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I jMNfisiniDin
H (Cop right, 1838, 1500. by S. II. C'rocki U
Ml CHAPTER XI. Continued.
1'ho l'rlnco of Courtlnnd turned on
3M Angry countcnanco upon his friend,
SHI l but .tho keen-witted Musrovllo looked
KU so kindly and yet so sadly upon him
M that after a whllo the severity of his
II faco relaxed nil It had been ngnlnst
g his will, and with a quick gesture he
indded, "I bcllovo you loto mo, Ivan.
Ufough Indeed your words are no hot-
tor than red-hot pincers In my heart."
"Lovo you, Louis?" cried Prince
Ivan. "I lovo you better thnn nnj
brother I have, though they will novor
Hvo to thwart mo as yours thwarts
you better oven than my father, for
you do not keen mo out of my Inherit
Then In a gayer tono he went on:
"I lovo you so much that I will
pledgo my father's whole army to help
ou, first to win our wife, next to
tako Hnhcnstcln. Kerns-berg nnd Ma-sj-
rlenfold. And after that, If you are
' still ambitious, why to Plassonburg
and tlio Wolfmark, which now the
Kxccutloner'a Ron holds. That would
mako a noblo kingdom to offer a fair
and wilful queen."
"And for this you nsk ?"
"Only your love, I.ouls only your
lovo! And, If It please you, tho alli
ance with that I'rlnce of your honor
nblo houso, of which wo spoko Just
"My slsler Margaret, you mean? I
will do what I can, Ivan, but she nlso
Is wilful. You know she Is wilful! I
cannot compel her love!"
Tho Prlnco Ivan laughed.
"I am not so complaisant ns you,
Louis, nor yet so modest. Give me
my brldo on tho day Joan of tho
Sword Hand sleeps In the palace of
Courtlnnd, as Its princess, nnd I will
tnko my chnnco of winning our Mar
garot'a lovo!"
Woman's Wilfulness.
Joan rodo on, silent, a furlong bo
foro all hor men, llohlnd her sulked
Maurlco von Lynar. Had any been
thcro to noto, their faces wero now
strangely nllko Iti feature, and yet
moro curiously unlike In expression.
Joan gazed forward Into tho distance
Ilko a soul dead and about to bo re
born, planning a now life. Maurice
von Lynar looked moro llko n naughty
schoolboy whom some- tyrant Kntc,
rod-wlcldlng, tins compelled to obey
against his will.
Soon Castlo Kornaberg floated up
llko a cloud beforo them nboro tho
bluo and misty plnln. Hut net word
spoko Joan till that purplo tladow
had taken shnpo as stately sloi;o and
lime, and sho could discern hrr own
red Hon flying abreast of tho banner
of Louis of Courtlnnd upon tho top
most plnnnclo of tho round tower.
Then on n little mound without tho
town sho haltod and faced, about,
"Men of Hohcnsteln." snld the
Duchess, In a clear, fnr-reachlng nlto,
"you havo followed me, asking no
word of why or wherefore. I hao
told you nothing, yet Is an explana
tion duo to you."
"It Is tho will of Joan or tho
Sword Hand! It Is enough!" repeat
cd tho four hundred lances, llko a
class Hint learns a lesson by rote.
A lump roso In Joan's throat as sho
tried to shapo Into words tho thoughts
that surged within her. Sho felt
strangoly weak. Her prldo was not
tho snmo us of old, for tho heart of a
woman had grown tip within hor a
heart of flesh, Surely Hint could not
bo a tear In hor eye? No; tho wind
blow shrewdly out of the weit, to
which they woro riding.
J "I thank you, noblo gentlotncn."
' snld Joan. "Now, ns jou sny, let u
Jf rldo Into KcniBberg."
, 'm "And pull down that flag!" cried
II Maurice, pointing to tho blnck Court
w Lay waiting on the slopes of the Ja
Wl tjernbergen.
ti land Kaglo which flow so stoadlly be
Ill sldo tho rnronnted lion of Kermbcrg
tP and Hohenstoln.
