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bLM " ' ' i ' ' . i ' saM
H The Suffering of aCltlrenof Olympla,
H Wash.
H L. 8. Gorhnm, of 61C East 4th St,
H Olympla, Wash., aays: "Six roars ago
H I got wet and took cold, and was soon
LbLLH flat In bed, suffering
t tortures with my
back. Every movo
munt caused an ago
nlzlriK pain, and tho
persistency of It ox
haustcd me, so that
for u tlmo I was
dazed and stupid.
On tho advice of a
friend I began uo
lnK Doan's Kidney
v ' Pills, ond soon no-
H tire' n c'lnngo for the better. Tho
H lililiic;' coiTCtlona bnd been disordered
H nnd IrreKulnr, and contained a lic.ivy
H sediment, but In a week's tlmo tho
H urlri- ins clear and natural again and
H tlio pass-iRei regular. Gradually tho
H aclilnR and soreness left my back and
H then tho .nmcnesH. I used six boxes
H to niaho sure of a cure, nnd tho trou-
H bio tin nuvor returned."
H Hold by nil dtvlors. GOccnts a box.
H Foster-MIUium Co.. HnfTnlo, N. Y.
H 'I he real trat of trtito coin?! nttrr
H ntnlii tlio linml or spot tho keltic, except
H ciifii uiid purple
H Money tnlki, especially wheu you
M give It to charity.
Mr. Wlniliirf'e NiMithlna; Hjritp.
For children tee thin, aoftrna tbe tt'itnt, rodurra tn-
B gamraallou,KlM)n,cuKililcullu. Koelwttla.
H A thing ceaiie to bu u luxury after
h wo bavo mouoy enough to afford It.
H M. Comb.innlre, tho French oxplorcr,
H recently v.ns lout In the forests of
H Cnmbodla. He got separated from bis
M party and WRnderod through tho soil-
H tudo for night days without any other
M nourishment than tho water ho could
M got from the marshes In tho Jungle.
M A powder. It euros painful, smart
M itig, nervous foot nnd Ingrowing nails.
M II 'a tho crcntnst comfort discovery of
M tlio ago. Makes now shoos easy. A
m certain euro for sweating fcot. Sold
H by nil druggists, 25c. Trial package,
ggM FREE. Address A. S. Oliustod, La
M Roy; N. Y.
M China to Own Postofflces.
M After tho return of tho Chinese mis-
H Bton which Is .now making a tour of
H Europo nnd Amorlcn for tho purposes
H of study, tho Chluoso govornmont lu-
tends to nssuino control of tho entire
H postal system and at tho snmo tlmo
H to abolish all tho postnlnces In China
H now mnlnlntncd by forolgn powora.
M Heat means rest.
M "Cut out" worrying.
B Rest with a capital R.
M Few persons know how to rest.
M Rushing for trains and boats Isn't
M resting.
M Doing elbowed by a vulgar mob Isn't
M Neither la staying homo and being
M annoyed by ondlcss details.
H Overdressing, overeating nnd too
fl much excitement ore not restful.
M Over Sundny rest Is best nceom-
M pllshed by a trip to some restful place.
H The Idea Is to discover what best
H agrees with one nnd then to follow It
ns well as possible.
H A Prominent Cincinnati Woman Tells
H How Lydln K. Plnkham'a Venetnble
H Compound Completely CuroUHor.
H The great irood Lydln K. Plnlriinm'rt
H Vegulabli) Compound Is doing iiiiioug
H tho women of America In Httructlng
H tho uttentlon of ninny of our lending
S scloutlsts, mid thinking pcoplo go nor-
H ully.
H J Ati'J Jura IVitson
H Tho follonlntf letter U only ono of
H innnv tlioukunilH which nro cm tile In
H tliti l'luUhiim otlU'i, nnil jro to iimto
H beyond tnu'htlou that l.yillu K. l'lulc
H linn 'h Yvgotublo Coiiipouud must bo a
ix'iiii'dy of ,'rviit merit, otlit-rvlo ll
1 ooiihl not produce hiich murvuloua
H rubUlUniiiouir Mule uud ulllui; omvu.
