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W KKmttV' .: WJ.f1
HLBBBHkEt"' wimmi
lion. W. II. Kclbnush.
CoW ci (n.v 7"w o- Mf lurr. -
' fitfully in Hot Went Air, is Very J)e-
( ftttiiiif la the System, i'c-ru mi is
U an Uneq'mtleil Tonic J or Sinh CiiMf.s.
1 A'tad What l ofle Say About It.
m a e-a a i - a m -------. .-
Hon. W. II. KeUmtitfli, Kx-Menibor
W. Va. Li-irltliitiirc. t!OI otlt Ktrcct, t
I N. K Washington, D. C, wfilcs: I
" I'om cin use my name and i ord i
i a (ties torl'eruna as a nicdl-1
: cine and tonic uncqtialed. I have t
tried It tor a stubborn cold and I
I' ; badly run down system. I tried nil
', sorts of other medicines and paid T
several expensive doctor bills, i
I Peruna cured me, strengthened me
) more than ever, and save4 me 1
money." j
W Mm. Clara Mttorst, 8cnflcld, Ind ,
W says: "Last fall lloolc asurcru cold, I
took Pcrunu, began to Improve ami lppt
L on bo until I wan nolo to Uo my work."
I Foremost of French Veterans.
Tlio French government lian Just
ponsloncd off Francois Qoromlnl, tlio
guardian of tlio Unstllo column.
Ooromlnl wan n clinrncter. Ho left
Corolca GO yenra ago to servo In tlio
grcnadleni of tho Imperial gunrd. Uo
fought In tho campaigns of Alglors
and of Home, and also In 1870 with
Ilourbakl. Ho was mndo a prisoner
And tnkon to Unrmstntlt and a tho
fall of tho omplro bocaino conclorgo
, Jof tho Hnstllo.
' Shows Value of Liquid Fuel.
Tho steamship Goldmouth, be-long-
' Ing to tho Bholl lino, lins Just arrived
i at Itottcrdnm, after stcamlnft from
Rlngaporo by tho route round tho
Cnpo of Good Hope, a dlstanco of 11,
791 miles, In 52 days, without onco
stopping tho englneH or checking tho
gonoratlnn of stenm In tho main boll
era. This purforninnrn Is bclloved to
bo tho largest nonitop run ovor mado
by marine machinery Tho vessol Whs
m burning liquid fuel, and with so great
W an economy that oiinugh surplus Is
m loft to tnko tho vessel CO dnys steam-
, Ins on her return pnssngo oast.
5 English the Wot Id Lnngung.
Tho now world language, Usperanto,
iccms to have already won moro advo-
tntos than tho older Volapsk. No
manufactured language however,
terms to havo much ctmnco In com
petition with nngllxh, which long ago
displaced Trench an tho most useful
and widely spoken language and which
Is gaining faster thnn ever In all parts
Df the world. Quito recently tho Oct
man government has ordered that all
railway officials and employes must
learn to speak English. In Antwerp
also tho authorities are urging nil
I eluscs to study Kngllslr and are pro-
riding special facilities In tho public
W schools; thn city has become "almost
I tn English-speaking port" In Japan
M all school children nro now obliged
to learn our languago. A few years
hence tourists from this country will
B bo able to got along thoro as easily
B ss on a trip at homn, With Oreat
BJH Britain, India, Australia, Canada, the
J United BtnteH and largo sections of
Africa using Kngllsh, what hope Is
J there for nny other lauguageT
wk To Chanoe from Coffeo to Postum.
' "Postum has dono a world of good
I for mo," writes an Ills. man.
W "1'vo had Indigestion nearly all my
a1 life but never droamod coffeo was tho
I cause of my troublo until last Spring
l I got so bad I was In mlsory all tho
f, time,
"A doffeo drinker for 30 years, It
I Irritated my stomach and cones, yet
tof I was just crazy for it. After drinking
fW It with my meals, I would loavo the
K table, go out and loso my meal and
W tho coffeo too. Then I'd bo as hungiy
n as over.
