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111 ttK--
' ' wPE-RU-NA
Bj. VI tor
1 1 Head.throat
P JKJdnhs.bidder
h !&V? ND
B I o !& r se-v
k j. Herding of New York'i Poor.
B Paul I). Cravnlli, chnlrmnn of the
B w tonoincnt-hnuso commlttco of tlio
P J Charity Organization society, declares
Lj thnt a .cIoko canvnn shows Hint thcro
Ki are In Now York tenements 357,000
V , room.s that liavo no windows.
BBBBj important to Mother.
BBBBj Knmlna carffully errrjr Mil of CA8T0TUA,
BBBBl aafo and aurt renty for infanta and cliIMrro,
BBBB ai are (hat It
Hj BUjnaiawof W$f2&'
Hk l Um For Otrcr UO Trara,
Hll' T Kind Voo Uara Alwaja ttuutbt.
Hl X Love's First Awakening.
H Ono la always n little hypocritical
V (n tho beginnings of lovo. How enn
HjK ' you oxpect a womnn, n roaaonnblo
Hr woman, to confess to herself frankly
B that a man whom alio 1II1I not know
HBj yestordny occupies already n larger
fj pltco In her henrt thun nil lior rola-
H V liven, friends or enemies? Sho will
H n. J spend onttro months, a your, perhaps,
H ,' In ooklng for her preoccupations all
B aorta of unmca liurnrn giving to tlioin
Hl jj their truo ono, Mmlnmo Kinllo do
Bl " Glrardln.
(Not Complimentary,
' A atoekdenlor, buying homes In
I Coloruilo, hnd been dlrcciPd to thu
J j ranch of Old Hill Sands Wishing to
BJ I J burn something of Old Hill' business
Lajfjj metlioda boforn entering Into nogotltt-
rfjf ' lions, ho mado anmo Inquiries nt a
T Jm lutur-by runcli.
j Vl ' What Hurt of busltiosB man la 1)111
M Fjfi Binds?" hu nakod.
H 9 "Wnll, stranger," replied Iho ranch-
H or, "I don't think Old lllll would ko
B plumb to ht'll for n nickel, but. hod
H keop llshlnK around tho odKva for It
H until bo roll In," Ulpplucott'a.
H It And Why Dr. Wllllama' Pink Pllli
BH P Aro a Speolflo for Danoorous
BBBJ f, Phyalcal Doollnoa.
B ' TlioayinptoiiinofKOiirnildclillliy vury
H noconliii(r to tho cnumi but wisiltiifn l
1 nlwnyM priaont, n toiiiloncy to unplrt'
H j , mid futlKiiu (mail, rliiKliiK in H'O txirn,
BBBJ ' ftOiuHtuii." Iiliiclc )t iKiiniiiK Ih'furo
H . tho tyuM, weak luiclc, MTllo, wakeful-
H uoMcaumxlby Inability to hloithlukii:(;,
H uud unrefroxhliirf aluip, Tho iumi of
H thu tiouhlo may lq kiiiio ilialu 011 tho
H ayiluiii or It may I hi imuitnl or pliynlcal
H ovrwork, hopii)tlims iitulllubuit imtrl-
Hr tioit duo to dilutive ilUtiirUiiicn. In
H thu l.itti'nuMi tlioin U Kcntimlly n lots of
H. niH'tlln mid u coated toiih'ut) 11H wull iu
e' J RDiiernl laiiKUoruml dubilily.