H l)or Mrs. l'liiLlum;
"AUmtidii9liioiitlino I(inKrt mf-
fi-rcr wllli fwimlo troubl". wlilcli cnuxil ma
w-viTo mlii, uitrvuirt inruMiiinu mid fn-
H uiiunt bi)uUulis, from wlil'-li tho doctor
H iiIlwltorllr)iiti. I triwl I.ydl K 1'ink.
B him'n VeKftiibii romjound, and vltlilu a
kftort tlnw Mt U-tUT, mid uftur taking live
H ImUlmiof ft 1 WBiHitlri'Iycurml. ltlriforo
1 Iwirtlly ixhmihpihI y"'ir IV'inl.iund iu a
H iiiilciidflffiiMltftoiila ItiuaLitilluiiiioiitlily
H lrlUrwuluriiiit without pulu:uud lmt
H ii MwJiiK It U to llitd wn-li a rvtiiitly ufUr w
H luaiiy iuuton full to help you. I am pUitxl
H tnm'ciHUiitHid ltt' all kiitri'iing touien.
M Jlra. Nam lUuu, 31 Eat &l tilnxt, Clncln-
H If vou liHeui)prfSM.'I or painful
H iMtHoUii, UtuUnuss of tho stomach,
M iiillgoktlou, liloutlng, imiIvIo cuturrb,
H nrviiih poMtrutlou, iluzluois, faint
H mil, " ilontouro " uud "want-to-bo-
M left aluiw" fsfllnj,', excitability, back-
H Mill or tlxt Mm, thuMi uru hiiro Indl-
H itutHrt q( fwumlo wt'akiu'M, or bomo
H ilin-antfuiwnl of tho organs. In hucIi
H mm tlMruUoiio IHt'iluud truo reined v
M - 1,)IW K. Ilnkhuiu'k Vefttablo Cow
Queer Character of Whom L ttle Was Known, Diet in
Montana Cabin--Kills Rival tn Germany and
Fieea to America,
Twin ISrlilgOH. Alont. Letters nnd
papt-rs dlscoer'd In a ruHty old tin
box hidden beneath a hoard In tho
tloor of u little old wcuther-hcalou,
dilapidated miner's rnbln clinging to
.i minmtiiltiHlde not fur from hero toll
nnu of thu HtrangeHt stories that has
( oino to light lu this ie;;lon In many
Tho i lory Is of tin eccentric old her
mit who dloil lu thu cabin In which
the p.iptrs and letters were dlacov
orod. The iiinrn of this hermit wns
Uonroe OMrhiirdt. For years before
bo (Tied Overhiirdt lled alone lu tho
little old call In and wnndurcd over
tho mountains hereabout In quest of
gamo and gold.
It was always supposed by thoso
who know him, or rather by thoBo who
saw him, for no ono hereabouts knew
him, that Ovqrhardt was mentally un
balanced and that ho was extremely
poor. In tho twenty-odd years that ho
mado his homo In tho little old cabin
on tho mountainside, ho novor spoko
of his own freo will to any person,
never raUud his oyos to look Into
thoso of n man or woman with whom
ho met face to faco and novor bought
groccrloa or clothing at n storo tn
Twin Urldgcs or nny othor town In
this part of Montana.
