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I hatUKDAY, JUNE 12, 1920.
-Utah tills year will produco 1,000,
mn buthols of wheat or 60 por cent
EL than last year," flays M. M.
uitln of tlio bureau of cropo CBtlmat
H. ibis week.
-Wlntor wheat," ho continued, "im
Hmyed two poInU In condition In May
Erf th'o crop seems better than for
Ereral years. Tho condition of
Krlng wheat is generally good, ul.
Kough tho acreage Is 7000 Joss than
El)19. Generally th'o decrcaso lg do
Hed to sugar beets.
BT shorlaK of seed was reported In
Echftne county.
"Oats promises about a halt mlltlpn
Babels mora than last year, although'
K icrcage Is smollor.
"The condition of barley sown Is cx
Hetlent, forcasttng a greater produc
Hn than Inst year, although Micro Is
Hfecrc&so ,n "' ncron5o. Ryo shows
Better thnn last month with' prospects
Kr a crop twlco as largo as last year.
H"HiT conditions have advanced so
Hen points the past month until tho
recast 8 110W for n cron 3 pcr ccnt
Hrftr tli'an last year. The woovll has
Hj4 Uttlo damage.
HguAr beets nro doing woll, tho
Htlier plantings producing good
Esdg but later plantings aro harap.
Ed by crusted soil folowlng storms.
"Fruits are unusually promising.
A Dlxlo country was frosted severe
B this spring, affecting all classes of
Bslt. In tho larger producing sections
PB tot stale, peaches are tho only
Btlt which Bhow poor prospects,
ftth county hnB about two-thirds of
PB"Tn'ecrop acreage In tho state aro:
hter wheat, 168,000; spring wheat
EmO; o.Ms, 70,000; barley, 22,000;
Eslti will harvest 343,000 tons."
LfafafM . t .
H clique we find whor'or wo go,
JHwho sling tholr slang to kill,
fti count for little olso below;
BrUn sowing seeds of 111;
Hstld ono say "yes" to what is right
Brter boldly answer "nay"
PBM tbus rejecting truth nnd light;
Htad pull the downward wny.
Ab! Uius tlloy wast0 their precious
H time
Hn Booster's on the go
Hp(d In deeds of worth sublime;
Hmt ll raay comtortan6w";
PPLl teller rouds uud butler modes
K llvlns wo may know
Bt county, city, church rjid state;
Bhy dally thrlvo nnd grow.
which Is better of tho two
Hfit knocker with' his nay,
Hklm who boosts ltar mo and y,ou;
Hbd pullo tho proper way;
JBt answer plainly must bo this,
Hfe booster wo ndnrc,
Blle he who knocks, wo must conform
Ht perfect pest and boro.
H -J. C.
liH ' ...
Operating on a new schedule, tb
h, J"?. , crlaml "mited train, on
ho Salt Lak0 Route, train No. 102
leaves American Fork at HMO a. m.
lo ly, for Salt Lake City and Eeastern
points, arriving In Salt Uko at 1:10
P. m. &nd reaching Chalcago Ui'o se
cond afternoon at 4 p. m. Tills train
has chair cars, tourist and pullman,
observation c&r and dining car ser
vice Tho Overland limited No. 101, west
Wound leaves Salt Uko at 4:55 p. m.
dally nnd roaches American Pork at
6:12 P. m. This train has tho same
superior accomodations as lstbound
train No. 102. It roaches Ix3 Angolcs
tho neat afternoon at C:40 p. m.
Tho obovo are in addition to Over
land express trdns No. 3 and 4; No.
3 for th'o west leaves Amorican Fork
at 1:20 n. m. and No. 4 for the cast
rt 4:13 n. m.
Pleasant (Jroro Tlmo
Tiain 102 from Southern Utah and
California leaven Pleasant Qrovo at
11.42 a. m nrrlvoa at Salt Lako at
1:10 p. m. and roaches Chicago ac
cond day at 4 p. m.
Tho Ovciland limited No. 101 west,
hound leaves Salt Laljo at 4:55 p. m.
and reaches Pleasant Qrovo at 0:19
P. m. It arrives at Los Angeles at
0:40 p. m. noxt ovenlng.
Overland oxpicss No. 3 leaves Plea1,
oant Qrovo for Southern Utah and
California at 1:27 a. m. and No. 4
tor Kast at 4:05 a. m.
A good lucorn crop predicted, got
your mowing machlno ready or buy
tf now one at Chlpman Implement
House. Extras on hand.
0 .
Section 25 of (ho Revised Ordlnan.
ccs of American Forn City provides
that It Shall bo unlawful for nny per
son to ride any bicycle on any strict,
sidewalk or In any public placo with
in this city without first procuring 11
license therefor and a number plat.
1920 licenses and numbor platen can
bo secured by making application to
tho City Recorder, or th'o City Mv.
shal, upon payment of fifty cents.
Dlcycle owners are given until July
1, 1920, in which to procuro llcensss
and numbar plates. Failure so, to
do, will make owners liable to tho pen
alty ns provided by law.
