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igt"r LEHI IIAN-XEII, SATOiiu'j7oVEMmiR II, tail;, " " " NUMBER a jffifg
Ear Company Pays
J Half Million Dollars
Lma Goc 'nrnicr9 'or ncc(s
Kur, Hen Get $82,500, Formers
Krt Klc ," 1,r,rP "f nrct" nn''
K'conTOjors for Unlading l'ur.
fctt8day ns pay day nt the Lchl
M faCt0ry nnd clicck3 amounting,
KsoO vera paid to tho em
WZ wto-work in the. Lehl factory
tie cuttlns Btntlono nt Provo nnd
Lii Fork.
M..., will he pay day for tho
Ei and 1425,000 will bo dlstrlb
Kning them for beets delivered
K October. Thia money will bo
KattJ in t'tnh County from
K,b Fork noith to Lolil. Somo
Krill g0 to Salt Lnko County, nnd
Kjil amount to Wasatch County.
Khc money thai will pny n big
o! the taxes. Many of tho mor
Huftre making special sales, nnd
jbodr Is hoplr.2 to go a pnrt of
H lome way or nnothor.
HTrr tub there nn better full for
Kg; beets, and tho result Is that
Kir ninety-eight por cent of thr
Kire now hi tho factory sheds or
lets at tho Salt Lake. County
Hcg stations, or thoso at Spring-
itapletoti and Pleasant Grove
K- Austin estimates that thero I
BtlW.OOO at theBo places which
Hbe put on the cars betweon now
December 1st. Tho ylold lim
(needed 75 per cent of n normal
H tils year, but the Increased
Kti will brine the total tonnnge
I'o ibout 130,000 tons, nnd the
H nw content will come nenr
H; the factory n Accord for tons
H:pr produced.
H( factory Is making tho best ox
Blon In Its history. Less Bugnr
Hsls; down tho sower than over
Hrt. This Is usually duo tc
Htcs that hnvfl been mado In the
ftd process depurtment of the
Hriter Sttmmol, tho new mnn In
Haclorr, Is largely responsible for
B. changes, though Superintendent
Krt tayi that uovtir buforu did
Mjitoy closer attentiontg'pielr
HWfar company Issued nn an
iScemtnt Monday Hint plcnsetl tho
Hti Immensely, nnd mentis n
Brl'l ralso In the prico of beets
B Tear. The new contrncts that
Wng gotten out provldo for n
B:; Kale, Commencing with $
fll! per rent beets, nn nddltlonnl
Bmti will ho given for ench one
Bpercwt Increase In snechuriuu.
Wihfets giving 15 1-2 pe.r con'
W! be paid $5 .10 pur ton, 1G pur
ooet (5.20, 18 per cent boclr
".'tc On this year's record thr
(ti would hnvo been paid $5.20
iJOIn tho Lchl district Two
Hi ago they would hnvo gottc
V Pr ton. This will nfTect Uk
Bui alike In the Bruno district
S- Spanish Fork, Pnyson, Elslnoro
V Jordan, Garland nnd Idaho wll'
eparato districts, nnd thr
frtftOfall the boots In each (lis
111 be taken ns u busls for pay-
l" increaso, This Incrcnso 1
V on the. supposition that UV
V Wff nolo will bo maintained
!" President Wilson and Secro
lWMcAdoo of tho trenBiiry fnvor If
. ther Is llttlo frnr of Its re-
Mffb 'Wure that will plena
"'irmers Is the announcement b
apany of Us intention to In
3B'Wt conieyors for unlondln-
' the slpds Tho only ono 1
,Bted States , ntLnyton.
tnaln belt Is thirty Inotioi wld
5B100 long nnd convoys l
(V' a distance, of nlmost 50
jIr0si 'ho wagon dumps. The
W'WO 11. I Can Sell You
lilVTl i:i.()iN WATCH HS
knows tho Elgin.
'' " "d of n good Wntcji sec
l, 1. WEBB
'i!LANl) 0,TOMETlBT,
s,aln8trru i.,.,
belt carries its load on five rollers
plncccl In n mnnner to coneno tho
Burfncc, of tho belt on which the
beets nr0 carried. Front tho main
belt the beets nro switched to n
distributing belt of tho same, size and
capacity as tho main belt, and are
distributed to nny part of tho beet
sheds nt will of the operator. The
bolts urc run by electric motors
placed nt 4110 extreme end of the
bolts, and tho opcrnJIon Is very slm.
plo. One mnn works the, ntlrc eon
Thanksgiving Carnival
The Scond Word Committee on the
Thanksgiving Cnmlval held a meet
ing Tuesday nftcrnoon nnd perfected
somo of tho nrrnngements for Its
week of bazar, meajs and entertain
ments. All other meetings and so
cial functions in the. ward will be
suspended that week, nnd If the
committee has Its way tho Carnival
will ecllpso everything else, going on
In other parts. No decision has
been definitely reached, but It Is
probable, that tho Royal will be given
over for Carnival purposes four
nights, Smuln's Academy ono night
and tho Tabernacle the other night.
