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'I D. W,.ll,5n2?' Plnk PI1B Rotor.l
Wrecked Nerves to Normal Con-
dltlon and Good Health Followed.
Tho sufferer from skoplcssncM too of.
ten reports to linblt-fornilng drugs in
order to securo tho coveted rest. But
sleep obtnlued by tho uso of opintos is
not refreshing uud tho benefit is but
temporary lit best.
I Mrs. II. A. Fletcher, of CO Blodgct
street, MnneheMer, N. II., is living ovi.
dotico of tho truth of this statement.
8ho snys: " I received 11 shock of an
apoploetlo character. It was so sovero
that tho sight of my right evo was af
fected, causing mo to seo objects double.
I wnn conlliied to my bed about four
weeks, ut 0110 timo being told by tho doc
tor that I could not get well. When I
could leavo my bed 1 vt as in such n nor
vous stato that I could not sleep at night.
I would get up and sit on n chair until
completely tiled out and then go back to
bed mid sleep from exhaustion.
"I hud been under thu doctor's caro
for six weeks when my sitter, Mrs.
Loveland, of Kveiett, iieraiiiideil mo to
try Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Palo
People. I began taking tho pills with
tho result that I soon cxerlcuccil relief.
Ono night soon after taking them I lay
awakn only u short timo and tho next
night I rested well. Prom that timo I
v slept well every night and soon got well
and strong. I liavo recommended Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills a number of times,
and my nieco has taken them for weak
norves and toor blood and found them
very lx-iioflcfal."
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills lmvo cured
many sovero nervous troubles, headueho,
nonralgiii and ricinticti its well its diseases
of tho hloodsuclinsanipinia, rheumatism,
palo mid sallow complexions and many
forms of weakness. All druggists soil
, Dr. Williams' Pink Pills.or thoy will bo
Bent by mall oitpnid, on recelptof prico,
'60 cents per liox, six boxes for 12.60, by
tho Dr. Williams Mcdiciuo Company,
Schenectady, N. Y.
Women at Strenuous Tasks.
On tho western coast of tho United
States, at Monterey, Cab, Mrs. Fish
keeps tho lamps lighted in tho Point
Pinas lighthouse. On tho eastern
coast, at South Portland, Mc Mrs.
Gordon earns her living by working
as a deep-sea diver. .Sprinkled over
tho country between theso two worn
a are thousands of other tncmbors
of tho fcmnlo sex who descrvo to be
enrolled as auxiliaries to Mr. Kip
ling's corps of "Unafraid Gentle
men." And then, from thu woman in
Utah who Is sheriff and hangs mur
derers, to tho woman In Chicago who
bosses a gang of Italian street clean
ers, ho tells tho rolo of women who
are engaged In strenuous occupations
In tho United States. Wherever man
fens tried to wrest a living from un
willing naturo there woman has also
left tho Impress of her daring ex
ploitsTechnical World.
Treatment of Habitual Criminals.
Tho Now Zealand minister for Jus-,
tlco has Introduced tho habitual crim
inals and offenders bill, which pro
vides that whero n person has been
twlco convicted of a criminal assault
I or four times of wounding, robbery or
burglary, ho may bo regarded na an
habitual criminal and at tho ex pirn-
J tlon of his sentence detained In a re-
' -i formntory.
After six convictions for vagrancy a
roan limy bo treated In tho samu way.
Discharge from tho reformatory will
v -,. ,' bo secured only on tho rccommenda
. tlon of tho court, whllo tho detained
offondors will bo mado to work and
wages will bo placed to tholr credit
or toward tho support of their dependents.
wvs"'?rM ' I 4 Trfi It 'Iw
I ; i Positively cured by
PADTTDQ thoso i.iuio nils.
liMlXI Ll0 Tuey also relieve Db-
sjbh , tress from DytpcpsU, In-
H ITTLC digestion nod Too Hearty
I turn Eating. A perfect rem-
I Vbli edy for Dizziness. Xausca,
PILLS. Drowsiness, Had Tasto
WmT la tho Motjuj, Coated
-1 Tongue, Tain In the BUo.
regulate the Dowels. Purely Vegetable,
Ipadtcd'cI Genirino Must Bear
i tie Fac-Similo Signature
the kind of iS'Wmf '
Waterproof '' MvJrWv '
Oiled Clothing )JMndV3m
that stands trwVgjFV MaWJW
hardest seryice , miV'R
DdVouKnowf fJ$k
Made.for oil kind J ', II
of wt work or Poti,J
Major General William n. Shatter,
U. S. A., died at Dakcrsflcld, Cal., on
tho 12th, from pneumonia.