V, J MII.ulaM. MetKer, a hteno(,'niplier,
j j livliigntTlMilUtret't.Wiittiilowu.K.Y.,
n sulTereil for over 11 year fuiiu Konentl
BBBB j debility. "It uiimuKotlliyovurbtiiily,"
BBBl j ht) k.iyt, "uud I had 110 uiiiblt ton, didn't
BBBVr want to ko aiiywhero, my food didn't
BBHL t tAktt tfoo.1, 1 win run down, lifoloks and
BBBB " lutltHA. I took mmlleliUM but tboy failed
BBBV :i to bwlp mil. 1'ioally fiii'iid nsxim
BBBB iimhiImI Dr. Willlaiiu' I'liilc 1'IIU to mv
BBBw , . luotlmrHiid nIio Kt Home for iiih. I IimiI;
thsiii for Koiiio tlmo mid was entirely
BBBw ourd mid havo had no reiurii of thu
BBBf! ttiMbio."
H Dr.WilliuiuH' Pink 1'ilN euro dubillly
BBBV btMHUt they itettmlly imikw new, riMl,
n tl blond, and hu iIim IiIkmI ourrleM
BBBB v HiHirllniMiit toalltbenrKiiuxniidtihuueii
BBBB uf IUh U.ly, ntnven iik ll ns miiKuleM,
BBBB tbiiiv ll i htlmuliite tho orinito
BBBB 4oih( woikllmt imturei.xjHotnof tin 111
BBBB' '. mimI iidiiiihI lixtilth fullowx. Not only
BBBB ' U akin trtinnut hiiWiieut to euro d
BBBB ' Hbtyuut nmuyHivuru iiurvouiillMirdtir
BBBB a,lJg"l
BBBB i Ttw plIU nro Mild by nil drujfjdMH, or
BBBB "ill bnmt 0tld,oii miiliit of inifo,
BBBB ''"' UrautK ixM-ltox, hlx lMtteo ij.ftO, by thu
BBBB , Dr WiIIihiiib MwlU'lu.- Co, Si)hiieo.
BBBB Uly, K V. Send for tree diet book.
1 .
S Christmas Presents. fe
ELTIES. Not Nearly So Hard to Make aa They
Would Seem Unique Chinese
Figures for Calendars An
American Indian,
Hidden awnj In u nutshell uro end
Ii'.hj pusslbllltloH for pteuHlns Christ
inas roiiicmlirtinei'H, and thoso un
dowed with tho ralry Klft of ImnRtna
tlon may spoml n pleasant hour in ills
covorlnx what putinlnir llttlo contrl
vances may be fmdilonod with tho
nld of a handful of mils or dirforout
Ono or tho nowust paltndnrs for
1U07 Is ilppomteil with 11 pair of Chi
nese Ukiiiis It Is one of tho "tunr
off" arletj. and tho bulky llttlo pack
ot or daH Is fuMtonod In tho right-hand 1
top curiiur or a nariow. uprltj'it card.
inoasiirliig 12 Inches by IIto Inches. 1
neatly rouied with art paper or nj
dark ahniln This ropresuniH a box
kite, and Is ornamented with silver tls- '
Rue nuil dovlces put out or tlnsol. A J
gold cord depends from It. to which
clings n ton-Mod hoy, who Is uvldcntly
being borne rapidly aloft, In spltu of
?, Ul!'!:,i''aWl',.lM.
A Chinese Calendar.
tho alrpniiouM cfTortH or tils companion
to recall him to oarth by tugging at
his long black silk quouo. Tho heads
of thoso small peoplo aro formed of
half walnut, with tho reaturos caro
fully painted. Their nttlro la cut out
of satin nnd brocudo, nnd gunimod on.
H Ih u good plan to panto whlto paper
on to tho back of tho scraps of ma
lorlal nindo use of, sketch tho sliapo
of tho tunic nnd trousers on this, nnd
then put them out with sharp Bclssors,
nllowlug a llttlo margin ror tho over
lapping of tho vnrlous parts. Tiny
hands can bo cut out of yollow brown
paper, nnd shoes look boat made of
black volvot. A strip or green paper
represents ground on which tho lower
flguro la standing. Tho words "Cal
endar for 1007" nro painted In gold
down ono aide,
A Itcd Indian la a now nnd effect lo
doslgn. Sealed before his wigwam,
muoklng thu "pipe of poaco," ho ap
poara 11 very picturesque porsonago
Indeed, In his acarlet blanket, edged 1
with whlto holders, painted -with In
dlnn devices, over which fall his heavy
plaits of black hair. Interwoven with
atrnnds of silk and chains or colored
tends. Tho hand grasping the quill
''-'' 1 J
An Indian rdemoranium Tablet.