Monday night will open with what
Is planned to bo the best vaudeville
evor given In Lchl. Much outside
talent will bo used.
Tuesday night will bo the. muBlcnl
evening, nnd It will bo an evening of
musical novelties. Thero will bo se
lections on every known musical In
strument, from the plpo organ down
to tho Jew's harp and tin whistle.
And by the way, Not Plcrco of Pleas
ant Grove, on the tine whistle Is a
night's entertainment of Itself. Be
tween tho musical numbers will be
dialect readings In Swedish, Irish,
Dutch, cJtc.
Wednesday will bo mutual night
when Messrs. Johnson, Dcnnlon,
Miner and Mrs. Dulcio Francom wll
present tho program. Details of thlr
wlU'bo'ln our next Imuc.
2..Tlmr4aywJllra . Pfajf' 'f JMBa
IWsisWWTrei, 'Willi Hlulli nrgB cinn
vaudovlllo boforo and, between the
Frldny will bo dancing night In
tho Smuns "Academy. A special pro
gram of fun and dancing contests
will bo given, t will Include exhibi
tions of tho original turkey trot and
other dances. A turkey will bo given
away. This grand ball will be In
tended for both the single and the'
married folks.
Snturdny night will close llu week
of festivities with n production by
tho famed Lchl Homo Dramatic Club.
Mr. M. V. Ingalls, with F. A. Child
as his nsslstnnt, Is training tho Thes
pians. Soason tickets to all the entertain
ments, having n combined valuo of
t2, will bo sold for $1, and will be
taken around by young ladles.
i -1
More Cedar Valley
Dry Farm Yields
Xcarlj- 80,000 Jlusucls of Pry Farm
(Jrnlu Harvested ThN Season, He
sides 15,000 IttiHhels of Irrigated
Two works ngo we gavo a partlnl
list of tho dry fnrm yields In Ccdm
vnllcy. ojlowlijg Is u completed list
of tho ylolds nnd the men who gro
James Carson " 32 c',,
David Carson 81
David Prior 230 -
William Daw 4"
Harry Mnlr 900 ;
Mlko ncska 747 U1
M. T. Turner 4J
David ThomnB M52
Wllllnm Thomas 1.280
J. K. Gulllon C27 ''
Warren Corson
Arthur Hawkins 1.078
U. Y. Mulllnor 849
Dr. H. C. Holbrook 2,208
Potor C. Adams 39
David Berry 184 '
James nushmon '
This, together with that pruvlduslj
reported, makes H l for ,,M? yen!
of 23,780 buBhels of wheat and oer
5,000 bushels of ryo. Honldrt 11.
them was u total ofnearly IB,"""
hUBhols of Irrigated grnln grown in
tho "valley, Tho coming year prom
ises to fan, tlo big"t yl'W .'
history of lliu valley, u n larger
ncrengo U.iiii.mop M-Mri has lin n
pliiuted this fall
Avoid chilly rooms In the morning
by using Colo's Hot Hl-' "'"'
They prevent colds and sickness.
Council Makes j
Official Gourtl
Comer (loins 1 Votes nnd l'clersoa j
Others Arc Ah Keportcd Mutt
Mldowj Hnrc Taxes Itcmtttcd IV
Improve Stale Hood.
The City Council held n regular3
rcssIou Tuesday evening nnd cnnA
vnssed the returns trom tho recent
election returns. Thero wns n'(
elinngo In the general result, thotigsj
thero were Blight chnnges In twd
instauccs. a. L. Coiuca-'s vote wiiij
238 Instead of 234, bringing hlil
within 0 votes of tying I. W. Wlnnj
Jr. Ieonnrd Peterson gained !) vot3
In the official count. '1
Applications for remittances of
taxes from many widows wero made..;
All wero granted relief, tho amounts,
ranging from 2.r0 up to $15, mill
lite wholo totnllng $231.35. A num
her whoso toxca were remitted Ins
year had no applications In this year!
When they are nil In, tho total wlllf
probably aggregate over $260. i',
xThc committee on library was nu-j
thorlzed to consult with tho librarian
and plnco nn order with Ralph Lolled
for $20 worth of magazines for thai
city library.
