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American Fork Citizen
QlXVIl. , AALKUICAN 1X)UK, UTAH, SAT UltD AY, MAI it'll '20, 1920. " NUMBER 6 18
irrigation Scheme On Foot To Reclaim 200u6o Acres 1
ftst Plan to Water Arid Land Promoters Intend to Use
H Utah Lake as Storage Reservoir by Erecting Dam Along
H Its Sides.
H An irrigation schema on n gigantic scale had its inception
rucsdny when plans wore completed whereby 204,1(J0 acres of
HjtAli laiitl will bo reclaimed. The scheme involves t,lio enlargc
Kent of Utah lake, the construction of dykes on the east, south
nd north shore of that body or wa.
HTf wd the reclaiming of gront trnctM
M. lan(i in Codr vnlley and In Utah
Bounty. T,1 scncme w"1 tt,so mean
Mherctlahiili'R of 30.000 acros In Hush
Htller. 20,000 acres In Tooclo county,
KlOOO acres on tho cast Bldo of Salt
Hjto valley, und 20,000 acres on (he
H-est sllc of Salt Lake valloy.
The cost of tho project will nggre
Hrate from six to eight millions of dol.
Km The lands Included In tho pro
Hectare among tht best dry farming
Hinds la the state. Thoy oro not In
he rough, but have been brought uu.
Her. cutUatlon. and aro valued. It is
Hald around $7-r' an ncre. It la estl
HiaUd that, when water Is turned on.
le"ahio wlU llK:rca80 t0 ?20 'm
Here. To ilelhcr tho water on tho
Hroa'nd will cgt from 40 l0 r, nn
Etlr lorl tu ho Haloed.
H The cotntriicllon of tho dykes will
Hit" the level of tho lako from VA to
H 'Mt- To l,rolcct tllc walor antl ,,mko
Ht nWo for ,'omcB" nnd cul'na-y
Horposes. It Is tho purposo to divert
Hrom the lake all alkallno wntors and
he drainage waters of Utah couny.
To Irrigate these lands will necessl
Hite use of 253,000 ncro feet of water,
Hid lie Intent It to take it from Utnh
He and tho Jordan river. Appllea.
Hon will he made to the stnto ongl-
Hter tor llus usag0
H These facts aro made public by
H'hirles v- 1,row,1 ttn onglncor wltli
Hfficcs In the Wnlkor Uank building,
tll Uko City, who has prepared all
HtU necessary, Including tho preliuu
H7 tr,s iar" xnaWns appll
BiMfoT Uio uso of tho Water. -.
Hfwt rndertallnir.
1 TU diverting works will mean '.he
Construction of a canal about sixty
ailei In length, 250 feet wldu at the
p 100 feet at tlic bottom and 2d
eet In depth Plpo linos whjcli will
fteuicd In addition to tho canal would
Bince'trou) 3 fuel In dlnmoter to 8.
m It Is the purpose, according to Mr
Birown, to conscrvo all unappropriscd
valer possible from a drainage area
KoTering 2000 squnro miles of inoun.
Biln ind valley Tliln water now flows
Burundi)- Into Utah lako, and Is to be
Bteld there by the proposed works for
Morige purposes. Theuco It will bo
ronJuclwl by means of canals, natural
vbnaels, pipe lines nnd conduits, by
ultjr and the necossury pumping
BUdons, to the lauds In Cedur, Hush
d Silt Uko valleys.
li IDS
1 A largely attended nnd vory ontluis.
Wllc meeting wns held in tho Com
rcla Club rooms Wednesday night.
H'MMcnt Jcs8 "nrmon, Secretary
Wuies Clove Engineer Geo. Swnn and
H 0. Creer, street commissioner of
H. ' aiul ft" mouthers or tho Provo
commercial Club wcro present, and
'"h We gplciidid ndilresses.
H lllenl "nrmon spoke upon tio
BplUhinonLi of tho I'rovo Com
H! Club Mr c"vo spoko on tho
Hi T aml "' ,ory c,r ,ho -'"r.