pipe, nnd also the mornsalnR peeping
Imneatb his filngod leather leggings.
nro formed of monkey nuts. Ills In
Hcrutuhlo poiintonnnco Is composod of
n walnut shell, behind which Is a head
droas of feather and melon seeds
A brown paper foundation must bo cut
out for 11 draped llguro of this inscrip
tion, to which tho costumo Is secured
by a few stitches, tho feathers being
gummed In place. The llttlo model
ran then he uiuuutod bodily on any
background. Ho looks uncommonlj
wnll on a largo card, covored w'th
brown paper, to which la secured a
memorandum tublot nnd pencil. If
this Is suspended by narrow strips of
Joatbor with beaded tassels, and a fow
toueliM added In untor colors to sub-
I jtost nu wppioprlato background, the
result will be certain to ploaso.
Oarj for Cottons.
A pretty buttoa bag Is mado of rib
bon abuitt four Itu-boa in width, and of
nny leuth profer.ed, conniMtuil by
j BtltehM aa In tmib.olifory. At tho top
I of the lK nmko a doep frill, and run
, at tho (tptwIUK casing of ribbon by
, whloh H ran k ItitHg.
Laundry Dag That May Ba Easily
Made from a Handkerchief,
A gift that almost ovory man will
appreciate Is a laundry bag for soiled
handkerchiefs Is suitably made from
a largo handkerchief, men's size being
ptofcrublp. Select with a pretty
design In color, 1 t wrong side
out, so opposl ' iiel. Along
thla edga overhand fot a length of
about eight Inches, to mako the lower
pnrt of the bag. Then leave live Inches
A Laundry Bag.
nnsewed to form an opening, nud-ojer-hand
the rest of tho edge. Now aK
Just tho handkorchlef so this seam wllm
bo In center or tho folded oblong
which will appear bag-shaped. Over
hand tho bottom edges. Turn tho bag
right sldo out. Two and a half Inches
f 1 0111 tho top mako a runway, and In'
sort a dress-bono seven Inches long,
shirring tho hag slightly on this. Placo
ribbon ror hanging tho bows according
to cut.
It Is Suitable for a Christmas Pres
ent and Is Easily Made.
A nlco needle book can bo mado by
taking two circles of stiff cardboard.
Put on an Inner ring nnd cut out the
center, leaving a margin about nn
Inch or un Inch nnd a quarter all
around. Wrap thla with bright col
Needle Book.
ored ratlin and In tho opening fasten
four strips of rnirtit across one an
other uud weave In and out llko n
cobweb to nil up about a quarter of
the opening. Do both circles alike,
I nnd suw them together nt tho top,
first putting between them M-vorul
' layers of nicely pinked white ljuiinel
to hold the needles, .
1 The Small Son Can Make It for a
Christmas Present.
Pretty shaving eases for father can
bo made In the sumo way. Tie a num
ber of sheets of tho ahnvlng paper to
n stiff outer cover made of colored
cardboard. Cut two holes with a
I ft W'Vv Vaffl
1 1 15 1
ok mill nj j"" 'M
"Hi lUvtf, 1
1 IHill If ' 1
! A Shaving Tab.
punch about an Inch from the top nnd
1 fasten It to Hit -mper with a ribbon
bow nnd hangorfc. Decorate ii0 cover
' with an Illustration aiuI nut under
neath In neat letters: "A clean ahavo
I for fnlhor," or
"When your rnior clwned nmat bo,
Simply pull a loaf from me "
A Convenient Bag.
Nothing Is more newlftii than bags.
