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H Affigrigan Fjr k Citieil I
I !'The teguhr meeting, of tho City
iouncll was hold Saturday ovcnlnB,
b. 26th, wh lh0 mhyoT and nU
council members present, excepting
s, V. Chlpman who was excused on
fl trcount of Illness.
A petition signed by Mrs. Hebor
'.shelter nd olhors, asklnc that tho
ilr co-operate with the : others for
(a extension or the lighting system
I to 5th Eait on 1st North. The mat
I ur w" referred to the Electric Ltght-
al Wg commltlco for Investigation.
H It. E. Baxter' and Oliver Hunter,
fl representing tho scoutmasters of tho
fl town, appeared and asked the coun-
fl .ell to recognize tho activity and Im-
H fortanco of tho Mof" Scout movement.
II They also made mention that the city
H flag was In a very delapldatcd con-
" II 'iMon nmiost Dyni1 repair. A
II motion carrjed that a new flat: bo
I ipuich'ased by tho city, nnd tho pub-
lie property commlttco was appoint-
cd to Intcstlgatc cost, etc., of same.
The scoutmasters Ihon nsked that tho
' hoy scouts bo privileged to care for
e the city flag and see to tho raising
II and lowering of It on holidays. This
II privilege was granted. '
Ear S. Greenwood nnd V. II. Chlp
II man of the Peoples' Mill & Elevator
""" company stated that upon severaV oc-f-
H icastons the wutor which they used
' tor power had been lntcrferrcd with
l by the city In making repairs und
1 1 that during such occasions It was no
il cessary for the mill to bo run by
II electricity. They felt that tho city
l should pay for power used at these
H times. The mayor appointed tho coun
- 1 1 ell as a whale, tho 'head wntcrmns-
,cr and the presldont of tho lrrlga-
tlon company as a commlttco to iu-
H vestlgato.
1 1 Th n,arnnl "Ported that Dort
1 1 Rowley, who lives near tho city park,
H was desirous of topping a row of
II i 'f tho clly pa,rk which 'woro
1 1 wadlag part pt. his property. ,.Tho
I Br """'r W" rcfcrrc'l" t tho Public
y grounds commltteo'wlth power to net.
B The "port of tli'o Library board,
I prepared by Its treasurer, W. S. Chlp-
man and showing tho receipts .nnd
disbursements for the year 1020 was
B read, aiu-ptcd and ordered filed.
I The,re.-order reported that n new
1 . Mir 'certificate had pe rt Issued to
. Itoiw D. IJallard for iy4 lota on tho
Veitfield ditch. Ho explained thnl
S the old one had been destroyed by
1 fire, and the new ono had boon given
I after Mr. Iluliard had furnished an
I Indemnity bond. His roport wns ac
I eeptcd. A wator transfer of 1 lot
I from ltobert Dlnns to James 13. Sprnt-
1 'y was ordered.
I The reports of the city ofllccra were
read and nccoptpd and accompanying
I hllR allowed.
Addltjonal tlmo wns allowed the
following committees: The recorder
for tho Adamson building nulsanco,
'- W street commltteo for Increase In ro-
venuo for streot cloanlng hnd also
ia for tho Nlcholos' lano.
A communlcatn read from Baker
and 'Baker, olty attorneys, In regard
' to the creek near the nifo property,
Mated that no action wns ncceoary,
M however, tho city road supervisor was
M ordered to plttco somo trocs In tho
. creek to savo the city bridge
I t,1'0 mar8,ml reported tho repair of
! the city park fouco and a bridge nonr
I S-imnel Dean's resldon-o.
Councilman Coddlngton drow ntten-
tlon to tho fact that tho gutters along
"aln street needed cleaning badly.
Tho street commltteo was appointed
o Investigate somo foaslblo mothod
keeping tho streots and gutters
Mayor Walkor rcportel that It wns
'ho sentiment of tho Commercial Club
and otlers that tho city purchnso or
mso tlio Hast school house lot for a
I 'ourlsta camplni: ground. Tho public
Property commlttco wns nppolnled to
I "'t wt' tho school bonrd and find
r-ut what terms It coulld bo bought
I rr ,oa8cd for, tho prlxo. etc.
I Another Garaprfl For
I M Amorionn Fork
I A" Clnrk who ,in118 from
jnnho, lms oponcd up u now gnrago
" American Pork. Tiro garago is lo-
tl In tho old J. W. Storrs building
;"8t ennt of tho Alplno Pub. Co.'s of-
t'co and will bo" known ng 'Tho Hlgh-
'ay Parage." Their spoclultlos wll
Fords, Dodges and Studebakors.
first-lass tnechfanlc; will bo In
. i-bo of n'l ropalrs and oil work will
Winrnntded. Tiros, tubes and ox-
nUo COn be purc,"wed nt tho place
Tho untimely death of Fred Black,
turn Iloblson, who una Instantly kill
ed In un nutomoblle accident on tho
Stiito rond near Pleasant (3roe, Bat
I'rday morning wan a Very sad mul
ing of a pleasure trip.
