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gf American Pork Citizen 1
MJQ M Mmm "" M -4isssssssssssssssssssmi rn -f fH
! OfllcUl of th0 0rem 'nrurbaB
fjkltto haro recently gone over the
ZULteai routo for a new spur from
!J iManlla station to the Amerlcun
Btk canyon are enthusiastic over
i'HtlK prospocta of the now line.
gjM ,t , contemplated that the spur
fB,, be bum straight east from the
" &Wm ugnll station and then north along
1. 3:45 ffltta foothills to the canyon. ; The
filnTtaue for the road is expected
SB g, the passenger traffic and the
fl freight shipped from the mince and
ifl esarrles along the route.
lim paring tho summer months thou
fl HBds of pcoplo both from this
'fl county and from other parts ol the
fl state would visit the canyon and
I the wonderful caves that have been
I dlKovered there lately. Much of
this transportation would come over
w fl the new railroad.
2 fl The mines of the American Fork
m canyon would gTeatly increase
. Z fl their out,rits as ths freight charges
""" $ fl on tho oro to the 8;nelter8 wou,d
I considerably decreased with the
S I coming of tho road. At present all
by ol the oro has to be transported
i fl by am. to u Bat,0B nt American
jn I Fork and thero transferred to' the
4 I railroad cars.
jn I Another source of revenue yould
X I bo tho cxtcnBlvo llmeand clay de
t I posits north of Pleasant Grovo.
" B Most of theso deposits belcns to
'a the Wadlcy brothers of Manila, who
lb? of fl hare been shipping several ear
week fl loads of tire clay daily to smelters
arril, fl in this and other states for several
Wed- fl years. Tho city Is being .hauled
fl trom th) deposits to the Pleasant
fl Orovo station by teams rad. then
arlea fl loaded on the railroads cars.
Lo 'fl Two carloads of lime roes have
4 fl "been shipped out dally twflieiii)
'cor- 4iBie to the sugar factories tai TJta
Ur fl county. These- deposit; of Nm
fl rock are as yet almost tmn4biji;
""" Wen who are la a' position to know
fl sy that the dejgoslts w are tttayilarax
H est to be found anywhere fa the west
H Railroad officials are anxious to
H start tho building of the spur so that
H they will be on the ground when the
H steel mills in Utah county become a
H reality. It la understood that en
I eouraging reports have been received
from experts rcpresovllnFT ihe steel
H interests who have tested the lime
tjB nrd the clay.
H Mayor J. M. Walker has Issued a
,H call for a mass meeting or citizens,
to meet with the Commercial Club
next Thursday night, to discuss
plane for th0 celebration of July 4th.
Tho mcctlnf? will b0 hold in tho Club
H rooms over tho postofflco.
Tho citizen of tho town should
--fl como out to help mako plant for this
day. It Is not probablo that an. olabor-
' ate celebration will be atif.d this
yoar; howovor, somothlng in In? lino
' of programs, races, childrens donco;
baseball; salutes 'and fjr works
-Wy C0uld b OfiHy staged.
;fl Noxt Wodl98day, June 14th Is Flag
kM day. Although no official' oboervan-
l to t th0 day will bo hold, an ap-
kjfl proprlato display of "Old Qlory" at
I tl16 Prlvato roaldonoeo, buslnoso hou-
I scs, etc. will add to tho spirit of the
I occasion. Th0 boy scouts will meet
I at tho City hall nnd rnioo the flag at
I sunrise.
I Wlllard Smith, well known hero,
I " severely injured In Salt Lake
I Wednesday of last woek, when a brick
I wall of a building on which ho was
working, fell n and crushed him.
Mr. smith was takon to St. Mark'B
M hospital and this week an x-ray pic-
; turo was takon which showed his
m back to bo brokon. Mr. Smith mnr-
jl "fid Mis, Eiva LogBdon , daughter
'I of Mr. and Mrs. Petor Logsdon of thla
if clty' Ir 's getting along no voll as
II on bo oxpoctod.
S? Chlpman's carry a full nnd cra
i.' fleto stock of extras for yonr piowh,
I your mowors, your binders. Just call
I vp Preston or Pratt at Chlpman's
Surveyors will start laying out the
new road up around Timpanogoa early
next week, If tho present plans of the
county commissioners go through, ac
cording to Commissioner James T.
