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H W. D. LOVELESS, Publisher,
M Oreon Rlrer now has a state bank,
H With a capital of 115,000.
H Plain, City Is to havo a now canning
H taotory, a $20,000 company having
M been organized for that purpose.
m The Davis county fair will bo a sum
B go this fall, an association having Hied
B Articles of Incorporation last week.
L. Tho Oregon Short Lino company will
H operate tho llrst Yoltowstono park ex
fl curslon of tho reason on August 2D.
m The Logan band, conslstlne of twen
m ty-ono pieces, spent two days last wcclt
M In visiting Salt Lako pleasure resorts
B Knrmers in tho Monroo Holds have
U commenced cutting their grain and In
M ' Plications for a good harvest aro oxcol
M Tho drug stores of I'rovo will remain
m open for business, on Sundays In tin,
M fulitre, but will not bo allowed to Bull
M liquor for any purpose. '
M Stnto Treasurer ChrlstlaiiRon report
M that $135,51)0 statu funda wore collect
M cd during tho month of July, whllo
H 1C4,100 wns puld out.
M Joseph McMnhon, tho aoronaut wiio
M foil h dlstauco of 200 feat whllo muk-
M ing a parnchuto jump at Halt Lake City,
M Is dend from his Injuries.
M Tho encampment of tho Indian wait
M veterans at Ephralm last week wab an
H unquallilud buc'cpw, ovory county In
H tho stato being represented.
M Tho tnx levy for Suit Lako county
H -was ilxod at 4.5 mills and the county
M school tax at 2.5 mills by the board of
B oounty commissioners last woek.
H vTho lltllo ton-yonrold eon of Joseph
H Jackson foil Into a well, fltty-flve foet
M iccp, at Draper, and would have been
M 4rownod but for tho timely arrival of
M SMlstano.
M .Daniel W. Kill, county rocordor of
H (Weber county for throp cohbccuUvo
M Atrms, has tendered Jils resignation.
H (His prlvato Interests djuniand his por-
H onal attention.
H JamcH McDonald, a sovon-ycnr-old
H )stalt Lnko boy, was aorlously injured
' tUst week, bolug knocked downand
H Iran over by a surrey while ho was
H (playing In tho street.
. School census enumerators In thirty
bbc of tho fifty-two district of Salt
H Lake havo completed their labors for
H His yoar. Tho Increase shown In the
H jthlrty-slx districts is C88.
H Tho company boarding house at Win-
H Her Quarters was destroyod by fire last
Ceok. Had It not boon for tho oxcol-
nt condition of tho waterworks, the
H Wotlre town would havo burned down.
H Buperlntedrnt Martin of the I'ark
H fclty public schools has just com pie tod
H the school census of Park City. Tho
H eancus shows C75 girls and 580 boys, a
H kotal of 1,155 children of tho school
M VTenry C. aale, aged 19, was killed
H tn a mine In Qranlto district, Denver
H ounty, he having' entored the tunnel
H before all tho shots had explodod and
H received the full force of tho explo-
H , . -
H lien Noblo, a Salt Lako man who
H pas long boon known to tho pollco us'
H k confirmed drunkard, was found dead'
H tn hla cell In tho city jail ouo morning
H last wek, donth being duo' to alco-
H Wollam.
H Charles A. Carman, nn electrical en-
H glncer, fell down stairs, whllo storting
H homo from a resort on Commercial
H stroot. Salt Lake City, rocolvlng Inju
H rles which rosultod in death a fan
H bours later.
H Tho dlstllley to be built by tho
H Utah Sugar company for the manufao
H lure of donaturod alcohol from tho mo-
H )um mado by the sugar companlea
M pC this etato, will bo established In
H Bait Lake or Ogdcn.
M Mary I'attison, a Suit Lako girl, has
H puod the stroel car company for 5,000
H damages, allotting that sho was forced
''H to stand on the foot-boanl of a crowd-
H ' nd street car, from which she fell, bus-
H lalnlng pprmanent Injuries.
H It is probable that a son of the em-
H peror of Oormany will come to Utah)
H to Btudy mining. He Is now a student
H ut tho University ol llonn,- and after
H fits graduation ho will continue his
''H btudy of mining In this country.
