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V, -SkhsSI.
jmggg -,-- - J AMteigAN fork citizen, flAtUnhAY.XovamBt 2o, 1915. , . '
Kan oeK L00Al4a
iVe Saturday
!:, -r,ngt page.,, ...!..
of liiCiSnFiiid Wcbber'of 'Salt
Wrt orF ifflerlcaa Forlc visitors
utiBc- ..- , ,,
MULm h-8 arrived t0 8'nildon
-K fir and Mrs. IWr Andrea-
KfekuMng Excursion dance
flS; Academy, IW- A Good
bontsXgtird Lee and children cpent
!K, in Lehl, guests of Mrs.
LE J3Mastodllnr,
r-oHiftr Mr E p, McQrew of Salt
"'"JrtltlnsMrs. McGrew's moth
JK;H.EBolcy. i SAM , rt William Thornton on
"iKi ! guests at dinner
' STb'fconor of Dr. and Mrs. H.
'..SHwra MeCMty ind chlldro.
idwijtj lo their homo In Salt Lako
jEer a ten days visit r.t tin
-mW' "r f d Mrs. Tlmcthy Mo
sowHjIXmbroso spent the week.
"J 'K jilt Lake, Buest ot her dangh-
'autaHi- John DlnkS and M,8B LU
JuitB -
"ixhKw, Truth" last page.
T?nft Shelley came down from. Salt
-ell iBwaeday, bringing his two llt
eqniiKu, LeRoy and Marlon, with him.
'Eblltr will movo tils family to
V '"Eui Fork In the ncr.r future.
Salt (' CP.TO-JIO'S LAD.
cB'if!eaJl(l registered Derkshlre
y lenlce, ubo fine reclstorea
r irKltnke fl.50, at S. D. Chlpman'!
;tiutK, 13 to D 11
Vrlte -
'(WK A.MUL.tVfcJll..Vi
Ht rt & Robinson wishes to an
.3, IKm to tnoie desirous of settling
, hlHuui.nie "wnn nun, they can ii.
tftHKtaitiiK titu u.UbUiit at linnk u.
NffHeuu turn and i uveitis Croatia .
OUBittillAA t'lltltCH AOiE..
Sft nef plan ot combining' the
.tup service and the Sunday
rMksiuuo'oae .service bcglnnlqgrqt
Ii working well. Last Sunday
Hetn families wero represented In
'"HtiTrrlce. If the weather is favor-
cHkfort large attendance next-Sun-.
f.Mr. Meeker will glvo Ws special
ut Sermon," after w"ch tho classeu
Httfudythe rw'tir lesson for tin
v Bf, "Jonah f Missionary to Nlnovch.'
fBtein elcome. No night service
fcMn service on i'rovo Bench.
tBfMUy nght( Mr. and Mrs. Pn.
B'n were tendered a surprise
'V by the Provo Bench- Sunday
"J1 About thirty of tho friends
oPffd and enjoyed a merry time
t Retmarr Is known on the Bene'.
-jrkliremarkablo tomato patcj). li
,Pretara of the Rebman family t.
iPfka the Bench I3 losing pn ei.
jBlDK.fmlly Rev. and Mrs.'Joh
Wwr attended tho party from A'mcr
tMiv PMg0 cf 8enUle- a brother c
'l?n kr' U hCr 0n a Vl8lt tnrouB
WThmkjglvIng season.
"uouoo ooooooboo.
I lirlft KWL NOTES c
tk , Ooooooooo
fMireahmen gave tho usual; Frl-
hH Tam 8 f0ll0Wfl: Plnno 80l
J'e'otto, reading by Mnnd:
Zr' tromtoue solo by Vern Walkor ,
Z , r Ly Mao Hanson, and .
"oiolo by Jean Shelley.
iH K
i '"clasa series of basket bnl
foAtu,V0 Lccn n"nnged for b)
SI mstcaa- Tho f,t 0' "
liu... lp,aycd Tueaday nftornooi
Nim! res nnd fr08l'mon. Th
of 62? 9th gam Ca8Uy by
hl,,'!nl!0ron'1e school girls wei
I ii llckclB laBt Tuosday an.
I Va!hi fr ,h 8how ,nBt Wodnes
feohl ..Tho Prcceds wont to bu.
w the public library.
