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H 1 ' lH
1 JVmgrjgagj4rk Citizen I
H The beet contracting question In
H (bis locality In claiming tlio attention
,H 0f (armors and townsmen to u grcat-
H er extent than at any time in the
H past. Tho qucsXlon tuts bocomo so
H serious as to make It posslblo that
H the local sugar factory will be closed
H (his pennon, business men and ot-
H (loialfl are told.
M Every one Is ulways ready to work
IH at an industry like the sugar plant
IB and naturally tlio samo pooplo wish'
IH tu keep such an industry when they
IH already havo it.
, lH Some ot tho farmers of Lcbl und
"fiH American Fork socm to be .nrgulng
jjH tho question ot supporting tho local
lB factory vs. tho Co-operutlvo Sugar Co.
H known us tho l'loncor Sugar company
m or the Sprlugvlllo plant. Thoso at
H the head of tho Utah-Idaho Sugur Co.
H have predicted that unless tho farm-
H ers hereabout take moro intorcat In
H xurporllnc tho local fectory, that it
H -hIU pt tUely romaln closed during
H the coming winter Benson. Should this
IH recur, If will mean (lint atout
M 140,600, which was paid each' your to
H American Fork laborers for wages,
H will go clsowliero.
B According to Mr. John Juckllu, lo-
H cal representative of tho sugar com
M pany, about halt of tho farmers here
M had Blgncd up tho Utah-Idaho con-
M tract. He states that his company's
iB contract Js us good u contract in ev-
H cry nay as thoso of outsldo factor-
H ies, and that tho fnrmors who ship
H their beets out, will not havo tho op-
H portuulty to secure tho pulp nnd
m manure It is estimated, according
j to Mr. Jacklln, thai over G00 londs
H ot manuro alono were haulod from
H the fuctory grounds during tho 1919-
1 1920 season, frco ot charge to tho
B .farmers. This-fs.vhlueilritfll.OO i'
'm load, nnd would amount to over $13,-
H COO that was given to tho farmers.
The condition seems to bo worse In
J l-rhl than hero and yet, Mr. Jacklln
reports tho conditions In this locality
I Icing far from satisfactory.
J Thero Is ono fact that cannot bo
M Rotten away from, nnd that 1b If any
J local Industry hiring local lnbor Is
B closed each and every ono of us loses
moro or less. This should bo con
M sldcrcd by farmers, laborers and busl
1 ness people on any Issue atrccting tho
B town.
J Mr Jncklln stntcs that tho plant-
j ing 1ms commenced In earnest In
J American Fork nnd vicinity, mid that
, it. most canes tho ground Is In excel-
lent condition, which, with plenty of
water in tho hills, ought to proclitic
bumper crops for tho furmorn this
'"i Hccurhiir tho big hjkscIuI
Chaplin production, "TIIK
KID." for next Friday and
Saturday, at the Kcalort The
I nlrc, Mniiugcr F. M. White
Mates Its u money-back guar
I'liUcd picture, mid under n
Mailing contract cannot be
""'Wit In any theatre for less
limn n certain minimum price
'J the producers.
Compare our prices on this
Picture with Salt Lake, Ogdou
nnd ProTo.
Seo biff ad in this issue.
Matlwo Saturday only, 8s 15
Salt Uko City, Utah, April H
The cost of hired labor for produc
HiK 8"gar beets In Utah (his year
will range from $21.50 to $3150 per
acre depending on tlio tonnage, ac
cording to n schedule? (hat has been
recommended to the growers by (ho
labor committee of (ho Utah Stnto
Farm Bureau. Tho schedule for
spring work, according to (ho decis
ion of (ho committee, will bo $11 per
acre. Tho rccommcdatlons rbr pull
ing, topping and loading bets In.
volvo a sliding sculo based on (on
nago ranging from Jlo'.Go per ncro
for ton-ton beets to $20.50 per ncro
for twenty-ton beets.