H-mh of ,lm 8,ai- Mr- SW"
H7i.arCp0rt ,rom J w,n- KnBMt
Hot i ' ho ls mnk,nB a thorouh
Huof h1"0" 'l to ,,,u r,,llltlvu u"r
H. lheil,n,r '" kinds of pavements.
H recomme.,,1. , ,mVfniriit with-
i'r? ,mB Mr- ('rt,,r B,,ok"
Hwn t"ImiiiiSos loop which Is
teV0"10""'1'1 ' 'o ny
Hrr, toni,p' r'i ih to i.o bunt
HiMch n0r"' f"rU "f ,,h,vo cunyon
H'tit 8 '"' ' "m n" ''"Wl1 through
Hyon i '"'h "f A,",r,l'Il K"rk
H'leiM ' 'xl,w',0,l " l' '
Hnk I ""' ' ",0 ",0 N- '' A. hoi Is
H? e """ M,mmt'r-
m, louD.!U"llf'0 nppolnted to get
Kw ., '"' """UiIosIoiut Wndley
m "" tiivse i , s
'r,?'':1" "'' ll ' IB i. mem.
Hthai ""1 flllU;i5 lllfll m''"B
H in ii " """ ,m'1 I'romlacd to do
HThet',7"'y ,,lar f,,,,,ro-ffl-'MaJ!
"r ' ,,laH(',, ,0 noto ,h0
H'r tho ' ' v"ral "f lM0 """s
H'fnenti " ""' w,sh '" ,nvUo ""
Ble'Cy " " "" ,lu!m f)r ll l,Ot.
A vory enthusiastic meeting or tho
!6eal post of the American Ioglon was
held Thursday, Match 18, 1920, at tho
City Hull. First vice commander,
Hyrum Illackhurst In cliarge. A new
Kft or onircrs wero elected as follows:
Walter Strange, Tost Commandor.
Hyrum Hlnckliurst. 1st Vice Com.
Wnllnco Chlpimin, 2nd VIco Com
maudcr. Paul Allen, Adjutant
Clydo Crookston, Employment Of.
Hi nest Itutlcdgo, Advertising Om
ccr. Frank Parker. Athletic Omccr.
. An executive commlttco componed
of Clyde Crookston, Elwood Sinclair,
and James Chlpman.
Aftor election of officers very In.
torestlng talks worb mado by Clyde
Crookston nnd Hyrum niackhurst.
All Legion members without em
ployment are requested to lcavo tholr
name nnd occupation desired with
Clyde Crookston, employment officer.
Next meeting, Thursday, April 1st.
1-ut us all boost for Amorlcan Fork
I'ost No. 40.
Mrs. Klleii Merrill, aged 72 years,
v.as found dead at her rcsldinco on
Merchant street, Sunday afternoon
rbout 2 p. m. Slio lived ulouo and 't
rpjicars that she must havo been
r.tiicken with a sudden attack of hoart
irlluin soiuotimu Saturday evening,
Jur.t prior to hor retiring.
Slio was formerly Miss Kllen Hunts,
man and wus the sister of Mrs. Mo
Ilssa Greenwood nnd tho Into Mrs. Se.
Icnu Chlpman. Shu Is survived by two
children, u boy. NrastuB, and n glr
Com. who Is married and lives In
Ccwloy, Wyo. Iloth chlldron came to
Amorlrnn Fork upon hearing tho and
news of tholr mothers death.
Funeral services were hold In tho
Second wnrd chapel Thursday artor.
noon wlih lliwhop Jan. II. Storrs in
The opening prayer wns offered by
Stcphon D. Chlpman. Tho speakers
for tho services wero Patriarch War.
ron H. Smith. Kllnor Illackhui-ht and
Pros. S. U Chlpmnii, who told of tholr
remembrances of the woman and
spoko words or ruusoliiiont to the be
reaved. A quartetta comiioscd of
Norvln U Storrs, Victor Nleholes,,
Mary Chlpman and Hazel Walker J
furnished the inuslral numbers. Tho,
closing prayer was given by Pro.
Samuel Greenwood. I
Aftor tlie rum-nil n nuto cartego
carried the remains to tho City ceme
tery whero Interment took place. Tli
open sopuleher was dedlcatwl by W.
S. Greenwood.
. o
Wednesday. March 21. 1H20. tho
r-cntimi iniislenl oenl or tlio season.
I tor. Din Id lleeao. Hub's Rre.itest
tutor. Biipportiil by n number or tal
ented artists, will appear In tho Stak
".bornacli', at K p.m. nit nbovo date.
AM lovers of music should hear the
' Palrony Sceno In Itoineo and Jul
id" and other splendid numhors, in.
Miuineiital nnd vocal. Tlckota 25c,
children; adults. r.Oc I'rweods for
taboniaele organ j
Imvu received a car load of nt!
kinds of feed necessary for rhlckeim.