J "And pray, sir, why?" said Join of
I i tho Bword Hand. "Am I not also
Princess of Courtlatid?"
J From woman's wilfulness all things
J somenow havo their beginning. To
I woumr.'a wantlrg may he traced all
.' restrnlntR and. Judgments, from the
sword flnmlng erery way about lWen-
gate to tho last merehaut declared
I bankrupt nnd "dvoMr iipa the ex
I change flags of Hamburg town. Iv
I did not eat the apple when oho pet
I It. Sho hasted to give It away. She
only wanted It bemuse It had been
So nlso Jonn of Hohenstoln desired
to go down with Dcssnuer that she
might look upon the muti betrothed to
her from birth Sho went. Sho
looked, nnd within hor there grt w up
a heart of flesh. Then when the
stroke fell, that heart uprose In quirk,
intemperate revolt, and what might
havo IsMicd In tho dtill compllnneo of
a Princess, whpto whole life was set
tled for her hi enmo tho ImperlouH
revolt of n womnn ngnlusi an intoler
n lo and loathsome Impossibility.
So In her Castlo of Kontsborg Joan
waited. lint not ldl All day long
and every day Maurice von l.jnnr rode
on her set vice. The lilllmon gath
erod to his word, nnd In the court
turd tho siorinv voices of George
the Hus'-ltc tind Peter llnltii were nev
er hushed. The shepherds from tho
hills went to Htul fro, matching nnd
countermarching, wheeling nntl ehnrg
Ini!. porting musket nnd thnmilng
pike, till nil Kcroshorg wits little bot
tor than n, liRrntcl..
Hut there wero two, at least, with
in tho realm of the Duchess Joan who
Knew no drawbacks to their Jo), who
nibbed palm on palm ami nudxed each
other fur pure gladness. These (it Is
nail to say) w ie tho military attaches
of the neighboring peaceful Statu or
Plasscnburg. Yet they had been spe
cially cautioned by their Prlnco Hugo.
In tho presence of his wlfo Helcnc.
the hereditary princess, that they were
mot carefully to avoid nil Interna
tional complications. They wero on
no nccoutit to take fide In any quar
rel. They must doj nothing prejudi
cial to the peace, neiitrnlit), and unl
vcisnl nmlty of the State and Pi luce
dom of Plnssonburg. Such were their
They promised faithfully.
Yet theso two soldiers of fortune
lay waiting on tho slopes of ihu Jn
gernbergen, talking over the situation.
"A man surely htui a right to. his
own wlfo!" snld Jorlnn, taking for tho
sako of nrgutnenl tho conventional
"Narron-Posson, Jorlnn!" cried
Ilorls, raising his voice lo the Indigna
tion point. "Clotted nonsense! Who
Is going to keep a man's wlfo for
him If ho cannot do It himself?"
"Tho troublo Is that so far sho feels
no necessity to bo any one's wife,"
snld Jorlnn.
"That nlso Is nonsense," said Doris,
who, splto his defenso of Joan, held
tho usual masculine views. "Kvory
wnmnn wishes to marry. It sho can
ouly havo first choice"
'Thoro they como!" whlsporod Jo
Ilorls roo to hit feet and looked
long beneath his hand. Very far away
there a roso from tho lord green
plain first ono Inll column of dense
black smoke nnd then another, till
ns far as they could co to tho left
tho plain was .full of them.
"(lod's truth!" cried Jorlnn, "Ihey
are bunting tho farms and herds'
houses. Tho Muscovite Is out! Theso
nro Co sack tires. HrntoM Wo shall
yet hnvo our Hugo horo with hit nxol
Ha will novcr suffer tho bear to near
lilt borders." ,
"Let us go down," said Ilorls, "or
wo shntl miss miiuo of thu fun, In two
hours they will bo at tho fords of tho
"What do )ou horo? (Jo back!"
shouted Werner ton Onoln, who with
his men lay walling behind tho flood-1
banks of tho Alia. "This Is not vnur
quarrel! Oo back, Plnssenlmrgcrsl"
"Wo hnvo for tho time being do
milled our ofllco." exclaimed Ilorls.
