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B continued from, page om
, wfe on first on Holmsteart's error.
?efll 0 Munlock gcU first oh another cr-
r b). Holmstead, and Stanley and
MB twen first and second and put out
'B by Mrk: nonner out on fly caught
l 8wMt score; C Mu-dock caught bs
tua Mf MIHcr. Three hits, three runs.
wuUiB Durrnnt J)t out at first as was also
taJJjH yincr and Hnrratt, No hits, no runs.
V Nnlth Inning A. Murdock se,f0 on
tbt V rst by hit to ccntor garden; P. Mur
!) dock makes first on Mlller'a ferror;
flj A. Murdock put out on lorco to
Htm fl second; Giles .to on. flrat. . Mur
J jock out at KccDiul; Nelson safe on
hit to loft flet 1: F'liug'htoi jut out
t H on first from Holmstead to nirk. Two
u hits, no runs.
' Uurson put uc ?. flrstfrom lien-
t !l ncr to Fraughton; Homci on at
" H flr8t from Nelson to Fraughton; Blnch
out at first from Nelson to Fraugh
B ton. No hits, no runs.
'l Summary: Hits Holmstead. Dirk,
re" 'H gnow, Giles. Sweat." Two-haso hits
'B P Munlock, Bwcat. Three hose hits
' .B Holmstead, Fraughton. 8tolcn bases
B Holmstead 2. Bases on balls Off
" B A. Murdock. 2. Struck out By A.
Jr B Murdock 8. by Miller 12. Passed ball
JJJ B Stanley. Wild pitch A. Murdock.
!? B Tlmoof game 1:40. Umpire, Mitchell.
B Tn Bnme loy si)nn,8n Frit dpfcat"
a B c1 Pr nl Provo y a coro of 6 to
Dd B ' C0"K'1 l,ono rnound duty for the
M B Spaniards and struck out 10 Provo
B mcn' Klnnor pitched for Provo,
B striking out 9 of the visitors. Bert
10 B raR0 of lho T,mls Bot a norno run-
u I Ichl won their opening Kamo that
I day from Payson, by a 5 to 7 score.
1 I The batteries wore:
j qM Lohl Jackson, p.. A, Atwoort, c.
Payson McBeth, p., Kitchen, c.
The Sprlngvllle-Mldvalo game, at
B Sprlngvllle proved to be tho hardest
B fought battle of tho day, going for 12
B Innings, with Sprlngvlllo finally
B winning the game by a 4-5 score.
fl FOR SALE Guaranteed S. O. Whlto
W Leghorn day old pullets, also day
i old broilers. Utah references. Signed,
B Eureka Hatchery. James K. Hirst,
B Pfop. 628 D. St., Petaluma, Cal. tt-tf
Hi i
Doan Hugh Woodward, of tho sum- ',
mcr session of tho Urlghnm Young
University, In making up his currlcu
lum and faculty kept In mind the
needs of the church in general and
Utah County and surrounding stakes
In particular. H0 secured for tho
first term of th0 summer school such
men as Dr. Edward T. Oevlne, n
specialist on relief work; Dr. Hugh of
tho Unlversly of Callforlna, a special
ist In tho teaching of religious sub
jects; Prof. John C, Swonson of tho
D. Y. U and Supt. Adam S. Bonnlon.
These men, besides giving their re
gular class work, nre arranging to
givo public lectures that will bo
especially hopeful to the rollcf work
ers throughout tho stakes of Zlon.
It is hoped that all of the peoplo
who can will take advantage of this
opportunity to como in ontact with
tho most recent thought on these im
jtortant subjects. The peoplo of Utah
County, especially thoso adjacent to
tho Intcrurban can easily nvall them
selves of theso lectures.
Besides tho course mentioned above,
there will bo a number of others
that will be of Interest to tho general
public For Instnnco tho week from
Juno 12 to 17 has been designated
Scout and Bochlvo week; that of June
18 to 24, Education week, that from
Juno 26 to July 1 Community service
wcok; thnt from July 3 to 8, as Bet
ter Homo and Health week. During
theso weeks, special work In the field
mentioned will bo given.