The furniture In tho ono room of his
cabin was of tho meanest sort. Tho
clothing upon tho old man's back was
ahabblor than tho furnlluro In his
cabin. A dog wns tho hormlt's only
friend nnd companion. For tho dog ho
scorned to cherish a dcop, warm nf
foctlon, whllo tho faithful anlmnl's
lovo for him wns well-nigh human In
Its tondcrness nnd constancy,
Tho strange, silent old man fell 111
a fow weeks ngo In his shabby little
cabin on tho mountain sldo nnd could
not lcavo his bed theroaftor. No ono
know ho was III until tho day ho died,
when a prospector, happening to pasH
thnt way, stopped ul his door to aHk
for n drink of water nnd found him
dying. Iloforo a doctor could bo
reached tho hermit wont to his dual
A enroful search of tho dead man's
cabin brought tirllght n rusty tin box
containing n fow gold coins and tho
lottcra nnd papers which tell In part
tho story or his life before ho cimm
west to spond his declining years lu
Iloscoo Overhardt was born In Ger
many, according to thu story thono
lottors nnd papers toll. His fathor
wus a wclbtodo merchant In llbrlln
nnd ho gavo hU son n university edu
cation, Intending him to adopt tho pro
fession of mvdlclnc. In his student
days young Overhardt paid court to
pretty Kathorlno Metier, nnd dually
won horVonsont to mnrry him.
Kathorlno Metier had bad another
suitor bototo alio mot Ovorlmrdt. Ills
namo wns Matthow Schoenfoldt. nnd
ho bulongod to a dignified family nt
Frankfort. Schoenfoldt How Into a
high passion when ho loarucd of Miss
Mollor'a ongngomont to Overhardt,
sought out tho girl's accepted lover
and plckod a quarrel with him. In
tho quarrel Ovorlmrdt atabbod Schoen
foldt, who died of his wounds soon
afterward revealing tho Identity of his
Ovorlmrdt, wollnlght crazed with
grief, went Immediately to his sweot
heart and confessed his crlmo to hor.
Sho bogged him to fleo to tho United
Statos, promising to Join him In this
count ns soon as ho should send for
hor t come to him.
Tin Jcath of Schoenfoldt was still
xhroiii ed In mystery, so far as the po
lice aim relatives and friends of the
doad uinn wore concerned, when Over
hardt left Germany and (led to Parla.
He remained In Paris a fow wcoks and
thou went to London, whonce a fow
weeks later ho camo to the United
Ho nought and obtn)nod omployment
In Now York undor an assumed name,
but, fcnrlirr that tho mystery sup
rounding Schooufoldt's death might b
cleared up and that ho might bo dis
covered and arrested thoro as hta
slaor, bu set out for tho west. H
a few weeks In Cincinnati, bolnff
attracted I hero by tho largo Gorman
element In the population. Then hf
wont to Louisville, whoro ho remained
several months. From Loulsvlllojfl
went to St. Louis nnd from 8VftflH
to Milwaukee. Ho remained lu
waukeo six months. P
Menuwhllo ho was writing regularly,
to and receiving letters regularly from
his sweetheart In -(lormnny. He told
her thnt he should send for hor ns
soon ui ho should settlo down and bo
come uhlo to support her and hlmsoll
In comfort.
On coming to this stnto -ho began
prospecting for gold, and within a year
ho struck u rich lead. TheroupOtrfro
dlspntched a letter to his Hwectheart,
begging her to come to him nt once.
She answered his letter, saying' that
because of thu Illness of her mother
sho could not Ieuo hor home. A fow
weeks later ho received another letter
from her, saying that hor mother wns
better but that for oilier reasons sho
could not then como to tho United
Stntes to Join him. Apparently realiz
ing llnnlly that his sweetheart did not
Intend to Join him, Overhardt tascd
writing to hur nnd abandoned hope.
Ho disposed of his initio sovornl
months after ho recolvcd his last lot
tor from his sweetheart and, coming
to this .region, built tho llttlo cabin on
tho mountnlnsldo, In which ho Spent
tho rest of his mlscrnblo llfo. It Is
bolloved thnt In tils loneliness and hla
grlof his mind llnnlly becanm de
ranged and thnt was responsible for
hla occohtrlc hubfts. What becamo
of tho fortune which tho old man real
ized from the salo of his cold mluo la
a mystery.
ts Rscued Far Out In Ocean After
Being Buffeted by Wind and
Twice Drenched by the
Duston. After being buffotod by a
thunderstorm, twlco ducked In the
ocean and spending thu night In tho
car attached to his balloon, James IC.
