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,., . . BL
pleasant Grove Department 1
I - ;JB
V ,.iion I.cjHo Frecmnn got
I? in the cl.culnr saw
'.he tolirst fingers nt ho
iolnt 1IU U"lm WnS
MJ ffii be saved.
I , ' 0011" Matthews came
fS"Mnl ,wllh i1'9 1!I",.,r
tr0. )j, b.okcn, two teeth
"oil h okl"1 f'Hc;1- To
E aleldrd the pick linndlo
Knr for an nisualt with n
H 1. thowrck the 14-ycar old
Br and U car oltl son of Mr'
H'ri Earl Smt'h wcio going to
hcn thej mtt S. K. Runnel
Kt control of li!n auto and
j to pieces he bugy in which
Klren were rh.lng. Tho llttlo
, bil(i!y bruf-fd end a doctor
Kyeral stltchc In her face.
B-;ilay Chart, i Tollc was com.
HiAracrl an ,,flI on horseback
B,(n near th spot whero A. H.
Hh was killed Dean McEvnn
Hrcnl Into Tollo's horso throw.
1, hor?e and rider completely
eal'o. Toll? fell under tho
bii all his teeth loosened nnd
Hid up for revoral days. The
Hri3 also Injured.
H Saturday lloyd, the son of Mr.
K, a. II Olpln had tho dnd
H thumb severed with n buz?:
Vj doctor sewed It on again and
H.nd Is healing nleely.
" " i.
M office rccLiv cd two boxes of
Hitcs this week from tho Mo
Wiate Farm at Mecca, Cal. Mr.
L Clark, formerly of tills city,
Htrlntendcnt of tho Mecca gar.
4:4 writes Inteiestlngly of tho
Vjr, which can be conducted sue.
Br only in Hhersldo oounty. Do.
iBVntlns the new shoots hnvo to
iVt dried out else they would fcr.
'sost Interesting featuro of date
H the polcnl7ntlon, Tho mnlo
(Mms to develop first. Its
B fathered nnd when the fc
BloTcr hns burst Its spntho It
(retnated with the male polcn
H'lr pathcroil.
fctes flower In March and Ap.
iBjcommenro to fruit In August.
B) not ripen In bunches, but
. time, ns they begin to show
"JcU, they are then pick.
ind placed In nn Inrubntor and
lWiliou-s nro leady for mnrkect.
rHl. R Clarl. of I'basnnt drove
jBiing the summer months with
fi it Mecca
111 1. UN
meeting of the Wilson Club
-'tt announeement wns made
twdldacy of Martin M. Larson
tr Attornp on the Domocrnt.
Mr I.a.um Is ono of our
un born ami raised at Picas.
e. and Is ,. lifelong Demo.
It aa larjn n duo to his ef.
st the Democratic Party was
In Pleasant Grove last full
'(halrmnn of thm commlttco
urilB efforts In tho cnm.
rrlcd tho on for tM0 ,mlty;
arson Is a grndunto of tho
"? Collf " "epni tment of tho
'ouiur identity nd taught
nawntOrovo .in tho Rrlg.
I'nu.. uy and In the
J4emy tn Hni.o. Utor he
watsil no, ,1 whoro ho took
''' , y ",,)ln ' Brand
Jfitholartl.n This prizo
30Dl' to .. ..0 students who
jnand o..n y0r ot 10lr
-r ab , r nvprngo thnn
-'ncmber ,(f,nHR Mr
MZrTl ',"""
h tqnlty. "nwon-BI'cc-
M ' s v King where ho
UPw"' '"n laenlei1 "'
w ',roxo w,,cro 1,p
WXi3 "T' " ,ull'nlsirn.
""a'Pnap "" Ay
" or ' MIsRourl nnd
B!;l' 'he v.) n. . .
'U'j . , r"1" ho nn.
sKbcl ' '"etto.ho
ln! Position.
' 19 .. n do wns
' - i"ilicp court
' kt "d n scarlet
rB '"1 K '" Soronson'H
.M!""sm'. pspntoil It
'',,,, r,(1e Ynney
'-H i r " 'n,,nV enJMnj;
H ' ' Ynncy
H ' "Ti, Sorenson,
' of R01011
son'H hide." Soienson, however, was
not nt homo so Ycncy swore out a
complaint In tho Justices Couit, and
after heari,; tho enso n verdict of
guilty wns rendered for dlstutblng tho
penco nnd Sorcnson wns fined the sum
of $1.00.
