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BBBBP' Bflfl
H Al,nWi. i(9 AMEttlCAN FORK C111ZEN aAinmnAV mPn .. , jjS
mBBB oATrinnAV. MARCH 11. 1922. ... , n TBm
snnmnnmnmmu sM,.. w"- t r
fl) Uiat Saturday tlio toiuuamont end.
Bjjj od with one dofoat for Amoricnu Folk
H! when It played the Lohl five for
Hf State Championship.
Hfj Tho local boys kept up tliolr scoro
H during tho first luilf of tho gumo, Lohl
B "being ahead Just ono point. Hut dur-
Hf ing the second halt Lohl almost
1 doubled tho A. F. Bcore. And at Uio
H end of tho gamo Lehl was Stato
H Champions. A. F holds second place
H;J The first day of the tounament
H Wcdnoa'day, American Fork dofoat-
H! od the Jordan High In a rather slow
H game. Tho scoro wb 24-28.
H'j Thursday tho boys dofeatcd the
BH West High In a somewhat faster gamo
H, with a final BCoro of 28-24.
Hl Krlduy thoy playod SprlngvllIo.Tho
Hl final score being 28-30.
Hf i Although the local team did not
Bl win the State Championship, Uioy
BBB havo made n splondld record for the
BHJ J High school. They hnv0 playod 19
BBB games this season and lost tAtt one.
BBB ! .
BHJj ' Friday evening tho Ficshmen gnvo
H a dance In tho High school gym. The
BBB i wholo studont body was Invited with
B special Invitation to tho Sophomores
BBB and nighth grado. Tho danc0 was
BBB not very well attended, but those
BHJ present rcportod an enjoyable time.
BBB i Tuesday was ono of tho blggost
B ; dayn of tho year at tho High school
BBB I when tho wholo studont body Joined
BBB together and celobrated in honor of
H ' tho boys and tho coach.
BBJj ' In tho morning a program was
H I hold. Mr. Roberts of tho D. Y. U. was
BBB i tho speakor. Tho band and glee club
L J furnished tho muslo. About tho girls
BBB ! sane an original song about tho boys
BHJ Ij" of tho team. In the afternoon tho
BBB A students assembled In the gym and
H' woro treated to a peanut bust. After
H which they wont down town and par-
BBB aded through tho streets and stores.
Hj Then an assembly was held or the
BBB bank corner and speeches were made
Hi ln honor of tho the toam and coach.
Hl At BlBt a dance was held la the
BBBI Apollo Hall. There was a large crowd
BBBI and everybody had aa enjoyabhj time.
Hl Laat Monday a basket ball rally
BHBBBj 9 - r
was held. Th0 studant body gave
nlno Uah's for tho team ond then for
oach of the boys. Mr. Nlolson gave
a talk on what tho boys have really
dono. Aftor tho rally Lohl sent an
Invitation to A. F. IL S. to attend a
'matinee dance Monday afternoon, and
lurgu number or tho students went
n r i
Of tho Monarch Mine Company, Prln.
. clnnl t'laco of Business, American
Fork, Utah.
NOTICK There are delinquent on
tho following described stock on ac
count of an assessment levied on
the 25th day of January, 1922 the
Bovoral amounts set opposite the re
spective shareholders names as fol
lows: Cert. No. Name Shares Ami
355 John Bauffman ...,5000 '(5.00
432 John Ilauffman .... 1000 1.00
108 T. D. Cunningham 1000 1.00
362 T. D. Cunningham 14,000 14.00
363 Shand Cunningham 5000 6.00
388 Fon Cunningham 2866 2.86
'403 Fon Cunningham 466 .46
35 Douglass Hlndley 1000 1.00
156 F. M. Houston 1000 1.00
311 F. M. Houston 1600' 1.50
390 Holgo Johnson 1000 1.00
31 Mario Mayno 1000 1.00
430 W. A. McOrlde 46500 45.50
152 Emmellne McBrlde 3500 3.60
8713, J, Seastrand 1000 1.00
422 K. J. Scastran d 16000 15.00
427 W. If. Stono 3300 '3.80
223 J. W. Storrs 1000 1.00
244 J. W. Storrs 2000 2.00
335 C. n. Snydor 500 .60
452 Leora Tumor 1000 1.00
117 J. D. Broadwater 2000 2.00
280 J. B. Broadwater 1000 1.00
'436 J. B, Broadwater 2500 2.60
.139 Mrs. Margaret uroad-
wator 1000 1.00
'281 Mrs. Margaret Broad-
wator 1000 1.00
Add In accordance with law and
an ordor of tho board of directors
knado on the 25th day of January 1922
too many shares of each parcel of
stock as may be necessary" will be
sold by the secretary at City Hall,
American Fork, on Saturday, March
d8, 1922 a t3 o'clock p. in. to pay de
linquent assessment, coat of adver
tising aad expense of sale.