H Tho Cambrian socloty of Salt Lako
Pt a recsnt mooting appointed a com
iltteo to inquire Into the advisability
H yt having an eisteddfod In Salt Lako in
H 1907, during the Inter-Mountain fair,
H such as iero hold In 189C and 1898.
H Ths news that Ooxernor Cutler baa
H efusd to call tho Icglslnturo together
H n special session was received with
H much satisfaction in Logan, and tho
H oople aro now very hopeful of success
'''H tor tno college In the coming campaign
'''H Ugalnst the consolidation.
H Brnest C. Wulto of BL John, Milliard
H bounty, dlod at tho L. D. S. hospltul in
H alt I-ako, from injurlo caused by n
H Wagon runnfog over Him. He was
H Working at thu Ophlr Hill mine, haul
log ore from Opblr to Ht. John station,
'''l Waqn be fell oft tho wagon.
willTeIl out death'
10 revolutionists
Peasant Members of the RusiUn Par
llament Who Stirred Up Recent Re
volt Will Be Condemned.
St. Petersburg. M. Onlpko, the
peasant member of tho late parlia
ment, who was captured red-handed
at Cronstndt nfter the mutiny there,
will be tried, It Is scml-nfuclnlly an
nounced, according to the rules of war
for Inciting and partlHpatlng In an
armed revolt, the penalty for which Is
death. The authorities nrc convinced
that they hao n kcxn! raBo, against M.
OulpUo and hopu that It will lnvolvt
scxeral oIIht prominent cxtromlntH In
the Into paillaniPiit I" Hitch nn extent
nR-to lirevent their re-floetlon to any
future parliament.
Tho mlnlHtry nlrcndy Is beginning it
fnr-renchlng campaign preparatory to
tho election of a more tractable par
liament In December. Tho mlnlsterb
Insist on a programme that will con
slut of the promulgation of deflnlto re
forms and the nomination of cnndl
datct who will represent these- In
stead of letting the olectlons go by
default, iih was tho en ho In tho defunct
Japanese Fishermen Who Were 8laln
' Were Poachers.
Washington. Acting Secretary of
Stnto llacon Iiiih hoiiI to Ambassador
Wright at Toklo tho atibstanco of tho
dispatch received by tho department
of commcrci' and labor from Solicitor
SIiiih at Sltltu. Alaska, regarding tho
killing of .lap.iuoHo fishermen on Ht.
Paul Island. In iicndlng thu dispatch
tho acting xccretary states that It Is
forwarded for the purono of giving
Information such ns UiIh government
has of a rugrettubtu Incident, newn of
which inn) roach Japan In distorted
forms. There Is no Intention of offer
ing nn apology or any further regret
than Ih contained In this dispatch, as
the stnto department regards tho Jap
anese llsliormcu as ponrhers if they
were within tho throe-mile limit, and
tho dispatch from Mr. Sims emphn
hIzoh this fact.
Young 8tensland Will Turn Over Es
tate of His Father to Depositors.
Chicago. Theodore Stcnsland, vice
president of the Milwaukee Avenue
Stato hnnU, and son of tho fugitive'
president of that Institution, has comu
to tho rescue of the 22,000 depositors,
nnd It Is tho general belief of those
who nro ondcnvorlng to strnlghton out
tho affairs of tho hank thnt there Is an
uxrollent chnnco thnt till thoso who
have deposits In tho failed Institution
will receive almost dollar for dollar
when n flnnl settlement Is made. Tho
lmpioved condition of thu bank's nf
fairs was brought about by young
Stenslnnd, who announced that he
would turn over to Uccolver l-VUor nil
thu real estnto and personal property
of Pnul O. Stensland, his father.- Tho
son placed n valuation of JfiOO.000 on
this collateral.
Lightning Strikes House of J. L.
Maxey In Missouri.
Springfield. Mo. Tho trial of tho
men charged with tho lynching ot'sov-
, oral negroes here aovernl months ngo
wns begun Wednesday. Soon nttor
tho trial was begun, J. L. Maxey, one
of tho regular panel nf Jurors, rocehert
word that his house, llftoon mlloa west
of Sprlngllold, had boon struck by
lightning, his two children killed and
tho houso destroyed. Ho was excused
from further service.
Dies on His Wedding Day.
Chicago. While preparing for his
wedding Dr. Samuel 11. Crawford. 32
yenrs old, tiled suddenly nt tho homo
of his prospective bride. Mrs. Hose
Sykes, Dr. Crawford had been living
at tho Sykes homo for several years.