"A friend advlsod mo to quit coffoo
and uso Postum said It cured him.
, 8lnco taking his advlco I retain my
food and get all tho good out of it, nud
don't havo thoso awful hungry spoils.
"I changod from coffoo to Postufu
without any troublo whatovor, felt
hotter from tho first day I-drank It.
I am well now and glo tho credit to
a Postum." Namo given by Postum
Co., nattlo Crock, Mich. Itead tho lit.
tie book, 'The Iload to WelUllle," In
Dkgs. "Tbero's a reason."
Prom Present Indications the Russian
Government Has the Situation
Well In Hand and Will
Win Out.
8t Petersburg. With a general
strlko formally declared and tho coun
try apparently on tho threshold of a
gigantic struggle, minor Issues fade In
tho background. If tho strlko Inaug
urated Baturday gathers sufficient
headway to endanger tho llfo of tho
state, It hat virtually boen decided
that Grand Duke Nicholas Nlcholale
vltch will bo named commander of all
tho troops In tho cmplro "whero mar
tial law oxlsta," which would bo tan
tamount to tho decreeing of a military
dictatorship. It Is possible, howovor,
that tho govornraont will not bo driv
en to this cxtromlty, as tho showing
mado by tho St. Petersburg proletariat
was not Impressive.
Although nearly 70.000 workmen aro
reported to bo out, many of tho men
nppoar to bo entering tho struggle with
heavy hoarts. Tho spontaneity with
which practically tho cntiro nation nr
rayod itself ngiilnst tho old reglmo last
fall Is lacking; tho enduranco of the
pcopln has been sapped by tho long
strain, tho sympathy of the mot6 con
servntlvo liberals has boon alienated
by fear of a revolution, nnd the lowest
oloments of tho population havo boen
orgnnl7Pd Into what aro known as
"black hundreds," and are ready to
enter tho fight on the sldo of tho gov
ernment if tho signal Is given.
Oabe Is Killed and Six Other Persons
Provo. A very nerlous runaway ve
:ldent occurred on tho boulevard west
f tho city 8unday night, which re
sulted In tho death of a baby and tho
icrlous Injury of soveral other people.
4 Mr. Dodmcr of Salt Lake, accom
panied by two ladles, was driving a
ilngto buggy from tho lako to town
and collided with nnothor buggy go
ing in tho opposlto direction, nod-mt-r's
buggy was tipped over, throwing
tho ladles and Dodraor out, injuring
them all moro or less. Tho horse then
ran up Center street nnd at tho cross
ing of Third West collided with a rig
In which wero Councilman John 13.
Dott, his wlfo and two children -nd
Mrs. Herman Orlnn.
In this mix-up llott'a horso ran
iway, throwing nil tho occupants to
tho ground. 'rho baby, about four
months old, was. killed Instantly. Mrs.
firlnn sustained a broken arm and was
otherwise Injured.
Papa.lslo 8ald to De Alive and Pre
paring For Trouble.
Washington. Papa Islo, tho bandit
and religious fnnntlo who caused so
much troublo In Occidental Ncgros, la
tho latest claimant for posthumous ex
istence, Iteports havo reached Wash-1
Ington that tho much-feared Insurrccto I
Is still nllvo nnd has twelve followers,
who nro nsslstlug him in preparing for
further rcxolutlouary movoments.
Army officers do not credit rumors of
Papa Uio's activity, nnd say ho was
unquestionably killed. At tho tlmo of
tho famous bandit's donth his hoad
wna reported to havo been put In brlno
for identification.