"Tho envoys of Plassenbtirg nro at
home In bed, sick of n imM sanguin
ary fever. Wo offer )ou our swords
us fret fighting men nnd good Touts,
The Muscovite aro over yonder. tard
to think that I havo lived to forty
eight ami neter jet killed een one
bearded Itust!"
"You may inetid that rword shortly,
to all appearance, If you bate luokt"
said Von Orsuln grimly.
Now this Is the retort whirl. Cap
tain Doris and Jorlitu eutoy (er)
extraordinary from the Prince and
Princes of I'luMeiiburg lo the relgu.
nig Duchess of Hohensieln niadu,
upon iholr return from tho fords of
the Ada. to their home government.
Jnrlan. being of the rotund and com
plaliant faction, acquiesced In tho pro
poial that ho should do the writing
Hut ns ho neter got hP)ond, "To our
honored Uird and luidy Hugo and
Helene, these " there needs not to
bo any particularity as to hi manner
of acting the scribe.
Then he remembered that he knew
where a secretary was In waiting, llu
w4iTld go and Ixirrow him. Jorlsn re
enterel their bedroom with a beam
lug smile, and the secretary held by
the sleeve to prevent his eeea. Hot!
ft It that the rojort was as good as
'rltteti It began thus:
"With great assiduity (a word tug
geeted by the secretary) wr eavojs
remembered jnir HlahnesM' prince
ly adtlee HHd command that we ImmjIiI
liitolve oursultea In no warfare or
other local tUsKreemen'. when
w heard thar IlohenetelR was to b
Invaded by the treope of the Prince of
Cotirtlsad, we were deefdy arleved.
"Ntertkeis. iudwlpg l( to be for
the ih4 f A4tr eMtatrV that we should
have a near (ew of the MiMg. we
left mr arms aa4 armor bbld us.
and went mi to make w.et
la the IhIwmi rf yaur Htgajiitwiit'
"Wo found tho soldiers of too Duch
esa Joan waiting nl the fords of the
Alln, which Is the eastern bcrdcr ol
their protlnce There wero not man
of them inn nil ti iod toldlera. Tin
Couttlnr.i'oro cnu on in myriads
with .Miico!tes without tiuuiber
Tlie-o last burned and slew ull In
Uitlr parii
"Tlio men of Hobettsteln being sc
few nnd those of Courtlnnd with thelt
nlllea to manj, tho river wns over
passed both lihoto and below the
fords. Whereupon I pressed It upon
Werner ton Orseln that he should ro
treat to a place of greater hopo and
safety, being thus in danger on loth
"This Werner ton Orscln had fought
all tho da.t, and. though most reckless
Iv ovposliiK himself, wns Btlll unhurt
Ills armor was covered with blood
and black with powder after tho fash
ion of theso wild hot-bloods. Ills fnce
alto was stained, nnd when he spoke
It wns In a hoarse whisper Tho mat
ter of his dl.Miourso to us was tills:
" 'I can do no more. My people nr
dead, my powder spent. Thoy urc
Jorlan and Doris" dictate a diplomatic
moro numerous thnn the sea sands.
They are behind us nnd beforo, also
outranking us on either sldo.'
"Then wo advised hltn to act his
face to Hohcnsteln and with those who
were left to hi in to retreat In thnt
direction. We accompanied him, bean
lug In mind your royal commands, nnd
ongor lo do nil that In us Iny to ad
vnnco tho Interests of amity.
"In this tnnnnor tho remnnnt of tho
soldiers of tho Duchess Jonn renched
Kernsberg In snfety a result which,
wo finlter ourselves, was as much duo
lo Uio ical and porsiinslvoness of
jour envoys ns lo Iho skill nnd bra
very of Werner von Orseln and tho
roldlors of tho Duchess.
"And our humblo servant Vlll
ever pray for tho triumph -i!--;!!
and concord, nnd also for an undis
turbed rolgn lo your Highnesses
through countless years. In token
whereof wo append our signatures
and seals,
"J Oft I AN."
"Is not thnt last somwhat over
Mrnlnod about peace nndConcord and
so forth?" asked Jorlan anxiously.