Dontlnlck Fnsslo, w ho owns u fnim
north of town nnd sells produco to
mining enmps, had a misfortune at
Prlco last week by which ho narrow,
ly escaped death and smashed his
mnehlno to pieces. Ho was coming
down Price canyon In his Ford tiuck
recently purchased, when It skidded
nnd ran off nn embankment ir.0 feit
nbovo tho creek below.
Mr. Fnsslo and n companion, who
were riding with him, jumped Just In
tlmo to miss going with tho car and
thus saved their lives. Tho nutn
wns so completely smashed to pieces
that Mr. Fasslo says any ono ran have
It who will go and get It.
Mr. R. J. Merck earnestly lcquoats
ovory singer In tho city and lovers
or music to come to tho community
choir prnctlco next Wednesday night.
It will bo n most important practice.
.Tnmes Tomllson left Wednesday for
Aberdeen, Idaho, to work on n ranch.
Poik being very searco call Ren
Hnllldny, American Fork, for price.
PJiono 22.
Mr. nnd Mrs. J. Kemp nnd family
mado an nuto trip Sunday up Provo
Canyon nnd to Midway.
Isaac Carlson commenced work
Sunday night on his now Job as night
Oeorgo Hayes camo down from Rig
by, to visit his father, John P. Hayes
who is ill.
Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Frampton spent
Sunday with friends In Vlvan Park,
Provo Canyon.
Miss Corn AVndlcy who has been
visiting her sister, Mrs. Helen Farm,
cr nt Qnrfleld for tho past ten days
returned homo Tuesday.
Thoro Is some Interesting ads, with
good bargains on tho vnrlous pages
of this Issue. Read them nil nnd tnke
advnntngo ot tho union.
Inane Hayes who has been nssistlng
his brother, Juno, erect thrco homes
In Knnb this summer arrived homo
Saturday for a month's visit with join,
Mr. and Mrs. Olo Andorson return,
ed Wcdncsdny from n 020 mllo nuto
trip to Idaho towns duilng which
thoy visited their son Joseph ,nt Mur.
Miss Laurcna Rankin of Idaho who
taught school hero last year and wns
engaged to teach again this year has
been released to fill a mntrlmonlal
Room and board for two lady stu
dents'. Reasonable pi Ices. II. M. Nel
son, Ploasant Grove. Six nnd ono
hair blocks east of tho Hank of Pleas,
ant Grove. 2.1t-p
Joseph Thorno mado at rip of in.
spcotlon to tho Utah Contonnlal In
Amorlean Foik Canyon Sundny. Ho
wns accompanied by Joseph noach.
I.awrenco Walker Is carrying tho
mnll on tho jural routo for two weeks
while his brother, lien. Is taking his
annual vacation with his wlfo nnd
fnm'lly on nn nuto tour of Ashley nnd
tho Reservation.
Hen Illnko spent his vacation In
Deer Creek, American Foik Canyon
Inst weok. Mr. Rlnko formerly hauled
oio In his earlier youth. Ho located
(i big ledgo of rock In Door Creek
whelh ho says resembles tho oro he
used to haul.
Tho Ilrlghnm Young University nt
Provo, Utah, begins Its forty-flint
academic year 'Sept. 25, 1010. Regis
tration of students Sept. 25 nnd
Instruction begins Sopt 27. Requests
for catalogues and other informntlin
will iocoIvo prompt attontlou. 2.-U
Guests of Mm. I.uey Gray during the
past weok wore her daughters, Mrs.
Leonard ChrlstonBon of Rfchfield, who
will romnln for a month, Mr. and
Mrs. John V. Stoker of Salt Lako,
Miss Pearl Davis of Lehl and Mr. nnd
Mrs. Ross IliinlHton of Illnckfoot.
Miss Amy Cooper returned this weok
from llmklcy, Cal.. where sho has
been attending summor school. After
school sho spent thiee w colts vjsltlny
tho resorts nt Ocean Park nnd Santa
'Jlarbarn. She will teach school again
at Gunnison
Miss Viola West had as her guest
this week Miss Ann Giles of Salt Lako.
Miss Lottie Rlchlns Is visiting rein,
tives In Spanish Folk this week.
Miss Orul Wndley Is spending ten
dnyB with friends In Snlt Lkc.
Mrs. J. H. Clark spent Sunday In
American Folk, the guest of Mrs.
Hans Chilstonscn.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Kcotch took the
boo blvo girls of the Lincoln 1st wn:d
to Saratoga Wednesday.