Oard&pr. The government will send
out a surveyor, who will lay out the
road according to tho specifications
made by the forest service.
Several firms have offered to con
tract the work of making tho road,
and rushing It to completion. How
ever, Commissioner Gardner favors
the' Idea of hiring men from our com.
munitles. who are needing work, and
placing a competent supervisor over
The matter will probably be dis
cussed at tho next meeting of the
commissioners, and work will then
probably be started Immediately.
Miss Olive F. Wooley, formerly In
structor in tho local high school, and
Clinton Burt, both of Salt Lake were
married in Salt Lake Wednesday.
Announcement is made of the en
gagement of Miss Hnttle Mayhew of
Llndon, to Mr. Clyde Nelson, son of
Mr. and Mrs. Niels Nelson, of this
city. The wedding will take place
Juno 31, In the Salt Lake Temple.
Announcement Is mado of the en
gagement of Arch 0. Wast of Pleasant
Grove, and Miss Golda Lott of Provo.
Mr. West Is well known here, havlag
been a student at 'the local Mfftf
school several yearn ago. ""''
Miss Leona vWlgnall, daughter of
Ml1., and Mrs:. WV.WIgaall of this city
an! KennfcJUlea of paatt Fork
wero'nssrfllFrpVo, Tuesday of
this weetftMfndllrs. Hales spent
esds thlfttUr part ol th week, V
Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Steggie an
nounce the marriage of their daugh
ter Mary, to Gilbert Colton, son ot
Mr. antr Mrs. Ernest Colton, both ot
this city. Tho ceremony was perform
ed in Proro Wednesday. Tho many
friends extend congratulations.
x Miss 'Eva Dean, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Samuel Dean, Jr. ot this
city, and Mr. Arthur Francis cf Pan
gultch wero married nt that place
Wednesday. They will make their
homo thcro, Mr. Francis having em
ployment there.
J, Bort Storrs, son of Bp. and Mrs.
Joo. H. Storrs of this city and Miss
Luella White ot Beaver, wero mnrrlod
in the Salt Lak0 Temple Thursday,
Junp 8th. Both Mr. and Mm. Storrs
were teaihors In tho local 1 teh cchool
tho past term and hav0 a Iar; circle
of friends who wls'a them to' They
will ma!o holr hrwo hero
The marriago of Miss Norma Jones
ot Lohl and Victor Nicholcs, con of
Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Nicholcs, of this
city, was solemnized is tho Salt Lake
Tomplo Wednesday, Juno 7th. Tho
young peoplo are well known in both
towns, having taken an active part
in social and roltglous circles. They
havo tho congratulations of a large
number ct friends.
Miss Marie Hunter, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Hunter- of this
city, and Clarence Knudscn of Lehl,
wore married in the Salt Lalco Tomplo
Wednesday. They r.ro both well
known In tho nodal circles ot both
towns and havo a largo number ot
friends who oxtend congratulations.
Mr nnd Mrs. Knudscn will mako their
home In Salt Lake.
Troop 1 ot boy scouts of; American j
Fork won socond place In the County,
field meet held in Provo Saturday
afternoon Inst. Troop 2 of Spanish
Fork took first place, nnd troop 2 'of
Provo Fifth ward took third plnco.
Tho local troop Is trom tho First
ward, and is to bo congratulated up
on their success.
At our Implement dopartmont there
nro no 8 hour days wo want you to
fool our men aro thcro to sorvo you
night nnd day. Just call "Billy" or
"Irying" at Chlpman's.
An adjourned session of the city
council was held Saturday night with
all members but Coddlngton present.
Tho special business ot the meeting
was to hear protests for side walk
paving districts u Defers 3, 4, 6 and
In tho case of district Number 8,
only ono protest was mado ihee
woro no protests in number 4; In
numbor 5, out ot C20 rods, theio was
a little over 200 rods protested, stat
ing that another yoar would give
prices a chance to regulate them
selves, and would be more conven
ient fc-r tho property owners. In
numbor 6, threo protests were made.
Aftor duly considering the proposi
tion, tho council passed a resolution
to the effect that they had received
Jurisdiction authorizing them to
proceed with the work. They author
ized the recordor to advertise for
bids. It was tho senso of the council
however, that If bids were' too high
that the work would probably not be
done this year.