Ry order of City Council.
American Fork. City Rocordar.
SHOUT notice.
I.KII1 t it Ti:i,KI'HOXK nn..i
J The Messenger 0)mfortnConvenience j
I To Make Your '
I Washing Easier
H Why make such hard work of J A
washing ? Why carry heavy L A
pails of water ? Let plumbing 4fBltr)
relieve you of the burden. In jJ
H Modern stationary laundry tubs 2,! W I
with running hot and cold water jBfjf
will save you tliousands of steps (rAf
during the year. And they will I li W7 jl
save you hours of time as well. W U. V JZ
H We will be glad to figure f 1
tlio cost of instillation i Vv
' ' - ' '
HmL IiHIBflfl
i iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiBlr '
I Capital Stock $50,000 1
I; Surplus and Profit $105,000 jj
:i ii
I Bank of Am. Fork!!
'Tho Probation Wife," Norma Tal.
madgo's latest Select Picture, In
which sho is presented by Joseph M.
Sch'enck, will bo seen on Saturday
Juno 12 at tho Rcnlart. It Is thp story
of nn Inmato of a notorious cafe, who
later reforms through th'o lovo and
trust of a good man.
Tlio Biory of "Quiet" Carter nnd his
hrldo is unfolded to a smashing cli
max In "Sundown Troll" Monroo Sal
isbury's latest Universal ph'otodrama,
at tho Realart Monday.
Louis Qranbiire inherited n timber
kingdom from his ruthcr and set out
to view jhls holdings through tho
cyos of a lumbor-Jack. Ho wandered
fn ii camp to camp seeking Infor
m: ' inn. Ills strcngtn war greater
than any mnn'e nnd only a woman
tould break down the barrlcrn of his
In pretty Annctto Uosscut ho found
tlio woman wh'o lured him nlmost to
death In his quest for lovo nnd hon.
or. Tho story will bo told at th'o
Realart on Friday when "Tho Hruto
Uroakor," tho Unlvorsal photopluv
Is shown.
First Llfehoat Still In existence.
The first lirvimat pcr made Ir still
In oxlstenre In Yorkshire. It wnt con
Rtrnrted In 1S02, to lie used "for hav.
Ins life In Mnniw or other dnnceri to
rtilp." A poor shipwright Imputed
nnd made It, nnd pnrllnment conRld
cred his Inbor nnd skill bo meritorious
thnt It voted him the sum of $2,000 ns
r reward.
o -
Bath In West Africa.
The lluntu of West Africa makes
elaborate preparations for n real soak
by digging n hole In the ground, In
which he puts eell herbs, n quantity
of peppern, cardamom seeds nnd bushes,
then he poum In n lot of boiling hot
water. After he gets In n light frame
cow-red with Clay In put oer the hole
to keep In tho steam. After hours of
steaming the bather emeiges nnd li
washed off with clean water, 'then
kneaded by h professional for one
hour, when he dor.s his scanty clothing
nd goen his wny -lilerlng with clean
ness," m
Prof. Ciias, Hopkins
Violin and Piano
AIho cxprrlcnccil l'lnno Tuner
(Now is a good time to
hnvo your piano tuned.)
(her Hunk of American IVk
In room formerly occupied br
Dr. A. Clirlstcnscn.
In American Fork Tues
days and Fridays.
I nlll bo icry pirns,
cd to meet you In my
new locnllon.
Inverse Ratio.
Jod Tunklns has noticed thnt as th
eontenta of a package frow mnalla
ttt brartlng on tho label gets bigger.
( mm
Standard English Pound.
Tho original English pound was de
rived from the weight of 7,080 grains
of wheat token from the middle of tho
enrs and well dried. This remained
tlio standard from the time of Wllllnm
tho Conqueror to tho tlmo of Ilcnry
VIII, In whoso reign tho avoirdupois
pound of 7,000 grains came Into use.
This was established as tho standard
pound during the reign of Queen Elis
abeth and tins been continued to tha
present dnr.
.... u mm I ,
BaffHhnets Gains Nothing.
Men should sou life ns more than a
means of personal ndvnucement. Self
ishness miij nchlee. but Its Inglorious
name will soon be forgotten In the
rounrt'fcifMeatorday. Jt'f life. Jhnt
lles 'for the'-common good thnt Ihjf
tribute on humanity nnd carves nn In
delible name In tho very foundations
of history. Call It Utoplnn If you will.
Fncls show thnt men must die to renl
ly live. And men who give themselves
to human betterment live ns they raise
others from unrenoonnlile drudgery to
honorable toll nnd common comforts
Anything Is Possible.
While one innn kiijh of n thing: "It
Is Impossible I" nnd contents hlniHclf
with snylng so, nnother nno pusses dim
nnd docs It. This has been tho history
of the world's progress eer since
time began. Wo cannot sny of nny
thing thnt It Is Impossible In (his mnr
veloiis world of Invention nnd endeav
or. We can only sny: "It hns never
y?t been done."
The Nam Taffy.
