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H! In spite ot the Inclement weather, a
BJ splondid representation of tho Old
Bj Folks of Alplno wore out to on Joy
Bjj tho usual winter gathering of tho or
K sanitation Wednesday, In tlio mooting
B house.
B Tho nctftltlt'H conitnonccd with a
I dollclouo hot dluuer ut noon, and tab-
los worn net till 2 o'clock. At 2:30
H P. M. the ngod, togethor with towns
B peoplo assembled to hear ft splendid
H program.
H Song Choir "America"
B Prayer Patriarch Henry Moylo
B Chorus I-uolla Strong nnd others
B Address of Welcome Geo. E. Bur-
B Kesponso Anglq CIsrk
B Kondlng--Mr. Eathpr Hamnott.
B Song Cathlcen Cblpman
Reading Goldajfevoy
Instrumental Wnrron Clark, Hay-
den and Orson Drown.
H Reading Alvln Whtby
' Muslo Forbes Family
B Song Earl Hunter, I.oon Wllklns
BJ and IoMar Moylo,
Vojudavitle 8Vot(Cho Hay Shelley
B Olaronce Grant, Delta Taylor, Mary
B Wild.
B Song, Choir Star Spangled Banner
B Prnyor Patriarch IJenry Moyle
After the, program, tho nged were
B guosts of honor at a supper which
B concluded the festivities of the day.1
B Duo to the fact that Alpine is wlth
B out an Amusoment hall, there was no
B danco or show in tho evening.
B Tho Old, Folk Committee is to bo
B complimented for tho good succoss ot
B the Old Folks Day,
B Mr, and M.rs. Ixul8 Olpln entertain-
B ed Wednesday evening at a candy
Bi PtU and card party. Thoso present
B; were Uiella. Strong, Ruby Watklns,
U Bertha Strong, Delilah Moylo, Amber
BJ Strong, Cleone Martin and Warren
Bj Clark, Iceland Beck, Leon and Fon
BI Strong, Lyman and Myron Moyle. All
B report as having had an onjoyablo
BB tme-
Jj Mr. nnd Mrs. Ixnanl Bates nre the
BE proud parents ot baby gin born Mon
BJ day. Mother and babe doing nicely.
Br Mr. and Mrs. Alma Hamnett onter-
BJ talned nt dinner Sunday compliment
BJ nry to Mr, and Mrs, F. D. Strong-and
Bf family. Covers were laid' for 11
BJ guest.
J Misses Alloween Healyt Bltha Mo
Bb Daniel, Oolda and Blanch Devey, Lue-
! ,11 and Bertha Strong, Ruby Watklna
Bj Dewey Bennett, Clem Strong, Waldo
BJ Batemnn, Warren Clark, Inland Beck
BJ and Leon Strong were among those
BM from Alpine who nttended the "Four
BJ Horsemen of tho Apocalypse" at the
BJ Realart Theatro In Amorlcan Fork
BJ Friday night.
BJ Miss Cathloon Chlpman spent the
BJ week end In Amorlcan ForJc visiting
BJ relatives nnd frlonds.
BE Professor Carl F. Eyrlng or the
BJ Urlghani Young University physics
BJ department has been experimenting
BJ on the human voice, or the sound ot
BJ mu-lcnl Instruments. Experiments
BJ have alroady progressed so far that
BJ sound wnvos are shown upon the
BJ screen. One It ablo to boo the sound
BM of his own olco. as ho names over
BJ for oxamplo, tho vowels; or ho may
BE sound a violin and tho wave is seen.
BJ Sing a song and the wave-form ot
BB notos will bo recorded in pitch, loud
BM ness, nnd quality ot tone and pro
BJI Joctcd upon tho screen.
