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BSSSSSa r '- - " - - .. ... ; .. , . : .... .tA ii in rr r -ftjt, M
B American Fork, Utah
H Published every Saturday.
H "Entered May, 27th. 1903 at Amerl-
H can Fork, Utah as aecond-claM matter,
under Act of Congress of March 8rd.
H 187ft
H Subscription in advance, 1 year. .11.50
H Six months 76
H Throe months 60
H Mr and Mrs F. M. Brown are
H enjoying a week's camp life in Am-
H crican Fork canyon.
H The best assortment of fishing
H tackle in the city, at the American
H Fork Co-op.
H Arthur Laycock of this city and
H Miss Thalia lvenon of Pleasant
H Grove were married Wednesday, at
H the county seat. They are both very
H popular and highly respected young
1 people of this neighborhood. They
H will make their home in thU city.
B Have you seen those up-to-date
1 bracelets Dell Chipumn is showing?
So popular during the short sleeve
H Mrs D. R. Bebee of Provo spent
H the week as the guett of Mrs W.
H T. Brown and other relatives.
Our famous home made nut cand-
H les always in stock Lowe & Co.
H Miss Mabel Anderson and Miss
H Lillian McLachlan returned to Salt
H Lake this week after visiting with
H Miss Laura Bolcy.
H A line of men's and boys 35 and
H 50 cent neck tics tit 25 cents at the
American Fork Co-op,
H Miss Edith McClcllan returned
H to her home in Salt Lake City after
H visiting with her sister Mrs W. S(
H Chipman.
H Mrs Hugh Wright came down
H from Bingham Monday night to
1 spend a few days with relatives.
H Mrs Samuel Greenwood is spend-
H ing a few days with her daughter
H Mrs O. Mistier at Logan
H J.Owen Carter is an American
H Fork visitor this week.
H, Ice cream season is again here.
Hj The same delicious refreshments
H that was served last year can be had
H( at Lowe & Co. Ice Cream parlors,
fl Miis ZinaForbcsof the Chipman
'i Merc, Co. will spend a month's
H vacation with friends at Mt. Pleas.
H antnnd Logan.
H ' Mrs James Chipman and daugh-
H ter Mrs John Nickelson of Suit
H Lake are visitors at American Fork.
H Miss Millie Ambrose went to
: Salt Lake Wednesday where she
fl J ,will make an extended visit,
J Mr Dclos Adams returned home
H J from Strawberry Valley Wedncs-
H 1 lay. He says the sheep are looking
1 fine and have lots of feed.
H Try our cream frappc 10 cents
H at American Fork Drug Co,
M ' Mr and Mrs T. S. Priday spent
H ' the past week in Provo Canyon.
H D. C. Adamson left here this
H , week for Deep Creek, Nevada.
! Bert Jacob returned home Tues-
H j day from Eureka where he has
H j been employed.
BBm We still have n few noby light
H ' weight ladles summer suits which
H will go at half price. American
Fork Co-op.
H , Tho Intense itching of Halt rheum
BBB and eoxoma is Instantly allayed by
BBB applying Chumborlaln'a Salve, As
BBB euro furskln diseases the salvo laun-
BBl eqiulcd .For sul.i hy all druggists.
M James Chipman Sr,, accompanied
H by his bona Alva and Emmetthave
gone to Alaska. They expect to
fl visit Klondike before returning.
H Ice cream by tho pint or gallon
M at American l-ork Drug Co. Fam-
M ily trade solicited.
H A surprise party was given in
B honor of Jesse Mitencr Wednesday
m evening. About so friends were
H present. After the sumptuous sup-
M per was partaken of the time was
M t bpent in playing games and In social
H chat, lr ullener was presented
H with u beautiful rocking chair,
H Elbert Kelly will, go to Minnc-
H nppolis, Minnesota, Wednesday
H August 32 to have a pair of artlllc-
H ial legs fitted which the factory
H guarantees he can walk with. The
H cost to Elbert will be considerable
H and difficult to raise; in older to
H help out this cause the management
H of the Apollo will let him have
H the hall free for a dance, which
H will be given August 21, Your
H patronage on this occasion, which
H' is a worthy one, will be appreciated
H more than it is possible for one who
H has always enjoyed good health to
V fcpow,
.FOR SALE A young jery
heifer calf, I wish to take her away
from the cow at once H. S. llass
mussen. Mr and Mrs W. T. Wild have re
turned from Spanish Fork where
they have been spending a week
with Mrs Wild's parents Mr and
Mrs William Lewis.