Rebellion In Morocco. '
Ixndon, A dispatch from Tangier
lays: "Highly sensational reports nro
being received hero, cnuslng tho ut
most oxcltoment. Dally, almost hour
ly, comes Information from tho Inter- j
lor of tho rapid spread of violent ontl
Trench ngltntlon Tho rebels nro con-
contrntlng tholr mllltnry contingents ,
around Mnrnkosh (Morocco City), tho I
poti thorn capital, nnd there Is no doubt
that n formidable coalition of semi-'
Independent vassnls has boon forraod." i
Unknown Man Meets Horrible Death
In California Town. '
Oakland, Cal. An unknown prisoner i
sot flro to thn town Jail at Nllca oarly
Saturday morning, in an endeavor to '
escape, nnd boforo tho blazo could bo j
discovered or help arrive, was burned i
to death. It Is not known how tho j
man started tho flro, but It Is pro
mined that ho had some matches con
cealed about his poraon, which tho of
(iclnls In aetwchlng his clothing over-ooked.
AtUmpt to Assault President of Por
tugal'a Council of Ministers.
Lisbon. An attempt was mndo to
assault Benor Jean Franco, president
of tho council of ministers, as ho was
leaving a political gathorlng nt night.
Benor Franco had addressed the newly
Inaugurated club of olectors, nfter
which a crowd of manlfostonts In the
street stoned tho momhors of tho club
and as Benor Franco entered his car
riage a manlfestnut attempted to at
tack the minister, but friends com
pelled his assailant to soek safety In
The Earthquake Clause to De Inserted
In All Insurance Policies.
Ban Francisco, It la stated on good
authority that all Insurance companies
which havo not previously had tho
earthquake clause in their policies will
henceforth Insort It In all policies writ
ton on tho Pacific coast. It Is said that
within a short tlmo thero will be none
but oartbquake clause companies do
ing business here. Tho organized pol
icy holders are making a tight for a
still moro simple form of policy than
was used tn the past
Bveroal sporadto cases of cholora
hare boon discovered at Madrid, Spain,
and have caused considerable alarm.
Jamos H. 8ago, a ncjthew of tho Into
Russell Sago, declares that ho will con
test tho will of tho deceased million
aire. Tho Spanish stenmer Cabo Trafalga
has been burned at sen. Her crow
was rescued by tho Mrltlsh steamor
Four men were killed al Snnd Lick,
Ky In n light between the Martin and
Hall factions. Tho Mnrtln faction U
said to number sixty men.
It Ih nnnoumod thnt Emperor Wil
liam nfter a cruise In tho Mediterra
nean will lnnd at Alcante, Spain, In
September nnd UkU King Alfonso.
The monthly statement of tho direc
tor of the mint shows that during July
tho coinage executed at tho mints of
tho United States amounted to I0.30S,
ICt. Striking trammer attacked tho rain
ing force at Rockland, Minn., and tn
tho fight which followed one man waa
killed, ono fatally Injured nnd soveral
Two workmen were killed nnd ovor
twenty others wore Injured by tho ex
plosion of u holler nt tho plant of tho
Vlncennes Paper Mill compnny at Vln
cennes, hid.
Four men were killed and n fifth man
Is missing ns a result of an oxplosloa
of gun cotton In tho works of tho Coop
er Chemical company on tho oulsklrU
of Newark, N.J.
Mark Collins, aged 22, wan drowned
while bathing In 1I river, near Euro
ka, Cal., with two companions, ono of
whom nearly mot tho same fato In an
attempt to rescuo Collins.
Tho United States govornment haa
paid Germany tho award of 20,000 In
tho Snmnan case. Grent Britain paid
her damage In tho spring, and the
matter Is therefore soltlcd.
An Investlgntlon of nllegod Irregu
larities In tho Phlllpplno Islands Is now
being conducted by order of MaJ.-aoB.
Wood, tho inquiry being In chargjitH
Colonel Wood. Inspector general. eB
Dr. Bothman Jackson waa shot anM
killed at Atlamont, Mo by J. M.
Woodworth, a hotel keeper, In a dls
puto ovor tho management of tho ho-,
teL which was owned by Jackson. J
Harry MKchell, aged 70, an fcld
soldier and one of Buffalo Bill' scouts
when fighting for tho government was
found dead In bod at 'his homo, near
Berrien Contor, Mich., of old ago.