Allen, u veteran noronaut, was roB
cuod off Dlock Inland by tho crow of
tho fishing schooner, Francos V. Sllva
nnd brought to this city by tho tug
Clara E. Ula. Though ho baa mado
mora than 400 ascensions, Allon says
this latest ono was the most thrilling
tt his llfo.
Allen stnrtod from Providence nt
noon. It was mining at tho tlmo,
and soon tho lightning wns playing
about tho big gnu bag. There wns
somothlng wrong with tho anchor
ropo, nnd Allon lot out enough gas
to bring tho bnllooo to onrth, The
trouble was righted, ballast was
thrown out, and the balloon shot into
tho nlr to such n height that tho noro
naut wus abln to look down und see
tho storm raging fnr bolow.
Tho wind wiih blowing from the
west, nnd nt dark Allen found him
self ovor thu tip ond of Capo Cod nnd
bollix rnpldly carrlod nut to son. The
balloon sank lower nnd lower, nnd
Alle.n drifted rnpldly at a height ol
100 foot nbovo tho wator, tho anchoi
ropo trailing throiifh tho wayos nnd
retarding tho piogrcss. Twlco tin
car was dashed Into tho wator, but
each tlmo Allon threw ovor ballast
and tho balloon roso.
At daybreak no land was In sight.
Tho captain of n tug towing a string
of barges heard Allen's cries for help,
and gnve chase, but tho balloon was
going too rapidly, and soon tho vos
rcl dropped out of tho race.
Sovornl hours later Allen camo noar
tho Rchoonor. Tho vossol startod
townrd him, but failed to roach tho
drag ropo In tlmo. Mombora of tho
orow woro but lu dorlos, howovor,
and ono of thorn manngod to solzo the
ropo. Tho dory was draggod through
tho wator at a great rata for a tlmo,
but Allon lot out gas and managed to
stop from tho car nttnehed to tho bal
loon to tho dory without gottlng his
foot wet.
In splto of his thrilling experience
Allon retains his norvo, nnd says ho
Is roady to innko nnothor asconslon.
Mouth and Eyes Covered with Cruets
Hands Pinned Down Miracu
lous Cure by Cutlcura.
"When my llttlo boy was six months
old, ho had eczema. Tho sores extend
ed so quickly over tho wholo body
that wo at onco called In tho doctor.
We theu went to nnothor doctor,
but ho could not help him, and In our
despair wo went to n third ono. Mat
tors becamo so bad that ho had regu
lar holes In his cheeks, largo enough
to put n finger Into. Tho food bad to
bo given with a spoon, for his mouth
was covered with crusts as thick as
a finger, and whenever ho opened tho
mouth they began to bleed nnd sup
purate, as did nlso his eos. Hands,
arms, chest and bnek, lu short tho
whole body was couired ovor and
over. Wo had no rest by day or night.
Whenever ho wns laid In his bed, wo
had to pin lilt bunds down; otherwise
ho would scratch tils face nnd make
au open sore. I think his fnco must
have Itched most fearfully.
"Wo finally thought nothing could
help, nnd I had inndo up my mind to
send my wlfu with the child to Ku
ropo, hoping that thu sea nlr might
euro him. othorwlso ho was to bo put
undpr good medical euro there. Hut,
Lord be blessed, matters came differ
ently, and wo'soon Bnw n miracle. A
frloud of ours spoko nbout Cutlcura.
Wo mado a trial with Cutlcura Soap,
Ointment nnd ltesohont, nnd within
ton days or two weeks wo noticed a
decided Improvement. Just ns quickly
as tho sickness bnd appeared tt also
began to disappear, and within ten
wcoks tlio child wns absolutely well,
nnd his skin was smooth and whlto
as nevor before F. Hohrnth, Presi
dent of tho C. L. Hohrnth Company,
Manufacturers of Silk Ribbons, A to 20
Rink Alloy, South ncthlehem, Pa,
June 6, 1905."
A Canton (O.) theological student In
terested In baseball wroto a thesis on
"Baseball Among the Ancients," from
which nro gleaned tho following facts:
Abraham mado n sacrifice.
