Lake.
Miss Clara Wootton of Salt Lake,
spent Sundny here with her folks.
The Monarch Range makes rooking
a pleaBuresold by Chlpmun Mercnn
tllo Company. 20-1 1
Oliver Roberts of Klrkhum, spent
Monday hero with Mr. and Mrs. Leo
r. Shelly.
The Misses Mabel Storrs nnd Nellie
luckwnlter spent Sunday In Spring.
.Ille with relatives.
Apostle Holier J. Grant or Salt Lake,
ipent Sunday here with his daughter.
Mrs. C. 12. Young.
Miss Cleo Smoot of Provo, spent the
veek In American Folk with her aunt,
MrB. Karl Varney.
Miss Amy Whipple or Lehl, spent the
Irst of the week In Anu'rlcuu Fork
Isltlng relatives.
Mrs, Leo Slielton returned to her
home In Salt Luke Sunday, after u
few duys' visit with rolutlves.
Mrs. J. 11. Lloyd returned to hut
home In Salt Lake Sunday after a
wo weeks stay In American Fork.
Miss Annie llamnett returned Sun
lay from a three weeks' stuy In Provo
mil Payson. She lert again Thursda
or mi extended stuy In Snlt Lake.
Honold Meholes and Leslie Cun
ilnghiun, who are wot king in I'rovo,
:pent Sunday hero visiting with their
Mr. nml .Mrs. Elmer Miller of Pleas
int Grove, spent Sunday here with
lrs. .Millers' parents, Mr. mid Mia
foseph H. Storrs.
Tho great social photoplay "The
.Vails of Jericho" at tho Royal next
.Vednesilny and Thursday. 29-lt
It will certainly pay every young
ady in Amorlcan Fork to Solve the
mzzle in the big musical ad and cend
ii her answer by Monday's mall.
John Sabln resigned his position In
ho furniture department of tho Chip
nan Mercantile company. His plans
'or tho future are not fully matured.
The Misses Volmn Duncnii, who has
ieen teaching In Draper tho past year,
md Florence Walker, in Rlverton, are
homo to spend tho summer vacation
with their parents.
Mr. nml Mrs. W. A. Williams nnd
"hlldron and Miss Violet Lnursen of
Woodruff, wtnh, are' hero vlBltlng with
their pnronts, Mr. mid Irs. H. A.
Mr. Wm. Gardner of Salt Lake City,
will nddress tho First Wnrd Sundny
Schoo tomorrow on n subject In keen
ing with Memorlnl Dny. '
Thoso Spring Suits for Lndles and
thoso Spring Jackets for tho .Miss arc.
olegant. and Just think we can get a
?ir..00 Suit for ?7.r.O, n $10.00 Coat for
$5.00, m Chlpmun's 1-2 price. 29-lt
Mrs. II. m. Warner, a slBter or Mr.
I. L. Pratt, spent Sunday In American
Fork visiting her brother's family, and
tn Tuesday Mr. and Mrs. George
Adams of Provo Pencil woio guestH
t tho Pratt lime. Mr. Adams Is a
brother of Mrs, Pratt.
Mr. Almn Greenwood returned Tues
day morning from n trip to Millard
County. Ho repot ts that portion of
ho county as being In an unusually
louilshlng condition.
Tii lie a chance at the piano Hie
no.page ad In this SHih. lolls wm
" t II. HI) it to.Y.
Mrs. p. j. Murtlock of Provo, en
ertulne.l at a dinner Wednesday
zoning In honor of Miss Edith Vounc
.ml Hlshop Hoo.h. Those from C
'rlcau Iork who attended wero: Mr
ml Mrs. S. L. Chlpman and dnughtors
mvii and Leah, .Mr. and Mrs. S. II.
hlpiniin mid Mr. and Mrs L. C. Hen-
McDonald's famous National Choco
'ates In six tlavors are Belling today
it 2Ge tho pound at "Jop's Pliice"
Try a pound and get the hnblt. 29-lt
From tho Sutiirdny Desornt News
MIbs Middle M. Houndyiiiil Wm. II
lacon wore married In tho Temple
ui Thursday, and a supper was glvon
n tho evening In the Hotel I'tah
trlllrooni In their honor, only mem
bers of tho family being present. Cov
irs were laid for filuo. Mr. and Mrs
Jucon left on Frlduy for Cnllfornln
mil will visit the expositions before
et urn lug.