From the baby chick to the laying hen.
Vo will bo pleased to tako caro of
jour requirements nlmiB this Hue
You will find our prices aro right.
i'i:opi.i:s miij. a. ki.i:vatou co.
Tito skylight burglars paid Ameri
can Fork n visit early Thursday mor.
nliig and looted th0 J. C. Pcnnoy's
storo on Main street of some $1,800
to ?2,0Q0 worth of their best goods.
When employees or tho company
canto to open tho Rtoro Thttrsdny mor.
nltig they found half a pane of glass
of tho skylight on tho floor, a good,
thick ropo dangling down from tho
skylight to tho floor, nnd tho best of
goods missing from shclvos, rocks
and boxes, with Boveral suit cases
Tho local omcors nnd tho sheriff's
office wcro notified. Investigation In
dicated that tho burglars had como to
town In an auto. They parked It ua
First North street some tlmo during
tho night or oarly morning, near tho
homo of Walter Devey, a block north
of tho Penney storo. They then wont
south through Chipmnn's lumber
yard, following tho railroad switch
part way, then cast and again south
through a small alleyway, where their
tracks showed they climbed a fenco
nnd tbon on to the storo; then to tho
roor or the Btorc. They gained cn
raticc through tho skylight and pick,
cd the very boat to bo had In silks
and rcady.to-wcar men's and womon's
wearing apparel. Tholr footprints
could easily bu traced on the roof
niiil through tho lumber yard ns sumo
snow was on tho ground. The root
prints of a very binull shoe, thought
to havo boon a woman's footprint, was
clearly visible. Sho not only enter,
cd that storo, but her tracks shows sho
kopt watcli up and down Mnln street
from the top of tho building.
Thoy made their exit through tho
rear door of tho building and carried
all tholr plunder up- to Hie oarra.
block north.
Aftor they had satisfied themselves,
thoy must have hnd considerable trou
bio In getting their Ford cur to start,
ns they woko Mrs. Dovey up. Sho
thought someone, wns trying to steal
their car, so sho woke her husband.
Thoy wutrhed them finally crank tho
car and drive off toward Salt Uiko,
little siispeltlng what their errand
was. According to Mr. Devey this
happened Just at 4 a. m.
Thoy left no duo to their Identify.
However, tho sheriff states Uiat tho
auto tiro tracks correspond to Jltoso
found when thn Spanish Fork storo
wns robbed Saturday night. It was
the opinion of tho sheriff that an or.
gnulzcd gang li working throughout
the state and that they used very cle
vor tactics.
Mr. Flrninge, manager of the storo
here, In of the opinion that tho burg,
lore wero thoroughly acquainted with
the J. C. Pottnoy's lines nnd styles,
ete.. for they dd not ecm to molest
anything but the best or goods nnd
seemed to know Just whoro to find
Ho also stated that the flnti was
fully Insured against skylight burg
lars, and that the ItiBuratico com.
pany's agent hnd nlrondy been down
and gave htm nsmiranco (hat tho In
Jmirnnco Co. would promptly pay tho
At tho meeting of tho Fort Ditch
witter users last Friday night, a boari
o' directors woro chosen. Tho ro
ports wero heard from the dlffere.it
c'linuilttees and it was reported Hint
rmrly every person along the tin
.ns heartily In favor of sinking tho
veil which Is to furnish more Irri
putlon water.
Tho committee npolnted to aeloct
tie site, recommended that tho well
lc made near the head of tho ditch.
Tho following iKiurd of dlwtors
vein chosen: Otto lllrk, Chri..ton
Unison, W J Clmdwlck, Niels Nolsoi,
and J P- Aydolotte. The board ap.
I cliited W. .1. Chad wick as its dial",
man antl II. S. Kuisltaw na secietary.
Work will stait In tho near future
nnd pliuiB. etc., aro well under way.
Speaking of good brooms. GRANTS
Mao tint best to bo had for only
7 i icnu each. j
Monday it I'rovo a commlttco ap
peared bcfo tho county commission,
ors and WHted for an appropriation
of $7,500 fMm tho county with which
to Improvoilho rond loading from Pro
vo cnnyon;jtip North Fork to Aspon
grove, at tie foot or Mt Tlmpanogos
nnd frora.touUi Fork In American
Fork canyoi to tho baso of tho moun.
tain, $5,000jfcf tho amount to bo usod
In North Wk and $2,500 In South
Fork. if
The cousiy commissioners stated
that thoy wnld do all In tholr powor
to co-openij with tho commlttco In
making thwjtnprovcmonts suggested.