The Prodigal Bon mado a home run.
Cain mn'do n base hit when he killed
David was a great long-distance
Asei shut out the Egyptians nt the
p sea.
Moscs made his first run when he
rslow tho Egyptian.
1 Tho dovll wns tho first coacher. Eve
stole first Adam stole second.
When Isaac met Rebecca nt the well
shq, was walking with u pitcher.
Summon struck out n great many
times when bo heat tho Philistines.
The fatted calf never loves tha
prodlgnL son.
Truth novcr runs around asking
pcoplo to bellovo it.
Alas, that fools nro prosperous, la
It tholr penalty or roward?
How many of us In listening to tha
tomtoms forgot tho vIollnsT
To think an original thought Is to
tako a fttop nearor the divine.
Pcoplo who need to bo continually
proppod up nro not north (ho prop.
When men bocomo suddenly good
they should bo executed Immediately.
It Is caster for somo pcoplo to bo
llovo tho Impossible than the pos
sible. Iloforo It was thrown down, the
Golden Calf had a son, nnd It la still
mooing around t,ho worjd.
It Is solfo4dent that to succoss
fully fathom tho motives of men one
must bo a man himself. To an Idiot
to a lunatic all men aro either
tdlota or lunatics.
Children Thrive on Qrape Nuts and
A Mass. physician has found a cure
for constipation In children citing
flftoen cases' by feeding thorn Grape
Nuts. "Somo tlmo ago," ho writes, "I be
camo Interested In your food, Orapo
Nuts, na a euro for constipation fa
chlldron. Having trlod It In my own
family, I huva advised It In fifteen
cases In which nil suffered with con-
Biipaiiou moru or less auvoro. ino re
sult has bcon nbsnluto relief In nil,
"I wrlto this that other chlldron
may bo bouoflted."
How much bettor It Is thus to bring
about n healthy nctlon In tho bowola
of growing children by natural moans,
than to food them with Impropor food,
requiring somo kind of cathartic at
lutorvala to ovorcomo constipation.
Grnpo-Nuta gives energy to tho en
tiro norvous Byatom lucludlng the
norves that cnuso tho natural con
traction and relaxation of tho bowel
muscles, that propol tho food mass
It Is prcdlgcstod also, and tho blood
easily absorbs tho food na it goca
through tho body, storing up vitality
and forco for tho functions of all tho
Children especially, should get tho
right start ns to habits of living.
Thoy should grow Into bright, strong,
chcorful moil nnd womon. Grape-Nuts
solvo tho question of tho start; n
wholesome appotlto will do tho rest.
Children' teeth aro bcnotltod by
chowing Grapo-Nuts, also, Your dent
ist will toll jou that a certain amount
of oxerclBO In chowing firm food, Is
necessary to grow strong, beautiful
Teeth nood oxorclso just tho samo
as muscles, If thoy nro to grow
strong and Arm ns naturo Intonded,
Grape-Nuts glvea tho oxorclso and
nlso gives material from whtch good
teeth aro mado,
'Thcro's a reason." Road lh llttlo
book, "Tho Road to W.lvilte- "
With Document In Her Midst, She
Aaka, "What Are You' Going
to So About Itr" j
Tha boom In rsal estate at Flushing,
L. I,, has landed part of a valuable con
tract In Mrs. J. S. Bardley'a midst ana
stirred up no ond of trouble between
her nnd Thomas Prltchard, of Booraem
avenue, Flushing.
Mrs. Eardley, who lives in Brooklyn,
sold six lots in Flushing to Mr. Prltch
ard. Mr. Prltchard paid a deposit, and
Mrs. Eardley signed a contract agree
ing to surrender the lots to him for a
certain price. Prices of Flushing prop
erty have Jumped up aa much as 25 or
60 per cent. In one day. Mrs. Eardley
heard of this, and her soul was sad.
She called at Mr, Prltchard's office.
"I want to keep my lots," said she,
"Madame, you can't," he replied with
utmost suavity.