Foung Iloblson, 17 jcara of age,
a or Mrs. Sarah Blackburn Bob
Ison, 172 West Clh- South street, Suit
Luke City, was riding In tho car with
Lcc Dowty, a)so of Salt Lake. They
were going to IJndon, where Mr.
Dowtj wns goln? to buy eggs for
n'arketlng. .Mr. Dowty had asked
lhiblson to accompany him on tho
IrJr down hero merely for pleasure,
uuil upon, being questioned ns to tho
ciii'se of the accident, stutcd that he
must havo fainted, as. ho had no roc
o'.r'ctlon of nnyth'lng happening; not
even how tho car swerved off the main
rradwny nnd ti ashed Into a telephone
rl'Olo. ,
Deputy Sheriff li K. Price of Salt
Ijike, came along soon alter the ac
cident occured, ana W. Dr Stewart
o, American Fork nnd others woro
witnesses to the accident, and said
the car wus not going over ID miles
re hour. Upon rushing to the scene
tiny found the Iloblson boy uncon
scious death following In n few moments.
Odlclal Investigation was mudo. Dr.
J. F. Noyes removed Mr. Dowty to his
pfilec and cared for his Injuries, which
consisted of a badr$cut eye, n broken
collar bone, a lacerated car nnd tho
lift side of his face badly scratched.
U was found that Roblson's, skull
was fractured, his neck and both .firms
broken. Tho body -was removed to the
Anderson Undertaking porlors. and
tnken to Salt Ixiko Sunday Mr.
Dowty was returned to Salt Iko by
ar.lomobllo Saturday ovcnlng.
Fred ,Roblspn was, born In l.oa,
Wnyne County., ahd had resided with'
hH mother and stcpfathcr In Salt
I uko Ibr tho past ton years. Besides
thr- mother ho Is survived by ono
brother, ono Rlstcr, ono hnlf-brothor,
nnd two half-sisters.
The Jury, appointed by Mayor West
of Pleasant Grove, to hold nn Inquest
consisted of Dr. Mncbuugh and two
clh'ern. However, upon tho arrival of
Shorlff Boyd, County Attorney Straw
niu! Judgo Tucker, It wns found that
an Inquest was not necessary.
Tho accident occured near tho placo
whero the Salt Uike Iloute tracks
ci oss tho county road It was tho op
inion of tho Shorlff that tho driver
rr.'ght have boon looking back to seo
If n train was coming when ho ran
oft tho road and crashed Into tho tele
phone polo. Mr. Dowty claims, how
ever, that ho must have fainted, as
hn remembers nothing nt all about
low tho accldont occured. Tho car
was demolished.
Sunday Night Meetings
Tho mooting last Sunday night glv
on by tho religion classes was woll
utlcndod nnd appreciated.
Noxt Sunday's mooting will bo giv
en by tho Mutunls of tho four wards,
with the Fourth ward In charge A
good sponker und n musical program
has boon arranged for.
Dr. Karl a Kyrlng will glvo n de
monstrative lecture on wlrolosa tele
graphy. Ho will havo tho wireless
outfit thcro to demonstrate with.
School Presenting Play
Tho grammar grades of tho Forbos
Hchool nro presenting "King Winter's
Cnmlvnl" at tho High school nudllor
lum Frldny afternoon nnd ovonlng as
we go to press. A host of students will
tnltu part In singing, dunclng, drills,
ot3. Tho proceeds from tho entertain
ment will bo used to pay for a now
lantern nnd somo slides recently pur
chased by tho bcIiooI.
We wish to extend our heartfelt
thanks for tho many nets of kindness
tendered us by our neighbors nnd
frlonds during tho Illness nnd doath
of our beloved baby daughter.
C-U-r. Mr. nnd Mrs.. J. V. Hfck
Application for Bub-wntormastors
will bo received up until March 15,'
1021. .. ....
C.Jt. Sccty. Irrigation Co.
The l"lh of March marks tho 73th
annlcrsary of tho organization of tho
Belief Society. Tho Tour ward organ
izations of American Fork will coin
nicinoruto the recurrence ol this groat
event by presenting to tho public an
eoiitertnlniiicnt which wo tljlnk will
be very worthy tho patronago and
appreciation of the general public.
The entertainment will bo present
el In the tnbcrnaclo In tho form of
n pageant entitled "The Blessing of
Mercy" or "Pageant of Charity." Somo
scriptural becnes will bo beautifully
Illustrated, also work pertaining to
our organization. The pageant ns ouU
lined and costumed by Prof. K, H,
Knstmoud, Is being very ably conduct
ed and arranged by tho following woll
chosen commlttco: Fern N'lcholes,
general chairman; Sadie Bromley,
Annie C. Hlndley, Pearl Bozzant, Slim
If. Chlpman, Mrs. Hclga Johnson,
Clarence Grant, Mr. nnd Mrs. James
Grant; with Prof. Ernest Paxmnu ns
inimical director; Miss Ann Chlpman
usilslaut. Axel Bloomqulst having
charge of stage setting and chap61
Adortlslng Commlttco,
The Second ward chapel was filled
to capacity Sunday atternon of friends i
and relatives of Jcsuo Padflcld, who
gathered to pay their last respects, j
Tho Bery'lccs woro picsldcd ovor by I
Bishop, Jos. H. Storrs and. opened
with prayer by Pres." Jas'lf. Cltfrke.
