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J -
To Utah County
High Schools
Eighth Grade Graduates Urged
to Attend Local Institutions.
Provo, Sept. 9 County Superinten
dent Eggertscn has sent the following
circular letter to ,thc district Bupcrin
tendenta nnd the trustees of the county:
Provo, August 24, 1907, Dear PubMc
School Pupils, Utih County:
It is very gratifying to atato that ihe
High school in American 't'ork, Pleat
ant Grovo and Spanish Fork, ure well
prepared for tho cpm'ng year to giv a
thorough two ybars' course, while
Sprlngville, Payson and Lchi olTers nj
three-years' .course, outlined. These
y Bchoola will b'c taUght.'.n b competent
a,n.' cxpe-'encd I'nsiructqrs '.that hold
i Tngh cquiaitb"jJCito credefltllsT It
is well for .each eightftJgrado graduate
f to take ndvantagp, of the, opportunity'
1 . afforded, and( attend tho local High-
schools and ninthgrndes at tljc.'r homes.
Get all you can there and you will find
1 f that the ,08sibil.t.c8 will come too for
i you to go to hgljer ms'.iluttons of learn-
1 Ing. It Is and has been tho lesu'muny
V of parents and pupils that hnd t not
n bjen forttho local lUgh school the boy
f '' or girl as the cobo may be, would mv r
U'. . hivo entered an? institution of h'ljhur
If learning or they- would have rece'ved
I but one or two years of wor beycnl
tpsjT''"' tno eighth grade.t lho home Hifeh
M school oirere n .'training that prepares
1 ono to enter the university with a do-
R finite purpose. The expenses if cons!d-
v ' cred from tho standpoint of a town or
R, an Individual 1s surprisingly low. The
', ' ( training received in class meeting nr d
( public gatherings, places ono in a, pos-
Ition to feel "at home when mictllg
with the student spirit of a big school
1 It is a desrre'very doar to me to see
" ' tho possibility for a High school educa-
j ' tion at the door of every boy or glr
' Tho twentieth century demands It. It
f is ours if we' but say tho word and net.
There need 'no question ariso in tho
minds of local High school pupils about
credits 'being acknowleged by institu
tions of higher learning in our state,
whatever may bo said by Uninformed
persons to the contrary.
,M.' Herewith ure given, two letters which
are self explanatory;
Supt L. E. Kggcrtscn, Provo City,
I Utah. DejBir In nnswer to your
letter ougust 19, I Wish to state
, that the university is heartily in favor
I of public High schools nnd as a rcprc-
I BCflUijJo of tho university I would urge
I ' " . thBtublishment of bucIi bcIiooIb in
Wtown large enough to support
ttC ' one. It would bo n great advantage I
" V somo Instances for two, three or more
J towns to combine in the. support of one
h'gh school. Of course I am anxious to
' ) have whatovcr work is done by tho
high schools well done because the uni
I t .vefsity is nnxious to givo full credit for
work completed in tho high schools and
, thus to givo all the encouragement and
j normal support possible toward theit
f perpetuity. Yours Truly.
W i (Signed.) J. T. KINSBURY.
t Drigham Young University, Provo.
I ; Aug. 24, 1907.
tf' ' Supt. L. E. Eggortsen, Provo. Dear
,' Sir In reply to your request tor a brict
y, statement of my views concerning hlgh-
if er education among 6ur people, I 'will
I", say that a high school education is the
i heritage of every young person of this
w" J
I ' '
- t
decade. Roth the church and the state
should make provisions for its youth in
this direction, and tho young people
should bo left to make the choice of I
the best within their reach.
(Signed) G. H. BRIMIIALL.
Parents nnd pupils arc urged to look
over the course of study as outlined,
consult your district superintendent nnd
m ike close comparisons with the high
Ech ol courses elsewhere, nnd you will
find them the best studies for any '
course you may wish to pursue when .
these nre completed.
