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M ); ' ,.- , "fct i' . H
H Keep your out-of-town fnends poslcd on fTT TT U alfil T T B 1 T' TW j "1VT If you have any thing to sell tell , the , gH
H $Wf4r I I"! lij R'-i 1 I I Mi 1J X publicthroughTHrfciTrZENcolumns.lt H
H THLU1IZEN. One Year $1.50 JL JL JL JLU JL JL X CLJ JL-a4 X reaches the people.-Ask our adversers. WM
M Vol. 4. No. 16. American Fork, Utah, Saturday. August 11, 1900. Subscription 81.50 'H
H Stephen Mott Is Summoned.
B ' Stephen Mott ane of the llrstscttslera
B of Amorican For answered a llnal
Bl aummnnd early last Saturday morning,
after u well spent and tuelul lite, being
B In alt olghty-llfth year, of which flft-
H five year has bvn paused In this city.
BM Tbo luneral sorvloes wurt hula In
f Pcleacb hall Monday atturnoon. Tho
stand and pulpit whs bvantllnlly duo-
B for tho occasion.
Tho Old Ft 1 is choir opened tho sor-
H tIh by slDglag "Rust oa the Ulilsldu"
B Washburn Chliman was the lirst
gT apralce'r, he spoka u( Incidents In tho
B errly llfu of ikceafed. Th- Liffler fum-
B lly quattot then sang "Whun trie Aug-
Bj oil Have Lifted the Veil" Tho next
B two speakers being a org Cunning-
H ham and WmUrant.
H Miss Nan Thornton thn sang a solo
B "Ouldo Me to Thee" alter which I.. I'.
B Lund dwelt at length uu the life work
BB of the deptrted, and hi service during
BB the Dlack Hawk war. BlsUup W. H.,
BB Smith also spoke on the life uf tho tie-
1 deceased followed by thecloslng hymn
B "Farwell All Earrtuly Honors" by taa
H choir. Tbe bencdli tl jo was pronuunc
B ed by president S. L. Cnlpmxn.
H In theerly part or the 10th century
B there lived lu Las County, Cunada,
B a sturdy pioneer couple, ilyrum and
B Elizabeth Kuupp Mott.
B On ttie seventh day of May,IH!, was
B born to ihem Melr first chliiTStephen,
BB the subject of this skotch, and iho eld-
H est ot a family of flvo nous ana two
B daughters. Ills boynuod days were
H spent with hU parents lu ihcreilplo
B beer life of Canaoa, where thuyro-
B DialueU utitil he was nineteen yearn of
1 Atthattlmo 1811, ho removed with
gggB hla father's lamlly to Nauvoo. Ulinoln,
H kU father, mother, and one brother
H having prevloui-ly joluou tho Church
B of J-but Cbnst of Latter Day Batnu.
B , Atuvuo they remalnod. sharing
H the varied exporletices and trials of
r' tho Latter Day Stints, till the general
K lexoiU of the Saints from that p ucu In
' 184J, wnenihey vruwea h Mlssisstp-
jl p river, and crt'leii With many otlitrs
H' f. " of tueexlllul)esMcAiit,.Iowa.M'.;Y;
B .Hruyw'y-njjt"
TJ v ihey'i'reisrplitcii with ox teams
Hl- I --ci-'- In Warreu 8ml h'a p.upatiy, arriving
B in Utah &ejtojbA"Jth ot the aomo
B year ani settling in American Fork,
B Whore flro Stephen Mott (fatulliar'y
H known as "Uuclo jiovo") lias rando
B bis huiiie till the lime f his death,
Siuray. Augusi4. 1UJI
B A to' y- nftrr itllng in Amorl-
H can Fork Bro. Melt became rn uiber
of the Churoti of JepusChrlstof Lattti r
B Day 3aliU and was shortly ult-rwuro
B sent lu company wl hStoi hunChlpman
K'- Sr. and vVllliani Henry Chlpmnnto
B holp build Deer Creek, a provUlon
BB sutlyu for the milligrams between
B the .Mlssnurl rlvur and Salt Lake Val-
m liy. From this mlml'Ui they were
B called to retu u Just previous to tlie
p arrival of .lohnbon's Army In Huh.
B, During hlallto II o Molt bus married
B three wive-: Meiln.a Smith in IW()
B Alice Thornton in 185'!; and Mury
B Stoddard in 1H 12, all of wiiom hii v v.j
B ,llm Tho noubhdrou have b e.i uo u
H to cither o( his wives, they have rah- it .