Ranges It In n little more expensive
to commence with, but cheaper than
them all to end with. You will find
them at Chlpmau's nig Ued Store,
American Fork, Ptnh. 29-lt
A raw boy without n dollar, present
or prospective, sparking a girl regu
'ar and talking about marrying Is p
spectacle for God ami men. He should
bo reasoned with nnd If he will not iiilt
It until he Is nblo to support n wife,
nnd to know whom he loves, nnd the
difference between love and chicken
pox, he should ho quarantined or put
In n convent erected purposely f(.
such ensec Nino-tenths of th unbeei.
mnrrlnges me tho rosult of r .
man calves being allowed u ,! ;,
large In tho society jture wlthou
any yokes on them. ;
Mr, Myron Chlpmnn and Miss Vldn
Lynch motored to Snlt Lake Sunday.
Miss Sadie Halllday spent Strhday
In Snlt Lake visiting relatives.
Sidney Smith of Snlt Lnkc, spent
Monduy in American Fork.
Ralph Ilarratt Is homo from tho l
to spend the summer with his folks.
Spencer Gammcll nnd David Davis
aro home after a brief stay In Sandy
Dr. C S. Jonea and wife left Satur
day for Minnesota to attend tho fun.
eral of his father.
Frank Crookston of ML Pleasant,
Is hero visiting with his parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Thomns Crookston.
Let People's Co-op., Lehl, figure
your lumber bills If you wont to save
money. 29-lt
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Whipple spent
Sunday In Lehl visiting with Mr
Whipple's folks.
Mr. and Mrs, J. I). Knox of Salt
Lake City, spoilt Thursday In Amorl
oan Folk with Mrs. Knox's mother,
Mrs. Susan Turner,
Mr. F. O. Enunett of the Hospltnl
Pharmacy of Snlt Lake, spent Sunday
hero with Mr, and Mrs. F. A. Sim
mons. Mr. mid Mrs. K. R. T. Hloomqulst
jjpeut Saturday nml Sundny In Provo
Isltlng with Mr. nnd Mrs. J. A.
Hloomqulst. '
Mrs. Adn Merrlhow o! Salt Lake
.md Mr3. Ira Taylor of Lehl, spent
Tuohday here siting with their sis
ter, Mrs. El. Lee.
The Misses Oru nnd Lunn Chlpmnn
aro home from the V. of IT. to spend
the summer vacation with their par
ents. Miss Jean Hlndley entertained lust
Friday evening. Thoso present were
Dorothy Chlpmnn nml OpaL Robinson
of Eureka, Hurry Llndley, Clyde Pnr
ker nml Tom Fentherotone.
The Misses Ida and Mandn Chlp
mun, Ida Booth and Liza Hlndley
ivore In Provo Sunday visiting with
Mr. nnd Mrs. G. M, Taylor.
Claire Whitney nnd Edmund Hreese
in the "Walls or Jericho" next week
nt the Royal Theatre, Lehl. 29-lt
Mr. uml Mrs. Hen Carlson of Hur
ley, Idaho, aro hero visiting with Mm.
Carlson's parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Adorph Nlelsou.
The Misses Hazel Cutler and Nor
ma Peterson Frcber of Snlt Lake,
spent Commencement Week here,
guests of Miss Rovn Heck.
Mrs. Elizabeth Neodham returned
Wednesday to her homo in Amorlcan
Fork, nrter n thrco weeks' stay with
Mrs. George C. Lambert of Salt Lake.
The Misses Edith nnd Horteuso
Evans of Lehl, wero hero Thursday
mid Friday visiting with Miss Ruth
He-ell's S-plece orchestra nt Or.
plieiis Hull Saturday, June ."th. LtMt
Mrs. Hyron Crookston entertained
the II. II. ladles Thursdny afternoon.
The Indies had their fancy work and
tho. afternoon was vory pleasantly
spent. At 5:30 a choice Iiinchcn wns
N. C. Hanks, the blind lecturer,
ipent n couple of days hero this week
with his uncle, C. D. Hanks. Ho Is
Just returning from the Stanford Uni
versity, where ho has been studying
tho past year.
Tho Third Ward Prlmery wero en
tertained i.t a candy pull Monday
evening nt the homo of their teacher,
Mrs. Walter Devey. Thoso present
wero: Pearl Kolly. Roda Searle and
Mice Parker nnd Mrs. John Hunter,
Willie nnd Anthon Clayson, Leo
Searle, Roy Fnddlcs. Mothloy Abel,
Clyde Hlrk, Rnlph Miller nnd E. H.
"nd Walter Dovoy.