Let me add here that the stato aid
for high school is ture to come and the
rcsolut'on wh ch will be submitted at
our next state election will bring it, if
wo do our duty. Soliciting every 'citi
zen's support nnd a large attendance to
, our h'i h schools, I am,
I Supt. of Utah Co. schools.
, TT-.
- 4tPfi5.syh funeral..
Mrs, Mniy Sykvs nnd htr daughter
Carry arrived homo Suturdny evening
from Billings, Montnrn,sThe tidjngs
of th) ilea' h of thslr son nnd brother
by leing struck by ligh'cnlng had i:ot
rca:hed them until they reached Snlt
itnke. The funenfl was bejd at 3 olock
n tho Ih'rd ward meet'ng hourc on
Sun-'ay. The speakers were: Henry
B nch, with S. L. Ch pman, Jfis. II.
Clarke and A. J. .Evans. Consoling re
mar s were n.ndo of the doubly boreav
ed family who one week before before
had laid to rest Joseph Lee, r Cnrry's
husb'.nd'n, nfier several week-of sul.er
Pi icslhood Meeting ; -.
The Monthly priesthood meeting of
Alpine Stako convened in the City Hnll ,
Saturday Sejit. 7, 1907 at 10 a. in. Pies.
S. L. Chipman presiding.
Meeting opened by Singing, "God
Moves ip a Mysterious Way".
Prayer was offered by Elder Alfred
Holl call showed a good representa
tion of fctake and ward ofilccru.
Minutes of previous meeting were'
rJiul nnd accepted. I
Those recommended for ordination to
tho priesthood were instructed in thuir
duties by pres. Evans and unanimously
Jnmes II. Walker recently appointed
ti fill it vacancy in the Pleasnnt Grove i
bishopric expressed his willingness to
accept the call and hoped he might Le '
able to magnify his cflicc,
Consider: b e time wrs cccupk'd in
hearing sej orts from secently returned
Singing, "On tho Mountain Tops
Appearing". I
Pres. Jns. H. CInrko gave somo in
struction to Bishops, regarding the
Solemnity that ought to bo observed
whin baptism is being nttended to and ,
on other points of doctrine. I
Pres. S. h, Chlpmnn reported the
late Stake excursion to Wandamere
as to complete success, financially and
otherwise, I
Recommended that parents encourage
their sons to take missionary courses
of study nt ths Provo Univers.ty, as
many missionaries will be needed in the
near luture. Felt very much plensedl
with tne teachings and spirit of this
meeting nnd invoiced tho blessing of
God upon the brethren. ,
Singing, "Hurk, 'Ihe Song of Jul
Bem.'dici on was pronounced by I
Elder Lot Kusson, Sr. I
Lumber Dealers
A Strong Combine
"Citizen" Goes After Utah Coun
ty ABsocintion in a Lengthly
Article Says There is no Com
petition in Prices on Building:
Editor "Citizen"
Dcnr Sir, The readers of the Citi
zen nre no doubt nil conversant with
agitation of Into in our state capltnl
with reference to the Butchers' nnd
Grocers Association, which has finally
resulted in the issuance of nn order for
n Grand Jury to investigate the doings
of the said Association, as well as other
kindred combines, which nre operating
within the confines oT the state.
The investigation will no doubt meet
with tho hearty approval of tho major
ity of the people, and hopes are freely
expressed thnt it may result in putting
a decided check on trade combines
which of late have been rapidly grow
ing in numbers nnd strength to tho
detriment of the best interests of tho
community as a whole.
The people of this neighborhood have
cause to congratulate themselves that
there is still competition In prices so
far us the General Merchandise stores
nre concerned, and a merchant is still
at liberty to sell 1G lbs. sugar for $1.00
even if h's competitor only sells IK lbs.
There is nn organization, however, In
rtho county that the writer believes to
be detrimental to the best interests of
the community, nnd should not be over
looked when Grand Jury investigations
: are In progress.