The recorder wns Instructed tcvj
look up tho lnsurnuco on the. cllJ
pavilion and not let It run out. i
The commlttco on streets was Ind
structed to make arrangements wlthl
tho county regarding commencement
of work on tho stnto road In the clt'Jj
limits. The, principal part of thM
work will be done between the PccVjj
pic's Co-Op. and the Snn Pedro su
gnr fnctory crossing. If nny of thr
appropriation then remains unox
haustetl It will bo used on othe'r,
parts. ,
The committee wns Instructed if
seu that tho Rontowsky home, bner
of O. A. Wall's bnrn be vacated, anfl
If necossnry, to uso foreo In havlnf
Its order carried out. 4',
Tim school district wns uuthorlzejjj
to movo tho city piano from tho gyrifl
nnslum to tho high school. VjB
Dills aggregating $094.50 u'cr,Kpj
sentcd and warrants issued IhetiB
fflW WrJpTpe rorHtie "InrVrnr itw
$130 for election expenses.
In a letter received this week It W-
learned that Mr. and Mrs. Roduoy All
.red, who have been doing missionary
work for the, pnst threo yeurs, have
boon relensed, and sail for homo thl
week, nnd will nnhn In Snn Fran
elsco nbout December 3rd. Mrs.
I James Allnd Is Intending to nieel
them at Golden Gate Park.
While In New Zealand Mr. Allrct'
' established an ngrlculturul school fo'
tho church, attended chiefly by nnllvrr
nnd which Is now In n nourishing con
Idltlon. They will bring two Httlo nn
tivo born New Zealand children, Ies
than thrryj years of age, homo with
Leo Goates has had u force, of ear
ponters busy this wek romocdellng thf
JTnjlor building Into modern under
I taking pnrlors. Tho front, will bo
(dhldnl Into nn olllco nnd n reception
I lar,lor. lJek of this, nnd with a hall
p'ay 10 one side, will bo tho casket
jroom. whoro from twenty to thirty
I caskets, ready for use, will bo kept
iiort dliplny. This room Is dustproof
ad will be entered only ns becomes
pecesjary. in tho rear will bo two
rnro rooms, one to bo used ns n
workshop nnd tho other us an em
balming room. Nowadays most pco
I plo who dlo In the. linger cities are
I embalmed, as this permits tho bodies
being kept for nn ludellulte time. This
I will be. one of tho renturcs of tho new
EtttaulUlimcnt, which In several re
Wecta Is ono of tho best equipped
jln'tlm state.
i Boy Nearly Electrocuted
Vfrls Vi I.he Uleclric Mire In Street
P mid Couldn't Let On.
Ut.Able, tho llttlo eleven year old
Boil of Mr, nnd Mrs. II J. Evans, had
an cxporlenpo Sunday that nearly
rapded his life. From somo cause,
nu electric power line wire had burn
ed Into nnd one. cud fallen to the
round In tho htrcct near his pnrent's
WNot knowing of tho deadly danger
Ji (lie wire, the. young mnn picked up
ao end or It. Instantly, ho wns on
Sfco ground writhing with pnlu nnd
ISinnblo to let go. Wllllnm Worlton
Mfiappcncd nloug Just then nnd pul!6d
Mm boy loose, else tho shock would
ttudoulitcdly hnvo killed him. Tho Ind
jajecoverd Immediately nftcr being ills,
lohnccted, nnd suffered no after 111
'effects. but will use u long polo In
picking up ii piece of baling wire In
tho future,
Ytlll'S ItCKAl, HOl'TK
"William Hndflold hns ono of tho host
patronnged rural mall routes In tho
state. For several buccosbIvo oountH
ho has exceeded any other nearby
Kwulcs. During tho month of October
Ms?Hrc.al report show7,r.00 pieces I
peoi)lovrTfJvli b llTtrjn v.. '--.,
lots of lectors and road lots of papers.
1 O"
Tho Interurban confectionary sloro
closcdlts doors Monday and tho own
ers took the. stock to Spanish Fork,
whoro1 they hnvo opened a similar
establishment. Tho young Indies who
hnvo workeil in the plnco nro Misses
Hattlo .Fcatherstone, Norma Hammer,
Helen Roberts, Mrle, McCarrle and
Mrs. A, J. Klrkham.
Contrary to reports, tho First
Ward Amusement Halt has not yet
been named, A christening, however,
wlll'tnko plnco In tho near futuro at
n party which tho ward Is preparing
to glvo for this special purpose.