On account of tho frcquont robberies
of mall cars tho governor-gonoral ol
Warsaw baa ordered that all such cars
ahall hereafter bo guarded by twelve
soldiers. Strangers aro not allowed to
eotor them. "
In accordanco with an ordor Iucd
by the Kraporor of ltutsln, tlio Ameri
can syndicate, representod by Baron
Dom Lobel, Is nuthorlzed to begin
work on the Trans Siberian-Alaskan
railroad project
A meeting In tho tnbcmnclo at Zlon
City, Ills., unanimously nominated
Wilbur Glen Vollva for gcnoral over
soer of tho church for election In Sep
tember In occordanco with tlio recent
ordor of Judge Lundls.
By tho explosion of a locomotive on
tho Santa Fo at Mnusllold, Kansas, En
gineer K. R. Holmes nnd nn unknown
boy wore klllod and, Fireman K W.
Qulnlan sorlously Injured. Tho latter
will loso his oycslglit
Mrs. Fordlnand Iteceo, tho oldosl
woman In Indlnna, nnd porhnps tn tho
United Stntes, died nt I-n Porto, Intl.,
on the 30th. According to documents
in hor possession sho was born In Vol
gravlU, Poland, In 1791.
As tho climax to a series of verbal
eoountors, In which Mrs. Koto Itnss, a
lawyer, and Miss Mlnnlo Jacobs, n pro
bation oflicor, havo takon part, the wo
men engaged fu n free tight In tho
county Jail In Chicago.
Prof. A. II, Thompson of tho United
States geological survoy, died In Wash
ington on tho 1st, aged 07. Ho was as
sociated with Major Howell, his brother-in-law,
In tho exploration of tht
Grand Canyon of tho Colorado.
Jamos B. Poslewalt, omployod In tho
clerical department of the Michigan
Central company In Detroit, Mich., died
on tho 2nd, after having fasted forty,
nine days for tho benefit of his health.
Exhaustion 1 glvon as tho causo of
his doath,
M. Burngo, tho leading official of tho
Sochttcbow district, nnd a policeman
who was escorting him, wore shot dead
by revolutionists near Warsaw, in ru
vongo for tho part thoy had takon In
tho repression of the agrarian strike
Tho fighting organization of the
revolutionists has Issued a proclama
tion avowing responsibility (or tho
assassination, August 3, of Governor
Block of this city. Many arrests have
boen mado. Tho governor's body waa
torn Into fragments by a bomb.
At Bossemor City, N. O., W, M.
Urown, a bridegroom of an hour, was
shot and killed by John 'M. Klncald
as Brown was about to take the train
with his bride. It Is said Brown was
under obligations to marry Klncaid's
sister, but married a Miss Perry,
WhatJoyTheyBmn I
! To Every Home j I
as with Joyous hearts and smiling faces they romp and play when in healthand I H
I how conducive to health the games In which they Indulge, the outdoor life they 8 1
enjoy, the cleanly, regular habits they should be taught to form and the wholesome I
diet of which they should partake. How tenderly their health should be preserved,
not by constant medication, but by careful avoidance of every medicine of an lnjurl- 11 M
ous or objectionable nature, and If at any time a remedial agent Is required, to assist 1 M
nature, only those of known excellence should be used; remedies which are pure I
I and wholesome and truly beneficial in effect, like the pleasant laxative remedy, I H
I Syrup of Figs, manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. Syrup of Figs has I H
I come into general favor in many millions of well Informed families, whose estimate 1 H
I of Its quality and excellence is based upon personal knowledge and use. I H
. I Syrup of Figs has also met with the approval of physicians generally, becauso I H
I they know it is wholesome, simple and gentle in its action. We inform all reputa- I
ble physicians as to the medicinal principles of Syrup of Figs, obtained, by an U)
original method, from certain plants known to them to act most beneficially and f M
j presented in an agreeable syrup in which the wholesome Californian blue figs aro fl H
I used to promote the pleasant taste ; therefore it Is not a secret remedy and hence I fl
j we are free to refer to all well informed physicians, who do not approve of patent I
, medicines and never favor Indiscriminate self-medication. , M
Please to remember and teach your children also that the genuine Syrup of Fig3 H
always has the full name of the Company California Fig Syrup Co. plainly H
J printed on the front of every package and that it is for sale in bottles of one size I . H
I only. If any dealer offers any other than the regular Fifty cent size, or having A
printed thereon the name of any other company, do not accept it. If you fall to get II
I the genuine you will not get its beneficial effects. Every family should always have II H
II a bottle on hand, as it Is equally beneficial for the parents and the children, l H
(lwhenever a laxative remedy is required. Jm M
sjbjbbc "II-' 'JMMaassBSjsjsjsai ' r issMBsfi saLa
Htlie right sldo of tho upper lip
Kc-lo promises great good fortune to
Ucth sexes. '
A mole on the neck, in man or wom
an, promises a long and happy llfo,
wealth and fame.
