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I American Frk Citizen
-- - " fli
H - j i IjHHuE
pastern Mining Men
ling Canyon's Praise
I J. DJJIuo. .Jr., of tlio J. D. Blue Brokuragc Co. of Curiur
mid?, WW'" aIMl 0t,ol,8(' K- Hemphill, now n broker of Bos
n Mnss., wore in town this week nnd spent several days in
Ke'cnnyon visiting the properties in which they are interested.
r glue says that his Iowa clients now own nearly a quarter
B a million shares of stock in the Earl-Eagle, Bay State, Miller
Bill Mineral Flat, Texan, Whirlwind, Belorophan, Deer Creek
Bul'otlior canyon properties. Ho was chiefly concerned in
Buding out whether the money being invested was honestly
ta every Instanco lie was delighted
llth tho character and permanence
B the ork being done, tho progress
Kd the development work nnd tho
xeral showing of tho entlro camp.
B showed a familiarity with tho
nr propertlea and genornl gcologl.
conditions of ono who had spent
onths there, though this was his
Hist Tlslt. Prior to visiting Araorl.
ma Fork ho spent sovoral days In
Krk City, and ho expressed tho op
Bion that having tho samo geology
park City and a superior minor.
Hlied surfaco showing, ho could see
Hj reason why American Fork on ono
Hit of the mountain should not equal
H mineral production Park City on
Ht other B,lle' "hen tho samo amount
B development woik will hnvo heen
H compllslicd.
H)lr. Blue was paiticulnrly cnthus.
Hittc vUh tho beauty of the canyon,
Be K't-k (ffecis Just now, when tho
B't trostu nro giving nrtistic color.
k;s to tno different kinds of vegctn
son nc declared to ho uncqualod.
Hhls great nrsot taken In conjunction
Hkh tho business at tho other end
H properly exploited and advertised
Hm some day make tho naino of
Hscrlwii Fork favornblyknown
H-cm tea to sea.
I Mr. Hemphill had seen tho ennyon
H'torc and has proliahly dono moro
Baa any other ono Individual to rarr
Hi fame to other states. Ho. how
BitiFic siiipmi:nts
TOTAL ovnt $30,004).
The Pacific Leasers hnvo now Ink.
Ha oat ami shipped nnd been paid
Hiroro to tho aluo of $27,000 slnco
ilInK over ih property. Resides
H-ls they havo two car loads at tho
seller not yet accounted for and two
Hit loada in the bins nt tho mine.
n tlio two cars nt tho smelter nro
"counted for tho total will cxrcod
Brer 530 000
The last car of sllvor.coppor oro
B" settled for Thursday and brought
UOI.4.7 The company's royalty bo.
B: ($9919
Ba n .,
"i:s ens oni:
1'artlcs ttlw. came down from Deer
BfcekthlB work report William Owens
rtlns out ore on tho Laura Claim
'ocated southwest of tho Milk Mold
'lie The ore is found in a llmo
Me romnrt nnd runs well up In
'"'loud Kihcr
I"h: YiMiin: is taking out oiti:
Herman It Oreen. a Salt Lake City
mmlsstoii - nnd general manager
r' tho Grrcn l.rnnlng Co. who nro op.
'Wins tho i.V0 vankco In Mary El.
I tD 0,,1('li mndo a visit to the prop
"r this week nnd was pleased with
I e 1"lnc thnt his superintendent
c Ttabc Is making on tho tunnel
w5 run
I ut 12 tons of high grndo load oro
"""'"S out loo ounces of silver per
a has boon (nkon out and stacked
GHhe dump. Tho oro is found on
ne "mtart between tho shalo and
2'nut Whllo in camp Mr. Oreen
"T orders to double tho foreo of
Wn now employed.
lMhCh lnlorost ls now ""Ins contcrcd
t Wasnteh Rnngo on which lens
th."! runn,nB n (lccp tunnol to catch
hl Whlch ln l'10 upnor work,n88
ed three feet of shipping oro.
ffachl "el l8 now ,n 325 fcot amI ls
t, ." "s rfRular dip tho oro may
n i . fr wl,U nny Bll0t- Chlp'
roB. C8tB nro tho ow,rs of tho
k V which is locatod near Silver
over, was surprised on coming back
to find tho amount of work now being
dono and went over a long list of
properties that aro doing honest de.
volopment work and with not a "wild
cat" In tho bunch.
