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H '
I ir SATURDAY, JUNE li 1Q,t I 8AT!5E
I SATURDAY JUNE 11 1921 , rnn a m gnnir HITIZEN ' l g
BH .. - -----.
Hi American Fork Citizen
Office Alpliio Tub. Co. Hid.
B 1 A PROORRSSIVG! independent
i One Year In Advance t-XO
HI Six Kontlis In Advance-- .... 1 1. 50
Sr -------
Cj Eniored 'WnnA-GUs Matter at
H Pent Office at Amorlcnn Fork. Utali
ffij . W. Qalsford Publisher
fl hi those (layH of Hpcciul
fl lows, special regulations, Hpe-
B cinl legislation, Hpcciul wage
B agreements and special privi-
Bj hgos for different interests, in-
B (lividuals or industries, we have
H ' n queer combination of prob-
B lems.
B ' The Ami'rican sciuimn who
Bl has special laws for his bene-
B ' fit above the seamen of all ot-
B her nations may find himself
fl1 forced to ship on a foreign vus-
H fel in order to gut a job, bo-
B causo the laws which arc so
Hi favorable to him on the ono
B hand, might put the American
fl ship owner out of business on
fl t)io other.
fl American trainmen, while
K (successful in securing legisla-
H tion which would require the
H pnymont of wages to them
H "which were out of proportion
H to the going labor scale, might
H find themselves out of a job
K ' for lack of business on tho
H railroads.
H The brick-layers' Union,
H that sets a rate of $1.25 an hour
B , lias yet failed to find a way
B to force a man to build with
B brick.
B The manufacturer who
fl , shoves tho prico up to ubnonn-
B ' al figures, suddenly finds Hint
B ! people" are going without or
B i using substitutes.
B I It is a mistaken idea for any
fl f trade, industry, individual or
fl organization to work on tho
B theory that if it can got things
B right for itself, that is all that
K is necessary.
As a matter of fact, no ono
fl , group can long prospor at tho
B expense of 'its noigbbor. The
K; j laws of nature, with their com
K j l.ensating checks and balances
B work slowly, lmt always to
B 1 ward a common average. What
fl J phould bo bettor recognized is
Bj , tho fact that industries, both
B large and small, nnd individ-
uals both rich and jioor, are
inter-dependent and cannot
maintain special advantages
in their own intercst'nt tho ex
pense of somo of the others
without bringing disaster to
I'll. "Wo havo seen it tried and
wo havo seen it fail during the
I ast year.
Tho Manufacturer
(lotting wages back to where
they should be, getting prices
bnck to where they arc on a
par with wages, getting pro
duction around to where it
will meet the demand and
bringing the demand up to
tally with production is not
the business of any man or set
of men it's everybody's busi
ness. Tf the merchant is now for
ced to sell some articles below
cost, it's his business to see
that the concern ho buys from
in tho future gets its product
down to a lower price. Every
one has to assume a part of
the burden no matter what ho
has to sell, produce or labor.
Wo don't beliovo there is a
man or a farmhand who ox
peels to draw as high wages
now as he did when everything
ho eats and wears was from
three to fivo, times as high ns
it is today. So ho must accept
a reduction to meet, tho grad
ually lowering prico of neces
sities. Refusing to buy isn't
going to help, for if you refuse
to buy you can't expeot to sell.
So long as wages go hand-in-hand
with tho price of com
modities, and so long as com
modities balance up with wag
es wo '11 l.o nil right, and we'll
he on a solid foundation prrJy
soon. Kinsley, Knnsa i, Mer
cury. . A
Force the merchants to com
pule with public street mark
ets. Vote down all funds nnd pro.
positions to make public im
provements. Drive out all contractors and
their crows nnd minimize pub.
lie expenditure.
Close all amusements on
Sunday that peoplo will go el
sowhoro for entortainment.
Send away from town for
printing, dry goods and cloth
es and spend your money on
the mail order house.
Sco to it that no corporation
or public utility makes a cent
of profit nnd keop all foreign
capital out.