,Tho matteifiras referred to Commla.
I slouor Jostyh Reeso to go over tho
. plans by wljch the road can bo placed
. in proper ondltlon so that nutomo-
biles mnyM able to pass over It as
fur as Aapflli grovo.
RealartfProffram For Week
J : i
Tito Ucn art theatre hna u good
program font all next wouk. Tonight
"Tho ManjjpeneaUi;" Monday night,
Mnbol Nonpand in "Tho Floor Ilo
low;" Tuesday, Monroo Sallshur In
"Tho Manila tho Moonlight;" Wed
nesday and1 Thursday, "Dawn," a 0
recl humabheart drama; Friday "A
Daughter W the Old Soutlt;" Satur.
day, tho. 'ijto "Tim Vlxglnlan."
, m
Work is to commence on tho paving of hiin street ini yjjr
inedialely, according to tho agreement made hy the City Coun- jiljy
cil and the contractors at a special meeting of the Council held ; ,r
Monday, March 12, in th5 City Hall. )J I
Mayor Walker and nil Councllmcn
wero present, together with City At
torney, A. D. Ilooth and Mr. Rood of
tho Gibbons and Reed Contracting Co.
Tho mayor stated that tho mooting
was cnlled for the special purposo of
passing a resolution requiring tho Salt
Ike and Utah n. n. to pavo their
tiack In connection with Uio paving
of Main street, and nlso to pass a
resolution assuring the contractors,
Gibbons nnd Reed Co. that tho City
will uso all legal means in Its power
to see that tho Salt I.ako and Utah
It. It. Co. does do Its part or tho pa v.
After considerable discussion rein
tlvo to tho legal status of tho rosolu.
ttons, a unanimous vote wns cast In
favor of both. Tho recorder was In
structed to submit a copy to tho Orem
ooplo which wus done.
Tito recorder reported that about
one half of tho delinquent water taxes
wcro still unpaid, and tho attorney
who w'as present, was Instructed to
enter suit for the collection of all
ainounU still unpaid. Whllo tho
city Is not desirous of causing tho
liooplo any unnecessary troublo and
expense, at tho satitu tltno thoy are
Itislstnut that these tnxes must bo paid
without doluy.
Mr. Ttcd slates that lite action of
tho Council assured Uio contractor j jlSft
sufficiently nnd that they would com- ' jji
menco work Immediately In grading ; !i
Muln street and laying gutters. InO
o , Minu
Mothers' Take Notice , i 111 IB
' I 'IIS
Dr. Olscu Is coming to give a froo 11'ilrl
lecture course to nil parents who feel ililll
that they need medical aid nnd ad'Ico t jjji
in tho euro nnd rearing or their chll- 1 H !i
ilren. Ho will give a sorles of lee- II Jjj l
tures ns follows: ilil!
1st Prc.natnl development of lha jijij n
i-hllil. ' lip
2nd Care of now-born bnbe. ill!
3rd Caro of tottlo-fcd babo. jB j(
4th Feeding disturbances of first ' yU
year. ' ill
Cth Pro.Bchool period of child's K 3
lire. U 1
Tho first or these lectures will bo B m
given In tho City Hnll next Wedncs. ft It:
day flvcnlug, March 24Ut at 7:1G. Miff
Wo wish that every homo could bo wfifl
represented. Fathers, nB well ns rao- Wil9
thclrrt nro Invited to bo present An Hill!
thcsu lectures aro freo wo feol sura prlS
every one will wish to tnttc advantage jjjl 1 1
of them. MP
o '-? )H4I
Willie eggs nro cheap. Ruy our ogg '&
prosorvor, at tho Harrington Gro. ?Bl!
i wl
:&)ring Conference i
April 4th to otn. 'T
youT Spring Coat and Suit 1
Before you go -- You will buy it 1 1
v cheaper and have the good of it 1 1
while there. 19
WE HAVE' A 'Ww l li
Splendid Supply jjf m
to select from up-to-date JSrm) lit
in style. & ilnlwi ml
You pay more in Salt Lake City I L ilj f
Come and Let ft- 1
Us Show You, w" 1
See Our Mammoth Show Windows j Jl
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