Tho wedding had been set for Weil
nesday. Mrs, Sykes was in her room
donning her wedding garments when
sho heard a moan from Dr. Crawford's
room. Hurrying to tho room, sho found
him lying on the floor scarcely able to
vpeak. A physician wns Immediately
summoned, hut Dr. Crawford died
within a few minutes.
Soldier Killed During Maneuvers.
Austin, Tex. Another enlisted man
In tho regular army was killed during
tho maneuvers at Camp Mubry on
Wednesday. Jesse Cuntls of Fort
Worth, atiu'hed to troop K hf the First
cavalry. U. S. A., was shot during tho
maneuvers In tho mountains and died
shortly alter noon. Immediately after
his death the maneuvers were called
off. All tho men are mipposed to havo
had blank cartridges In their guns at
tho time and It Is not known how tr-
killing occurred.
Russian Publication Raises Cry
Against United States.
St. Petersburg. Tho Novoe Vrcmya
pretends to seo In tho International
American conferencQ ut Hlo do Jnnelro
a scheme of tho United States to os
tabllHh n hegeomony In America. Tha
paper raises tho cry of "tho Amorlcan
peril." and says that "the tlmo Is not
far distant when tho Slnv, dofmnn and
Lntln races of Kuropo will he corn
polled to unlto for self-protection
HgnlnBt the comblmtlon of greater
America, grenttr llrltaln 'and grouter
II 1.11 I. !
I.talian Steamship, With 800
Souls on Board, Wrecked
Off Hormigas Island
A Numbsr of Fishermen Who Attempt
to Rescue the Terror-stricken Pas
sengers Are Drowned Captain
of lll-Fated Vessel Takes
His Own Life.
Cartngenn, Spain. A terrible marine
disaster occurred Baturday ovenlng oft
Capo Palos. The Italian steamship
8lrio, from Genoa for Barcelona, Ca
diz, Montevideo and Duonos Ayrcs.
with about 800 persons nboaVd, iw
wrtxked off Hormigas island. Thre
hundred Immigrants, most of them
Italians nnd Spaniards, were drowned.
Tho captain of tho stonmshlp com.
mltted suicide.
Tho bishop of San Pedro, Drozll, nlse
was lost, and It is reported that an
other bishop Is nmong the mlSBing.
Tho remainder of the passengers
and tho officers and crow got away In
tho ship's boats or wero roscued by
means of boats sent to them from tho
A number of fishermen who mado
attempts at rescue wore drowned.
Thoso rescued from tho vessel nro
now nt Cape Palos In a pltlablo condi
tion, being without food or clothing.
, Tho Slrlo struck a rocky roof known
as Bajos Hormigas nnd sank soon aft
erward, stern first. Hormlgna Island,
lies about two and' a half miles to tho
eastward of Cape Palos.
The Slrlo was owned by the Navlga.
ilona Itallana, of Oonoa.
Before he committed sulcldo, the
captain declared the steamer had C45
passengers oft board and that h'er crew,
numbered 127 men. Tho Slrlo had 67JI
passengers when leaving Genoa, bfl
additional Spanish passengers
taken aboard nt Barcelona, where !
vessel touched n few hours before JM
61saiter. .'H
Immigrants Had No Regard for Wol
men or Children. J
London. Tho Madrid coJrospondont
of the Dally Telegiaph describes the
Birlo disaster as one of tho worst on'
record. The ltnllan omlgrnnts, &W
knives In their hands, and wlthouv-r
fardJfor'tho women or children. joughL
with greatest brutality for thn posseer
Ion of llfo buoys nnd bontB. Many
wero kllfoil or wounded, Including aov
ernl mombers of tho crew who woro
attacked by emigrants.
When tho captain saw tho vessol
was lost nnd that tho emigrant had
captured tho boat ho committed fu!
cido by shooting with a rovolvor. Tho
othor officers then lost tholr heads nud
there was nobody to direct tho worli
of roscue. , , ,
Eyo witnesses gave awful pictures
of tho brutal jmn.c on board. Kor halt
an hour tho omlgrnnts were masters of
the situation. Thoy completely over
came tho crow by sheer forco of num
bers, and this In splto of tho efforts ofj
tho offlcors. who tried to savo tho wo-1
men and children first. I
8aw the Slrlo Strike. I
Allcnnto. Spain. The captain of th
Fronch stenmor Mnrlo Louise, whlcll
has arrived hero from Cartagena, rel
latos having witnessed the founderlnif
of tho Slrlo from n point close to thai
vessel. Ho says ho wns romarklng tf
hlH mote upon tho dangerous courrf
tho Slrlo was Hiking whon tho Italtah
steamer, going nhead at full speed,
suddenly stopped and her bow was
Rocn to lift. Tho Mariu Loulso changed
her courso and wont toward the Slrlo.