"Not a whit not n tvhll!" crlod
Ilorls. "Oiu- dcfciro to promoto penco
need lo bo put strongly. In order to
carry persuasion to their Highnesses
In PlnsKcnlmrg. In fact. I nm not suro
thnt It has been put strongly
"I am troubled with some .w
doubt myrelf!" said Jorlan, under
hi brouth.
And a the secretary Jorkod tho Ink
from hit pen ho smiled.
(To bo continued.)
Senator Foraker Uses Anecdote to
Draw a Parallel.
Ileforn Senator I'ornker wns elected
to the otllco he now holds ho prncllcod
law In Cincinnati, sajs Iho Now York
American II I said of him that hl.i
fees were larger than those of any
other niioriiey In Ohio. It Is generally
known that ho I a poor man so far
ns enrihly poMeeslons go.. Senator
Piatt, of .New York, asked him not
long mho wh ho held himself down to
n JB.Ouo Job, w herons If ho conflnod
himself to legal practlco ho could grow
mrmouly rich.
"I am inld that you get bigger fees,"
kiild the Now York or. "that any
other attiune) out our wny "
"Which remind me of ono of Mr.
Mncoln'ri storloK," answered tho Ohio
an. "When he was a boy ono of his
mother a neighbor was to poor ns to
Hxcllo the pity of nil those who know
her. She had a world of children, nnd
It ttiih said of them thnt thoy novoi
had enough to eat. When young Abe
was trudging schoolward one morn
tug he met one of tho boys. His heart
melted at tho sight or tho gnuiil and
hungry appearing lad, nnd quickly hit
hand went Into his luncheon iaskc-l
and drew forth a ginger enke. lit
broke It In twain and the boy gob
bled It up. He gate him tho othoi
piwe, and that went down tho boy'
throat in ono gulp.
"You like glngor cakes, don't you?
inquired Abo of the widow's boy.
"'I doe.' was his answer. 'I Ilkoi
'nm more and gits lets of 'm than nnj
boy In Sangamon comity."
''And that la my story." rontlnuei
the senator "When pnctleej law '
liked big fe' bettwr than any one ot
earth, ad got fewer of inem than nnj
ether lawjer out my wav"
Making a Sure Th'no of It.
JohnsftB Wero you satlsllod wit)
yoar HHClM' will?
Hilling Katlrely. I took tho pre
eawtlon to bxoi.if the attorney In tb
eaie. Toiiel .. v
Yacht Is Followed 8luatllhly by
Creature, and Dullets Fired Make
Little Impression on the
New Orlonns. The sensation In tho
llaliliig world recently wna the expe
rience four sportsmen had with a
Uetll llsh oiT Horn island
During the week the big power
yacht Jeanne, owned by Commodore
Thomas Sully, with .lohn P. Sullivan.
1,'hll Werleln and Ned lllghtor ns
"gnosis, ran out to Horn Island for a
few days' fishing- Thet had all tho
sport they wanted with mackon-i nnd
bull rodilsh, nnd early one Sunday
morning atarlisl for the easiwnrd pass
of Deer Island nnd IHIoxl bay
They had liuteled puHslhlt Ibrvo or
rour miles from the Island when. Just
abend or the yucht they saw some- '
thing on tho surface of the sound
which looked like a giant turtle Tho
eourso of the yacht was changed so
as to overhaul this strange creature,
and when the boat nemod tho llsh
tho engines were slowed down nnd
Tho yncht enmo up close to Iho fish,
which pioted lo lie the Intgest devil
fish over seen In that section Dur
ing last Hummer u number of these
monsters, sometimes called the
blanket fish, have been soon, but
they wero not longer than live or b!x
This monster measured In tho
neighborhood of 1C reel In length, and
wns fully seven or eight feet brond.
When tho nose or the llsh wns
alongside tho step of tho yacht. Its
tall was just opposite the forcmnst.
a distance or over Hi feel, but, to
make tho measurement reasonable,
tho sportsmen came to the conclu
sion that they would give thu llsh IS
feet a a fair measurement.