A fclcnic, or pneudo-sclenco, of
moles has oxlstod among tho Pennsyl
vania Diiteli for many years.
A man with n mole In tho middle of
his forchend has n cruel mind; n wom
an 5Jtli such a mold Is foolUh, Idle nnd
A man with a mole on tho left sldo
of tho upper lip rarely marries, nnd
such r mole In the enso of n woman
denoteH nuffcrliig.
A molo on tho right sldo r. n man's
forehead denotes wonderful luck; on
thu right sldo of n woman's forehead,
gifts from tho dead.
On tho left sldo of a man's forehead
n molo denotes n long term In prison;
on tliejpft sldo of n woman's forehead,
two husbnnds, nnd n llfo of exile.
According to this science, uo one Is
without n molo or two, and theso aro
some of tho prognostic ntlons flint
mole-wearers mny draw from their
brown jrimments.
Close 8econd to American Tramp,
Thn A mo r I en n tramp must look out
for his fuurolH In tho matter of steal
ing rides, ,A Iloumnnlan recently suc
ceeded In lodging himself on tho plio
underneath n dining car of tho Orient
express nt Costnnzn, on tho Black
son, theso pipes nffordlng n sort of
shelf about 20 Inches wldu. Ho loft
his bed In Pnrls D3 hours Inter. It
Ib remnrked thnt nt tho end of the
Journey ho was very dusty, hungry
nnd thirsty, nnd possessed n capital
amounting to flvo couts,
8argent's Pictures Rare.
Only thrco pictures by John fl.
Hnrgent havo beon offered nt miction
In recent years. A hend of n girl
wearing a rod shawl brought I7G0 nt
Chrlstlo's. A portrnlt of Kllon Ter
ry. which fetched f 8,000 nnd was Hold
subsequently for $15,000, nnd a half
length iprtrnlt of a lady sold In 1001
for JCS5.,
In tho course of conversation ono
must chungo tho solid gold of one's
thoughts Into countless pieces rf such
small coin that one Invariably ap
pears poor. Curmen Hylva,
THE DAISY FLY KILLER nJJi'Jumfor'iu7t"rr
EVERYTHING VBsiaiailiaiaA ifl
S 150 M
BROWNING BROS. Co., Ogden, Utah
? Products
nulileyou to m1te good meal out ol
hutry nwl.
Lilibv'a rood Product! ara ready to
n-rve wlirn you get llx-m, yet are cnolad
at cart (ully and ai well ai you could do
it in yout own Litchen.
Ox Ton. Dried W, BonrdCliicl.
r n. Devilrd I lam, Veal Loaf llxt ara
but a lew ol tin many Linda your tleatar
lee pa.
Try for lunclx-on or aupper tomorrow,
aotna tlicrd Chicken Loaf.
