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American Ark Citizen 1
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nuiifJi iiii ii , IM t "J -i J i H
KuXlV AMBniCN POniC OlTjjBfcglpAY, DECKMBBU 9, 19W. Nt'MIlBIl 31 J 1Bi
H Interest for
jrgcst Atfeminnco liter Seen nt a
(School Primary In American Pork
I fcutcst Spirited.
I Saturday evening tho largo up.
1,, room In tlio City Hnll waa
ict'cJ. with many standing, when
UL non-paitlsan primary waa hold to
e a candidate for American Fork
B, tho Bchool board. Old timers Bald
Hfur beforo waH such Interest taken
H, ills city to chooso a trustee. It
Bj; a most Interesting and spirited
Beetlng throughout. For dayB It was
H-own that there would be a hatd
H;M made for the various candidates
, a "scrap" started oven In choos.
BT; the chairman.
somcono named Mayor John Hunter
r chairman, and somebody clso
jmed Dr. P. M. Kelly. On an open
Ltc the Mayor rccolcd D3 and tho
Hoctor 155. II. J. Johnson was
Hoicn fccrctary without any opposl.
:n and tho lncetinB proceeded to
Bslnoss. During considerable dls.
sslon, nominating nnd seconding
Miches, It was decided to have three
Ka for the position at tho polls, nnd
t thrco receiving tho llghcst votes
H, the candidates.
Mt. J. Clayson, Dr. .T. F. Noyes,
Bccj Martin and Gcorgo F. Shelley
Here named and cacli received tho
Hob r of votes opposite their names,
fl'd the thrco highest ran Wcdncs.
f. J Clayson, 115.
I j. l. Noyes, 112.
Geom F. Shelley,, 49.
J.T1C3 Martin, 40.
The f Hewing re olutlon was of.
td ly Alma Greenwood and
Whereas, tho offico of mombefslilp
I tfib school boa.id under 'tho con.
Mlllation plau of school systom la
H ot vast importance,
nrst, Tho '.eyrtcuiaUp development
Bfcr children' ai'ojib' physical, wm
Hson of tn'oT5cuUlcst thuSttTaefilsT
.idlings of school properties, re.
''"Pt of, and disbursement of somo
' iWOO.000 nannually.
And, whereas, It Is claimed that
'so 85 per cent of all tho rovenucs
'the stato collected from tho tax
I;r3 Is used in tlto conduct and
..luagement of our elementary High
''Mlools, University of Utah, and the
'"m-ricultural College.
Anil, whereas, tho expenditure of
t B:J money has been lavish and In
1 Ape instances wasteful;
'Bind, whereas, tho burdens of taa.
a Ij bearing down with tremendous
HiB'ce upon tho backs of tho taxpayers,
tiSmuch bo lu many Instances produc.
li!Mj' distress;
'few, therefore, bo it resolved liy
He taxpayers and voters In meeting
(jjasibled. tho member of tho tcliool
TMird, of tlie Alpine district, who may
"Selected at tho election to bo hold
tcraber 0, 101G, to represent school
precinct No. 3, Is hereby Instructed
nnd directed to malto every lauiblo
effort to retrench nnd reduce tho ex.
peine of managing and directing the
affaire of the Alpine School District
along legitimate linos, sad retrench,
ment and reduction to bo compatiblo
with tho success of all tho schools In
said district.
Dr. J. F. Xoyes defeated Ell J. Clay,
son with n majority of 94. It was
tho warmest school election over held
here. Dr. Koyes received 192 nt the
hotel nnd 171 nt tho city hall, total
3C3. Mr. Clayson got 1C4 at tho hotel
and 115 at tho city hall, total 2C9.
Gcorgo F. Shelley camo third with 79
at the hotel and 143 nt tho city hall,
total 222.
American Fork's main street is
rapidly becoming tho Great White
Way. Many merchants havo recently
Installed the now extension el cctrlc
lamps. Tills week tho Dayucs Doebo
branch store had thrco of them In.
stalled, brilliantly illuminating their
front with 900 cnndle power.
Tills week tho Utah Power and Light
Company erected Its now sign, soven
foot high, and which uses 180 lanip3
with which to illuminate- it. Tho sign
hi attracting much attention at night
and Is by far tho largest one ever
Installed In tho city.
Gcorgo II. Ityan, the Trl.Mcttl.
Loaning Co.'s manager, was down nfter
n now lot of supplies Oils we ok. Mr.