Commotion! Sully secured an Im
proved WlnchcMlor and went on lop
of tho pilot houso to get a good
shot, The llsh was lying very near
thu surface, and did not seem to
pay the slightest attention to tho boat
and Us occupants. Two shots wero
fired In rapid succession, but they did
Machinist Tries to 8ave Trouble, but
a Friend Balks Qood Inten
tions. Philadelphia. Having drunk car
hollo acid, Cordon Hales sal down
upon tho step or tho morgue to die.
This unique action seemed to speak
more strongly than any word that i
ho might hnto written or snld that
ho desired to lesson, ns far as was In
his power, tho troublo that his fatal
Iraught would be to other. Hut his '
death wits slower than ho had rnl-'
ciliated, so that after all hi foro-
- -MMM!tM- 1 I I ! rfT-
He Ran to the Morgue to Die.
thought ho traveled to tho morgue by
way of tho Hahnemann lumpltal.
' Hates, who was 3U years old. and
tlvod In Wood stieel. a half block
'rom tho morgue, thought he wa
folng to die from consumption Key
'nil friends and relative bail gone
hat way, and he became dally more
onoly and dMondout. Dually, hav- ,
ng nerved himself to the final strug-'
lie, ho drew from his pocket a bottle
nil of onrbollo nclil and lod of
ho contents, while standing vear his
andlndy, Mrs. Annie llrogaii, wkoee
lusband, Cormliu. died from eon
iimptlnn a couple of months ago,
Mrs. Drogan, In her ulforl to pre
'cut his swallowing the poleon, was
overely btirnod iiikjii tho arms by
omo of tho liquid
"Now I'm going down to tho
lorgtio," wore the man's parting
'orda, as suffering the first nmmy of
ao doath struggle, ho ran ft urn the
oo r.
Ho nnd Just sunk upon the step of
lo morgue, whim one of his friend,
nlgolm Cochran, a plumber, cswe tip !
nd asked him what was the mat!
T. I
"Pvo Just drank jmon, and I'm dc
ig." was tho nwpoiiee. Ami 'tlw Next
dnuto ho suuk Into a ttupw "
rosoutly onded In death eu the way ,
o tho hospital.
not seem to bother tho firth In thft
When tho shots wote filed tin
glnnt sank slowl nnd enmo up ngnlc
a few feet further nltend A dozen
more shots were II rod from tho rifle,
but no Impression was mndo. Fully
half nil hour tho ncltt lay to while lis
occupants tried all kinds of means to
wnko up thu monster of the sea.
Werlolu II unity grabbed a long boat
hook nnd wanted to tie a line to tho
JCTTWWfc .. i ' ,nn. I.
' ' JI uS3jHsS5i r
fife ml&tiS$MBB29
WMjM ';
v &jZ47 -Jv . . ,
1 J0f
The Shots Had No Effect on the Fish.
hnndlo nnd hnrponn tho fish, but tho
others wero not exactly certain ns
lo tho results of such an experiment,
nnd would not listen to Werleln.
Finally the yacht got under wny
ag.ilu. nnd Iho dnvll fish, with a fow
lazy waves of Us Riant tentacles,
dropped In behind nnd followed thu
bont for fully half a tulle. Then It disap
peared. A few weeks ago W. C. O. Clnlborun
nnd several other fishermen returned
with n story nlxiut three devil fish
seen nt the Island, but their story
I wns taken with n largo groin of salL
Clalboruo has u reputation for story
1 telling, but hi tain Is followed up
I now by this experience, and tho
I siortsmeu nro wondering If a big
yacht, with plenty of harpoona on
board might not furnish n lot of lively
HjKirt to thu sportsmen.
Hates, who wns a machinist nt llnld
win's, ciimu hvii rnim Hlllvllio, War
ren county, New York, two years ago.
Ills ouly known relative nro two sit
ters In Hint place.
Man Collapses When He Reads Cood
! Tldlnnt of Old Friend.
Phllndelphln. Overjoyed by tho re
I celpt of a letter from an old friend,
Alexander Alcorn, 40 )ears old, surfer-
. ed an attack of heart disease and
1 died.
