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; I Ittn i. PAGE 7 . 'k IBi
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VOL. n. LEHI, UTAH WXDNMDAY, MARCH 22, 1010 " H&TSI11 v 'H
Special Council
Regular Meeting Tuesday Even
' ing Much Business Disposed of
I 'Water ' System Accounts
Checked. Up.
The Mayor imd entire Council
met in regular session ( Tuesday
evening and passed on important
Some o the; Fire Department
members wore present and dis
cussed the usefulness of an auto
truck for the department. It
was plainly pointed out how
much quicker tho boys could got
to fires. 'Without an exception
the Council -was in faVor of it and
turned the matter over to tho
Fire- Committee to work out
means of getting it. It was un
derstood that tho iiremnn would
raise part of the required amount
by donation, dunces, etc., and tho
remainder would bo appropriat
ed by tho .City.
Councilman Robinson, chairman
,of the Jail Committee, reported
that the City jail had been re
modled. Ho suggested that rules
bo adopted to regulate conditions
II. P. Allred asked that ho bo
allowed to close out his business
with tho aid and an auction salo.
Motion allowing him to sell hia
present stock under the hammer,
It was reported that the side
walk crossing over tho D. and It.
Q. It. It. tracks, on 2nd South,
was in bad shape. Tho Recorder
was requested Jo write the com
pany about it.
The matter o confectionery
stores selling merchandise on
Sunday camo up and was refered
lo License Committee.
Alio ItecordorYns 'requested :to
write tho Bait Lake and Utah It.
It, . ljL0iikJ)avimrii&8cssjntuitiuid
grading of 3rd North street east
of 2nd East.
. A report of the work on the
"Wines Park was heard and a day
for cleaning it of rocks, etc,
diHeiissed. Grude and Iligh School
students will assist in this work.
Tho selection of the day was left
to Committee on Public Grounds.
Jlotitl Committeo was requested
to investigate cause for water
standing on 2nd South street near
1st East.
Tho Cemetery Committeo was
instructed to see that tho trees for
tho cemetery bo planted immedi
ately upon arrival.
The matter of letting public
spirited citizens buy and name
trees for tho "Wines Park came up
and it was decided to charge 50
cents each for them.
'Hie outcome of u discussion of
thf old City Parle was a unanim
ous vote lo offer tho old pavilion
for sale. Sealed bids ' will bo
advertised for.
Tho City Marshal complained of
being kept on duty too many hours.
The matter was left to Committee
on Polico and Prison.
BillH amounting to $495.90 wero
passed oud ordered paid.
Adjourned until Saturday.
H Saturday evening the Mayor
H nnjl Counil met in special session
when tlio city water system ac
m counts wero gone over. Tho ro
H ports of tho supervisor showed
that on January 1st there, wore
I For anything in either the
Optical or the Jewelery Line, See
Jewoler and Optometrist
301 users of which nbout ono fifth
were delinquent iu rentals. Tho
laWH on this point will be strictly
enforced in the future. Tho
ordinance requires that rentals be
paid in advance.
Perpetual care of tho gravo
yard was discussed. A special
committeo consisting of Council
men "Wing and Child will investi
gate this matter in other towns.
High School
Tho entortalninont Thursday night
at the Royal, given by tho Dopnrtmont
ot Music and tho Department of
Elocution ot tho IIIgh3chool, promlsos
to bo very entertaining. Thoro la o
bo a laughablo farca prepared by tho
music pupils, entitled "Organizing a
Dand in Dlngvlllo." Tho cast consist
Zecharlah Hopkjns Storo koepor,
Postmaster and Town Marshal
of Dlngvlllo Carl "Winn
Slo Perkins Who Is In for a
Band Hugh Ottorson
Hans Von Qluck Gorman Dand
Loader . Robert Sauor
Ola Olson Whcro grandfather play
ed a horn in Sweden. Lloyd Qoatcs
Chris Molo Trombono Fiend. .