At this moment thero was heard n loud
oxploslon ns tho hollers of the Slrlo
Conflicting Reports.
London. Tho reports roachlng here
of tho loss of tho Slrlo show confusion
regarding tho captain. Some declare
that ho committed suicide, whllo oth
ers say that he and the crew wero
saved; but were nrrosted on landlug.
The official account from Cartagena
does not mention Uie captain except to
repeat tho report that tho wreck was
due to his Imprudonco In venturing
too oloso to tho Hormigas shoals In
order to savo tlmo. It Is said that the
panic on hoard caused moro loss of
life than the sea Itself.
Twenty Injured In Railroad Wreck.
BL (Jenevlevo, Mo. Twenty peote
wero Injured In a headend collision
between a passonger nnd freight train
Dn tho 'Frisco road hero. Tho onglnes
wore demolished and the tracks torn
up for a considerable distance. The
Injurod were taken to BL Louis on a
apeclal train. The passonger was a
special from St. Louis hearing repre
sentatives of the Knights of Columbus.
Cuts nnd brnlses comprised the injur
ies, and nono of tho passengers was
fatally hurL
Hunger Drove Him Insane,
Now York. While opparently craied
from hunger, John Carle, a homeless
youth, crept bohlnd William O. Pear
ion, a traveling salesman, who was
walking along the street, and plunged
a long knife Into his back, As Poar
Bon fell Carle sprang upon htm and
begnn rifling his pockets, but fled
when a dozen passcrsby rushed - on
film. He wns captured by a pollco-
inan, to whom hn surrendered the
wife, saying: "Hero's what's left of
L" The blade had been broken
I M )
'Outlaws Attack Small Town on Island
of Leyte and Murder Officials
and Burn Buildings.
, New YoiTT. A special from Manila
Bays: "Ono hundred nnd fifty Pula
janes pierced tho military cordon,
burned tho municipal buildings, killed
the cx-presldcnt of tho town, two for
mer members of tho constabulary and
threo policemen ut Abuyon, inland of
Leyto, twenty miles from tho sccno ot
tho recent flghL Ono hundred sol
diers nnd constabulary aro In pursuit
of the raiders. v
"Major Crawford and Cnptaln Knau
ocr, with a lieutenant nnd eight con
stabulary men, wero ambushed by
igorrotefl whllo shooting tho rapids of
tho Abulting river In northern Luzon,
on n bamboo raft. -Major Crawtord,
Captain Kuuuber nnd flvo men wero
lfv-ouiidod with arrows. Thoy wero un
IJiblo to return tho tiro because tho en
lumy wero hidden on tho wooded banks
of tho river. This outbreak is inex
plicable, na hitherto thu Igorrotca havo
been pcncenble."
'President and Cashier Missing and
' Poor People Lose Heavily.
Chlcogo. With n deficit, in its no
AountH estimated ut closo to n million
j'dollars, and with the whereabouts ot
jtwo of Its highest officials unknown
'to tho authorities, tho Milwaukee Avo
nuo Stato bank, ono of tho largest
utlylng banks In tho city, was closed
on Monday by Stato Bank 13xamlner
C. C. Jones.
Tho failure was responsible for the
death of ono of tho depositors nnd led
to tho fiiilcldo of another mnn, who a
month ago had placed his earnings of
a lifetime In thu Institution for safo
keeping, in tho excitement following
JAo announcement of tho falluro J. U.