I Tho committee also recommended
to tho fanners of (ho state tho fol
lowing prices (o bo paid for general
farm lubor: General farm work,
slnglo hand, 37& cents per hour,
without board; slnglo hand and team
J5.00 per 8-hour day; and each ad
ditional horso, $1 per 8-hour day.
In all Instances labor prices recom
mended arc maximum.
Tho Alpine Stake Union Priesthood
mooting was hold In the Stako Tabor
npclo Inst Sunday with President A.
J Kvnus fh charge. Tho congrega
tion, led by l'ror. Kinest l'nsman,
sang tho hymn commencing, "Karth
With Her Ten Tliousund Hours." The
Invocation was by Ulshop Andrew F.
Geld ot thohl Fourth Ward.
Several notices were given out, one
of which was (lint owing to tho .'wo
days quarterly stake conference In
the S(nke Tabernacle the last day of
tlilsmqutbnnd 4Uicu,fjrst1,dftyqf May.
fcipt Tiiy will boieid on the 24th of
tho present month.
Sister Mori Goodwin, lately return
ed from tlio Tennessee and Floilda
mission fiolds, gave a ten minute talk
on her labors and experiences thero.
Mendel D. Thorno of Pleasant Grovo
occupied the samo length of time ex
plaining matters ns ho found them In
tho Northern States Mission.
Klder M. A. Morton of Salt Lake
spoko on the subject of Religion class
work, emphasizing Its need and im
portance. Mr. Morton is a very ener
getic emphatic and fascinating talk
er nnd hold tho meeting spellbound
for half an hour.
Priesthood meeting convened in
the basement nt 2:40. After tho us
ual preliminaries a number of young
men woro voted upon ns lit to bo or
dained Riders. President S. I.. Chap
man spoke nt somo length explaining
" cortnln changes that tho leading
authorities ot the church had
recommended should be made in
matters that formerly had been mls
undorstood and needed correcting.
After explaining what they wore ho
h'eped Hint tho Saints and tho priest
hood would tnko notice and put tho
si-mo Into practice In their church
labors and ministrations among the
Saints Ho nlso ndvlacd tho settle
mont of disputes that may arise con
cerning property rights to bo nd
adjustod, If nt all posslblo by tho
courtB of tho church rather than by
c.vli district courts, thus saving
money ns well as grudges against
ono another.
After singing "Pralso God From
Whom All Dlesslngs Flow." tho ben
illctlon was pronounced by Ulshop
Josoph It. Stores ot American Fork
Second Ward.
i. '
Word comcH from Salt Lake that
Judgo Joshua Greenwood, formerly of
this city .and a member of tho Public
Utilities Commission, and Mrs. Hassol
Jensen, who Is a teacher In theEmer
son school in Salt Uiko, wcro mar
ried at ten o'clock Friday morning In
tho Salt Uiko Temple. They left at
oro o'clock for Southern California on
a honeymoon trip. Thoy will bo gono
about three wooks.
Judgo Groonwood was born and
rnlsod In Amorican Fork. Tho bride
Is tho wdow of tho late Jacob Jcnson
and for sovoral years has Ueon Iden
titled with tho schools of Salt Lake
After their honoymoon they will make
their homo In Salt Lake.
Forbes' day, porhnps tho biggest
CAont of tho season, is being held Fri
day ns wo go to press. Mnny of his
old students havo come homo to pay
honor to their old trlehd and school
teacher, Joseph IJ. Forbes. Many oth
ers who Wcro umiblo to attend have
Milt In letters ot regret and in most
cases eticiosed a substantial amount
to be Included In tho purso to bo pre
sented to 1-of. Forbes.
The program of tho day as plannoJ
by the committee In clmrgu Is ns fol
lows: Hrtso ball ganio between, tho high
school team and the town tpnin nt 2
p. in. In tho City park. Automobile
parado on Main street at 4 p. m. with
floats for Prof. Forbes and his first
and Inst students. Immediately after
the parado an Arbor day treo plant
ing will bo held nt tho tnbernnclo
grounds when trees will bo planted In
honor of Prof. Forbes and Kdward
Southwlck. tho father of tho anti-cl-garclto
At 7 p. in. a program, to which tho
f,ciirul public Is Invited will bo glv
on In the tnbernaclo at which music,
h,)p(.hes, testimonials and responses
will bo given. Mis. Annlo C. lllndley
will present Prof. Forbes u beautiful
bnquet ot flowers representing tho
number of years ho bus taught.