I- Tk
Cio BCl1001 Btudcnts marcho
4lr.n,raoet tho roprcaontatlves c
I Cd " !UrCr8' n8Soclntlonns tho
I oraij. 1,ltorrbnn, Wednesda
trerting an'1 Kvo them 11 heart.
I &n,ClnK Bt s,lllll-. tne Siai
I ifweh am ,0k No 10 ofT "" n'"
I 1'b.i , nrc "ow suMdlng It oo
ILat,!",0 No' whlc -
I ' ent V S0 '' ,n- wn 'orenfto
I rH ai ,Cr "10 local 0. niWn
I a stations en route. It nr .
of American Fotk.
Chlpman, VlccPrcaldcnt Swi 1 r v ' No'C8'1 ,Pre'Wti W. II.
Safety Boxes
rives In this city about 1 o'clock mid
ulght, and permits of our peoplo goliif
to Salt Lake In tho early morning o.
afternoon nnd returning after the
The to Is On
FUtyelght Ladles Hnye Entered TIk
Hace Who Will Win 'Iho Automo.
bile I
Tho big race for the automobile arm
uiher prues, to be given away by tht
unggs i'harmacy lu connection witi.
aunsonptious to this puper, now on.
x'urcnuaers of goous nt the Urlggb
x'narmacy wiu ue given one vote toi
every cent spent there. 8,000 voteb
win bo gtveu for every paid subscrip
tion, now or old, paid on this paper.
I'Uty-eight cauuiuntes have cnteucu
me race.
, Following is their standing:
(?, ,i 2030 No. 2 12700
.sof. 3 1U20 No. 4 0i!7b
iO. 6......130S5 No. 0 CO0u
o. ' 1 6000 No. 8 1137u
WO. i( 10220 No. 10 1233b
.,0. 11 8St0 No. 12 11720
.0. 13 10301 No. 14 1022b
..O. lb 0320 No. 10 12330
..o. 17 10820 No. IS SOtiG
.o. 13 . 8470 No. 20 6000
No. 21 1034S No. 22 f000
ISo. 23 11420 No. 24 5000
1N0. 26 10376 No. 2G 1230&
No. 27 6000 No. 28 16106
No, 29 7345 No. 30 0400
Mo. 31 9970 No. 32 6000
n.ow.r.--;-ttx- -j',,.o.. ....... rtc...
No. 35. 10645 No. 3G 6000
No. 37 5000 No. 38 24170
No. 39 6000 No. 40 5000
No. 41 5000 No. 42 9325
Wo, 43 5000 No. 44 6000
No. 45...... 6000 No 40 600C
No. 47 6000 No. 48 60(.
No. 49 7715 No. 50 6000
No. 61 5000 No. 52 5000
No. 63 5000 No. 54 6000
No. 65 5000 No. 50 11116
No. 57. ..... 9705 No. 58 1082t
tuy a. l. lieu')-;
'MlflS Inez Martin, daughter of Mr
and Mrs. Ezra Martin, was tnken to
a Salt Lako hospital, Tuesday, to be
oporatod on for appendicitis, alio i
in a very critical condition.
Miss Madeleine Hates has ncccptci.
a position In tho storo of A. Mnrsli u
don. Miss Myrtle Dovey, their forme
clerk, leaves tho atoro on tho 20ti,
It Is not certain Just what she lu Roln
10 do, but it rppenn Hint eho wlgli
-0 going to start housekeeping. .Mr
irn Russon of Lehl ia the lucky mn,.
Mr. Ray and Mlso Ollvo Foster wen
tho guests of their uncle, Mr Jos. A
Forbes, last week.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Ray Cnrter of Lehl
and Mr. Thomas nnd Mary Allen ol
v"lnoyard, wero tho guests of Mr. an
Mrs. Jos. A. Forbes on Sunday an
Miss Hnrgurlto Jensen spent Sntur
Jay and Sunday In Spanish Fork, th
Auost of her pnrcnts.
Mr. Jnmes Hcaloy was plcasantl)
iurprlsod nt his homo laBt Snturdn)
jlght, It being his fiftieth birthday. .
good tlmo was reported by all.