Tiycn has a foico. of miners working
in tho old tunnels nnd drlfti of tho
Wyoming mlno on Wilier Hill on
which his company has a lcaso
When tho Tr) Motala Co. took over
tho- wyoralng about, six, wkc2H-fefd
they jotfly lntondcilJi a jpojjtu;
"How Is tho property looking?"
csvllon or ciniut
costs fifty dollaks
William Huffman was arrested Mon.
day and taken beforo Judgo Hunter,
wlmre he was charged with selling n
Gallon of elder. The officers told Hoff.
mifn that they both 3nv him make
tho sale, so he entered u pica of guilty,
nnd was assescd $50, which ho paid
and was set free
Hoffman threatens a damage suit
and Is consulting Salt Lake ntlornoyn
about tho case.
p.offman aitkh .mom: hails
William Hoffman camo down from
tho Osbourno property Sunday for
inoro rails. Ho has cleaned out one
cave.ln only to nnd nnothor n fow feet
ahead. Soon as tho old tunnel Is
'placed In woiklng order drifting
ahead will bo resumed.
111 " dmgMMmm
crl7 ' SYou'B Like kfS Wl
ufl WO lh!s Boothlnjr, heal- & " W W 11 y
kl you'll I'nd that It will V-A
Ki $ i;ivo nlmost instant re- vr V T
Fn,, fi lief to scvoro cough3, i3p N Ot
il :4 colda nnd nil irritationsW n
1 '. f of tho bron-floiTSv ( mil
M I ChialtUbC3;fvW Th-NUN.
.str-1 Interest $ MsPtisnon'wniy openu
iH uv'1 OL y''V Quality. l
'a on ljC Where
wl m p a m is
I What :WBAWiAM YoL1
WW &S-j$v v,''lb K,uI", "a ,:et,,
I t 'WW b a remarkably i'ITcc-
Yfii $W Uvo remedy, coniprNinp: ( Jpf
"m l UU Wffi tho well Known nu . 'final VJ-l-
&M yjffl properties cf Whlto 1 iiw. JVIUI
"B &MV Cherry. Halm of Giteml UuU.. tllooU
-. t&2 ItooUOIyccnn. Menthol oml l.uto- T
ODtMTn aromatic form Tho furrnula U tlmo IIlUH-OL
F-'lN-l BS'K. trll nl I'roven. As afa for
. i , ''OTjjiv IUi en a for tTOwn-urt.
lisI I MB3ger Redemption Coupons" given with every 25 cent
f purchase AT OUR STORE-
"Jk Tflcuhono 09 AM- r0,lK
Was Fnlhcr of Tlilrlj-.ot)6.-C'hIiarfS:
Wns Great Lender In Mifnlcal Hm
Lducntlonal Ciclcs. i' -Jh
William Grant, an early Settlor 'fc
American Pork and ono of tho' liest
known characters, of this tIt, Hlcd 'at
tho family residence, C o'clock 8at!
urday morning. Ho was actlvo Iji Ulf
business up until flvo days prlor to
his domino, when ho was fltrtckoR
with bronchitis and gradually fn16d
till tho end. Ho had nlso been a sufj:!
foicr with Urlght'ti' dlsoasc, vrhWtiJ
probably weakened hbi constlitlolf
Mr. Grant was horattY,llMWMW
Staffordslilre, Knglnndon CurlsVmifiJ
day, 1838. Ho wns always "Af r
deeply religious mind, and Joined t,lifc M
Mormon Church oil his birthday!
1S50. NMno ynrs Inter, 'cW9rto
day, ho was married to hie first wlfn
nnd seven years lator emigrated, to
America, arriving in Sail Lak6 Jn
April, 1SCC. ,:kl
Ho was a man of great musicalyWlS '
cuts, and utter remn!niuga shojtIrji '
In Salt Lake, ho was called to Atrjaj"
lean Poik to tako charo,of jthV
church choir. Ho also orgnnlzodkPf !
brasa band and was its 'lador fir. i
years. Ho has probablyljdono mote i
for this citr, musically, thjaU Oth- j
crs combined. At tho tihe' atrl
death ho was choir .drcct4rriojBpj' J
Old Polks' Committee.',, 'jKi 1
Ho wan a man ot grt;nl acUItjW
elmrch. musical rnd educntfctjjfemr
clei, and lrad ho devoted His. nWipfJi (
to Bclflsh purposes, inalad 61, ffflffa; i
public, ho would havo btfc'h. -h'tpijtffl
wealth. '?$&
Ho was tho oldoot "rricr'cnaniis
Anurlcan Foik, bolns thd f'jK
Grant's Emporium, for yearsr jff
tho largest music houfja "P'tajl
Salt La.ko, and contomhfetfwW
c3f collection of novoltl'eV, PnH
Ftoro luAho tfUto out3ldo of SalflLgjH
toon children and by hl3 eecond wlto
ho wns tho fathr of eighteen, making
n total of thlity.one, nineteen of
whom, Willi tho second wlfo, still sur.
vivo. Ho bus tirty.uvo hvwk b'u
chlldron nnd nttccn great.grand.