Ihe renders of the Citizen nre no
I doubt aware that a strong combination
exists in Utah County, as well as in
some other counties in the state, hnv-
, ing for its main object the settirg and
maintaining of uniform prices on lumber
and building material the people buy.
The purchaser of lumber hero has lenrn-
. cd thnt there is no competition In prices
so lar as building material is concerned.
If you buy from Mr. Lumberman nt
American Fork you will pay precisely
tho same prices as if you bought of Mr.
Lumberman at Provo, no matter what
.quantity you, buy or aLwhat price the
'dealer purchased tholumber that he is
scHing you. In fact all competition Is
obliterated, nnd tho only consideration
in giving the order is your preference
for the dealer to whom you are giving
But, said one dealer, "Our prices nre
as low as prices elsewhere, and there
arc members of the association who
would object io the putting on of un
reasonable or oppressive prices." This
may or may not be tho case. The
trouble is; there is n wide difference of
opinion as to what a reasonable prteo is.
The surgeon may deem ono hundred
dollura as reusonablo for a slight sur
gical operation, but to the majority of
the people tho charge would be consid
.ered excessive. Besides th'. lumber
dealers have purchased a good" portion
of their stock nt prices mnterialiy low
er than what they uro at tho present
time, but.hu is unable to give tho pat
ron any benefit from this t-ource. he
must maintain nnd sell ut tho Regula
tion Prices.
We conceed tho right of the dealer to
place whatever price on h:s goods ho
may see fit, but tenors hae not tho
right to destroy competit.on by com
bining into a trust for the oppression of
the public. There is no question but
that tho Lumber Dealers' Association
has had a decided tendency to increaso
prices. The A-ritcrcalia to mind one In
stance where un independent lumber
yard was purchased by n Lumbc Com
bine, und almost before the inventory
was taken prices were advanced on
lumber from two to four dollum per
But, snys one, "Why do not Indepen
dendent lumber companies start up,
which would no doubt have the sympa
thy of ihe people?" Tho answer to
th.s is, thnt it would be next to impos
sible for nn Independent Company to
operate under existing conditions in op
position to tho Combine.
There U nn understanding existing
between tho mill men, wholesalers nnd
retailors. Tho wholesalers say to tho
mill men, we want your lumber but
you must Bell only to the association.
Tho retnil lumbermen's Association
say to the wholesaler, you mUBt sell
oiny to the Lumber Combine or wo can
not do business with you, and so it
It is time for tho Americnn people to
rise up und put a stop to these oppres
sions. Thank Heaven, tho iir we brenlho is
not controlled by u irugt.
Tho writer is firmly of the opinion
that there is no curthU excuse lor tho
i . I
existent o of tho fflKiber Dealers As-'
sociation In UtaMpouiMy, so far as
price regulating tawnccrnal.
Our Locnl lumlMatcalcrs are men of
good business nbjHynblQ to set their
own prices, and fipra! enough, if left
alone by tho nsajitoWon, to give their
pntrona tho ndvwpKe;of'nny good buy
thoy nmy make St that they may per
chnnco havo madron tho past.
All good citizeffirelintcrented in tho
upbuilding of 'jfcw community. We,
want nice nubliclRiildtngs. residences'
fences and outwHwInjs. and building
material Is sometwngHh:U should be.!
freo from nny clnt'oii or trust.
Our CommerafiltCIub could prot-e
itself of uso to Mi' community by as
sisting to endllwfexif.tcnce of tho
Lumber DenlenrlCowib'no, giving In ,
I lieu thereof, goU live, healthy com
petition. ''.,'?'
Let the HouMplcaning go on.
Notes FrpjriiSchools.
Nov that theySeJoTlu.'Vvcek of this
s ason's Bchool.Wfrk has cl6scd, cvi-ry- '
thing finds ItseKiflSffll sway nt the "
High school anOheff ramniar grades
in tho Forbes : Mildlwri teachers und
students alike pVonfwoll enthusiastic
over the promism beginning of hat
nppenrs to bo a'ncniorablt and piolil
nblo work in cquwtlonal endeavor.