It was also decided that property
owners who wish to put In their own
pavement would havo the prlvlledge
ot doing so, providing that agreemcBt
was mado for this work before the
contract was let. The city council
will visit the abutting property own
ers in ordor to ascertain those wh
wish to do the work themselves. ;
Mahltn Hansen appeared before
tho council and petitioned that ho be
allowed to run a pool hall, tho ane
to be erected one block south of the
Alpine Pnb. Co. office. He stated
that he would 'also run a refreshment
stand in connection. The council
tpokthe matter under advisement,
rin thema"tter of placing atrtt
lamps on. west state road, It wm de
cided thatVne 'lisht be placed at tin
city llaHs. '?
Councilman Rasmuesen presented fce
matter ot repairing the roada, tiem
American Fnifc Main street' to he
city limits, north on the Alpine jrojd,
atatlni tint the trattkC'tkrtwg
taU a better road. The Tfetter wai
left with the street committee and
the road supervisor to Investigate,
and either repair the present road or
reroute the canyon highway to some
other street.
Tho matter ol watering the city
park nnd camping grounds was left
with the city property committee
with power to act.
Tho city water nssessamont roll
was 'presented for approval by the
water superintendent. Tho recordor
was authorized to check ovor the ac
counts, charge the amount to the
treasurer and turn tho roll over to
the treasurer for collection,
Tho locals defeated Sprlngvlllo horo
yesterday (Friday) to lh tunn ut l7 4.
Four homo runs woro mado, three
by Sprlngvlllo and ono by Seal Snow
for the locals. Miller was on the
mound for American Fork.
Tho victory gleaned by tho local
baseball nino from the Lehl sluggers
Vjjcdncsday aftoraoon at Lehl was
complete and easily done. Allen Shol
ley pitched for tho locals, and won
his third straight game. Lehi used
three pitchers, Jackson, Lott and Wil
son. In the fourth innings, the "Cavo
men" chased in 10 runs, and the vic
tory was then assured. The final
score stood 13-5. Thorn was a good
nttondanco but the game was poor.
Tho umpire who officiated could be
Improved upon.
For the benefit ot the local base
ball club, there will be a big married
folks' danco In the Apollo next Wed
nesday evening. The parties have al
ways been a great auzcess, nnd a
good time la assured.
j The results ot the other games
played Wednesday are as follows:
J (Provo defeated Heber ai Provo,
jscoro 8-4.
I Midvale was defeated b Spring-
vlllo, score 8-2,
i Payson was defeated by Spanish
Fork at Payson, score 21-3.
Harry McCleery,, graduato of tho
local high school In tho class of 1016
irraduatod from tho University of
Now York, Tuosday end received tho
jdogroo of Bachelor of Commercial'
Sclonco. Mr. McClcory will arrlyo
,home Sunday. I
wrglars entered the Snow Confect
loaerjr and Cafo sometimo late Mon
day night or early Tuesday morning.
The'ithlovcs seemed to be well ac
quainted with th0 promlces, as thoy
entered through an open transom In
the rear ot tho building. They did not I
eVeni break tho glass whllo entering I
evespreak tho glass while entering.
Foet prints woro plainly visible on
the ftovo whore thoy allghtor from
the transom.
The cash resistor was robbed of)
$39.p and some chango which had
been) left there th0 night before. a
email amount ot cigars were also
It appears to havo not been the
work of young boys, and tho offlcert
feelthcy havo clues which will lead,
totho arrost of tho perpetrators ot
th doqd. No arrests have been made1
as yet, however. i
John Ferry, famous artist ot wes
tirj scznery asi W. M. MoCccniuy
Nplt Lake, .were visitors in Amcrl
jjMFork Friday, enrouto to Amerl
wMFork canyon. Mr. Ferry and
Mtift McConahay visited tho canyon
grinlr.y and tho former expressed him
self J to tho effect that this canyon
omijalns oom0 of tho most beautiful
sjfcnsry In the west
ii-lfk' Ferry will remain In tho can
yema week or ten days and will paint
Tlmpanogos, together with other
SgMtiful views, which wiffbe on x
Mfrttlon In Salt Lak9 when completed.