Speaking of tho Earl.Kaglo In which
ho Is chiefly interested, ho sold that
tho property was now making fine
progress, tho faco of tho tunnel is
now in over COO feet nnd progress.
Ing at tho rato of 8 feet per day. It
is reaching a point whero tho Wy.
omlng fissure Is liable to bo cut
with any shift. Then nbout 400 feet
nhend Is tho Yankco fissure. Three
hundred feet ahead of this Is the Car
diff contact nnd when tho tunnel is
In about 1.300 feet tho Clipper and
Silver King porphry will bo cut. On
tho surfaco nil these out crops show
ore. Taken singly either should make
a mine and collectively they should
mako ono of the biggest In the state
Tho Earl.Kaglo power plaut has beep
causing somo troublo but Monday two
big water cooling tanks wore add'
and now nro enabling the oil burning
englno to glvo porfoct satisfaction.
The cabins in a few days will luivn
been placed safe from snow slides,
so that work may proceed unlntcr.
ruptedly throughout tho winter.
Mr. "Homphlll says that American
Fork Canyon Is making a most favor,
ablo Impression wllh eastern brokors
and many aio drawing regular dlvl.
donds from rtnh mining stocks.
John Clcghorn, manager of tho
Holorophan, was In town filled wllh
enthusiasm early In tho week, because
of a change In this promising Mary
Ellen Gulch proporty. Tho Uoloro
phnu tunnel was run about 300 fcot
boforo tho fissure was cut. Then an
upralso was started towards tho sur.
faco for air when thp minors en.
countered somo fluo looking galena
ore, apparently bedding off toward tho
lime. They hnvo been following this
and tho whole face Is now sprinkled
with galena with a solid six Inches
of it on tho foot wall. Mr. Clcghorn
also says that carbonnto oro Is now
coming In. Indicating that tho men
nro Hearing the llmo nnd what ho be.
llevcs to bo a big body of high grado
Tho Yankee claims 200 feet wldo
by 1,500 feet long tho sldo lines of
which aro but 10 fcot from tho mouth
of tho Holorophan tunnel, hnvo pro
duced many thousand dollars worth
of float, tho sourco of whclh is
thought to bo tho IJeloiophan fissure.
For tills reason tho work now bolng
done by Mr. Clcghorn Is bolng watch
ed with the keenest Intorost by people
Intorested in tho canyon.
PMixTirn. mini: to j:m:ct
xnv ihi:ctohs.
Stockholders of the Plentiful mlno
hnvo called a special meeting for Oct.
9, to elect a now board of directors.
When this is dono they will resumo
development work on this promising
property north of Doll station ln
Tooolo county. Tho property hns
produced somo fino load and zinc oro
near tlio surfaco and tho owners think
big bodlos will bo opened at a greater
Shelloy expects to organlzo u special
elnss In Phonography conimonclmr In
October, and would bo pleased o meet
nil Interested nt the City Hnll, Tuesday
crenlng, Sept. 20th, nt 730, or nt the
High School Tuesday afternoon nt I
For particulars nnd terms call up
fieorgo F. Shelley, Thone 77.J4, 23.lt
Tnenty.XIne Companies Arc Now
Rrhlng Tunnels Resides Others
Thnt Are Rolng Assessment Work
and Scleral Thnt Aro Working
'through Shafts nnd Upraises.
Probably no other camp In Utah
ls having tho development work being
dono by n system of tunneling that Is
now going on In American Fork Cnn.
yon. Tho exccsslvo snow fnll makes
this system of going after tho oro
most economical, bosldos having tho
advantage of cross cutting tho differ
ent formations and making It moro
economical to extract tho oro when
It Is opened up Tho mountains also
aro so prcclptlous that generally tun.
ncllng Is a quicker method than sink.
Ing. At present tho following prop,
ortles aro driving tunnels: Tho Ray
Stnto, South Pork, Miller Hill, "Whirl
wind, Dutchman, Texan, Smuggler,
Utah Centennial, Mineral Flat, Red
Cloud, Copper Glance, Atlnntlc, Pad.
flc Extension, American Fork Queen
and Nash In tho main ennyon; the
nelorophon, Miller Hill Extension nnd
Ynnkco In tho Mary Ellen Gulch; tho''
Rarl.Eaglo and Trlnnaman in tho Mn.