Herbert Dradloy, n wealthy flour ex
porter, was killed by a pot deer on
tho preserves at his homo near Monk
clalr, N. J.
Four men wcro killed and n scoro
Injured, sovcrnl fatally, by tbo explo
sion of a boiler of n cotton gin nt
Cnulksvllle, Ark.
Tho streets of Warsaw nro again In
control of the cavalry In consequunco
of threatened disorders becauso of tho
high prlco of meat.
Tho first-class Jnpancso battleship
Satsuma, 19,000 tons, tho first battle
ship to ho launched In Jnpancso wa
ters, was launched on tho 15th.
A tenet lonary newspaper of Moscow
demnml tin- expulsion of Count Wltto
from Hussln, and says ho will remain
in Russia at tho risk of his life.
Hepioscntatlvo Ilourko Cockran and
Miss Annie Ide, daughter of Henry C.
Ide, formerly governor general of tho
Philippines, were married on tho 16th.
Prlnco Albert of Handera, tho heir
apparent to the llelglnn throno aud
nuphuw of King Leopold, has been
sworn In as n member of tho Belgian
Although there exists no law to the
contrury, tho government of Peru has
refused to allow a local Arm of bonk
ers to ship 12,000 silver sols (about
12,000 pounds) to I-ondon.
V. C. Swcntman, of Philadelphia,
dropped dead while running to catch
a train. He was SG years of ago and
wns one of the hcnvlest dealers In
mall In tho United States.
Mrs. Charles A. Strong, daughter of
John D. Rockefeller, died at Cannes,
Franco, on the 1 Itli. Mrs. Strong had
been 111 for some tlmo and suffered a
paralytic stroke on November 12
Wllllnm 11. Hearst, Independence
league and Democratic candidate for
governor of New York, has certified to
the secretary of state that he spent
$38G,70 In promoting his canvass.
Mrs. Charles Mowry and her three
children, Homer, aged C years; Louise,
3 years, and a baby of 6 mouths, wero
burned to death In their homo on n
farm at Untavla station, Michigan.
Six men wero killed anil five seri
ously injured when a boiler In tho
power hoiiBo of tho Lnko Shoro and
Michigan Southern railroad, In Collin
wood, a suburb or Cleveland, Ohio,
blew up.
Generals Itolan and Castcllancs wcro
severely wounded near Valencia,
Spain, ns n result of tho explosion of
a land mlno during experiments which
woro being conducted by tho military
Two persons wero seriously Injured
nnd a number of women nnd children
bruised and otherwlso slightly hurt In
n panic caused by nn Incipient blnze
from n moving plcturo mnchlnn nt
KvnnHVlllo, Ind.
Dr. W. l Phillips, nged 83 years,
former secretary of tho state of Texas,
nnd brother or United StntcH District
Judgu .lolin V. Phillips of Missouri,
committed suicide at Hocheport, Mo.,
by drinking poison.
Threo robbers escaped with tho con
tents of tho safe of the Hank of Walk-
i er, nt Walker, Mo. Tho safo and front
portion of tho bank building wero
wreckeil by tho explosion of n heavy
j charge of dynamite.
1 President Roosevelt will bo asked to
deliver tho address nt tho unveiling
of tho monument to General Lnwtnn,
, being erected at Indianapolis by tho
people of ludlnna. Tho ceremony will
, tuko placo next Memorial day.
Tho Amorlcnn International Con-
i gross on Tuberculosis was held In Now
' York last week. Dr. K. II. Daniel of
Austin, Toxas, the president, declared
1 tho keynoto of tho convention Is to bo
tho prevention of tuberculosis by lcgls
1 Intlon.
I Itobbors dynamited a nfo In tho
j Hank of Lohoma, In anrfleld county,
! Oklahoma, and escaped with $2,700 in
t cash. Tho bank hnd Just received
110.000 to pay farmers for their cot
Ion, but tho robbers overlooked Oil
llcrt Soeloy, who wns under bus
plcltm In connection with tho murder
of KJwIn Gnrwln, In West Haven.
Mich., was found dend In his bed, nnd
lying besldo him was his young wife,
also dend. It In thought that tho con
plo committed suicide.