A very pleaMiH'wsJ-d gathering was
held In tho teachers' room of tho Har
rington buildinm'onWodnesday after
school. Tho affair ,ws irivcn in honor
of Miss AlvdakfOnncmd. the retiring
principal of thebbovefrichool. At five
o'clock a dainVi Innjh' was served.
Trustee Clnysoiwas toast master nnd
short sp'cy tnlttiiwore given by Ttus
tecs Forbes om Cunningham, District
Supervisor JuMMenftr Supervisor of
Music Owcn. and,. Principal Holmnn.
Miss OrmonakMrtiiyTrcsponded with
a few words, marine ior fellow asso
ciates for their WMnvs nnd nppree'n
tion. Tho party to'se with all sinking
"Auld Lang Syne,'.' and nil expressed
to Mits Ormetul MHi.'bt of gooJ wish
es for her future Jwpphiosi nmlsuccts
in her Ufa nnd Work m'Salt Lnko C ty
whero sho wll resjlc'this winter.
Miss HolmwvyrHlrMttbOs Lottie, nnd
Kate Owe'n.WMWLMentcrtalned at the
homo of Mra.,WilljGraut on Saturday
evening, i- m ,
Tho principaOBdi. teachers of the
Hnrrinijton aehoBictcnd n cordial and
especial invttatiBgcnch nnd all of
tho natrons to VMtar school, it would
be time welllipdKyoing through the
different opulmmmm) One feature of
interest is tWjjHwg of thd six" hun
dred pupils; bUjBmjk step to tho mu
sic cf tho uimnJIMMWb'W
The pupil fnkH loloy'jf room nre
taking o'rst InKtJtj their reading,
Wo havo 13iBBinners.thls; year.
Both sessItVf .;f"W ifceen yery.'cwwdcd .
during l'T n in i'fWvtjrrrinir"rii '
havi been mndo to divide WfTuplls so i
that hereafter we will bznble to get
down o better work.
The assembly room of tho Forhis
school wns well crowded, Thursday
morning with twohundredpupilaof tho
h'gh s:hool, seventh nnd eighth grades
where Bomo very inspiring short ml
dresses were mide. S. L. Chlpmnn
spoke on "Proper conduct in home,
street, school nndchurch."
Mr. Attwell Wootton, ox county
superintendent of Wasatch county
schools, ami who In one of tho oldest
tenchors of the state spoke on tho sub
jec,' "If young people could but know
us do their elders, what aro the objects
of life."
Mr. Geo Snow GIbbs principal of thu
high school spoke on "How to nioku a
Miss Ada Stark recited, "Massn's
old gray goose."
Plcatant Grovo Ncwh.
Lawrcnco Murium on his depnrturu
for n mission work, was given u sur-1
prise party at his Home, uudtir tlr
uusplces of the Bishopric und President
of seventies. A largo number of relat
ives were present nnd enjoyed nn en
toi timing program, followed by refresh
ments. Pres. Win L. Hays presented ,
the departing m ssionery with upurso of
?30.)0 as a token of iipirecliition from ,
the quorum,
The little son of Nuto Pierco who '
hnd tho mlssfortune Inst week to break
both nrms in fu. ling from un apple
tree is lecoverirg nicely under the
medical pare of Dr. Vance. , I
On Friday Sept. Mh Swen Swcnsen'H
nnnll son fell from u i-wing anil re
ceived a fractured collar bone. He in
do'ng as well as can bo expected.
The Young bulls organizations of
tho three wards will givo un excellent
conjoint program In Pleasant Grove
Meeting house on Sunday evening.
The occaeslon being tho resuming of
their re'guiar meetings for tho schmoh.