The name Taffy Is n nickname for
the whole Welsh people. Tlio word Is
simply Davy (David), pronounced with
aspiration; Sawney (Alexander) the
most common Scotch name; Pat (Pat
rick) tho most common Irish name;
end John (John Hull) the most com
mon Kngllsh name. Hneh Is u'od to
designate the race or nationality to
which It belongs. A lmllur cose Is
that of Brother Jonathun. once com
monly used to designate the people of
the United States, but now hirgely su
perseded by Uurle Sum.
Tk see . boss, wu u'u f mjk. "N
( ao1 1W RISOXXS MA HEW t KrA ,
I jest mecp on eeNDtsV Tm
I PAvea -t a e. 6ECcv4vfH wt .
I . SmL ill
-jLK The u's- Navy t Hfl
7ry. -U-'m?. - -- Passing Through HHrQI
r V " the Canal. HB
I Hh
LaiaiHaw.' t3LLV NaaBaiaBasaiaiaiaiaiBsLLHiLLLLLLLLL TLLBaViiaif
lalsiiiawliKs ''a PsMBBBtMBslBi1tLLt f -3t1"isW1W'saiBPBBLW jMlBI
The n. S. S. Wyoming and tho U. S. 8, New Mexico are shown here MH
passing through the Pedro Miguel locks of the Panamn Canul. ial
Tho electric engines along the stdo of the locks ure called "mutes" In Hi
deference to their four legged predecessors they have Just hauled tho battle- swJffi
, ship through the locks. It you are Interested In mathematics ou might . HH
llguro out how many old style mules It would tnke to do tho job. HbO
Tho Wyoming nt the left, Is inoWng out to tho tower level, nnd as soon H
ns tho wnter In tho other lotk Is let out to the correct locl the New Mexico HBl
will move nhead. iHafl
This picture was taken from a U. 8. Navy flying boat, during the recent aVJI
trip of tho Pacific rieet to the West Const. They were roynlly received at HhI
all of the ports nloug the trip. LiH
Introduction of the Umbrella.
The umbiolln wni used In England
as n luxurious sunshndc early In the
seventeenth century. Hen Jonson men.
ttons It In n comedy produced In 1019.
The eighteenth century hnd half
elapsed before the umbrella had even
begun to be used In Rngtnna by both
exes ns It Is now.
Attorney! at Law
807 McCornlck Bide;., Salt Lake
Telephone Wat. 70S. 19-tf.
Attoraey at Law
Aaerlcaa Fork, TJtak
Cornish Tin Miners. IsSH
The men who work in tho Cornish ILI
tin mines nrc n clnss by thcmsclvc. sl
and nil their differences are ndjusted
by tho stnnnnry courts, as they aro
called from the Latin word stannnm.
Tiiese curious courts have existed In H
their present form slnco the middle of
the thirteenth century, and, In a aim-
pier form, much cnrller; and the nln
era claim to be free from nil other
Jurisdiction, "except In matter af- H
fectlng tho land, life or limb."
A Learned Capital. H
Aaran, capital nf tho Swiss canton jH
of Argovla, possesses ono of the hard- H
est working libraries In (he world. H
Thongh tho library consists of only H
80.000 volumes which Is not so large H
ns public Institutions go In the United H
Stntos tho population of the capital JH
Itself la only 10,000. With eight vol-
umes pcr Inhabitant, the library of H
Anrnu has Just causo to lionst of Itself H
as a miniature Athens. H
alBaaWilrW ' Ml
These coromonlos mark an Important sporting event at Clncln am
natl, O., tbo unfurling to tho breozos tho first championship basoball Hfl
pennant won by that town's team In years. Of courso we all know H
that the Cincy Reds aro now world champions, but It was not until Lm
last week that the champions received their flag. Manager Pat Morun H
Is pulling it up tho second flag be has hoisted the other In Phil- HH
adelphla Ave years ago. ' H
.---rm nww sjsj Bp pr'wMRn ' I a
j tAcJBJB,alLa!y
j The "Z Uves a Long I
and Useful Life I
"Z" Engine endurance Is proverbial it's a lifetime engine. fl
That's because every part liable to wear is case hardened. 91
Push rod rollers valve stems and cams contact parts SI
throughout arc made immensely hard by heat treating. Kj
They will not wear nor will they break.
i The "Z" has an extra hrge crankshaft. Not one has ever ! jH
, broken. All "Z" bearings are die cast and removable. Every XI
"7." part so carefully made that it is absolutely interchange- jw
1 able. Ample lubrication jKijitive well-balanced, correct 'M
I mechanical design help make the "Z" the "lifetime" ' ill
I farm engine. On the job dependable poviet.ul always. Af
Other "Z" features arc Runs on kerosene; coal oil, tops, l M
' as well ns gasoline; built-in Ilcsch high tension oscillating '
magneto; more than rated power; every part interchange- SB
1 able; clean-cut, efficient design. a L M
i Factory Price si i ra
J Hi IT P. . J7.S00 m
i 3 H.P 125.00 1 ?
6 H.P. ... 200.00 L 51-
' Amorican Fork, Utah. 1 m

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