Tho funeral services wcro held In
tho Tiibcrnnclo Tuesday afternoon at
1 o'clock. Tho band accompanied
them from tho liouso to tho Taber
nacle nnd played "Nearer My God to
Theo" as thoy marched in. Wshop
Jamci T. Gardner presided. The opon.
Ing song wns by tho choir ot tho
Fourth Ward, "Oh. My Father"; the
prayer was offered by Mr. James
Crystal, tho second song was. "Who
Aro These Arrayed In White." sang
by it (luartctto from the First Ward.
Tho first speaker wai Joseph H.
Forbes, who gave a short blograpliy
of Mr. Grant's llfo nnd who nlso rend
somo originnl poetry, composed by
Mr. Grant. Tho other speakers were
Patriarch W. II. Smith, Jumen II.
Clorko, Martin Hanson, John Povcy
of Lehl. Kll J. Clayson and Pres. K.
L. Chlpman. besides lllshop Gardner,
nil of whom told or tho noblo life of
Mr. Grant. Mrs. Dorlo Johnson sang.
"I Know That My Redeemer Lives."
and Mrs. Mlnnlo Pulley sang. "The
Vacant Chair." both favoilto songs of
Mr. Grant. . Mr. Georgo Morrison, of
Sprlngvllle.ono ot tho Ulnck Hawk
war veterans, sang n song composed
by Mr. Grant to tho tune of "Oh. My
Father.' Tho benediction was offored
by Patriarch Henry Moylo of Alpine.
This wns ono ot tho largest funerals
ever held In American Fork and the
floral tributes wore most beautiful.
Tho band occupied seats "" t" mwl
and nlso oight of tho oldest gentle
men who woro tho first pioneers of
this state. All placoa of bualnosa wore
cloiod during 'tho servlcos.
will ir.vi:i.oi
Jacob NleUon and J. M. Mndsoy
wont up the Canyon this weok to
orcct tho new cabin nt tho Sliver V
Slda mine where thoy and four others
will spond tho wlutor running a deep
Tho Sllvor Slda Company has also
ftlod on a stream of water which
jinks on tholr property. Tholr ongl.
neer fiBureu that there Is sufficient
water that whan saved will be suffl.
-lent to generate 1100 horao power
if oleetrlcity. It tho filing Is per.
fectd the company Intend! dovoloplng
h! waUr and aalllnK It to tho farm.
Kr : -, H
I Santa Claus I
lSanta Claus has been to see us, H
fe;He left almost a carload ; ,: I
K Of the choicest Xmas Goods f H
R That has ever come to town. 1
I See Our Christmas Folder Next Week - I
Kf. -,,,-.,-, ,',L im I. Wil
mm . KH
J2L. .J.tL -iii. .Px. JL. V Ju. -A. . jtT.. ol. 8 ,1 -, il
I' MFilR-C rift ''" I
WON now m
Marks Epoch in Canyon's His
tory and Will Facilitato
Maximum Production of
Mines and Mills.
The Utah I'owor and Liht Com.
pany completed BtiluuInK wire on ItH
lino from tho Snnko crook power plant
to tho Dutchman mlno early In the
week, nnd Tuesday tho power wan
tuined on. Tho buildings had all
been wired up so tho canyon roHldentu
aro now enjoying the luxury ot elec.
trie llghlfi.
Tlio power waH primarily hi ought
ovor the dlvldo to mipply power for
tho Pacific mill which will bo In op.
oration Homo time during tho coming
weok. It will nlso bo imed to com.
proas nlr for drills in various mines
and will bo used to pump tho foul
causes that como from tho milplildo
ore In tho Dutchman nnd Whirlwind
Tho lino Is botwen 0 and 7 miles
long. Ha bringing power Into tho
Canyon Is an epoch making period In
tho Canyon's history and stamps it
wltli tho mark or pormanonco and
progress. Tlio Pacific nnd Dutchman
mines and mill will bo tho ilrst to con.
nect up, but It Is understood others
;iro preparing to uso electric power
Tlio school election In Alplno and
redur alloy district was anything but
'icnnonlouB. At the primary In Codar
-nrt tlio votor3 from Fairfield came
In a body and nominated David
Thomas over Alfred Anderson by
innjority of threo.
i in Alplno nenjamln Hates, James
I). Smith, Joseph Moyle and Richard
Carlysle ware nominated. Smith and
Bates woro high mon, the formor win.
nlng out ovor tho latter by a vnto o
H to 39. The Bates people wore not
satisfied with results and formed a
coalition with the Thomas suppoiterr
of Fslrfteld, and on election day the
results showad
The flht In tills district was ot
groat Interest because of nonjamln
nates deciding t0 remain In tho rao.
