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V Typical Salmon Canning Plant
H c'w 3Jt'i 1 ' "ri: ,'"' "" , ,
H sH-m 4X . -J. I , '" . ,, $
I HhSSF- -: 'Wk-,
h i
f Scores of these plict pi ay be ecn along the Columbia river In Washing-
H ton where thpusands of persons -are employed In the work of catching and pre
H paring the salmon for market.
BBaeaBi . ...
BIB n.
BmV 6moklng Outfits for Ladle In Depart-
BHl; ' ment Storei an Indication of
BVl Practice Some Shopi
BHfl Cater to 6ex.
aj . . ,
SmsJ ChlcnK. Tim clmirctte Imblt Is
BBS growing In popularity among Chicago
BhV women. Thli In ouclicil for by thu to-
BhV Imcco dealer, thu tyennty doctors, the
BhV hairdressers .-and . by .certain iliysl-
BhV clnim. Tlu tolincco Jon 1(3 rH,, who.oiiKlit
BhV to know. H.iy thoy did not realize, nn-
BhV III u few weeks oko, thu extent to
BhV hlch the cigarette crnzu had spread
BhV umonK women. How thoy did learn It
BhVJ wan through tlie Hcnru that was caused
BhV hy thu announcement that after a cer-
BhV tnlii date cigarettes could not hu Bold
BBSJ legally lii lllinolfl.
BhV Lock Haven Has Snakes, Toads and
BmV Worms to Burn.
BhV Ux-k Haven, l'u. Thu phiKiieH noeiii
BkVj to hnvu'Ktruck thu city Homo duyn
BhV n;o n lilnckRiiako wiih dUeovered In
BhV the cellar of thu Cupper & NltHcha
BmVj tobacco hoime, on Ilellefontii avennu,
BhV but It continually eluded ItH wouldbn
BmV. Later ii blacksmike, HiippoHudly tlto
BhV Biiino one, entered thu rear door of the
BhV I-ouIb Clamor Krocery, cuubIiik a hnsty
BBS retreat on thu part'of thu clerk, MIhh
BBS Miriam SykcM, who, as mlRht hu
BhW--' ItuiiKlnpil wan Kreally friKhtened and
BlK (led to thu atreot. IIIh RiiiikeHlilp wiih
BlIJ left In full poHseitHlon for a few tuln
Bllj ut es and was then nliot.
BlIJ A lnrK bluckHiiuko Kot away In tho
BlIJ St. CharlcH hotel, nuil vnn found In
BBBj the rolled curtain .ubove tho traiiBotn
BBS. over tho door, from which It wiih dls
BBS. lodKed nnd killed.
BBS. Aftor tho' recent rain thousandx of
BBS tiny hoptoudH appeared on thu Btreuts
BBS nnd Mduwalks of tho city They were
BBS ospcrjtilly numerous on Water street.
BBfl iiboul'tlm imiyor'H olllcu and uttoruuy'H
BBfl Hut u pest far more deHtructlvu Ih
IH tho cutworm, which duvours ve;etn
flfl tlon. It Ih HomuthliiR over an Inch In
BBfl IciiRth npd hh, thick us u lead pencil.
The worm remalnH under thu ground
durliiK.tho daytime, working on the
rootn p7 thu plimtH, and at night
flfl eomeH forth nnd dovouiR tho IcavcB of
H' tho red beetH. Iieann, rabbnge, to-
BBfl inatoU, KntoeB, and even eatH holes
flfl Into hiuiiII green tumntoeH on the
Htnlkii. It U also doing bud work In
ninny of the tobacco. fields,
HHHJ " "
BBfl Loses ISandwIch, Rescues Boys, Gets
Bflfl $10 and a 8ult of Clothes.
H CenterUlle, N J. Certainly hero-
BBfl mil Ih mcamirei! hy tho Hiicrlllco tho
BBfl hern willingly iiiakeH. So what greater
BBfl hero than n tramp who dropped a
BBBj Kimlwlch ho wiih eating and took n
BBBj bath to Have two boys from drowning
BBBj John rhepn, a furmor near here, tho
BBBj boyii' gratefur father, offered thu
BBBj tramp it good home nnd good wageH
BBBj hh a farm hand.
Hi "Anything," said thu tramp. bIukI-
BBBj: derlng. ' unythlng but' work."