Many Alpine people attended th
.unoral for Mrs. Domlntllo Onkoy las
Last year, D. ILCoTo, of Scotts Blun
;ounty, Nebraska, kept a record ol
.vhat ho had produced on two acres
ind a half of ground In tho suburbs ol
city. -Nearly Hin-o-umirloni i
.era of tll wnn nc-u.l-l ''""'l1"""
nil 11 lot for n co lu run In. From
,ir ,m .... of fruit Btrawb-rrli
urnmlH, goosol.nl".. l ' ""
hcrrles -bo sold fUG wor-li or fruit
ind had 1 worth to use ' """
his making a total of $13, from th
) uilf acre. A half am cf uw t r.
netted him J43.8C, and he had some
left over for seed, chicken feed nnd
fodder for IiIh cow. One.flfth of an
acre of tomatoes returned him $104.
66. From another quarter acre ho
sold $48 wortli of popcorn. Tho rest
of tho plot was In miscellaneous gar
den truck peas, b:ans, onions, rnd
ishes, beets, lettuce, cucumbers, enr
ot8, squash, turnips, cauliflower, etc.
I'hc total Income was $430.70 Wal.
lace Farmer.
Danco music stirs tho sole to nc.
ilon. Tho way out of trouble l
rougher than tho way in.-Somc
mothers spare tho rod and spoil the
jllpnor.-U's a I'ity wo can't see oth
ers as wo see ourselvea.-A stitch In
Umo may savo a dozen unprintable
ords.-A bachelor Is Jiibt nti gooo
as a married mnu-or just as bad.
Even a hculthly kangaroo Is ncarb
always on Us last legs.-Satan take,
a dny off when n women marries tnc
-roiiR mnn.-Mnuy a man would rath
er run for offlco than run Into an lion
ast job.-Evory tlmo a man nUdb
another dollar to his collection hi
mys up a little more trouble.-llewart
Jt the man whoso dog crawls under
(ho house when Its master enters the
.o.-If a man's head Is filled wh
.vlsdom ho doscH't have to uo M
(,ulli h 11 Biifoly ...lve-lf "r
lK,lHir would " ,l0 "''"B" ""
1, k tl" rhould. how much e.lu
, u)d l.n . low them Of couw
..Uneo gli a consent Did jou crcr
riotivu how clli-it P''1'H .n vrU.i
liood-NigM Cirn$r
Good-Boy "Glh-lt"
- " ,
Few. Plan CornXemedy That Hem
- Falls. The Simple, Conmoa
8ense Way.
wrTSUt?.0 0,n,l.mpc.r', .wlth eom
toni2he. a.nrt .h'aJl Pa,n"' s' lown
youJ C,L ' cSm romnlr In tl.o world, on
your lorni. ou can apply it In luit a
M,0t.lt' Emit Corn l'alnt. It't Bore
mm Dflir, 11,01
im ?,"'"''' wllliout fiiki or troiiWo.
Viiiat ihPiitonppijrinitMilvo Hint iiiiikn
toctrnw nmi orf, timt mnko rnrm ill,
uandnet'H Hint mako It misery to
walk, tape' Hint mlck. Krcnsy olnt
mriit, nnd other contraptions, Unt
rid pf corns the tusy way, quick,
simple, sure, nw way. That's com
mon serine. Try Octs-It" also for
warts nnd hunlons. "Octs-lt" enn't
nun, tho corn loosens, und comes
rlKlit ofT, clean off.
Xlets-U" Is sold at all druRglsts.
26c n bottle, or sent direct by D.
Lawrence a Co., Chicago.
Sold In American Fork and recom
monded as tho world's best corn rem
Poor Rich and Rich Poor
If you hnvc canvassed to procure
Help for tho worthy, needy poor,
You surely have not failed to find
The varied traits of human kind;
How some, though poor oro large of heart
And with their last would freely part,
To help a brother lu distress
And make his load of suffering less;
While some, who honrds of riches know,,
Aro loath to feel for human woe,
And treat mlcfortuno as It wero
A thing' they ne'er expect to share.
Tho poor rich man, however pressed
For means, will always do his best
To help a brother, should ho sco
, Him badly pinched with poverty.
What makes his giving doubly good
Ho gives his mlto In happy mood;
Ho docs not hold you up to toil
How llttlu stuff he has to sell, - (
Nor prato about tho taxes great
He owes tho county, town orBtnto. ' 1T
Oh no, such things ho .hides from sight
- When ho Ik asked for wUb is right.
No matter if his pur.s0 bo:gIm;
You'lLalffiflia w:t a. .uiln Jffii'hlm;.- '
He knows tlint glvlngtpViho. poor ;....