-OtHio to tho Primary conference In
fit Lake today the Primary of the
Fmirth ward will not meet this after
iejtn (Saturday) but-the meeting will
helkeld next Saturday as unit.
, i
Work la progressing nicely on the
two now public buildings which are
in course of erectloa here. The brick
work Is about halt completed on tho
library. About ten more days will
seo tills part of the building complet
ed. Tho Btructur0 Is made ot dark
brown brlol: with yellow inortar. Tho
pillars ut the doorway oro also yel
low, nnd havo two pretty oval win
dowj on cither eldo.
Two more weeks will see the brick
woik completed on tho now gymnas
ium. These brick aro a pretty dark
brown, nnd white mortar Is being used
It will be a beautiful building when
finished. Tho largo gymnasium will
bo two stories high with a spacious
balcony oxtendlng around three sides.
In tho east end, there will be a large
stage, sultablo for all hinds ot enter
tainments, Under this will bo the
heating plant ot tho building.
' In the front of the structure Is the
ticket room, cloak rooms, dressing
nnd check room, This entrance will
bo but one story high and is now up
to tho square.
From tho way tho work Is now pro
gressing, this building should be
ready when school stcrts In September.
Scouts Awarded Badgei
The' awarding meeting for the boy
scouts of tho town and a promotion
of tho 7.) ,.wnnri ot the boc hive
girls of it? TLird ward ws held la
the ward chapel Sunday night
Mrs. A, R. Overlade, representing
the Bee Hive department ot the M. I.
A. 8tke board, and the following
members of vthe"Coirt of Honor fotf
the Boy Scouts ware present: Chair
man S. L. Chlpman, A. J. rans.
James H. Gardner, Wllford Wtrnlck,
James H. Clarke, Janwa T, Gard
ner and Mayor J. MV .Ifalker.
A spleMMprogram -wa) gtven,
preeeedhMUke boy aeemt'' award.
The school board met Tuesday after H
noon In the offices here, with all H
members present, UM
Tho matter of whether or not thfl H
school district would hire a nurse for H
the next year, was discussed. MlM H
Margaret Ingersoll who has acted ai H
school nurso for tho Alpine District , H
for the past sovoral yearo, has ae H
copted a position with the govern- H
meat. The superintendent was in- H
structcd to Investigate tho securing H
of a nurso for another year, and re- H
port at the next meeting. H
Tho superintendent reported , thai H
tho book binders wero at work In th H
district, repairing books for another H
yoar. It was recommended that not H
moro than 11,000 be paid for thte H
work, in vlow of tha fact that newT H
text books will be uaed next year.' H
The superintendent recommended
that1 school bogln noxt fall, September H
llthi also that the two summer work H
crs"recolve 150 00 per month for s
pensos, TIo ncemmendod' further that
tho registration fee for the RfftB H
school next yesrbe placed at H
por student. This will include lock- H
er fee. All the recommendations ef H
the superintendent were accepted. H
The list of teachers submitted try H
the superintendent forthe coming H
term was receptnd by the board.
Upon recommendation of the Supt. H
Arvllla Wootston of Lehi, was re- H
leased from her contract H
The estimates for the work already H
dono on the America fork fjrnkiaf- H
' "- -.tin v BBjam
ium, by Messrs. Poulees and Lott were H
presented and ordered paid. H
The noard deeided to mthertae the fl
arenKeeti M fmn the nmm tor H
thenew,gym. te.he tallt at Alftee H
so that work' mny'eemmenee the H
- ' .H ,ifli BSSSSal
near fsM.1' -r ;f . i H
p t '';'.'-' '"t" i v. H
i j e, naisss
"W SB- H
Implements I
i Farm Machinery I
and Tillage Goods I
We Have a Complete Line of All Kinds of H
Extras of nearly all -kinds for Mowers and Binders, , H
' Binding; Twine, Haying Forks, Cable. Clamps. fl
' ', ' -' - .'.' '
:; , v- .. ,
,, Tlio'Alf ulfu will soon bo ready-got your old raowor ready for it ' M
3 H
, H
v If you want an extra in a hurry, jnst call up "Billy" or "Irv- II
ing," they will not lot tho grass grow under their HI
feet, they will be up and doing, II
S sna 'a
Chipman's 1
Am. Fork - "The Gave City" B
4 M

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