Tho Gardner Bister who have spent
tho summer with their parents nt
Pleasant Grove, returned to Salt Luke
Sundiiy. i
Mrs. Draper who lost her husba il
some time ago after a long sickness
was given a benefit social in Cnrk's
hall Friday night. A nice sum wns
raised to assist tho deierving sister,
who is in very poor circumstance's. ,
Miss Corn Wnrnlck and Lawrence
At wood two of Manila ward's popular
-oiing popple wero married at the Salt
L ike temple on Tuesday, j
Tho oi eniiig of tho District schools
has been delayed on account of repair
ing and arranging roomi for High
school. All schools will will bejfin Mon-
day, with nn nblo corpse of teachers
under Principal Walker.
Dureme Stewargjvns tho victim nt a
surprisa party given ut his home Mon
day evening, by hid frlunds ani pl.y -mutes,
Ntw Coats For Every One ; I
For the Ladfes, Misses and Children' H
rhift c ou v'" savc moncy jKbL
( ( li -rttiWw anc cl correct sty'e jj2 LW
Ml YiyP by buying at the Co- fXhZm H
m ( ill'lrl I P- All colors, and rjm illTiW n
iXVi1ihl si"s $.5 10 $35, 48 aw -iRLn
1' rJ to' 50 inches long. jLj ifl u
e $ J r g,rls h 1rlr .
III h rt Have your mothers I. II l M
o '' H sec our line of Misses II '
hiS I - Coats; the prettiest in SLI' JJ-
;vsj! wJ the town. From $2.50 ) ' H
Beat; Skin Coals, all the latest patcrn, in Blue, Gray, Red kH
nnd Black All sizes, from $2.50 to $8.00. Come Hnd H
sec tllClllj - H
American Fork Co-op Insk I
' I ll.MlJ,lMMi H
l Is necessary for a GOOD COMPLEXION. A I 11
soap to be pure need not necessarily be high '!
priced. We have on hand a large assortment of m -1
J all the leading brands of Toilet Soaps, and wc f .
5 have, besides, other varieties, which, if not so '
well known, are fully as good and cost less mop- t '
1 ey. Come in and have a Soap talk with us. Wc 1 'H
J can tell you some things about soap that perhaps m i M
I you do not know. f )M
1 American Fork Drug Company. 1 jH
I Prescription Druggists, m lM
i ---- ,i
BF'" . ,, , fc ii Mj i H
' &$ AI'tlea'ftStMakiB, - 'vr.r-H
sffli'. of Watches, including Hamilton, , Elgin j H
fft&$ an(J Waltham can be purchased at my I H
jKfeJrS; shop. Watches from $1.50 to $300.00. (I H
MmMi. (JL2t me figure with you. II H
'lllnpU'' Jccurate repairing always, when it II H
'PtcheS isdonpby II H
','.., M AI?XIN, the jeweler!
l,.J. Phone ci.a Americnn Fork, - VinK D H
pi ffl I
Commencing Monday Sept. 16, and utxtinjr until the Int H
or Octolwr, will have their H
Supply your wnntH before you (ro to ('onference, our H
one third less than "hold-up" priceH of Salt Lake. H
Wo havo boon fortimuto in lmyinK two sample linen H
of Ladies, Misacs nnd Children'H CoatH, at a bargain, H
nnd will Kivo our ctistomoi-s the benefit of it. Theno H
I Kooda are up-to-date in every respect and would coat HH
you from $1.00 to $10.00 more if purchased elsewhere. H
a 2f er cent off during Hikp OpeninK Sale. Iiuy a 10. H
j Coat now for $7..r0 Think of it! LfM
1 In our regular stock wc are giving Special Price H
B which will enable you to save from H
I 10 to 33M Per Cent. H
I 10 lbs Sugar fl.00 BH
B Two Packages of Coireo 35c Mam
I "Tree" Tea 20c jiM
9 Crockery Fruit Jars at 2h per KiiWn, all sizes H
Mason IruitJars; per do... pints (0e; quarts 75c; H9
b two (iiarts 90c. fl
I Dress Coods, Notiuns und Staples, All go in the Sale. M

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