B (, thre; lstrs Kaont Chlpman and
T Lou'sa II .Miller and Ltro Albert Sitgur
B Mott from luf ncy io man ami wjiimii I
B hood, and b vo atslstca In the rear l'ig
B o1 o.ht-rs nui ably Miuimg tbo m Ulshnp
B Warren B. Smith. Ilcautiuly be tald
ot Bro. Mott that bo was a "Fahcrtu
M the ravtierless" and a frlund to tbuH
K , in I
V He rem lined a member of the Church
B until- the time of his i!iuth, iinJ lus
B ever been ready with his mans and .
Kl advice to axsiat the unfortunate, as '
By well U "dv uco tliK tuteieN.k of thu
Q community flnancUHy niU morally.
Bfl Burild w the wives and chllilrcu '
B, named, a hi st of rt-lai vex remain to
B" mourn the loss of one of the pluuetrs
B of our fair city.
H From the Mission Field
B y ..
Bgv,., Elder 8am Grant Writes Interesting
i Letter of California.
Saoramiuto, Cal. Aug- 'i W
B W. D. Loveld, Editor CltUen,
B Dear Brothei;. Thinking
B the maay raider of the Oltlen would
F be pleased to lir from thi part oil he
B Lord's vineyard, I will endeavor to
write you briefly. There aro four
B. elders laboring here In Sacramento,
m namely, James A. Hymat of Llbeny,
H Idaho, P. A. Nellceii of L,ara, Colo.
B ThuraHg Cottam of St. Georgo and
f my-ef We all neum to be enjoying
B lb" spirit of our mlrslon. Our confer-
B e ice president, Elder Arthur T. Mo-
B (7-iriv vravM u vr-ry pleasant visit lat
eeK, tiiylnguv i Hunday wbli us,
F Wo were all u tim l-'rucii):o Uurlng
the eartl'quake nnd flrcetid gained an
i xperleuie ih tt cannot be I ought for
money, und ono that I think we will
not forget; h.ivo oe.i libirlng here
orer slnud.
There are u urcat many churches
huro, and tho gruater pari of the peo
ple take smiie Interest In tome kind of
religion. Vo In.ld two or three meet
ings every week, and hold Hunday
services In Unity Halon I t between
7ih and 8ih Sts. We also hold prayer
and .fhtiinouy mooting evury V dne
day uvenlng, at the homes of Saint,
vi ry oliuu friends mine In and attonU
our servlceB. Wo ti art among the peo
plo two dajM lu oaoh week and 1e.it
iileuiiy and tfiilnls the remainder.
Wu have made two country trips thin
stimrni r aud expect to mitko two more.
Blder Nelleonandl spent a very pleas
aut week at Auburn wu had good euc
rtiHS and feci satlsll d In our Inborn.
Wo havu't as yet iiiuilenny babtlnms
llilHsumtuur butexeclto make two
next week. Saerauiontb has been
tractod suvcral times and wo are now
wurxing on the outskirts, on tho cast,
and liavo a nice walk of about four
mlluB evt-ry nny wo tract. There used
to bo u Sacramento conference but was
joined to the S -nFrani'lsco conference
about live or six yuan Hgo. And since
n great inuny of the Saints have muv.
ed aAruy some to Utah una tome to
other parls of Cal fomla. There are
only about eighteen or twenty families
of Saints here now, but they are all
strong In the flth and treat the elders
very kindly. Wo havo had sevwral
outings this summer and had loin
real enjoyable times. Pioneer day,
a number ot the Saints uud wo elduis
about twenty five In number, took a
rldo up the Hacronunto river about
eight or ntno tnlle In a guhollne launch
wo stopped at a f)ot whore the grass
was gruon and lots of sh.ido tre is, and
spent a very enjoyable day in games,
bolting, lull) log aud fl-hlng and also
had v. iiIch lunch. Wo saw one of the
large hop fluids of California ami had
the privllego of picking tigs from thu
trees aud eating thutn.
Wo havo mauy friends here and arc
still making inure, wo iiftlmus hear
tho people laUo the grtat tabvrnacltt
j, SfrudlSiy 'or luZ rMdiffV tho
(Htlzo.i happen In Sacramento wo
would bo plcosed to havo them call on
us, wo ran be fuiiud at 417 O. -P. I
alwnyn oi. Joy reading the L'ltUcn and
look furwani for Its arrival ech weok.
Will clos with kind regards and
bust wMieH to yourself und my frlonds
I remain your brother In the Gotpol,
Kldcr S. F. Grant
Experimental Farm Gets Good
Results from Spraying.
Thu Utah Ceiitral Experiment Farm
al iIiIh place has shown most satlt
fa lory results I rum spraying for cod
ling muih aid clliti li.ficlton that
destroy a apple crop.