A beautiful, all modern home for
si'o nt a bnrgnln price. Seo John
nhln, American Fork. 29-2t-p
The Stake Presidency visited Cedar
Valley Sundny, holding wnrd confer
ence nt Cedar Fort. All the members
of tho presidency woro present nnd a
ijood nttendnnco of tho people Thero
was good fooling manifested, the peo.
plo aro muo encouraged by theconlnus
rains which hnvo recently visited tho
valley, almost Insuring the dry farm
era a bounteous harvest. Decora
tion wns one subject tnlked or and
tho hlshop announced a general clean
up for tho following day, when nil
tho sngo brush wns to bo removed
from the eemetory and the picket
fences removed from the grove lots,
which are not needed, as the cemetery
Is surrounded by u good substantial
vow is thi: .month or tvniiuNos
:-: MARTIN'S:-:
Is But Half Done if the Paint -3h w
Fails to Follow the Scrub- I
bing Brush. 1
We amy a complete line of the celebrated Acme Qunlitv jfl
IVmts, which cnii be used for nil purposes by imy member of
the household with ood results. Why scrub your life nwny H
when n few moments with our pnints mul brushes will k'uo H
years of satisfaction and pleasure. H
Keiinish your shabby floors with one our our many flooi H
finishes. H
Ask for onr Painting Guide Book It's free, and will rio H
some good paint advice. H
Trim your walls with our Wall Finish or our Wall Paper.
" We cany a nice variety of samples and the price is right.
The floor of any room can be made neat and attractive by H
the addition of some of our Linoleum or one of our Rugs. We H
have manv nice samples. CALL AND SEE TI1EM AND GET
i. The rain has not killed all the tree worms, so your must H
get busy and spray your trees. We carry a food line of spray- H
ing material. jH
American Fork Co-op. I
L- I
Miss Blanch Ktrkham nnd Wullnco
Helsclt spent Saturday In Snlt Lake.
Miss Myrlo Holey spent part of tho
week In Suit Lake.
Mr. nnd Mrs. L. C. Hcnrold spent
Sunday visltlue friends In lieber.
Miss Emma Ingcrsoll left Satur
day tor an extended visit In Snlt Lake.
Mr. Jack Corrlgan of Provo was an
American Fork visitor Wednesday.
IJcrnnrd Chrlstcnscu wns u Snlt
l.ako visitor Sunduy.
Try Cherry Mclba Sundno nt "Joe'a
Hlnco" It's delicious 10c. 29-lt
Tho Misses Kmlly and Mario Mcin
tosh of I'rovo, nro here visiting nt the
homo of Mrs. Anno Chlpmnn.
It. I). Buckingham of I'rovo, spent
tho first of tho week In American
Mr. It. A. I)lckeii8en of Snlt Lnkc,
wns In Amerlcnn Fork Wednesday on
F. Dowoy or Snlt Lnkc, spent Snt
urday nnd Sundny In Amerlcnn Fork,
guest of Miss Mno Wnlker.
Mrs. Laura Frnncom left Thursday
ror a couple or weeks' visit with relo.
tlvcs in l'nyson.
Sylvester Hroadbent of Holier, spent
tho flrst of the week here visiting
C. E. Young wna In Salt Lnko Sun
dny vlBltlng with his mother, who
wna very 111.
Mrs. Ada Stoddart returned tho first
of tho week to Lehl, nrter n week's
visit with her daughter, Mrs. Kd Leo.
Tho Misses Annn Mnthlsen and Eu
nice Jncobson leuvo todny for their
home in Logan.
Mr. nnd Mrs. T. A. Osbomo spent
Sundny In Snlt Lnko visiting with hor
MIsh Mno Hnnks spent Sunduy nnd
Monday visiting with friends In Salt
Miss Floreneo Chndwlck spent Snt
lriiiy In l'lensnnt Clrovo visiting with
Mr. nnd Mrs. Konneth Hull.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Lnwronco Nlcholes or
Snlt Lake, aro hero on a ton days'
visit with their rolks.
Special today at "Joe's I'laco"
Strnwborry nnd Vniilln Taffy, 20c per
pound. Qunllty kind that's fresh.
Ohoico Cut Flowers
Ferns nnd Floral nenlirn.
eint to the Lehl Floral Co, Lehl.
Telephone 20..I. ' deliver
I'HOMI'TI.V iv t
Trout Dinners
Hereafter He villi scrwt trout dinners
eu'ry Thursday and Friday.
Ktcrj thing Nr.st CIiisn.
Y Cafe
MKitciiAXT stiu:i:t
i- n.Ki(.riK ,i , Vllt,n 8lm1( r u I
.H.k Muimiw eonrs,., l.oli,nl .llm. M. .roB)Mlivi. I
ii W,' " '" ,"X"'"" "l "is '-"1-. L'"''- I
Y. 1- ' -1 H
BliMpjHigBjliBJ3JHfc3a?t)gttaP3piwp ......i..i.i,. ., , .