Tho musical numbers were given by
the Second wurd choir. A violin solo
wus rendered by Florence Prldny, ac
companied by Florcnco Stewart; n o
cal duet was rendered by Bay and
Marlon Mrholen and a solo by Bonnld
'" The pponkors, who spoke many beau
tiful words of consolation wore:
Stephen T. Bakor, John II. Davis and
Clifford E. Young. The closing pray-oi-
was mado by W. S. Chlpman, after
I which tho body was Interred In the
city cemetery where John Hunter
dedicated tho grave.
President Anthon H. Lund dlod
Wednesday. Ho passed away peace
fully at his' homo 127 N. West Temple
street, Salt Lake, at 10:30 a. m. sur
rounded by mombcrs of his family
nnd gracplng tho hand of his closo
friend and ossoclato President C. W.
Penrose. Eldor James B. Talmago
was also present when the end came.
For several days It was known to
his Immediate family nnd Church as
sociates thut his condition was criti
cal, but tho news was not spread
broadcast In tho hope that improve
ment might soon be noted nnd wide
spread worry and apprehension thus
bo avoided. Word of thco death of
tho voiiornlllo and beloved Church
leader will como as a distinct shock
to his thousands of friends nnd ad
mirers und will bring sorrow to tho
hearts of not only of Church mem
bers thoughout tho world, but to many
outsldo of tho Church who havo learn
ed to know nnd lovo him for his sterl
ing qaulltlcs. Death was duo to ulcer
of tho duodenum, u malady from
which Presldont Lund hns BiifTorcd for
somo tlmo.
Funorul son Ices will bo held at tho
Salt Uko tabornaclo at 2 o'clock Sun
day afternoon.
Tho undersigned hereby wish to
th'nnk all who showed syinpatby and
klndnoss during tho sickness and
death of my son, Josso Padflold, and
especially do I wish to oxtond my
thanks to the mombors of the Amort
can Fork legion.
Mrs. Samuel radfleld.
Mr. Join F. Bradshaw of l.ehl, was
n vIoltorTiero the early jmrt of tho
weok. Hatatcd that Charles Earl.
foremanWnd a rty or minora would
start VoHgvipou tho Austin patented
claim dson us wcuthor permitted.
Accordlngfyfo surveys the main tun
nel Is ofty, CO feet from their oh
Jectle,.ich Is a body of perhaps
the mostjfamsatlonal ore of tho dlo
Irict. SiWplt-? which' were shown' by
Mr. BrMaw were stated to assay
gold 12go.. slhor 32S oz and lead
32 por2t. Tho. tunnel is In the
Boado "jjk Benson llmostono and
tl)C oriif expected nt the intersec
tion of ajcross flasure.
LonnlikAVIld and Charles Mercer
nro oxpecilng to visit tho Wild Dutch-.
111 mi nilno In n tew days.
Kont O. Keycs, the owner of the
Silver Wuo and other valuablo claltns
under loaso to the Amorlcan Lcastug
Company, was in town Tuosday, In
quiring about read conditions and
stating that ho expected to mnko a
trip up within a short tlmo.
Arthur Forbos una Wllllum J.
llumiictt of Alplno mado a trip on
cklls to South Fork Bangers Station
Friday of laBt week. They roported
tho snow 4' foot deep at tho meas
uring stake In frtmV Qt tho cubln
and many slides all along tho can
yon to thnt point. Tho duow was
still sliding nnd In a dangerous con
dition at that date. For this renson
they did not go to the Pacific which
vas their destination, although they
repaired three breaks In thu lino this
side of tho South Fork. H
On Wednesday the phone lino bo- jB
gun to work and it In thought tho H
Pacific miners repaired It at soma H
elide further up tho canyon. They H
report tho snow ns settled about two M
feet from Its high mark of 10 feet H
on Pacific Flat H
With the present mild weather H
it Ib expected that travelers may go H
p within a tVwi days. H
Enjoyed Walters. Show B
Thuso who attended "Tho Spend- B
thrift," tut presented by the Walters M
slock company, at tho First ward fl
chnpet Monday might, enjoyed a rare
tieot. Tho play was a 4-act one and M
had a very pleasing Btory, with a H
t.ood moral. Every part was woll takr M
en. Tho Walters company oxpect to M
return this way again In about 'six M
weeks. Tlie procoodB of Monday's lM
t)ay wont to tho First ward scouts.
rq SALE Ffi 1
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IK fr I
fone Whole Week I
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-f rH
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