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I theprowsTArcHrkbycXXm f 1-1 Hi I . I T T Mi IxT i! JT fef rrxkrvx lH
I THE CITIZEN. One Year $1.50 1 J I Jl I I j Pj 1 . public ihrough THE CITIZEN columns. It B
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' ' -m f H
I Vol. 4. No. 33. Amekican Fork, Utah, Saturday, December 8, 1906. Subscription 81.50
I To Make Pest office
I Private Concern
I Chicago Millionaire Submits
I proposal to take entire Postal
lj Service out of Government
mL Hands Cheap Postage, Sure
f Profits arc Promised.
- To turn over the postal service of tho
United Statca to n private coriorntion
under strict public control la the re
markable proposal made to the Postal
commission says the Washington times.
Such a proposition was made to the
postal commission by Mr W. D. Boyco
n millionaire publisher of Chicago who
has gathered around him several asso
ciates who arc men of big affairs and
who propose to run the ofllcc on busi
ness principles.
The proposal includes agreement to
cut postage rates one half, establish
rural postal express and npply business
methods throughout. Tho Corporation
will be capitalized nt $50,000,000 and
will bo under full govennent regulations.
They will pay the govcrment rental for
post offlce quortcrs, and charge it regu
lar rates for its postal business. All
sinecures, politics and defects will be
eliminated. A well known railroad
traffic expert will be placed in charge
at a salary of $30,000 annually.
Tho corporations to pay tho govern
ment all profits above 7 per cent on cap
ital. Tho total amount of service of
tho post offlce to tho government is es
timated at $25,000,000 annually th!a
I would be cut to $12,500,000. Mr Boyce
I insists that his proposition is made in
tlfc utmost good faith. Certain It is
tint It affords a most cfTcctlva talking
point from which point out the weak
ness of present postal management.
Direct comparison of tho present post
offlce organization with methods com
' monly prevailing In private business
and in great public Bcrvico corporations
; Is considered by tho publishers tho most
I effective method of demonstrating the
L unreason restrictions which tho deparl-
f ment is disposed to impose upon them.
MrBoyce'H proposition may havo Its
. "hole in tho skimmer," but its author
doscn't think bo. He says good manage
N ment will make tho business pa,y nt
1, half ofirescnt rates.
milk. U&,: , l-jmA'( 1-want ia to get myself and my
aBfc'.t ' ' proposition taken seriously, " ho do
nHfep cluredj "After that it will bo easy,
HJKr fr "1C public wantn lower post rates.
BfwT.. I um not man tube making n blufT at
mjBt n thing like this: I have too many in-
BR tercsta that could bo Hcrlously Injured
R by such n course. The backing is ready
r'v ' to form ii corporation and take over tho
postal service on tho terms I havo out
I lined.
f '
. Mrs Dunklcy Surprised
gfc' . Mrs Hannah Dunkloy was tho victim
rjs' . of ii well iirranged surprise party Wed-
c ' nesday afternoon. It being In honor of
P y her fi'Jth birthday. Tho surprise was
jilunned by her sons and daughters, who
, without warning dropped In at 3 o'clock
. juiit un she was preparing to go out
J, nursing where shu had been called. The
&' ' . old friends of Mrs Dunkley were not
" . J forgotten, thero being 12 pleimnnt old
f " ladies ranging in ago from fifty to b'x-
ty five there to greet her and wish her
' many more years of happiness as they
J . hitve dor.e since they were girls togeth-
Ir. tr. Thonged guests were the flnt to
v to bo served at tho supper tablo after
which camo the family. The meal was
made more pleasant by music and a ngs
, by thu great masters furnlaheJ by the
crnpluiphonc. Thcso guests wero:
Rlizn Hindloy, Kllen Greene, Kllen
Clurko. Margaret Chlpmui, JanoGroi n
wood, Sarah Chipman, Alice Moyle,
KniUy Adamson Murgaret and Juno
King. Mmtio McTngue, Jane Cryttal
and Urphii Itobinson. It was a pleitBure
,' to tin writer to reo such contented
J countenances shown by this group of
JT ladies who have passed tho central mile-
7" atone of life and are now happily trav
eling the downward roud.