Will licav'n and rnrtlily'bllss secure. J
Ho pays his way without regret,
And dreads no dunning bills for dobt;
Tho mrrchuntH look him in the fuce
And shake his hands with goodly grace;
'His credit Is as good as gpld;
Ills friends aro win in utid manifold."
Tho rich pooi man feels poor, Indeed, ,
And when uppronchcd for those In need,
Ho hesitates nud wiita; to know
How much was paid by so and so.
Then, with a grudging look and. frown
He lays his Mined "Quarter" down
With tho remark tha' tlmcj.nro hard
AJid that is nil hu can afton"""' l
His henrt ia in h purso so much
That 0110 can scarce bis tccllugs touch.
Though fat his pursr, his hoart'stoo small v
To answer to affliction's call;' x
Ho lives but for himself alone,
With sense of others' suff'ring gono;
Ills heart Is calloused to the core ,
With greed and grasp for getting more.
Tho poor inn) stmvc, tho sick may dlo,
Their door ho hicdless passes by;
Little cares ho for others' wou
If ho and his can comfoit know;
His debts, outstanding hero and there,
Give him but little thought or care;
The needy merchant's dunning bills
His hellish b'oul with .niBor flllo;
Tho poor day lali'rcr that he hires
.Must dun him when tho month oxplros.
Ills hoarded wealth, ) iHt for gain,
Mnko him tho crealniu of disdain.
Thank heaven, folks like him are few,
Or, what, for help, could peoplo do,
J Is
you say anything mean about your-
A man is to be pitied who Is too
fearful and cowardly to go out and
do battlo for an honest living and a
competence In tho great field of hu
man exertion, says an exchange. He
is tho man of luck bad luck. Poor
fellow, ho lost his luck when he lost
his pluck. Good pluck lu good luck,
but uovor while ho had good plucl
left. Men lost their luck by lottlnj,
their energies eko through bad hnblt
nnd unwlso projects. One man lose,
his luck in his Into morning imps
another In his Into evening hours,
another In tho bar room, one down b
tho river holding tho boyish flshtiu
rod, another In tho woods clmsliu
down tho Inoeont squirrel. Ono loBcf
his luck lu folly, 0110 lu fashion, oik
in Idleness, and a great many In bad
management. Indeed, bad manage
ment Is nt tho bottom of nearly all
bad luck. It Is bad management to
train up a family Into bad liabltB
to eat out ouc's living nud corrupt
nun's life.
More-BooksFor Library-
New Pouors and Their Hooks. Need
of jft'urreut Magazines. Iilliriirj
Show at OrlcntJ "' & U
- A
'rait'wcok ClltroTdM Yonng'niHl H.
A. Morgan of tho Civic League, wont
to Bait Lako. City and bought a no,Y
list ot books for tho freo public li
brary. Tho list In part appears be
low. Mrs. Preston, the librarian, roports
that over eight hundred library cards
have been given out to tho ndults and
children of American Fork, and most
of them aro using them to secure
books. Next week Mrs. Frcstou will
submit n list of tiow contributors and
their looks contribute)!.
Miss l)owno)vt!io state. library sec
retary, w'as In American Fork Mon
day mid spokcto tho telichci'H and
pnrcnts on library matters.
Wednesday night was Library night
nt the Orient. Mr Purrlngtou, in a
very commcndnblo manner, offered
his house for a special feature to the
library committee nt u very reason."
able rale. As a result the committee
modo about twenty-flvo dollars with
which to gel new books. Tho com
mttteo Is exceedingly" grateful to tho
grado teachers for their loyal support
In selling tickets to tho children for
tho matinee. They wish further to
thank all the high school girls, wl
worked so diligently lu selling tickets
to parents and patrons, and lastly the
committee thauks tho parents for their
liberal support of so worthy a ciuisu,
Any suggestions aa to books patrons
desire to be plnccd lu the library, may
bo addressed to Mr. Morgan, chair
man of tho library committee, or to
tho librarian, nnd they will bo given
consideration according to tho means
at tho disposal of tho committee.
Tho now books:
Old Roso nud Sliver.
Toss of Storm Country.
Revolutionary Stories.
Our Ilbllldays.
Indian Stories.
Ilrnvo Dog Stories.
Lion and Tluer.