The letior leached hero late Sntur
I dny afternoon, hut Alcorn did not re
ceive It until Sunday morning. He
did not upiHUir to iocukiiIju tho hand
writing on the rut elope, but, upon
opening It. bo smiled mid became tery
lunch excited
"flush! I nm Kind lo gut this letter.
ll' from u fileud I have not heard
from for ton )ear.- ho said, lie had
rend a ixirtlon of the letter and wn
about to sit down In u chair, when hu
colhiwod uud died
Several men who saw Alcorn col
lapse thought nt first thnt ho had no
(Mentally fallen l'ion lifting him
they wore surprised to find Hint ho
wu dead. The letter was still In hi
right band It wn dated from New
York city and wn algm-d "Joe."
Rooster It Fond of Kerosene.
Kiillerton, Mo Tli cnultml rooster
In all Missouri I owned by Walter
l.yiiiin, neddlng near here It la act-
Ing a If It weie an automobile and I
. erttln hut in- niiMitiK tho flock This
imieier no longer etow at dawn, but
by aeelduoii awHielatlon with a few
get It ha acquired a lovely "honk,
I honk." mnl pievilnw thU on all occa
sion. At time It starts at one end
of tho barnyard ami, giving a warning
alarm, riishea through the rt of the
thickens. Imwllitg litem over right ami
left. A few days mho Mr. I.yitnu left
a can of kenxxme on the hack oreh,
ami within left mlnutea the rtHieler
, was dnjug If 1h1 Hi drink up Ihu
stuff. UNdoHbiedly with the object of
aequlrlNK the gnwrilno smell. It Is alen
itelodiig an "auto faun."
Cut Tree to Free Prltener.
Mabanoy City. Pa llaadMtTed to
an apple tree by two deputy stale
tiume wardens for ahothlng roMna In ,
violation of the game ww, Peter
i;iung was free4 by two eowpawlim '
who outwitted the wurdega In u two- ,
inlle chase through the woods at t
(llrard Manor, returmxl with an ax. I
with which they MM (he tree and ,
had the manaelt! reuMiveti from
Uorting at a count ij amlthy Jwrt as
the warslena gt back lo take their
tree-taWMl captive ,i nrlwwer to town.
Why He Invcitsd,
"I've Ji NujU a narhwd uv fer
UHm," MM Parmer tTeetow.
Ter the Um' uto!" wtetalmed
I "Vaa. Uat'g what I bwtt It frr,"
retMl the old graegr.
"""'m)w'mmi. H
From all the present Indications, (ho
loss nnd mining district of Humboldt H
county, Nov., will bo tho sccno of thi M
text wild excitement In thnt slate. H
H Is stated thnt the Zllllg and John , o
ron properties In Stntcllno district, H
Utah, hato changed hniids, but who
tho purchascrt nro nnd tho constdor.v M
Hon nro not known. H
Negotiations are under way In S.ilt
Lake City through which n regular k M
auto lino from Humboldt to tho lloso
liinl mining district Is to ho cstnb- 1 M
Mshcil without tlelay. V-aH
The directors of tho Utah Mluo H
company met last weelc and ported M
the usual dividend of H cents n share, ''
nnd, ns they did last month, nlso or- ik
dered thu pamenl ot 2 ceuls as an H
Tho producing mines or the Coeur H
d'Aluues will make a mineral yield H
this year or something llko 120,000,000 H
In gross vnluo, nnd will probably pay M
between fF.,000,000 and $G,O0O,OOO In M
All of tho large milling corporations M
ot llutto nt noon November 10 posted WM
notices nt their properties thnt, be- Hfl
I ginning November 10, the wnges of all M
j underground men would bo Increased M
from t3.no to VC a dny. M
Tho first oro shipment from tho Hull M
frog district over tho now I .aft Vegas ssl
rc Tonopah nillroad, recently com- H
pleted In tho camp, hns Just been H
mnde. It conslsttMl ot 42 tons of high tH
grndo oro front tho Tramp Consolldnt- UaBBl
cd on Ilonnnzn mountain. Hl
A Httih copper district which ls 'H
bound to bo hoard from ne soon ns tho! H
main company operating there has' H
completed tho Improvements now ben k
Ing rushed, Is tho Copper Mountain! -H
camp In tho l.ucln district, soven
mllos Bouthcnnl of Tacoma stntlon. .