BBBj William Phelps, in yearn, and
CharleR, it, went Hwimuilng In n baBln
flfl' of tho Morris canal near their homo.
flfl Chiirlim iIIvihI, Htruck IiIh head on a
flfl sunken (anal boat, mid tloatcd, nearly
flfl tieiiBeleHS. William Jumped to his rea-
flH ciih. Charles seized tho brother nnd,
H Htrugglu ns ho might, William could
flH not freo himself. Tho brotherH were
flH sinking thu Hecoml timo when around
flH ii bend of tho road Jumped tho hero
flH hobo. IIo was dovourlug n sandwich
IIJ u fnrmer'tt wife had Just given him,
IIJ nnd wondering, probably, where hU
flflj next meal was coming from.
PPJ "Diltty HoaiU" aw tho brotherH
flflj w.rlthlng nud choking In the water.
flH Tho sandwich fell In thu diiKt, and,
flH without ns much nn throwing off his
fl ragged coat, tho trnmp ran to tho
PH canal, Jumped In, and dragged tho
flH boys aaliore. Mr. I'luilpB gave "Weary
flH Willie" ten dollars, a suit of clothes, n
PH hat, and n pair o( 4hotH.
PH "Whore nro you going?" asked Mrs
PH I'helps, pityingly, i'B thu tiamp took
PPJ up his Journey.
PPJ . "Nowhere," said hu, dreanMly.
Shortly ufter tho newHpnporH print
ed nccoiintH of the rlgnrette's obituary
the tobacco dealers miy they wore
Hooded with telephone calls from
women, all of whom wanted to know
how much truth there was In the re
port thut tho new luw was to become
effective. Of course none of tho wom
en who called up would give their
iinmeH or uddi esses, hut thu fact that
they railed convinced tho tlealera that
some of tho cigarettes that had gouu
out over their countem had not been
smoked by the men who took them
awny. Thu dealers say thut compara
tively fow women purchase tholr own
cigarettes. "
Tho beauty doctors learn of tho cl
gaiette habit as It applies to women
by the presence of thu odor on tholr
customers' breaths when they visit
tho beauty shops, Most of tho women
smokers Indulge thu habit at night,
thu beauty doctors say, so 'that all
traces of the Seed may bo removed
from their brcajth buforo the following
evening. Somt- of tho beauty shops
have operators I whose duty It Is to re
move cigarette stains from tho fingers
of tholr patrons.
That women smoke cigarettes to no
small extent Ih proven by the presence
on tho counters of tho department
stores of complete clgaretto smoking
outllts. There ure dainty little hand
pal n ted ash tran and mutch boxes;
silver scissors and holders, the latter
designed to prevent tho fingers of tho
miokers from becoming stained. Also
there aro cigarette boxes nuiilu espe
cially to hold the small, tightly i oiled
Mexican clgurbttns which are tho
kind UBed largely by women. In onu
of tho Stato Htrect stores the young
woman behind tho counter In which
those things were displayed Raid that
business seldom was dull In her de
partment. '
Tho physicians of Chicago rapidly
are learning thn( women smoke cigar
ottea to to nn extent that In nono too
good for tholr health, Some of thoBe
women who have called In a 'physician
to treat' them for certain nervous mal
adies have been Indignant when tho
Biimo physician ordered them to give
up cigarettes. Always they deny that
they huve used tolincco In any form,
hut the doctors say that excessive
cigarette smoking never falls to leave
Its peculiar ofi'eWrbn the heart action,
and that they seldom aro deceived by
thoso who try to make them bolleve
they never smoke.
Over on the west side nre several
small cigarette shops which enter
especially to women, Tho brand of
"coffin nnllH" made by them differs
materially from Jhose smoked by men,
Thoy aro longer and not so thick. On
ono end Is a mouthplcco of hardened
paper to prevent tho tobacco from
coming In actunl contact with the lips.
Nono of tho downtown deulora could
estimate. In figures, tho extent of tho
habit. Thoy alt agreed that most of
tho femlnlno smokers wero women of
tho fashionable world and that tho
passion for cigarettes Is on the In
crease. Because tho cigarettes con
sumed by the women seldom aro
bought directly by them there Is no
way of telling, tho dealers say, Just
how many women aro taken with tho
U. S. S. Tennessee4
jttSx'7'iaM hrT m v 4BBBflKv'"3PMRHflB
SBBPw ''.iisiibiMW&SLt-su BcW9iiwrMaViifiR7jiSBBBsiBBi
flL' ' ,!r " :& ' ' n''f '' i ' H
Miss Mary Matthews, of Baker, Kan.,
Ran a Rural Route.