"Let's see the contract," said sho,
Mr. Prltchard handed her the pre
dons paper, nnd In the twinkling of nn
eye she had bitten a big piece out of
it. Mr. Prltchard grabbed her throat.
Then came a fierce struggle between
hand muscles and thront muscles, and
throat muscles won, for Mrs. Eardley
swallowed n large chunk of the con
tract and smiled In bitter triumph nt
her foe.
"I'll have the law on you!" he cried.
"Pooh!" stiff red sho. "I've got the
avldence in my midst, and I'd llko to
ee tho court that can And out any
thing nbout It."
And there tho matter renin.
Confined in Lake, with No Approach
to the Sea, the Fish lUpldly
Become Dwarfed.
The name salmon Is given In Eng
land and all eastern states to a large,
trout-like fish which Uvea In (he sea,
chiefly about tho mouths of rivers,
and which enters the streams to spawn,
running for a considerable dlstanco
up the stream and (returning to the
sea after the act of spawning la ac
complished, says a writer in the Pa
cific Monthly. The old males become
somewhat distorted, especially through
tho lengthening of the Jaws, but the
changes with age and season are not
much greater than In any large trout
The true salmon, tike tho truo trout,
la black spotted. It is called in sci
ence Salmo salar, and along with the
true trout It belongs to the genus
Salmo. Tli ore Is only one species of
Atlantlo ealmon; It Is found on both
aides of tho ocean, and on both aides
It becomes sometimes land-locked and
dwarfish when It Is shut up In t lako
and when It cannot or does not go to
tha s'ea,'
Harnesalng the Hlaslsaippl,
Work will be begun before the year
la out on a dam across tha Mississippi
river, at tho foot of tho Dos Moines
rapids, for tho dovelopmont of water
power. It will bo tho greatest projoct
of tho kind except tho combined works
at Niagara, tho dam the greatest In
the world except thoso built by tho
British in tho Nile. A minimum of
00,000 horso power Is to bo obtained
and transmlttod to factorlos Jn tho
heart of tho agricultural contor of tho
nation. Tho dam will bo In alght of
the threo statos of Iowa, Illinois and
Mlssourl, the legislatures of each stato
having adopted resolutions approving
the work nnd promising all possible
assistance Tho estimated cost of tho
work will be $0,000,000, whtch Is $100
per horso power on tho minimum pow
er capacity of 80,000 horse power. The
cost of supplying power, Including all
fixed charges, maintenance, operation
and all expenses, Is closely estlmatod
at eight dollars per horiopowor-year,
tho cost of steam power In tho terri
tory within 200 miles now bolng from
$40 to $05 per horsopowor-year, with
$C5 as a conservative avorage. The
World Today.
Too Appropriate.
In a small town In California a
new hospital has recently been erect
ed on Salslpuedo's street, and the
board of directors. In lieu of some
thing bettoc. augrcatcd that the hos
pital bear the nkme of the street
One more cautious than the rest sug
gested that It would bo well to knov
the moaning of such a name be fort
making Indiscriminate use of It, and
It Is to this man that the present sue.
cess of the hospital Is duo, for find
Ing that Salslpuedes mennt "get out
If you can," tho namo was hastll
changed to somothlng less suggestlvt
of Hwhg enters here, leaves hope be
Bteel Tens an English Idea.
Tha first ateel pons were Invented
by a man named Wise, In England,
In 1808. Quill pons had tholr origin
In tho fifth century. Split reods wero
used before that.
No man too poor to ua
Bain Wagons
No man wealthy anonjh
to buy batter.
Your g randhther was familiar with
the good qualities ol The Rain,
and your grandchildren will be.
Don't be mltlcdi there la only one ---; ' 1
Beat la (arm wagons, and exjwii
ence proclaim Daln. always Bain.
When needing Implement, Ve
hicles or Stove, writ u. We tare
you money, give you good geod
and good treatment
Leading Implement Dealer H
,Vtah and Idaho If
Consolidated 1
Wagon and Machine I
Company I
CEO. T. ODELL, Gen. Mgr. .