Of course, even though thoso ex
cellent features will bo offered, tho
regular work of the summer school
will go along unhindered.
The clouds of business depression are
rnpldly dlsnpicarlng. Report from
all parts of country show business
revival. When employment com
mences prosperity returns. General
tax reduction must bo secured pro
portionate to drop In cost of living.
Salt Lake 1921 report of Utah Cop-
I Motorize Your Farm
I I Fordson Tractor and Sulky
I : $550
I 1 F-.Q.B. American Fork
B I Approved. Fordson Imple- o
I ments offered 10 per cent off g
I during our Stock Reducing
I I Sale o
M 9,
I I Two Good Bargains in
I t Second Hand Tractors ;
B o
B o
B s
I I Place your order for Fords,
I now for delivery upon arrival,
I Scarcity is now on. '" '
I $ i
I I Done & Higgs Motor
h i. .''- Company .,
I ' i ' w
X I I W' II . .ft a 1 H ,11111m O
Y p ' I t V 1V"f,i'( B lllliHI X
o liMvfrv BkLil rIIIIHII X
a myTtf" I SJHUHJIJBI rllllllll X
per Co. shows operating revenues
of 13,375.667, against (18,902,926 in
1920; total incomo, 192l 782,0S8;
1920, 4,924,H98. '
Tlntlc initio operations booming as
result of rocent reducllcnH In
muoHIng costs on sllclous ores.
Prove Copper l.oaf nnd Central
Standard cpnipanles morged; do
volupmcnt campaign planned.
Ulngham Utah Copper using 7 steam
oliovcls unit producing 200 curu oro
Prlco Move undor way to Irrigate
40,000 acres farm lands.
Vornal Plans ready for public bldg.
$23,000 appropriated for road and trail
work In Va3atcl1 National Forest.
Tonucrvlllu New $20,000 school com-
Work progressing on Vernal-Fort Du
chosne road.
Contrrict let for G.C5 mllca unsurfaccd
concrete highway In Cacbo uoi'ntv.
Euroka Dragon Con. to rcaumo nhlp
monta of Iron ore.
Montlcello to hnvo cream station.
Mt. Pleasant woolmen rocclvo about
100,000 for clip.
Payson 5,000 trout to be placed In
Payson creek.
Cunnloon Independent Cos and Oil
Co. to establish wholesale distri
buting plant here.
Price Two shifts working on oil well
In Franham dome.
Monb Another well to bo drilled
Salt I.ako Plans completed for two
U. 8. bond waro houses.
Uountlful Tnbernaclo grounds belnn
, beautified.
Ogdon lots paving contract.
Mount Ploasant-iProsbytorlans to
erect $2G,000 brick churchr-
Utah county valuation drops $2,239,1
141 this year.
Utah 40 got $1,263, 883 federal load
fund nftor Julr 1.
OgJon $20,000 nhoo company In
corporates. Beaver Plana completed for enlarg
ing city pnrlc.
Salt Lake April building 1 srmlts
total $330,270.
Jorlcho woolgrQwora soil clip for 40o
Ogdcn ochooj budget reduced $20,000.
Pluto county' assessed valuation do
croi;c3 22 per cent.
Salt lke Applications filed to uti
lise wwtor from 1-nwry river, Hunt
ington, Little Clear and Tucker
crooks for Irrigating more than 100,
000 acres In Sanpetq and . Juab
Redmond OH woll to bo drilled horo.
Monroe-rFlrst car potash shipped,
Salt I-aVie Extension of ' pavoment
promised for .Holllday street. Will
cost about $60,000.
ltailronds reduce freight ratoa $1.25
por txin on.coal shipped from Utah
fields to California, effective Juno
Salt Ijahorr-Uttio ' Cottonwood Mining
Co. to start-development. ""
nichflchl Snlina Canyon road being
Tliu dance given Wodnosduy oven
In;? under the auspices of tho local
Ladles Municipal Council was a
splendid social success and all vho
participated reported n very enjoy
able time. A special feature of tho
evening .wns Urn dancing num
bers furnished by tho four llttle.Blrls
from Provo. Thoy were Misses Colo
man, .Husler, Ilrlmhnll, and IIUlo
baby Mnrtha Coleman who quite won
the hearts of the spectators with her
clcior dancing.