Rssor, nn official of tho Iloyal league,
Bp hnd on deposit In tho bank fuuds
Bhnt organization, foil dend or heart
ire. Henry Knepkc, a small gro-
H on hearing that tho bank had
Pfpended payment, went to tho rear
f Ills store nnd shot himself. He died
kw minutes later, whllo being taken
Bl Teamster Killed
mbbed In
wov. Stuart a
fnnstcr, was Sat-
Bbo corral tho Head
MlesvflsVeHth.ndMot, John
Komn'n. another trams tor, "was rtfMly
benten by robbers. Both men wero
(attacked with n gas plpo. Uobbory
was tho motive, ns Burnoy nlwnys car
ried n largo sum nnd Is known to
hnvo hnd several hundred dollars In
his pocket. Burnoy arrived from Mnn
hattan cnrrylng ns passengers Leo
Bwnrt nnd Lowuoy Bennett. Swart
slept In tho wngon under which Burnoy
wns killed. Ho wns nrrested. Ho de
clnrcil ho knew nothing. Burnoy's
clothe wero stripped from his body
land woro found n dlstunco down tho
I trnck with thn pockets rifled. Ke
I man's skull In fractured. Tho nuthorl
I tleH havo wired to Cnrson und Haw
I thorno to apprehend Bennett.
Mob of 3,000 Takes Negroes From Jail
and Hangs Them.
Charlotte, N. 0. A mob of 3,000
men shortly before 11 o'clock Mondny
night forcibly entered tho Ilowan
county Jnll nt Snllsbury, removed
therefrom throo of tho flvo negroes
charged with tho murder of tho Lyerly
family at Harbor Junction, July 13, nnd
lynched thorn. Neauo nnd John Oil
lesplo nnd JncU Dillingham, supposed
to bo tho principals In thnt crlmo, wero
tho victims of mob vengeance Tho
remaining negroes, Honry Leo, Goorgo
Krvlu nnd Bella Dillingham, woro not
molested, and later nt night officers
hurried them off to Greensboro.
Newspaper Man In Trouble.
Portland, Ore Charles Nlckoll, a
nowspnper publisher nnd formor Unit
ed Sfatejt commissioner nt Modford,
wnH sentenced Tuesdny nftornoon by
Judge Hunt to thirteen months' Im
prisonment on MoNoll'a Island, No
Uno wnH Imposed,
Tho crlmo for which Nlckoll wns
convicted wns conspiracy to suborn
porjury In connection with tho Miller
Klncnrt laud fraud conspiracy. Harry
W. Mlllor nnd Frank K. Klncnrt nro
now serving ono year on McNeil's Is
land for tho sixmo offcuso.
Exodus From Sebaitopol,
London. According to nn Odossa
llspntch to n local nowB ngoncy,
Itenmor advlcoH from Schaslopol any
thnt fully 20.000 poisons havo loft tho
city und tho exodus is still In progress.
Admiral Skrydloff, commander of thu
Black sea Hoot, tho ndvlccs ndd, Is In
an uwkwurd dilemma. Ho Is afraid to
rcmovo the brVechlocks from tho fort
ress guns In enso tho crows ot tho
warships mutiny, nnd nt tho snmo tlmo
bo distrusts tho fortress nrtillorymen.
Situation at Moscow.
Moscow, All tho railroad stations
on Monday morning were occupied by
troops nnd henvy reinforcements
were hunt to tho Industrial sections,
Tho pollco nro arresting the members
ot all tho central committees ot vari
ous trades unions. No trains loft Mos
cow Monday morning ovor tho Kazan
railroad, which took tho load In tho
atrlko of Inst November. The em
ployes of tho electric plant failed to
appear for duty, Cossacks nnd other
troops aro protecting thn waterworks.
Refusal of Widow to Marry
Him Caused Jealous Man
to Commit Crime.
After Shooting Woman, Love-lorn
Rancher Wounds Young Man Who
Attempts to Arrest Him, and Is
In Danger of Being Lynched.
Casper, Wyo. At the rnnch of Mrs.
John Adams, four miles oast of this
place. Jack Williams, a well known
ranch hnnd, shot and seriously
wounded Mrs. Adams, who Is n widow,
her husbnnd having committed sul
cldo threo yenrs ngo. Tho bullet
pnssed through tho right arm nnd
penetrnled tho breast.
Mrs. Adams fled from Williams and
concealed herself In tho burn until
Williams left. Sho then went to a
neighbor's, who brought her to Cnsper
for modlcnl nttcntlon. In nil proljab
illty her wounds will provo fatal.
After shooting Mrs. Adams, Williams
went to a hay camp noar by and told
what he had done. A young man in
tho field demamlod his surrender nud
Williams refused to glvo himself up.