Lost I'rlnco. . l
Tweuty.fourth of Juno.
Wonderful Adventure ot Nil.
Garden of Allah.
Wood Carver Lympus.
Hans Drinker.
Mrs. Wlggo.
Tholr Yesterdays.
Music Master. ,
Tho Danger Mnrk,
Tho Turmoil.
Scarecrow ot Oz.
Hob and Ills Friends. .
OW. Friars Hobby. : W f
Ma'ry Carey: f. " ' 'yfrM'f
Amateur Gentleman. 4f .- ,
Kiichnutcd Peacock.
African Gamo Trails. ,
Talcs from Shakespeare.
Macau loy's'Kssays.
All tho Children of All thu i'eopli
Prldo and Prejudice.
l.cs Mlserables.
Kbcu Holdeii.
SoldloiH of Foitiinc.
Whlto Fang.
Red Rock. '
Life of tho Uee.
Little Sir Galahad.
Emmy Lou.
Types ot the Shoit Story.
Tho Shuttle.
The Clansman.
About 40 more books of a class
similar to tho nbovo hnvo been order
ed and will arrive lu two more weeks.
Now is tho time to boglu to gr.thoi
up the tools and muehlnery nrouuo
the plnco und put them under covet
for tho wlntsr. Don't throw awa)
good heard earned money by leaving
valuaLlo machinery exposed to tho
Tho plowo, harrows, nud drills ri
about tho only Implements that wli.
be lu use this full, fiom now 011 am.
ttio mowers, rakes, she vol plows, cul
tivators, blndors, hcudois, etc., shouln
bo looked after. Tho European furinei
Is fur nhend of us in this reaped.
Wh it he gets a maohluo it laato him n
The Mrhnlci. Tlutle' Cousullduti-n
Mining Cnmpiiii, Principal place
of biiluc American I'orl., t'lnl.
Notice la hereby gluii Hint at i
mcntlng of the directors of tho sbovi
named conipany, hold on tho Dili lu
of Nov. 1915, iiBsossmotit No. VI ol
30c per 1000 sliuri'H wns levied on the
capital stork of tho corporation, pny
ablo Immediately to IJ. N. Chrlai - .
secretory, at his ofllco, Ainerleit.. 1 .
Utnh. Any stock oil whleh llil.. ..
30Hsmeut remains unpaid 011 Deo. I'D'..
1015, will bo delinquent und adver
tised for sale nt ptibllo auction auc
unless payment Is mado before, will
bo sold on Tuesday, Jan, 4th, 1010, at
3 o'clock p. in nt Hie olllco of tho sec
retary at Anifcrloan Fork, to pay tin
delinquent assossmont, togothcr will
tho cost of uilvctHdurt 1 nd exp 11 10 cf
O. N CIIRIHTI NSrS, S cntrrv
First pub Nov.20 l.i':t pub Dei IS
probate and guardian- 4
.ship notioeBT: 1
CoiHtilt County Clerk or tho ltcspcc- fil
k tho Signers for Further -iti
H Information. ' if
Lstate of Mary Ann llalphs, Deceased
Creditors will prosont claims with"
6uulurs to tho undorslgnod at their
resldcneo In Ainor'lcnh Fork Clltfiah
County, Utnh, on or bofore, tho 1st dny
of March, A, D. 10l5. ' .
Jnmes Chliuunn, Jr., dcorgo'lt. Rob- 1
Inson, Admthlstrators. ' '
Parker and Itob.iiRon, Attorneys for d-
First pub. Oct. 30 Inst N'ov. 27, 16l5.
VMute of Peter Jetison, llecenscd. !