Jor Evans Gulch; tho Gold Hill, Mer-,
ccr, North Slnr, Mary Elizabeth, Ella
May and "vynsateh King In Silver
I-nkc; tho Deer Creek Copper, Stow,
art. Sliver Flat and Alplno.EmpIro
In the Deer Creek section.
ncsldcs these thoro nro a numbor
of others doing assessment work with
tunnels and sovoral who nro sinking
shafts or taking out oro from tho
tunnel level through winzes, drifts
nnd upraises.
W. II. Grant and W. II. Chlpman of
Salt Lake and former residents of this
city, associated With James V. Rrown
i of. American Fork, havo purchased tho
entire holdings of tho Stownrt.Hard
Ing sheep Co., a Salt I.ako concern.
Tlio deal Includes 25,000 acres of
summer lango land In Utah and nd.
Jacant lambing grounds In Wyoming
and 10.000 neies of winter rango land
In Wyoming.
Thofo aio lO.iiOO stock sheop Involv.
ul for which $9.00 per head was paid,
whli h ls said to bo tho highest price
over paid for stock .sheep which In.
eluded owes and lambs allko. Tho now
owners toko possession October 1st.
E. J. Eiiuksou, l (.'presenting tho or.
ganlzutlon who gao tho Chautuaqua
at Prove last June, spent scvorol days
in American Fork tho past week en.
dcavoiliig to interest tho people In
ono here. In older to get ono it
would bo nceehsary for soventy busl.
hubs men to sign a cntract guarantee
ing tho sale of 700 season tickets at
$:' HO each.
Tho stake presidency called a meet.
Ing of nbout CO representative men
fium tho different towns In tho stake,
and after a thorough explanation .only
flvo of them voted to get under tho
o . .
At tlio regular mooting of tho Al
pine Stake Presidency, held Wednea.
day o cuing, bids as follows woro op.
oned and considered for furnishing all
mntorlal and Installing sprinkling
system on tho Alplno Stnko Tnber.
Inaole grounds:
M. S. I)tt & Daryl Fowler, I.ehl,
Fugal Hrothors, Pleasant Groo,
Wnltor Slack, American Fork,
Coulam & Taylor, Salt I.ako City.
Reovo Pettlt Co.. Salt l.ako City.
Tho contract was awarded to Fugi !
Hrothors of Pleasant Grovo for tho
sum of $1,017.00, thoy will glvo an ae.
coptoblo bond of $1,000.00 for tho sat
Isfactory completion of tho work.
Tho Chlpmnn Mercantile Co. has lot
a contract to Axel Hloomnulst to paint
tho fronts of its grocery, harness nnd
furnlturo departments and tho post
offlco. Tho old signs will bo re.
painted and soveral new ones be
I New Shipment I
JLadies Suits and Coats 1
Just in at Chipman's I 1
$k Full and Complete Line of Underwear
and Blankets I M
phe Largest New Line of Children's Coats L I
never purchased by us just in from $2.50 up I : I
Mf You cannot buy Coats ready made, we l? M
a have the material, and you can make -; I
$ them yourselves. M
Men's and Boys Fall and 1
j- Winter Clothing now in. 1
"'Call and See Our Mammoth Line of Shoes 'M
SChipman's Big Red Store SI
The council met in special session
Saturday evening.
Drs. Kolly and Clark wero present
I by Invitation. The Mayor read tho
section of tho stnto law rotating to
the solo of liquor in dry territory, on
doctor's prescription and called atten
tion to tho fact that tho law only on.
thoilzes sales to bo mado upon wilt,
ten prescriptions duly signed by tho
physlclnn and docs not uormlt the
prescription for liquor, bolng given by
phone. Tho doctois present ngreed
io comply strictly witn tlio law in tlio
state and tho mayor stated that Dr.
.! V N'oyos had also given nssertlons
that ho .would comply wlt'a tho Inw.