Don't drag along with a dull, blll'ous
heavy feeling. Yuii uvt-d a pll'. Uu
DdWilt's Little Erly Risers, tho fam
ous little pills1 Do nut rtl'.keii or gripe
but result are sure. Sold by Amorlean
Furk Drui Company.
H. W. Owen and his son II. E.
Owen of Salt Lake were in town
Friday arranging with teamsters to
haul ore from their Milk Maid pro
perty in American Fork canyon.
They will ship one or two car loads
as soon as it can be brought down.
The ore carries 63 ounces silver and
runs about 55 per cent lead.
Leave your laundry at American
Fork Drug Co., agents for the
Model Steam Laundry of Salt Lake.
J.J.Jackson has been confined to
his bed part of the week with a
severe attack or rheumatiim.
Mrs Joseph Burgess is spenping
a month with friends at Albion,
Mrs H. S. McCullongh and Mrs
Lucius Crandall spent part of the
week at Bingham visiting their
James H. Pulley was a Salt Lake
visitor Monday.
DeWltt'a Kidney and Bladder Pill
act on the liver as well' Especially
good for the treatment of haek-aehe
and rhoumatlsm, Hold by American
Fork Drug Company
C. M. Hansen spent part of the
week at Salt Lake with friends.
Postmaster John Peters spent
Wednesday at Provo.
Don't forget the big assortment
oftoeent hose at the American
Fork Co-op
Mrs Hilda Gordon of Galveston,
Texas arrived here Thursday for a
week's vssit with her sister Mn.
George Sinclair. ,
Mrs. W. II. Chipman la tpaodlng the
week at Sprlngvlllo with relatives.
Conlth Chipman was opperatedupon
yesterday moralng for appendicitis.
Bho rested gaud Ut night and la di
leg aa well as can bo expected.
J. E. Mangum of the Provo En
qulr made the Citizen a friendly
call Wednesday evening.
What might have been a most
destructive fire was extinguished
with but the loss of a small pile of
hay, Thursday morning at the home
of Tom Chipman. Ther little son
hud started a fire with some rubbish
near the barn and when it was dis
covered the blaze was creeping up
the sides of the building. The
ladles living near rushed to Mrs
Chipman'a assistance, and the flic
was put out before the crowd culled
by the fire alArm arrived.
Mrs II. G. O'Kcsson has gone
to Salina for a two wcaks visit with
her parents Mr and Mrs Lorenzo
A baby boy was born to Mr. and
Mrs Hcber Wild this week.
James Stice the popular agent of
the Salt Lake Route at this place
was rcleived for two days the first
of the week by Mr Stark. Mr
Stice had taken u quite trip to Fill,
more, Utah, when on Tuesday, he
was united in marriiige to Miss Jul
ia Iverson, one of that city's accom
plished young ladies. The young
people arrived here Tuesday night
and prepared to begin hoinckeeping
itt once in the agents home opposite
the station. Thu Citizen with the
good people of this city extend the
liund of welcome to Mra Stice in
her new home town.
-T. E. Steele. George II. Pulley
and J, W. Storrs spent Sunday in.
peeling the Silver Flat mine. They
were well satisfied with the pre,
eut itidicationi of the property, The
miners are now working in the ore.
While at the canyon last week
J01. J, Juckson, Fred Jackson and
Fritz Ucrher of Salt Luke were
entertained at dinner by Mr Bui
gess and Mr Larson at the Clipper
and Silver King mine. The young
men catnu home much enthtued
with the outlook ot the property,
E, n. Boley has engaged the ser
vice of Wm. Craig to work in the
sausage department of hi meat mar
ket, Mr Craig is considered one of
the best men in the state, when it
comes to preparing sausages etc., to
suit the palate.