' There were a number of out of
town guests present.
Uv Miss Margaret F. Thurmnn. H
Tho following ratmy on "Dally llnthlnj and Uodlly Ilra.lt'i," written by M
illss Mnrgnrd F, Thurmnn, who declared tho winner In tho contest In tho
l.ohl High School. A number r t ccntcotnnts entered and tried for the honors.
The yearly contest was Instituted Vy M, S. Lolt, Plumbing and Heat- H
!ng establishment for tho purprso of bettering health conditions In Lchl bV H
interesting pupils In Booking and writing on t'10 subject. As prizes fpr H
excellence In tho writing . cup was presented to tho school by Mr. Lott H
upon v hlcli Ir engraved the nnmo of tho winner In tho contest each year. H
Itosldcs tho individual winner is presented with 11 pin suitably engraved, '
Miss Thurmun Is to bo congratulated upon her article nnd or on her H
victory In tho contest. Her arttclo is produced below: H
Tho old saying that "cleanliness Is'
next to goodllncss", must havo had
Its origin In tho feeling of moral clo-
vatlon which generally accompanies
FcrupulouB bodily purity. I
Dully bathing is nn importnntl
means of keeping oneself In perfect 1
bodily health Cleanliness Is Import
ant In avoiding Infections, nnd bath
Inn Is necessary for clcnnllnoss. Por
riplrntlon leaves a anlld matorlal on
tho sklu which combined with the olt
from the oll-glnnds hnd the dirt from
tho outBldo tends to clopo up tho
pores and dovelop offcnslvo odors.
Fur this reason ctdlly bathing Is,
necessary from both n health and a
social strndpolnt.
llnths nro generally divided Into
thrco clnsscs, depending upon tho
tcmrcratr.re of tho water hot, tepid,
and cold. Each is tnlson for a definite
, turposc tho hot for relaxation, tho
' tophi for cleanliness and tho cold for
tho tonic offoctB.
' Tho hot bath used alone Is not ns
n rulo ndtlneable, but undor a doctors
direction, It Is used In tho tror.tnicnt
' of certain bodily wcnkncsHcn, This
lath alno serves tho purposo of clcnn-
llness morb orfcctlvely than do other
Lpths, but after It tho bather Is moro
susccptlblo to cxpocuro to cojd. Fol-
lowing n hot bath tho bather should
tako a cold shower tr n coll pHingo;
' 1 OBslhly U10 procedure may bo ro
' ciimmendcd ns tho most useful ana
beneficial form of bathing for tho
great majority of people,
Tho topld bath u bath of a torn-,
perature, from 85 degrees to 98 do
grees proves n most satisfactory
form of bathing, because whllo It
cleanios the surface, It'haij least in
tornnl Uodlly effects, producing
neither fntlguo nor over stimulation
of the heart action as the hot and
cold baths sometimes do.
Tho cold bnlh Is used mostly for
tho tonic effects. It Is n powerful
stimulus to tho nervous system, and
should bo taken when tho skin Is
warm. Upon rising in tho morning
Immediately after muscular exorcise,
nnd following a hot bath, It l most
beneficial and least likely to produco
bad after effects. Dangers from tho
cold bath arise through tho shock to
I tho nervous system and tho loss of
heat from the body. Tho bather may
Last Play of Season
"The Folly of
i Youth"
-A Clever 3-Act Comedy-Drama
Presented by the
First Ward Dramatic Co.