Pioneers Honored.
h rjy i wlf wero ho'orcd
. o d')1 . !. . Lj .. luc.l gather! i of
thur adopted children and neighbors;
f the occus on being Mr Tracey'a 80th
birthday. Tho evening was taken up
reviewing old experiences of tho early
A ,j acquaintances of tho guests and their
Jjn genial host and hostess. The elaborate
V V' . aupi "r served at 10 o'clock was hearti-
'' ly enjoyed, after which C. II. Savage
of Salt Luke, who wus an especially
Imnorifl truest and friend of the aged
couple enteriuuieU the party with some
early roTiinrincea and reading some
selected clippings which wero appro) ri-
ate for tho occasion. Those present
wera: C. It. Suvngo and wifo, Mr and
Mrs Win. Robinson, Mr and Mrs J. J.
Jrckion, Mr ami Mrs John II. Wooton,
Mr and Mrs Albert Buckwaltcr, Mr
and Mrs A. Chipman, Bishop Jas. II.
Gardner arid Laura Uoley.
'Jimmie" Brown Accidently
Killed This Morning
James Brown, Jr., Accidently
killed near Power Plant No
particular. s Rcc:ivcl
We stop the bress to record the acci
dental death of "Jimmie," tho 17 year
old son of James Brown of Highland.
The young man left this morning with
Sam Dean, Jr., bound for tho Utah Co.
Light & Power company's new works in
American Fork canyon. Wo have been
unable to get any particulars of tho ac
cident, the most probable story ia that
he was driving the team and run off
tho dug-a-way and was crushed under
neath tho wagon.
Conjoint Program
Program for Conjoint meeting Sun
day night December 9th.
Singing, 3rd ward choir.
Talk on "Esther" by Louisa Miller.
Solo Mrs Hen Halliday.
Talk Jos. J. Jackson.
Instrumental Music Dona Miles.
Singing 1st ward.
The farmer has seen many changes
In tho manner of tho controlling nnd
tho conducting of business In the past
few years, From tho tiller of the Boll
being able to control the markets of
grain, that power has slipped from him
until it ia manipulated by tho grain
operators of large cities. He is un
certain as to whether ho will receive
adequate compensation for his efforts.
The latest cfTort In tho concentration
of business In cities ia to take from tho
farmer and residents of tho smaller
townB their opportunity to buy their
necessities at home and require them, to
Mend their money to cities. Perhaps
tile strongest factor in this distinction
of'homcmarkctsis tho concerns known
as,cata!oguo houses. Their aim ia to,
if'iKiMlblo, drive tho retail merchants
located in tho towns of all states out of
business. Tho home merchant ia re
peatedly complaining to his patrona and
asked them that instead of sending
their money abroad for what they need,
to give him tho opportunity of filling
their orders and hoa offered to do bo at
prices as low or lower, for the same
quality of goods aa that offered by tho
catalogue houses.
Our members of Congress havo been
aware of such conditions and every one
of them are bitterly opposed to any
change of our postol laws, which would
give the catalogue houses a stronger
hold on tho trade of tho country. Those
Congressmen aro not narrow-minded
men, but havo been drilled In tho re
lentless mill of years of experience.
One of the Iowa congrcsmen haa mado
the remark that he Is opposed to tho
encroachment of tho cataloguo houso on
the homo merchant for tho good reason
that In the Bending of money to an un
seen and unknown merchant, gives that
merchant un opportunity to practlco
unscrupulous tactics upon tho unsu
specting customer.
As we have Bald In the beginning of
this article It Is the object of tho pro
moters of the catalogue house to drlvo
tho home merchant out of business
and if they succeed in doing so, it means
the ruining of our beautiful and home
like towns. When you have deplete
the home town you havo done mufl
toward depreciating tho value of t)H
farm lands. So this is a question than
not only is it of vital interest to tho re
tail merchant, but its of Just as much
interest to the citizens of our towns
and to tho farmers. It would certain
ly be a deplorable condition If we were
obliged to send away, for tho most of
what we need because our home mer
chants havo been driven out of business
by tho cataloguo houBca.
These concerns must pay for their
goods just the same as trio merchants
at home, and someone must pay tho
millions of dollars they spend every
year in advertising their business. On
top of this expense is tho thousands up
on thousands of dollars they pay every
month for rent of tho buildinga they
occupy, besides tho additional expenro
of an army of clerks. Tho homo mer
chant is not called upon to meet any of
these expenses.
It seems the most of us should havo
Imbrcd pride enough to prompt us to
trade at home.