I Mount-Q yfel
i I is a healthy, invigorating, dolioious nnd rofresluug
Bj i I drink, manufactured by tho American Fork Bottling
Bj Works, especially adapted for family use and ought
If 1 to be found in ovory homo, whoro it can bo used with
B n benefit by nil tho .members of tho family, oveu by nur- 1
H n sing mothers and invalids. 1
I 1 This cereal drink is froo from alcohol and is storil- g
B 1 ized nftor bottling, which provonts fermentation and I
B , 1 keeps tho bovorngo fresh indefinitely.
' ffi It is sold at so reasonable n figure, that it will 1
w' 1 ho cheaper than home brow. Tho prices are as follows: j
I A caso with 2-1 pint bottles, $2.30, of whioh $1.00 is ro-' I
B 9 funded when containers arc returned. I
H i Wo also manufacture somo of tho best Root Beer
B I bbtainablo and if desired, you can ordor a caso of
B " Root Beer and Mbunt-O contniuing half of each or any
B assortment you wish.
I Am. Fork Bottling Works I
B I H. S. RASMUSSEN, Prop. j
1 11 I
. . 4
Thcro was little comment In town
Tuesday when the antl-clffarett law
went Into effect. Tho mftln ofTcict It
will hare hero will bo to stop amok.
In of any kind In norno public pla- '
ce. These places aro named In the '
law and for the benefit of thoso who '
nro Interested, wo aro nfialn publish. '
hiK tho Southwlck measuro ns pas
scd by the last legislature and which
went Into effect Tuesday.
It Is now unlawful to Bell, cive or
furnish cigarettes or clfinrotto pap
ers and unlawful to ndvertlso them.
Fnll Tct of Law.
"Soctlon t. It shall bo n misde
meanor for nny person, company, or
cororatlon to barter, sell, keop for
sale, furnish or rIvo awny, nny ci
garettes or clRarettc papers, or nny
dlsgnlso or subtorfURO of either of
these, or to havo any cigarettes or cl
Barctto papers In or nbout nny storo
or othor place for bartor, sale or tfeo
distribution. If, upon what Boems to
be reasonable evldcnco nny peraon,
company or corporation Is suspected
of having In his or Its possession ,any
cigarettes or cigarette papers Intend
dtd to bo offered for barter, sale or
freo distribution: then, upon tho
sworn complaint of any citizen of
tho Slate of Utnh, specifying fully
ns to tho alleged fncts of tho case,
any offlcor nuthorlzed to malco nrrosta
niny, upon tho Issuanco of n soarch
vnrrant or search warrants In tho
manner nnd form prescribed In Chap
ter BR. Tltlo 120 or tho Compiled Lawn
of Utnh, 1917, code of criminal pro
ceduro (Sees. 93CR-9389), search tho
pimlses of such person, company or
corporation nnd may selro nny ci
garettes or clgnretto pnpors so found.
All such cigarettes or cigarette pnp
ors HcUed undor tho provisions of this
net shall be ordered destroyed by tho
Judgement of tho court In which fin.
nl conviction Is had. Tho possession
of such clgnretto matorlals shall bo
considered prima facie ovldcnco of a
direct violation of this act.
"Section 2. It shall bo a misdemea
nor for nny person, company or cor
poration to write, print, publish or
clrculnto In nny newspaper, maga
zine, periodical or circular written,
printed or published within tho State
of Utah, any ndvortlacmont of cigar
ettes or clgnretto papers, or any dls
gnlso or suhterfugo of either of those.
It shnll also bo unlawful for nny
porson, company or corporation to
post, exhibit or publish on nny street
slcn, placard or bill-board, or In or
on nny package of merchandise, storo
window, show-cnBO. or any other plnco
within the Stnte of Utah, nny adver
tisement for clgni-ottos or clgnretto
pnpers, or any disguise or subterfuge
of olthor of theso.
"Section 3. It shall bo n mhdem
ennor for tho proprietor of any place
of business to knowingly permit min
ors undor twenty-ono years of ngo to
frequent such plnco of business while
In tho art of using tobacco In any
form. Tho term "placo of buslncsB"
ns hero used shnll npply to any nnd
nil such place ns shops, stores, fnc
torles, public garages, offices, the.
ntrcs, recreation nnd dance halls,
pool rooms, cafos, cnfotorlns, cabar
ets, restaurants, hotols, lodging hous.