Mr. LcGrango nppcarcd boforo the
council and requested that In tho op
ening of tho proposed strccls through
his property In tho northeast part of
town that tho city block lines be fol
lowed, roforrcd to committee on
Tho mayor stated that tho I.ehl Ir.
rlcdtlon Company and Pleasant Giovo
ilty wore desirous of having Amerl.
van Fork city forego tho taking or
Initiation water Septembor 20lh per
mitting the I.ehl Irrigation Company
and Pleasant Grovo city to contlnuo
Its uso oMhe water until a later dato
and ho desired to get the mind of the
. council as to the granting of such an
extension. Aflor due consideration it
wasilcclared tho senso of tho council
that It has no authority to grant such
an extension unless authorized by the
Tlio closing of drug stores and con.
fectlonnrlos at a reasonable hour was
discussed and It was suggested that
an ordlnanco bo pnssed fixing the
tlmo of closing. Tho matter was laid
over until tho next rogulnr meeting
Conference Excursion
The Denver & Rio Grando It. It. of.
fcrs tho usual Conference Excursion
rates to Salt iJxko City, account Con.
ferenco and Stnto Fair. Tickets on
sale from Ogdon, Silver City, Ring
ham and from all intermediate points
Sept. 30th to Oct. 8th Inclusive, Final
limit Oct. 12th returning. 23.2t
001 BY AUTO'
Max, tlio 8. year old son of Mr. nnd
Mrs. W. S. Chlpmnn camo near losing
his llfo Friday when ho was knocked
down and run over by an nulomobllo
on Main Street. Ho wns completely
doubled up mid when picked up by
pedestrians ho was so covered with
blood that It looked lll.o tho Injuries
were fatal. Ho was carried to E-r.
Noyos' ofllco closo by whoro it was
found that his left leg wns broken In
tho thigh, his head badly cut and that
his wholo body was badly bruised. It
icuiilred nn hours work to sow up tho
wound on his head. Ho suffered ex.
tremely for several days but is now
Impiovlng, and It Is thought that ho
will reeovor completely.
The lad was returning from school,
had crossed from tho Intcrurbnn do.
pot and concluding to got n drink had
started back to tho drinking fountain
when tho car ran .Into him. Witness
es say that tho ear which was bolng
driven by a Mr. Pack of Kamas was
going slow when tho nceldent hap
pened. - .
On Satin day Stoptcmbcr 10th at
the Flist Ward Cliapol tho family of
tho John Dutrant Gcnologlcal Abso.
elation met nnd hold its first reunion.
The organization wns effected on
May 21st of this year. Thoy gathor.
cd from Thrtchor, Idaho, on flH
north mid Spanish Fork on tho south. ?TJ1H
In tho morning tlio dlrfeicnt commit. JjjfH
toes met nt tho rcsldonco of Mrs. E. "Wwl
J. Durrani, In session to transact 'Sttfi
business for tho coming year. After jnHfl
business for tho coming year. &H
Lunch was served at tho First '91
rendored and enjoyed by nil. Thoro fHI
wero rlxty.ono out of clghty-threo JiH
that nro living thnt were prcnont thnt ntH
day with ooven visitors. Hl
Jurors Drawn. 'H
Judge A. R. Morgan has advised aijfl
County Clerk E. T, Palfroyman that Jtg
the calendar for the October term of fflM
the Fourth district court for Utah ll
county will bo called and cases set, ,
Monday, Sept. L'5, at 10 o'clock. H
The following Jurors havo jcon IH
drawn for tho October term to bo In ill
nttendnnco Oct. 3, UbI
Jonathan Steggcll, Robert E. Kirk. HH
ham, Richard R. Steele, American fli
Fork; A. R. Winters, Nathaniel Pierce rJgU
Pleasant Grove; Ficdcrlek Lewis, On. itH
vld R. Royack, Spanish Fork; Dan fH
Larson, Evan Williams, Vlnoyard; D. 'H
I.. Thomas, Fatrflold; John Snxoy, J. , llH
W. I.lorly, It. M. Roberts, C. E. Vase- JH
hor, Hugh Ross, Henry Nuttnll, Alma ill
Van Wngoncn, Provo; Gcorgo U Mc. 'H
Kenzle, Don C. Huntington, Spring. 'd
vlllo; George H. Smith. Jr. M. E ,
Rhodes, Hyrum Smith, I.ehl; Pnrloy 'M
I.ovoless, Pnyson; Georgo A. Royd. H
Thistle; Isaac R. Smith, Santaqulii. (H
Bank of American Fork. m
A Itiink of Strength nnd Gluiriictcr fl
&&'! &K'sC!&'ftfftb fft CAPITAL AMI PROFITS -Ifl
'v" Chlpmnn. I I
I n

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