The result waa a victory for Jamos
II. Smith by n majority or 13 over
Dates. Smith got 09 In Alplnu nnd
H2 lu Cedar Valley. Hates camo sec.
nnd with 101 In Alplno nnd 7 In Cedar
Valley. David Thomas got 2 In Al.
pluo and 01 lu Ccdnr Valley, Alfred
Anderson, who was not a candidate,
got a votos.
, ii
Shipment Said to Be Worth
From $15,000 to $20,000, Is
Now Being Sent Out.
Tho Pacific Icasutn shipped a fifty
ton car of copper tills week and nro
loading nnothor ono that thn knowing
ones say will create u Konsntloii when
the returns nro iccelvcd fiom tlio
Binoltois. Tho ore comes from tlio
now famous copper stopo lu tlio north
end of the workings. Assays on somo
of tho ore are nnld to show as much
as lHOO ounros of sllvor per ton, nnd
over 20 per cent coppor. Conservative
estimates aro that tho ore will aver,
ago over $100 per ton, and It may
roach $200. This would glvo It n
valuo of from $7,500 to $10,000 por car,
or. from $1C,000 to $20,000 for tho
During tlio past weok tho mlncre
havo drifted north on tho old upper
workings and made coiiiitctlons with
tlio uprlso from tlio coppor atopc.
This gives three connections from the
tunnel lovol with tho workings nbove
and affoids umplo air In all parts of
tho mlno which will enable tho prop,
orty to bo worked to Its maximum
capacity when tho mill stnrts next
week, and will enable the manage,
ment to keep tho stream or ore haul.
Ola busy from now on henceforth.
TllAMiS TO Till:
The four Itellof societies of Amorl.
can Pork, Hylnnd and Alplno wish to
thank the Chlpman Mercantllo com
pany for their vory gonorous gift to
their wards for the benofit of tho poor.
Costs, drosses, hoods, waists and n
variety of articles which have helped
out materially lu our work, tho vnluo
of which would amount to $100. All
have been put to good uso through tho
offlaers of tho Itolief society.
Tlio Dutchman struck n fluo body !
ot Biilphldo milling ore thin week, In Hl
u wlnzo that thoy woro sinking from fll
tho tunnel lovol. It was impossible to
determine tho oxteut of tho now find H
because of tho great quantity of heavy B
gass produced made It Impossible to j B
An electric suction fan will bo In. HBVJ
stalled at onco to pump tho poisonous HBVJ
gas out whou work will bo resumed. HBVJ
Tho strlko Is cnuolng much favorable BBS
Tho Nnylor Automobllo Company H
made u domoiiHtratiou on Feather. MJ
stono hill with a 1917 model Stildo. wfl
bnkcr Six, carrying olght men, weigh. B
lug over 1400 pounds. This is by far Ml
tho best demonstration over mndo in vil
Amrilcau Fork. Tho car was driven luMi
by C. Naylor of tho Nnylor Automobllo HU
Company. 8.2t Sifl
NOW IS TUP. timi: Mm
Clydo W. Llndsoy, County Farm dl. mat
rector, says that now Is tho tlmo to BK
cultlvnto airalfa, ns by doing so HO por IjjV
cent of tho woevil will be killed. Tho flra
post Is hlboi-natlng near the surface, jflnj
and oxporlmonts show that by turn. ifln
Ing tho top noil up to the frost, thoso Mm.
exposed, now will die. Mr. l.lndaoy ( Hm
has sixty formers In this county who '
uro making the tost to provo Ita Wf&
efficacy. lM
AltltLSTLI) POIC lll'IlOLAUY fll
Shorlff Ilonry East went up tho can.
yon this weok and arrested Frank Doe. ( Ml
ntlel for burglarizing tho MeKlnnoy. ;. ill
Johnson eabln north of the Pocllle Bk
mlno In Amorlnan Fork canyon. Doc. .
ntlel Is now In tho county Jail. ' fll
Tho iniuors In tho canyon have made M
many complnlnU of imvliig their cab. (
tim onUrod and thoy are dqtormlned t Jl
to put a stop to the deprodatlou3 as BflHBflj
It Is noxt to tho impossible to keep BRbB
somoono to guaid all the tlmo. WBBlSPP
. o HEii

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