Bi It auroly la a wonderful thing to
BJI bo able to soe on a screen why,for
BJI Instance vowels sound different and
BJI why Instruments have characteristic
BJk tones, oven though the vowel- aro
BJf sounded at tho snmo pitch, the record
BjK shown the dlfforonco between o nnd
BJh a or any otlior vowels, Tho cxplun-
Intlon or this lies In tho fact that al
though tho sounds nro at the samo
pitch tho vocal apparatus has been
so ndjustod as to glyo a dltforont
quality to notes. To be of tho samo
pitch two notes must give out tho
same fundamental vibration. To havo
a dltforent quality nnd still bo at the
samo pitch, two notes must not only
BE? have tho samo fundamental vibration
BJK but also must havo overtones of dlff
BJi erent rolntlvo Intentltlos. It would
BJI appear, thorotoro that sinco Inatru
HJJ ments and persons havo charnctor
BK'j istlc tone qualities, that tho wavo
Bji form for each would bo character
BE Istlc. This Is found to bo the case.
BB Dr, Dayton C. Miller or tho Caso
BB School or Applied Science, has mndo
BB ' a careful study of thoso wavo-rorms.
BB Dr. Dorsoy, of Gloucester, Mass., has
BB mnnufacturort an apparatus similar
BBLto tho one used by Dr, Miller. Tho B,
BBBBjf, University, dopartmont ot physics,
BBBBkis purchased one ot theso Instm.
BRBBfients and by Its use Is ablo to show
BJflBlh0 different wave-forms,
BB Tu vlow of tho foregoing It Is
BBBBjcertainly tru0 that tho human voico
BBBJriiH bo soon and photographod.
The A. F. II. S. won u victory last.
Friday night from tho U. of U. Fresh '
les, tho scoro beng 34-49 In favor ot(
tho locals. Tho gumo was exciting,
although tho btodys did not havo to,
I piny as hard as they have dono in
'aom of tho lenguo games. J
Tuesday night tho Inst leaguo gamo
of A. F. was played with Lincoln.
A. F, will go to tho tournament first
ptaco this year.
I Thursday tho High School was
favored with an oxcoptiemally good
'program, glvon by tho music depart
1 niont. Principal Mitchell or tho Lehl
High School, gnvo a very Interesting
talk. Ho congratulated A. F. on
their good luck at baskot ball this
Vcflson and wished them success at
tho tournament.
Tho High School Band and Chorus
'furnished music for tho remalndor of
the time.
Sunday ovonlng tho High school
I'Band and Olco Club gave a program
'In tho Second ward, chapel. 'Mr.
' Oourloy, prfnclpal ot the Pleasant
a rove High school, was the speaker
ot 'the evening. '
Tho house was fllfed to an over
flow and the program wan very Inter
'eatnar. ' , . '
kext Sunday evening the Band will
furnish tho1 program in the Th'rd
ward and It is expected that the' house'
wiill bo crowded.
- n '.
The Theological Classes of A. P.
H. 81. furnished tho program for the
meeting held in MP Becfa'd Twfd
chapel Sunday "afternobnT'SMort Ulka
were also furnished by students.
I The meeting was well attended
'and the program was very Interesting
'nnd a complete success.
Tuesday Dr. Wanlaaa ot theU. A.
'0. visited the High lschooj and spoke
.to the students, urging them to go
.to college. Immediately after astem-
,bly, he met with the Juniors and
8enlors and discussed with them the
project of golag through college. .
Wednesday evening, Waahlngton's
, birthday, the Domestlo Science B
girls served the Commercial Club
and. their partners at a banquet In
the High school gym
During the banquet toasts and. pro-.
' gram was given alter 'which dancing
was enjoyed .the rest ot the evening,
I It was well attended, being approx.
. Imaiely1 120 guests present
. e
Since the basket ball season started
, this Is the first week that the High
school has not held yell practice.
in tho stutewldo survey which has
Included investigation along many
different lines it has been' found that
farm and grazing land values in Utah
havo decreased from 2C to 60 percent
since the year 1919 and 1920. Tho
averogo as disclosed by all of the as
sembled information shows a do
'creaso ot 34.07 percent. This la in-
formation Just made public by tho tax
'and legislative commlttoo ot tho Utah
iStnto Farm Bureau and Is being used
'In a campaign throughout the state
'to bring about a reduction In assess
ments for 1922.