A struggle ensued and tho hoy was
shot twlco by Williams. Tho Ian
hung on and, although very weak, ho
knocked Williams down nnd succeed
ed In fastening h(s hands nnd feet. Ho
left him thero, came to town, notified
Sheriff Webb nnd then went to a doc
tor to hnvo his wounds dressed. Webb
nnd a party went to tho hay field nnd
secured Williams.
Tho refusal of Mrs. Adams to mnrry
Wllllnms cnused tho Jealous mnn to
commit the crime. Ho had resided nt
tho Adams much for threo yenrs, His
wife Recured a divorce from him four
yenrs ngo. Adams- Ir Hnld to hivo
kHIed himself because of Jealousy
over tho attentions Williams pnld Mrs.
Feeling Is running high and Wll
llnmB may meet summnry punishment.
Democrats of Idaho Place Ticket In the
jCocur d'AIcne, Ida. After a strcn
ieva lwoi dnys'jtonvenUon, thcDemo-
crnts of Idaho placed in nomination
tho following ticket:
United StntOR -senator Fred Du
bois, Blnghnm county.
Member of congress Bees Hntta
biugh, Idaho county.
Justice, of tho Riipreme court
Stewart S. Donning. Iatnh county.
Oovernor C. O. Stockslngor, Blnlno
Lieutenant governor Ceorgo C.
Chopin, Bingham county.
Socrctnry of state Floeurnoy Gal
loway, Washington county. '
Attornoy general Karl Pnlno, Ada
Tiensurer J. D. Morris. Lewlston,
Auditor J. M. Bennett, Cnnyon
Mlno InspectorSamuol Norman,
Shnshono county.
Superintendent of public Instruction
MIhs Permeal French, Blnlno county.
Judge First district Major W. W.
Wood, Shoshnno county.
Judgo, Second district Authority
delegated to commltoeinon from coun
ties In tho district to select candidate.
Judge, Third district J. D. Cahnl
Inn, Ada county. '
Judgo, Fourth district C. A. Boyd,
Bannock county.
Judge, Sixth district Otis D.
Quatlcs, I.omhl county.
Judgo, Seventh district Edward L.
Brinn, Canyon county.
Auto Collides With Milk Cart.
Oaklnnd. Cnl. Cnrlton Wall, a well
knovn capitalist nnt club mnn nnd
son of tho Into Gonornl WnH, wns
probnb'.v fatnlly Injured In nn automo
bile accident neor IClmhurst Tuesday
morning. His enr, which ho himself
wns driving, collided with n milk
wngou and ho nnd his companions,
Thomns Dennlgnn, Douglns Mcllrldo
nnd Goorgo Huhernlcht, wero all
thrown out. Thero aio said to hnvo
bpen fovoral women In Iho party, om
of whom was hurt.
Parachute Failed to Work.
Utlca, N. Y. William Johnson, n
balloonist, mndo nn nsconslon in con
nection with n street fnlr In Little
Fnlls, Tuesdny. In coming down with
n parachute tho nppnratus failed to
work, nnd Johnson foil upon tho rnll
road tracks, receiving Injuries which
undoubtedly will cause his death. It
Is estimated thnt Johnson wns 3,000
feet high when ho loft tho bnlloon to
mnko what Is called a double parn
chuto descent. Tho first parachute
opened woll, und Johnson descended
nbout two-thirds of tho dlstonco when
ho fell.
Woman to Die on Scafford.
S'ockton, Cnl. Mrs. Emma Lo Doux
hat been sentenced to bo hanged Octo.
her 19 next on her conviction of tho
munlor of AlbP't N. McVlcnr. Hor at
torneys presented nllldnvlts Intended
to Impeach tho character of Juror Hit
ter, but Judgo Nutter deemed thorn
insufficient as a basis for tho motion
for a now trlnl. The convicted woman
heard her sentence with' calmness.
Thoro waR neither fuar nor defiance In
tho expression of her faco as she
henrd her doom pronounced.