First Publlcatloa March 4. 1922.
Last Publlcatloa March 11, 1922.
Highest prk-w paM for cleaa rasjs
Brtag them to this office. tt
Compensation for personal services
in the form of salaries, "wages, com
missions, foes, tips, bonuses and pen
sions form tho principal item la the
returns of millions of taxpayers. As
a general rule, all ouch Income is
subject to tax. However, thore are
exceptions with which the taxpayer
In th0 Interest of self aa well aa
Ihe Government, ohould familiarise
Salaries paid to its officers and
employees by a aUte or "political
subdivision thereof" (city, town, coun
ty or hamlet) are oxompt from taxati
on. The reason for this 'is that the
Federal Government does not tax
such activities t a state. Fees re
ceived by a notary public commiss
ioned by a state are sot taxable,
nelthor are fees paid Jurors by a
! state or political subdivision thereof.
Witnesses In law suits, however, even
though subpoenod by state's attorney
arc not conctdorcd employees of the
state, and foes received by them are
subject to taxation.
Paymonts by a Btnte, etc., on con
tracts, etc., are taxabe income to the
recipient who Id nelthor an official
br employee of tho political sub divis
ion. Tho commissions of a receiver ap
pointed by state, county or municip
al court are not taxable. The com
missions of an administrator or ex
ecutor are taxablo becauso they are
7ot patd by a state or political sub
division, but out of tho estate of the
Salaries of federal officers and
employees, Including those of tho
territory and Dtatrlct of Columbia
are subjoct to tax. Salaries and fees
paid by the United States to itii am
bassadors, ministers or consul ac
credited to forolgn countries or by a
foreign Qovornment to United States
citizens are taxable, and the amount
spent by them for entertaining- s
not doductable. Fees paid a juror
by the Federal Qovornment are tax
ablo income, likewise the fees re
ceived by a roferee, trustee or recei
ver, under the National Bankruptcy
Act The fees received by a notary
public commissioned by the District
bf Columbia are taxable. u
Annuities paid by the government
to retired employees are subject to
tax to the extent that the aggregate
amount of the payments exceeded
Basal . . . r.
I J Substantial Reductions j
I I Touring Car - $713.00
I ROADSTER - , - 7i3.00
K I Coupe - 1040.00 $
If SEDAN '.'"'- 1075.00
II 5 Greatest Automobile. Value in America
j ' '
I Superior Motor Co. I
I; ( Fifth West and Center St. Provo, Utah I
BBMr ' - S
Hj S For Catalogues and Information jjj
HHl w American Fork $
I II I I 1 1 II I IHTITi TITI Hit ITtTt TtTfUTinTTni Ti lij I m
i RwfflnSW fJ,nsMsWBBB H III
fag. SBjajij11J1jjj BBBJsjsjnenejBBlft X tsVsssssssssi VM
$ 490 SUPXKIOR-OHEVROLET, 3 speed, fully equipped $525 f . o. b; Flint, Mick S
$5.00 REWARD 1
A Five Dollar Bill will be given to any person who will have a Chevrolet salesman 5 H I
demonstrate to him the 1922 Superior-Chevrolet illustrated above, and.who then buys BH I
a two-speed car within 30 days after the demonstration. :; 1
S mil i mh j
J ' ; The prospective buyer must mention this offer to the Chevrolet salesman at ; j ;
2 ; ; the time of demonstration and invite comparison. S 'H
tniM i i xi" i i H
$5.00 For a Half-Hour of Your Time I I
If a fair comparison does not convince you that the Chevrolet is at least $150.00 bet- j H
ter value for your money, and if you still believe it to your advantages to buy a two- S 'H
jjj speed car, and make the purchase within 30 days, we will cheerfully hand you the S H
2 $5.00 for the opportunity you have given us of showing you the merits of the Ohevro- W w
S let. X
I Martin Nielsen,
S 25-w Phone for Demonstration i43-w j
sl aS
W3iT3ivwaiV3iv3iv Mwsn aw mw Mvjnv nvjnw xvwxrwmtTiTjnwMVMW jij
stho amounts withheld tram the com
pensation of the employees. Amounts
deducted and vrtthheld from the basic
sslarTi Py or compensation paid to
.employees la the civil service of the
United States, In accordance with the
provisions of the act for pensions to
Government employees should be re
ported for Income tax purposes. The
total compensation of tho employees
should be reported in gross Income.