Tho United Stntes grand Jury at
Pensacola, Fla., after four days' ses
sion, returned Indictments against
twolvo persons, charging peonngo In
connection with cases which origin
ated at tho Jackson Lumber company's
camp several months since.
The Workingman's Savings and
foan company of firocnvllle, 8. C, tho
only negro banking Institution In tho
state, has closed Its doors by order
of the state bank examiner. Careless
bookkeeping Is said to be the cause
if tbo hank's embarrassment.
Immediately after congress con
venes next month, Senator Cullom of
Illinois will Introduce n Joint resolu
tion In the senato providing for the
appointment of nn expert tariff com
mission to consider and report on
those schedules which would be revised.
Tells a Story of Awful Suffering and
Wonderful Relief.
Mrs. J. B. Johnson, of C03 West
Hickman street, Columbia, Mo., says:
t "Following an oper
ation two years ago,
dropsy set In, and
my left sldo was so
swollen tho doctor
said ho would have
to tap out tho water.
Thoro was conBtant
pain and a gurgling
sensation around my
heart, and I could
- not ralso my arm
above my head. Tho kidney action
was disordered and pnssnges of the bo
crotlous too frcquont. On tho advlco
of my husband I began using Doan'a
Kidney Pills. Slnco UBlng two boxes
my trouble has not reappeared. This
Is wonderful, after suffering two
Sold by all dealers. GO conts n box.
Fostor-Mllburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y.
His Monument,
Thcro has been sot In a cemetery
In Orwoll, Oswego county, N. Y as
the memorial of a lumborman, framed
of granlto and marble, tho exact re
production In miniature of a sawmill
In tho town of Itcdlleld, which was
owned by tho deceased.
On tho scalo of an Inch t6 the foot,
tho mill Is completo In every detail,
being provided with saws, carriages,
rollers to carry off tho sawed lumber,
skids with threo logs placed thereon
ready to roll on the carriage car,
which Is loaded with lumber.
So one man baa escaped from the
conventional angel with outspread
wings, tho recumbent sheep, nnd all
tho rest. Springfield Republican.
Remarkable Story of Killing Tod by'
Blind Guide.
"Old Man" Llbby Is ono of tho best
known guldo camp keepers In tho
state of Maine, and for years has been
totally blind. Four years ago ho car
ried Into Rnngor tho enrcass of n
deer, nnd hnd It tnken to tho office
of Fish nnd Came Commissioner Car
penter. Llbby expressed tho wish
that tho venison bo given to tho Ban
gor hospital.
Carpenter wnntcd to know who
killed the deer, nnd was much sur
when Llbby claimed to havo been tho
"Why. Llbby," ho asked, "how did
you, n blind man, manugo to kill this
"Wal, you sco." drawled Llbby, "I
was Btnndlng outstdo my tent yester
day morning, nx In hand, Just going
to chop a lectio wood, when I felt this
dumed critter rushing onto mo. flNLf
thought 'twas a b'nr, so I hauled oJJ
and soaked him."
Tho commissioner always has a
grin on tap when telling this story,
for ho hns doubts ns to who killed tho
Staple Article of Food for Residents
of Celestial Empire.
Thero nro more duckfc In China
than In all tho rest of tho world.
China, literally. Is whlto with these
birds, nnd day nnd night tho country
resounds with their mctnlllo and
scornful voices.
Children herd ducks on ovcry road,
on every pond, on ovcry farm, on
ovcry lake, on every river. Thoro Is
no back yard without Its duck houso.
Thoro Is no boat. Ilttlo or big, with
out Its duck quarters.
Kvon In tho cities of China ducks
abound, Thoy dodge between tho
coolies' legs. Thoy flit squawking out
of tho way of tho horBes. Their in
dignant qunck will not unsoldom
drown tin; roar of urban commerce
All over the land thoro are great
duck hatching establishments, many
of thorn of n capacity hugo enough
to produco 50,000 young ducks ovory
Tho Chinese duck Is extremely ten
der and dellcnto tho best tamo duck
for eating in tho world, Duck nmong
the Chlncso Is tho stnplo delicacy.
It Is salted and smoked Ilka hnm or
hccf.and duck eggs am eaten as chick
en eggs nro In America.
Publish a Book About Coffee,
Thoro hns been much discussion as
to Coffee and Postum lately, so much
In fact thnt bo mo of tho coffeo Import
ers and' roasters havo taken to typo
to promote tho vnlo of tholr wares
and check If poislblo tho rapid growth
of tho uso of Postum Food Coffeo.