... . .Victor Webb
Jlnimle Anderson Whoso ma wantB
him to join tho band. ........Shy Giles
Socratos Anotta Franklin School
Mnrn Carl Pearson
Ezra Snaro Drummor of '64
. "Tommlo'
Sam Da88 Drummor Of Alplno
).lllltary Bend Donzll Klrkham
Dr.Bhful Iko Earl Roberta
Forward Mlko Fog ThomaB
Slippery Iko With Rheumatics
'. . Irvln Fox
Ben Qlen Clark
Guinea (Squeaker Who plays tho
Bum SyBtem Lloyd Webb
Tho ILlgh School Double Malo
Qunretot will- slng-l'tfUst Smllo''
by J. A. Parks and "Whistle up a
Little Low Tune," jtlsp by J. A;
-"I'arKs. " ThoTra7neT't'horuB"wTll
give' ono ot their delightful num
bers; "Lovq'b Dream After tho
Tho Eiocutlon Department will
prcsout two ono net comedies. "Tho
Tragedy of Tongues" has tho follow
ing cnBt:
Mrs. Arlington about whom tho
remark was mado....Maesa Anderson
Miss Esthclda Brown who repeat
ed thq romark Qonleva Clark
Mesdamea Browncll and Cooper
whom Mrs. Arlington suspects
Myra Thomas, Mima Child
Margarot Sinclair an Intlmato
friend Vernotta Vaughn
The Maid who Is kept busy
Juno Whlpplo
"Madomolsollo's Mistake" is a de
lightful Ilttlo farco. Tho French danc
ing teacher Is ably proscnted by La
Vordo Evans, and tho Quaker Maid Is
demurely Impersonated by Emily
. o
Tho half holiday question is
now being discussed by workmen
and employers. In the past a day
lias been agreed upon and nil
business houses closed during tho
summer months. It lias been sug
gested that a meeting bo called
aud ot that timo decido upon the
day, hour, etc., for closing.
Smuin Academy
Friday, March 24
This will sound good to
Continuous Dancing
2 Orchestras
Stay homo if you don 'J believe
in a good timo
Orom Rdturns After Dance
Triangular Debate
The Lehi, 'American Fork and
Pleasant Orovo High Schools will
debate Friday evening. Two
teams represent each school. Ono
will take tho afllrmativo mdo nt
home whilo tho other will go to
tho neighboring town and defend
tho negative side.
Tho'Lolri school will bo re
presented nt American Fork by
.Miss Orn Ilacket and Mr. "William
Worlton and at tho Lehi Taber
nacle by Miss Edith Penny and
Mr. Reid Gardnor Friday oven
ing. Tho question is, Resolved
that tho United States Abandon
tho Monroe Doctrine.
Judges will bo hero from Provo
to pick tho winners.
It is desired that a lurgc
audience will bo present to hear
these schools' battlo with their
tongues. Debates start promptly
at 8 o'clock.
Tho Saratoga Resort is now
open for the coming season's run.
Sunday saw a good crowd of bath
ers, fishermen and pleasure seek
er's there.
v The resort has been all cleaned
up, trees uniformly' trimmed and
white woshccLand other changes
made. V
In tho futuro the entire porch
on the dwelling house will bo fo;
modeled, screened and partitioned1
oil' so us to accomidatc persons
wishing to stay thoro over night
If tho present management can
obtain a longer lcaso on tho place
tho entire lako shore "will b,o
dredged out und a cement dike
put in. A nuw and largo pior
will also bo built.
,Scc .tllo Ladies' Chinchilla
Spring ,'CoatB displayed in our
windows 'they . certainly are
beauties and cheap. Tho Racket
.Mercantile Co .. I adv..
Mlaa Koch will present tho Woddlng
of Tom Thumb and Jonnlu Juno undor
tlio auspices ot tho First Ward ot
L,ehl. Tho entertainment la for tho
oonollt of tho ward and will bo glvou
in tho Hoyal Thcatro tho ulght
of April tho 1st, with a matlnoo Frl
uuy Muiuh 31st from' four to
six. Llttlo Izola Btowurt 1b tho bride
and tho fortunuto groom la Wayuo
laylor. About u hundred children
take part, many of whom will tnako
(heir bow beforo tho public for tho
iirsl timo.