Miss Emmn Lucy antes will sing in
n special concert in tho Columbia
ihratre, Provo, Monday, Mny 31st.
.Miss (Jntes set the eastern music cir
cles lu a furoro by her singing. A
number of local peoplo nro preparing
to attend from this city. x
Clarence M. Heck lias recently
formed nn association with Judgo
Thomas Mnrloneaux of Snlt Lnko City,
and has opened n branch omco nt
919-20 Kearna Building.
Judgo Mnrloneaux is acknowledged
to bo ono of tho ablest lawyers In the
state, with n largo practice lu various
loculltles. Mr. Heck la ono of Amerl
cnn Fork'a young attorneys with pro
mise of n bright future, nnd his ac
soclntlon with Judgo Mnrlonenux will
make him u member or ono or tho
strongest legal firms lu U'nh.
Tho wedding of Miss Ellu Storrs
and Mr. Almn OleBon of Storrs. Utah,
took place In the Snlt Lnko Templo
Wedncsdny. Thoy will mnko their
homo In Storrs.
- -ti
New Dressmaking Class
I will commonco n now dressmak
ing clnss Juno 1. You can cull nt dress
mnklng parlor any tlmo during Mon
dny to make arrangements. Chip
man's Hlg Red Store, up stairs, Am
orlcnn Fork.
29-lt Mrs. Almn Greenwood.
1 ii i
Mr. F. M. Snoll, Jr, formerly of
Spanish Fork now locntod nt St Anth
ony, Idaho and who Is engaged In the
real ostnto business nt that plnco, will
bo In American Fork ut tho Ilotol, Juno
2nd, to talk to tho peoplo about farm
lands lu tho Upper Snako Hlver Val
ley in Idaho.
Ho Is anxious to seo thoso who
might becoino Interested nnd Join nn
oxcurslou of laud buyers to leavo
about Juno 20th. 29-lt
Inspectors Check I'p IYm
Two United States Postfl
spectors wero in American fH
ncsdny nnd checked up thicS
found every thing In first dfl
dlt lun nnd warmly commet-S
mnstor Clnrk for tho mccaiH
ho kept tho ofllcc
Last week n Mr. O'TooleiS
ntes come to'thls city IntetS
some Bpcclal work for uH
However nil contracts haniH
cd off and theso gentlemen 9
no authority to transact .'
for thin company. U
Alpine 1'4
Tfi 1
sk&l 1
No More Gas on the 8tonufl
Stomach! No More HeavjH
After Meals or Const
Wo want ovcryono in thliH
has stomach or bowel trouH
try ONI: bottlo of slmp!B
bark, glycerine, etc., ai tmM
In Adlor-l-lcn. You will UM
siiHh nnd n short trettv
Adlor-l-lca may matco yoa-W
than you hnvo for yean.
This remedy tends to "
tho tntestlnnl trnct ami urn
tho Impurities. A FINB
usually relieves gns on tlH
sour stomnch or constipation S
Wo do not hesltnte JjH
Adler-i-Un Is the UHST W
stomach remedy wo linvc i'H
Orem Interurbl
TWK.NTY AM. I Dully Freight I SAI'i:, COW
SKJS!JTO'S Senlee Hehm-i. "!
hl)H DAY. All Points. COMFOtfl
Mllonco books good ono year fro m data of purchnco and c-jfl
ns to use, on snlo nt nil stations.
O'-cm Express, chenpor than Parcola Post, operates on nil HH
Depurt for Proio Heiuirt for Suit Iffl
I!.tB. " '" :'iH I' ' 7:31 B in. Jffl
8J8n. m. 0:28 p. m. 8:50 u. m. :j
S55n,ln- 7:28 p.m. 10: n. m. 7;
1J:28 p. m. 9:28 p. m. 12:41 n. m. 9'1'
2:28,,.,,,. 12M8 V. m. 2M4 'n. 'm! Uili
Dejmrt for Pnno Depurt for Suit W
7:63 a. m. 4:35 p. m. 7:21 it' in.
8 .15 u m. 0:35 p. m. SM3 n. in. Jj
0:35 n. m. 7:37 p. m. 10.35 . m. 7 J
12J5p. m. 9:35p.m. 12:35 ,m.
2:35 p. m. 12iC a. m. 2.35 ;i. in. Itili
Depart for Proio , Dcimrt for .Suit J
8:01 ... in. 4mo p. m. 7 ia- it in. J 5
8Mb a. m. umc p. m. s 3? a. m J !'
10: 4C 0. m. 7:40 p. m. 1026 n m ;!
12 40 p. ,. 9:40 p. m. 12;20 p. in '
2i4fi P in. 1:01 n, tn. 2:20 11. in. J)Jj

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