Tbo orcburdaou tbU ftrm afforded
uxcelleul oportunltl lui u gtiiulno
test, iromthu fact that until thlHspiIng
wiiou tno farm whs puioliaxou lor a
state experiment, the trees hml prac
tical!) mil wlia ihruiigli luck of cam.
I'rof. IO. I. Hall, uiiiouiologlst of
Agricultural Cohugeof Uluti uxp.:il
iiiutit t tllou has iiml full eh rge ol the
sprayimtund exumlnatlous which havo
bueu very llioioiuh auJ at a complo
t uu of me 10'iyoaterUiy a grttilliiit
at ihu rt sul to shown,
Tho following nhiiwi. the pcri'ontaura
o' r-pr y.n a til not s, raying. The
trots hiu luKuti right t.iruugli the
oii'hard, ouu liulng sprayed and ouo
mls d and by actual count of ail Hppks
I uiu uvtnge uuuibur or eoUllug moths
p rlrcu on utuprajed trecp billig l,'i;
I uu thi h, lajiil lites the avorMga
but 8. Ihu aveia;o nunilur ol calyx
worm mi iiusprayuil tree was 17, on
t io rirayni liees iiiilio Miru futliid.
, AveiUe iililllberof wormy upplus Ml
u ispiay d trees wai.2 M'rcont. Avei
ugo per com mi sprayed treui, 21 pel
ceil . Two of the Rpriynil tices had
iiuwoimsat ah; while one ot the uu
spruyud trees huii 30 peii'itil wormy
apples. The spraying killed all calyx
worms (worm that eiiur the bloum
end) and 7l! 1'iiruent of the worms Hint
inter Ihu s do of the apple.
I Tho trice weru sprayed tw'cu. and
the percentage ol wormy apples on
spra) od tries Is much greater than it
would have beun If theiu wt. a larger
y luld nf apples as the number of wotrun
per tree oiild have Wueu the same.
O a Mirson. manager ef the farms
reHirts that one naif of the remaining
worm will bo caught under the tree
bind before the season is over.
he work of harvesting the grain oi
the xperlin nt farm buglus udy,
riinmlif.rlnfn'a Co,lc- CJiokrs ni
Never UIU. Uuy It cow. It way uvt life.
Alpine Stake ConfriNiYf'
Held at Mike
Apoatle Richards of Salt Lak und'
Profettora Brlmhall H Inkle y of ,9.
Y. U. Give Interesting Talk. '
The twenty-seuond coaferMdc of
tho Alplno i-tiko ot ztup eMtrwVil at
Alpine at 10 a. m. Saturay. There
were present of the general utkoHlea
Apnstlo George F, Richards, tl ttaktf
prosluonoy, a flr reprvgenuttib ut
high eouncllora, and a email congrega
tion of Saints.
PreslUcui 8. L Chlpmab mldd .
Tho Alplno choir furnUhtd to sing
ing Meeting was opened by the cbtli-Aad
congregation singing "PraiMt tilth e
man who communed with .IchoTriK 1.
Prayer was a Sored by Elder Igfco
thy McCarty. f
President S. L. Chlpman ma4aorae
opening remarks. Expressed thakt
to tho bishop Io and people ef Alalae
wani fortheci'ommodatlons ful-nMiwd
for this oecasalnu. Tbo etake preat
dency aro united, an i tho high coun
cil and bishopric are united ferith
i hum. The auxllllary organliene
arc autlve and doing gwod work. .. frelt
that the moral aba social condltjcliiof
the stake aro scarcely wbat'they ih ald
no The Sabbath la aoi obaertt' I M
It ought to be.
The real of the rbrenoon waa iieat
In hoirlng roporta and la an au'ureae
ny Apo-tle George r. Hlcbardl. (
Singing from page of hymn boo? OS,
Benediction by Patriarch Henry
Moylo. v '
Second session convened ia meeting
house at S p, m. with a better attornl
uncv. Meeting opened by the choir
and congregation ainging from rwje o
of the hymn book. fc 4
Prayer waa offored by Ellaa A.ltuih
man. fk
President A. J. Evans endotan?
marks of prt-vi' us speakertBp
thankful for tbe blessings the H
pouring out upon Hla people. B
tho paying of tlthtnsr and tha nsB
there ia for observing alt of GodH
We shoulu obsprve fast day ftndB
our fast day donations. m
Bishop A L Culllmore CvHf
rort of the Llndon ward.Ha
sb mo as tHilug in good coudJa
Tno choir rendered anjB
Bishop W. B. Smith oKTrl.
can Fork Fourth ward jafcioal
report hla ward. aB?V
tlona complete and iB'T
Now meotlng houaaPKul
for aad rra4y tor daHtoe!
laafeaaa of.,MthHBrv
, Apotcio 'KiUia'rda oovualaaruia rail
V)f tho time in speaking of tba reatnra
Itlon of tho gosple, the free ageney of
hiaa aiidthoeslablUhtnentofthlagraat
and free government. He also paiil a
glowing tribute to the life and charac
ter or tho life of the Prophet Jwsjph
Mu th. M
Singing from page 38 of hymn boAk.