In tho coffeo importers' book a chap
tor Is headed "Coffeo as a Medlclflo,"
anil udvocatcH Its uso us such,
Hero Is an ndmlsslon of tho truth,
most Important to all Interested.
Kvery physician knows, and every
thoughtful persou should know, that
habitual uso of any "medicine" of thu
drug-stimulant typo of coffeo or whis
ky quickly causes Irritation of tho
tissues and organs stimulated and
finally scte up disease In the great
majority of cases If persisted in. It
may chow In any ono of the many
organs of the body and In tho great
majority of cases can bo directly
traced to coffeo In a most unmistak
able way by leaving off tho activo Ir
ritant coffee and using Postum
Food Coffeo for a matter of ten days.
It tho result Is relict from nervous
troublo, dyspepsln, bowel complaint,
heart failure, weak eyes, or nnrmtlier
malady set up by a poisoned nUvous
system, you have your ansiveitwlth
tho accuracy of a demonstratla in
mathematics. U
"There't a reason" for Pott A
Carpet can be colored on the floor with
druggist. 10c per package.
To-day Germany furnishes five
sixths of tho dyes used In tho world
Mrs. Wliulon-i nootlilng Hjrup,
Forthlldttn lthinir, ofirm tj itami, it uuett In.
aamniatlon llyi ttn.curvawlDJcollo. tteatotu.
Dick (looking at picture-book) "I
wonder what tho Noahs did with them
selves nil dny lung In tho Ark?" Mn
bol "Fished, 1 should think." Bob
bio "They didn't tlsh for long." Dick
and Mabel "Why not 7" Bobble
"Well, ydii see, there were only two
worms!" Punch.
$100 Reward, $100.
Tbr?u)fi of thlt ptptr will be plrnned to letra
tht tben lot lent one Jrndrd dlita Hut iclrac
hu txtn Me lu euro la nil In iUai,nJ tht It
Cturrh. IUII'i Cturrh Uut li ttin onij poiltlv
euro dow known to taa lnJlcl fraternity. CaUrrti
belm a coMillultunil dl?aie, require! a euntlltu
Uonal treitmeou Itall'a Catarrh Cure It taken In
Itrnallr, aclln dlrectlr upon Ilia blood and timeout
urfacet ut tba artlem, Iberehjr dettrortnic tbe
foundation of tba dlteate, and glrlnii tha patient
treagth Ij building up tba cuntiltuitun and min
im naiara la doing in work. Tba proprietor! hue
ao much fallb In tit curallra powert that tbejr o9er
Ona Uundred Dollar! for anjr eata tbal It fall! to
car. Send for llu of Itttlinontalt.
Adtreier J CIIKNKV AGO., Toledo, O.
Hold br all Draggltu. TSc
Take Ilau'i Kimtlr l'lllt for oonillpatloa.
Boston 8oclety Fad.
Dealers In pet stock say that su
burban residents of Roston nro adopt
ing ns the latest fad tho raising of
gamo chickens. Tho stately carriage
and brilliant plumago of thoso bellig
erent fowls mako them valuablo for
decoratlvo purposes on tho lawn to
peoplo who would, howovor, nover
dream of putting their combatlvo
qualities to tho test. Tho dealers are
prophosylng that boforo long tho old
time fancy of keeping gamecocks
chained with silver chains on tho
lawns of country houses will bo re
vived. Doston Record.
I1 A Weil-Known Remedy.
Ono of tho oldest, safest and most
favorably known remedies In tho
world today is Urnndreth'n Pills n
btood- purifier and laxative Itclng
purely vegetable, they can bu used by
old or young with perfect safety, and
whllo other remedies require Increased
doses and finally censo acting alto
gether, with Urnndrclh'A Pills the
samo dose always has tho same effect,
no matter how long they are taken.
Ono or two pills taken each night for
a whllo Is tho bent thing known for
any ono troubled with constitution, in
digestion, dyspepsia or any troublo
arising from Impurity of tho blood,
llrandrcth's Pills havo been in uso
for over n century, and uro for nlo
everywhere, plain or sugar-coated.
Tho man of many parts seldom
parts his namo In the middle.
Fearful ains I
JmljAfissArettc olmcsfffi MnTitlle HaTtB H
While no woman is entirely free from
periodical suffering, It does not seem to
bo tho plnn of nature that women
should MUTVr no severely. This is a
sovero strain on a womnn's vitality.