The stork left n baby glil nt tho
homo of Mr. nnd Mrs. C. A. Kneel,
Mrs. Charley Miller of Denver, Colo.,
Is tho guest of her sister, Mrs. Olo
Mrs. Clarunce Hilton and baby re
turned to Lyndylo tho fore pait of
the week.
Mlns Chloo Thorno wholi ns been
spending hor vncntlon In Idnlio, le.
sumed her position ns telephone oper
ator last Thursday.
Mrs. J. S. Minn of Central Point,
Oregon camo Wcdncsdny to tnke
charge of the girls In the Cnnnpry.
Mrs. X. C. Spauldlng nnd Mrs. W.
(' Wlghtman of Provo wcro guests
of Dr. and Mrs. Ellsworth Sundny
Mrs. 13. T. Cutler' character wV
Wednesday wni a decided success,
Miss Zella Houltor , Enoch Clark,
and Miss Edna Paulson won tho
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Pctorson of
Spanish Fork were visiting this week
with her sister. Mrs. F. J. Rlchlns nnd
Miss Mnud Peterson.
Mrs, II. R. Allen whoh ns been
spending n week the guest of Mrs.
Annie Mills, roturned to her homo
In Mldvnle Thursday.
Miss Ruby J'nrsons of Snlt Lnke Is
n guest this weok of Miss Florence
Dr. nnd Mrs. II., M. Vnnco spent the
latter pait of last week In Snlt Lnke
Miss Leah Thornton spent Saturday
nnd Sundnv with friends nnd relatives
In Salt Lake City.
Mr. Elmer Miller who hns been nt
tendlnc summer school In Chlcngo. ro.
turned homo this week.
Miss Luclle Hnrvoy rend nn origin,
nl story nt the M. I. A. Conference
Sunday. The Lnverln bee hive swarm gnvn
Mr. nnd Mrs. Lloyd Adnmson nn unique
reception Friday ovenlng on their nr
llval from their honeymoon.
Mrs. Joseph West has been spcndlnu
the week In Lehl, a guest of her
daughter, Mrs. Lnzollo Mulllner.
Miss Allco Mnyberrlo who hns been
stnvlng with her slstor, Mrs. Chris
Williamson, of this city, returned to
her homo In Provo Monday.
Miss Almlnn Wright of Salt Lako
City snent this week, the guest of
hor cousins, Mrs. Will Hooley nd Mrs.
Dell Glllman.
Mrs. Alex Thornton, her daughter
Leah, and Mrs. C. P. Rltchlo and
baby Charllo spent Wednesday In
Amorlcnn Folk.
Mrs. C. P. Rltchlo and baby, Chnrlle
who havo been living In Salt Lake
nro spending n week or two with Mrs.
S. F. Wnlkcr.
Mrs. Robert ninckhurst nnd two
children of Snlt Lako City spent tho
past week visiting friends nnd rein.
(Ives of this city.
Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Eaton and Mr.
Ferry Hadlock of Vernal who hnvo
beoiv visiting with Mr. nnd Mrs. S. K
Walker left Tuesday for n short stny
In Idnlio.
Tho following people nnd their child
ren spent Wcdncsdny nt Snrntoga:
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Frtgo, Mr. and Mrs.
Tld. Rlchlns, Mr. and Mrs. Rattle, Mrs.
Mattlo Johnson. Mrs. Will Ash nnd Mr.
and Mrs. J. S. Wnlkcr. A delicious
picnic wns served,
Mr. nnd Mis. S. F. Wnlkcr returned
home Sundny ovenlng after a ten davs
visit In Strawbcriy. Their Immed.
Into return was on account of Mr
Walker receiving a gash across his
forehead, cniised bv falling on a rock.
. -o
NOTin: or sinntirrs s.vi.i:.
Tho Fourth Judlclnl Dlstilct In nnd
for Utah County, Stato of Utah.
Western Loan nnd Hulldlng Com.
pany, n eorpoiatlon, plaintiff, vs. Al
fred L. Hall and Emily C. Rail, his
wlfo, nnd Henry Lowls dofondants,
SHERIFF'S SALE: To bo sold at
bhoriffs salo on tho 15th day of Sop. '
tembor. 1910, ut tho front door of the
County Court Houso In Provo City.