' '""phere arc hosts of things so suitable for prcs
1 ents that we are all more or less bcwiltered
over a choice. It whuld seem, however, that the
useful gift that would give continual pleasures ;
for the entire year should find most favor. Let
yours to some one this year be a subscription to
, At a like cost there is nothing that will bring so
' much genuine lasting pleasure. Its weekly visit ,
, is better than a letter in telling the happenings ; I
and progress of their home town
52 WEEKS, ONE YEAR $1.50
Sent to any Address in the United States
i It costs so little twelve and one half cent s per
' month. Aside from the local items, the state and
telegraphic news, it is filled each week with ;
stories and short miscellaneous matter that is
carefully selected to interest all members of the
family. Sample copies sent to any address.
Eagles Hold Meeting.
American Fork Acrio of tho Fraternal
Order of Eagles held an interesting
session at theirhall Wednesday evening.
Tho following officers wero elected,
Past Worthy President.M. O.Hnndolph
Worthy President, J. J. Mercer;
W. V. P., N. M. Ambrose;
Chapla n, Dell Chipman;
Worthy Secretary, K M.t'hriBtcnsen;
Treasurer, A. Ii. Adams;
Conductor, Stephen Woods;
Inside guard, Washburn Vorney;
Outside guard, Walter Adamson;
Trustees, Wm. Elsmore, George Hum
or G. J. Sinclair; Aerie Physcian, J.
F. Nojes,
The Aerie has a membership of over
05 and will soon reach tho 100 mark.
Remarks were made by W. I). S. Har
rington of Suit Luke Aerie. Commend-
.ng tho live Interest taken by tho mem
bers of the local aerie, and speaking cf
tho great increaso in the order ill all
parts of the state. Several candidates
I will be initiated at the next meeting
and an enjoyable social session will be
Child Dies.
Marie, tho two and one half year-old
daughter of Jane and J. B. Forbes
paaaed away Tuesday morning after
suffering two weeks with a throat und
lung trouble. Tho funeral was held
Thursday nt 1 o'clock p. m. from tho
resilience of tho parents, Tho parents
and family aro broken hearted over tho
loss of tho baby, whoso sweet childish
nature won tho love of all who knew
her. Sho wua the pride of the household.
J Things to Talk' About.
rfe spoiled child is not so much to
bwmo; It did not chooso Its parents.
Hetty Grecno would like to make it
hot for tho trusts but alio ia not going
to burn any money to do it,
iWhat wuwant la an clastic currency
ak this, lime - clastic enough to cover
all the Christmas bills.
.1 The raising of wages in progress
throughout tho country should have a
good effect upon tho Christmas trade.
tho coffin trust has again advanced
pria. Death may soon bo beyond the
reach of common people.
In'Russia tho offlciala throw bombs
at themselves to win popular favor;
hclti the officials Utrow boqueta ut
thfmselvea for tho same purjHisc.
iicvr buiik notes It la Bald are apt to
Bthjk together.. In our experience they
have ahoifii a remarkable tendency to
got away from each other.
Home land on Wabash avenue in Chi
cago soil for $2,500 an Inch. How
would vrii like to buy n farm at that
PJAdpl how many acrcH could you
jKost of living, according to
wmplicd by onn of the big com
fconcica, la higher than It has
HVtwcnty ycara.
WmnV," said littlo Mabel, "I'm
w(Jk to the Lord for n little baby
What is the Lord'a first nnme?''
"l10 Bure," replied Tommy wisely,
"bHamma always calls II ImO I mti."
Anlrcw Carnegie denies that he haa
MojJl of peace. It can boascomplish
odjc)laor when aimplyfieil spelling
hn cBscd to bo a novelty.
A nw York man with un eight dol
lar a leck, job has been ordered by the
Courflto pay his wifo ten dollars n
WMlcIJongrcsa should take noto of
tkta' A Indicative of the need for claB
tic; currency.
i'CnBt la better than money," aaya
JanWlUtill. president of the Great
lKarUiBt-illroad. But you bet if you
Ma BjV roa(l or hlp any sheep or
LHMHhia line you will have to
TiriTa equivalent.
B. Edison claims that ho can
Butomobile for $200 that will
VHUccn years. But why should
ViybKtit nnnutomobllo that will
TustJBBaW J" that? Wo will all be fly
ing inVl.ian fifteen years from now.
HuaBria considering tho adoption of
flying fBachinea In her war equipment.
Sho iiln tho fix of tho hunter who when
asked irhy ho ran when he saw the bear
cxclaiJu.il, "D- it because I could
n't fly"
Conntrjoni pled with his wife not to
"let him dio like n dog" but she gave
thu mutter very littlo concern and ow
ing to tho lack of funds he Hccma to bo
living less like one than for some tfinu
Wo wonder how many parents realize
that tholr child is a book of blank
I Ih which shall bo recorded tho
d of their lives? Bocareful.thero
whnt you have written there for
orld will read itl All your secret
hta the child will try to write.