lu tho Dlvtrlct Court of tho Fourth
Judicial District, Stato ot Utah, ,MW
County or Utnh, In tho matter of tho iM
estate of Christian Peter Jciibcii, do- H
ceased. Notice to Creditors. jfl
Creditors will present claims with U
vouehers to tho undersigned nt Ainer- gfl
lean Fork city, Utah county, Utnh, on $fl
or bolero March 1, 1910. fl
Chrlallan Peter Jensen, Admlulstra- V
tor. M
Jacob Evans, Attorney for Admin- 111
Istrntor. ijl
First pub. Nov. 0 last Dec. 11, 1015, fil
Alpine, November 10th, 1915. Q
At a meeting of tho Hoard of tho mm
WI1111 Ditch Irrigation Co., hold Sep- M
lembei' 27th, 1916, an assessment of flfl
13 cents per sharo was lovlcd on the H
capital stook of said company for ex- Lm
peuccs for 1915, The following stock IH
Is now delinquent nud advertised for H
sale. ml
Name No. ot Cert. Duo .Tjl
C. V. Rex Pehrsou 25 $1.30 ml
It. II. Dtillln 32 1.30 HI
R. 11. Dumii 34 3.90 H
Culberl U Olseii 39 2.C0 ifl
It. II. Dufllu...-. 41 1.95 ,H
A. J. Hrueuo and Ernest D
Hill 42 3.90 "
John W. Wnldrof? 43 2.34 M
Any stock upon which this assess- M
meiit may remain unpaid will bo sold IH
at imblle auottou 011 Dccombor 7th, 1Q
1916, at 2 o'clock p. ni nt my rest- Tm
douce, Alpluo City, Utnh, or so inuoh VfA
thereof ns shall bo necessary to pay jKfl
said delinquent assessment and cost nl
of advertising nud sale. Mn
J. C. HEALEY, Collector. i
First publication, Nov. 20th; lust I.J
Nov, 24th, 1015. j ift
j - JH
Statu Engliioer's Ollluo, 'iu
Salt Lako City, Utah, jH
October 27, 1915. VM
Notice Is heroby gtveji that John W. ' ' 19
Chlpman mid It. N. CJirlsteuseu, whoso , mB
iiostoltico address Is American Fork, . 99
Utnh, hnvu mnde application I'l ae- 'fSaJ
eordaiico with tho roqiilromoiitH of fW
the Compiled Laws of Utah, 1907, iih -Wm
amended by tho Session Laws of ;QH
Utah, 1909, 1911 und 1916, to appro- ":JBD
prlato ten (10) cubic feet of water 'Wm
per second from tho lotith fork of , ffj
Amerlcnii Fork Crock, Utah County, , fl
Utah. Said water will hu diverted at Kffl
a point which lies 3,200 reet onst from Mi
tho northwest coriiT of Section 32, jH
rowushlp t south, Rnug 2 cant, Salt jjjjft
Lako b:iHo and meridian, and conveycil j3l
liy meaiiH of a pipe Hue for a dls- iti :
tanco of n.iJU'J feet, and thoro used jjj
from Jiiiui'iry 1 to December 31, luclu- & .
slvi', of each year, to generate power J
to be used for tho purpose of electric in
lighting and propelling machinery at iBJl
American Fork, Pleasant Grove iml Jmj I
Btirroundliig settlements. After hnvlng JciiJiw
been so usod, tho water will bo re- TVm
turned, at a point which bears north lUlfl
82 degrees to minutes cast 24,200ifoet ljl
from tin northwest corner of Sedtlou nil
32, Township I south, Rargq 2 cast, Jul
Salt Lako bar.0 and mcitdlnu. This '9U
diipllcatlou Is dfulgiinlod In tho State 9n
Engineer's ofllco an No, 5741. (?
All protests against the granting of ly
said application, stating tho reasons mm
thorefor, must bo mado by aflldnvit In mm
dupllcnte, uccompnnled by n fco of !Utm
2.50, and filed lu this ofllco within HjH
thirty (30) days after tho completion Rw
of thu publication of this notice.
State Englnocir, ' 2jWj
Dntivuf first publication, November hWM
13,1915. Date of complrtloii ot' pub- jjHH
lleatlon, Deceinbei- 13, 1915. HflSJ
The Salt Lako Routu will ho)1 Ex- III
curslou (IckutH In Douvor, ICansHS H
Clly, Omniia, Chicago, St, Louis, and jH
other lOaslern points October 23 No- 'JK
vonibor 20-23rd December 18-22nU. B
Relurii limit thrro mouths, Fn'r par- H,
tlculars apply to any Salt Lnko Houto iBk
Agent, or wrllo J, 11. Mniidertle'd, A. B
G. P A. Salt Lako City 10 o r-r 18.
'nn Is a good time to drop u 11 ' Mffl
kettle up for your little home, paper ftH
the best cniinlo paper mbUnVd I 9JBI
the Mate. If you are too liu)' 10 .Mill - ' HBg
mall us n check or poslnl order to Bin
business ofllco, American Fork, and W'
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