When pnln oxlnU something Is wrong
which should bo not right or It will
lead to a serious derangement of tho
whole fcmnlo organism.
Thousands of women have testified
In grateful letters to Mrs. Pinkhnm
that Lydla K. PlnUhnin's Vegetable
Compound overcomes woman's special
pains nnd irregularities.
It provides u safo and sure way of
cisenpe from distressing and dangerous
weaknesses nnd dlsenses.
The two following letters tell so con
vincingly whot Lydla K. Plnklmm's
Vegetable Compound will do for
women, they cnnnol fall to bring hopu
to thousands of suffeicrs.
Miss Nellie Holmes, of .'.40 N. Division
Street, lluffnlo, IS. Y writes:
Dear Mrs. l'lnldinni:
" YourmudieliH! It Indeerinn Ideal medlflnn
for women. I suffertil mli-cry foryrnrs with
)lnful period, hoAilnelitit, mnl lawing-down
lutiim. 1 rutiMiltod ti dilTt'tvlit ili)lclnns
but fnll.xl to gvt any relief A friend from the
re.it ndvl-K-l me U try Lvdln K. I'lnkbam's
VpRrtabln Cnniptnind. I did so. end no longer
mirvriuMMIx-fore, MyfrloUamimturitlt
every nrlie and puln Is gone, and my gwientl
hralthUiiiui'lilmpnitiil, I aih l nil omen
who aulfer to tnln I.yilia R, l'liiktiuin'e t-gi-tnlile
Mrs. Tlllio Hart, of Lnrlmore, N. I) ,
Dear Mrs. Vinldiam:
"I might bn Urn pnnl innny montlia
of MilTerlng and mill hnd I otilykwiwnof tbn
efilracy of Lydla 12. I'inkhnm's Yrgetnlda
Ask Mrs, PlBkham's Advice -A Wm
-., , , , ,!?Tr7?r: rH For Infanta nnd Childron.
KSTORiJl The Kind You Have
fmm- i Always Bought
AVieclablcPrcparnlionrorAs- M
slmnnUiirJitrcFoodnrKlllcdtila- M
ling UtcStoinafJo ami Uowvls of W JjOOXS tllG r
n-T'T7r'M 1 Signature Xlu
rromolcsDigcallon.ClifCfrul- rW M fir
ncasaiKincsl.Conliiinsncillrr M p W Jf A f
Orriuin.Morpliini' iiorMiiicral. B OI f ' J
NoiNaiicotic. sflVllN'
am rw H 1 1
JUSm 1 M I A "
A-toVir- J M MA I
AauaAwfe I I ft Hm III
faXZtiu,, I f III
& J IffX Hop
Apwfccl nciucdy rorConslitvi- if l V U O U
Hoit.SourSlounch.Dlnrrliocit J I kf
Wonns.Conviilsioiw.Kcwrish- 11 T ra Hiiai!
ncas ntul Loss or Sleej. w J T 0 1 U V U I
facsimile Siflnnturt of M.