AUUUL'KU!J UUf l-tfK .....2Uc
dUo Slzo Mush Oat Meal or Whoat 25c
o Gallons Coal Oil 8Cc
illco, Bust, 4 i'qunaa l....25o
j tuns Corn .........5c
J Cans 1'oub .. 5o
j LaiiB 'l omatooa............. .21q
i tuns Mustard Bardluc8........-.Ji5c
i.lh founds Byrup .........M..lGc
o founds . Syrup.... ...-'5c
iU 1'ounda ayrup.........................&0c
& round lJuckot Lard ..-......46c
j I'ound JJucltot Lard........-.7Cc
it) I'ound Bucket Ljird 1.6(J
Good Brooms .......,30o
i Cans Oystors ..........i!6Q
d Cans Milk. , ,.26c
J Largo Cans Milk ..n....MMMMM.2Sc
Sugar Per Sack ..f7.6
Best Llnoloums, Now Stock, yd. jl.16
Wo aro unloading a car today.
Cun wo bring you a load f Its the
very best. Try it out.
A good pair of Bhoes is what you
will get ut 13ROADBENTS. Now
spring lot just unpacked. Try a
L. D. S. Garments Fine Lialo
thread summer weight 85u
is selling fast thoro is a reason
low prices best stylos end lots
to pick from.
Broidbent & Son's
cojynNGI II
Tho Chrislian is louudcd on that famous lnnsterpioeo o literature fvouftlio ''
i peu of Uall Caiue read throughout tho English spealdug world read the : i 'H
book then come and see tho magnificent screon production. f ! H
j This wondorlul pictui-o was run for ono week in Salt Lako Oity at 25c and : ' 3 K
i 3oc and in tho Northern Gities at 25c and 50c On account of tho big rental -4 H
i that wo pay for this great production wo must increase our admission price to $M
! 15 and 25c. An opportunity to see this great masterpiece at homo for naif the ' t m H
j price asked oles where. ; :" , in,H
I N. B. Tho free tickets given away by People's Co-op will bo accepted at all ' kH
! 10c picture shows at tho Boyal. On "Tho Christian" thoy will bo accoptcd as ' ' 'H
( 10c on tho price of admission; one ticket with each admission, tho balance to ; ' I " H
i bepjudincash. '-, , - t i H
LEHI Whero the Best Pictures are Shown UTAH : J !
ji,.M.M.iniiiiai.ii.Mi., ...,..,.,..... r-rrfrirrrrfrfrfrfrrririririflipjpjpjpijjn f, IH
Thu Lehi High School students
witn many ot tlio town toius
ceiourutcu tlio winning of tlio
voumy ouskeioali eiiuinpiouslup
uuu uccomt piuco in tlio statu
(.uuruamutit at tliu fjiuum AcuUemy
oaturuay evening.
IJosiut's uuueiug a few speeches
wuiu given, 'iiio Ueuutuul cup
given lor the county champion
dinp was presented.
iu tho state iiitursuholaslic
cross-country run held ut Suit
Lmku City Tuesday, i'hillip llur
icy wou lourth piuco una Vern
utterson twenty Bixth. Thoro
wero over 75 entries. Thirty-three
. n
-" Tho Jtcligiou Uluss ofliccrs of
the First und Second Wurds have
arruugd tho following program
ror Sunday evening at tlio Tabor
uaclo :
Speaker Edward Southwiek.
Subjeot, "Toaehing by Examplo."
Duot Tholmu Gurll' and Lillian
Violin Solo William Ashor.
Recitation Edith Anderson.
Trombono Solo A. E. Johnson.
Song Cora Thorn.
Reading May Kotoh.
-Meeting will commonee prompt
ly at 7:30 o'clock.
Tho local farmer's Socioty of
Kqulty will probably incorporate
with tho idea of getting capital
enough to swing tho business
doals thoy tnnko.
Messrs. A. Y. Satorflold and G.
K. Hall of Poootollo, Idaho
and Montpelier,
Idaho, rospoctively met with tho
looul organization Tuesday and
discussed matters of co-operation,
rwiiiiVJU BiTjiUHKtii TO
Mouduy morning Thomas Sims
was kicued on tlio iorourm Dy one
ot tiie Horses ho drives. It was a
glancing blow hiittiug tlio llcsli
j.or boverul inches, lie was tuKcii
to tlio local hospitul wlioro twelve
Mliclics were required to close tlic
wound. Ho has been required to
my oif work.