Ucnoillctlon by Henry Moyle. '
Thlnl soaslon waa keld In Amuse
ment ball at 10 a. m., Sunday, Aiigf.6
I0OH, with President A. J. Bvana In
charge. Thore was a ooiigrogatloalat
this session.
Meeting waa opened liy tho choir '
sinning "Israel, Iruel,God la aalllng " i
Piavor was otTercd by Patriarch
Win. Clarke.
Assistant Superintendent J. W.
Walker reported Sunday schools 6f
stiko to bo In good working order.
Thcro aro l." r-olmols, ,1 S73 pupils ba
tweou tho ace of 4 ami 20yan in stake
U.07H enrolled, ".74 lllcersand teacher.
Tho ofll-ors at d teachers average at
tendance 7t per cent, of ouplls &H
per cont; 81) "r cent of the officers and
leachors, and 88 pr cent of the punlls
keep the wort uf wlwlom. and 01 per
cent of the ufllo ra and teachers jay
Hob-r E. Robinson of American
Fork First want sxk briefly of his
experiences In tho East the last four
years, where he had been studying
medicine. Adinnnlshod th- Salnta to
keep th- Sabhath dav holy.
Blsbon James T. Gardner nf Ameri
can Fork first ard and Bishop 8. PL.
Sweden of Pleasant Grove v-tve sta
tlstlcal rejwrls of their wards and re
ported their general o nditlon.
The choir samr an anthea.
Hb-cca Standing reported relief so
cletles to b In excelleat coudltloa and
tlolag a great deal ot good work,
Anostla Richards occupied the rest
of the time.
Kinging from page 146.
II rn diction by win. M Bromley.
Fourth s sslon began at 2 p, m. Meat
l"g was oponed by the r.holi singing
from pae- of hymn book .18.
Prayer was offered by lllsbop Kit
President Geo. II. Brlmhall and E.
S. Hluklev of the B. V. Unlvenlty were
presont at this session.
Prcsl'luntJHs. H Clarke spoke on
iidmnnMilnir tho naronts to carefully
watch over tholr children
Slstor riina Chlpman related her ex
iwrlcnrc whlloon her visit to Europe,
Choir sang, "I Need Thee Every
President Gro. H Brlmhall deliver
ed a very forceful and Impressive ora
tion on the prlnclplei of tlie gospel.
The genera! and local authorities
were presented and unumloualy sua
talnrd. Heloasna' since last qunriorly cnfnr
nco- JisepliK Pulley, Leo T. -Shelley
and Mariln Hansen.
Home missionaries James M. Ander
son, first assistant superintendent Hun
day schools; Zlna Forbes, correspond
line secretary and treasurer; James
Klrkham, -horlstorj Edward Sou'h
wick, raerub'r of tho boar I; Ktepbon
W, Ross, James Peterson, .las. H,
Walkerttako superintend-ncy lollgl n
Anthem by chnlr.
Bouedli'tlnn by Erall Anderson.
Conference a'ljouruod for three
Tt Di Dry Farming.
In tbe at two weeks many of
pur citise s have become greatly
enthused with the' dry farming
possibilities of Cedar Vnlley. Con
grew has recently passed a measure
th owing open for selection the Ft.
Urettcndfcn Military reserve which
takes In a greater part of this valley.
Lehi as well as this city Is taking
up this land, and the plans now
being talked up, are to purchase n
large steam plow to break up aful
Work the laud, as has been proven
the greatest succos in raising dry
land grain is through plowing the
land at a great depth, which could
not be done so economically with
horses and aulky plows.
About twenty men from here
visited Cedar Valley the first of the
week, and on Wednesday (he fol
lowing citizens visited the State
land office at Salt Lake and each
filed on a 160 acre homestead;.
James T. Gardner, S. L. Chipman,
James H, Clark, F. D. Cawity,
John H. Davis, Tim McCarty,
Ole Anderson, Virgil Groo, Anion
Shelly, Ell J. Clayaon, E. B Haw
kins, John R. Hindley, Sam Stark
and Oliver Sjostedt.