, Tlo nro usimllv mado m stout cro
toniiD. or llkull In komo pretty
, llQrel iwttBrn. Tluww roomy affairs
j uro drawn up or pullwl out at will by
1 an Inoh-wldu ribbon or upa. Small
. tngi aro attaohod to tJe o80r ones
. for tho holding of noodle, cotton, otc
About 100 armed men attacked a
train at Itogow, Russia, derailed thi
express car, secured about ftluO.O'iP
nnd escaped.
A losa of moro than $10,000 was In
curred by a fire which started after
midnight In the heart of tho biislnesi
(ortlon of Hamilton, Ohio.
Seven Nationalist workmen wort
fhot down nt Lodz. Ilitti!;i, one day
list week by Socialists The local
eltuatlon Is most serious.
The burning or the Rosenborg Uros.' j
packing house at San .To Cnl., re-1
suited In n total Iohs or $2::S.0OO, In-
eluding primes valued nt JIO5.C00.
The entire crow of twelve men of I
tho Norwegian bark Adena were j
drowned ns tho result of the tdnklng
af tho vessel near U0M011, N. H. j
Jncob Stehman, a bollermaker em
ployed at tho Pennsylvania Steel
workR at Stcelton, Pa., shot and killed j
hlB wire In tho crowded Hronil street,
The Society or thr Army or tho Ten
nessee, In session nt Council IJluffa,
Iowa, re-elected (lenernl (1. M. Dodge
as president nnd helected Vlcksburg,
Miss., in tho placo or meeting In 11)07
P J O'Nell, a former milllonalro o
Winona, Minn., who owned all tho
grain olevntors In South Minnesota I
and was known ns "Ulio Ilarlcy King,"
Is dead at Cameron, Mo., aged M I
Tho Hoard or Church Hxtenslon ot j
tho Methodlnt church has decided to
rnlso $1,000,000 next jear. Of tfiN
amoiiut, J7CP.000 will bo used for bom.
nlssloii8 work nnd $1!C0.000 for church
Fear or being chastised ror tho
theft of 30 rents worth or cigars from
the general itoro of Tiippanseo Dru
thers In Akron, N. Y., led eloven-yonr-old
Lawrence Orlawold to tako his IHo
by hanging.
Tho Socialists hao commenced n
campaign or murder ngnlnst thoso
who aro opposed to them, and havo
killed the dliector or tho gas works
and wounded several Nationalist
workmen, nt Warsaw.
Oun Itnllan laborer wan Instantly
killed nnd 0110 la missing, thought to
havo been blown to pieces, two nro
fatally hurt and fifteen others aro bo
rlounly Injured by tho explosion of ten
sticks ot dynamlto at Pittsburg.
Tho womnn who was shot and killed
In JJncoln park, Chicago, by u man
who then committed suicide, has been
Jdontllled na Auguata liny, a domestic
Tho man la aald to bo Charleu (Jront,
who wa8 In lovo with tho Hay girl.
Ono woman Is dead, a man Is In a
honpltal, Buffering from severe burns,
2,000 persons lied from their bomea In
panic and thousands more passed a
tlceplesa night na a result of u Horles
ot lucendlnry fires In Now York City
Dr. Wilfred T. (irenfell. the medical
intslnonnry who founded nnd conductc
tbo Labrador deep-sea mlislon, llg.
uied last weok among tho king's birth- I
dny lionorii, being created a Compaulou 1
of tho Order of Hi. .Michael and 8L
Tho coroner's Jury agreed to place
tho blnmo for tho Thoroughfare wreck
of Sunday, October. 2S. nt Atlantic
City, N. J ilium Daniel Stewart, the
ged bridge tender. Stewnrt will bo
arrested and cluirged with criminal
During n quurrel In n gambling room j
of a saloon near Fort llllss. Texas, two
soldiers of tho Twentyllfth Infantry
(colored) were shot and killed. An
other Holdlor, nlco a nu'iuber of the
troop, hnd been nrrestcd and charged
with murder.