Thurs., May 25
Deborah Undorlhll-"An old Fashioned mother". .AlVIWLE SKASTnANIJ
Wldder Illll Pindlo "Leader of the choir" HA NN A II AY DfXOTT B
Miss Lowlzy I.ovlny Custard "Plain Sewing and Gossip', ..ADA MWMAJ
Uaboll Slmpscott "Tho Village Hello", ,.sAn" 'AnS
..Iorlana Perkins "Sorvant Olrl" "J'l JvA.9,9.N,
MUy Pindlo "Tho Wlddoi'f Mlto" VBRNA NIEIBN
John Undorhlll "Tho Prodigal Son" MNFOHl) WEKNBll
Charley Undorhlll "Tho Kldor Urother" IJt-NAIlD MADSLN
llnithorJonah Quackcnbush "Tho Eldor Brothor," .... JESSB K1UKMAN
Jeremiah aosllng-''A Morry Heart" CI-MIBNCB OIUNT
i'nocluKono ''An Outcast and a Wanderer" MARTIN NIBLSI-N
QuintusATodd "Tho County Sheriff", MELVIN MADSEN
.' , rrnE vii.LAOE cuom
TJAIE: Twonty Vonra Ago.'
PJjAOK: TIio Vi lingo of Canton, in Northern Now York.
Matinee 3:30, 10 and 20 cents. Evening 8:15, 25 and 35 conta
ivloil theso by using water whoso
lompcraturo Is not too low und by r1!
limiting tho time spent In tho bath, "
To stay In u cold bath longer than
ono mlnuto is undesirable, savo In a
very fow exceptional cases; thirty B
Rcconds Is tho usual tlmo while with H
Homo peoplo ten seconds should be
the mnxlmum. A brisk rubbing with H
a cparse towel should always follow H
the cold bath. People past middle H
age are ns a rulo not benefited by B
tho cold bath; and thoso In delicate H
hoalth, especially If Inclined toward, B
rhvumatlsm, are likely In b; affected B
Injuriously by It. H
Tho idea of daily bathing is a grow- j
Ing ono. Thlrf Is largely duo to the
modern conveniences wo huvo com- H
pared with thoso of the people of fifty H
yours ago. Formerly it was ncces- H
sary for tho bnther to go to tho well H
and pump tho water, then curry It to 'H
the houso nnd' heal it on tho top of n B
cook stovo In kettles or palls. The H
family wnsh-tub "as then brought
Into uso nnd because of Its sm'ullneHS B
tho bather had1 some difficulty In
bathing his whole body at once. Then
too In tho small liouRca there was
Rome difficulty In securing tho prtv-
ncy needed for bathing,
Now, n the modern times thoro
'arc unnumbered advantages that as- ,H
'sIrI tho person In dally bathing. In B
many homes now, tho wntcr Is piped
Into the houso v.hlcli It, supplied with H
stuttonan tubs with both hot and
cold wi.tcr. ' In the larger homes
there Is oftentimes tho covenlenco H
of tho showers. Ono can easily sec H
that under such conditions dally
hr.thlng becomes much more h matter H
of habit. Tlio idea of dally bathlBg H
is oxtendod by school egulpinent In H
our modern up-to-date -schools, show- fl
er havo teen supplied so that the H
students coming from the gymnasium,
floor after taking rigorous exercises, H
fins the pleasure of taking' u cold N p H
shower no ns to prevent chilling of H
tho body If exposed to tho cold. Ho- .
cause of the wide-spread knuwlerigu IH
of tho close relation which exists be- H
twoon dally bathing and bodily f H
health, our largo cities have been sup- 'H
piled with swimming pool. Theso H
not only ralso the health standard H
but afford amusement aa well. H
The world is coming more ami H
moro to rocognlxo this close con- H
nectlon lAitwvon dally bathing and H
'bodily hoalth, An has been stated, H
tho Individual bather must of course M
determine the kind of bath most M
Ibenoflclnl 'to ono of his health and M
vitality. If a deflnlto systeii) Is work- 1
,ed out with tho proper kind of bath, H
dally bathing will go far towards rals- 1
Ing tho gonoral health of each In- H
dividual and will thus bring the
hoajth vstandard of the community to
a higher point.
Almost now, Cheap It t,nken ct B
onco. Phono 85 or call at Citizen of- '
flco 18tf-
I Her I
Experience I
"I was never H
able to bake a I
good cake until I
I using Royal. 1 D
; find other pow- H
Iders leave a
bitter taste." '.H
' Mro. C. P. i
Baking Powder I
Absolutely Pure B
P Contains No Alum ,B
I Leaves No Bitter Taste j B
Stnd for New Royal Cook Book 0 III
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" Bsl

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