Utnh, nt tho hour of 11 o'clock a m.,
all tho light, title, clnlm and Interest
of tho above named defendants of, In1
nnd to tho following described real
ostnte to.wlt:
"Iloglnnlng twenty (20) foot Wost
of tho Northeest cornor 'of Illoek ,
Thirty-two (32), pint "A," Lehl City
Survey of Rulldlng Lots, thonco Wot
42 feot. thonco South' 00.2.3 foot.,
thonco East 42 feot, thonco north 90 2.3
fool to place of beginning. Situated ,
In Utnh County, Stnte of Utah. To
get her with nil appurtenances of
every nnmo nnd nnturo Including nil
wator and water rights whothor rep
lesented by stock In an Incorporated t
company ov othorwlse.
Dated nt Ptovo City, Utah, this 23nl
day of August, 1910.
Sheriff of Utah County Utnh
Ily Samuel A Trotier Deputj
20 2tf
. ... v -.z.. - m
On ono day of each year the nation turns aside from its regular vocations to HB
pay tribute to those who toil. fflM
Labor means unselfish service No ono labors for himself alone. Entiro com- fl
munitics share in tho benefits accruing from tho toil of Hie individual. gfH
In theso mountain states fivo thousand earnest, intelligent, loyal nion and Bj
women are daily laboring with mind and musclo, with heart and hand, to give WM
the public telephone service of the highest standard of cxcollence. MB
Whether digging in tho earth, or climbing up among tho wires; whothor hunt. iffH
ing "trouble," repairing tho lines, working at tho swtichboard, keeping ac Mptf
counts, or performing any of tho multitudinous duties of tho telophono busi- EfSli
ness, all are imbued with tho spirit of service whioh stimulates thorn to put j1 67,
forth their best efforts in your behalf. ijlj l
t liSii
ww Every day is a day of labor for thoso who servo the publio; and LABOR DAY f If
is a fitting tribute to their worth. Im I
I mm II
1 At the-
I I jp'STSSm T,, College hni re-grouped Its practical
S r' twilXaKSFfci' courses to meet tliu needs of tho thousands
'tvjfffi&mv who ''" "ol wlsl1 to UlUo reBU,ftr n'8M "chooi
' C 'U "PSji'l- '" Any person ovci 18 jciirs of ago (or nny
f Vu Kl?'!,)r piTxon under 18 cnr Who has completed
1 tK HJIK, to years gf hlfib chool work) may enter
S HI?I4 tlieso proctlcitl courses without cxamlnu-
jjB tiWfe TIII: ruNi.MJ:NTAi,s or
KB PBk ll"' vnrlotiH deimrtments of AsrlcuIturA.
! tflWBmiJWMy. Iliinic Kcouoiiiles. ARrleiiltural nnKincurlnir.
B 11M1 Kn ' 1 Coiiiiueree. and .Moeh.uilc Arts nro taught,
K tJWMUltt I E!fft 1 xiirfft lent lo e(iili 11 person for success In
I -jSMy --(V !jfM Hf'''" "ol1, 'ertiriciites of craduatlon nro
iBk9HiI ''''"' courses of thn Colleee leading to tho H
' jj ,-llEI degree of ll.iehelor of Kclenco nro broad
1 1 Sl3lC?lH nnd Mix nil They requlro lilgh school
E ammsm preimr.aiori Idler nddrcsscs to TI10
U . . ,, . Pri-Milciit, 'I hi Agricultural Coltogo. Ioirnn
0 Hi. AgricullimilC-nlleae i'kii,, ulli lie hIwiiji wclcomo from every In- H
1 M,.m lliillillnc. Lo.mii terexted peikon KVDIIY MAN AND WOM-
U l.ii. troiiie or I'niillcjil ,N IN THE ItDI'lTILIC HA8 A DIRT1I-
, The twenty-seventh collegiate year
! begins September 19.
Oi I h Tooolo Chief Mining & Mill.
Ing i'.' 1'iinclplo placo of business
Amoil. in Pork, Utah.
Son' e ! horoby given that at a
ineotli. i tho directors of tho nbovo
iiam-il . in puny, hold on August 20th
1910, .i ' inontNo, 1, of $1.00 per
1,000 i. i (ono mill por sharo) was
lovlid mi iho cnpltal stock of tho cor.
Iionitlon i aynblo Immediately to L.
S. Hnnlngton, secrotnry, at his store.
AmoiUan Pork, Utah,
Any .'-("''k on which this assessment
remains unpaid on Monday, Sept. 21.