Judge Declares Effort to Restrict
Hours of Labor of Women and Chll- m
dren Is Unconstitutional. JH
New York. T-ho stnto law of Now ft
York restricting the labor ot women W
nnd children .to ten hours a day and
sixty hours a week In a factory was
declnred on Friday by Justice Olms tod
In a decision handed down In tho court
ot special sosslons to bo an unwarrant
ed Invasion of constitutional rlghtsy
The rutlng was concurred In by Jus
tices McKoan nnd Deuel. Judgo Olm
sted declared that tho law was class
Justice Olmsted said In his dectslonr
"To labor and -employ labor nro In- f
horont nnd Innllcnnhlo rights of our I
citizens and ennnot be tnken away In I
whole or In part v unless upon the
broad ground of public good, which
must be nppnront nnd ennnot bo pre
dicted uion leglslatlvo dictum."
Attorney General Mnyer announced
that he would nppoal from the de
cision of the court.
"I will carry the case, If need bo," he
laid, "to tho supremo cofcrt of the , ,
United Stntcs, so long ns tho quostlon
ot tho constlutlonnllty ot tho statute
5 as been raised."
People of Hamburg, Penn., Narrowly
Escape Death In Flood.
ncadlng, Pa. A terrific cloudburst
struck the borough of Hamburg, this
county, Into Frldny. A tonfoot flood
swept through tho main portion of the
town, leaving in Uh wnko ruin nnd de
vastation. Thero nro washouts In the f
streets to tho depth of ten feet. Allan
J. Romlg, who was working In a tin.
smith shop, was drowned. Tho shop
was Bwept away. More than fifty
dwellings wore damaged. Many pon
sons escaped drowning by rushing to
tho uppor floors of tholr residences.
Tho total loss will amount to more
than 5u,000. .
Emperor May Order Rule of Military
Dictator Soon. 1 ,
SL Potorsburg. On tho heels of tho I
othor bad news comes tho startling Ej
sttcmont thnt the emperor has flatly E
refusod to Accept tho conditions to M
which Premier Stqlypln ngrood in his gj ,Jjl
negotiations with Count Hoyden, Alox- IV"
nndor Ouchlioff, Prince Nicholas Lvoff,
Paul VlnogisMT and Senator KonI
for the reorganization of tho cabinet. .
Thoro Is an increasing npprohenslon
that tho emperor purposes to Liko tho
flnnl step of turning tho country over
to the military dictatorship of Grand
Duke Nicholas. Tho streets of St.
Petersburg again nro filled with patrols.
Police Arrest Couple Who Worked
Smooth Scheme.
Cherboug. ExtenMvo frauds perpo- 4fl
trntcd upon tradesmen nnd hotel keen-
ers hero have led to tho arrest of a 2 1
mnn and a wojnnn who woro formerly p
In tho sorvlco of Count AVIttgonsteln
as valet and parlor maid. Count )
Wittgenstein Is said to be at present
In thn United States. Tho prisoners
had In tholr possession tho count's
marriage certificate Thoy had re-
contly traveled on board the steam
ship Kalscrln Augusto Vlotorla. Thoy
reglttored In hotels here as Count and I
Countess Wlttgonsteln. I
William Marcus Executed for Awful
Crime at Charleston, 8. C. J
Charleston, S. C William Marcus;
the first whlto man to bo executed in'
Charleston county slnco tho civil war,
was hanged Friday for the murder ot,
his bigamous wife on Sullivan1 Island ,
last April. The victim was stabbed V.
forty times with an Ice pick. It was
not learned until within the last few ,
days that Marcus had a wife and Are
children living In Cincinnati. -,
Bad Fire at Milan. ,
Milan, Italy. Fire which broke oat
here Friday morning in the Interna
tional exposition did $2,400,000 damage.
The sections devoted to the decora
tive arts ot Italy and Hungary were
totally dostroyed, as also was tho pa- '
vlllon In which wore Installed tha ex
hibits of Italian and Hungarian archl- v
lecture. The origin of the Ore la at
tributed to an electric short circuit.
The Mthorltlos rejoct the theory that
tho conflagration was ot Inoendlary vJ
origin. 1
Rear Admiral Train Dead,
Chefo. Bear Admiral Charley J.
Train, commandcrl-n-chlef of tha
.United State Asiatic fleet, died on
Friday, As commander-in-chief ot the
Asiatic station the Important duty of
maintaining strict neutrality tn Philip
pine waters during tho Itiualnn-Jap-anose
war devolved upon Admiral
Train. He was 61 years old and would W
have retired from active sorvlco In l
May of next yoar. During his servlco
of almost a score of yenrs at eea he
served on many stations.

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