After tho program tho day's entor
taliiinent will wind up with a ball In
(he Apollo where all tlio proceeds will
be placed Into a purso and will be
presented to Prof. Forbes. It Is ex
pected (hat approximately $1000 will
be raised.
o I
'Th, -Paclllc mlncrsicuino down, on j
sklls Tuesday and returned 'to tho I
mlno Wednesday, (raveling nt night
to tako advautago of (ho frozen I
crust. They report tho depth of
snow as G feet at Pacific Mine, 3 j
feet at Kd. Mines' cabin and two
feet at South Fork, with a rapid I
bottling, and think In two weeks a
road can bo easily broken to tho
Carl Forlln and George Adams
weio visitors to this city Tuesday to (
learn tho road conditions In tho can-
yon ptcparatory to going up to tho
Live Yankee. They stated ttat work
will begin at tho earliest date on
tho American Leasing Company
property In Mary Ellen Gulch.
George Hemphill was an American
Fork visitor recently in a big bluo
touring car and It Is therefoio ex
pected that work will begin soon on
(he Hay S(n(o. Hay S(a(o s(ock has
shown n wonderful ndvanco on tho
Salt Lalto Stoek Exchange, a part of
which Is attrlbu(cd to tho company
owning somo dcslrublo lenses In tho
oil regions In closo proximity to tho
Ohio Oil Company's woll.
Soveral of our mining oporntors
havo received a beautiful and compre
hensive booklet Issued by tho Pitts
burg Silver Mining Co. of Now York.
This was prepared with tho object of
Interesting capital in tho stock of
tho now corporation, but it Is under
stood that ono of tho tew first
proofs caught tho oyo of a wealthy
Investor who purchased tho entlro
capital Issue and thero Is, therefore,
no stock offered to tho public. It Is
also stated that work on tho mlno
will start as booh as tho roads will
permit hnullng up supplies,
At n tlmo of depression, long-head-od
and far sighted capitalists prepare
fur better markets, end the PlttsburR
Is an Instanco of whore the mlno
will probably undorgo development
now, to bo roady as a large shipper
when mnrkot conditions Improvo and
tho motals nro In active demand.
Sunday Night Meetings
The meeting last Sunday evonlng
vns given undor tho nusplccs ot tho
Missionary committee and was well
attonded. Musical numbers wcro giv
en by Elva Chlpman nnd Florenco
Friday. Th'o speakors, members of
the homo missionary corps, woro
Lenard Haag, James Pulley and I. L.
The meeting next, Sunday night
will bo undor tho ausplcos of tho mis
sionary committee. A splendid pro
gram bus been arranged. ;
Noar y 200 men and about 30 teams
turnojljout Wednesday morning to aid
In printing (ho crook bed for (h'o
high 'tMn, which Is expected this
scnsoiilTho work was Mono In three
scctloKJi with u commlttoo of threo
ovorfcicli section. Hrueh'. logs und
trees Wcro cut mid drugged Into tho
curvfisVof the crock bed. so as to
mnkqf 3 tho courso ot tho stream
stratgjjjor. All tho,bridgcs Tilong tho
stream; have boon reinforced and
!'oaH underneath, so ns to pre
Vonl3Xrr ucln,? wnlicd away should
tho-r4fcr become forceful enough' to
do It. .M ready there Is a consldor
nblQldrgo stream of wator and tho
sprlifjjmiaw hiiB not really coinmenc-
Manipubllc-silrllod citizens, lo-fTolhtt-K'lth
tho high school boys,
asslslc In the work of preparation.
AlP, (he work was donated, ns was
tho lrfs and other materials used.