1910, ill he dollnnuont and advertised
for sale a' public auction, and unless
payment is mado boforo will bo sold
Tuosdit "'ct. 10th, 1910, nt 1:00
o'clock i' hi., nt offlco (storo) of
ecrct.ti 'ii Amorlcnn Fork, Utnh, to
pay tin di'mquont nssoBsmout togeth
or wliii i" ost of ndvortlslng nnd ex
pciiM ' 'p.
Score tury
Flm I'i'O a. 20 Lnst Sept. 23, 1910
Of Cuinstock Consolidated Mining &
Milling Co., priuclplo placo of business
American Fork, Utnh.
Notice is hoicby given, that nt a
meeting of tho directors of tho above
named com pany, held on Aug. 10, 1910,
assessment No. 1, of EOc por 1,000
Sharon ( mill per share) was levied
on tho capital stock of tho corpora.
Hon, payable Immediately to .F. M.
Houston, secretary, at his rcsjdonco
American Folk Utah.
Any stock on which this nsscssmont
remains unpaid on Monday, Sept. 2!i,
1910, will bo delliiquont nnd ndvortlsed
for sale at public auction, and uiiIohe
payment Is mado boforo will bo sold
Tuosday, Oct. 10, 1910 nt 1:00 o'clock
p. in , at my rosldonco nt Amorlcnn
Fork, Utah, to pay tho delinquent
assessment together with tho cost of
advertising and oxpenso ot sale.
Secretary 1
Fir t pub Aug 20 -last Sopt. 23, 1910.
"Look Pa, How M
'Gels-It' Works!"
XiftQ Your Corn Eight OK , vSB
K over rails. ,M
"Rvcr in your llf nco a corn como H
out llko t lint 7 I.oolc at tho truo skin lH
undorncatli smooth ns tho palm ot i tH
your liandl H
Well Now, 1-ooU at 1 liotl Off Cornel Tbtt fll
Potty Cornaf Slick at nWhblle.
Tim earth Is tilrnnod with tho ono, fBM
simple nnlnlftflH, novor-fulllntr rum- ioH
ily that italics millions of rorn-nos- jH
tnrod peoplo Impoy, nnd Hint's "OftTH. aM
IT', Apply It In 3 nccondn. It dries. fM
So mo peoplo Jab and dig at their yM
I eornB with knives nnd razors wrap al
thulr toes In packages with ban- fH
dnircn or Htluky tape, mnlto them red tM
and raw with snlvns. NotliliKr Ilka NH
this with "Uirrti-IT." Your corn H
lonRens you lift It off. There's HH
nothing to prens on tho corn, or hurt. ivM
Angels couldn't nnk for morn. Try it mM
tonlctit on nny corn, callus or wart, WU
uiviis-ri" is soiu anil rccom- t'MM
mended by druprclsts overywhero. 25.0 1 yMt
n. bottle, or sent on reenlpt of prlco , vH
Uy n. I.awrenco & Co., Chicago, III, ;m
1 ' 9
Sold In American Fork and iccoih- , t'Jm
mended as tho world's best corn t-,rx.Hts" 'M
romody by Thornton's two diug storos, aw- ( ,rB
No Job of printing Is too small or t1 yr if, 'jffl
too lnrgo for us. I'hono H2.W nnd T r) 2 I 'M
wo will do the rest. wit L ii o S ' H
O O 9 II
Are You Looking Old I ( y-j " Z rM
, -' f- S o I'M
Old ngo comes quick onoush Chhorr7 7? 7? o !',$
Inviting It. Somo look)lir"ntvfoii v-3 3 ; in
That Is becuiiso thoy nejjlccjGtho llvtgr Z' r' s? ; J
and bowels. Keep jtiurjbols'iogu- J v' &, I
lar and your llvor lieiilthynnd. you ' '. 0 tw
will not only MBl jliiingorMnit. loo: '. ; m W
younger When tioibled with -.con '. ; ' w
stlpatloti or bllllouHiiB talso Chains ; ' m
borlaln'sCalitauJ TlVy'.nrn 'lteiideib ; '. ' .
ospoclnfygPo nllinynti.nnd'. nio' '. m
excclloirsvto lnkt ar)d most. . "y
ngreenbyijgSl l,522f2p (1
For sfWIV II. b. riciyfiiotrt Lfefil. b 'o M
Utnh; WinTliojjjlJJi, ilBt3s,Sma- 'M
Scan ForllBBWl Drlig Co. ricas- 9
Bant Hrovt nujftJl Jealanr

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