os, street cars, Interurban and rail
way passenger coaches and wnltlng
"Section 4, It shall bo a mlsdemo
nnor tor nny person to smoko cigars,
clgnrottes or tobacco In nny Inclosed
public plnco within tho Stnto of Utnh,
oxcopt In oxtra rooms, compartments
c conches specially provided for
smoking purposes. Tho term "en
closed public placo" ns hore used
shnll bo constmed to mean tho din
ing rooms In hotols, restaurants,
cafes, nnd cafeterias, thentrcs, pas
Bfngor olcv.itors, stroot cars, Inter
urban nnd railway passenncr coach
os, motor and othor passenger vehic
les ompolyod as common carriers,
railway station wnltlng rooms, bar
ber shops, stato county and city
"Section K If nny section, sub.
section clause phrase or word of this
not Is for any roason held to be uncon.
irtltutlonal. such deelslon shall not
nffeet tho validity of tho remaining
portions of this act.
"Soctlon C. This act shall take
effect and bo In forco ninety days
frcm the dato of Its passage
A sncrlflco Is tho noblest or most
futllo thing that can bo Indulged In.
occordlng to tho circumstances at
tendant. There aro fow clrcumstan
cos, ns tho cost to tho ono who sac-,
rlflces is too Great. Sometimes th'ere
Is no other way out But too often
ono thing Is sacrificed to another,
according to tho need of tho mom
ent, ns a result of cnrlessncsB and
heedlessnoss. Bettor mako one big
sacrifice nnd clonn tho slnto than to
mnko countless llttlo ones, unmindful
of tho causo, which only serve to pile
up futuro ruin. This practice doesn't
loonon tho bonds of self dental. It
teaches one when to tighten them In
' pood purpose
sork rmSSmmS, in th woDipUWm
The Most Convincing Test li
l n -T1VERYTHIKO that can e said of a t B
I 31 J& J. 0. PENNEY CO. Men's Suit is said t reha9b
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I WMWtssri- m : I I i
i 1S2T 1 1 pIIIIeW IJ!' most i I
' IYZ OpIyNI lU-'TT' -qncorpera SELL Z
H oi
So many of us mako tho mlstnko
of placing llmltntlouH on our own
ubtllty. NeceHBlty somotimes bIiowb
ub that there are no limitations, but
tode Jcto tJbsftil
"Disarmament, '
the: boy axjto
In Cakes, Rolls, Buns, Pics,
Bread and all fancy
Baking, call at
H. M. OAWREY, Prop.
tunny of us go through llfo without
ri'ullzlng our own powors bocauao wo
l'PV nocro had to oxerclso theiu
Xever say that you can't do a thing
until you havo tried It and ubsolute
Ij proven thut you can't. It la tlmo
then to give up.
Shaft for Hero Dead.
An obelisk of Kninlte seventy feet
high Is to he erected In Demmuk as u
memorial to the iimny tliotif inula of
American and allied koIi1Ith of Danish
descent who (IImI In Itiu World war.
It has been eMliimleil Unit nliout K0,
1)00 men of DuiiUli I1I001I fouKlit In
tho American nnhles In rnnco uud
thut about 20,000 Dimes fought In the
Canadian, Australian, British and
French armies.
uerman rnoroughn." M
Mux Wnlter, heiiil of a boys' trtto B
Ini; school In Frankfort, tells the Wl-
lowlntc story by wny of Illustrating
Oermnn thoroughness: H
A venerable tencher In one of Q H
many's prepnrntory schools wU d
trnctedly ambling about his atWX t B
day when he noticed a stray piece of
puper. TIckliiK It up he saw that H
whs ,n Latin composition from one of
his devoted llsclples. H
On looking at It more closoly he de-
tected nn error which he had over-
looked. ScotliiK himself at his desk,
ho dipped his pen In good red Ink and
ninde the necessary correction. He . B
then folded the puper Into a neat
roll, stuck It In the Are, and with It
lltllited his pipe. H
W )iiNvEir iWIW iRlBi L H
aH-H-tt Quaranted) a I
1 Bl v t I
nil 2 30x3i' (Goodyear) $10 I
H 230x3 (Snvugo) $12 i I
fl 2 30x3 Millor) $8 " I
X P 1 32x3j (Aninzou) $19 J I
t 133x4 (Miller) $15 I
soli fast. Come in and get one before they are all gone. I
1 1-' x x I

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