A thing that the reol estate purchaser
should consider in his purchasing Ih tho
tendency of the average man to believe
that tho day for profitable investment
has gone by. Prices today naturally
seem high when one recalls how eheii -ly
tho Barr.o projKirty aold a generatii n
ago. How often one hears: "If my
father had bought that property Unity
years ago he'd bo a rich man toi'ny '
And how Bcldom tho man who makes
this Btutcment reflects that thirty
years from now his son will be wiylng
tho Bamo thing of him.
Is not tho building up of your small
town moro to you than tho building up
some fur away city? Is it not a fact
that If our town hud 10,000 population
instead of .1,000 it would be belter f.ir
us all? Would thero nut In-much mor
employment would not the people eon
Bumo moro products and consequently
innkun bettor market, would not the
small homea with one lot be doubled in
viiluo and every farm within u nuliiia
of ten miles be worth $10 to $.7) an
aero moro? Then, is it only a good
thing for tho morclrint or triuiesiiiiiii if
you buy of him? Is it not jiut as good
a thing for you?
It is stated on excellent authority
that Uinglmg Brothers, the great show
pcoiile, have ordered nil of their rhurioiH
equlcd with motive power by one of
tho grent firms of automobile m.ikern
at Detroit, Mich. It is said that it will
cost no less than $200,000 to make the
change. Horses will be elliiniuttd
from tho bIiow bo far as moving the
great wagons is concerned. The con
tract for tho change remnrea that the
work lw dono before the action for
ojienliw arrives, April 1st, when tho
show iippeara in Chicago.
Holiday Bargain Sale I
During the past months of 1906 our business has M
far exceeded our expectations and we are deter- H
mined the great patronage we have enjoyed shall M
continue this month and make this a banner year. H
Your patronage at the Holiday Bargain Sale which H
begins on Wednesday morning Dec. 12, will give M
you an opportunity of securing some valuable M
Prizes which will be awarded during the holidays, M
to the persons holding lucky numbers. Space will M
not permit of our publishing the discriptions of H
the prizes to be given away, or to name the great M
reductions in prices in all departments of the store, M
that will be in effect during this sale. See our S
display windows for some of the prizes. See the H
large bills for reductions. See our Goods and M
compare prices before buying elswhere, we will M
save you money. M
,n i mP' My vMl'nff "r store on, ornftcr Wcdncsdny Dec H
12th will receive, (as long as they last) a beautiful High Art M
Calendar. H
American Fork Co-op Inst. H
: Your Doctor Fights j I
Disease with medicine. Iithe medicine is . . H
the Druggist does his duty the medicine will I H
be right, 'anU your Doctor wHl stand a fair f H
chance of winning the victory. YOU CAN I H
help your Doctor by having your prescriptions 1 H
filled here. M
An experienced and reliable registered I M
graduate in pharmacy compounds prescrip- I fl
Lions that are brought to us. I H
American Fork Drug Company. I M
Prescription Druggists, C H
In selecting (JooiIh for the Holiday H
trade we have consulted the tasts of PRESENTS H
our patrons in the past. The heauti- ,-' H
ful assortment for the coming holidays r.JKL B
will K'ive you a choice to suit all purs- Mi. JP B
es. Toys of all kinds to please the JKf H) H
children, such Dolls, Doll Carriages, 2v T B
Rubber Dolls, Hooks, Halls and Games, ,m . p . Qp B
ranging in price from .lie to $.1.00. 1U 1 1A'jAi3i'J H
For the parents, brother and sister fr jk WM
friend or sweetheart, we can please all, ,J B
with hand painted, French and Japuiecs B LV ilB
('hina-ware, Neck Fun, Work Hoxes, TP lP H
(i loves and handkerchiefs. Our men's fl i H
(Jloves, Necklies, Dres.s ShirlsandSus- J-t Jl 'H
penders, would ple;ise any man, old or Rl
We still have a few of the "Hunter l'E04'LK II Bl
Hrown" Dishes at 10 and 15 cents. j 1 1 H
Remember, the only place to buy the JjLv Qt- 1 1 11
he famous Ut. & Dunn Shoes for iyT -v J II M
Ladies and Misses. Just the sensible if ml M
Clirtstmius present. j! 4 J 'M H
Boley Merc. Co. I I

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