There will probably be many
more from this , city take up a
homeUeod next week, as there is no
doubt in the minds of those who
have visited the land, that a good
crop of dry land grain can be grown
Hiw DM tie Get Out of the Box?
i'Canllog" (Bob Cuunlngham) Is
simply a wonder it tho expression of
Usom who witnessed his scientific
dallbreaklng exhibition In the opera
louse Thursday night. A volunteer
OBBallteo front tbe audience, consist
ing of J. W, 8torrs, John Peters,
j O.Adaras, Eb. Huntcr.Waa Klatnors
Fred Wright Jr. JesseS Mlsnerund
W. D. Loveless went on the stage to
eapoae his tricks Despite all etlorta
of tying handcuffing, shacklca and
chains "cuanlug'' was not long in
getting out of the steole cage or free
froja"ih,rrot advertised a.tht",TMtir
Degree," although the handcuffs and
shackles were furiilshid by tho com
mittee and belonged la tho city police
forae aud the ceunty sheriff; nothing
eould bold him. The thing that wor
risd tho committee most waa how he
got out ot a 2x2x3 feet dry goods box
Into which ho had beta aicurely fast
ened. Tho box waa examined and
fcUAA to bo an ordinary box such us
goods are shipped in every day, Clin
nlng oil nhed ia tho box and by a great
etturt was able to double up so the top
costld be nailed on, which was donohy
Free Wright. John Adams then
bound the box securely With a rope.
Iu ju-t flvo minutes from tho time
the box was covered Cunning was oi t
and as far as tno committee could ou
not a nail had been disturbed, Hmlll
had tho rope tld aa Mr Adams had
loft It.
Camp Life.
Editor CltUen
I thought fe haps
you would like just a little canyon
uuwsorwo havo a regular string of
villages up hero aud manipulate things
lu a very business like and society
fashion, aa follows:-
The nowly begun vein nt the Pacific
is looking floe.
New work Is being manipulated at
the Bog.
The Whlr)wn1 as everybody knows
Is looking up.
'The prospeotors,mlners and visitors
pronounce a big thing 'for American
Fork canyon someday, and a day not
far distant.
James Chlpman Jr and hla company
called at camp Jackson Sunday on
their way to the Dutchman.
Misses LU and Dnrthy Chlpman
entertained at the ''Bower Beautiful"
Tueauay avoiilug. Catiipflre games
and an appropriate program weru en
joyed, light refreshment were nerved
at nine o'clock. Tho brightest samp
fir that thu eatiyou has oon lu years
eat the whole gulch ablaxe.
Dr Uu!' & pionuuuacs good times for
the Ouwhtuau.
Thu MUees Summcrvlllrs are visit
Ing their brother at the Pacific.
"Neighbor" thinks the bathing Hut
In the mountain stream.
J. J. J. and his brother "Fritz' hav
spen eomotlme In working their claim
the miners say they aro flne"u uckers"
Mrand Mis Leu Jaiknon were guest
at camp Jackson, Sunday,
Mr Holden gavo a fage party Wed
nesday, .Dr. Noyes and Chrlstonsrn are the
guests at Camp De La Sprite aad
"Bower Beautiful tho back end of this
, A Cani'kh.
rW '
This will require the wearing of lighter Dress Goods. We ' "aal
have a limited stock of Summer Dress Goods which mutt, go
this month, regardless of cost and profits to us. Our counters must BgH
be cleared to make (nr Fall goods. H
REDUCT!'. -,f :0-33K( and 50 Pet Cent will be lH
made on this slock ns long as it lasts. H
BBB be worn by H
HBL two monlns c gg
SRBL c'05c our Misses and H
Hg Children Slippers a Big H
BrSgW deduction. Come quick. B
American Fork Co-op Inst H
W 1 I
Just to Tell You
.L. D.S. Garments - -r-
Boley Merc. Co., 'I
sVaamssasaassaaamisBSBssssBssBsssssi sMssasaiaasissBJSBBBBsaHSBBBsaaasBasssaaassBaaBHSBsaaJ gB
Every filing in tho Music line. 500 H
new hooks Just in. Largo stock of H
. Wall rapor. Beautiful assortment of rfl
Pictures and Frames, Japanese, China, H
Glass and Crockery-ware. H
6'ff i ii (I sco ii, s before hmjhrj wctltliw? presents, M
ne can suit you.. M
a "b
TOT A T I i food time to hivt I
-1 I A Y your n-me p,d on w I
XJ i. JL X. subscription Iht ii, i ..
It's Coming To You.' m
"Tho 'Pliono That Talks" subscriber,
alono got FREE Utah County aorvico. H
It's up to you Aro you with us?
h--v I
M aasaMsaB. t .. LSsasaBasasasal

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