Tho flguro-. not only bear out tho
stand taken by tho farm bureau dele
gates In their recent resolution ask
ilng for a blanket reduction -of 25
porcent, according to tho tax oomml.
tteo, but also will sorvo as a basis
for action alroady taken by a-sessoio
and commissioners In somo countloi.
In a report which has been mndo to
tho farm bureau offlcors In every
county, the committee urges that
whoreovor such reduction has not
been put Into effoct Immediate stopj
bo tnkon to cooporato with assessor
and commissioners to this end.
I As authorized at the January meet
ing of tho farm buroau In Salt 1-ako
City, tho tax nnd loglslutlvo commit
tee oonslsts of flvo mombors. Thev
are, James M. Ktrkman, Chairman; K.
T, Cnponer, Ephrlnm Borgeaon, Dav'd
K Heal, nnd Horbhcl Bullon. Concern
ing tho work of this commlttoo nnd
tho Plans for tho futuro, tho recont
report to farm buroau tax committee
throughout tho stnto shows.
"This commlttoo has been bus
making a study of land valuations In
th0 various localities of tho .statoj In
'personal Interviews and from lettors
which wo have rocolvcd from ninny
of tho lnrgor real estate companies,
mortgago loan compnnlos and aomo of
tho largest banks, Including the Fod
oral I)an Bank. W0 find that farm
nnd grazing land values havo decreas
ed from 25 to BO porcont.
"In making an avorngo of theso re
plies It shows a reduction of 34.07
km- CMtatiet I
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M",',-,'l-1-''i--SSSSSWSSSBBWMMBlSSSBBS'--------i -----------. - ",--'1-'IBIBIBI1--'-"-SlSSJJSMiMMM-B---MB-M-iJjatSWSlSllSSS I
" B'"1,,,,,,,,-,1-l"-"-,S-SS-SSSSS-llBS8BBSlBBSSBlBl ---- .- I
porcent, all or which confirms tho
Utah Stato JYirm Duroau In It8 pre
vious action and recommendation and
sIiowb that tho fanners wore very
modest In aBjclng for a reduction of 25
"Wo hav0 received reporta from
Borneo ountles to tho effect Uiat tholr
assessors backed by tho united ap
proval of tho county commissioners,
nro assessing property mnklnB this
roductlon. If you hav0 not alroady
dono so wo urg0 you to follow and ad
opt this action of tho state farm bur
eau. Meet with the county assessor
and county commissioners and sou
that this Is dono In ypur county."
Tho roport also shows that tho stato
commlttoo has encased the sorvle.,
of Frank Evase, former stato sonutor
to assist alone taxation and legisla
tive plans. In connection wtlh a ro
cent mooting of tho commlttoo In
jSalt Lake City, tho mombers confor
ed with Governor Charles It. Mabov
and It Js roportod that they found
him throughly In sympathy with tho
movement to oquallzo and place on an
equitable basis tho aasossod valuation
of agricultural property.
' County farm bureau tax commlttcos
nro advised In tho roport of tho stnto
body that all Information assembled
rolatlvo to tho docroasod valuation
of farm property is available Tor uso
In tho counties throughput tho state
Membors ot tho central commlttoo, It
la nlBo announced, aro ready at any
time to give county farm buroau offl
cors personal asslsstanco along tax
ation and lcgblatlvo line.
Taxation and legislation forms ono
of tho principal projects of tho stnto
farm buroau this yoar, according to
Prosldent Horgcson, nnd tho rosultr
to dnto fully Justify tho efforts that
hr.vo been oxponded in bohnlf of the
flirm owners.
8om Job.
O. n. P. sends us tliu following ex
tract from a college professor's letter
of recommendation : "Miss D, has hod
comploto charge of one of our labor
alory sections, embracing UO students
twice I'aili week." Ho-ton Trail.
rf-tfSsv i i Kafiv"' "Ml
j.llra BrBiI 11
Y- ' t- tm .m JB
i irnTH us m
- - - - lb9 II

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