g.j Thirty Years
TMCemtauaicoaiaaitT, tMnuim,
mmlj arta Washington rM
w Lwarw(a V 9mJilllll m a plcaiute and relief to mar them, :
m:aaVfS A v (jlmLrfM e,e Bre n0 DU"on1 1 button or laces J: I
iSri ij liir'isi 'r,ie fl,,,ic ,bc ,ui epodi and fm
Pj I7iJ(7!kEIjF contfacti with the nalural motion of the
mi M1lmSSloo, laturlng petlccl case aod comlorf. Can UM
Mn tjf-M Three nylti, low, medium and high. Your dealer will Ip.-I
Ka nig tupply you. If not, write to ui, Look for tha name and ILH
i III I We I,, mik tc PPu'ar "Weslern Lady ihoei, v-Sal
Mi III 1 PDPP lend the name ol a dealer who does net hinill.. Wim
mull'1 "Marlba Washlngtoa" ihoei and SM
aill'Pv":.l wewillitndyou free, poitpaid.a beautilul aSASHsaMi'l
miif picture ol "Martha W'asblnglon," alxe lSi28.flBi
Compound sooner; for I have trlco to many H
remnllei without hHp. H
11 1 drrailol tho approach of every month, BH
na it mtaut bo much imln and miltorlng for J
ine, Imt after I had UmiI thn C'oni)0iHl twa H
monthi I Ut-amn rrRiilnrnnil nattintl and am H
now iierfeetly well and free from pain. lam H
very Krateful for wlmt Lydla K. I'inkham'a H
Vegetablo Coiiikuih1 baa done for me." H
Such testimony should be accepted H
by all women ns convincing evidence H
thnt Lydla H. Plnkhnm'n Vegetable HJ
Compound ntnndn wltbmt a poor an a H
remedy for all the dUtrcbslug ills of H
The succewt of Lydla 1'. Pinkham's H
Vegetable ComKiuutl rt'iU imiii the H
well-earned grutltudu of American H
women. H
When women nro troubled Ith pain H
or irregularities, dlhplaermeiitH or lit- H
eerntlou of thu orgnnt, that Waring- H
down feeling, intlnmmutlou, baekaehe, H
bloating (or llnttiU'iiey), general tlcbll- H
Ity, lndlgetl(in nnd nervous prostru- B
tlon, or uro Ix-sot with such vinpUuu H
ns tllr.7.liu'K.s, fnlnttu-Ks, laHaltude, ex- H
cltnblllty, Irritability, m-rvouNuess, M
hlceplt'MtueMH, luelnnchnly, they ahould H
rememlKT there It ono tried nnd H
true remedy. Lydln II, Plnkhnm's H
Vegetable Compound ut euro removes H
I mien troiiliV'H, Itefiise to buy any other H
medicine, for you need the beat. H
Don't iM'Hltnto to vvrlto to Mr. M
' IMiikliiun If thoro In aiiytlilni; M
'ulioiit your rik'km'tm you ilo uot M
utidorritiiiMl. Klio vrlll trcut you M
with klndririiH and ImrndvlcnU H
friio. No woman over regretted M
writ hit; Iter aud hIio Iiuh helped M
thoumindH. AddrcsH I.yiin.MaMs. M
an Bent IMeretuMb i Wnuhi's lite. H
3.50&3.00 Shoes
W.LOouiIh $4 till lit ",fev
Miwiolbitqualltdilaiiypi m7? m H
lnalaUMU tha tnott BW Bm BBJ
culuplrlalnlhlaroMritrr I Kaaaak PJ 1 'Bj
Mn'a aoM. SB to SI. BO. i"r' anoa. S3 Bfl
1li.8S. Wunian'a BhiM. f00 U S1.BO. BBi
Miawa' Oi CtilUrau'a ahota, J SB to (I.OO. Bfl
Trr W. In llougUa VNiimrn'a. Mlaaoa anil
(.lillitrrn'a aliiH-a foe tl)le, lit aud wear Bfl
tT rurl olliar tnakra. Bfl
II I could take you Into my large flB
factories at lirockton, Mass., and allow H
you how carefully W. I., Douglas aliocA
nre made, you would then understand
why they hold their shape, fit better,
wear longer, and nre of greater value
tlinn any other make. M
Where r you live, wi can obtain W. L. Bfl
HouKlatahnaa, tilt nama anj firka It at am pad
on Ilia buttum.whkh pruleiti yuuaialaal lilgk
firkca anj Inlrrlur tlnxt. Takr no auBtilt "Bfl
.,. Aak ) our dealer lurW. 1- Douglatahot f
anjlntltt upon hatlnilhcm.
f"ail t'oof fytti wi( l lull! m.t unar traitu.
Writ lor llluttralnl Calalagnl Call Hvln. Bfl
Wt U UUU0LA8, Oepl, 12, llHKklun, Maae.
You Cannot I
all Inflamed, ulit-rjtcil and i atarrlul con- H
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mouth or liiflnmcd eyes by Aimply
cloning the stonui h. H
Hut ou fciircly can cure thee ttubborn H
affections by local treatment v ith Lfl
Paxtlne Toilet Antiseptic
which destroys the 1, -e.e gcrnn.cliecks H
(INcharges, btops uni, and heals the Bfl
intlammation ami aurenr tt BJ
Paxtlne reprtsen' the luoit sueressful wfl
local treatment for feminine Ills ever Bfl
produced. Tl n11.1r.1N of women testify H
to thli f act. jjctnti at druggists. V
Send for Free Trial Box B
TliC K. l'AXTON CO.. Mialon, Hut.
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W. N. U., Salt Lake City, Ne. 47, 1900. I

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