JMW. "How i M.l. CJ
Tlui la Lai," Iim ti ymi wnu
Llbby, McNeill & Libby, Chicago, i
Are You Just lis Well
As You Wish to Be ?
i:rrr u!r-fllr to f.n.l llmlili It privileged
la tubuiit fiuetiont on health Inpica lo tlia rdilota
Tlio inotl Inlrinsihiir u( then imtloiia am an
a wared III llvJunlio.i I lux aiiioullilyileoailiiient
of Ilia niaxrlii Olliera ara amwereil by letter
toltltoul roil
Tliit It I'Ul una ol manr Inlrrrktliur fewluft of.
C'mmI Health. lliolleat In allhluurnal In the world
A li. haniltoiiielr Illuktratad moiillily iiiaiadue.
A 'juartcr ami Hilt a. I with your namo In I he
tpaca helow will bilnir yuu Hill hainlaoiiia health
uiaiailna for lha unit ibtru inonlln. Sauipla
copy tu ctnlt.
,, , Ji--. I
mat it .em for ft 1 .00 ,..e am, S'.'min wofi f..?
J ANUHKWA X bO! Ull r, WaablnnUin, If. U.
Approred Porett Reierva and KallroaJ Strip lor I
aurvayed, untuiveyeit, llinhered or prairie land)
approved t'nlle.l Statea Military llountr Land
Warranltt Recertified boldlera1 Additional Script
all kindaof Land Scrip liouihl and add. II. M.
HAMILTON, Tt.a I'orllanJ, Portland, Oregoa.
INVENTOROl'roreeU rlaht Uarn lha Irvta about
yuur lnveiitlufi ttvrt niplilug Tor uUt It may
Ml toil innney aill illailnuiiril Wrlla rorar.
ubUra. ma rtiaar aaimit tu , ittiiuMi, 0, c
, "iTJ'.'y'.V-a.l Thompson's Eye Water 1
TS m yT I
BATH Yy h-t
cuircii MMJ I
x(' LL"10'' I
H ' V ,WV the.
Physicians, Pharmacists.and H
Nurses endorse Cuticura
Soap because of its delicate,
medicinal, emollient, Sana-
tive, and antiseptic proper-
ties derived from Cuticura, Q
the great Skin Cure, united M
with the purest of cleansing
ingredients and most re-
freshing of flower odors. jj
For preserving, purifying, H
and beautifying the skin, as V
well as for all the purposes K
of the toilet and bath, Cutl-
cura Soap is priceless. Abso-
lutely pure and may be
used from the hour of birth.
M4 laraulbout tat wailt, (Vlturt ...p,., OIM. H
w.dI, k-,h.J'tol. fw (la Ijiui t tkorui.i. C.CH BfH
Hlti, U. h .i1 ct 0)).ly I. h.4 rt all drMff Ma, BSH
rltr H' a Ca,n. Cain , fla It. p. , Ibxiea, ! BfH
aj-l.l -t I ". "All Alui taa akla, kulp, aa4 Halt BBH
Hieoluienirlra I, old, Kilter I.l-J II. U11IU. Hit. H
rrr ;tc IW'l W. . i.eor (oiir II Uyanldalmta SBJ
MailliiKeiivelupraanii lull pneui ai eniuai'illca. siV
nun t iiiiirui ami lJmilreifort aolloitnl. Land- ilH
vlllo, Colo, llitrrencu. CaiUmiohaijouailinn. H
60 Bus. Winter Wheat Per Acra H
Tin l a lb. yield of nalmr-a lied Crnaa Hybrid WKl B
Wli-al Hendlitln .uiiiim for fira Minpieof M4aa at SSH
alaoiatalotfueof Vtltitrr Whtat,, l.ye. l-arav,l4iifra, BSH
Tlmnlhv, flrm-M. Uiill. Trve.t.4 tor rait pUitHnl BSH
HAlSKIt Ni:i!ltL(l.,aM.k,,uCr..a,VI.. B
W M. tJ, Salt Lake City, No. 32, 1606. H

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