A world of truth In a few word:
"Nearly all othar cough cures are con
stipating, especially thoe that contain
opiates. Kuuneily's Laxative Honey
and Tar movea the bowbls, Contains
no oplats,'-Sold by American pori
Drug Company
There Is 'lothlng si plonsaot as that
hrlght, cheerful, at-'poaeo-wltii-th-world
fooling when you sit nowu to
your breakfast. There is nothing no
conductive to good work , and good
gnod results. Tho heahhy nnm with
n liealtny mind and body In a better
ffllow, a t'ettvr workman, a bolter citi
zen than the mail or woman who is
handtcapuud by a hdh rilaMllty, hiw
ever flight. A slight disorder of the
stoiiinuii will derange your body, your
thoughts', und your disposition. Get
h way from the miirtiiduesa and t h blues
Keep your stomach In tune and both
your brain and b dy will reopdnd.
Little Indiscretions of overeating can
be, easily corrected and you will bo
Hurprlscd to see how much better man
you are. Try a little Kodol for dys
pepsia after your meals.Sold by tho
American Fork Drug Company.
Conjoint Program.
Blnglng by tho Third ward choir.
Iteadlag Irene Chipman
Bolo-Kdlth Hlndley
Papor Ell-I. Clayson '
Solo Julia Drown
Talk President James H. Clarke.
Why does the sun burn? Why tlooa
a mosquito sting? Why do we feel
unhappy lu the Good Old 'Hummer
Timor Answer: we don't. We use
neWltt'a Witch Hazel Salve und these
lfttlo Ills don't bother us. Learn to
look for tho nnm on the box to gal
1 ho gonulnu. Bold by Amorlean Fork
Drug Company.
We have a vacancy for m good,
industrious man in the territory com
prising Lchi, American Hork and
iPlcasant Grove. Permanent pos
itions with excellent prospects for
n profitable business, also aood op
portunities for advancement.
235 Commercial Club Bldg.,
Salt Lake City.
1 1
Farmer Brown had apples green hang
ing 011 a troe.
Johnny spied them I'll take two
one for you and ran,"
Whou 'twaa over mother said, "Now
run out and play .
Luck for you that caacaawcet was In
tho houso today."
Jut what Is In Caacaswct Is on the
bottlo in plain English. 60 domjsfcsw
Bold by the American Fork DrupH
Rome MiasionarieiP
Homo MlMtoanrjr appointment In the Alflne
Stake, tor Sunday Auvuat 19, 1906. x
Ftrtllcldi I K. W. Paiman
I IlernardChrlatensen
Cedar Fort I M. It. Fltiueraid
I Adolph NelUen
Letal I A.M. Davla
Flrtt ward 1 Morgan Kvonn
Lohl Howard II. Wamlck
Second ward Andrew N. NolUon
lent 1 Oeorge T. Kouti
Third ward 1 Kobcrt lllacknurat
. I-hl I varn D.Thomo " "
Fourth ward) Wm. S. Urcenwood
Alpine IJameaR. Oirn
1 Clifford Cook
Am. Fork i Wm. Iladndd
Flrtlward I Joieph 11. Glover
Am. Fork j Jatnrs Clark
becpnd ward 1 Annua llradder
Am. Font I lltber C. Webb
Third ward 1 K. M, Ol.cn
Am Fork I John It. Anderaon
Fourth ward 1 Alma M, Hmlth
Manila j David J. Ilrown
I Carlo O. Walking
I'l. Orore I John Woodbouno
Klliba Ilrown -
I.lndon j Wm. K. Itoblnion
I Morrla Ma4ien
Et.l J. CLAYSON, Stake Clerk.
Assessment Notice No. 3.
I'linclpal place otbualneHa American Fork,
Utah. Notice U heribjr siren, that a mooting
of tho Directors of the aboe named company
held on the Ird, day of Auguu IKO, aaneaa
went No. S, of 11.00 per lOUO ahnret (one mill
per kharo) wua levied on tho capital atock of
the corporation payable Immediately u T. K.