No corresponding deduction can be
taken for the amounts wltheld, Inas
much ns such amounts are payments
towards the purchaso of annuities
provided for In the act.
Inqurlea received Indicate the im
pression tn the minds of many per
sons that all school teachers are ex
empt from paymont of the Income tax.
Teachers are not exempt becaust en
gaged In educational work. As a rule
the salaries paid public school teach
ers are exempt, but only for tho reas
on that thoy are employees of a state
or political subdivision thereof.
The opeclal oxemptlon of $3,500.
allowed nndor tho revenue act of 1918
persons active tn sorvlce In military
end navy forces Is repealed by the
revenue act of 1921. Soldiers and
sailors nro allowed only tho exempt
Ions granted other Individuals, $1,000
If slnglo, or married and not living
with wifeor husband, $2,500 If mar
ried and living with vifo or husband
and tho not incomo for 1921 $5,000
or loss, ond $2,000 If married and
living with wlto or husband and tho
net Income was moro than $5,000.
Washington, March 11 Old Man
Mars may be groggy from tho stiff
body blows that Tiave benn rained on
him from all quarters slnco Amis
tlco Day of 1918, but he won hands
down in St. Valentino's Week over
tho forces of Cupid in a docislon of
th0 Marine Corps. In the future no
ronrlred man will get by tho recruit
ers who wear tho blue of tho Mar
ines, nor will any be reenllsted from
any branch of the service ex
cept In specific cases of men
on duty at certain staff offices,
those detailed on recruiting duty and
.the benedicts who havo had long and
honorable service with the sea sold
iers. Tho order of Major Qenoral John
Y. tajeuno was not Issued as re
flection on fighting merits of the men
who havo been seriously wounded by
Cupid's arrows. Vaudovllllana who
declare that the married man Is a
better warrior because ho Is always
fighting will find no support In tho
I order. It was passed on economic
reasons; tho pay of a private and
Uio lack of quarters at most stations
j for tho families of enlisted mon being
(the controlling reasons.
Notice ti Godfrtctors
Seated bids for the erection of a
Oymnasium Building at Americas
Fork. Utah, will be received at the of
fice of Board of Education, Alpine
School District, American Fork, Utah,
uatll 2:45 p. m. Tuesday, March 21,
Separate bids will be received for
the General Contract and for the
plumbing and heating combined.
Contractors in Utah County and
South are to apply to Board of Edu
cation for plans."
Contractors la .Salt Lake County
and north are to apply to Ware, Tre
ganza & Cannon, Architects, Salt
Lake City for plans,
Each application tor plans must be
'accompanied by a chock for Tea
($10.00) Dollars payable to Ware, Tre
ganzc & Cannon, which check wtll be
forfeited by the contractor in the
event of failure to return plans on
or before the dato sot tor receiving
A certified check for not less than
three (3) per cent of tho amount of
'tho bid must accompany oach'bld.
All bids to be sealed and addressed
to tho Board of Education, Alplno
School District, American Fork, Utah.
For further particulars, see "Notico
to Contractors" attached to tho sped
'Mentions. All previous bids havo boon rejected.
Clerk of Board.
Even at Sea, and at 8ome DleUnee,
Animal Knew Destroyer to
Which It Belonged.
Except for the Keilal numbers
painted boldly on the bow, most per
sons hnve the greatest difficulty In
recognizing one of the 300 destroyers
In the United States navy from anoth
er, but there Is a dog aboard the de
stroyer Schenck No, 150 which seems
In this regurd to liuve far more than
human Intelligence.
This dog of no particular breed
has been aboard the Schenck for about
two years.
Oniccrs ulxmnl the Schenck are tell
In the story of how, not long ago,
when tile vessel went from I'ensacola
to Gmiritunnmo, the dog was tost. lie,
could not be found whejt pie time for
departure arrived, although the crow
had been Hciirchlng ihe town fo'r him
for utmost two hours.
It developed Unit the dog, after the
Schenck departed, reached another de
stroyer and went to wa with them.
During the vpyugo the two destroy
ers passed well out to sea. The dog
was on the bridge and barked so loud,
ly that he nttructed the attention of
the Schenck.
The Meanest Man. Ap4
A hotel-keeper has been tenad la '-B
Missouri who Is so maaathat when a '9BT
baby was horn la e.sf ,hts roots he fll
Immediately, wrote, its nam on the BJ
register and began charging it for BJ
roam and board. Boston Transcript BJ
I March A
1st I I
Ask for I
and insist t I
upon gettingl I
: Maid 0' Clover i
Ice Cream 1
311(1 1- '1
I "Eskimo Pies"
Mutual I
I Creamery
I Co' 1
I Phone 10

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