Houe at Salt Lake, Ogden, Logan, H
Idaho Fall and Montpellcr a
wi OLoaa eATUnoAve at t p. a. I
From Her Viewpoint.
It la all very well for pinchbeck bus-
bands nnd haberdasher economist to S
deliver homilies on luxury and finery S
and the evils of extravagance lace, m
chiffons, rubbous, t ackers, and trills I
are as Indlspensablo to the wellbetng i
of womankind as walklngsttcks, g
watches, footballs Mid whiskies are t
to tho comfort and welfare of aarl- H
ous man. London Observer. H
Need of UnrestrictKl Play.
Even In the case of a child It la
recognized that this sphere of freedom' Mt
hould enlarge as the child grows.
Sully rightly warns: "Nothing Is more
fatal to will growth than nn exec of H
discipline permoatlng the whole of a
child's surroundings." It Isn't best
that all play should be ander even I
klndergarton Instruction. Dr. Henry I
C. King. I
Ancient Celtic Fhraae. I
The phrase . "his mother's whlto I
headed .boy" Is as old aa the hills la 1
Ireland. It appears In many of the r
Irish felry storlea of the last century- I W
Irish mothers who knew good fairies - JP
ahraya kept the secret for the "whlto- "
headed boy" of the family. Gerald I
Qrlffln, In one of his best short stories, 1
years ego used the ptirase as one be g
had borrowed from an old Coltlo book. I
" We Make Travel Easy. f
Five trains dally via tho Atohlaon, 'IL
Topeka & Santa Fe, Colorado to Kan- &
soa City, St, Joe, Chicago, Qalvestoa,
El Paso, City of Moxlco. Ask me u
about rsduced rateo. C. F Warren, .
O. A., A. T. & S. F. Ry.. 411 Dooly ',
Dlock, Salt Lako City. Utah. U
Hired Bridesmaids, E
A woman in Paris has established M
an agency for supplying bridesmaids H
to young womon vho neod such at jsK
tondanta and who have no friends.
Each girl receives five dollars for eaofi
time ahe acts as brldosmnld. It the J
bride wishes her maids to appear tn f
new clothes sho haa to buy the a I
parel horsolL f ' I
Its Object Attained. f
A Cincinnati widow opened a matrl-
raonlal agoncy and married the first' H
roan who applied. The concern la new' J-
closed. M
Having your lowolry repaired or
mode over. We hnvo luefdoubleal V
our work shop facilities, and give
prompt aorvlco.
Union Assay Office I
When Aniwerlna Advortltemento
Kindly Mention This Paper. M
-a -" 1
Under the Direction of the ;
Marlst Fathers, aided by
Expert Lay Professor. f
nonrtHttK nnd Day School for Boys. ,,,?rnn.1,ab'dl,ltri?1S;,fSS
Mil abot ll, ll anjoji an uoiurptiMJ ltmU. BolldlDgl motliro, tteam baaul ul I
UcirU lltibiax) Hoi and vuld tuint. Tb ImiUuUoh slaleia to iIt mou iWoirti witw ila I
aaalcl, belautlnc u4 I'oromnrcltl nranebet, oonrortlng daaresi la lb una. InipaeUou of I
UiatulcaUuill airilMl UboiiVor1 latlled. x Sn MUMumanl Mineralo? departmam. Separata . ,
cari(lllllbuMb7acoaiiiaiilmatar. Or amnlum of tba bail. iDdoor faaiaa darlu irlntar '
(una ( umpuiturr mlltiarr drill nudar th dltaotluu of an arm? offlcaf. lluilo ol ararr bind I
Uaibl, Ibt band and Iba orcbaaira bain areola,! features of tbe collate. Private training for da- ,
liable ttudauta.oultldeof iriular aobool buura, In Hliher ilatbetnailoa, UUemleur, Wotnloti 1
ua;pf,eic ao1 alaoln I'QmuierolAl tubjecte. Terrai moderaw. f
Apply (ur full itur Hook and uttier particular to The Iter, President.
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