Snhothu, Kan. Miss Mary Mat
(hows, an attractive young girl of Sn
betha, Ih a rural mall routu carrier
now. Miss MnttheWH Is n daughter of
J. I. Matthews, a rural mall carrier.
Mr. Matthews lias ono of thu best ru
ral mull carrier records for prompt
ness In tho United States, For two
years ho has not had u vacation. This
year he took a month oft nnd his
daughter Ih delivering tho nfull,
Miss Matthews hus hardly failed In
an Instance to keep up her father's
record for promptness. Mr. Mat
(hows' mull wagon Is nt thu appointed
house on tho appointed moment, with
probably greater regularity than thu
average railway train. And MIsh Mnt
thowH has kept this record up. All
along Mr. Malthows' routu people go
to their boxes nt certain hours nnd
thoy Invariably llml tholr mull.
Tho fact that Mr. Matthews changes
horBCd hulf way on his route. It wus
feared, would cause Miss Matthews to
lose time. Hut It did not. She made
tho change In tour minutes, which Is
all her father devotes to tho work.
Of course, the man ut tho house whero
horses nro clwngod has the nnlinnl
harnessed and nil ready for hitching
to the curt. Miss Matthows was paid
JGD for the month's work, as any sub
stitute would huve been paid. Hor
fnthor also drew his salury.
Miss Mutthows Ih n student nt
linker university, in Ualdwln. Sho is
tuklng it flvu-yenr course. Sho Ih as
sisting In hor collogo expenses by act
ing as librarian In tho English library
a fow hours each day. Miss Matthows
Ib fitting herself for a librarian. Sho
will leavo soon for Ualdwln to tako
up Bonio Bpoclnl summor work In that
lino. Sho Is Just 20 years old.
Old War Sloop to Be Sold.
Washington. Tho old Bloop of war,
Saratoga, it rollc of. tho nnvy of tho
United States, has boon stricken from
tho official list of nnvnl vessels nnd
offered to bo Bold. It was built at tho
navy yard at KIttory, Mo., In 1842, was
ship-rigged nnd carried 20 guns. It
hnd n length of 147 feet six inches nnd
n beam mensuro of 3C feot ono Inch.
Its mean drnught wiib 10 feot, nnd It
hnd u displacement-of 1,025 tons.
.rn.-.n ri-uxj-Lij-Lr-LruxnJ'i-ru-L'i-ri-i-.i-Li-ij-Lp n'" - - - - mmmam
A Row in Anti-Whiskers Club.
Some Members of New Cult to Be Pun
ished for Not Shaving.
Newport, Ky. Mayor flelmbold,
president of tho Antl-Mustacho and
Whiskers club, which was recently or
ganized In Newport, will call a meet
ing to Investigate tho charges that
have been made against some of tho
members for violating tho rules of
tho organization.
Over a mouth ago thu club wns or
ganized In tho city building with a
membership of 15. Utiles and by-laws
wero adopted, whereby each member
was compelled to dispense with his
mustache or whiskers until October 1,
when the BWoltorlng hot weather will
have passed.
it wan but a day or two until thu
hirsute adornments wero missing, but
since then onu or two of tho members
havo been unnblo to Btnnd tho "Jolly"
from their friends and havo allowed
thu whlskors to grow nguln.
Tho president of tho organization
will hnvo tho club demand thnt thoso
mombors nbldo by tho laws ns ndopt
ed. City Clork Poto Krobs nnd Deputy
Arthur Llewellyn nro tho mombors
who havo fulled to continue to wonr
it smoothly shaven fnco, nnd thoy will
bo dealt with nccordlng to tho rulos
of the club.
Halcyon Days.
In tho course of nn nrtlclo on "Tho
Commercial Valuo of Women," n
writer In tho Dletlc nnd Hyglenlo Mng
nzlno Illustrates n point with tho fol
lowing story:
"lnpa," said n small boy, "wlintnre
halcyon dnys?"
"S-hh," answered tho father, first
assuring hluiBelf thnt no ono was wth
in hearing, "Halcyon days, my son,
nro the glorious summor days when
your dear mninma la far, far nwny
from the wicked, noisy city, enjoying
freedom from household cares and
breathing tho sweet, pure nlr she so
much needs," ' '
--' .;
Pnln In Hi h1 puln mirwlif re, liai Its mnja.
rlu l(ini(i'tlin,tnliillilol pn-uurr nothing i
iMiHiuII)f At Iratt, m r)i l)r. Phoop, anil to
prove It Iih liui rrroitcl n llltli- pink tablet. That
laul-t ralloil I)r Sluxip- lli-aitadix Tablet
roniei blood preMtir- nwar lrrm pain centers.