. u
Tho Mothers Club of Lehi will
hold a spceiul meeting at the New
West Cottage Tliursduy evening
commencing ut 8 .-HO p. in. All
members uro expected to bo pres
ent und bring u friend with
tiieui. Retrcshmcnts will bo
Excellent suggcstlona on thrift are
Issued by tho Ainorlcan JUankoru as
boclation, In weoKly lottora to tho
Willi Uio coming of prosporlty,
thoro is a warning agalntt tho pro
moter who promises groat wealth ou
small iuvostuiont. When an offer Is
too roHoato, constdor It more carefully
than If tho returns aro within a legi
timate margin of protlt. Here Is a
Tho roally big things aro not
liawkod tvbout tho stroots llko vogo
tables. Tho big deals aro not for tho
"dear public." Honry Ford uovor of
fered his stock broadcast. A cortaln
Now York undertaker, now bankrupt,
did. Standard Oil novor wont with
hat In hand, Booking thoso who would
buy. Dig things aro for the few;
llttlo things for tho rauuy.
Harry Lauder, who has saved,
though In tho company of spend
thrifts, has a, few homoly maxims:
Dohavo toward your purso as you
would to your best frlond.
View tho reckless spending of
money as criminal and shun tho com
pany of tho reckless spondor.
Dress neatly, but not lavishly. A
bank pays a higher rate of interest
than your back.
Tako your atausemoDts Judiciously.
You will onjoy tuom better.
Don't throw away tlio crusts oat
them Thoy aro as nourishing as
It Is more oxhllaratlng to fel
money liy your pocket taaa ber la j WH
your Btoiuucn. f & M
)(ou cim sloop butter after a bard, m l H
oayu woric tuun attor a. hard day' X SH
luioncBs. ! i IK
uoi good voluo from your tradM- ' i inH
men. l noy watch out tnat thay git h H
bUi good tuouoy iroui you. .., H
a uaiiK booti makes good readlag k
ooiter tuun Momu uovois. ' f V
luero uro two principal reasoei t -'Mk
wiiy men lose wuat tney have, - . aM
acquired 'IH
i-irut, by being an "easy mark," H
.cnuiug to friouus and roiatlvaa aad v $
univoio to say "no" to a request tor ' ll
aoip or un alluring propoiuoa. gee- rxH
ouu, tuo desire to mauo monoy fast '' 'PM
not by gumuling, but by trying to get 4
a mrge uicomo irom a small principal. ' r I H
xuo stones or mou who navo acyuirod ' H
coiisiuurauio mouoy, and In tho dooira j J h H
io mauo it grow taat huto lost It all ,' f'H
tvouiu nil a book, and no cauUoa Is ij i -'H
inoio oppoituno than this. Hold last 1 MiH
iu what jou huvo. k yfK
A tow basic and common-scnso j ilH
ruios will, II portnstontly followed, rrMiH
suvo thoso who hood Uiom many a il UH
pang ot regret. i'tiHI
iirst: Uo not lend your frlonds rlnl
rloudshlp aoans aro bad; It Is a do- 1 9
ucato mattor to ask for your monoy. fi 1 H
tiocoud. Novor endorse a, noto for. i 9
anybody. More losses and business XIH
uisastors iiuvo como about through i ImIH
lending ouo's namo to promissory VI fiSI
notos than porhaps any singlo causo. lWH
if you waut to hoip a frlond and bavo h IH
tho monoy to spart hotter make a ' 9H
gift outright und forgot it than try to j 1
deceive yoursolf that it Is a loan. If 91
you can't keep your frlonds without fH
lending thorn monoy bottor loso thorn; j H
frlonds aro oaBlor made than monoy. A jM
Third: Experlenco has again provon H
tho country ovor that first mortgages H
on Improved proporty at not over 60 H
por cont ot fair markot voluo Is tho I H
most satisfactory form of investmont iH
and yields tho hlghost returns com- iH
patlblo with Bafoty. Savings banks f
spoclallzo In mortgago loans, and you ,. IH
can follow their load with safsty. " 11
Ogden Examiner, ,H
o H
Tiny Oven. jH
An electric ovon, tiny enough to bo IH
placod on a microscope, aud used for H
heating and drying objects that are to H
bo examined, has been Invented by a tH
larman scientist. IH
8awed-Off Sermon. . H
Tho troublo with tho average self-
made man Is that tho part he talks JH
with is out of proportion to tho part y
ho thluks with, IndlanaRoUs Star, B
i jH

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