Upon tho completion of tho branch l
railroad from Callento to Plocho, an' H
undertaking now well under way, H
thcro will bo added to tho shippers of1 H
oro to tho Salt Ijiko market tho I.ltt- H
den group of properties, recently pur jH
chased by Tony Jncobson ot Salt tako H
J. P. Olymplus, tho experienced mln- al
Ing innii and operator, returned last H
week from n ten days' trip to Doavor
county, Utah, where ho reports having H
secured a group of eighteen clntnm 'aLI
In Iho, Indian Peak rango, about two 'H
miles from Indian Peak. Ho says It l
la nn enormously mineralized tec- r H
Tho Snowstorm copper mine, thrrc..gB
miles east of Million, Idaho, has made TM
fully a iroro of peoplo Indopondcntly " H
rich within tho pntt two years. When H
Iho (lreenough brothers becamo Inter sH
csled In tho property nbout throo
enrs ngn It was looked upon (ti a Joke H
nnd Its shnioH wero changing hands 1
nt from one to live cents, j
Tho Hoveuuo company -lornting In I.I
Heaver county, Utah, wifl soon sond iH
out n few carloads of J1I00 orojust to H
tnnki' their sinteuhMils concerning tho , H
values which tho proa contafu good. H
At tho mouth of tho tunnel workings,
I roin which tho rich shipments nro to M
be niailo, (hero nro now over thirty H
Ion of oro sacked that sample II iH
per rent lead, IDS ounces silver and J
$17 T.O In gold per H
Tho Coeur d'Aleno dlslrlct of Idaho, viH
U best known tie a leinl-sllver district,
anil In fact ns such, It Is without a H
peer In the mining world. Its lead H
ore nro noted for their purity nml H
freedom from objectionable sulphides H
Us rHiourcoe, however, nro by no H
means confluotl to lend nnd silver, but
comprlMo an liiiMirtunt variety of ore- H
Including copper deposits that Indicate H
a rxsouicn of the rod metal equal of M
IntlMirluiice with tho lead M
Ono of Iho most interesting pursuit IH
In America today I the search of H
platinum. Heietoforo Us production M
ha been limited ehlelly to llusrila nnd M
tHHtie South .tiiierlcaii countries. Hits- H
la, ftiruUliliiK M per cent ol tho H
world' supply, but there nro many In- HJ
dicatlons that quantltlea or It will In- sJsafl
mined In the I'nlteil Slates In n few H
year nt moet. Several American HH
linn hate sent out their own protpec- KB
tore to search for
"Silver Is going to reach a price ot H
70 or better within two years, and It
I going to hold thru price," said .Ll
Oeorge W. Huberts, director of (ho B?
1'hIIihI Slate iiiliils, at Denver, In an ; Kvj
Intertletv last week. "I believe (hat rjl
hiiadrwU of sliver mines throughoui H
the west which hnvo been shut down f fll
fH- Hiore than ten year heoausQ of th M
full In prlee will lie opening up ngaln M
within a )ttr, simply becatiKe tho fl
price of the metal will make It worth M
The American Smelting & Heflnlng H
oowpagy. which lias practical coiitrol H
of the alitor market, has supplied nil H
of the 5.0im.on ounces of silver al- v"iH
ready lwught by the treasury oxcepi M
a few thousand ounces The lreasur M
will Inty nearly S.Otfo.ooo nmre ounce H
An aaaay w had In Salt take last H
L on a I'hittik of ore from the 'new -
rtowkaUan atrtke that had no aiifpt H
elea of ruby silver or other metallic H
In Id and the returns tliowed 3 1 H
(Hinoes gld and 1.21S oiiiich silver. H
giving tho rock a valuation of over H
fMM) per ton H

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