Tho President has announced tho )
appointment or Attorney General Wll
Ham Henry Moody of Massachusetts,
nn Justlco of tho Supremo Court of
tho United States, to Hiicceed Justice
Henry Hillings Drown, who rctltod
somo tlmo ago.
Tho department of Justice hns Is
Biicit Instructions to V W. Lehman
nepclal counsel, to begin proceedings
ngaltift tho person or persona believed
to bo Implicated In tho recent enibes
iloment of 101,500 from tho sulctieas
ury nt SL IiuIs,
Indlctmenta havo been returned 1
against threo employes of tho Shelby
Steel Tubo company, of Pittsburg,
chnrglng them with conspiracy to de
fraud tho government In connection
with tho boiler tubos furnished for a
number of battleships.
All automobllo records botwecn San
Francisco nnd Is Angeles havo been
broken by Fornnndo Nohow of Sau
Francisco, who covered tho tlUtanr
of C01 mllea In eighteen houra nnd
thirteen minutes, thtee houra better I
than nny previous record
Trial of tho charges against thu
varloua coniimnlaa under Indictments
at Chicago, alleging n combine In re
stralnt of trada and commerce, hns
been postponed until December 10
neither tho government nor the pack
,eru bolng ready to proceed to trial
A mob of 500 persona attempted
to lynch Thomas Hair, on hla arrival
nt Spring Green, Wis, under nrret
charged with anaault on Mrs. Kdward
Frank. Tho prisoner wn nshod to
jail. It Ib charged Hair, nrtof assault
lag Mrs. Frank, threw huf ever a
Poor Color for Grass,
An I-'ngllshman who 1ms been tls
Itlng in the suburbs recently la by.
porcrltlcal, to say the least Ever
slnco ho has been visiting this gen
tleman ho has b'n finding fault with
ere ;;'. Tho other evening they
wcro on the huat'a beautiful lawn
"This would bo churmlne." Mr Hlonk,
If It wore not for the color or tho
grass." "Why, what Is tho matter
with tho grass?" Inquired tho sur
prised host. "Too green, loo green,"
sighed tho Kngllshman, "It spoils the
color effect." Huston Kecnd.
Crow's Hidden Treasures.
I A well-known naturalist speaks ot a
wild crow which mado n collection or
I bits of broken china and similar odds
and ends, and hid them In a nettle
patch. Ono day the imtutallst stum
bled on the bird standing In tho mid
dle of his treasures and nrranglng
them. Next day they wore all gone
Tho crow, nwaro that hla societ hiding
placo was known, had moved every
thing to Homo new spot.
Spelling Reform In France.
It looks ns though spoiling tcform
wore renlly arilvlug Franco proposes
to mako certain 1 Images compulsory
In nil Its schools. Thus "s" la to
bo substituted for "1" In plurals
"chevnus" for "chuvaux." Tho "h"
Is to bo dropped In certain words,
giving us "retorlquu" and "tentro."
And tho French hen will honcoforth
do Its clucking over an "euf."
- -
From Utah and Idaho to All Points
East and Return, via the Santa Fe.
From Ogden nnd Salt I.ako City to:
Missouri river points $32.00
Chicago $14.50
6L Louis . $39.50
Proportionate rates rrom Idaho nnd
other points. Dates of sale. Nov. 20th
and Dec. IStli, 1D0C. Upturn limit, 00
days. Send for literature.
C. F. WAURKN. Agent A. T. & S.F.
Hy., 411 Dooly Ulk., Salt Lake City,
Worship a Deux.
When Dean Swift was called to the
living of Lorncor he Innugurnted tho
custom of reading prayers on Wednes
day and Friday. At tho first Wednes
day service he waited In vain for nny
one to appear except his clerk Hoger.
At longth ho began, "Dearly beloved
llogor, tho Scriptures moveth you and
me In sundry places," and so proceed
ed to tho end of tho service.