An amusement committee coiislBtlng
of Leo Gontes, 11. t Ilnrl, Carlo
Schow. Mrs. A H. Anderson, Mrs
Mary Maudsloy, Miss Mary Powell
If you are in need of 3 .its of any kind you should
bv all means see our line. An idea of tho saving you
can make will bo had from iho following prices:
Good Line of Men's Suits.
Now going at from 2.50 to $5.00
We have also a good lino of Boys' Suits. Now going
at from 5Z,UU t0 'ou
Our Ladies' Suits, one grade only. Tho most beautitu
line of fall and winter suits ever displayed at Lehi. All
this fall's latest styles. '
$18.00 values at ! '
$19.00 values at &-.. j!"
$20.00 values at . sia 00 I
$20.50 values at. ' I
$15.00 values at J I
S22.00 values at.... --
Men's, Women's and 0M1
Lehi Cash Store
I ,.,,. lkiii, mil
November 10 to 20 8
!!! Hi
I.001C FOR TIll'J HKU TAGS ffifi
" H 1
ip.It -.Ti. fff niiifei
MKiAiiiBMMMM i - n niiAf r'ltrr- Ki,'Bl
g" L m II
Double Oven Capacity ll
Think of the economy of time nnd fueldo twice the WjM
baking with half the' fuel nnd half the trouble. This great El
saving of time nnd money made possible by the extra large sfl'il
oven found only in WxM
Cole's Hot Blast Range if
The M-lncli oven liclcht The double cpclly oven 'lo SuM
doubles the Oven Capucily. The Rether with the Hot Dlmt fuel ftEjlJ
extra two IncheH make it ms-lilo rnvini; ilrnlt and the Uulhei ni ndl
to place tliclarpeBt roiiner on the taiy nnd lahornavini; devices mike aBfif
oven rncknnd still have the enlhe Colt't Hut Olail Range the hit W'a
oven liottom free for oilier linking. mriRo ever made fur family use. Jmm
Don't Pal it Off Put One iiiYour HonicToday. Wt
"The Double Capacity Range" W
Look for llie Namo "Colo'" None Oilier Genuine. xJifJWjK Hi
People's Co-op Inst. 11 I
STREET. tq&tmS&f ll
LBHI, UTAH xf'5Kj?li ttta Wi
nnd MIhh Anna Stoildart Iimh I icon up.
polntwl to hnvo rlmreo of ami nr
rnngo for nil thu nmuscinntfi to he
Klvcn In tlio hullilliiK.
DpiuiIk OllfK, Hcrliurt Tnylor, Mor
Kim Lott, Vi-inoii Aiiilcrson anil Shir
vy OIIcb will ho the wiiril orcliuatrn
nnd Hiipply tli9 music for tho put Hot,
to ho given (hero.
I MIbb Veiieshu Hill nnd Welcomo Jon-
I kiii of Muyllcld, wo ro mnrrled In
I tf.ilt Luke, Wednesdny. A hIiowit In
I honor of Miss Hill wan rIvoii nt tin-
I homo of her parentH, Mr. uiul V
I Lnwrciico Hill, Monday ovoiiIiik, wli
I iiiiiny heiuitlful preitints wurti rIvoii,
I Tlio youiiR pojilo will mnko tholr
I homo In Mnyfluld.
. ii
I iio.mi: licoNOMics !ti:owa."izi:i.
I A good repiDHuntntlon of Lohi'
I lendhiK liidlos nttnmlud n Hpeelnl Rf.
I xlou of Iho Home Kconomlc AhbocIii
I tlon In tlio eranimnr school hiillditiR
K. Monday and effected u new organlzn-
tlon. Tim old pOBltlotiH wero abol 'MM
islicd nnd hurenftcr It will bo kov- H
crncd by n clinlrmnii nnd lco chair- H
mnn. Mrs. Kuto Klrklinm nnd Mrs. 'H
Alice Rons wero tdeeted rcBpectfully m
to tliCBo pobUIoub, nnd "111 choose m
the other oflleers. H
There will bo no reiilnr bombIoiib S
In the futuro, but I lie olllcoin will np- H
point iiiiHitlnt'B aH they ure dblo to U
Bceuro Bpeelnl lcoiurob. Tho U. A. O. H
hits four teneheiB of homo ecououi. jB
Ich who nro pnld to do IIiIb work, nnd B
they, its well as other, will rIvo tulkB H
nt Hpeelnl progrnniB, H
Leo. W. Goates 1
rudertnkor nnd Knbnlmi:r,
i i i . i . i i i i H
Open Dny ami .Night. J'hon li J 9

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