Steele, Secrrtary at hlaoRlce, American Fork,
Utah., Any atock on which thl auiceiment
rcmalna unpaid on Monday Sept. I, tin will
twdellnquent and sdrertUcd for lnat public
uucttnn and udIch iyment la dmiIo before,
will bo aold on Monday Sept. IT, IM at 4 oclock
p. m. at the office of the Swretary, at Ainerlran
t-"ork, Utah, to pay thadellnonem SawMament,
lonethcr with lhaiootot advertUIng and ex
penkeof aale,
T. B. STF.KLE.Becietary.
Date of flrat notice Auguat nth, KM.
a -
Alpine Items.
(Hy Special Correspondent)
The Stake conference held here
on Saturday and Sunday was well
A full representation of the pres.
Idency was present also Bio.
Richards of the quorum of Apostles
The meetings on Saturday wire
held in the meeting house and on
Sunday they were held in amubc
ment hall.
President Geo. II. Brimhall of
the B. V. University and also Prof.
Edwin Hinkley were present on
Sunday, Their remarks as well us
those of Bro, Richards wete very
much appreciated.
On Wednesday Ernest Clarke
and Belle Wilkins of Alpine wete
married in the Salt Lake Temple.
Buth of them are bright and pro.
yrcssivc young people. A recep
tion and ball will be given in their
honor on Friduy.
We congratulate them nnd wish
them happiness. ,
Grandpa Healy who. Ims been
ill the pat week is again able to
be out.
Mr and Mrs Ilobt, Hunter spent
the week at Provo visiting relatives, i
Mrs Lttella Fillerun is in Alpine
viting relatives and fricnd.
' i
At Chipman'it Livery stable Am.
Fork every Tucnlay.
Office telephone 26-4
James Martin,
Watchmaker & Jeweler
Call us up for the
Correct Time,
Both 'Phones
Jamos Martin, The Jeweler
The Clock tlgn juiteail ol Co-op (tore,
Wjjk iMal8aeee "
naa3aaJld :-v V I
Learning la wealth to the poor, an honor to the rich, an aid to the young, a support and comfort to the) ifd Bacon fa
.w.w as COURSES OF STUDY: '' I
AGRICULTURE-Aeronomy, n.irtlculture, Anlrasl ENGINEERING Mojhanlca, Surrey Inir, Doiljrnlnijv
InduHtry, Veterinary Suionce, Dairying, Irriiratlon aud Irrigation, Sowurairo, Hydraulic Itoada and pavomonla, ) ,
Dralnaeo, Ktc. Etc.
DOMESTIC SCIENCE AND ARTS-Cooklnsr and COMMERCE Business, Administration, Account j,
DItoilc4. Sanitation, Hyglune, Sowlni;, Household Eoo- Inj;, Uauklii);, TransirUtloc, Conunerclal Law, iite- f
noralot, Eto. notfniphy, to,
MECHANIC ARTS-Carcontry. Forclntr, Pattern GENERAL SCIENCE-ComnrUlnir EdkIIsIi, Mathi
Making. Carriage Building:, foundry Work, Muchlno matlcH, IINtory, Keonomlt's, Modern LanKUae, Natural
Work, bus. and Physical tiolenco, Eto.
COURSES are also offered In Music, Art, Physical Training and Library Work.
Uoforo you decide wh'oh Roliool to attend that ynu consider carefully tho opM)rtunltlo afforded by tho (I
AGRICULTURAL COLLEGE OF UTAH -Its strong foculty. modorn coursosof ctudy, splendid uqulraent, moral S
atmosphere and healthful onvlrooiuunt; also tho low expenses and the uniform and splendid success of It atudunu, p
dMwBBBBBLnaalBaW -aaaaaaAN
Sv Satfl aBHaBHaBHaWiaVMaBHaBHbh aBHaBHaBHaaviaSBV
,$a tiKu-sssk a-sni
llaftMaHaaalaaaaSBE taaaaaaBv
Twonty buildings, provided with tho beet modern cqulpomont; llvo sUkU, frms, orclianls, gardens, parade. m
grounds, and athlutlc field thosoalTord exceptional faollltloii for th.irouth and effl'lfot work. A "trong faculty of
oxporU. reproacntlnir tho best Institutions of America anil Enripn, are In oharge of the work of Instruction and ex- JB
perluiontutlon. No tuition. Entrance fee $.1 College opens Bopt. 18. Wrlto now for Illustrated catalogue, V ,
Mako hay whllo tho Sun Shines "
Tlioro la a Iohhoii In tho work of ihn
thrifty farmer. Ho known that the
brUht aunsliiue may luut tint it day
and lnt prepare for tho-howura which
are so 1Mio to follow. So it should bo
with ovory hntiHeholil, Dynontary,
dliirrho- h .ind ohol.ira inorhut may at
taint any mt'inbor of tho family with
out wnrnltitr. ChnmberlalnV Collo
Cholera and Diarrhoea Hem dy,
which U tho host kti'iwu mnilioinu fur
these illrioak. a, almuld ulwyH bo kupt
at liaml, mb 1 111 mod hi tM Ireatiut-nt is
nwoHt-ury. and ilelHy may provo fatal.