It Is ljnw thought that the crcok bod
will livable lo hold wllhout much fur
ther rajmlr, tho largo How ot water
expect fel.
"U io
M. siLott Company
Improving Homos
Tho t. S. Lott Plumbing rind Heat
Inc colnpany aro doing considerable
woik this week In American Fork. J.
L. Finnago Is having an automatic
sprinkling system for tho watering of
his lawn Installed. E. lversou has
boon remodeling and installing u new
ur.nttnry toilet and sink in his homo,
and tlio homo of L. W. Gnlsford Is
being modernized with sanitary ap
Our baseball squad this year is
going to tnko tho championship again,
from all Indications, Workouts aro
being held at tho City park nearly ev
ery night.
Mayor Walker, who so fnr has been
mnnager uf the team, has found It
Impossible for him to denote (he time
needed, and has therefore resigned.
This week, Mr. John Uorg, was se
lected as manager with Frank Whlto,
ns his assistant
Tho Icaguo will not start until May
18th, however, sovoral preliminary
games will bu played beforo that date.
The first of these Is being played
Friday, as wo go to press, with tho
town team against tho high school
team, ,
Power Plants Lay Off Men
Th'o two fiower plants In American
Fork Cutiyou and tho ono In Alplno
canyon havo been recently closed
dewn and eight men have necessarily
lost their Jobs. Thu plants aro being
taken nro of by a keeper at each one;
but no electricity Is being gcuorutud
from either ot them. Part of tho
causo Is nttrlbutod to thu closing ot
Dlughnm and Garfield and other min
ing cumps, which tho Utah Powor &
Light Co. litis been supplying elec
tricity to.
Tho power was oft In tho city horo
for about ono half hour Tuesday and
again for about the samo length of
tlmo Wednesday uvcnlng, causing
much Inconvenience,
If you need a harness the American
Fork Saddlery Co. ad Is worth $15 to
you this week. Read It.
Members of dm fire doparlmcnt and H
others undor thu direction ot tho H
slicct supervisor havo been (lushing H
our main street this week, which now H
presents a much' cleaner appearance. H
This Is lu keeping with clean-up week H
and Arbor Day Many out ot town H
pcopio weie hero to celebrate Forbes H
Day and tho city wanted our town to H
present the best iosslbl? appearance. H
Tho streets have been very dirty (or H
somo tlmo and It In hoped (hat tho city H
can employ this or somo other ct- H
foctlvo means to keup thorn cloau in jH
the future. Many homes have been H
cleaned and lots raked up this week H
which helps thu town lu health', sanl- H
tntton nnd apjicarauco. ICt us kop H
up tho good work. H
Fixing Up the Public H
s Camping Ground H
During tho week tho City hns had H
several trees cut from tho now camp- B
lug ground, which will mnko a tlno
plnco to pitch touts nnd make camp B
fires. The water has ulso bean In- HJ
stalled In the lot and other prepara- HJ
tli ns made. The Rwnnds should bo HJ
lu excellent condition for tho buiu- HJ
mar tourists who may deslro to stay HJ
. o M
Leave your watches, clacks, etc, HJ
at the Harness Shop and Martin, tho HJ
Jowelor, will take caro of them for HJ
you. 10-tf M
i HJ
Anoth'or shipment ot thoso beautiful HJ
now fixtures, Just arrived at Uax- BJ
blouse Gleaning J
I X 11116 -:1-: I
j We have everything you need for House 1 I
Cleaning 1 I
Wall Paper - Curtains - Drapery I I
Carpets - Rugs - Furniture 1 I
l Vacuum Cleaners - Furniture Polish 1 I
Cedar Mops I
I -:- Simply Beautiful -:- 11
j LADIES SUITS, Off 20 & I
1 Now Line Ladies 5 to 8 Mary Janes, 8 1-2 to 11 II
I Pumps and Oxfords, Kiddies Slippers, Slippers - $2,45 I I
VSlfiRUi Only - S1.5D "."
jChipman's IsTplace
iLifurjririifffff'fi"rffjf?frif?f,iw -'
' m

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