New Idea In Stationery.
Thero la a growing fad for having
ono's stationery monogrammod with a
fncslmllo algnnture, tho Initial letters
of tho name only being usod. Tho
stamping la usually dono on tho
fourth page, the monogram running
acroaa tho loft-hand corner nnd tho
addrosa dlo balancing It straight to'
tho right.
Jewela from Lands of Czar.
A Paris Joweler has bought a largo
number of stones which havo been
found In mines on tho czar's privato
property. Kvery year stones from
theso mines nro offered for" snlo by
tender. In the samo way na tho for
est lands and mines belonging to
tho czar aro occasionally sold by tho
lmuorlal cabinet.
Ghost la Considerate of Children.
A choat which Is fond of children
j has taken possession of a farm In tho
Pntchcfstroom district of the Trans
vaal, according to dispatches from
thoro. It throws about tho furniture,
ihakea and pinches tho adult members
of tho family and visitors, nnd fright
ens the nnlmals, but It never molests
flio children.
Time for a Real Thrill.
j II. O. Wolls, otherwise nn ncute and
Interesting observer, says that pokor
Is a alow Ramo. Mr. Wells has ovl-
1 ileutly never sat rchlnd a pat full on
aces nnd wntched another mnn draw
I two cards. New York Mall
! ll4Jll BEST
" JkEHJjOI tea
a,I-MB "IT"
A Busy Woman.
Many years ngo a visitor to tho
homo or tho Hltt rnmlly at Mount
Morris, 111., found Mis. Hltt quite, busy.
Sho wits holding a child In bor lap,
sho was rocking tho baby In tho
cradle, sho was knitting, and sho was
icadlrg n fwapat.er folded over tho
back of a chair. Tho .Ultor remarked
that the sons of such a woman ought ,'
to have a good record. Tho lato (l
Robert H.,llltt, the congressman from
Illluols, wna oue of the boys
Sayings of Sidney Smith.
On examining some now flowers In
the garden, 11 beautiful girl who win
of the party excUlmed. "Ob. Mr. Syd
ney! this pea ivlll never como to per
fection." "Penult mo, then," said ho
gontly taking Iter hand and walking
toward tho plant, "to lead perfection '-,
to the pea." Tho Sunday Magazine
As tho car of Juggernaut, Its wheels
wet and red, thundered on Its bloody
way, It met a UO-horsejwwer automo
bile. Tho two great machines con
fronted ono nnothcr for an Instant.
Then, humbled and ashamed, tho car B
of Juggernaut turned and slunk back S
to ' -itfquated sarago. B
Oyster Nipped Man's Thumb.
John Prlzor, 11 saloon keeper at Boy
ervllle, Pa., was nlppod on the
thumb by nn oyster whllo ho was In
tho act ot drowning the blralvo In
a soup. 1'rlror's thumb -was put out
of commission, nnd surgeons had to
glvo It a good deal of attention.
Barrel Organ In English Church.
The parish church at Tobblne. Knp
Innd, which dates back to the thir
teenth century, nnd was recontly re
stored, possesses a remarkable an
cient Instrument, a barrel orgaa which
has threo barrels and can play 31
tiines by tho usual handle.
j It's Hard to Escape.
' When you aro little you haro meas
les and when you grow up you have
onomlcs. They're ull In the course
of a lifetime.
Townscnd's Enamel Cream v
Uikriatlrirllic rarliumi-4laulr. Supailur
10 uco ijiitr. lit ui li nolill3ic '
For ! veivwliere. I'llo SO oanla
Union Assay Office
m. a. hnur. p. o. ioi taaa
j. v. oian. lt laxa cit. UTM
I President
Words ....
! Our Sentiments
"Wo face tho future with our past and our
present as guarantors of our promises, and we
aro content to stand or fall by tho record
I which wo havo mado and aro making."
I i--nMAiN ST.

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