llle(T.-itUcbannlii, iilvH-ilngljilollglilfiil Oentlr,
tliiiindi tafeir, It aurelr etiuall'i-i lh blond clrtu
lallon it loll have a heiulitrlie. It'll )!xl premur
If It' painful period mIIIi women, mono rause,
Hjotmro leeile-J, retlem, lien ou. It'll blood
congitloii blood tn-viint That ttirelr Is a
certainly, for lr slxi lleailarlm Tablelt utop
It In 'Jl mlniite, hIi.I Ih.- tabb l tlinply dlttrluule
thn unnatural blood preoure
lln:li your liinter. and doen't It get rel, and
ell, and t-aln ou' Of coiirv It doi-4. lt't con-
gt-itliiu, IjIikxI iin-i-ure. You'll Hnd It where pain
U ahviiy It' ulinply (Vnninori leinui
tvll at it inn. Mid cheerfully icconimend
Dr. Shoop's
r WAtn in town. Visit
' JL aace
? Gtntltntan Sisort
G. J. Sinclair A. Co Props.
Choice Vintages and
Good Spirits
j j j
family ZTraife a Specialty
Jl J J
Utah and Eastern Beers ""
Billiards and Pool
ji ji j"
Courteaut Attention
I Merchant St., American Fork.
Both 'Phone
The Wedding Cake
and Birthday Cakes can be
made to your order on short
notice. JA good stock of
Coffee Rolls, Buns and cakes
always in stock at our store.
JBuy Bread from our Bak
ery, it is free from all adulter
ations usually put in bakery
productions to give a good
appearance, etc. JCall up
Ind. 'Phone 126A,
American Fork City
Marble and Granite
High Grade Work
First Class Material
Reasonable Prices
Provo, Utah.
John Peters, Local Agent
Clean Up! Is The Slogan
Improve your home 100 per cent
by having
We lay Cement Side Walks,
Cellars, Walls, Etc., Etc.
Inspect our work elsewhere in
the city.
Hell 'Phone 21-Hlnck.
(SucccBsorto Thnxton & Haslcm)
Will furnish Abstract of THK
Execute Deeds, Morgages v
Contract. Any work entrust
ed to ma will recclvo prompt
and careful attention.
Star Saloon
a. b. adams, rnor.
Dealer In J
Wines, Liquors
and Cigars
J. F. Cutter and Seal of
Kentucky Bourbon and
Crystal Brook Rye - -
Blue Point, Famous and
O ,
Salt Lake Beer on tap 1
Eastern Beer of all kind ...
saeaiM",, ""
Pool and Billiards ,1
Merchant St., American Fork.
like good bread must be made with care. Some millers
work the wheat so hard that it ruins what they call their J
best flour and also weakens the lower grades. We take ,m
only the richest cream of the wheat for our Straight Grade, m
thus maikng the very acme of nutritiousness and leaving '
several degrees more value for the lower grade. Another
big feature in our flour, all wheat is washed and scoured,
insures the results desired nnd makes baking a success.
i Having leased and taken the management of the Lchi B
Holler Mills and I solicit your patronage purely on the H
mcrrits of the product I oiler you. Ask your grocer for it H
Geo. G- Robinson, .9
Gebi Roller 7WiUs, Lbi, tab. H
j Canyon of the Grand ' B
Eagle Itivcr Canyon H
Panorama ! Wagon Wheel Gap B'
r -k T t Glcnwood Springs ,
ot Natural i fll .
Canyon of the Gunnison
Beauty all Garden of the Gods
the Way ' Manitou Springs J
The Royal Gorge ill
Pullman and Tourist Sleepers
To Denver, St. Louis, Chicago
C. A. STORRS, Agent nt American Fork, Utah. y
For Folders, Booklets, Etc., address I. A. KENTON, G. A. V. D Salt ',
Lako City, Utah. v
I 5T V f
Don'fc Ruin Your Best Horse Going for a Doctor N
Bowel complaints arc always more or less prevalent during the Summer
months, and many a man has ruined his best horse going for a docto.-
when some of his family was suffering from cramp colic or cholera
morbus. Be prepared for such an emergency.
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy
e ' ' ' -' . . i ii' ii' .wm
Is the most successful medicine yet produced for these diseases and can
always be depended upon. Nq doctor can prescribe a better medicine.
It is almost certain to be needed before the Summcr.is over. Buy it now.
Sofd fcy Am. Thornton, Druggist
. . j JB

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