For salJ by nil tlruBgUln,
The Chipman hack mets all
trains. Call us up; phone 6-2
Stomach Tr.iublo mid Constipation
No onwran reusonahlv hope fo- i?ood
digestion whnne liownls am constt
ed. MrChnso Haldwlil, ofPIdwurds
vllle, Illinois., says. "I autfored from
chronic constipation and stomach
troubles for several joara, but thanks
tChaniinrlaln's Slomaoh and Llv. r
Ta'deta am alrai'Sl ourod " Whv not
get a paokH!o of the.fo in'ili-t-i aud tret
well and stay well? I'rlco 25 cents
For sale by all druggists.
A feyv numbers of Ladies skirts
left nt 50 per cent off to close them
Xut j at Chipman Merc, Co,
I To Be Frank 1 I
I you have really never S I
I eaten a true soda cracker II
m until you have eaten Vt y
I Uneeda 1 I
. Biscuit A
I The only soda cracker H
m which is all good and M
j always good, protected ffl
I from strange hands by a H k
W dust tight, moisture fZ$ W
M proof package. J jD
UniieeuBNary KxpeiiH-.
Acute attaoks of colic ami dla rlio-a
ci. mo on without warning and irompt
relief must to obuiued. Them Is 10
neuesHity of Incurring the expeiuoof
phyaelan'a xurrlce in unh canon If
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholcraaiid Din
riliuea Ileinedy Is at hand. A " of
this remedy will relieve, the patient
lefnre u doctor could arrlvo, It ha
nover twon known to fall, oven In iho
most severe, and dangeroua cage utiu
no fumlly should te without It. Fur
sale by all druggists,
" A. Cmi'MAN, I'ropr. v
;!! " j j j
', Gootl Rles, both bIobIo and
double, for all occasions.
','' j Sleighs In Season j jj
i Horses Fed! Phone call 6-3 J !
, Hack meets all Trains. 1
; Deaullful Hera In attendance, "
; Terms Reasonable
, Open Day and Night
Assessment Notice vo. 36 )
pacific oolii mini.no anh mii.1 m
ino co. ;,
l'ilnt'ltl plaifof liulne Ain-rlitii W
Fork, Utah. Notice ( hefb) uiven,
that at a meeting ufthe Dliectorm.f tho S.
alKive iiamuil Company, held nil the jL
8 day of Aiif. IKJ, aaseMintuit No. IRa
htl of I2.0H per" 1000 Kharea (J.fitli of one " O
eenlperahnre)WHHevi,ou Uiocupluil JLI
stock nf the Oirixiratlcn, (wyable 1m. fi'i
mediately to.l.M.TIioriituii, Secretary,
'at his uffloe, American hork, Utah.
Auy stock on which this aMemunt re.
inalna unild on Monday, Hept, 10,
100(1 will bo delinquent uml dvertli(i
for sale at puhllo auction and unlcsa 1
paymeiit la made before, will Ihi dd 1
on Monday, Sapt. 24, 1000 at 3 o'clock 1
I P M. at the ottlce ot the .Secretary, at
I American Fork, Utah.to pay tin .lellii- I
queiit asaeaameut, together with the
eoutof atlvertlsing and eipeuae of aale,
J, M.THOIINTON.rVcretarv
Date of 11 rat notice Aug 11, I Wo"
DeWitt's Wti Salve
For PH, Burnt, 8or?f ,

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